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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  September 5, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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ever drone festival. civilians forbidden from flying the small aircraft so enthusiasts jumped at the chance to race drones through the >> donald trump wins the media praise for the surprise trip to mexico and endorses scorn for a fiery speech on illegal immigration. first the meeting with mexico's president. >> he was standing on the world stage with the world leader. >> this is the single best day of the general election campaign for donald trump. >> it seems that this probably turned out for donald trump to be a pivotal moment and i argue the best day of his campaign. >> this is the best thing he probably has ever done in his life. >> this was the most difficult make moment we have seen from donald trump. welcome to the trump stunt assembleed trip to a country
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that openly mocks him to meet with a leader that compared him to hitler. it turned sharply negative a few hours later. >> there will be no amnesty. >> yesterday he was diplomat and then he is red meat populist and you are right, the legal immigrants say we do not want you but it is a terrible trap and trump played bite. all the mexicans were bad again and they have to pay for the wall but they are too dumb to know it and by the way, the mexican immigrants are committing crimes at historic pace and have to be kicked out. >> is the press being fair on immigration? and on the report reach yesterday at a black church. the f.b.i. document dump on hillary clinton e-mail probe does that change the media handling of the case? all the presidential debate moderators have been picked.
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one of them is from fox for the first time. the conversation with chris wallace. plus, this story. >> hard to believe we are saying this but anthony weiner has been caught in yet another sexting scandal. >> huma abedin dumps in, but should it be big political news? i am howard kurtz and this is "media buzz" today. >> trump trouble stunned the media by accepting an invitation from mexican president nieto and some of the fiercest critics applauded the candidate's first trip to the diplomatic stage. >> there is a lot value that can be created for both countries by working beautifully together. >> but the coverage turned far more negative when he gave a loud harsh and fiery speech
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hours later in arizona and while softening one wart warns of the dangers of illegal and blamed part of the problem on the press. all the out of touch media elite think the biggest problem facing american-sized -- you know this, you know this, this is what they talk about -- facing american society today is that there are 11 million illegal immigrants who do not have legal status. >> joining us to analyze the campaign coverage is heidi przybyla senior political correspondent at "usa today". and sarah flores republican strategist and ruth marcus, columnist for the "washington post" but, first, hid, the trip to mexico. is it fair to say in this meeting with president nieto that donald trump got rare media praise? >> yes. and the reason why is because it was the honest outcome of what many of us were expecting.
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like chuck said he was trying into the den of the man would like bed his rhetoric to hitler but walked out of there with a very presidential looking accomplishment in his pocket. it was very respectful. >> this spot it was a stunt but others were more positive. >> most were positive, i called it a win. for him. it was just like the specific face thing. it was not the outcome we expected. but this is a good example of how the media is becoming the whipping boy for whatever news cycle does not benefit your candidate because i went on before the speech and a lot of the people on the internet came back to toll the journalist whose pronounced it a "win," without respecting you have to react in the 24 hour news cycle and it was very much --. >> it hasn't happened with a speech he did not give.
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>> i was on the special reports with two of his fierce of the critics of trump and they praised it and i almost fell off of my chair so it got a last praise. >> i never saw twitter do a 180 watching the speech before, with no american flag, this was going to end the campaign, how could they not have an american flag behind him? and huge win. as an op-ed there was something very refreshing about a campaign putting something together that quickly. it wasn't perfect but it was a win because often you told it cannot be done, you need three months possibly to do a state visit and, no, can you do it in a day. >> you wear the word "operative." ruth, news accounts did they undercut donald trump when he said they did not discuss paying for the wall? and the mexican president said no way it would happen. >> trump undercut himself a bit not the news accounts. it is interesting that you can
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put on a play or put on an stunt with a world leader with little notice and i thought it was a smart move for him. i thought he carried it off well and we all tend with trump to overreact to the negatives and overreact to the positives. the fact that he is there stand with a world leader, not spouting what we used to from trump was a positive but it was a mistake to say something that was easy for the mexican president to then contradict and that made that actually compounding the problems he had later in the day with the speech because he had to put, and they are paying for the wall, believe me, back into the speech. he said i had to. >> is there medication for the wild mood swings? now the speech in arizona was criticized by the media including the commentary; that because the press did not like
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the tone? was it more than that? >> i go back to the expectations argument. many of those who covered trump campaign know that the campaign itself has sucked the expectation that he would cost n and they does not see the softening but i have to point out there was some policy elements like no mention of the muslim ban. he did leave it unclear whether there would be immediate deporting of the 11 million which has been the issue all along. then there was the expectation of we are now seeing trump 3.0 reach out to minorities and african-americans and apologizing. this is when he has to do it to reach the suburban independent women but the rhetoric was similar to what we heard in the very beginning of the campaign, the emphasis on the criminality aspect of immigration and where this could have been an opportunity for him to highlight
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the very good contributions legal immigrants make to this country to ball it out. >> trump did say it would be several years before most of the 11 million illegal immigrants would be deported but the speech was buried. ruth, is there a mindset that modest immigration reform makes sense? this goes back to the debate in the bush administration and does that sentiment creep into the news stories? >> i am an opinion journalist so modest immigration reform does make sense. it was really the trump campaign that set expectations and the journalists were more reacting to the expectations of softening set by trump and campaign and action set -- accented by the statement being strong and credible performance in mexico.
