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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 5, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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in muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. president obama takeneding the final g20 summit as president of the united states, welcome to the second hour of "happening now" on this labor day. i am jon scott. >> and i am laura ingle in for jenna lee. the president meeting on the sidelines with russian president vladimar putin on the crisis in syria. they agreed about a ceasefire after the american diplomats failed to reach a deal on humanitarian aid. hi, rich. >> reporter: president obama said secretary of state and
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russian foreign minister will keep negotiating. to halt the fighting in syria they agreed to a ceasefire. russia is a strong ally of bashar al- assad. president obama agreed to an effective stop to the violence will be difficult and notes that the condition in syria continues to deteriorate. >> it is a situation in which assad's regime is bombing with impunity and that is strengthening the capacity of recruiters. >> reporter: they discussed cyber security. and putin denied that the
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russian government hacked the dnc. he it said is a public service. obama refused to discuss it with putin only that the u.s. had problems with russian cyber. and they want to avoid cyber attacks to be like the cold war. and before departing china, the president pushed passage of the 12 nation transpacific partnership free-trade agreement. donald trump said the president poorly negotiateded that deal. laura, john, back to you. >> thank you, rich. the conversation between president obama and putin likely got awkward when the target of cyber security came up. russian hackers are accused of
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attacking the u.s. >> finally we talked about cyber security generally. i will not comment on specific investigations that are still live and active, but i will tell you that we've had problems with cyber intrusions from russia in the past. penny lee is a senior advisor for harry reid. and edis with the guiliani campaign. >> penny, we didn't hear much from the president about what he said to vladimar putin regarding hacking and you heard all of the information that points to it the russians hacked in the national committee of your party, should he have done more or said more? >> for the first time he said we
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have to the ability to be defensive and don't forget, wanted to remind everybody in the world, we can deputy on the offensive. this is a situation, rightfully so that is investigated and you don't want to comment or prejudice anything that is out there. he was appropriate in his statement and signaling ahead we have the capacity in the offense. >> edward, was he too muted or playing it right? >> the president has to walk a fine line. i agree with penny. i don't believe he will go on offense with russia and china. and the way they hack us and our system. look how he responded to north korea hacking sony over the interview. he said sethroga n is a follow-upy guy.
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they are are trying to influence the election as russia and wikileaks. >> there was an awkward handshake between president obama and vladimar putin. there was icy meetings in the past. and prior to the 2012 elections, he would have more freedom to move after his reelection campaign. penny, how would you describe the relations between the men. not necessarily the countries. >> i haven't been in the room but can't describe it. and you can see and characterize what is being told. it does look to be icy and stilted. it is a man who has done many things since want 20 election. harboring now den and he's now
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harboring a man such as that and someone who invaded and annexed crimia and gone on the offensive in ucane. a lot of things have changed and they added to the stiltedness and iciness. >> there are also problemses with china. they are building the bases on the south china sea and got down by the world court for working on doing the same thing near the philippines. it does seem like those two country, former super powers are the biggest geo political threats that the united states faces right now. how should president obama be dealing with them in his final meeting. >> he needs to deal with them harshly. china is pushing and they know they can take the piece of the
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world pie with with obama in office. they know hillary clinton and donald trump will be stronger. mitt romney warned us in 2012 that russia was the greatest geopolitical threat. and obama's campaign mocked him and look at what happened four years later. everything that mitt romney said was right. >> penny, you think that hillary clinton will be tougher on dealing with the russians than president obama has been? >> i think she would be tougher than donald trump. >> that was not the question. >> she has proven this. when she was secretary of state she worked with russian officials to put in sanctions in iran. and this is someone who wanted to freeze nuclear weapon and proven when she is in the arena
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that she is tough. >> shy had the reset button. >> contrast that with donald trump and we don't know if she has interest or if the bank of china holds business holdings and he refused to disclose that and whether or not he's in business relations with russia but when hillary clinton is in the a jenna she is tough. >> he handed her counterpart the reset button and resetting relations with russians. how did that work with out? >> not very well. she was going the obama foreign policy. hillary clinton if she would run her own foreign policy would be stronger than obama. obama is weak up and down and a disappointment for the republican and democraticked
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side of the aisle. it will be interesting months. penny lee, and evan seigfree thank you both. >> thank you, jon. whether dealing with hermine putting millions of americans in paths of dangerous weather. it is holding steady and bringing huge waves and the threat of coastal flooding. and something to lockout for. meteorologist maria molina. how are things looking where you are? >> it is a quiet day out here on labor day. >> and look at the scene behind me. it is quiet out here. a couple of people made it out. and people are told to stay out of the water because of the threat of strong rip currents. we saw surfer get swept father
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off south very, very quickly. and the current is strong in the water. we have dangerous wave and despite people told to stay out of the water. two people were swimming and reportedly they were swept by a raw wave and injured on the rocks. that is something to keep in mind in coastal areas. you are advised to stay out of the water. coastal flooding is a concern as well. we have tropical storm warnings in eastern portions of long island and extend nothing southern parts of new england. it is located 237 southeast of eastern tip of long island and we have a threat for the tropical storm force winds. and that means moving closer to the shore and not forecast to make landfall and none theless, bring strong winds and beach
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erosion and dangerous rip currents to many of the communities out there. it will be a slow mover and expect to see it stick around at least through tomorrow. it will be a messy day in new england and long long. over to you in new york. >> we are getting a tweet that all beaches in nantucket is shut down. and when things look mellow, still be care excel pay attention to the area where you are are. suicide bombers hit again in kabul. >> and a new effort to reach a ceasefire in syria fails leaving the door open for isis. [ crowd noise ]
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snk at least 24 people after twin suicide attacks. two bombers blowing themselves up close to the afghan ministry. those blasts coming in rapid succession and intended to inflict mass culties. and the second was aimed at police. >> blood shed in syria. after president obama and
10:16 am
vladimar putin valued to meet. isis killed dozens in the war torn country. president obama vows to press on. >> given the gasps of trust that exist, that is a tough negotiation and we have not yet closed the glabs where it would work. my instructions to second kerry was to it continue to work over the next few days. thank you for being with us to try to figure out how a resolution can come about. why can't president obama and putin find a solution. it seems like there is enough
10:17 am
common ground to come up with a plan. >> there is a common ground between the united states and russia they are two super power and they can and impose a cease four. and then moving toward the political solution. the problem is the relationship that obama. we have people on the ground. and part of which are are jihadist. and the russia and their alleys are not part of the ceasefire. and we can't put pressure on turkey and other allies to let go of the al-qaeda group. >> what about ability to step in and russia do it on its own.
