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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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face. he was featured tat new york state fair. the singer joined steve martin, bob dylan and patti labelle. >> maybe his head got to big it collapsed on its own. >> that's it for us. >> that would be a metaphore. hundreds of thousands without electricity from florida up the east coast. hermine is once again gaining strength as it creeps up toward new england. we are going to get the latest from the fox extreme weather center. >> as you enjoy your labor day weekend, we are looking at donald trump's and hillary clinton's plans for american workers particularly in ohio where clinton is hoping to change the conversation from the fbi report. mother teresa is now officially a saint. we are going to go live to rome, which is celebrating the calcutta nun who cared for the poorest of the poor.
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thank you for spending your sunday with us. i'm e liz best in for shannon. >> nice to have you with us, elizabeth. i'm leeland. welcome to the election headquarters from washington. hermine continues to churn up storm surge warnings along the east coast and killed at least two people. watches and warnings remain in effect from virginia to new england. it is not all bad news. kristin fisher keeping an eye on things from maryland where the storm is farther east than we thought. hi, kristin. we are in really rough surf, big waves, about ten feet. we are also getting, there we go, high tide passed about two hours ago. we are dealing with strong rip
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currents. nobody is allowed in the water for that reason. we have life guards up and down the beach making sure nobody gets in that water. so, right now, hermine is about 300 miles out there off the coast traveling east-northeast at about 10 miles per hour. so, the thing they are really worried about here is the rough surf. anybody who tries to get in the water and perhaps flooding, maybe storm surge at high tide later tonight, maybe tomorrow. the biggest threat here in ocean city, the biggest impact, i should say, maybe a financial one. we have seen a lot of business up at all the hotels on the board walk. a lot of them are at 50% capacity. a lot of cancellations. then again, people are coming out. the board walk is busy. families like the diamond family are not letting hermine upset their plans. you are not put out fwi storm, are you? >> no.
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>> can you feel rip currents down there? >> no, but i can feel my butt in water. >> i know the feeling. never nice down there. so, dad, jack diamond, how are you doing? >> it's jacket time. >> so sorry. you guys weren't going to let hermine mess you up. you were going to come out here no matter what. how has it been? >> one day of bad rain. the kids got to be on the beach. that's all that matters. >> are you staying out here for the rest of the weekend? >> we are. we are going pump it out. the hurricane is really not hitting us here, is it? >> reporter: not too bad. looking nice. thanks for chatting with us, we appreciate it. see ya. are you going to get out of there? >> yeah, probably. >> you have been digging this hole for a little while. >> folks are still coming out. a beautiful day at the beach. it's not over yet. we are still, technically, under a state of emergency in
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maryland. the national guard has been deployed in case of a flooding. we may have dodged a bullet here in ocean city. >> hopefully nothing too bad will happen. at least you have to put on your shoes to do a live shot. nice to see you out there. enjoy today. >> reporter: thank you. anytime you can do a live shot barefoot is a good day at the office. >> indeed. we have a few things about that, don't you? >> i miss it very much. meteorologist janice is at the fox weather center. what the northeast can expect. i assume not everyone is going to dodge a bullet. we are going to see heavy winds and rain up the northeast. >> we are not out of the woods just yet. as kristin mentioned well, you can't go in the water. the rip currents and waves are going to remain high. the low pressure center is a little more to the east than we originally predicted.