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i was confused as not an operative but i have seen some on tv, on what was the message that trump was trying to send? the day was dr.ject cell and mr. trump, a statesman or a ronald reagan 'em up guy. he made it clear there is no path to legalization without leave the country. >> what made news was the reaction of some previously supportive hispanic folks including one on the hispanic advisory council and here is what he said on msnbc. >> i had the naiveness to believe he was a businessman, he was a republican, and we did not hear a republican last night. we heard a populist propaganda con artist. i am done. >> does that coverage hurt? >> it does.
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to both your points on expectations this is where you see why a larger campaign infrastructure, a more professional communications team does matter for coverage. that is who is supposed to set the expectations, they are used to get you ahead of time, and have their surrogates prepared. they were caught by surprise on the hispanic advisory board. you never want that to happen to your team. >> but what could be going on is that trump's team is not necessarily unified in the message to send? >> some of them are surprised about what he is saying. thank you have been stories of internal debate among the advisors on how much to soften or not to soften. >> it is a problem when you talk about expectations for a big teach where reporters thing they are heading into one thing and they are going into another. >> with some of the language in the speech, as a journalists, if i got that in advance i would say, whoa, zero tolerance,
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focusing only on immigrants as criminals, these types of messages, if i had seen it in advance i would have had time to chew over the fact that he was easing up on some of the policy. however, there would have been a lot of people surprised. >> there are still hispanics who support donald trump including one who said in we do not do something we will have taco trucks on every corner. >> hispanics like this... >> my point of the media mindset is the poll out today by 56-37% people say they believe that all immigrants should go back do their home countries and reapply for admission a position that many in the press view as extreme. >> yes but it is sounding fair but when you start, now, this is the opinion journalist, when you start to go through the logistics, trump has also said
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and the good ones are coming back in, it is just not feasible. >> and there are different numbers. >> before we go i want to talk to you about who political headlines, the polls, one is hillary clinton advisors tell her to prepare for a landslide, and inside trump tower and trump campaign is described as teetering and throatenning do clap. is that too far? >> you cannot call a race at this point before we have even had a debated. that is in defense of some of the coverage. we did see a pretty big gap in the past couple of weeks in battleground states and that as scholars of elections we know these are the states that determine the election. these polls are swinging very much. it does not make them incorrect but you cannot call the race. >> let me get a break. write to us and i will respond.
