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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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library. >> good working with you. >> it's been great being here. >> home you're having a great labor day. thank you for joining us, gregg jarrett in for shep starting now. >> the race to the white house now entering the home stretch. donald trump looking to close the gap with hillary clinton but an analysis of the polling dat suggests it might be too little too late. can donald trump defy the odds? we'll have a debate on that. then, this wild card in the election. word that gary johnson is on track to get the most votes of enough third-party candidate in decades. could he be the spoiler who shapes the outcome of the race? >> president obama reacting to an apparent snub overseas. what he is saying about the dispute in china that almost had officials coming to blows. all ahead in the next hour. i'm gregg jarrett in for
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shepard smith. there's no holiday town time for hillary clinton or donald trump today. labor day, the unofficial kickoff to the campaign's final phase, and today both candidates making campaign stops in the crucial swing state of ohio. as her campaign prom mitted. labor day is the first time hillary clinton allowed journalists onboard her plane. her team debuting a bigger jet. critics call out clinton for lack of access to supporters but today she surprised them in the back of the many, telling them she is ready to begin the, quote, mad -- to end the campaign. >> i am so happy to have you with me. i have just been waiting for this moment. really. i'll come book and talk to you more but i wanted to welcome you on the plane. >> you can catch the whole tape online and awkward at times. more on clinton in just a bit. donald trump's campaign manager says the billionaire can win the
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election without the battleground state of pennsylvania. really? donald trump has spent months campaigning in state but still struggles in the polls. his campaign manager seemed to say no big deal. and there are several different paths to victory. >> can you win this race without pennsylvania? >> we can but we're taking pennsylvania very seriously. the last six presidential elects have gone democratic, and that's something we understand, but we also in the that mr. trump's message from the beginning has been resonating among the workers who feel like they've been left behind in this economy. >> horse a look at the polls in state. real clear politics average shows trump trailing clinton by seven points in pennsylvania. it's a little closer in ohio. the average showing clinton is leading there 44 to 41%. also, more than half of a century, every candidate who won ohio has gone on to the white
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house, but this year, clinton may not actually need to win ohio because of her strong positions elsewhere. we have team fox coverage. mike emanuel with the clinton campaign. first to peter doocy in canfield, ohio, where donald trump toured a fair. >> reporter: you like behind us, you can see at the fair there are lot of people very excited to see donald trump. he has made a few stops in cleveland, about an hour away from here, already today and he has touched on the trademark trump is with a special emphasis on the economy. >> i tell you what. we are right now almost 20 trillion-dollars, doubled under obama. the big thing to me is that -- actually a lot of tremendous growth with immigration. people know that and understand. the big thing for me, we have to bring our jobs back to this
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country. >> reporter: trump also very aggressively went after president obama for the way he reacted to rude diplomats in china a few days other saying if he was treated that poorly he would have left town. he does have his running mate in item with him in ohio and he made a joke how pence is perfect for him since they are polar opposites and sounds like donald trump must be in sight here. >> still trying to explain his deportation aspect of the immigration plan, and trump, speaking of which, really went after republican senator jeff flake of arizona. talk to us. >> reporter: so flake just does not think he is giving him enough in support in arizona where immigration is a big issue. to trump took to twitter saying the great state of arizona russian just had a massive rally has a very week and untee effective senator jeff flake. that came because yesterday in the morning, jeff flake said
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this. >> well, it becomes increasingly difficult to see that he is going to change. so i don't expect that i'll be able to support him in november. i'd like to. he is the republican nominee. i just don't see how i can. >> reporter: so, immigration the big issue there in arizona and also it's the big draw at the canfield county fair. behind the crush of people who are expecting to see donald trump. they're building their own wall. they're not asking mex to pay for it. they are just asking poem for $5 donation. give five bucks and get a brick and put your name on it. now we'll wait and see if mr. trump wants to see the wall they built for him in ohio. >> i thought mexicans were supposed to pay for the wall. thank you. bernie sanders hitting the campaign trail for the first time for his former rival, hillary clinton. he is about to take the stage in new hampshire. right next door to his home
