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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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remember, i'm watters, and this sm is my world. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm melissa francis filling in today for judge jeanine pirro. thanks for joining us. making his case directly to african-american voters on saturday, appearing at a church in detroit. trump spoke to the congregation and promised to bring jobs back to minority communities and to reverse democratic policies that he says have failed african-americans. >> i'm here today to learn so that we can together remedy injustice in any form and so that we can also remedy economics so that the
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african-american community can benefit economically. nothing is more sad than when we sideline young black men with unfulfilled potential, tremendous potential. i met some people this morning that were incredible people and they're looking for jobs. these are incredible people, young people. our whole country loses out when we're unable to harness the brilliance and the energy of these folks. we're one nation, and when anyone hurts, we all hurt together, and that's so true. so true. >> the event was not without protests. several people gathered outside the church chanting against trump. few clashed with police. afterward trump and ben carson toured his old neighborhood in detroit and visited his
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childhood home. the question is will he resonate with black voters, a community in which he is far behind hillary clinton in the holes how did he do today? what do you think he accomplished? >> i think he did fantastic today. the feedback that i've already received was people love to see that donald trump, the donald trump that i've known for over a decade. he is a man who does listen to people. he heard the hopes and the dreams and the issues that were affecting african-americans, and he went into that community and he was open mooinded and just poured his heart and soul out and said i'm hear to help. i will create jobs for you. >> it is a tough sell. he is way behind with african-american voters and some say why do this as opposed to going to florida, going to a swing state, courting another group of voters where he might have a better chance? >> well, that's a great question and the answer is because mr. trump cares about all americans.
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not just african-americans but all americans, and he heard they were desperately looking for help. heard the hopes of them and he said, let me go in. i might many misunder. he went in, shared his heart and sole. shared the message that we're all brothers and sisters with one god regardless of our colors and i thoupt it was a home run and i thought it was perfect and that's the donald trump that i know, the man that really loves people. >> okay. i understand his message that within the inner city if you look at the plight of people who have been abandoned there for a long time, struggling, trying to get ahead, that the policies of democrats have failed them, but what specifically does he want to do differently? >> he wants to create jobs. >> how? >> by having a better economy, by keeping people coming into
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the country legally. keeping the illegal ones out of the country so these young men who don't have jobs, are desperate and don't have food on the table, who said they're on the streets, he said he was seeing people sitting on the streets, desperate, despair, no hope -- >> what kind of job is it that an illegal immigrant is doing in detroit when you say people are sitting on the street. what's a job they would want to do that an illegal immigrant is doing right now in that city? >> maybe a tile man. i don't know. i haven't asked mr. trump this. i know in my state there are people here that are doing jobs that a lot of college kids would do, electricians, carpentry. there's a long list of various different jobs and mr. trump realizes the reason why we're so divided is because hillary and the obama economy has failed us, not just african-americans, but americans. and with a bad economy, meaning
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no jobs, people get desperate and do desperate things, sell drugs, become criminals, hurt one another, and mr. trump is just -- he's a job creator. i know this first hand. he employs tens of thousands of people. he will create jobs for all cities but he realizes detroit right now is a city that's on the radar that is in desperate need. >> people say that he's there and they accuse him of pandering, that he got the questions in advance and he worked on the answers and that it was very much staged for the cameras as opposed to being sincere. how would you respond to that? >> let me tell you what. mr. trump is very sincere. he's not pandering. he realizes we're all americans. wants every american voter. he's saying look at what hillary and obama have given you. nothing. we're at a deaf sichlt poverty level is over 26%. the unemployment rate is double that. that is thanks to president
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obama, and if hillary clinton is elected, that's what you all have to get again. that's what you will get again. he's the most sincere man i know. mr. trump is in there. going into an unknown territory is very dangerous. i think it shows leadership. i think it show as strong leader who listens and who learns and that's what i want in my next pretty. >> what is the response in the next campaign about all we've learned in hillary clinton's interview with the fbi yesterday? >> excuse me? >> what is in response to the campaign from that we learned from hillary clinton's interview with the fbi yesterday, all those details released where she said she didn't recall her training, didn't know what the "c" meant on the various e-mails. was there a response from the campaign on that today? >> absolutely. hillary clinton is disqualified from becoming -- for running for presidency. she should be 100% disqualified and the american people are
