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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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millions of girls, millions of looks billions of beautiful lashes blasted! the lashblast collection from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl >> you know my wife and daughter say hey, dad, you are really, really smart. why don't you act more presidential. >> i think she is growing up. >> i think you did a good job. >> ivanka is good. do you love ivanka? i love ivanka. >> she has this. that is important. >> ivanka will be a great first lady. >> i called up my wife and said i have got a problem. >> donald gets things done. >> ivanka just it h. a baby by the way and i'm very proud of that.
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>> our father and our next president donald j. trump. >> that's sort of why i'm doing this. ♪ >> it's a trump life and it's a special "on the record." you will hear from melania and ivanka trump. donald trump's wife and older daughter. they are the two women who know trump better than anyone else. what role does each play in his historic presidential campaign? and what are their plans if they become america's first family? in just moments you will go inside trump tower and hear from supermodel melania trump and hear what it is like to live the trump life. first we start with ivanka. >> as a young girl growing up my father always told me i could do anything that i set my mind to. he meant it. >> she's a mother, a celebrity, a former runway model. tv star. best selling author and business mogul. ivanka trump is living the
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trump life. >> she did a good job. so i should not say ivanka, you're fired, right? >> no. >> i promise. i promise. >> born in manhattan, ivanka grew up right in the heart of it all trump tower on fifth avenue. as a teenager ivanka started modeling, walking the runway and gracing the cover of 17 magazine. after graduating from the university of pennsylvania. she entered the high stakes world of real estate and launched her own hugely successful lifestyle brand. she starred alongside her father in tv's hit show the apprentice. at the family company she is a top executive and year seen hugely successful deals like trump doral in miami and old most office motel on pennsylvania avenue. >> washington has never had a really luxury hotel. this will be it. >> she has a husband and three young children at home in new york. and if that's not enough to keep her busy, she is out hitting the trail for her father. >> i could not be more proud
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tonight to present to you and to all of america my father and our next president donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> and despite her crazy schedule, "on the record" made a visit to the build she go lives n the heart of midtown manhattan to talk to ivanka trump. >> do you read the newspapers and the paper. >> at this point it's almost impossible to read everything that's written. i read the papers always in the sense of keeping up with the news. but i try to read the papers less in terms of their editorializing on my father, the campaign, and sort of all the noise. i think i've experienced an extreme biased in terms of coverage and reporting, so i try to distance myself from that and really try to just stay on top of current events and make it a little less personal for myself and
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read a little less of what i read a little less from news sources about my family and my father, specifically. >> you know, i have been around politics for quite a long time. so i get to meet all the politicians over the years. i'm struck when i meet them in person they are so different than how they are portrayed on television. even secretary clinton i traveled with her eight times when she was secretary of state. it's amazing how different people are in person. i can't figure out how to correctly portray people. so the only thing i can think of is your father correctly portrayed? >> well, i think people -- is he correctly portrayed in the sense that people know he is very authentic. my father says what he means, and he means what he says. and that's very rare in politics. but, he is incorrectly portrayed, often, by the media my father is incredibly warm and
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compassionate and loyal and funny. anyone who knows him knows that to be true. >> that's actually -- >> -- what is not portrayed. you see the strengths. you see the determination. you see the fact that he is tireless in terms of his energy. but i don't think you see that more compassionate side of him as certainly not in the way mainstream media portrays him. i know that side of him. i am his daughter. his employees know that side of him but i don't think that's portrayed to the american people. but i think that's, you know, one of the amazing things about this election cycle is that my father has the ability to bypass that narrative and go to the people with his message and he is doing that whether it's the arenas is he filling or his use of social media as a way to communicate directly in an unhe had dieted way.