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state of vermont. yesterday sanders told nbc news that clinton should cut all ties with her family's foundation if she wins the white house. the democratic not anymore -- nominee has faced criticism over e-mails between the foundation and her top aides at the department of state. she insists she never took any action as secretary of state because of donations to the foundation. team fox coverage continues now. mike emanuel is live in cleveland with hillary clinton; so, mike, how important does clinton's team say ohio really is? >> reporter: gregg, ohio has a reputation for picking presidents. the university of virginia center for politics says 28 out of the past 340 presidential elections ohio has gotten right. that's a big rope why been hillary clinton and tim kaine are here in cleveland ohio to launch the home stretch of the campaign and huge because if
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clinton and kaine can win ohio it limits the path for donald trump and mike pence to get to 270 electoral votes. i'm not making predicts other than to say the fight to the finish in ohio will be big, and tim kaine told reporters that the democratic team expects to spend a lot of time here in ohio in the coming weeks. >> vice president biden praised clinton's running mate today. what did he say. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and senator kaine were in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. another battleground, and biden praised kaine's qualifications for the job of vice president. >> two things you got to know about tim. one is he has more experience in every branch of government than anybody ever stepped into the job as vice president, and, two, hillary is going to really need him. not because she is not the smartest person to seek that office. she is. but because the plate is so
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full. >> reporter: a lot of the dem break party names are out today. i have senator kaine on stage. we expect secretary clinton any moment now, trying to fire up folks in cleveland. >> polls are showing that donald trump is closing the gap with clinton as the campaign enters the final few weeks but if history is any guide, trump as a very tough task head. an analysis from "the wall street journal" today found in the last quarter center, no candidate trailing in journal polls just above labor day has ever won the white house. let's bring in our political panel. morgan ore take da, former state department press officer, non co-chair of the conservative maverick pac. hillary, democratic strategiy is, fox news political analyst, former adviser to the late new jersey senator frank lotten
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boring. >> thank you for coming in. julie, we played the clip of trump's campaign manager. did she make a mistake? you never even want to suggest that we can win without your state in this case, really important viable state of pennsylvania. it sends he wrong message you're not important, we don't need you. >> i've known her a long time, huge asset but i think she made a mistake because you don't concede anything, especially in pennsylvania. she is sort of right that you can win without pennsylvania. certainly president bush did it no 2004 but you have towin colorado, virginia, florida. >> they're even further out of reach for donald trump. >> definitely. north carolina, he is trailing in every state i mentioned. >> morgan i want to put up here didn't conway says there are different paths to winning the nomination -- to winning the presidency. that actually not quite true.
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let's put up the fox news decision texas electoral map. the dark blue are solid clinton, light blue, leaping clinton, yellow are toss up states. the dark red is solid trump and the pink leaning trump. horse the deal. our decision desk says if clinton wins the states we rated solid clinton along with the states we have seen leaping in their direction she would have 273 electoral votes. she could lose every one of the tossup states and win. >> there's no disputing that when it comes to judging this campaign through the traditional win -- traditional lobes -- lens she wins donald trump trump as to make peace of the fact they're not running a traditional campaign. i think they have to get quite ugly to win inch these swing states where she did have an eight-point lead and states like