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smart. that's why her numbers are going down and mr. trump's numbers are going up. people realize what they're getting with her. that's a person who lied and was extremely careless with all of our security. >> tana goertz. we appreciate it. my next guest is also a fox news contributor. it's pleasure to have yu on the show. >> melissa, thank you. hello, hi. >> good to see you. this is a tough message that donald trump is bringing and it's one i heard echoed from ben carson as well, the idea that democratic policies, they may be well intentioned, but they have done more to hobble the community rather than to lift it up. do you agree with that or what do you think? >> these are the moments i have longed for throughout this campaign, to see the platforms in front of us and to have a chance to examine those and to
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find out what those solutions are. now, headed up is let's give you more abortions, birth control, lock them up and that's going to make america better. the platform that mr. trump is leading says let's give more jobs. let's do better. he's not pushing the immigrants out who are legal but to open up more jobs and opportunities. i was listening to the question what does that look like. young african-americans can get into trades. many had to drop out of school. then they can take part of their
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earnings and become entrepreneurs. what better example than to have a president who succeed and has done that. one thing, mr. trump in the golden years of his life wants to surround himself with. he surrounds himself with those who know how to succeed in america and they actually have put aside their vacation to help america. oh, my god. this is a golden moment. >> but it can be hard to hear the prej from him specifically. i mean people accuse him of pandering. last time he went out he was trying to make the point about school choice and saying hillary clinton is against school choice and why should inner city kids not have a choice when healthy affluent white kids have a choice. no matter what he said, it was taken out of context and he made
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a comment about hillary clinton is a big got for not wanting that choice so that's what he focused on. it's hard for him to deliver that message. what advice would you give him so he's better heard. >> isn't there a wonderful thing don't shoot the messenger, listen to the message. when i say school choice, i just mean every american simply need as good education so they can use their minds and their hands to make america bet e so they can invest in america. right now school choice is an excellent platform for that because we all know when you bring in a program like school choice it makes the public schools get better because they have codom pete with the other alternative. he knows competition and he says we're going to let the best educator compete and come to the table and give america's children better education. and so when he puts it in that language, america will definitely get that. >> do you think it's realistic
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to think he would get more minority votes at this point? he's been painted as a racist. that message has been sent through the mainstream media, and at this point it seems like no matter what his intentions are, it's difficult to win that vote back. >> melissa, there are essentially polls out there and i can give you some real case studies of my cell phone, facebook, twitter, and things ringing and people are saying i need to take another look at donald trump. say forget the personality. look at the platform. african-americans can think, reason like all americans can. when people begin to look at that platform and understand -- you know, he's really putting his money and his heart where his mouth is. he's going into these neighborhoods. he's asking how many times have we ever heard a presidential candidate go and say -- ask african-americans will you vote for me. the democrats take it.
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here's man who says, i want your vote, i care about you, let me help. now i. ee not endorsing every candidate. i pray, i look at the platforms. i do vote pro-life. so that's just where we are. i believe he's got my attention. i believe he's going to have the attention of america, not just african-americans. >> would you send him into other cities? where do you think he should go next? >> i believe that he will continue to visit all of the communities of america. that's going to be every ethnic group. no color blind. he's going to take off his glasses and see what america needs. begin to answer. listen to america and answer and we're going to embrace the ethnicity of all of america. this is a melting pot. it's time for the food to smell good and i believe mr. trump can help. >> okay. a alveda king, thanks for coming
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on. it comes on the heels of another interesting day for hillary clinton. the fbi released a report relating to her july interview with the bureau about her private e-mail server. and all of those classified e-mails. joining me now former democratic hillary clinton adviser richard goodstein. thanks for coming back this week. let me ask you. what did you think of the information that came out yesterday? specifically some of the things that caught my attention, the idea that she didn't know what the "c" for classified meant. i think all of us know. we never have been trained or held government office. >> yeah. you know, i think when hillary clinton -- let's think back. eight years is not that ancient hust. when she became secretary of state, the world was going to hell in a hand basket. the economy was tanking, the u.s.'s reputation -- >> it was a month or two ago when she sat down for an interview with james comey when
