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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 6, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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what do you think of the trump life? go to my facebook page and let me know. good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. hi, andy. >> thanks, tom. coming up, fbi director james comb me says americans need to get over their silly notions of privacy. stay tuned as facist tom shillue agrees and the festival known as burning man. comments like kids these days and you call that music? and what are the six things you are doing with your money that are really dumb? find out wherein investing in tom shillue's career is next. back to you, tom. >> that wasn't really a tease
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deck, was it? >> her show focuses on alternative investments that i think are stocks that are into nine inch nails. host of risk and reward, dierdre bolton. and they said it couldn't be done, but they found a way to make chris angel look weirder, kevin downey, junior. when you spell her last name it sounds like you are in the final round of ""wheel of fortune"" reporter for national review and fox news contributor katherine timph. and he has a rabid fan base. i don't mean enthusiastic. i mean they all have rabies. anthony cumia. let's start the show. >> donald trump is speaking out. >> my name is donald trump and i live in alabama. >> that's donald trump. he lives in canton, alabama
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with his wife and five dogs. the website showed up at his house recently and asked him about the other trump. >> since he has been running for president a lot of people has come up and said, man, you said this last night and i didn't watch it. don't you watch him? i said no. i really try to stay out of that political arena. i got my opinion and donald trump right now, yeah, he runs his mouth a little too much of he is not afraid to say what is on his mind. that's one thing i admire about him. >> donald trump revealed that there are perks. >> i have also had times where we have had to stay in hotels and they gave me the penthouse. on several occasions i got letters people wanting me to buy hotels. >> what? it is not all penthouse suites and offers to buy hotels. there is a downside. >> i had a lot of bad looks from people and like that. can .
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guys, i'm not the same one. >> guys, he is not >> you can see it in their face. guys, i'm not the same one. >> this guy has problems, i guess. >> this whole thing is sensitive for me. my friend chris brown just killed himself for reasons unknown and my friend willy cosby is no where to be found. >> look, this guy, he sounds like he is a fan of trump, but then says he does president have his head in -- he doesn't have his head in the political arena. >> you need basic cable because he has no idea what is going on. >> why does he have so many dogs? ks board by the scenario his wife is an exotic model. >> i did too. i did too. she is maybe that's it.
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>> why does he have exotic pets? >> i don't trust anybody with six dogs. it seems like an unnecessary amount of dogs. >> i am actually okay with the dogs. it is actually a beautiful cat. >> i feel the same way about children. he has six children and that's one thing. >> you are being interrogated, right? >> do you really want to do this? >> you have to have that many dogs running around your yard. >> a penthouse suite is anything with paneling. >> what is a penthouse suite that is being offered up. it is something with, look, hbo. >> do you remember office space? your name is michael bolton and how it meant nothing?
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>> who thinks he is the real donald trump? >> i was actually remembering. >> he has a beard and he should actually try to be donald trump and look like donald trump. >> he should own it. >> i did see how the alabama trump has better hair. >> i think they are both not hair i want. >> there is a before and after picture right there. >> it is not a swing state, right? it is not like he needs this guy's support. >> alabama trump actually has been underhandedly controlling the country for quite some time now. as i understand it, him and the excessive dogs. >> his buddies are trying to get him to run for mayor. you will run on name recognition alone. >> it shows you -- this guy, this is on the national news. this wasn't something we dug
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up for cable. we took it off the network news. it just shows you the kind of -- >> it must be significant. >> the way everyone wants trump news. we can't get enough trump? >> i hope neil young will remember a southern man doesn't want him around anyhow. >> thanks. >> they're coming. >> the government can't look at your phone even if it suspects you are a criminal. you might even say comey don't play that. he said encryption amounts to absolute privacy which is a right that never existed in america. comey most recently in the news for failing to recommend charges against an obviously guilty hillary clinton and told a dc symposium that this year alone the fbi has been unable to recuff evidence from 650 devices because of strong
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encryption. the american people will have to decide whether it will be okay if a growing portion of the room we protect goes dark. wow. >> i will come on the side of the constitution. >> they are working on you then, tom. it sets a precedent where this guy can say i know this is what the constitution says and they can do better. this is fox news. the conservatives are supposed to be on the side of the constitution. it is not that simple. tech experts are saying if you screw around on it and hack into one phone the whole system is less secure. he thinks he knows everything about everything, but he is a little bias.