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stay tuned. >> the f.b.i. release of the interview with hillary clinton and a memo summarizing the investigation. does it change the media handling of the case? is the latest anthony weiner embarrassment anything other than a tabloid
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>> reporters were scrabbling on friday of labor day weekend when the file put out the interview with hillary clinton over private e-mail servers and investigation of the summary of case. sarah flores said it does not seem to provide major revelations and paint the staff as unaware or unconcerned about state department policy on
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e-mail. was there more news than that? >> incredible and the file doing hillary clinton a favor by putting it out on friday of labor day weekend. to be clear, private corporation had destroyed e-mails in anticipation of litigation they would be in enormous trouble and this is part where maybe there is a gap in political reporter whose do not know the law, are not entirely familiar with security issues saying this was nothing new when, i thought it was explosive. >> what does it say to you that the weapon said no major revelations. >> they will be backtracking off of that as people point out to them there was a major revelation. it was the lead story in the print newspaper so, again, that sort of underscores the lead which major revelation, minor revelation, the e-mail story is a chronic disease for hillary clinton and there are going to
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be flareups that started more than a year ago and will continue. >> she said she could not recall many, many times. >> three dozen. >> was not familiar with the e-mail classes for security stuff so...on some kind of cosmic scale how important is the story? >> the question is, who is changing their view about hillary clinton as a result of the story? some people think that the mail story has been terrible and disqualifying all along and some people who will vote for her or never vote for donald trump no matter what so the question is the marginal impact of the drip, drip, drip and i think it does have an impact but not this drip , the accumulation of drips. all the inability to answer it and you are heading into the first debate that is so important for her. >> but we are sticking with the media coverage, the media likes
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the smoke guns and it was not a smoke gun but there was new rest layings that does not look good. >> we have had e-mail revelations we thought were...really important for the past year and while i agree the deletions are a threat that could go somewhere, and a republican is saying they could pursue this but it is an allegation and we do not know in it was her technical support guy trying to cover himself up because he was supposed to delete it a year before. it is going to be like ruth said, part of the drip, drip, drip. as a journalist, the much more important dread in the news story about hillary clinton will be the focus on the foundation because we have been talking about e-mails for so long for people who already have formed an impression of the e-mails, it will be another drip, drip, drip
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and the focus is on the foundation. >> quickly, the reason that the destruction -- the delesion of e-mails was a huge mistake and the deletion after was a huge mistake but what unsmokes it there was nothing tying hillary clinton herself to it. and no knowledge of that. in it were true the gun would be... >> that is fair but should the headlines have been massive deletion of past e-mails that may or not be incriminating that we did not know about? >> absolutely and the media should have covered more of the 30 benghazi e-mails that we do not know in they were turned over. it will be hard for hillary clinton to claim she had in clue. >> on that point, heidi przybyla and sarah flores, great to see you, and chris wallace chose as the nominator for the first
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presidential debate. >> facebook screws up the trending topics with a huge mistake next. huge mistake about megyn the american red cross
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>> a dramatic headline on media, sarah palin urges violence against ungrateful punk kaepernick, the quarterback who refused to stand for the national anthem. what was the violence? sarah palin wrote let's sack him. play on a football term. come on, throwing a penalty flag on that. >> hlm did a story on a good samaritan who saved a baby from a hot car. check out t-shirt. >> i know do you not necessarily want to be called a hero but we are going to take the liberty of doing it. >> when they reran the piece, the trump part of the shirt was
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blurred. are you kidding me? the channel is so offended it changes the reality of the man as a trump fan saying we blurred the logo and should not have, it was an error. >> zuckerberg admitted facebook had a problem after the flap on liberal bias affecting trending topics but then they fired the staffers all of them, who work on there and relying more on algorithm. that does not work out. shear a story that made it to the trending list. does this sound like a real headline: breaking fox news supposes megyn kelly and kicked her out for backing hillary clinton. what? >> tonight, a phony article about yours truly climb to the top of facebook trending feature. fired! what? can i sue my friends at facebook? that story could pleat and total garbage and it came from something call way what ending the
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anyone with a pulse who realize it was fake. they apologize, not the story of trending politics but someone who is not a tv star would they have a hard are time of getting corrective action? it is easy for online con artists to game the system for cheap quicks. >> the host of fox news sunday picks as a debate moderator. why is the president -- the press addicted to the