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she didn't know what the "c" meant. she thought it meant "a," "b," "c" like a bullet point. >> it's funny. donald trump -- >> i don't -- hang on one second. is it reasonable she's supposed to be the secretary of state and in charge of all of this classified information and all of us out there who read the newspaper know what the "c" means and she doesn't. that's either gross incompetence or she's not telling the truth. it's just astonishing. >> again, i have to use this as a frame of reference. her republican antagonists had her for 11 1/2 hours in that benghazi committee. if they thought there was an achilles -- >> we've got to stick to the e-mail thing. that's what this topic is about. >> fine. that wasable e-mails too. >> she doesn't know what the "c"
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meant. how thb? they downloaded e-mails to a laptop and stuck it in the mail and it got lost in the mail. that's their excuse as to what happened to many of the e-mails that have now disappeared and can't be retraced. to me that's either really gross incompetence or they're lying. >> right. so, again, all this talk about the e-mails that she did not disclose because they were personal, right? we don't know i've read that thing cover to cover that the fbi released yesterday and, yes, there were people who in retrospect didn't do everything they wish they had done to preserve things and so forth. but as far as the documents are concerned, and i think that's personal -- >> i think what we're talkinging about is would you ever stick a laptop in an envelope and hand it to the postman? i mean in what world would anyone ever do that, richard? that tees most bizarre story. i mean i feel like that's one of
9:16 pm
my kids coming to me and telling me what happened to their lapstop. that's ridiculous. if they did, there's really something wrong with their brain. >> right, again, how is that imputed to hillary clinton's competence to be president of the united states, what somebody on her staff did who's a tech guy, right? look. the fact of the matter is as i often heard said on this air, there's a binary choice. she may not be the most tech-savvy person in the world. republican opponents of donald trump as we know called him names. that's their choice. i agree. if they want someone to run technology for the country -- >> does it concern you that she can't remember her security training or if she had it because she said she fell and she hit her head? are you worried she's brain dead? >> no. that's a mischaracterization.
9:17 pm
she spoke for 11 1/2 hours. donald trump held a debate for 2 1/2 hours when he was only going to talk for 15 minutes. she was on the hot seat for 11 1/2 hours. >> that would make me think she's lying. i agree with you. i don't think it's true she can't remember. i agree with you. i think she's lying then. >> all she said is after she had her concussion there were breefrgs that she didn't remember or didn't receive. you know who else didn't have briefings when he was hospitalized. ronald reagan. when you're hospitalized, you miss briefings. i we've sign her on the world stage nrk the hearing. we've seen her operate. if the trump campaign wants to g after her, that's something she would gladly have. let me ask you about the recent polls which by all accounts very closing. why do you think it's happening? do you think it's this conversation of the e-mails and all that is weighing on her, her
9:18 pm
numbers have gone down. ? do you think it's a steadier message from donald trump? lou would you explain the tightening in all of the polls? >> the fact of the matter is, if you look at the real politics, that's what chris wallace always leads to, her lead was 4 points. before the convention it was smaller than that. after all is said and done, going up and down and bumps, she got a major mark. >> it's been shrinking since the end of the convention. she was way ahead and now it's closing up. you're not concerned. i understand. thank you, appreciate your time. gop pollster lee carter is up next on how donald trump was able to tighten things up in the polls this week and how what he needs to do to push the still undeseed it voters over the fence. and then later the nfl.
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welcome back to "justice." new fox polls shows the race is tightening. clinton is down six points, but in a four-way hillary's lead drops to just 2% if you factor in other factors here. here with all of the details and what the candidates need to do in the file stretch of the rarks lee carter. thanks so much for joining us. >> dwrt to be here. >> what do you think about the fact when you put the other candidates in there and it's not just the head to head and they take from hillary clinton, does that surprise you? >> it does. especially since gary johnson is getting 9% of the votes. he's a liblibertarian. you would expect him to be pulling from donald trump and it's not happened. the race is in a dead heat. it occurs to me his plan is
9:24 pm
working. he's moving ahead. >> what do you make of that? it's hard for me to trust that the libertarian is pulling from hillary clinton. in other polls, most thought it would be pretty equal from both sides to va it in there. >> yeah, i would have thought it would have pulled equally. we are seeing that when you talk to a lot of the bernie sanders supporters, they like gary jon's message. they like -- it's a very anti-government message, very anti-government. you would have expected them to be going for hillary clinton. it makes sense if you think about it in some ways but it is surprise snag the other part of the poll is are both clinton and trump terrible candidates. 44% of respondents said, yes, they that they hate them both. that's unusual, right?