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>> dierdre, i don't think there was anything about cell phones in the constitution. >> nothing was written about cell phones. if they are always listening. is it spine or policy? >> we have drones on the streets, the urban areas. i don't want to be on google maps and my house to be listed on google maps. >> you and i are on the cameras and yet when we catch this san bernadino guy we can't make him open his phone? isdon't like that. >> a lot of people don't and they don't like it, but they say tim cook, the ceo of apple is doing a pr statement. i am going to not unlock this phone because i want people to know i have privacy. >> i don't mind if you have
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privacy, but if they -- look, somebody catches the terrorist i want them to unlock it. >> if they did something bad go after it and i bet tim cook would have unlocked an iphone. >> what if i is a you are bad and you are not really bad? >> next thing you know -- >> it is interesting. >> if the orlando shooter had an iphone they would say there are more gay clubs that will get shot up would he have unlocked it? i think maybe. >> have i a solution to the problem. give me the 650 phones and i will leave them out in front of my girlfriend and it will be cracked in a second. i can't hide anything. >> it is true that it is hard to conceal information. everything public that is
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beingy held against the terrorists. >> we have the pesky constitution. there is something in place that says you -- >> can you quote it? >> search and seizure. you can't do it without a warrant. it is ridiculous. >> in your log cabin. >> the people in power do these things now where it is fear mongering. the terrorists! and people say ah, the terrorists! do what you want. that's a terrible precedent to set. i am waiving my flag over here. >> anthony, i am not screaming in the streets. >> you are screaming in the streets in your head. >> it is a carry raw couture of my attitude. we caught the san bernadino killer and we have his phone and calmly i should say -- that is reasonable. it is a reasonable search. >> he has committed a crime and you want.
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>> they got into the phone. >> they got into the phone, but they went and used a subcontractor from israel who said fine. we will just diplomatically -- we'll do it and that way tim cook does president -- doesn't have to do it. >> i don't mind if they are looking at people where there is a reason and a legitimate within the constitution reason. they are getting evidence about a crime that took place. >> that's something you can get a warrant for easily if it is a shooting like that. >> comey said are you being naughty. >> take it to guantanamo and you are off the u.s. soil and crack the phone. >> bear -- you are with me on this, right? >> absolutely. and i will give up civil libertieses. if that will help stop a
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school from getting shot up, take my phone. >> if you pack bowls should you not pack heat? a federal appeals court upheld the ban of gun sales to medical marijuana gun holders saying it does not violate their second amendment rights. it comes in a lawsuit filed in 2011 by a woman who said a nevada gun store refused to sell her a firearm after she got her medical marijuana card. it the gun store cited a rule banning the sale of firearms to illegal drug users. the court said it is reasonable to assume the card holder use the drugs. adding that congress has reasonably concluded that marijuana use, quote, raises the risk of you irrational and unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated. i don't know if i like this one. i like looking into phones, but i am a second amendment guy. >> this is nuts. there is no crime being
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committed here and there is no reason to prevent somebody from exercising their second amendment rights. i have never seen so much reasonable restriction put on an amendment that says shall not be infringed. this is a prime example. you have a medical marijuana card. you haven't used weed. is there a future crime here where you have a card so you can and you might? >> that's the trick. >> there is a link between drug use and gun crime, yes. but marijuana? what are they doing taking the guns and breaking into their home to steal their back to school snacks? i don't think that's happening. show me where that is happening and we'll have a discussion. it is not. they are mad the states are legalizing marijuana and they need to go around and we are the federal government. there is absolutely no reason for it. >> i don't see them shooting
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up the streets. >> i will take my chances rather than somebody drinking wild turkey and a gun. that's where you're in trouble. >> i can buy a bottle of vodka. >> the problem is they are saying that it is still a federal crime to smoke weed. if you are committing a federal crime -- with just having the card it doesn't mean you are actually using weed. >> they say because you have the card it is reasonable -- >> but with their logic having the gun should keep you from getting a gun because you could commit a crime. >> that's a good one. >> this is why the state law stuff doesn't work. >> you can have medical marijuana and you can have
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recreational use marijuana and be on a no fly list and buy a gun. that seems like a higher risk and i'm with you. >> i'm okay with the no fly list. you can be on a no fly and still go buy a gun. >> let's hone in on this. you seem to have the hard line. what part of no shall not be infringed? what about felons and people on the no fly list? >> that to me is reasonable. >> it is an arbitrary list. >> you get a lid up and you go on a plane and you say fu to the flight attendant. you are denied one of your rights. >> this is personal stories.