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that means less impact for the coast in terms of heavy rainfall, the waves are going to be very high. we are going to deal with storm surge. the bulk of the storm is going to be offshore. we are not out of the woods yet. if you live from the dell ma va up to new england, you need to watch the path of the storm. here are the tropical models. you are expecting the storm to slow down. because the low is further east, less impact for the northeast. i always say, i would rather people be safe than not prepared and in danger, if the storm was a huge weather maker. tropical storm force winds. most of them offshore. still need to watch this, though. we still have tropical storm advisories posted up and down the coast here. tropical storm warnings. we are going to monitor the system and bring the latest. for now, you can go off to the beaches and stay't want to go in the water. that could be dangerous with the
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rip currents and the waves are going to remain high. the system is going to remain offshore and the potential for storm surge as well as rip currents and the beach erosion is going to be an issue as well. again, all these things we are going to take into account. the good news is it's more offshore than predicted. it will be with us until tuesday z. we have to monitor it. i'm glad to bring good news in that it's not going to be a dire weather maker like originally we might have thought it could have been. back to you. >> i'll take it janice. thank you so much. >> sorry. >> no problem. that's a compliment. i would love to look like leland. >> oh! >> hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today. she will be in cleveland, ohio tomorrow with running mate tim kaine. they are hoping to shore up votes in the key battleground state as clinton faces fallout
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on the investigation into the private e-mail server. brian is live in new york with more. hi, brian. >> hi, leland. hillary clinton told the fbi 40 times during her three-hour interview she could not recall key details regarding the private e-mail server and e-mail practices while secretary of state. the fbi recommended no criminal charges be pursued. they found she was careless, but no intentional misconduct on her part. the new notes reveal although clinton had a security clearance and led the state department, she told the fbi she did not recall getting it or receiving classified information. clinton claims she did not know what the "c" markings meant before the paragraphs and e-mails marked confidential. tim kaine said it's sometimes
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d difficult to identify classified information. >> the material that was supposed to be flagged and identified confidentable was not labeled. unless it is properly labeled, it's hard to know if it's classified or not. that's what she was saying. >> reporter: she did not realize drone strikes were classified. dr. ben carson, a trump adviser says these revelations show clinton is not fit to be commander in chief. >> it's very troublesome. she claims not to remember many things. do you want somebody with inability to remember in the white house? or do you want somebody who is a -- in the white house. you get a choice.
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>> reporter: the notes reveal clinton's team lost a laptop and a thumb drive of her private e-mails in 2013. she also used 13 mobile devices as secretary of state, none of which were recovered by the fbi in part because on aid was instructed to destroy her blackberries by smashing them with a hammer. not an image they want out there. leland? >> heck of an image. 274 days since she's held a press conference for us to ask her about it. thanks, bryan. with more, former d.o.j. official robert driscoll. nice to see you. let's turn this on its head for a minute. if this were a republican secretary of state, condoleezza rice, has done the same thing in office and now running for president with a democratic doj, do you think she would be indicted? >> i think for sure she could
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be. the case for mishandling classified information was made out by the information the fbi had. it's political judgment as to weather or not because someone is a presidential campaign. it is too big to go forward. >> an fbi report that reads as the one we saw. so much was redacted. the report on her e-mail is highly classified. you read a lot of reports. typically, it would end with, and we recommend prosecution. >> typically it would. for a lower level employee, by signing off that you were aware of the classified system, that would be all the government would need. i want you to step outside that system, that would be it. >> we have all seen the form she signed saying i understand classified information, i understand it's important, i understand i can be charged with a crime if i reveal it. take a listen to tim kaine defending his running meat
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today. >> she did make a mistake. she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices. she apologizapologized, said it mistake and she learned from it. the notes demonstrate why the fbi saw no need for criminal proceedings. >> let's put away for a moment to decide the issue it wasn't one device, it was 13 as bryan reported. smashed with a hammer baize they were worried about what was on them. does this seem like one big mistake? >> no. i think it's clear that the system was intentionally set up outside the government system to prevent access to government documents. the mishandling of the information is a separate issue. there's no question the intent was the documents never see the light of day. that's why it was set up. >> what do you make of her
10:12 am
inability to remember so few things. if you are running for president saying you are most competent, you want to remember basic stuff. why can't she remember? >> my theory is her lawyers know that technically under the law, she violated the law mishandling information and her only defense is that she was unaware of the system, generally, and unaware she was violating the law. when that's the best defense you have, ignorance may not make you look great, but a hook to prosecute cute. >> iffer looking for a reason, it seems the doj was z, they can hang their hat on that. >> it's the lesser of two evils. you don't look competent or believable. a u.s. senator on the defense committee, a career in government nooz idea how it works or what the "c" means on a