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>> the debate mod prayers are announced including the v.p. debate, and on the third presidential debate on october 19, a fox news anchor for the first time, chris wallace. i sat down with the host of fox
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news after the news broke. >> chris wallace, welcome. how does being chosen for the presidential debate, how do you feel about it and what does it mean for fox news? >> it is an enormously gratify thing to be chosen, obviously, the commission on presidential debates is were trusted one of the three to you to be the moderator, to help tens of millions of americans make up their mind, comparison shopping between the two or in one of them reaches 15%, a third party candidate, as well and i am proud to be a representative of fox the first time that any journalist from fox has been chosen to moderate a general election debate so i am proud for that. >> there are fox critics would say, well, it is a right wing network that favors republicans. does this help dispel that perception building on the work you and megyn and bret baier did? >> i think, and i don't know this, i think that the
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commission which is, really, a blue ribbon panel, the two chairs include a federal national republican committee chairman, who what the first press secretary of bill clinton and this are distinguished people on the commission i have to think they looked at the debates and the work we did and thought, these guys were pretty tough on republicans, and they really are going to be fair and balanced. >> to quote a phrase. >> now when you are on the big stage it is not like hosting a sunday show. >> it is very different and i am mindful of that. it isn't coming up with killer question, not coming up with the great follow-up. i see myself as a con due it to ask the questions and basically to get the two candidates or as i say, in one of the other people is on the same, as well, one of the third party candidates to get candidates to engage. i view it as being a referee in
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a heavyweight championship fight in it is succeeding when it is over people will say, you did a great job and i don't remember you being on the stage. >> i understand that, i think it is the right approach not making it about you but there is a lot on your shoulders on the selection of questions but as they go at it, what do you do if they make assertions that you know to be untrue. >> that is not my job. i do not believe it is my job to be a truth squad it is up to the other person to catch them on that i will try to maintain some reasonable semblence of equal time in one of them is filibustering i will try and break in and give the other person a chance to talk. i want it to be about as much a debate. people talk about it being simultaneous news conference and i want it to be as much of a debate as possible. with those two and the way as keith jackson used to say on
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football rivals they just do not like each other, i suspect i will not have any problem getting them to engage with each other but i don't view my role as truth squadding that is a step too far. in women want to do it after the debate, fine, it is not my role. thank you is a lot on your shoulders, you have essentially sole did -- discretion to decide the topics and how the confers -- the questions are presented. >> i did not know what went into it and it is a little daunting. for instance, the way that the debate is organized there will be six topic areas, six buckets. one could be immigration. one could be isis. on and on. each, the moderator asks a question and each of candidates get to minutes to respond. if you assume it is two candidates that is four minutes and you have the remain december
12:34 am
of the 15 minutes for that bucket to engage the two in a conversation. i asked one of people on the commission yesterday, who decides the six buckets does someone have to tell the two campaigns a week in advance what are the six buckets and they said, you do. and i am like, really? you decide what the topics are going to be and we toll the campaign and that is it. >> no committee no bureaucracy. >> your father mike wallace had an extraordinary broadcast career what advice would you offer you? >> i thought of this a lot he would be very proud of of me and he probably would have tried to steal it from me because that is would he was and i think that he basically would say do what you do and, yet, it is different than a sunday show but just ask smart questions, listen, follow-up in the sense that in
12:35 am
someone says something try to engage the other person and get them to engage with each other and, again, understand it is not about you but the candidates and the voters having an opportunity at the end because this last debate will be less than three weeks of budget election and it is an opportunity for voters to comparison shop the last time they see each other on the debate stage together. >> do what you do. >> there are reports that hillary clinton did not want anyone from fox news but the debate commission is independent. >> anthony weiner sending lewd pictures again, and the media making it bout the clinton campaign because of his wife s that a stretch? tak if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a
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>> no way not to cover what happened to anthony weiner after he was caught sexting with another woman, the third time and not after his wife announce need were separating. eight is the last thing that hick's campaign needs, a scandal involving the husband of her top aide, huma abedin. anthony weiner the form new york congressman was caught sexting. again. an announcement that had immediate reverberations in the political world because an din is one of the top advisors for clinton. >> does this warrant being the