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>> one ali-akbar later. >> you tell the stewardess that you have had enough to drink. >> there are obviously they can make these laws and you have felons and other exceptions, but my problem with this -- on the last issue i was president with you -- last issue i wasn't with you, but you can't determine just because they have a card they are even using. the woman in this case said she doesn't smoke pot. she just does it to be cool. she just did it to support her friends. >> i also think marijuana can go into a different category. it is in the most dangerous category. it should be more dangerous than a lot of the narcotics that people are addicted to and it is an epidemic. but that's a bigger issue that the federal government seems to not want to give leeway to people who want to buy marijuana. >> ever notice in movies people who smoke weed are hilarious and people who do
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hair row -- heroin are tragic? >> follow hollywood. >> they are usually correct. >> coke, you're cool. no, kids. >> coming up, burning man turns 30. does that mean burning man is too old for burning man?
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. here is what is happening. the battle for ohio is heating up with hillary clinton and donald trump converging on the buckeye state. the two made competing labor day pitches just miles from each other in cleveland. no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. president obama can cancelling
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a member with the philippines president after he hurled insults against president obama a day ahead of their scheduled gathering. he has been under intension -- intense global scrutiny since drug dealers and users were killed since he took office. he admitted he now regrets cursing president obama. more defiance from north korea south korea says pyongyang has fired three missiles. according to the south it landed in the sea near japan in an apparent show of force timed to coincide with a group of 20 economic summit in china. tropical storm hermine is lingering bringing strong winds and rough winds. it is closing down beaches in new york and new jersey on labor day. visitors were allowed
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beach, but told to stay out of the water. u.s. conservative activist has died. she was a founding mother of the moderate movement died in her home in st. louis. she was known for defeating the equal rights amendment in the 1970s and for founding the eagle forum political group. phyllis schlafly was 92 years old. now back to "red eye." burning man is turning 30 man. but it is having growing pains. the festival in the desert began on sunday. the event is described as an experiment in community and art. but festival regular trek thunder kelly. does he sound like a regular? it sounds this way. imagine you have taken the red pill in the matrix and walked
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into the alice in wonder land. you can have waffles with a crew that look like elvis and learn how to pole dance and take a seminar on making absynth. funny. i have all of those things on my bucket list just after dying. attendees are asked to live by rad calling -- radical inclusive tee and a decomodification. a word i had to look up on my new ipad. they say they pay thousands to have first class uh come -- accommodations set up for them. look what larry harvey had to say about that. they will not find radical equality among them. that's because our city is a place where old and young and rich and poor can live on common ground. common ground is not a level playing field and should not be interpreted as mandating
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equal living conditions. that sound very conservative of him. maybe i will consider attending. i'm sure i can find three fellas that love harmony into. dierdre? >> sorry to anyone interested, but this is the group of people i always made strides to get away from, collectively. but people love. it i grew up on the east coast and i feel like you have to be from the west coast. >> it is west coast. >> yes. >> you noah loft silicon valley-type. they love it. >> they love it. this is everything. it is like circumstance de sew lay meets coachella and woodstock. for them they look forward to it all year. >> i want to go. it looks fun. >> cat is a good sport. >> cat, you go to fish concerts. >> i do. >> you love this kind of
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thing. >> i don't like fish and the last time i was in a room with 11 pip peas and i -- hippies and i thought maybe i am too old for this. >> what they are doing is taking the part of the hippie culture which is the music and the drugs and not dealing with the other part like having scabies or intestinal worms because you had to eat the grilled meat that treck what's his face left in the -- >> he goes there every year. >> i am so shocked by that. >> look, you look the part. if you were there they would act like you were welcome. >> i look like i was kicked out of duran, duran. >> i think they have -- it is now this party where you can walk around naked and bump into your parents naked.