9:25 pm
>> it is a very unusual number. but you know what? i'm surprised it wasn't higher. you have conversations auto there, this is the worst, i don't like either one of them. but 44%, that's not as bad as i expect. ice certainly a lot worse than we've seen in the past. >> what do you expect people who respond that way to do? do they hold their nose and pick a candidate? do they stay home? when you see negatives that high, what do you do in. >> what we've seen traditionally, people don't go to vote against someone. they vote for someone. i think what we'll see, people are going to stay home. that said, we're in a very, very different election cycle. the level of intensity of feelings is so high. the fooer -- hillary clinton is calling donald trump dangerous. that might drive people to vote not for hillary clinton but against that idea that something else is dangerous but likewise there's a lot who say i can't trust her, she's crooked. all the information coming out about the e-mails and more in
9:26 pm
depth is says i can't trust her to be president and act in our best interest. so i think we might see more people go to the polls than we expect. do see people don't go and vote against someone. i think we're going to have a different psych thl year. >> donald trump is sitting at 39% in this poll. the folks on hnlt's side say he's got a feeling and he may have done better and his numbers have gone up in the past week or two as we've seen him deliver a steadier message and stay on prompter and, you know, not have some of the gaps he's had in the past, but they don't believe he can break higher than that. have you seen evidence that he could go higher than that, or do you believe he's hit a ceiling? >> i don't believe he's hit a ceiling. i do think he can go higher. i the we saw him right after the convention. i mean, look. we still have 70 days. donald trump is gaining momen m momentum. when he gains momentum, he can pick up 10 or 12 points.
9:27 pm
the other thing i'm sighing is the level of enthusiasm for hillary clinton is low. people are saying i'm going to vote for her, but not enthusiastically. people don't trusteer this of the candidates that much and that makes these numbers very fluid. you can see as many as 70% of people who have polled have changed their mind on who they're going to support. obviously there's a lot fewer candidates right now. people are really fluid. their emotions are different. people are questions what they might have -- that they might have thought. people who are republicans are saying they might vote for hillary. some are voting for donald trump. it's a very, very different and unusual situation. >> it's amazing to me because there's so much. it's hard for me to imagine maybe her, maybe her. to me it's you like one or you're not going to vote at all. what do i know. thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> same here. you think donald trump had a
9:28 pm
slightly better week than hillary clinton? not everyone agrees with that. tony and theron johnson our all-star political panel, they're up next. they're going to debate it. don't go way. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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>>. live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good evening, folk as long the northeastern coastline, no fun in the surf. you can see why. the storm that was once hurricane hermine is still packing 70 miles per hour miles some 300 miles off long island. there is a threat of severe flooding in many towns, including the jersey shore, which is still recovering from hurricane sandy in 2012. president obama is scheduled to meet with his russian counter
9:33 pm
part vladimir putin on monday. on their agenda, the syrian crisis, mr. obama is expressing skepticism they can make a break through. a civil war left half a million people dead and created a major migrant crisis in europe. now back to justice. months to go until election day and another day of campaign chaos in the clinton e-mail scandal. let's get right to it with my political panel. thanks fwoekt of you for joining us. he went down and snapped up that invitation, a very clesher move and then he got in a twitter fight with the president of mexico. dwlou think he did all that? >> i think he's been acting very
9:34 pm
presidential and hillary has been acting as if she's in the witness protection program. when you're running for prp, you do things on the stump. he went down to mexico, accepted the invitation of the mexican president. sure there are differences. those are well documented. and then he came back to the united states to give a speech on immigration reform. hillary clinton has been missing. all she does when given the opportunity to speak publicly is criticize donald trump. he's at least putting forward his agenda, today in detroit doing something important in bringing african-american voter asnd she's outside. >> let's bring in theron and bring in his reaction. she's been fund-raising a and raked in thanh of cash. she raked in $142 million in
9:35 pm
august alone. even though we're not seeing her, she's holding fund-raisers and getting money for ads. is that a smarter strategy? >> yes. she's going to need all that money to show a contrast between her and donald trump as we get closer to november. the over thing that's interesting, she at a time with 66 days left to go, she's continuing to make sure folks know about her message. >> wait. how is she doing that? we've not seen any press conferences. she's made phone calls in to shows. she's raising money, which is great, but not much on messaging. >> yes. so at a time when tomorrow she's going to be in the swing state of ohio she spent a lot of time in florida. florida is a big battleground state.