10:18 am
>> russia has a plan of their own with iran. iran will not listen if it is removing assad. turkey and now moving out some is of the isis and now clashing with the kurds. it is now producing problemses. >> do you believe the u.s. made a long- term mistake in regard to it syria people are dying. and isis is there. >> the administration made several strategic mistakes. the first one not to finish off the syria problem while we were able. we were still in iraq. and the second mistake the crisis of the chemical weapons came and we didn't do anything about it. and allied with the muslim brother instead of working with
10:19 am
moderate free syria armies. that has to change to get policys on the ground. >> russia just launched air strikes. we have seen that turkey made moves against isis on the northern syria border area. what kind of repercussions. >> the civilians are suffering in syria. the problem that i see assad regime is advancing. and the turkish army is advancing and if they are backed by the russia clash. that means we have to interfere on the diplomatic level to stop the next war if it happens. >> thank you. appreciate your perspective. >> and the manhunt for a murder
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suspect to escape police custody. how d he did it and the evidence that police discovered. >> we'll have the update.
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>> right now, new information on how an investigator worked a cold case. they have found remains of 11-year-old jacob wedderlipping. authorities focused on a man but never charged. this after linking the case to similar ones, people hope that the discovery will help the family find closure. >> the things i heard and read
10:24 am
about the wedderlings. they never gave up hope. >> they deserve to have closure and know what is happening. >> the man police looked at has been behind bars on child pornography charges and not formally charged in jacob's abduction. >> armed and dangerous and on the loose. >> a murder suspect in las vegas. alongzo perez breaking out of handcuffs and he stole a truck and took off. that truck was located and will carr is following it from the los angeles bureau. >> the north las vegas police department facing a lot of tough questions. he is back on the streets. they say alongzo perez was arrested and taken to a detective bureau in las vegas
10:25 am
for questioning. he was placed in a looked interview roof and left alone. perez twisted the handcuffs until they broke. y we judged how it is possible. and he broke out of the locked interview and got out of the building and he stole a nearby f2050 and took off. >> we had a truck jacked. we just lost a suspect. and we thoeft you lost a suspect? >> reporter: perez has 6- 3 and air jordan tattoos and wearing a basketball jersey 21. they plan to investigate how he was able to escape in the first place. perez was initially arrested in connection of the shooting death
10:26 am
of mohammed robinson. the family reacted. >> i want him found and i want him to pay for what he did. it is ridiculous. you need to think about your actions, period. you could have walked away from the argument and you didn't need to start it or take it further. >> charges in that case are pending until perez gets back in custody. and he will face new charges including for the escape and car that he stole, john. >> and he broke the handcuffs. >> that's what they say. >> that is terrifying. >> will car, thank you. >> and the terrifying scene in tel aviv. a building collapses and trapping people under the rubble. the latest on the search and rescue mission. >> the presidential race may be getting a lot of attention, but
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10:31 am
democrats have a better chance of retaking the senate than the house. they need 30 seats in the house. and see if republicans are vulnerable. and one with of them is the seat held by carlos cabellow. and represents the district that is two-thirds hispanic. he believes that trump is trying to blow the election. but he is facing what republicans are doubling the trump affect and disdain for the republican in the top of the ticket congressman heard in texas. he has a constitiency 70 percent hispanic. he, too, has not endorsed trump. it is easier to spot seats where
10:32 am
the republicans will be in danger. rubio and mccain won their republican primaries. but rubio is up against patrick murphy and mccain is facing ann kirk patrick. and then the current seen the marinity leader harry reid. he hand picked his democratic successor and she will be running against the republican joe heck. this is a seat that democrats will have to win if they the want to win the senate this november. >> certainly a lot to keep their eyes on. >> thanks. >> two people killed and more than a dozen injured in a building collapse in tel aviv. that sent a plume of dust in the area. conner powell live in jerusalem
10:33 am
with live with more on what happened there. >> john, there is an active search going on for five people that israeli officials say are missing and trapped inside of the parking garage. and now three people are dead according to israeli officials k. and several people were pulled out. there were 30 or so workers on side. and it was due to open in two weeks or so crashed to the ground. we understand that there was a tractor trailer or construction vehicle that was on there. and has been there in the past. and caused the concrete to collapse ge beneath it. they have not speculated. there was belief that the cop crete may not have been sturdy as it should be. and they are trying to figure
10:34 am
out what led to it. and the primary focus is recovering the five people. israeli officials can't tell whether or not some of them are alive. they are working on the assumption that some of them could be alive right now. and the time is of the essence to get five people out and get medical treatment and so they can receive that type of treatment. it could take 24 hours or so to find and local all five people, john. >> conner powell from jerusalem another recent missile test violated u.n. resolution and pose a threat to aircraft and ships in the region.