10:13 am
document. it's basic stuff. >> that report makes for a great attack ad. if you are trying to stay out of jail, you may have to do it. >> on some level, they were concerned with intent. you can tell, when he talked about negligence and the handling of documents, he was trying to signal he couldn't prove there was a violation. >> robert driscoll, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> elizabeth? >> on the republican side, outreach and widespread reaction. trump seeking support from new constituents and stepping up attacks on the e-mail server. in virginia, north carolina and florida all very important states. molly joins us with the latest on his newest strategy. hi, molly. >> american voters to give him a chance, to listen to his economic message, see him as a
10:14 am
businessman and outsider who can revitalize struggling cities, such as detroit and improve their lives. that was part of the message at an african-american church. today, supporters were glad to hear it. >> i think donald trump is the first republican since jack kent and me to go into minority poor communities and say the democrats have failed you for 50 years and you are reflectively giving them your vote and going from bad to worse. i mean, food stamps have gone up two and a half times. food stamps have gone up two and a half times under barack obama. >> recent republican candidates have not done well with african-american voters. john mccain in 2008 got 4% of the vote. mitt romney in 2012 got 6% of the african-american vote. trump is trying to improve those numbers. he told the congregation, he wanted to listen to them. >> i'm here today to learn so
10:15 am
that we can, together, remedy injustice in any form. and so that we can also remedy economics. so that the african-american community can benefit economically. >> through jobs and income, he added. trump, in the economic message at great faith ministries church wants to bring job toss detroit and make it the economic envy of the world. elizabeth in. >> molly thank you so much. great to see you. for a closer look at the minority outreach, let's break it down. member of the virginia state representative, mark levine joins us. i think i know blaine's reaction to this. i know you watched yesterday when we saw donald trump in detroit.
10:16 am
do you feel fwas insecure and fleeting or a genuine outreach and was it effective? >> i don't care what the campaign has to say to black people. he asked for the questions in advance. if you need to know the questions in advance -- apparently he can read from a script. this is a guy, remember, who, at the beginning of showing up on the national stage is investigated by the justice department because he won't rent to blacks, king of the birther movement -- >> we are talking investigations. i don't think you want to go there. >> i think i do. some of the people he wouldn't rent apartments to. more recently, accusing black people of living in poverty and not having jobs. he doesn't know about the american black community. most of them have jobs and most of them are not on welfare and most of them want the better life. that's something hillary clinton can give. she is giving, for example, free college to people who earn
10:17 am
$125,000 or less. that helps blacks and whites. trump is late to the stage here. >> blaine, i want to get your reaction to that. i'm not sure blaine can hear us. can you hear us? is this a conversation just between me and mark. i think it's a conversation between me and mark. mark, let's continue. i think we had a nice -- >> sorry about that. i want to play a soundbyte for you as we all try to recover from this from dr. ben carson. listen to the soundbyte, then i want to ask you a question. >> traditionally the republican party has not made an extensive outreach to certain communities, including the african-american community because they have pretty much written that off as democrat territory. donald trump is changing that narrative and is really starting to talk about this in a very
10:18 am
serious way. i had many discussions with him about it. >> blaine, i think you can hear us, but i want to pose this question with mark because we were having such a nice conversation. dr. carson said he's changing the narrative. it's a direct rebuttal to what you said. he hasn't been doing it. he is trying. >> he doesn't have specific proposals. he's going to remedy economics. hillary clinton wants to raise minimum wage and make college affordable for those making less than $125,000. they help blacks and whites. trump gives the problems his campaign manager wrote for him. >> blaine, i want you to react to that. we heard specifics laid out for detroit. what is your reaction to mark. tell me this is not happening. all right. okay, we still do not have blaine. >> i feel bad here. it's imbalanced.
10:19 am
>> i'm doing the best i can. >> i know you are. >> i want to ask you another question. this is the third topic. we hear from a lot of voters in detroit. they said this is generational. we have been voting up and down the democratic ticket years, our parents have been doing it, grandparents have been doing it. donald trump thooz really change the hearts and minds of voters not only in detroit, but across the country. can he do that? >> it's broader than donlds trump. it's the republican party. look at north carolina. they designed voting laws to keep blacks from voting for specifically finding ways to keep blacks from voting. why wourld they want to vote from a party -- that's something democrats support. i think if republicans would come around and support equal rights for black support, black voting support and a chance of equal opportunity to go to college would bring them around. saying blacks, you live in
10:20 am
poverty. it's an attack on black people and not a solution, the kind hillary clinton offers. >> mark, i'm so gracious to you for dealing with the technical issues. it wasn't balanced. thank you for coming on today. a woman considered a saint gets the official title. the latest from rome on now st. teresa. back to politics. hillary clinton will talk labor on labor day, reaching out to blue collar voters. can her message resinate for many on the trump train? the day after an earthquake, officials are taking a step from p preventing it from happening again. what they con tribeout to the quake coming up next. let's feed him to the sharks!
