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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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9/11 and the ceremony and coverage and painful memories that brings up. see you then with the latest buzz. >> densely populated new york city area now bracing for hermine as the storm barrels north and it is a 70 miles per hour wind packing a punch. hello, everyone, welcome to election headquarters i am gregg jarrett. hermine has slowed down a bit on the way up the shore line which means coastal areas could see high wind and rain through the labor day weekend, bad news for beachgoers and some towns completely closing because of dangerous rip currents and waves. we have team coverage now and janice dean is on deck but,
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first, we are in ocean city, maryland, with the latest. kristen, it looks beautiful behind you but folks are not allowed in the water? >> folks are stilt not allowed in the water. we have very strong rip currents, some rough sub, heavy winds but that is all that is left, or all we can feel of hermine here in ocean city. the beach, the water, exactly showing no damage or flooding or injuries. a few fisher men were rescued last night off of a commercial vessel. but so far association good. folks are enjoying ocean city over the weekend because a lot of the local businesses were worried their business would be hurt on what is supposed to be busiest weekend of the entire year so i have charlie, and the
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team of pictures, the folks out here taking pictures of family on voix through the summer. has your business been hit? >> we are worried we got here on friday saw the forecast, stressing a little bit but as certain as i woke up, life was very, very good. so we got out there, we ran around --. [ inaudible ] >> we have lost our connection, our sound, although we had some pictures there. we will try to get back to kristen in ocean city, maryland in a moment. senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking hermine and is in the extreme weather center. so hermine is like an american politician getting wobbley. i have to be honest we have been tracking the storm for close to two weeks and it was a
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hurricane, then a tropical storm and now post tropical and lingering off the coast and last night we predicted it would be very strong close to the coastline and this morning the center of the storm is more eastern than we imagined or forecast and now the forecast models are trending more toward the shore again so this is we probably one of the hardest forecasts i have ever had to deal with in my career here at fox for 13 years. if you live anywhere from the mid-atlantic coast to new england and our friends in eastern canada, monitor the progress of the storm. i was on twitter today and a lot of our meteorologist friends respond back-and-forth to each other and there was incredible video coming in from royal caribbean, robert mccue from twitter, anthem of the seas, royal caribbean, 90 knot winds, sailing to bermuda on in cruise
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ship. people are getting sick. obviously, dealing with weather they were not expecting. this is going to probably be a story you might see in the headlines tomorrow morning. we will continue to track that and robert, thank thank you for that video. we still have tropical storm warnings in affect from ocean city all the way up to cape cod, the islands as we thing the storm, here is the latest, is going to come again close to the shore and maybe the tip of long island, cape cod needs to pay attention to hermine on tuesday and wednesday and along the coast we will feel the effects of the storm with rough surf and high wave and beach erosion and we could get rain out of this on monday and tuesday. again, the bottom line, don't sail through post tropical storm and keep alert of all your
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latest weather watches and warnings and i will be here giving you the latest from the weather center. >> you mentioned 90 knot and i am told that is 103 miles per hour so, very fierce. janice dean in the extreme weather center, thanks. >> turn new to politics, more reeks pouring in, to donald trump's push for minority voters, the outreach taking aim to take him to detroit over the weekend addressing a predominently african-american church and promising to create more job opportunities as part of the new civil rights agenda. polly is in washington, dc, with the latest. >> one of the republican candidate advisors ben carson said many in the democrat party fear trump will make some inroads with african-american voters. >> traditionally the republican
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party has not made an extensive outreach to certain communities including the african-american community because they have pretty much written that off as democrat territory. donald trump is changing that narrative and is really starting to talk about this in a very serious way and i have had many discussions with him about it. >> part of the trump message he spoke about yesterday, great faith ministry church in detroit he wants to "remedy injuries tuesday of any form including economic injustice." he understands what is happening in cities like detroit and wants do help the african-american community benefit "economically through jobs and income." here is part of what he said. >> i believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time. one that ensures the rights to a great education, so important, and the right to live in safety and in peace and to have a
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really, really great job, a good-paying job and one you love to go to every morning. that can happen. we need to bring our companies back. >> donald trump told the congregation and i quote, "the african american faith community has been one of god's greatest gifts to america." recently, republican candidates have not done well in win over african-american votes in 2008, john mccain got 4% the african-american vote and in 2012 romney received 6%. >> thank you molly from washington. >> donald trump is courting new voters and hillary clinton and her team are laying defense as critics step up attacks over the fbi investigation of her e-mail practice after the agency released more documents including notes from their interview with mrs. clinton in early july. and we are following that from
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the newsroom. all the clinton campaign said that the document dump by the f.b.i. on friday is a good thing because it shows why the f.b.i. decided not to recommend criminal charges against her. the campaign believes it reinforces the f.b.i.'s conclusion in july that she did not intentionally mishandle classifyied material as secretary of state. among other revelations, the report said that for 39 times during the file interview, clinton could not recall key details eight bout her e-mail practices or could she remember training on handling classified documents. she claims she did not know what the c markings went before paragraph in e-mails manneringed confidential including drone describe discussion and used 13 separate mobile devices all classify the f.b.i. could not recover at least two were destroyed and some with a hammer. her running mate, tim kaine today, defending her saying it sometimes is difficult to identify classified information.