10:35 am
high, benjamin. >> you are right. there is little doubt that it is tied to the beginning. g- 20. and it happened just after regional heat leaders were deciding what to do with north korea. ten of them and each in violation of the u.n. security counsel resolution. they landed 200 miles from the coast of japan and took off and flew around 620 mimes to the southeast. that is to they city of hungzu that's where obama was leading. and the u.s. announced it would discuss a proper decision. >> and north korea is getting
10:36 am
better at missile technology. they launched a missile from the submarine. that is submarin launches are launched far closer to the target. state media showed footage with with kim jong-un celebrating. one of the other issues that influreating with the north korea. is the deployments of missiles to south korea. right now with all of these tests, that seems the best place to have them. >> thank you, benjamin for that live report. >> well, hillary clinton is showing off a new plane today. it has room on there for the press corps.
10:37 am
donald trump is accessible to the media. >> it may be the last unofficial weekend in summer are. beach goers kept away from the water because of the hurricane cane. >> no way to be out here. you don't want to be anywhere near this place. can theed chl
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and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis make increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i may not be going for the big one, but i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke, plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you. >> thousands of animals impacted by the historic flooding in louisiana. beloved pets are displaced from their homes. jefferson parish is holding an adoption. >> we are adopting all of our own animals to make room for
10:41 am
other animals that we have to hold up to 30 days. >> the shelter is trying to keep them displaced in one area since their owners may not have a place to keep them. >> so sad. hillary clinton is debug a brand new plane. and big enough to put reporters on board. that could answer the critics who note that it is 275 days since her last press conference. >> she spoke to reporters before it went. >> i am so happy to have you you be with me. i am just waiting and i will come back and talk to you more formally. and i wanted to welcome you on the plane. >> it is good. >> and that is a mad and joining us now.
10:42 am
former ohio state director and former special assistant and deputy white house political director and with us. jessica. she's got room for 40 or 50 reporters now. does that mean that the press are going to get more answers to the questions about hillary clinton? >> i think chutely. there have been so many interviews and things going on. and i think between now and november 8th. we'll see traditional. campaign action. and new big plane and more access and the press will be happier. i am sure they will gripe about something. >> how the press can clamor on
10:43 am
board. you think more answer to questions. >> they are hiding her. talking to the press would destroy the competency and experience. a plane and logo will not change that. and talking about the e-mails and look of cofistitated. it would destroy what they built on. and probably talking to the press would make matters worse. >> it has been be 275 days since the latest press conference. does sheo it to the area people to call a new's conference. >> she speaks to the press continuously. and everything it is out there. and this is going on for a decade.
10:44 am
and i don't know if there are that many unanswered questions. learn donald trumpent on his plane. and when he darted to mexico city. that was upset for the press who couldn't make it. and now for hillary we'll see more in the traditional sense. there is no sense of her being hiding and not being visible and working with democrats and helping them as we go to election day. >> your answer sounds like what her running mate said on abc. >> so we can expect a press conference. >> you will see hillary accessible to the press as i
10:45 am
will be. >> accessible to the press is not the same as a new's conference. >> that's right. the idea of them being transparent is lid krus. russians investigated for trying to hack our election and we know that the secretary of state read intelligence briefings like they were a sesame transcript. she's going to try to be the president of the united states. the american people don't view her honest and they will never will. >> she has said she will told press availabilities it is one thing and get peppered by a prepared washington press
10:46 am
corps and hand pick somebody is that you want to speak to and dwoif a few answers, to. and call it a press availability event. i don't think we'll see she's been doing press i don't think anything out of the press conference will shock people. inspect those minds will not be change the when it comologying to the press will be on the plea and not on the plane with jun john torch and there is a who is
10:47 am
available to the media and giving skwrs to question if and her story and poefr are >> in the real clear politic vaefrj of the polls, two candidates are less than four points apart. her numbers have been dropping. would a new's confidence and meeting with the press, would it perhaps her shore up the support that is falling. >> yes, absolutely. transparency and showing humility would help a lot. >> they had a touch up to lead and trying to run out the knock. but there is a let of time. there is so much time in the
10:48 am
election and numbers keep falling, we'll be in a tight race by the end of september. transparency and uh-huh millity. and answers questions would help. >> our jennifer she managed to let on board the plane today. there she is just before the new 737 headed off to the she was able to be there when the plan was scott and jessecca this thank you. >> and adding in a picture from the york preeser. >> we'll head in the final
10:49 am
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>> they are trying, laura. the tropical storm warning is in affect for all of eastern long island including west hampton beach. one with of dozens that remain closed today because of the dangerous rip current. you can see the kids playing on the beach. no one is playing. the surf is violent and rough. and hermine is a post tropical cyclone and 200 miles southeast of us with sustained winds. and kristin webber is a life guard here. you are making sure they don't
10:54 am
go in. >> definitely. we are standing here to make sure they don't go in the water. the tropical storm didn't bring as much rain as we thought. conditions in the water and swell is extreme. >> what would happen if you go in the ocean. >> we have rip currents that are swimmers out 200 yards. and that is way above what we have seen this season. >> grab ahold and that then you you have to make a rescue. >> not only west. it is going to bring you out. they are dangerous and even for experienced swimmers we don't recommend no swimming. up and down long island, we don't recommend they go swimming today. >> they made rescues. and this is rough of a sea she's
10:55 am
seen all summer long. >> there is a chance for coastal flooding in a neighboring down that frequently floods. and high tide will come back ten time time 30 tonight and there is a chance of heavy thunderstorms. and there would be threats to the coast line, laura. and not a bad day on the beach. you you just can't go in the ocean. >> when people go in, that puts others in danger. i hope you enjoy part of the labor day, rick. >> thank you. >> keep the sun block on. >> you got to be careful. >> that's right. >> we have much more ahead on "happening now". >> we'll be back with our second hour, actually third hour of the day. happy labor day it
10:56 am
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and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. donald trump and hillary clinton both setting their sights on the battleground of battleground states. we're talking about ohio, of course. welcome to a special third hour of "happening now." i'm jon scott. >> i'm laura ingle in for jenna lee. donald trump met with union workers in cleveland. meantime, hillary clinton is exchange with her running mate tim kaine. she flew to ohio on her new campaign plane, we've been talking about this, and for the first time traveled with the journalists covering her. things are changing.