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north carolina might be a three or four point lead. he neededs to good after the things -- >> he budgeted one million dollars in the state of pennsylvania. clinton budgeted 20 midge and is just getting started. >> she is. but that is the traditional way to look at this campaign ump if the election were held today as a republican i would be nervous but a few things are going in trump's favor. one is he still has three debates. hillary clinton is a master invader. she has a command of policy more than anybody but he has to hit her in a way that's not pretty. going after character. >> let me ask you to pause here. here's donald trump. let listen in, in canfield, ohio. >> thank you, everybody. >> trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, trump. >> he was talking about bringing jobs back to ohio, which obviously is a very important issue. julie, when you look at the fox news polls that came out a few
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days ago that's the number one issue, the economy. and by the way, immigration, at the very bottom, just four percent. economy and jobs is 30%. he is talking about jobs. >> today. but look at what he has been focused on the last few weeks. talking about immigration, not the top issue for swing voters at all. he has been talk about -- going after jeff flake, republican of arizona in a tweeted. he is not focused on the message. if he were to focus on the economy the way he should this would be a competitive race. but he is not doing that. he is completely offmessage and not only is he not raise money, he has no field staff to get out the vote. >> in pennsylvania she has 3,461 volunteers. she's got 30 offices, and republicans are out there saying, in pennsylvania, where are you trump organization? nowhere to be found. >> you're hurting my heart today as a republican. because in pennsylvania, north
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carolina, florida, ohio, not only does trump need those states. thecan party knoweds to win crucial senate and re-election seats inch ohio there's hope the because portman is running a an amazing campaign and doing well in the polls. what julie just said about senator flake is another important point. if trump has not solidified the electorate so he can get another five to eight points if those republicans behind him. that's going to continue help in crucial states. >> i have to take a break. you guys are going to stick around. donald trump will not get the endorsement of a major paper in a key swing state. that has now endorsed every republican presidential nominee for three decades. not trump. instead the paper is backing gary johnson, and another newspaper predicts johnson could be one of the most successful third party candidates in american history. we'll look how he could shake up
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this just in. donald trump stopped to talk to peter doocy at the fair in canfield, ohio, about the importance of that state. here it is. >> here in ohio what this biggest challenge here and other swing states. >> we're up the or four points in ohio. i love ohio. we'll bring jobs become, poeter. >> the big issue here is jobs. >> bringing jobs back.
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>> on message, jobs. libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson could get more votes than any third-party candidate in 20 years if current polling holds. that according to "the new york times." comps after johnson picked up a substantial ebbers toment over the weekend from the richmond times dispatch in virginia. the editorial board endorsed republicans for president for the past 36 years. this time, members said they could not back donald trump or hillary clinton. they also called for johnson to be on stage at the tee-door debates later this month he needs an average of 15% in major polls for that to happen. recent polling shows them eight to nine percent. susan is in washington. happy labor day. mucked the main point from the editorial. of the richmond times dispatch.
12:18 pm
neither donald trump nor hillary clinton meets the fundamental, moral and professional standards we have eave right to expect of an american president. so, lock, it's richmond, virginia, an important city in the state of virginia, but is tame -- tim kaine state. what's the impact? >> certainly shines a positive light on gather johnson right now. he could use it. they also make that key demand he be included on the debate stage, which johnson himself has said is absolutely critical if he will have any impact in the general election. so, it's important and also important pause vast -- virginia is a swing state. the polls are tightening. virginia could be critical. and so he is extremely important. he is polling eight or nine percent, to 11% in virginia
12:19 pm
right now. that's a lot. depending on which polls you're looking at. >> put this in perspective historically. ross perot ran in 1992. he got almost 19% of the popular vote, and because of it, it helped clinton beat george h.w. bush. so he is a spoiler. nader got only 2.74% in 2000, but, that was a nail-biter. it was so close that many people think he made the difference, hurting al gore. so, it doesn't take much, honestly in a close race, for johnson to be the difference. >> if virginia is the difference. florida, when you had nader, florida went for bush and that's why he won the electoral countdown, even though he did not win the popular vote. virginiaes very important. also we have to also talk about what its the impact of editorials these days. are they important?