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it is like facebook. it is over. it is done. >> i like the rides. >> everyone says it is over. this thing jumped the -- but every year it gets bigger. >> it gets bigger and bigger. this is my nightmare. everything from it being in the deads earth to the people -- in the desert and the people. it is like one of those shows they sit there naked and play the bongos naked with their friends. the fact it is more commercial liesed makes it worse. i can understand manson in the desert with his family and having a little fun. >> it is anti-commercial. you can't go to a stand and buy a pretzel. >> you have to have it flown in by your private jet.
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>> say you are good at juggling you juggle for the -- i don't know. >> this sounds worse than i thought. >> i'm sorry. >> there was an orgy invitation that single men could not go. >> more discrimination against single men. >> i think every orgy is setting its own rules. that's what it is about. >> can you deal with the lack of showers? >> i like to wash my hair, but it does -- not on my days off. in the desert? i would love it. go out there for the gutfeld show. greg will pay for your ticket. don't you think? >> i don't think so. >> greg, bit her a ticket. she will bring you product.
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>> andy is next. don't forget the "red eye" pod cast is back.
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey at the "red eye" news deck. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. >> there are way too many pieces of paper here. i think i printed twice. alabama trump. tom, you said there are perks
12:32 am
with seeing donald trump and then sometimes he is upgraded to penthouse suites and then letters asking him to buy the hotel. how is that a perk? >> they are like donald trump and i think the dam dam zip code should tip them off. >> kevin i am sorry abouty yore friends. no word from willy. we don't know. >> we have no idea what happened to willy. he disappeared a few months ago. >> absolutely. >> you had a problem with the trumps have six dogs. >> yes. >> you haven't done a lot of country dogs. >> it is common. >> i can be unpleased from uh par. >> alabama, they know i love
12:33 am
them, please. they are half of my subscribers. >> we are talk about this guy running for mayor. do you theng he should go for it? >> yeah. >> do you think he would be a good mayor? >> he seems like a reasonable guy. >> tom, we took this off of the national news. i thought it was a story on an alabama website. >> i saw, i saw -- i don't know. james thome hates america. you said you don't like that there were 650 foams -- phones out there. they are not terrorists. >> who are they? >> suspected it criminals. these are local crimes. >> if co me is looking at them i trust them. you ask if the government is listening. is it spying or policy?
12:34 am
it is called spying. i don't understand how tim cook is not unlocking the terrorists and telling them how they are there. >> the integrity of the product. >> it is not pr. >> i think it is reassuring his customers. >> anthony, say leave out the money and his girlfriend will crack them. >> i am apparently dating a cyber expert who can get into any phone and then another thing they do after that is throw it at my head. seen that happen. >> tom, your solution is take the phones to guantanamo and
12:35 am
crack them there. the issue is they are encrypted and the government can't crack them. doesn't matter where they tried. >> cat says it is unconstitutional. >> there is an encryption that cannot be broken. >> take him to a gun guantanamo and get the key. >> no guns for medical marijuana users. you say it is nuts and i agree. marijuana is illegal underfeddal law so the ruling is because of that then you can't get a gun. the good news is the 9th circuit which gave this ruling, they have a pretty good track record of being overturned by the supreme court. >> they seem like a western
12:36 am
liberaller court. congress said marijuana use raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior. if that's the case nobody buying alcohol are -- should be buying guns. >> there are more people -- i have nothing to grow up with except in detroit. >> cat did you say you are okay with not being able to get a gun if you are on the no fly list? >> yeah. >> you are? >> you should be able to get a gun even if are you on the no fly list. >> good. then we don't have to argue about it.