11:00 am
we've got fox team coverage. mike emanuel has been following the clinton campaign. but we begin with peter doocy, . >> reporter: hi, laura. earlier today, we were in cleveland, as you hear the rooster call going off here at the county fair. trump talked about how he would have handled rude diplomats differently than the president did in china. >> if it were me, i would have said, you know what, folks, i respect you a lot, close the doors, let's get out of here. it's sign of such disrespect. >> reporter: trump here also talking a lot about trade and how he thinks certain deals like the trans-pacific partnership at 2:00 here in ohio, as you heard, would be bad for this swing state.
11:01 am
now he's also taking aim at a fellow republican, senator jeff flake. he tweeted last night that, quote, the great state of arizona where i just had a massive rally, amazing people, has a very weak and ineffective senator, jeff flake, sad. that came a few hours after jeff flake said this. >> it becomes increasingly difficult to see that he's going to change. so i don't expect that i'll be able to support him in november. i would like to. he's the republican nominee. i just don't see how i can. >> reporter: we also heard this weekend from mike pence who tried to put hillary clinton's claim that she didn't understand how confidential markings worked into historic context. >> she's the most dishonest candidate since richard nixon.
11:02 am
>> reporter: trump said mexico would definitely pay for a border wall. arizona of course is a place where that would be an issue. here in ohio they have their own wall they're building. mexico not being asked to pay for this one. instead they're asking anybody who comes to the canfield county fair to pay five bucks and in exchange for that you get one of these red bricks and a button, and you can write whatever you want on it. even in landlocked ohio, the border wall a big issue. this is attracting a big crowd, and it did last night. >> peter, you have the wall, the sound of the roosters, you've got to love that on this labor day. >> reporter: that's why you come to this stuff. >> right, get that flavor for us. peter doocy, thanks so much. hillary clinton also focusing on ohio as recent polls
11:03 am
show donald trump cutting into her lead. she's making the round in cleveland among union workers. clinton traveling with the press for the first time today in her spanking new campaign plane, there it is on the ground in white plains. critics still pressuring her to hold a press conference. >> i don't think it's a strategy. i think secretary clinton has been very available to the press. she's always taking questions from the press. now that she has a brand-new aircraft, you'll see the press flying around with her. she's been in public office, in that world, for 30, 35 years. when you have the press constantly asking her the same questions, i could do the press conference right now. >> mike emanuel is live in cleveland with more. >> reporter: jon, good afternoon to you. on the democratic side, it is all hands on deck this labor day. a lot of the democratic party's biggest names are out trying to fire up that union vote.
11:04 am
earlier we saw hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine on the tarmac in cleveland, greeting some supporters. the fact that you have both the republican and democratic nominees in the cleveland area today shows you just how important the buckeye state will be in this election. senator tim kaine was asked about that and he said it tells you how important ohio is, and quote, we're going to be back here a lot. on the flight here clinton was asked if she had a labor day message. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. >> have you missed us? >> i've been just waiting for this moment. no, really, i'll come back and talk to you more formally, but i wanted to welcome you onto the plane. >> how was your labor day weekend? >> good, really good. the last moments before the last mad dash. >> reporter: the real clear politics average has clinton with a 3.8-point lead over
11:05 am
donald trump, a tight race, expect quite a fight here. as for the news conference issue, senator tim kaine is firing back at the media. >> she gave a speech to the national association of black journalists in the last month where there were also hispanic journa journalists there. she did a press conference there, several different outlets asked her questions. >> reporter: >> reporter: the media doesn't call that a press conference, it was just a few questions after her speech. we expect the democratic ticket to throw out union red meat and fire up a key constituency with nine weeks to go before election day. >> we mentioned that fancy new campaign plane, i think she's got something like 40 seats set aside for the press. will she be talking to them
11:06 am
much? >> reporter: she's hinted that she will be talking to them more. we know her aides have said in recent days that they plan that she will do a news conference soon. it's not clear whether it will be a few questions on the plane with the traveling press, which would certainly apiece the media short term, but they are hinting that she's going to give a little more access down the home stretch of this campaign, jon. >> mike emanuel, thanks very much. congress gets back to business tomorrow. summer recess is in the books and lawmakers have had a big agenda ahead of them. just some of the issues they're facing include funding for zika virus research, passing a spending measure to prevent another government shutdown, the possible impeachment of the irs commissioner, as well as an investigation into the $400 million payment to iran. you thought you had a tough workweek ahead of you. david drucker, a senior political correspondent for "the
11:07 am
washington examiner," fill us in on what we can expect to see this fall when congress goes back to work, and what we won't see happen. >> not much. it's a tight election, what you'll see is a lot of messaging bills. both parties will try and drive home their election day message. we'll have early voting start in the next couple of days. early voting will get started soon after. the election is going to overshadow everything. one thing they have to deal with is spending by september. democrats don't have any incentive to give republicans a long term deal, figuring they hope to take over the white house and the senate. republicans for their own part don't want to get involved in any sort of shutdown situation. so everybody's going to basically operate, laura, in a get out of town, real easy kind of a mode. the only thing i think we could see is a deal on zika funding, just because that's front and
11:08 am
center and it's a florida, and that's a huge state. >> i was going to ask you, a lot has changed in the fight against zika since congress met over a month and a half ago. has anything changed specifically in the fight to fund it? >> i don't think. republicans, who control both houses of congress, passed a bill. democrats didn't like it. republicans will continue to press their case. if democrats feel like it's worth their while to oppose the bill, they will. if anything were to change, this is the one area i could see it changing just because florida politically is a very important state, and zika is scaring a lot of people. other than that, you're just not going to see a lot done. the one advantage republicans have is because they control both houses, they can convene committee hearings and investigate a lot of hillary clinton's problems with the e-mails and the clinton foundation, they can try to keep that alive and work in tandem with the trump campaign. democrats can do a little damage of their own. when you're on the hill, you can drive a lot of messaging, you