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that's been incredibly powerful for him. >> i have had a private conversation with him not much of one but when i have had interviews with him' we have talked a few minutes after. i always think he is different in person. so different in person than when cameras roll for anybody in this business. >> if you speak to anyone who knows him they adore him and appreciate him and know all the attributes i relayed a minute ago to be true about him. but, so i -- you know, i think that that's the side that you don't see in terms of his public portrayal. i also think -- sorry, i also think that the media to highlight and showcase his discuss as an entrepreneur, as an employer, as a business builder. maybe that's why a lot of people in the private sector don't run for public office. you know, it's easy to tear
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somebody down or attempt to. he has created jobs for for tens of thousands of people. we have a thriving global company and brand. we have almost no debt and own some of the most important and iconic assets anywhere in the world. so, and his career has spanned many decades and he is today stronger and our company stronger than it's ever been. that's a great accomplishment. i think it's hard for me being in the business to see the media not appreciate that fact and focus on circumstances 30 years ago during recession and highlight those examples and not illustrate the company we have today that was built on his vision, his strength and his leadership. >> your father is very active on social media. your thoughts on twitter. it's gotten him in to some
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hot water. >> twitter has gotten him into water once in a while. not what he writes but what he retweets. he says he is going to do that less frequently. >> who got him on twitter? has he always been on twitter? >> he has been on twitter several years now. and to see the growth of facebook channels and other social media channels has been amazing. it's also been a very valuable tool for his campaign because it allows him to bring his message unfiltered, unedited directly to the people that he is speaking to. so it's giving him a voice that isn't controlled just by the media. it allows him to communicate directly, and i think been enormously valuable. >> it's been very effective in terms of marketing and getting his word out sometimes he has made blunders. do you give him hell when osays things that you think
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might go a little too far? >> you know, he is on the road all the time. he is not shy about talking media. i is not afraid. if you ask him a question he will answer. a lot of people hide behind their campaigns and organizations and try to avoid putting themselves in positions where they are asked difficult questions. he doesn't do that. so he doesn't he wants to be honest with the american people. hens them to know who he is. he wants to communicate freely. and he does that he has done that on social media and it's been effective for them. >> what about the problems? >> that happens. but i think that people recognize that i think the authenticity of that balances out the times, you know, occasionally it goes awry. a lot of politicians campaigns they don't write their tweets; they are managed by a team of 50
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people who are testing and polling every word. that's not him. that's not the leader he wants to be. >> and ivanka isn't the only super star in the family. here's melania trump. >> she's an incredible woman. she's an incredible mother. she loves her son barron so much. and just really something special. >> take a look at melania trump, a former slovenian model, a success business woman and married to presidential candidate donald trump. >> when you talking, he will punch back 10 times harder. >> in 1996 melania moved to new york city an immigrant from slovenia to speaks five languages. >> in new york she launched a modeling career and before long met her future husband real estate mogul donald trump. >> we met at a fashion
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party. >> in new york, she launches a successful line on qvc and shows up on the cover of numerous magazines, even vogue. what's next on her resume? well, it could be first plead. >> she will make an unbelievable first lady. >> he is a fighter. and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and our country. >> "on the record" got inside access to melania and donald's luxury pentagon how the on top floor of trump tower. what does melania think about the campaign levee? >> is the media fair to your husband? >> not always. not always. >> in what way? >> they're not fair to me, too. >> in what way? >> they say stuff that's not true. they don't say the truth. they write stuff that they don't want to give him credit. they don't want to say how smart he is.
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what he will is do, what he will accomplish. >> why? why do you think that? >> bawsms mane -- because is he outsider. he is not part of washington. he speaks his mind. he doesn't sweep under the record. he says as he thinks and what needs to be say. because he is not a politician. he is not in to just talking. he is a doer. he gets the thing done. >> you got married down in florida? >> yes. in palm beach, in the church secretary of state hillary clinton and the president was there? >> yes. they were there. >> what do you think about that? that. >> was different time. 2006. was different time. we were private citizens. he was not running for the office. as he said, he was friends and got along with many,
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many people so i don't see anything wrong with that. >> have you ever socialized with them besides the wedding in the clintons? >> no, no. >> you have to see, this melania trump takes you okay a grand tour of her luxury penthouse in new york city. straight ahead. a mother, a successful business woman hand she is helping her father on the campaign trail. what is the day in the life of ivanka trump? she will tell you. that's next. >> my father is -- is dedicating himself to something really bigger and more important which is the future of this country. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world.