12:20 pm
the richmond times dispatch has endorsed mccain and romney, in what was once a red state and the state went for obama. so you have to look at that. enmore importantly, who does gather johnson attract? interestingly, he does attract -- young people who certainly hillary clinton ites going after and young people were all going for bernie sanders, so the needs to win them over. enough we have a candidate who is socially liberal on a lot of issues, who could hold great appeal for young people who just aren't willing to embrace hillary clinton. i talked to many of them. also, independents. independences are considered a key part of the electorate,' especially amongst undecided voters. >> you know what is astounding is donald trump does so abysmal ly among millenials. is in fourth place among people
12:21 pm
under 30. clinton has 41. johnson has 23. stein, the grown party candidate, has 16. donald trump is at the bottom with nine and not just millenials. we have been talking about his poor showing among african-americans. he is behind 46 points among hispanic. town 20 points among women to hillary clinton. bad numbers. >> they are. if you look at gear johnson's numbers he does much better than trump when it comes to african-american and hispanic voters. so he could draw away from the key -- trump has not been able to gain much ground with these groups despite him saying -- >> i'm up against a hard break but thank you for being with: we'll be right back. (crunch) what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease, pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine
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>> scientists fond the first spacecraft to lan on a comet two years after it went missing. the european space agency reports the rosetta appropriate found the lander wedged in a tiny crack on a mom. 67-p. here's a zoomed in version. scientists launched rosetta in 2004, and in 2014 i it released the lanner but scientists did not know writ ended up until now. now we know. don't go in the water. the warning for lots of folks on the east coast this labor day. tropical storm hermine is stirring up dangerous waves and rip currents, here's hampton beach in new york. east of manhattan. rough surf keeping people out of the wills. the national weather service issued tropical storm warnings from new york island to massachusetts. new jersey's governor chris christie warning folks do not be fooled by the sunny skies and
12:26 pm
says flooding is still possible. maria is live in atlantic city, new jersey. with an update. >> reporter: hello at home. we're continuing to update you on hermine, which right enough has maximum assassinned wins at 70 miles-per-hour and the storm sim is 200 miles or so to the southeast of long island and has been inching closer to the coast. in atlantic city we have been thing the impacts. the economy taking a hilt over labor day weekend. several events were cancelled. attendance is low and the surf is very dangerous, and looking at the threat for very strong rip currents. we saw one surfer trying to get in surf waves and quickly pulled downstream. people are only being allowed to get their feet wet. the storm system is bringing tropical storm force, conditions, winds, across
12:27 pm
nantucket island. their reporting maximum sustained winds at 39 miles-per-hour and dusts to 52 miles-per-hour. so the storm system is very large, expansive. will bring some rain through parts of southeastern new england over the next day or so. it's a slow mover as well to expect the impact to coastal areas like beach erosion and coastalled inning to continue for a few more days. >> maria molina, thank you. one of the top democrats in congress tilling americans not too worry too much about hillary clinton's e-mail mess. the fbi notes show that clinton claims she didn't know the letter "c" in a message meant confidential. the political panel returns as the race for the white house heats up, just ahead on the fox news deck. blue the dog here for propane. you know, i'm just a humble dog. i didn't attend the elite boarding kennels, but i do know that nothing beats the freedom of living out here
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more headline. a parking garage collapsing, killing two people and injuring more than a dozen others in tel aviv. rescuers are still trying to find people who might be trapped beneath the rub. the garage was under construction. no ward why it collapsed. mud flowing through the town in astoria, forcing more than 100 people to leave their homes, according to a local news outlet. they report the mud was more than six feet high on in houses. this is in a village in the southern part of the country. >> as folks marked 350 years since the great fire in london by burning a model of the system. ending a festival commemorating the massive fire that burned for four days in 1666, tee destroying most of the city, including 1300 homes and businesses. the news continues right after this. beyond has a natural
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house minority leader nancy pelosi says people are making too much of a big deal oust of this hillary clinton e-mail scandal. that in an interview with cbs news. that not likely to silence clinton's critics. donald trump hitting clinton very hard after the fbi document dump on its investigation into their use of private e-mails when she was secretary of state. among the revelations, giving fuel to her critics, clinton told investigators she didn't know the letter "c" on her e-mails meant confidential. bryan llenas is live with the details. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is saying they welcome the release of these fbi notes because they say it proves clinton did not intentionally mishandle classified information because she did not know she was doing anything wrong. in the interview she said more than three dozen times she could not recall key details. she couldn't recall receiving training on handling classified documents. she did not understand "c" meant
12:34 pm
classified or confidential. and did not realize drone strikes discussions were classified. yesterday her running mate, tim kaine, defended clinton, saying it's hard to discern classified information. >> now, i'm on two committees in senate, armed services servicesd foreign relations where we look at classified material, but we look at so much material and unless it is specifically pulled out and identified, it is difficult to know sometimes whether a statement or a paragraph is classified or not. and that's what she was saying. >> reporter: clinton says she trusted already subordinates not to send classified material to her e-mail account. >> what's the latest reaction from the trump campaign? >> donald trump says these notes further prove she is unfit to be president. tweeting yesterday, and i quote, lying hillary rodham clinton told the finn she did not know that cc poe tied for classified. how can this happen? mike pence also weighed in.