11:09 am
can propose a lot of bills. you can't convene committee hearings and investigate. but i'm sure they're going to try and make republicans answer for the different things donald trump has said here and there, especially his immigration message, which they think benefits them, and there's some evidence to believe that. and that's always every four years what this period of time is about. don't forget, you have a lot of tough senate raisces, a lot of house races are in play, not enough to change the makeup of the housing, but enough that people want to get home and campaign and protect their job, and that's just how it's going to go down. >> congress keeps passing short term spending bills to prevent government shutdowns. any chance they could pass something longer term to get us through? >> no, no, and no. again, you have to -- first of all, look, the election is just six -- eight weeks away, now? it's almost 60 days away. look at the incentives here. if you're a democrat and you're hopeful that hillary clinton is going to win the white house, why give republicans a long term
11:10 am
deal? if you're really hopeful you're going to win the senate, why give the republicans a long term deal? a democratic white house will give democrats a much better spending bill than if they negotiate with republicans. that's why you're not going to see any of that. there's no incentive to take any big risks and anger voters back home who are already angry with you, theoretically, if you're on the ballot in the next few days. >> house conservatives are looking to impeach the irs commissioner over destruction of e-mails and what's been called misleading testimony about whether the irs improperly scrutinized conservative groups. what are you hearing on that front? >> this is something that a lot of republicans in the house are pressing but it hasn't gotten anywhere yet. in theory it could happen, it would make a lot of republicans
11:11 am
voters happy. if they can fit it in the agenda. it depends on what republicans want the focus to be. it can't be everywhere. they're going to have to choose. they only really have about three weeks to get all of this done before they're done for good. there may not be enough time. >> david drucker, thank you very much, certainly will be an interesting fall. we'll look forward to hearing from you again. tensions rising in one european town as more and more migrants arrive in that area. protesters are so fired up, they are stopping traffic. plus the presidential candidates make their pushes for labor voters on this labor day. statistics show democrats usually have the upper hand when it comes to blue collar voters. can donald trump flip the script? i'm so frustrated.
11:12 am
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11:15 am
protesters in france are stopping traffic to send a message about a migrant camp on the country's northwest coast. well, that will stop you in your tracks. tractors and trucks blocking a major highway in the city there on the english channel. the group forming a human chain to demand that leaders shut down the camp which is known as the jungle. at least 7,000 migrants from the
11:16 am
middle east and africa are now living there. truck drivers saying they're frustrated by the large number of migrants illegally climbing into their trucks to get a ride into the uk. hillary clinton and donald trump battling for the blue collar vote in the swing state of ohio. that's a group that hasn't voted majority republican since the 1970s. does trump have a chance to pick off blue collar voters? let's talk about it with mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, former 2016 presidential candidate, and a fox news contributor. governor, welcome. >> thank you, jon. >> so on this labor day, the assumption is that the labor vote will go to the democrats. donald trump has been saying that in states like pennsylvania and ohio, he can turn that around. does he actually have a shot at doing that? >> well, i think he does if the union members start looking at what's best for them. and let's face it, what do union
11:17 am
members care about? jobs, good paying jobs. but with hillary's focus on advancing immigration, high taxes, and enhanced regulatory environment, opening up more trade agreements, which she's been for, against, and you really don't know where she's been, how can unions possibly trust their future with a job to a person in nearly 70 years on this earth has probably never created one private sector job in her life? >> donald trump, on the other hand, has said that through his construction projects and so forth, he's become familiar with the needs and desires of working class voters, making a big point at the republican national consequential of saying that, you know, his kids all learned how to drive cat er pierpillaca kind of thing. but does it necessarily translate, if the union leadership says vote democratic, are union members going to fall in line? >> well, you know, jon, there
11:18 am
have been moments in history when union members broke from union leadership. there's a big difference people people who pay their dues, they're hard working people, but they're gun owners, churchgoers, they're not just union members, they're more complex, they're not one dimensional. they care about their jobs, their kids, their future, their neighborhoods, safety and security. do you really want to vote for hillary clinton who can't bringl of respect for law enforcement and safe communities? i just think that there are a lot of union members that no matter what the union leadership and the union bosses tell them, they're going to think for themselves and they're going to say, my future and that of my kids will be in better hands with someone who comes to the construction site to talk to us, rather than the candidate who can only go to fancy parties for
11:19 am
fundraisers. >> that's where hillary clinton has been spending her time, $55 million raised, private fundraisers at some of the country's most exclusive enclave, high earning zip codes. does the resonate with the welder in ohio and michigan? >> how could it not? my gosh, if you don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to give to hillary, either directly to her campaign or to the clinton foundation, you're not going to get an audience with her. hillary didn't get that kind of money going to barbecue joints and passing a cowboy hat and putting, put in a couple of bucks, everybody chip in something. there's an awakening reality coming to people in their understanding. the other day donald trump goes to a black church. hillary hides out in the black hole of fundraisers that can only be attended -- in fact if people were under the age of 16, they could go to her fundraiser, but only if they gave $2700.