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the earthquake in oklahoma sending aftershocks through the oil industry. disposal wells are shut down
10:25 am
because officials think those wells may have contributed to the record tieing earthquake on saturday. this shows cabinets rattling in pawnee, oklahoma in a kitchen. no injuries reported. damage was minimal. tremors were felt as far away as chicago and memphis. the 5.6 magnitude quake was the latest occurring in an area where waste water and oil from wells, usually the fracking method are disposed of deep underground. the last time you witnessed technical difficulties, we spoke with mark levene. we are going to bring back blaine, the author of moral nomices. we want to make it fair and balanced. thank you for bearing with us. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you, i appreciate being here. we asked a couple questions to mark, i want to ask you the same
10:26 am
questions. i want to get your reaction. did he feel as if donald trump's appearance was a, insincere or very genuine when he spoke to the church in detroit? >> i thought it was courageous for him to go to the church in detroit the way he did. there was a lot of potential danger, as we know. i understand he got a standing ovation at the end which is not being widely reported, which is too bad. he asked a question. i think it's fair for all of us to think about. when he asked the blacks who are 96% prepared to vote for hillary clinton, what do you have to lose, i think it was a sincere question and well put. what do they have to lose by sticking with the democratic party and mrs. clinton. we have the us versus them mentality and the racial
10:27 am
animosity. it's gotten worse the last seven years under president obama. we hoped it would get better, but it's gotten worse. the democrats are trying to use this tension, this divisiveness to buy votes for themselves. what have they delivered for black people? here is the great secret that is being left out of public education. that is what the american dream always was about. it was about the middle class and middle class prosperity. the way we achieve it is understanding the importance of taking a good education and putting it to work so we grow our capacitiesing if valuing one another. the great american dream wasn't about being billionaires, it's about elevating to the middle class. the middle class is dying. mrs. clinton is only going to make things worse. >> you segwayed the question. this is what i asked mark. reporters on the ground speaking
10:28 am
to voters. a lot say voting is a generational thing. they have been voting democratic for generations. that is very evident when you look at the polling and obviously election results. if donald trump wants to change the hearts and minds of a new generation, how is he going to do that and is he on the right path? >> mr. trump is a work in progress. it's hard to know where he's going to take us. i think there's a great opportunity here for him to reach out to people, all people. hispanics and blacks about the idea of having the opportunity to build america, rebuild america, rebuild the affluence of our middle class. everybody needs to be a part of this. we have to come together. we have to stop this hateful us versus them divisiveness and come together to have economic opportunity. it's no answer to say mrs. clinton is going to double down on entitlements and everybody is going to get free college. great, but where will the jobs
10:29 am
be when they finish their college terms. how are they going fo find their way to middle class standards? there will be nut tlg for them. why? the liberals will be holding back economic development in this country. >> i wish we had more time. thank you for your patience. i'm glad we got you on. >> thank you. bye bye. coming up next, america's election headquarters, hillary clinton is rolling out her speech about labor on labor day. will it be the right message for ohio? [alarm beeping]
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just a few hours ago, pope francis cannonized mother teresa. they came from all over the world for it. amy joins us from rome with the
10:34 am
latest. hi, amy. >> elizabeth, st. teresa was born in 1910 between the world wars. at the age of 5, she says, the love of souls entered her heart. now, agnes, mother teresa had her calling at the age of 12. she was off to ireland at a convent at the age of 18 and shortly after that, to india where many say she simply gave her heart to the world. today, she was made a saint. pope francis has a similar world view, it could be said, that choosing not to see hunger, disease or exploited persons is a grave sin. st. teresa had a boundless capacity to care for the sickest and poorest people. some accuse her of trying to demonstrate there was virtue in poverty rather than helping
10:35 am
people pull themselves up. that was not her mission. from winning her nobel prize to being the second person an honorary u.s. citizen in their lifetime, she struck a chord with people worldwide. you need to have two miracles attributed to you. this brazilian man was on death's door, sick with a brain infection. suddenly, and from a medical point of view, inexpoliceably got healed and another in india was also a miracle. finally, pope francis invited 1500 people to a pizza party after mass. they were given special seats today to the event. e lizwet. >> amy thank you so much, we
10:36 am