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>> she is raising three children, holds two full-time jobs and her father is run for president. how does ivanka trump do it all? >> all right. tell me your day. you are a mother, you're a wife, you're a business woman. you're in a campaign. what time do you wake up in the morning? >> early. earlier and earlier. >> so tell me? >> i have three children now all under the age of 5. and my youngest is four months old. with each child i think i wake up around 30 minutes earlier. so now i'm at like the 5:00 mark. that's it. there is a line in the sand. but so i wake up at around a chock and i also wake up numerous times beforehand because obviously my 4 month old is not sleeping from 7 p.m. until that point in time. i don't sleep very often anymore. i try to wake up and get
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myself fully ready for the day before my kids wake up. my oldest, my 5-year-old and 2 and a half-year-old will normally wake up between 6:30 and 7:00. i like to shower, exercise on the days that i do that during the week, read the newspapers, really shor sort of take that time for myself and be fully ready to roll, when my kids wake up can i have focused dedicated time with them before i drop them off at school or drop them off to the bus and start my day. >> what time do you walk out the door usually? >> it depends. it depends on the time of rear when school starts or camp starts. normally around 7:45, 8:00. >> what time do you walk back in the house usually at night? >> i always make it home for -- well, not always but 95% of the time i make it home for dinner. so i like to be home by 6:30. i have dinner with the kids. i bathe them. i read books to them. and i put them to bed. i try to put them to bed between 7:30 and 8:00.
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and then i get back to work. >> back to work with phone calls, emails? >> so basically my time in the office, because i like to be home in the evenings and because i prioritize sort of the tales of the day with my children but morning and evening. i try make my time in the office productive and i don't do things there that i can do. it's infrequent i return emails. i take meetings. i walk around the office and interact with people. so i really spend my my time in the office having more sort of interpersonal moments and then i spent my time very late at night responding to emails and dealing with logistics, obviously having three kids that's the stuff that keeps me up at night all the logistics of managing their lives as opposed to my own. >> you have a brand though,
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right? >> i do. >> when too you work on your brand? >> i think about how i balance my work at the trump organization and the company i have built. exph is really an amazing business and i'm deeply passionate about, so i think about the balance of those two things based on priorization and where i need to be in a given moment. sometimes when we're finishing up construction at the old post office building that requires incredible focus and attention. other times i'll have moments where i'm more focused on my brand and building that business. i think it's the same as being a parent, you know, you just try to navigate and be where you need to be when you need to be there. >> let's fold in the campaign. i mean, i assume you work on the campaign as well, right? >> i'm a daughter. i guess i'm certainly around the campaign. i have no official role within the campaign. >> get phone calls from your
11:21 pm
father? >> well, one -- from my father, of course, yeah. >> how many phone calls do you get from your father. >> quite a lot. i will call him a lot. he will call me a lot. we are in the habit of this because we worked together for 10 years plus at the trump organization and we would speak. i used to be able just walk in his office multiple times a day. now he is traveling so much for the campaign and traveling all over the country. so we end up speaking a lot more telephonically. we spend a lot of time on the weekends in new jersey. so we see each other all the time. we are incredibly close. >> and no one knows donald trump better than his wife melania and daughter ivanka. what's it like to live the trump life? ivanka and melania go "on the record" to talk about life inside trump tower. that's next. safety doesn't come in a box.
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today, ivanka trump is a mother a business mogul, high powered executive and one of her father's closest advisors on the campaign trail. but how did she get there? here's ivanka what it is like to grow up trump. >> i'm curious. why do you think your father has five good kids? one is a child but he has got four adults. why does he have five? >> you know, i think about parenting a lot more, being a parent now myself.
11:27 pm
and i think i appreciate the job that my mother and my father did in raising my siblings and i much more today than did i 10 years ago for sure. because it takes a lot of work and it's really hard to raise children with a moral compass and with passion and determination and compassion and good values and so i spent a lot of time thinking about how i can instill those same things in my own children. and i don't know what the recipe is. i hope i do a good job with it. i will say my parents, they really focused on ensuring that we weren't entitled and were grateful every day for the good fortune that woe had in our lives. and maybe that's a point of differentiation.