12:35 pm
>> it's just more evidence that hillary clinton is the most dishonest candidate for president of the united states since richard nixon. hillary clinton operated in such a way to keep her e-mails and particularly her interactions while secretary of state with the clinton foundation out of the public reach. out of public accountability. >> reporter: republicans opinion ought that things like that at the t the fbi was unable to recover any of her her 13 mobile devices because some were destroyed by hammer. >> thanks. let's bring back out panel, morgan, national co-care of the consecutive pac, julie, democratic strategist, and tox news political analyst. thank you for'ing -- for being with us. mortgage began, let me start with you this time. what's really striking is that hillary clinton seems to know
12:36 pm
absolutely nothing about classification of documents. she is america's top diplomat. the keeper of the country's closely guarded secrets, top secret, classified so forth. she didn't know anything about it. didn't know how to mark emthe. didn't know how to identify them. does it raise serious questions about competence? >> i think in this instance we could say that c not only stands for classified but also stands for crooked. to quote mr. trump. >> or clueless. >> as somebody who worked at the state department and the treasury attend, we had to go how to -- i'm trying to remember -- at least once a quarter, trainings below classification markings, how to handle the information. it's really incredulous to me and i think what we'll see is that this is going to continue to hit her moll numbers. you see the support that has been in past few weeks not that donald trump is gaining support. it's that hillary clinton us
12:37 pm
losing support. this goes to her issue of credibility and how she can look the fbi in face and say i depend know what poe c "stands for is something the person who sweeps the floor the taint depth knows. >> at a time when people are questioning donald trump in particular the health of hillary clinton, right or wrong. here she is telling the fbi i can remember thing because i got hit on the noggin in 2012 and got a concussion. that will few the doubt. >> she is a lawyer and if you were a lawyer i think she gave very precise answers to keep he was out of heel trouble. >> lawyers tell their clients when in doubt, say i can't remember. >> there you go. >> often times clients take that to mean say i don't remember anything and you can't get in trouble. >> i think morgan is right. belies any credibility she didn't know what she was doing. think this was a very -- >> you think she lied. >> a very lawyerly response. parsed -- >> think she lied.
12:38 pm
you're calling lawyerly put it's lying. >> never sell your profession that way. >> a veil legalees way -- >> in this case she is the client. >> i think it's legales parsed the way her husband very much leasely parsed the definition of "is." but i have never had a classification background but i worked in government. you do have training where you're taught to look at things carefully. she must have known and -- >> and here she is putting out tim kaine her running mate, yesterday and today, to defend her and he says, it's one device. no. it was 13 devices. if you're going to put somebody out to defend you, especially if he is your vp nominee, got to educate the guy, don't you. >> i was on veining last week in a different time zone so i woke up to the news about the eight black berries and the -- i think another five ipads that were
12:39 pm
disease steroid, lost, potentially with a hammer dirk. >> 16 black berries. >> i woke up and thought, irthey serious? and what is worse in eyes of many people who are disgusted with this election they feel like she is getting away with it. dope understand how she cannot know her credible will be attacked and the american people just don't trust her on these issues. >> hillary clinton by the way is live in cleveland right now. we're kind of monitoring what she is saying there, but speaking of her, julie, the department of justice said hand over your 13 mobile devices, guess what? nobody knows where they are. how convenient. and now we learned today in a new report, she had a laptop and a thumb drive with the archives of all her e-mails and she directed one of her aides to send it in the mail, and guess what, lost in the mail. >> that's the u.s. postal service. >> kind of stinks.