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>> when she received the e-mail the determine that was classified which is supposed to be flagged and identified as classified in many instances was improperly labeled and unless it is specifically pulled out and identified, it is difficult to know sometimes whether a statement or a paragraph is classified or not. that is what show was saying. >> republicans like donald trump advisor and giuliani do not buy that, clinton could not recall information. >> we have only two answers why she does not know, why the secretary of state of the united states does not know that a "c" in front of a paragraph means confidential information. "1" she is stupid or "2" some is lying or "3" her brain injury made her incompetent, i don't know. i think it is the middle. >> this report has reenergized critics of the f.b.i. investigation who say the file
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interview on clinton was not rigorous enough. >> thank you. >> the n ultimate n who devoted her life to carrying for the sick and poor becoming a saint today we with hundreds of thousands filling st. peter's square witnessing the canonization of marry treason the eve of her death 19 years ago. we are in rome with the latest. >> post san francisco said said that mother teresa is so universal lima external and familiar that frankly it is going to be difficult for people including himself to make that transition from calling her mother teresa to caming her st. theresa, there are 10,000 cattle lick saints but the legacy of candidates is often left to perk laid for decades or centuries before decisions are made about making them saints. mother teresa was fast tracked. her nuns looking buoyant were in
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force to honor her, but some refused a ticket say they felt mother teresa would have wanted them to stay home and keep up their good work. the congregation she founded in 1950, the missionaries of charity has 5,000 members, and working in 130 countries and most of india, followed by the united states and a host of other countries. mother address was widely honored from her n peace prize in 1979 to a medal of freedom in the united states in 1985. show was nature, however, without controversy with some critics claiming the level of medical care and hygiene slow and the workers employed was substandard. her advocates have fired back, she did not ever set out to construct five star facilities and her message of limitless compassion still resonates nearly 20 years after her death. >> the teachings of mother teresa have helped me a lot.
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the concept of love, love for the poorest of the poor that helps me a lot in my practice and remembering to see god in every single human being. >> she once said her ever present smile was a big cloak that covered a multitude of pains, this is something that was discovered in letters she wrote after she decided, and she suffered what has been called a dark knight night the soul when she felt unloved by god and, in fact, at times she did not even feel his presence and, the fact that she kept up her faith through that whole long period of expert you'll torment has been called by one of her biggest advocates here at the vatican one of the most heroic acts of her life. >> tragic day on job in california for correctional officers two fighting for their lives shot by a jailed visitor
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and what we are learning about the suspect's path with the prison system. >> crunch time for hillary clinton and donald trump just over three weeks out from the first presidential debate, clinton would appear to have the upper hands headed into the showdown. will that transfer to the debate stage?
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>> a pair of correctional officers in california trend this hour in critical condition, one day after they were shot on the job at the fresno county jail. a man trying to cut to the front of visitors line shooting both in the head and neck. the county sheriff saying that he has been in trouble with the law before. >> the suspect actually dropped his gun down on the floor and said i want to be arrested. he was hell at gunpoint while the rescue occurred. the guy is a convict. a parolee. >> maybe that is where he belonged for the rest his life the all the 37-year-old suspect is a convicted rapist released from prison two years ago.
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton gearing up for the first presidential debate later this month, both bracing for a line of tough questioning after what certainly has been a long and contentious campaign season. the latest real clear politics polling average showing trump cutting into hillary clinton's lead the last couple of weeks and trailing only by three points. we have our former senior advisor for mitt romney and paul ryan, former rnc spokesman and strategist, joining us, and 2008 hillary clinton campaign advisor, and a fox news political analyst. good to see you both. first, donald trump spend the better part of two weeks trying to explain his deportation, immigration plan softening and culminating in a speech in
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phoenix where it made it clear as mud z he have explaining do do on mixed signals? you saw his own that family supporters who were part of the latino council, i guess, some were upset anything that he promised them something else, and i am sure immigration will be a key issue in the debate and i don't envy the first moderator but i hope lester is able to keep them on practice on the issues. we have a candidate in hillary clinton who put out 100,000 words in policy positions and donald trump has about 9,000. in lester can keep them on track for what will be probably the record breaking audience, that is going to be a success. donald trump will want it to be bear buckle --.