11:28 pm
i know a lot of children who were born into very privileged circumstances and they don't seem to really appreciate just how lucky and just how fortunate they are. my parents really instilled that in us very early on that to whom much is given much is expected. we have to wake up every day and be grateful for the life that we have and try to also work really hard to make life better for those around us. >> who is the disciplinarian growing up your mother or father. >> they both were in different ways. they both had different technique uniques. unique -- neck uniques. my mother grew up in chuck slovakia at the time. she was very strict for sure. my father would let me get away with a little bit more. but i knew exactly when i had gone too far. they were a hard.
11:29 pm
when they were married and as importantly when they were not. they communicated very clearly with one another. they were very consistent. annoyingly consistent because we tried to take advantage with dividing and conquering with our parents. they were great parents. i think about one of the things that was very true my whole life with my father is that he was working very hard. when i was younger he was in the early stages of building his business and building his company and it meant long hours and it meant that he wasn't home for dinner every single night but he was always available to us. that's something that i think about a lot with my own children. you know, whenever that phone rings, you know, if i'm not there at pickup i'm picking up my phone regardless of the meeting i'm in to hear my kids tell me a story about their day or a class that they just
11:30 pm
completed. and my father about d. that for me. at the time i didn't realize how special that was. looking back, i used to walk into literally a janitor closet where a pay phone was at the school i went to here in new york, the change of chapn school. i used to call collect. he would put me on the phone and put me on speaker phone and he would tell everyone in the room who would often be major titans of business, heads of state, whoever, he would tell them that his daughter was on the lion and she was calling from school and he would ask me about a project or if i was having a good day. oftentimes i would have girlfriends with me and he would ask them how i was doing in a class. he knew i wasn't doing so well. but that accessibility and that availability led me to know that regardless of circumstance, i was his priority. and my siblings were his priority. i think that's an important message. i think all children should know that about their parents.
11:31 pm
>> well, she is living the trump life and now melania trump takes you inside the trump penthouse and trump tower on fifth avenue. >> before he decided to run for president, what was your day like? what time did donald get home from work? >> normally he goes in the office in the morning, wake up very early. goes to the office. and he is back by 7:00. so we try to have a dinner together he doesn't drink, right? >> doesn't drink. >> your son will be how old. >> he will be 10 years old. >> who is the disciplinarian. >> i am. i'm raising my child. here we team all the time. i'm raising him. i'm teaching him values and morals and preparing him for adult life. because one day he will have wings as we say and he will fly on his own. i just want to raise him the right way. i don't want nanny raising him. he needs a parent at home.
11:32 pm
>> you have some pictures, actually. >> yes, yes. he was three weeks old and so, and then here he was like almost a year and we have a few pictures. >> are you tough? >> yes, i'm tough i'm fair, i'm fair. i let him be who he is. he is my child, but i don't want to change him is he who he is. i try to give him traditions and values and morals into his life. but, i don't try to change him. i like that he has his own yes and his own no. >> there is a perception by some that donald has a rough reputation with women. rough language with women. i don't know how else to say it what do you have to say to that. >> i say he treats actually everybody. if you are a woman, if you are a man. he treats everybody equally. he will tell you that is on
11:33 pm
his heart. he will tell you what he thinks. he doesn't hold back and he is real. is he a real person. >> is he funny? >> he is funny. has a great sense of humor. he likes to have a good time. and he loves to get together with family and friends. >> what annoys him? what does he get mad about what doesn't he like. >> stupidity. >> really? about what. >> me too. if something is not done the right way. especially if you tell somebody and they don't do it, he just. he likes the right things done and he doesn't like it. he doesn't like somebody who is not competent to do it. >> who is more likely to apologize first in a fight? you or donald. >> we don't have fights. >> you don't have fights? never had an argument. >> we don't have fights.