12:40 am
lead story on two networks? we have gayle trotter and our fox news contributor. mara why is this barrack a worthy of that kind of coverage and, especially, "new york times" saying it cast as shad zoe on the hillary clinton campaign? >> that is an exaggeration. i don't think it is worthy but you try to look away. it is like an incredibly come poling car wreck. why the "new york times" say itd to happen and not if news and it has to do with a top aide that is it. >> i get he was a congressman and ran for mayor of new york and a documentary was made but is this an attempt by the media to take a tabloid story and pump it up with political significance? i gray. the conservative media like
12:41 am
breitbart and the drudge report they are going crazy with frustration because they know the real scandals that are happening and feel this is a distraction by talking about this. the story is salacious, reckless behavior and they could not, not cover it. >> everyone yeted the trump statement, saying hillary clinton was care less and negligent? allowing windore have close proximity to highly classified information but assuming that an din was reckless in allowing her husband to see this. >> and we have in way of knowing so although you say the conservative media was anxious to cover the real scandal donald trump wanted it cover this scandal and pump it up as much as possible and make a connection between classified information and anthony weiner. that is tenuous, at best. >> "politico" reports the marriage was estranged already and had been for some time but
12:42 am
also, it throwned to remind voters about bill clinton, really? >> certainly. i went back and looked at when he first had to resign from congress, tim kaine which could be a game name, at time when anthony was a congressman, and had to resign, tim kaine said, lying is unforgive average, lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and three should resign. all the difference is anthony weiner is not running for public office and he is married to someone who 10 key part but one step removed, no? >> but tim kaine is saying lying about sexting is unfor giveable and he signed on to the vice president of hillary clinton's campaign and she lied on the network of her e-mail and the scandals and the pay for play such and classified information. >> moving on to the media debate about psycho pacts, official obama campaign manager. >> we have a psyche pat running
12:43 am
for congress, meeting the clinical definition. >> wait, wait, wait a minute. diagnosis people on air -- you do not have a degree in psychology? is that fair? >> it is worth asking someone in the mental health community in this is someone you -- are they signs of something that perhaps could lead --. >> he is partisan democrat and chuck todd pushed back to his credit, although we did not play it all, fueling more media charter; he crazy, what the democrats wanted? >> it is what the democrats want, over the line and as bad as donald trump saying, well, hillary had a concussion and not with it, there is something wrong mentally and all the false stories that the aides carry the syringe is out of the line. after the goldwater election a group of american psychiatrists sign a letter and pledged to a policy they would not do that or
12:44 am
diagnosis someone from afar and there are psychiatrists so david maybe is playing a psychiatrist but should now do that. >> is this letting a strategist society the agenda of the media? >> yes, and the way though cry wolf coming up with the most outrageous smears on donald trump and people tune him out because they see that donald trump is not a psycho path and it hurts people from families with mental illness use that rest risk when they are using it in a nonmedical fashion and allows the media to set the agenda based on what the democrats are saying. >> saying a psychopath winning the nomination is not good for global business. it is going too far? >> so many things he aid that are objection average by themselves do you in as a result to diagnosis. >> and the phrases, moralizing,
12:45 am
thanks all for joining us. donald trump courts the black vote in detroit after a "new york times" reports that the whole thing was scripted. courts the black vote in detroit after the "new york times" says comfort food...
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♪ >> trump has peppering speeches with an appeal to african-american voters and took the message to a black audience yesterday at a church in detroit. >> i understand the african-american community is suffering from discrimination and there are many wrongs that must still be made right. >> join us from new york is amy holmes political analyst, and keli goff with the daily beast
12:49 am
and amy, "new york times" report add couple of days ago that when donald trump was doing a taped interview which we have not seen with bishop wayne jackson of detroit and it is destroyed it would be closed but a scripted question-and-answer and the crypt was leaked to the times by someone, how damaging is the story? >> it certainly influenced events because the pastor came back and said he would be adding questions that the campaign was not aware of. the whole coverage of donald trump and the black clutch and reaching out to the black voterers reminds me of the dissatisfied restaurant customer who said that the food is external but the portions are too small. the media cannot get enough of donald trump but it is always dissatisfied with the effort. >> on that point, keli goff a "new york times" story saying donald trump has campaigned as blunt person that dismissed we
12:50 am