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>> in trump is asked about deportation, hick will be asked about the f.b.i. interview where 40 time she said, why recall. she did not know anything about classifyied information or how it is marked so tim kaine, today, went to her defense. take a listen. >> i am on the armoured vehicles and foreign affairs committee and we look at classified material but we look at so much material and until it is specifically pulled out and identified, it is difficult to know sometimes whether a statement or a paragraph is classified or not. that is what she was saying. >> she was confronted with mail on military strike against enemies by our drones. that would take, what, a nano second to say, that is classified top secret. >> yes, jaw dropping. we it turns out you can lie to the f.b.i. if you say you don't
3:21 pm
recall, something that you obviously should have been able to recall, everyone who got training on classified material which i did at the state department remembers it. >> she does not remember being trained. >> and she does not remember signing a non-disclosure document, the sergeant schultz --. >> i see nothing and i hear knock. >> and blaming her concussion for it, so it was really weird that was a bizarre interview, and the file drop the ball on this in a lot of ways but even that is very damning if you read the report you see someone who had her staff smashing her blackberries and she was losing blackberries and she deleted e-mails after the fact that "new york times" story came out. >> republicans are saying this is evidence of her incompetence. >> so, trump's taxes...before he ran he said, sure i will release my tacks and when he ran he is not doing it. mike pence said this.
3:22 pm
>> donald trump and i are both going do release our tax returns. i will release mine in the next week and donald trump will remember lease his tax returns. >> the issue --. >> afterred audit. >> which is likely after the election. >> the i.r.s. issued a statement saying any american citizen can issue and make public their tax returns regardless of an audit and 60% of voters think he is hiding something. >> 'cause three is, the voters can see through the four different answers we have gotten from donald trump himself. his release of taxes. and, then, now, mike pence is offering another possibility here. there is something that he is hiding and that is why his on son said it would be crazy for him to release it but he. nature get away with it.
3:23 pm
clearly there has to be scrutiny as hillary clinton has been under for the last several months. there has to be scrutiny of his business dealing, of who he is in debt to $600 million in debt to the bang of china? all the china thing is a real problem. >> kevin, a last question to you, two and two to each of you, hillary clinton has not held a news conference to answer some of the vexing questions about not only benghazi or e-mail serve or the file investigation and of course lately her foundation a fox news poll found that just came out, 66% of voteers think she is not honest or trustworthy and oddly enough, the same number, 66% think she is selling glue by virtue of her foundation. is she going to hit on this? >> and 55% think the file should
3:24 pm
s indicted her. hillary clinton is historically unpopular candidate who has negatives we have never seen before the only reason she is given a chance is she is running with higher incomives than her in donald trump. but this will put more pressure on the mod rare whose will have to hold the guys' feet to the fire because you have two candidates that have not been answers questioning and in when case with the tax, we will never see his taxes by the way but with hillary clinton --. >> his negatives higher than hers so she probably says a prayer thanks for having donald trump as my opponent. kevin and jehmu thanks. >> high stakes diplomacy in china where president obama is reaching the summit trying to reach an agreement with russia on the war in syria. and lawmakers in california look to close the loophole in sexual assault cases in the wake of the brock turner conviction as
3:25 pm
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>> president obama wrapping up day two of the drip to china and the first day of meeting at the g20 economic summit. he met with his chinese counter part but, also, spending time on the sidelines trying to negotiate with russia about a cease-fire in syria. white house correspondent is traveling with the president and he is in china. kevin? >> greg, you are right, listen, the struggle continues for president obama, yes, the ongoing struggle continues because they are trying to figure out a way to manage a negotiation to end the five-year-old bloody civil war
3:30 pm
and in particular i mention the latest conflict on the ground there the united states backed rebel forces in syria and the assad regime aligned russian forces and it is showing very little optimism, my friend, even at this stage at g-20. president obama and vladimir putin have had an opportunity to see each other trying to pick up where the diplomats have left on and not mate it happen. the diplomats are vowing to keep trying, the president himself is now expressing skepticism that an alliance would yield the break through needed toen the civil war. >> these are difficult negotiates, we have grave differences with the russians in terms of both the parties we have supported, but, also, the process that is required to bring about peace in syria. but we do not get some buy in
3:31 pm
from the russians on reducing the violence and easing the humanitarian crisis it is difficult to see how we get to the next phase. >> tough to see watt next phase looks like indeed, and last night, visiting leaders at g on were entertained with a spectacular artistic show that rivaled the oning ceremony of the 2008 olympic games, 45 minutes in all, and it was led by a team including the chinese film director and just something else, i have to say when you watch the artistry and the imagine city of what they were able to produce, it does sort of belie the rough and tumble that happen on the sidelines and even in the meetings, quite a contrast. the president, by the way, will be having a solo news convince
3:32 pm
and i will there. >> thank you. the former stanford university swimmer sentenced to six months in jail for sexually assaults a woman is released after serving only half of his term, just three months. brock turner walking out of the santa clara county jail a free man on friday and will live with his parents in ohio where he will have to register as a sex offender. >> when he arrives in ohio he has to report to the sheriff where he lives. we are assuming he will be moving in with his parents so he will have to report to my office and be register as sex offender. >> new the legal panel, mercedes, legal analyst, and david schwartz, a former prosecutor. the minimum was two years, and the protesters wanted six and the judge had enormous latitude and gave him six months in jail.