11:34 pm
>> you don't disagree on things. >> we disagree. that's okay. they very good in the relationship. i'm my own with my own brain and he is with his own brains. >> it never gets heated. >> no, no. >> you have never had an argument? >> no. i tell him my way and he accept that. and i tell him that what i think and he is the same. he thinks what he thinks. >> the rest of us argue a little bit. >> thesey your pictures. this is your son. >> this is barron. halloween three years ago. this was on our wedding night. and at home. and barron and donald going tore basic. >> this is donald's dad, fred. >> is that donald with him. >> yes. that's donald when he graduated. and his mother is right
11:35 pm
here. >> there is he on the cover of the manage screen. >> this is my parents. my mom and dad. >> are your parents still living? >> yes. they are here a lot. yes. yes. they love to spend time with my son and he loves them and now it's a perfect age. >> and it helps with traveling. >> yes, of course. of course. >> will ivanka trump follow her father's footsteps and get into politics? her answer, that's next. plus, is melania ready to be first lady? and is it even a job she wants? "on the record" takes you back to trump tower straight ahead.
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ivanka trump, are a model, a real estate mogul, a celebrity and a business woman. what does she think about politics? >> about two years ago we
11:40 pm
talked. and i asked you about whether your father would run for president. you said a number of things. but you said that the political life is a challenge. has it sort of born out what you thought it would be? >> i think that would be an under statement. it is a very hard thing to do, to run for elected office. and i think most people realize that challenge but living it and especially when you are talking about the highest level of elected office and arguably the most powerful position in the world, there is tremendous scrutiny. there is tremendous viciousness. but there is also amazing love and support, so it is these extremes that are remarkable. i think one of the most incredible things about this journey is the ability to travel to areas of this country and see my father fill these arenas with people who are so hopeful and excited and passionate
11:41 pm
about the message he has for them and about his ability to fulfill their hopes for this country. so that's the beauty. that's something i can't communicate in words how emotional and powerful that experience is for me. then there is the other side, which is the viciousness of the attacks and that is -- that's a hard thing as a daughter of a candidate to experience. but my father is strong and is he tough. and it's probably harder on me than it is on him. and but it's been an amazing journey. >> you know, you have talked to a lot of children over the years of politicians. always harder on the kids. alwayser harder on the candidate. the candidate like water off the duck's back but the kids take it hard it? >> is challenging. i can handle i think labels
11:42 pm
and accusations i know to be false that's more difficult for me. i take comfort in knowing the man and knowing my father and the fact that i know his strength through this process. and and he is a great source of reassurance to me when i get upset by what i hear. >> do you think he wants to be president? does he really want it in the pit of his stomach? >> absolutely. >> why? >> absolutely. >> >> i can't figure out why anybody wants the job quite frankly. >> it's a very difficult job. almost the understatement of a century. my father can't stand incompetence. and he has a very clear and strong vision for initially the future of his company and his business for the family he wanted to create
11:43 pm
and now in a of more mac throw chance for this country so it wouldn't have been his choice he said the country was headed in the wrong direction and he wanted to step up and do the right thing. you know, it' it's a very selfless thing to run for office and hard path and especially hard if you are an outsider who is not part of the establishment and he has done remarkable job and i think he has set forth a vision that people all over this country believe in. and he knows he will be unbelievable creator of jobs and tremendous from a security perspective those are the most important issues of the day. national security, of
11:44 pm
course, and prosperity and the people who live here. >> would you ever want to run for office now that you see what it is like. >> oh, gosh, i don't think so. it is -- woo, it's tough. i appreciate very much the platform and the ability to impact and create change at the highest level. you know, there is certain issues i'm so deeply passionate about as a woman in the workforce. you know, but no politics for you? >> running for office is not something i want to be doing, no. [ laughter ] no, my father always taught me to never say never. but the last time i said no but never say never, the headline was ivanka wants to run for office. i'm just going to give you a no. but, you know, it's been inspiring to see what he has been able to do.