12:40 pm
>> it does stink and i have to say from day one i never defended this practice of the e-mail, never understood it. think it goes back to this compulsive secrecy she has always been obsessed with and i think it doesn't benefit her. it backfired against her. >> does stink stick to her or is it already baked? miami have already made up their minds -- >> two-thirds thinks she is dishonest. >> if you think she is crooked and that's what you're voting on, you're not voting for her. but as i keep saying people keep laughing at me, the one-eyed man is king and she is very disfrustrated who both of thieves candidates are very well known. they don't knee to introduce themselves to the american people. they know everything they've need to know about her and about him. and at this rate the problem is, it's baked into both. >> what does it say about candidate donald trump he is losing to hillary clinton, who two-thirds of americans think is dishonest. >> if i were his campaign i'd say it represents an opportunity
12:41 pm
still, and where i slight live disagree with julie, it isn't spirally baked in yet. she lost an eight pound lead after her convention. it's down to four or five points. most states -- say, past, she has a big lead. there's still an opportunity for him, as i said earlier it's going to be really, really ugly between now and november. he can win but it's going to be ugly because he has to continue to hammer on these issues. >> , here's scandals obscuring her message? >> the way she is communicating is not to you and to me. she is communicating is very precise modeling, which is an incredible form of campaign to specific householdsholds and pee within those households she needs to win, cuyahoga county in ohio. not new york, new york and not forth worth texas, places where she has identified people and that's the people to whom she needs to communicate. those people are the people she needs to worry about. >> 274 days since she hemmed a
12:42 pm
news conference with the national press. you could sell tickets for big bucks to that which may be one of the reasons why she decides not to do it. too many questions, the answers to which she can't possibly utter. julie, thank you for being if us, morgan. president obama, russian president putin vowing to work together to try to stop the killing in syria, but with russian supporting bashar al-assad will we really see a change or more of the same talk? we'll talk to journalist who was just visiting the syrian border. we'll show you her pictures and talk to her about what she learned. [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ]
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at the g20 summit, president obama and russian president vladimir putin agreed to keep negotiating to a cease fire agreement for syria. the without saying the two leaders met today for 90 minutes on the sidelines at the submit. that bloody civil war in syria has killed hundreds of thousands of people. president putin supports the syrian dictator assad who has used nerve gas to kill independent men, women and children. president obama acknowledged that reaching a deal may not be easy. >> given the gaps of trust that exist, that's a tough negotiation. and we have not yet closed the gaps. the faster we can provide relief to folks on the ground, the better off we'll be. >> lisa is on the news academic, editor in chief of the foreign desk and just got back from the syrian border. lisa, tell me what you saw, what you learned, and we'll right away put up pictures you shot.