11:20 am
how many 15-year-olds do you know who can write a check to a politician for $2700, and if they could, would do such a thing? i don't know of any like that. >> we noted in the first hour of this program that the real clear politics average of polls is now -- the two candidates are less than four percentage points apart. many in the media have written off donald trump, saying he doesn't have a prayer of winning. we're a couple of months out from election day. does he have a chance? >> well, the polls indicate that this is tightening. but regardless of what the polls say, i think there are very few americans who honestly believe the media is objective, that they're fair, that they're unattached in this election. i mean, let's face it. most of 'em are unbelievably in the tank for hillary clinton. and i always said if you read a news story or listen to one, and you have a pretty good idea where the newscaster or the journalist or the columnist is
11:21 am
coming from and who they support, it's not journalism. journalism is so objective that when you read the story or hear the story, you really don't know what the journalist things about the person they're reporting on. we have very little doubt reading "the new york times," "the washington post," or some of the major networks as to where these folks are in terms of their own personal feelings. i just don't have a lot of confidence that they have their hand on the pulse of the american people any more than hillary does. >> mike huckabee, former candidate for president and governor of aare rkansas. enjoy your labor day, governor. >> thank you, jon. clinton's running mate defending her e-mail practices after the release the fbi investigation report. why senator tim kaine says it can be tough to tell if information is classified. donald trump is making some new comments on his immigration policy just moments ago. we've got it for you. what he said about whether or not he would rule out a path for legal citizenship.
11:22 am
11:23 am
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the fox news alert, bill clinton making an appearance at the coney island amusement park. not the one in new york but another one in cincinnati. the former president is at an afl-cio rally. he is not known for his punctuality but showed up ten minutes early. and this fox news alert, donald trump on board his plane if cleveland to youngstown, ohio, speaking to the press corps just moments ago about what he said would be the fate of illegal immigrants in a trump administration. listen. >> i would be going out so fast your head would spin. that's a huge number. that's not like a small number.
11:26 am
that's a tremendous number. >> just closing a loop on that, when you talk about making a determination at the time, can you rule out that one possibility in that determination -- >> i'm not ruling out anything. >> -- could include a pathway to legal status? >> no. to become a citizen you're going to have to come out and go back in. you're going to have to get on line. this isn't touchback. you have to go out and you have to get in line, you have to come back in to become a citizen. >> donald trump saying that illegal immigrants who want to become citizens in a trump administration would have to leave the united states and then come back in. mr. trump holding a labor day rally in ohio, which of course is ground zero for both presidential candidates. >> indeed. and hillary clinton's running mate coming to her
11:27 am
defense over the investigation into her private e-mail server. senator tim kaine saying it's not always easy to figure out whether material is classified. bryan llenas is live in our newsroom with more. >> hi, laura. clinton said more than three dozen times that she could not recall key details, details like she could recall receiving training on handling classified documents. she did not understand that "c" markings meant classified or confidential, and did not realize drone strike discussions were classified. yesterday running mate tim kaine defended clinton's statements on handling classified materials. >> unless it is specifically pulled out and identified, it is difficult to know sometimes whether a statement or a paragraph is classified or not,
11:28 am
and that's what she was saying. >> donald trump is jumping all over this, saying, quote, lying hillary clinton told the fbi she did not know the "c" markings on documents were classified. how would this be happening? former new york city mayor rudy guiliani saying this shows clinton is not mentally or physically fit to be commander-in-chief. >> we have only two answers to why she doesn't know, why the secretary of state of the united states doesn't know that a "c" in front of a paragraph means confidential information. one, she's stupid, or two, she's lying, or possibly three, her brain injury has made her incompetent. i don't know. i happen to think it's the middle one. >> the clinton camp says they welcome the release of the fbi notes because it reenforces where the fbi says she did not intentionally mishandle classified materials.
11:29 am
she had 13 mobile devices which republicans say is proof of something nefarious. >> bryan llenas, thanks for bringing us up to speed. tropical storm warnings remain in effect up and down the east coast. meteorologist maria molina is getting blown around a bit. >> reporter: we're finding out where the storm hermine is headed, next. good things come in threes. sargento balanced breaks are a trio, a triad, a trilogy of goodness. natural cheese, dried fruit, and nuts. three wholesome ingredients that live as one. savory, salty, sweet, a triangle, perfectly balanced. three is company, the musketeers. and in the eyes of real cheese people, never, ever a crowd. sargento balanced breaks. find them in the sargento cheese section.