3:33 pm
not prison, but jail. and he walks after three months. does this demonstration that perhaps our justice system doesn't take victims of sexual assault seriously enough? >> exactly. that is why there is such a public outcry. everyone is upis the about there, there are legislatures that will mandate and say judges do not have discretion we will have a minimum when it comes to these rape cases it is hard resounding reaction by the public. that is why this judge may not be voted or elected into office next year. >> david, is this a cammary, a negative -- contemporary on our overror overall negative justice system and lou we deal with sex over -- the judge? >> i have never seen facts like this where the defendant got
3:34 pm
three months in jail. we need to look at it from a case-by-case basis. i don't think victims -- i do think victims have rights in the courts and this judge is the issue, not the lawmakers creating new laws for absolutely for reason. there is no reason to create new laws. there are plenty of laws that govern sexual assault, rape, and sodomy. >> mercedes, three months and three walks, compared to the heart wrenching victim impact statement that we all saw and read and it just tears your heart apart. there is a huge disconnect there and i suppose a lot of people are wondering, why was the judge seemingly unmoved when everyone else was? >> honestly, no one really knows. we are all mystified bit ruling. in anyone has not read the
3:35 pm
statement, i encourage you though read it. the impact statement was so sincere and frankly she has never come public, this is, she has not come public not out there marketing herself, saying i brother this on brock turner, nothing like that. what she said to the judge, judge, it doesn't matter what sex i don't economic class you come from or it is a star athlete at stanford, this matters about what happens to me, i was a rape victim, my life is never going to be the same. >> david --. it fell on deaf ears. >> you put a lloyd of cash on one of the scales with justice and it will tip in favor of a rich defendant and he had parents who hired a good defense team opposed to a last other people accused of the same thing were represented by overworked public defenders. isn't there a dissparety in
3:36 pm
justice system? >> absolutely there is a disparity. no question about it. if you are wealthy and you can afford good council you have a better shake in the criminal justice system. i do think this case has brought to the attention not that victims do not have justice in the courts because they do in many, many cases. we need to understand who we are elects as judges in our system. we have to understand that. the problem is there is too much discretion. >> judge persky has been decide he will not hear any more criminal cases and he has to be shifted over to the civil side and a l people applaud that. mercedes, david, thank you for being with us. >> thanks, gregg. all the search for missing hiker s in pakistan, experienced
3:37 pm
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>> crews calling off a helicopter search for two american climbs missing in pakistan, trying to climb a 24,000' mountain and they vanished two weeks ago. both men are well-known climbers from utah, search-and-rescue teams now saying it is unlikely the men will be found alive. >> vladimir putin denying his country had anything to do with the dnc e-mail hack but vladimir
3:42 pm
putin praising the data breach as a public service telling bloomberg news and i quote, "listen, does it matter who hacked this data, the important thing is the content was given to the public." well, we will bring in retired united states navy captain, former national security advisor to vice president dick cheney, captain wells. the words "does it even matter who hacked this data," sounds like the words of a guilty man, what do you think? >> it does matter and it shows again that vladimir putin is pretty clever and he has information. information is power. he has information at his disposal and the russian federation is then to exploit information, do disrupt communications and they are using information operations on full display with his clever response to the question this weekend.