12:47 pm
the i think the first is with a wounded soldier. so maybe you can narrate this. >> sure. absolutely. i saw just reiterated different headlines we're seeing. it showed us that there's so many different moving parts and what we're doing in the west is trying to look at this as one whole story or as a problem being just isis or just being the -- i sat town with a rebel from the free syrian army. this hole in his leg is basically shot by an isis sniper. the second time he was shot. and he is trying to be treated by medics on the field. he says to me that west is entirely missing the point and if the free syrian army -- he is a commander, has 1,250 soldiers or rebels under his command. if they had the proper weapons, they could take isis out in one two two months but isis is not the enemy they face. >> right there is the jordan
12:48 pm
syrian border that we just say. maybe we can put that one back up. you went to the border. >> i went to the border on the south and on the west side. and here you see the minefields right outside. this is another place where you see the reality where it begs, it begs for the argument to have these safe zone so the refugees coming out, people who want to stay within syria but want to be protected. i speakerred some u.n. peacekeepers who say they don't have the system by which to even report back or to keep people safe. and what they're seeing be and i the time they report back to the u.n. in new york it's impossible to scale the situation. >> so president obama is meeting with vladimir putin. they're polar opposites when it comes to the war in syria. he supports assad, president obama supports the rebels fighting assad. they're trying to get a cease
12:49 pm
fire. that would involve sharing military and intelligence secrets with russia. not sure that's a good idea. hough is this going to happen? >> i think the mistake here is that president obama is trying to put these -- a gap ten them aside and say let's focus on fighting isis, and that's a huge mistake. bashar al assad and the iranian regime are propping up assad's regime and at the president obama and the u.s. and the west supporting the rebels. on polar opposite sides. let's say we can get rid of isis, because ideologically speaking we can't get them off social immediatey. but let's say militarily speaking we can get rid of isis. what will you do with the assad regime? that's how the syrian conflict started. >> well, president obama promised to get rid of assad a long time ago. you know, the line in the sand. never did it. is that one of the reasons why in your judgment the russians
12:50 pm
and the iranians, when it comes to the war on terror, don't really believe much of what president obama is saying or doing? >> absolutely. because the iranians and the russians have massively learn how to work around u.s. foreign policy to their benefit. right enough isis is a distract that almost pen fits them and the turks, you can put that in there the turks can find the kurds. the iranians and the -- can prop up assad's regime and president obama is talking about now not taking down assad. he is -- by the time say by the time i'm out of office i want to take down isis and his focus is isis, not the assad regime. it's a sticky situation on the ground. not something we have the needs to resolve. >> lisa, welcome back. thank you for sharing your pictures from there at the border in syria. >> china reacting to reports it
12:51 pm
snubbed president obama when he landed for the g20 summit. china is blaming the united states that had officials in each other's faces. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads... here... here... or here. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity.
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12:54 pm
china is blaming the united states for tension on at the tarmac as president obama arrived at the chinese airport this weekend for the g20 summit. the air force one touching down. american and chinese officials apparently debated how the president should get off the plane. we typically see him walk out the main door and down a long flight of stairs provided by the host country to a red carpet. this time no staircase no red carpet, president used a smaller exit with its own set of stairs
12:55 pm
in the pack of the play, he is downplaying it saying confusion happens in a lot of place. rich ed son is live in washington. >> reporter: china's ministry of foreign affairs is attacking the u.s. media, saying reports of the staircase incidents were unprofessional, made up and deepen the impression of arrogance and self-righteousness of the western median chinese officials blame the u.s. for the refusing to use the stairs they provide to other world leaders. reports say the u.s. flew in stairs for the president to use as an administration official and chinese official argued on the tarmac about where american journalists could stand. a member of the chinese delegation screamed at white house staff, he wanted the u.s. press to leave. a white house official told him this was our president and our plane, and the press wasn't moving. the chinese officials responded, this is our country. then a chinese official tried to block national security adviser susan rice and advisedders ben
12:56 pm
rhodes frock if the boss' arrival. officials at the airport got another shot. today president obama left china for a visit to laos. the president boarded air force one on the proper staircase. >> how nice. thank you, rich ed son in washington. >> a look at when thousands of americans kicked off the tradition that would lead to a new national holiday. it happened on this day in history. my goal was to finally get in shape. not to be focusing on my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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1:00 pm
hope you have a wonderful and safe labor day. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. "your world" is next. deathan mcdowell is in for neil cavuto. >> 64 days until election day. and american workers trying to figure out which presidential candidate is going to work for them. hi everybody, i'm degan mcdowell in for neil cavuto and this is a special labor day edition of "your world." the economy still sluggish, going just over one percent in the second quarter. the job market, adding new workers but certainly not roaring back. so, does trump or clinton have the right plan to get us back on track? to lisa booth and jim -- lisa, you first. what is your biggest concern here? >> the biggest concern is economic growth. we have seen incredibly sluggish economic growth and that's a huge


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