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we've got a weather alert looming over this labor day holiday. a massive storm system that was once a hurricane is still packing a powerful punch as it makes its way north along the east coast, with high winds and dangerous rip currents we've been telling you about. we've live fox team coverage. rick leventhal is standing by on long island in new york. first, meteorologist maria molina is live on the beach at atlantic city, new jersey. hey, maria, how's it going out there? >> reporter: we know the biggest impact is attendance for labor day. the scene is very quiet out here. as you can see behind me, very few people have headed out. conditions just really not ideal. a lot of cloud cover. of course we have also been dealing with dangerous conditions in the water. i want to share with you the scene here, you can take a look some of these waves. they are very dangerous. we have strong rip currents as
11:34 am
well. people are being told to stay out of the water. those who don't heed the warnings have had consequences. we know that yesterday there was a report that two people entered the water, were hit by a wave, and did suffer some injuries. and there's also, earlier we saw someone trying to surf some of these waves and quickly getting pulled farther south within just a couple of minutes. again, the current strong in the water and people are being told to stay out of it. hermine is 200 miles to the southeast of the eastern tip of long island. it's a large storm system, some areas are already feeling the impact. in nantucket island, they're already reporting tropical storm conditions. we know that winds have been reported to be sustained already at 39 miles per hour with gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour. so again, a very large storm system bringing in some dangerous conditions across other areas, including parts of southern new england already. and tropical storm warnings
11:35 am
remain. another big threat with this storm system is coastal flooding. that will be a concern over the next few days as the storn system continues to push that water onshore, and particularly during high tides, that's when we need to watch out for that threat for flooding along coastal areas. otherwise, beach erosion, some rip currents, and also very dangerous surf will be the biggest threat here over the next few days before eventually the storm system gets out of here. it has been a very slow mover, very persistent storm. we've been tracking it for several weeks. it made landfall, ended florida's hurricane drought, more than a decade long, as a category 1 hurricane, and now impacting us in the northeast. over to you. >> maria, thanks so much. what a strange storm this has been, jon. it just keeps changing its mind. >> it has. for a lot of people in the northeast, this whole weekend was supposed to be a washout, and it hasn't been that bad. let's check in with the man who knows, rick leventhal is live at
11:36 am
west hampton beach on new york's long island. >> reporter: jon, i checked the forecast on friday, and there was a 100% chance of rain on sunday. there was not a drop of rain on sunday, fortunately, for everyone out here in the hamptons. but as you can see behind me, the beaches are pretty empty. labor day should be crowded, especially here on rogers beast in west hampton. instead, there's a lot of open sand. the surf is dangerous, violent, and people are being told to stay out of the water. as you heard maria mention, because of the rip currents which can be deadly, lifeguards rescues, as many as made they've made all summer. the waves, while not crazy right now, have been among the most violent and roughest of this summer. there has been some minor flooding down dune road from where we standing. we saw water on the roadway which happens at high tide, when
11:37 am
there's rain. we have another high tide at 10:30 tonight. there could be some coastal flooding, as much as a foot or two above ground level if high tide coincides with rains which could come tonight as well. so people are being told to still be on alert for that. on a day which isn't as bad as we expected, jon, on the beaches here, nobody really out here to enjoy it because of the dangerous surf conditions. >> and even surfers, you know, with boards and wet suits and all that, are being told to stay out of the water. >> reporter: well, yeah. and we normally see surfers pre-hurricane and during hurricanes. there is "one to onon one guy o a lifeguard, he was surfing but the waves were so choppy he wasn't able to enjoy it, so he came back in. >> thank you, rick leventhal. >> the last live shot, he was
11:38 am
wearing his shirt, now he's got a jacket on, it's been changing all day long. the race for the white house is entering the final stretch. and the continuing drip drip drip of bad headlines for hillary clinton surrounding her e-mails and the clinton foundation too. it may be hurting her in the polls. one recent national poll shows clinton with just a two-point lead down from four points two weeks ago. joining me are derek hunter, and robin biro, democratic strategist and former field director for the obama campaign. september is going to bring a lot of interesting changes, possibly. robin, there's a lot of fluctuation with the poll numbers over the last few numbers, now they're getting tight as we're getting information from the fbi over her e-mails. how bad might it get for her? >> yeah, thank you, first, for having me on the show. that is typical, to be expected,
11:39 am
as we get closer to election day. i think the e-mails that came out on friday, the e-mail traffic from the fbi was damaging to the campaign. but the choice couldn't be more clear. as a service member, i have grave concerns about donald trump potentially being our commander-in-chief. but i do agree that it has been damaging for the campaign. >> and derek, you know, that things ramp up in september, of course, for the campaigns. you've got clinton taking off in her journalist-filled plane today. why now? >> she's recognizing the polls are not going in her favor. she's been the equivalent of socks under the christmas tree, you know you're going to get them, nobody gets excited but it, but you've sort of resigned yourself to it. now that donald trump is going after policy voters and going after black voters on economic issues, she realizes that she's got a problem. she's wildly unpopular. this has been sort of the race to be the least unpopular. now donald trump is making inroads into traditionally democratic territory.
11:40 am
a new plane or not, it's the same socks under the christmas tree. >> interesting analogy. all right, robin, as clinton tries to keep the focus on things other than her e-mail situation, trump is out there doing his thing in the rust belt states, talking about immigration. who do you think is doing a better job staying on point? >> hillary clinton, absolutely, is staying on point, on message. tomorrow she releases a 256-page book called "stronger together" which lays out a comprehensive plan for how she plans to attack isis, versus donald trump, all we've heard from him is that he knows more about isis than the generals do and he directed that our troops violate the geneva convention and attack isis families. so, you know, she's very thorough, she's got a comprehensive plan. as a service member myself, i have faith in her ability to lead the troops. i have absolute lack of faith in
11:41 am
donald trump's ability to lead the troops. >> derek, even bernie sanders says clinton should have distanced herself from the clinton foundation. is it hurting her presidential campaign more now than ever? >> yes. people recognize that people go into service to do public service. somehow bill, hillary, and chelsea clinton have become fabulously wealthy formatirom i. if i knew there was that much money to be paid helping the poor, i would have gone into a different vocation. it might be a little too late, she's still sitting on the pile of money, and if chelsea stays on the board of the foundation you know, that sends a message of we're still open for business, or if she doesn't, it's get your bribes in now, because we're going to be closing up shop soon but i'm taking down names. it leaves a sour taste in people's mouths who recognize that money and politics, for all of the complaining about it that
11:42 am
democrats have done, it always seems to come back to bite them, they always end up sitting on the biggest pile of money. >> guys, we have to leave it right there. rob and derek, thank you both. it's going to be even more interesting as we hit that sprint toward november. after former of nfl players sued the league over concussion concerns, there is a new class action launched aimed at keeping younger players safe. we'll talk to our legal panel. plus the u.s. coast guard with a big save, rescuing more than two dozen people from a sinking ship. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪
11:43 am
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11:45 am cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. some fishermen counting their blessings today after their ship sank off the coast of mexico. the 64-foot boat broke apart after hitting some rocks, look
11:46 am
at that. 21 passengers and five crew made it onto life rafts where they waited until another fishing ship picked them up. they were eventually transferred to a coast guard vessel and returned to san diego. the largest youth football league in the u.s., pop warner, hit with a class action lawsuit. the lawyers taking on the case saying that organization knowingly put players in danger by ignoring the risks of head trauma. the suit claims pop warner failed to minimize long term risks of repetitive hits and did not approve use of the best equipment available. let's take it up with our legal panel today. eric guster, keisha hemon, both criminal defense attorneys. it's one thing to go after the nfl, the owners are all billions airs and there's deep pockets involved.