appreciate it. of course, we are going to have more on this later in the show. stay tuned. tomorrow, hillary clinton heads to ohio, a state that has hemorrhages hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs. both candidates need blue collar workers to win the state's 18 electoral college votes. the latest poll has trump and clinton tied at 43. joining us now for a deep dive on ohio politics, jack, the d.c. bureau chief. jack, nice to see you again. you listen to the trump campaign, they say look, ohio is in bad economic shape. they are going to break in droves for us in a way they did not break for either mccain or romney and we do ohio. does that ring true? >> it's tough. there aren't enough of them to do it. he would have to take the 31 counties he won in the primary
10:37 am
and up the vote by 10% just to break even with what president obama got in ohio in 2012. i think that is going to be a difficult thing to pull off. >> you made a point about the 31 counties trump won. he didn't win ohio, kasich won ohio. one thing kasich seems to understand about ohio, it's not just one place. it has a very distinctive region with distinctive priorities. >> it's a much more diversified state than when i was growing up there. in 1960, 50% of all jobs in ohio were manufacturing jobs. today, it's 10% or 12%. >> it lost a lot of manufacturing jobs. >> they have. largely, three big reasons. one is globalization. two, the strong dollar and three automation. the president of the united
10:38 am
states who campaigned against nafta, president obama, has suddenly explained the job loss to automation. we know this because the gdp in ohio is higher than its ever been. clearly, they are producing more with less. the flip side is, the health care industry in ohio has been booming the past 20, 30 years. that's why you have a diversified economy. if you go into the eastern part of ohio, you are going to find a lot of trump sup porportsupport. >> wrap this up, put it in a bow for me. where are the battleground counties? where does the rubber meet the road? >> central ohio. columbus, which is franklin county. >> how many offices in columbus and those counties does hillary clinton have? >> you asked the one question i don't have the answer to. >> come back for us with the answer. that's the big question in terms of the ground game of does hillary clinton really have such an army out there compared to
10:39 am
what donald trump has? >> there's no question she has more people on the ground than he does z. there's not much of a presence. bob ran portman's campaign. you know, bob knew how to win the state. the ohio republican party, so far, is sitting this one out. they haven't help add great deal. >> you said rob portman's name. we have 30 or 40 seconds. the poll with donald trump and hillary clinton tied has portman up by 15 points. it's unheard of to have that split between the down ballot and the top of the ballot. >> very unusual and last happened in 2008 when george w. bush was winning. it's happening because the democratic nominee, ted strictland hasn't raised any money. they are basically pulling out of the state. strickland has a really problem. >> we'll see if it holds nationally as the republicans
10:40 am
hope it does or not as the democrats hope. come back when you have that answer. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you, sir. elizabeth in. >> great interview. islands in the storm. a summit in china focusing on the military ambition. it's smiles as world leaders look at cooperation on a host of global challenges. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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president obama is in china for the g20 summit and the final trip to asia as president as he works to cement his legacy. obama and the chinese president say talks between them are extremely productive. so far, the two have avoided publicly discussing tension over the manmade islands in the south china sea. that is when they are together in public. it's a sign of chinese aggression and military build
10:45 am
up. they say it's an example of a failed foreign policy. fox news analyst joins me for reaction. thank you for joining me. we heard secretary kerry speak and he said in plain terms, there's no military solution to the aggression we are seeing in the south china seas. we are seeing china literally militarizing and building zones so why is he reacting that way? do you think you want to hear different language from him when it comes to this situation? >> the secretary and the president use that term quite a bit. no military solution to a complicated political problem. they say it with syria and now with china. certainly, no one is looking for a military solution in syria or in china. but, military action or the threat of military action has its place because it strengthens
10:46 am
diplomacy. that's really the issue here. our allies in the south china sea and the western pacific want us to stand-up behind them and know the united states will be there as the tensions continue to rise. >> something the united states has done in the past? >> yeah, historically, the united states dominated the western pacific. that has led to the rise of tension we have now. china is considerably -- behaves antiwestern and aggressive with espiona espionage. they are trying to make territoryial claims as they want to be the most powerful at the expense of the united states. we have the role to play as to allies and we should stand-up to that role. > >> we heard president obama on a taped segment. i want to play it and get your response. listen here. >> we should want china to take on more responsibilities for its own people and for a wide range