cases of inracial sensitivity took a step on saturday going to a black church. does he get points from the media for going there? and giving what was a soft spoken and humble speech? >> credit? the tough thing for the trump campaign, he has a couple of problems. he has the narrative he is relying on to mobilize the support and that is that the big wad mainstream media is conspiring because they are bias and they going to misconstrue and misrepresent his thoughts as intolerant when he is speaking for a vast majority of americans. he has two problems with selling that narrative, problem one, his own mouth and words and problem two, the only person who enjoys this more tantrum trump is david duke so when one of your most enthusiastic supporters is a white supremacist --. >> wait, wait, wait, donald trump has nothing to do with the
12:51 am
fact that david duke endorses him so stick to donald trump and the way he is trying --. >> absolutely. >> a it seems --. >> it is mayor to bring up what he has said in the past with the media coverage of him potentially trying to make some inroads with the black community is skeptical. all the reason is you had david duke give an interview saying "new york times" gives me credit for donald trump's campaign and the success and the other major problem he has is in terms of the media coverage what he has said that is the negative about hispanics and muslim americans for the last year, his campaign did not anticipate how it would hurt in terms of coverage in black media which it has because for starters dollar plenty of hispanic-americans who identify as black whether puerto ricans. >> i have to jump in. >> to come a year later and go to a black church. >> amy? >> if i can jump in on the coverage of the visit at the black church i was on a
12:52 am
competing network and it was covered live to hear his words with their own ears. >> the analysis, then, and what was interesting how the reporter was covering that inside you had skeptics and outside had protesters and it was only later on conservative blogs that you found out he actually got a standing ovation. >> let me move on to pastor mark burns a major african american sure gatt for donald trump who got in double for tweeting a cartoon of hillary clinton and we will show you the revised version the original showed we her in a black face but he said he was sorry and friday on cnn, victor blackwell said he has lied about resume and did not graduate from the university as claimed. let's look. >> i am still asking you questions on the record, did you make that claim that you graduated from --. >> it is not fair that you -- this is not fair this is not
12:53 am
what i agreed to i thought we were doing a profile and suddenly you are trying to destroy my character. >> and he walked out as we are seeing. how is it character assassination to ask someone about something that is not true on their resume? >> i don't think it is. those are totally fair questions. in fact, the pastor after that interview put out a statement trying to explain what, how he proposed himself and he was trying to we get credibility in the credit bill as a young pastor and does not use "inflate," but that is what he did and three was asked legitimate questions about it. >> half a minute. thank you is the kind of interview that makes political pundits cringe but it was uncomfortable to watch but it is part of the problem. if you want serious coverage of reaching tout minority you need serious surrogates this guy and the guy about taco trucks does not denote you want serious coverage about issues and policies as far as minority
12:54 am
voters. >> 270 plus days and counting, what is behind's hillary clinton refusal to hold a news conference?
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
>> each day reporters gets an e-mail from donald trump campaign, including hiding hillary, day 274. it is unprecedented that tout hold a single news conference the whole entire and journalists are starting to make it an issue. >> trump is turning up the heat on hillary clinton to hold a news conference. >> no press conference in 255 days? something like that. >> clinton has given no reason. >> is that something you will remedy soon? >> i am sure we will. >> it is no secret that she is wirery of the press and believes she would be unfairly hammered
12:58 am
on questioning on the clinton foundation in she devoted half an hour or so to taking reporter questions. when journalists raised the issue she deflects in division interviews. >> will you give a press conference? >> anderson i am talking to you right now and i have given, i think, way in excess of 300 interviews this year. so i am going to continue talking with the press and answering questions. >> why not give a press conference with a lot of different reporters? >> i have a lot that i have been sharing with the press, talking with the press as i am doing now. >> you see hillary take questions from reporters each day and show talks to the press everywhere she goes. >> every day? that is not true eveou include local. the 300 figure includes tough grilling like this. >> my e-mails are sore boring
12:59 am
and i am embarrassed about that. so we have released, i don't know, 30,000 plus, so what is a few more? >> that is with jimmy kimmel. she will be hit with quotes on ethics because they build up when you are so inaccessible. i know this can sound of like whining but it is about a candidate's responsibility to casey questions or the public as every president does. she will hold a news conference soon and i hope that is true and she will not stop at one. that is it for "media buzz" on this third anniversary of our program on fox news. i am howard kurtz. we hope you like our facebook we post a lot of original content including my video responses to your questions. stick to the media. let me know what you think on twitter. our sunday next year is
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preempted by the anniversary of 9/11 and the ceremony and coverage and painful memories that brings up. see you then with day, everyone. >> and beachgoers told to say out of the water as storm is off the coast. this is fox report. >> would you look at this? the wave from hermine slamming into the anthem of the sea cruise ship moving through hurricane-force winds? the storm's latest track after coming ashore.


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