12:37 am
tom you said the woman got a medical marijuana card because she wanted to be cool. she got it as an expression of support. >> to be like her friends i think. >> burning man, you pointed out the silicon valley people love burning man. a lot of true instances come out of this? >> i wouldn't be surprised. >> anthony you said this is your nightmare. i couldn't agree more. the classifications annoying are the only way i would go. even then someone has to pay me. >> didn't they do that with the glamping? set up a tense like caesar in gladiator. there was a lot of people.
12:38 am
>> as soon as i hear the word -- they said -- people set up yerts. as soon as i hear that that's not a place you want to be. >> echo tent? >> those are two things i don't enjoy. larry harvey got into trouble a year or two ago and he said the reason they are over -- overwhelmingly white is because people don't like to -- >> he stands by it. lastly i think we have an out of context moment tonight featuring anthony cumia. can reroll that? >> i can understand nuts like man son and his family being in the tethered and having fun. >> she can't understand it. >> i didn't want to do anything in the desert. >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. coming up, when spacey noodles attack.
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learn how to protect yourself after the break. i grew up in the housing projects of cleveland.
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i didn't even know that life could be any better than it was. education for me has been a way to get away from the agony of what was normal life. i want to be able to impact a community. not just look back on where i came from but to reach back to where i came from and pull some people up with me. my name is david, and i am your dividend. live from mark -- america's news headquarters
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i'm kelly wright. it is the day after labor day and that means back to work after a summer break. how to fund the battle against the zika virus. last winter president obama requested $2 billion, but republicans we fused. since then a number of cases have sprung up, mostly in florida. the governor was to travel to dc to lobby congress for money. the trip must be delayed as they heal from hurricane hermine. prep preyings -- preparations are under way for hurricane newton. there are maximum sustained winds. newton is expected to make landfall this morning. some regions could see as much as 15 inches of rain. and an historic journey for president obama. he is the first sitting american president to visit there. president obama is scheduled to spend the next four days attending a summit of southeastern asian country.
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his visit comes on the heels of the g20 summit in china night. general motors settled two cases with defective switches. the plaintiff said they sustained serious injuries when the air bags in their vehicles didn't deploy. legal experts say it may determine the outcome of hundreds of other claims that gm still faces. and great news for fans of the giant panda. they are now off the endangered species list. they say their population grew by 17% from 2004 to 2014. however, the level is still labeled as vulnerable. how back to "red eye." >> a 23-year-old chef from london tried the world's spicest noodles.
12:45 am
for,000 times hotter. the dish containing 100 birds eye chili's and known as death noodles. the young manhandled it like a champ. >> i am deaf. i can't hear anything. >> i guess it should be called deaf noodles. the chef says it was the worst
12:46 am
feeling of his life and everybody who tried them threw up outside in the drain. >> so at the end of the day that's not what he is going for, right? >> the most amazing thing about the video is the staff didn't seem to be impressed. they didn't -- no one cared. >> here is people eating noodles. i want to know what happened to the hatted gentleman next to him. he seemed to be able to digest them better. >> ben is the one stripping down and looking for milk. >> 4,000 times hotter. >> i don't understand the eating hot food thing. >> it is a macho thing, right? >> that's what i think it is. why are you trying to make your mouth hurt on purpose? >> why are you trying to go deaf? >> you are supposed to be eating a meal and not replacing steve-o on "jackass."