9:36 pm
when she goes to florida, she's down there talking about how she's going to make it more assessable for mu business owners to do business, particularly african-american women. when she was in ohio, pennsylvania recently, she was talking about how she's going have plan to strengthen the middle class. but the other thing she's doing is she is making sure that when it's time to be the loudest voice and to talk about the future, i think she'll be ready. but let's also look at the math. she's leading right now in pretty much every battleground state. >> hang on. let me ask tony about that. that's a good point. you know, the national polls have closed quite a bit and we were talking about that in the last segment, especially when you look at a four-way race. margin of error is three points and they're only two points apart, but in the battleground states he's got work to do. maybe he should be on the ground in other communities. >> we've seen the national polls
9:37 pm
closing. he's basically erased her lead, cut it in half since about three weeks ago. hillary clinton had a strong post-convention. national polls, as you know, are always lead indicators. state polls tend to follow. let's put it on the tachblt florida, ohio, they're cut in half. he's put a state like a and new hampshire. clearly what he's doing is working, what she's doing is not. that's the lesson in the last two weeks. >> in the meantime she's battling against this constant e-mail dump we're getting. another huge batch of e-mails coming out putting her in a bad light. tharon is that taking away her lead? >> this whole notion of state polling is naive. >> that's not what i said. i said it's lag indicator. >> you crunched the numbers.
9:38 pm
hold on. i didn't cut you off, tony. you're talking about someone who led the president's campaign in 2012. lead three battleground states. to say those are ludicrous -- >> i'm -- hang on. i'm going to hold you guys ore after the break -- hang on. we'll have more time to address this when we come back. stay where you are. don't go away. we're just getting started with these guys. this panel coming u plus, kevin jackson is here to talk about colin kaepernick and his protest against the "national anthem." do police now have the right to protest the san francisco 49ers? that's ahead.
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tony sayegh and tharon johnson are both with us. way tonight look ahead at what the candidates should be doing. what do you think donald trump be doing to prepare and what do you think his tone should be? >> look. i happen to think donald trump has proven he's effective in these debates. i don't think he alters. my recommendation would be he focuses on the message we know works, jobs, the economy, terrorism, and prosecuting hillary clinton on what we've seen every day and learner day is a complete act of corruption in her dealings with both the server that she withheld a lot of information on and her conduct at the state didn't as it relates to the clinton foundation with the act of co-ming bling of both. it's really hillary clinton who's going to come across as
9:44 pm
mean-spirited, try to provoke donald trump and do something inappropriate and just plays it smart. >> therein, what ron, what do y it should be? should she brush it off like she didn't do it? >> don't forget, hillary clinton has had more debates than donald trump. >> yeah, over her lifetime for sure and she's pretty good at it. what should she do with the e-mail question if he comes at her with all of that? should she respond? >> let me finish. in the debate she's got to drill down on the specific policy of what she cares most about. let's get to teems because that's what you guys have been waiting on. listen, she's come out and said it with us wrong. she's apologized. she said, listen, if i could do
9:45 pm
it all over again, i should do it differently. >> should she say that during the die batd? >> she's lied every step of the way. >> wait a minute. go on. it makes her look defensive, but i don't know how you address it. >> it's not going make her look defensive. she said, i know you guys know that. i think what she's got to do is say, listen, there were some mistakes made, some e-mails that were skparjed but at the end of the day, i'm the best person to lead this country. let's not forget this, donald trump is going go down in history as being not only the most privileged but the most divisive. today he went into an african-american church and said i want to bring people -- don't cut me off, tony. i didn't cut you off. >> tony didn't say anything. i was trying to get another question in here. do you think he's the most privileged person. >> he's a billionaire. >> they live in a bubble. they -- $44 million over the
9:46 pm