11:45 pm
>> and donald trump's run for the white house means the trumps could be america's next first family. what does melania think about possibly becoming first lady? >> would you be a food first lady, do you think? >> yes, of course. >> why? >> i'm perfectionist. i like to do things perfect. i like to put myself 100 percent into it to what i do. so if the american people would select my husband be president, i would support him and i would support united states. i would support people. i will help them. i will work with women and children. they're our future. we need to take care of them. we need to guide them. we need to be guidance to them. they need us. children need us. also i'm involved in many, many charities already. so i will pick one or two
11:46 pm
that are dear to my heart and work on them 100 percent. >> i know you do a lot of charities is there one that stands out where your heart really is, the charity? >> make-a-wish foundation. boys club of new york. american red cross. it's fantastic organization. helps all around the world and also first here in the states. >> that make a wish is pretty amazing. >> make a wish is fantastic. >> tough on those children. >> tough. very tough. >> they deal with so much. >> yes. >> have you ever been in the white house. >> i have never been there. >> never been there. >> no. >> your husband is restoring that hotel that you and i we actually spoke before at that hotel. >> yes. beautiful place. and he is doing fantastic job. under budget it will open soon. he is doing really -- that kind of mind he wants to put in america he wants to build
11:47 pm
america better and stronger than it ever was. >> ivanka, donald andache jr. are all living the trump life. you will hear from all three. that's next.
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i'm incredibly honored to be part of this journey which which he was invited me, tiffany, don, me elle melania and my family to be such intergated gal part. >> to be able to work with him and my sister and brother on a daily basis i guess we have gotten lucky. our father has put tremendous trust in us, tremendous love. >> there is a great deal of love in the trump family. that is our bond and that is our strength. >> i really have an amazing
11:52 pm
family. ivanka is one of my best friends in the world as is don. we couldn't be more proud of our father. >> with their father running for the white house. what role are donald trump's children maying at the family company? "on the record's" interview with ivanka continues. what about your brothers in the business? you have two brothers in the business and of course your father. how do you describe the two brother's jobs and your father's job. >> woe all work collaboratively. it's a family business. it's a very large family business but it's still a family business. so, we really decided early on and this has been very core to how we operate that as a collective we could do so much more than any one of us could do individually. >> it's not like you have one project and eric has won and don has another. >> that has evolved over time where we take ownership of specific times. strength in certain areas or projects that we'll just naturally gravitate towards. the old post office in
11:53 pm
washington, d.c. is a project i'm deeply passionate about and i have been spearheading. we have areas of responsibility, of course. it is still very collaborative. i always know what eric is doing and don is doing and visa versa. we are very much a team even though obviously since the organization is so large we take on different functions and different roles depending on the project or the circumstance. but we are all very focused on building a business. we are all running it as my father is dedicating himself to something that is bigger and more important which is the future of this country. it's amazing to be able to do that and to be able to take care of the business. my father put so much energy and effort and passion into building and to make sure to keep it healthy and vibrant and strong for the thousands of incredible employees that we have working for us here
11:54 pm
in america and across the globe. >> and coming up, you will hear from donald trump and what he thinks about his family.
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what if a company that didn't make cars made plastics that make them lighter? the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who.
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we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. they are living the trump life, private jets, manhattan penthouses and a family successful models, business moguls and now a presidential candidate. here is what trump has to say about his family. >> in this journey, i'm so lucky to have at my side my wife, melania. and my wonderful children. , don, ivanka, eric, tiffany and barron. you will always be my greatest source of pride and joy. i want to thank my wife and my family. it's an incredible family.
11:59 pm
>> i didn't need to do this. i had a very nice life. beautiful family, beautiful business. i built in incredible company. i didn't need to do this. it's not easy. believe me. i didn't need to do it. but i felt i had to give back to our wonderful country which has been so good to me and to my family. >> melania, my kids, they are not kids anymore, but they are kids as far as i'm concerned. they will always be my kids. >> it's an an unbelievable event. i came down with melania on that escalator and i want to tell you -- everyone loves melania. they love melania. she is a good person. i will tell you that. she is smart. >> thank you for being with us. and we wanted to note. we have offered a special similar to this one to the clinton campaign. so far they have turned down all of our offers. we will see you right here on the fox news channel weekdays at 7:00 p.m. eastern.
12:00 am
what do you think of the trump life? go to my facebook page and let me know. good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. hi, andy. >> thanks, tom. coming up, fbi director james comb me says americans need to get over their silly notions of privacy. stay tuned as facist tom shillue agrees and the festival known as burning man. comments like kids these days and you call that music? and what are the six things you are doing with your money that are really dumb? find out wherein investing in tom shillue's career is next. back to you, tom. >> that wasn't rea


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