10:47 am
of international problems and conflicts, whether it's climate change or disaster relief or dealing with things like ebola. where we see them violating the rules and norms as we have seen in some cases in the south china sea or in some of their behavior when it comes to economic policy. we have been very firm and indicated to them there will be consequences. >> two parts of that that stood out for me was the fact he expects more responsibility from the chinese government and b, there will be consequences. will there be consequences? >> usually not. usually from the american president, we get a lot of rhetoric. the relationship between the united states and china is the most important. we are both economic superpowers. we will have a competitive relationship. we will have opportunities to partner as the president is suggesting, but the reality is
10:48 am
that what we must avoid is the relationship that would lead to conflict. the way to avoid that, in my judgment is do what our allies want us to do. that is stand-up for international norms and rights of allies in the region as well as our own self-interest and not be kowtowed by the fact the chinese want to dominate that region. >> thank you for joining us in light of the president's trip. we appreciate your perspective. >> good talking to you. >> thank you. ♪ up next, she was known for taking in society's most unwanted. what it now means to call her saint teresa. ♪"all you need is love" plays my eyelove is making something unexpected.
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♪ >> unbelievable crowd, more than 100,000 admirers of mother teresa filling st. peter's square today, joining a ceremony in which the pope declared the
10:53 am
nun a saint. joining us with more on her cause is dr. gracie. thank you so much for joining us today, we appreciate it. i read your op-ed in the "washington post," you said that st. teresa was a very dominating character, she had established three different kinds of poverty. can you explain that to our viewers? i thought it was really compelling. >> mother teresa made it very apparent to us that there are many who are completely abang donned in the most utter and material poverty. and we have a duty and an opportunity to be there for them as she was. but she also said something that we don't think much about which is moral poverty which she might describe as a lack offense love. we may not be lacking anything materially, but if we have a lack of love towards each other,
10:54 am
then we are more poor than the most poor person she attended to in calcutta. >> when you talk about her mission and what she would fight for, how did she touch so many lives in really a short period of time? >> she was activated, she was energized by her love of god and she had this beautiful gift of being able to see the face of god in everybody, the most abandoned and wretched of people, but also the unborn and the lonely, and he was able to transmit that to all of us, that we need to feel more, that our brothers and sisters have to be more present to us. >> you described when mother teresa met the first lady become in 1974. >> when she came to the united states, she spoke at the national catholic prayer breakfast in 1994 and hillary clinton was there, she was very strong in her defense of the unborn. she called abortion a terrible lack of love and a breaker of
10:55 am
peace, that it was the greatest source of lack of peace in our prosperous nation and we had to learn to love each other better, and accept each other and welcome each other into this world. >> my question is what does today mean to you to see this process? >> now that she's been declared a saint, we know that we have mother teresa, that she could. be for each of us hands on, a help to us, but now that she's in heaven, all of us can pray to her in our sorrow. >> it's been such a beautiful day, thank you so much. i think's really beautiful, when you hear people, mother teresa was such an inspiration to so many people, so to see her now become a saint, especially as a catholic, i think it's fascinating and it's inspiring to more people. >> it's such a message that we need in our lives right now and
10:56 am
you sort of consider what has become in vogue in celebrity in america and you look at how others who have an influential voice are using them maybe not always in the most positive way. and you're viewing a woman who dedicated her whole life helping the poorest of the poor, and to have that be recognized. people often have 100,000 people come out and see a football game, but not seeing 100,000 people come out and honor someone who gave so much. chris wallace takes it away with fox news sunday. nice having you with us. and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation
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i'm chris wallace, donald trump reaches out to black voters as polls suggest that hillary clinton's lead is narrowing. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination a and that there are many must st >> today a debate between dr. ben carson, a trump advisor, and gregory meeks, a top clinton supporter, on who has better ideas to help minorities. then the other woman on the presidential ballot. dr. jill stein, the green party's


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