past whatever it was five or six years in speeches. they fly privately. they've gotten $16 million from the government. we're talking about levels of privilege on both sides that 99.99% of the population condition can can't even relate to. let me let tony back in. let me let tony back in. if she's training as we heard with the ghost writer of his book to try to get under his skin and throw him off, do you think that he should go out of his way to be impervious to this and hold onto very steady grown and not lose his temper, or is that part of his charm? >> it's a great question, melissa, because there is so much about donald trump being unorthodox. in a year where we don't want a career politician like hillary clinton who's dundee baits for 30 some odd years, who has played the political game for so long, there is authenticity that
9:47 pm
works to his benefit. my point is she eh i should focus on those parts, certainly attacking her on her conduct versus just chasing every single shot she takes. she knows that she, number one, she wants to run for valedictorian. she wants to prove she's smartser than he is. let's acknowledge she's a very bright person but also a corrupt person. >> we're out of time. i want to give tharon the final world. >> he won't release his tax returns and all those stats you uttered off, melissa, the clintons at least with their finances have been very trance parent. until we get donald trump's tax returns, we'll never know. >> we've got go. thanks to both of you. we'll be right back.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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. continued outrage over 49er's kaepernick's taking a knee. there's no graceful way for him to end this. what advice would you give him? >> i would tell him to end it by apologizing. that would be the quickest thing to do. the problem is he has found out the way a lot of americans have, there's a lot of money and press tinl that comes with what i call race pimping. he has backed himself into a corner, because opposed to focussing on his athleticism and the merit okaycracy, he's decided in protest of his own abilities on the football field i'll pivot to something else. >> you say he gets money and prestige from this, but from my point of view, it seems like he may be costing money.
9:53 pm
he's making himself a more controversial figure, also pledged to give a million dollars to what he calls racial equality causes in the future but we don't know what any of these are. >> you don't understand how race pimping works. it's a futures business. he's on the outs in the nfl. he's been to the pinnacle. he didn't win the super bowl. he was cut during the training camp. and i don't know where he's at right now. but his career is on the decline. he hasn't been able to do anything. so his contract in 2014 was $426 million. he sat out most of the following year, and this year he's probably not going to start. so what does he do? he decides to become a petulant child and decide hey, when i do get out, if i play the beyonce card and do my x routine i'll hit the speaking circuit and be the darling of the nfl. don't think for a second there's not a ton of money in race
9:54 pm
pimping. there's trillions of dollars in it. >> some of the police in san francisco are talking about boycotting the stadium and the game the. especially in reaction to those socks he was wearing. they've made their rounds on social media showing police as pigs. >> as pigs. >> what do you make of that? would the police have the right to boycott the stadium now? >> i hope all of san francisco boycotts it. we have a sport where the overwhelming majority of the fans are white. and they're watching a disproportionate people who are like colin kaepernick, young black men making millions and millions of dwlars. white people showing up in droves to watch a lot of black multi-millionaires, and this is what they get? they have to watch people put a black lives matter thing on their arms and protest the american flag? >> maybe though, the way you've just described it, it is the
9:55 pm
perfect forum for him to raise this issue. if it is a mostly white audience, perhaps he's bringing up the issue of race inequality to people who otherwise wouldn't be thinking about it. what about that? >> i disagree. i think that whites in america are far too long being made to apologize for things they have nothing to do with. with respect to the audience watching him, here again, we've got whites that are making these young black men into multi-millionaires, young black men achieving things all over this country in all walks of life. and quite frankly, the black lives movement is a lie. so what you are being treated to is more of the idea that white people are oppressing. they're oppressing him so much he's a multi-millionaire. he's adopted bay white family. he's come nowhere near anything to what's being talked about with these officers. >> maybe that's a reason for him to stand up. the way you describe it, when you're talking about black
9:56 pm
athletes out there entertaining a white audience, that in and of itself sounding a little degrading. >> well, then degrade me, because i would love to have that opportunity. at the end of the day, everybody, everybody in that audience is probably one to two degrees of separation from a law enforcement officer. and all the time. >> i'm so sorry. we'll do more muche nenext time. thank you for watching. judge jeanine will be back next week. have a fantastic holiday weekend.
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