11:47 am
but pop warner football, they want pop warner to pay up, essentially, for letting kids play football? >> don't let the little league tag fool you. these are very wealthy organizations, because the amount of money that they raise from the football earnings and from dues that people pay, they have a lot of money. and they may be liable in this case because if they knew that these helmets were not safe, that these tackling methods were not safe, and it injured children, they're going to be on the hook for a lot of money. >> is it fair? the leagues don't design the helmets, they didn't invent the game. they're just trying to help these kids play football, apparently as safely as possible. >> i agree. jon, one of the things i think about when i hear this lawsuit is assumption of risk. when someone voluntarily laos their child to play a sport such as football, it is a known fact that football involves physical trauma. i'm sure with pop warner being a large organization, they have
11:48 am
the parents sign waivers, they understand the risks that are involved. even with the helmet designer or maker, the helmets probably are designed in a way that they can still play the sport. i'm sure there's still some element of risk involved even with the best helmets that are made. >> one of the problems at the nfl, eric, is the players are getting bigger and faster. used to be a 280-pound lineman was huge, now they're up to 350 pounds, and it's resulting in more injuries. >> it is. even young kids, some high schoolers look like pro players when i was in high school. this concussion lawsuit and the concussion investigations, these things are really brand-new when it comes to football. we've heard about some things,
11:49 am
we've read on the internet. now it's coming forefront that these injuries are long sustaining injuries that you may not have known, may not have realized at the time that may have injured someone five, ten, 15 years later, then it's going to come up and make it hard for them to work or make it hard for them to walk or those other things. >> there are a lot of concussions in youth soccer, though. >> right. >> there are no helmets involved there. it's supposedly not a contact sport. can you take all these kids and put them in a mattress padded room and protect them from everything? >> right. it's unrealistic. the issue i see is, the only way plaintiffs can prevail is if they can prove the nfl or pop warner knew about the long term effects and failed to disclose that information to the participants or players. so i don't see it necessarily being a definite win just because kids are injured or just because nfl players are injured. >> if you're talking class action, though, you can try and collect money for every kid who played, right? these leagues can't afford that,
11:50 am
can they? >> no. >> i believe they can afford it. >> they're going to be out of business if that's the case. >> and that may be one of the issues, oftentimes people are hit with class lawsuits, and they're put out of business. look at gawker, one business, by know? did they have the knowledge and when you start deposing the league officials on what the knew, then you may get into the weeds and figure out what they knew. >> they don't want to grow the discovery process. >> football its changing. keep -- thank you both. >> kim jung ewing rattling his sabre, firing ballistic missiles as world letters gathering hundreds of miles away. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
11:51 am
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north koreas at it again. the u.s. military confirming the rouge regime launched three missiles into the sea of japan during the g20 economic summit in china. the u.n. security council scheduling a meeting in response. what is happening? >> reporter: no doubt that this was time to coincide with the g20 and balance was leaders who were there. in fact it came hours after leaders were discussing how to deal with north korea and yet they carried this out. this is a series of tests. each has been more successful and each in violation of u.n. rt banned all tests. the missiles landed in the sea 200-mile a. from the coast of
11:55 am
japan. they flew around 620 miles to the east. that is roughly the same distance in another direction to the city of hongsu which obama is meeting with world leaders. there was immediate condemnation from countries at the summitt. most believe north korea is getting better as missile technology, two weeks ago they successly launched a missile from a submarine, they're far harder to detect and can be launched closer to targets. on that occasion state medium showed kim jong-un celebrating withthis generals. his irrational behavior concerns the communities and there will be a meeting at theupup security council asked for japan and the u.s. could come up with another solution, but sanction after sanction are in place and they don't seem to be working you. have to ask, what else is the
11:56 am
answer? >> indeed. thank you so much. >> talk about throwing the book at you. why one local library is considering putting people behind bars if their library books are way overdue and legally they might be able to do it. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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i've from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty got any overdue library books? >> i hope not. >> you could go to jail. in athens, alabama, you can go to jail if you don't turn in your library book on time. >> official says overdue fines are mounting and now $200,000. they're turning to a city ordinance that allows people to be jailed up to 30 days for failing to return materials to the library. >> officials tell the local newspaper, you should not expect a real surge in the prison population. the lie pressure just wants it books back, now. >> somebody on the floor said that it will get people to the
12:00 pm
library. >> good working with you. >> it's been great being here. >> home you're having a great labor day. thank you for joining us, gregg jarrett in for shep starting now. >> the race to the white house now entering the home stretch. donald trump looking to close the gap with hillary clinton but an analysis of the polling dat suggests it might be too little too late. can donald trump defy the odds? we'll have a debate on that. then, this wild card in the election. word that gary johnson is on track to get the most votes of enough third-party candidate in decades. could he be the spoiler who shapes the outcome of the race? >> president obama reacting to an apparent snub overseas. what he is saying about the dispute in china that almost had officials coming to blows. all ahead in the next hour. i'm gregg jartt


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