3:43 pm
>> let's explore that a bit more. they want to disrupt communications and what is their overall long-term goal in doing this in a way that may very well disrupt the american elections in secretary days? that is a great question, but mr. vladimir putin is the russian federation leader and it shows on a geopolitical level that he is going to be a person to actually deal with after our election, whoever is elected, you look at china right now, and the president meeting with vladimir putin, china and russia will be having the same leadership when 2017 begins and we will have if you leadership so it is a leverage play on his part with regard to information and he is clever with regard to saying what difference does it make regarding the dnc information. he has the access also to are m
3:44 pm
snowden and he is leverages the wikileaks leak we had not too long ago so information is power and that is what he is doing cleverly. >> julian assange who is hold up in an embassy abroad and facing criminal charges, he is promising more looks against hillary clinton before the election and said it would ensure her arrest. what do you think is going on there? >> he is playing in the devil's garden and has information that came from illicit information through the wikileaks regime and, also, if you recall it was a united states armed forces member that provided him that information. mrs. clinton needs to disavow and communicate about protecting
3:45 pm
information and the response of classified information for the united states national security. >> when it comes to protecting our systems, are we just stupidly vulnerable because we have not spent the time or the money to undertake protections? >> we have come a long way to be honest, and there are three fundamental domains, with the infrastructure with the pentagon act hacks we have got the extra mile with the domains and now we need a great public and private partnership to secure our other domains including the dnc and including our critical infrastructure so this is a long, long game and as software improves and the intent of the states including 9 russian and chinese to exploit information for power will not submit or be
3:46 pm
submitted in the years to come. stay tuned there will be more habs or leaks we will wait for the fallout. captain bob wells, thank you for being with us. use mother teresa now is st. theresa and the chump making her title official today. coming up next hear from a former ambassador who witnessed first hand herman missions to help the poor. as others remember her giving spirit. she loved people. she is already a saint. so this is a process but in our minds she is already a saint. routine. it's a hard thing to break. day in, day out. from point a to b, and back again.
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>> missions of mercy earned her a nobel peace prize and the catholic church honored mother teresa by making her a saint. pope franciscan onized the nun in st. peter's square coming 19 years to the day of her
3:51 pm
death. my next guest worked with mother teresa many times co-author of "accidental pope," and former united states ambassador. ambassador, thank you for being with us. you worked with her if boston. the housing for the poor and the infant babies and met her in rome. what was she like? >> i met her in 1928 when she gave the commencement address at harvard and i developed respect and add pieration for her. she gave a spellbinding speech to the harvard community and i was part of that.
3:52 pm
the speech is considered one of the greatest speeches given at commencement but she did not have a prepared speech. that is how she conducted her te from her heart rather than what was written on a piece of paper that someone gave her. a remarkable woman. >> we were looking at a picture of you with her many years ago your hair was darker back then. i was touched bit column you wrote a month ago in advance of important day saying, like christ, she had no title, power or money but it was her love for the desperate, lepers and outcalfs that made her an admired woman. tell us more about that. what is amazing today i want down to st. peter's square, 3 1/2 hours before the ceremony, the canonization, i do what i do, i walk through the ought
3:53 pm
conference and try to get a read of the people. it was amazing and people have this image of mother teresa being concern about the family and homeless and needy. that is true. i have seen it. we built housing together for unwed mothers and irritants children and housing for home less but today i saw something that was remarkable. it was a lot of mothers, a lot of women in the audience. more so than at the van can for the canonization ceremonies can i have been to many of the ceremonies at vatican. it was an extraordinary amount of excitement and enthusiasm coming from the women i have never seen before. we all know the vatican is criticized for the dominance of
3:54 pm
male figures in the church and the vatican. here it is the women were in charge. it was like mother's day at st. support's -- at st. st. peter's, the mothers and nuns with children, so excited and so proud to be part of this ceremony honoring one of the most distinguished mothers although it is not a biological mother, but she is a mother like all mothers that take care of the needy, children that have no hope, no recourse in life, a mother would never turn their back on their child no matter what that child did or how outcost the child was from society. mother teresa never turned her become on anybody no matter how
3:55 pm
outcast from society. that is what i learned today. that is what i saw today at van -- vatican. i have never seen that before. i saw a mother that loved her children, the people that she admires, i saw that more so than anyone in my life. >> pope francis said she bowed before those were spent left to die by the side of the road seeing their god given dignity. ambassador gasoline thank you for being with us. >> great to be with you. >> cameras capturing two shows for the price of one, an out of this world solar phenomenon that you probably have never seen before.
3:56 pm
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>> this eclipse what visible to people in parts 6 africa. that does it for us. thanks for watching. we have the fox report next. have a great labor day, everyone. >> and beachgoers told to say out of the water as storm is off the coast. this is fox report. >> would you look at this? the wave from hermine slamming into the anthem of the sea cruise ship moving through hurricane-force winds? the storm's latest track after coming ashore.


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