12:47 am
>> i should have stopped eating meat when my mom was talking to me. >> i can'ty eat spicy food. tabasco is enough for me. people in that part of the world they like it. >> it seems to me to be a frat boy thing to do. >> like i said i am not partial to spicy foods. >> it is a challenge thing. >> that's how you win. more mouth doesn't go hurt and you are not deaf. that's how you win. >> one plate of deaf noodles and one of burning man. >> deaf noodle. >> do you like this kind of food? i went to asia and tried different things. i ate things i can't even tell you what i ate.
12:48 am
i 80 the penis of a mutton. >> how did you know that? >> the chinese guy said do you want mutton penis? i said might as well. >> did you ask the mutton. >> it was drill grilled -- it was grilled. they didn't pull it off the mutton and happened it to me. what do do you think? >> i gagged on a tiny piece of a chicken foot and they even clipped the nails for me and i was done. >> that was singapore. >> yes. >> i had duck feet in china. >> that's enough. anything with the word death. >> i like chicken noodle soup every night before bed. >> anybody that wants to invite cat out. >> it is my fave. i have eaten it every day for the next 20 years. >> i like chicken soup and
12:49 am
"dateline" on nbc. >> the kitchen guys were all hispanic and would make fun of me because i couldn't eat their food. they would put the extra spices. what is the thing and why are white people so embarrassed they can't eat this cuisine? >> it it is a pain thing and it shouldn't be involved with eating. >> you can go back and brag about all of the penises you ate. >> we are going on a road trip with you. >> maybe i can send him a picture or something. i have a photo of it. >> it is very long and curly. >> coming up, dumb places to keep your money. don't cory, the tom shillue super pack is not on the list. comfort food...
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you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving.
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. coming up on the next "red eye" joe devito and sam roberts and diana falzone and boris epstein.
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>> according to a personal finance blog, americans are keeping their money in really dumb places. not me. i got my money invested in trump stake. a -- the blog lists a number of stupid places to store your cash. among them, fancy coffee apps. americans have $1.2 billion loaded on to starbucks gift cards. i checked my phone and $23 that has been sitting on my phone. financial writers think a daily cocoa frap isn't wise. next, paypal. any money left on the site doesn't earn interest. next, under your mattress 43% of americans keep their savings in cash. that's unbelievable. it is not earning any interest that shocked me. lastly jewelry and gold both of which allegedly are bad investments. wait a minute, gold? >> i agree on the fancy drinks
12:55 am
thing though. i don't understand the fancy coffee drinks at all. i don't understand cafe latte and rosaritas. i drink my coffee black and my liquor straight. they are for pfingstal -- dash they are fact fact tour things. >> i'm with you. black coffee and hard liquor. >> i'm doing it for functional purposes. >> it is good. that's the way you do it. >> you know about finances. how many people keep cash at home? it is ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous, but true. paper does president -- we read it. people are worried about insects. they keep cash in a shoe box and that these silver wigs -- >> i thought she said incest. >> they are worried about that too. >> i understand jewelry and
12:56 am
keeping it in a box, but gold increases in value. >> most professionals say 5 to 10% in gold for your portfolio is not a bad way to go. i don't know why this article is so against it. >> william divine will smack your face. >> we depend on them. >> he is the next guest. >> it goes against something the people on this channel believe in quite a bit. >> i mean you have a savings account, right? jie it -- >> it is coins in a jar. i have an aqua net can where the bottom comes out. what's your address again? >> have i a safe with aqua net. totally different. if there is billions on a coffee app, then worry. what is interest .01%? it doesn't matter until the interest rate goes up.
12:57 am
take some riskses. get in that stock market. >> get that the market. >> jump in. >> special thanks to dierdra, anthony cumia. see you next time. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm doug mckelway in for bret baier. it had been 275 days since hillary clinton held a press conference. she is finally taking questions from media members traveling with her. this is a taped feed of that report. let's listen up. >> so the fact that our intelligence services are now viewing russian activity as a potential threat against our electoral system raises further questions about trump and


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