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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 6, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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himself. keep going. >> it's the tortoise and the pig there. >> keep going. >> absolutely. >> fight to the finish. >> good thing for the day. don't give up. >> good to be back with you. >> yes, nice to be here. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning on this tuesday, it's september 6th. hillary clinton finally holds a press event. it's been 275 days aboard her brand-new campaign plane, but it is cut short by this. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> why #hackinghillary was the number one trending topic in america. >> we're not talking about the russians hacking hillary this time. >> no e-mail hack. then some of america's top generals and military leaders just released a letter moments ago, 40 seconds ago. why they say donald trump is the
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best candidate to be commander in chief. you're going to hear about that shortly. yes, bret meigleson is calling -- bret michael son is calling for all of his friends. let me remind you, summer's over. put away the white pants and your mornings are better with friends. i go away for a week, we have a balcony? where's our balcony? >> i mean veranda. i should say veranda. >> i know. >> welcome back. how was your trip? >> it was great. absolutely great. did a little golfing, did a little surfing, did a little swimming. to top it off -- >> wow. >> last day i stepped on a rusty nail and wound up in the emergency room. >> are you okay? did it go through your foot? >> went through enough to get a tetanus shot.
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>> wow. are you okay? >> i'm looking for a little sympathy. >> are you limping? >> just a little. >> putting up 291st century fox flag. >> so we are at the right place. >> labor day weekend you had hillary clinton speaking in ohio. donald trump speaking. she got a new plane. there she is on her new campaign plane. >> right. yeah. she's got to cross paths. ohio is a battleground state. she did 11 events, 22 fundraisers. >> she could afford a plane, right? >> all the reporters on the plane were asking her softball questions. they were asking her how was your labor day. >> like what? do you have some? >> how was your labor day? tell me what you did for labor day? do you want to hear some of them. >> go ahead. >> welcome to our big plane!
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it's so exciting. >> what do you think? >> i think it's pretty cool. don't you? >> watch the camera. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. have you missed it? just waiting for this moment. no, really. i'll come back and talk to you more formally but i wanted to welcome you onto the plane. >> that question that you heard somebody asking, have you missed us? that was andrea mitchell. she also said do you have a labor day message for your fans and whatnot. >> maybe that was -- >> that was the robber. >> maybe that was a jab. you haven't talked to us in 235 days. >> i don't have a problem with that. she did speak afterwards. so i know you haven't seen someone for most of august. >> this is why i think she talked because when she was speaking at the podium in ohio she had a hacking fit. she could not -- she coughed for two minutes. >> two minutes. >> right.
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i think she said, let's listen to that and then i'll explain why i think she talked to the press. >> i've been talking so -- every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> well, that was a good line and she had one rehearsed line. if you remember famously earlier in this year she was on a radio show here in new york city, the breakfast club, and she started another one of those hacking fits and she said it was allergy season. so she continues this thing about hacking. here's the thing, unfortunately for her now the number one thing on the twitterverse is
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#hackinghillary. it's the top twitter thing. >> is that fortunate for her? >> no, unfortunate. now people are saying, why is her, you know, throat sore, why is she hacking? i know ed klein who's written a couple of books about the clintons, he has talked about how famously she fell down a couple of years ago, got the blood clot in her brain and then she's been taking medicine for that and for a thyroid condition and one of the side effects of the thyroid medicine is you do wind up with these bouts of coughing? >> i was thinking, so she coughed. we all have allergies, we have coughing spells but it doesn't look good when you have all of these conspiracy theories. i'm sure when she was at the podium saying, oh, my gosh, what am i going to say. then she goes on her plane and i think she thought, i need to divert attention away from my hacking from my coughing so let me speak to the press and that's why she went on the plane. >> i think you
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>> then she started coughing on the plane. >> otherwise, the lead story would have been this morning, say the kickoff to the campaign would have been hillary clinton's two-minute coughing spree but instead the story is, hey, after 1275 dayze -- 275 das she had a coughing fit. >> kellyanne conway said, i think she's allergic to the media. >> touche. >> john mccain had done this. look how old he is. >> marco rubio asked for water in the middle of his press conference one time. >> his remarks to the state of the union. let's move on and talk about what hillary clinton said about the fact that donald trump went to mexico. the vice presidential nominee tim kaine said he went to mexico but he didn't make the mexican president come out and say, i'll pay for the wall. hillary clinton said, yeah, i do agree. by the way, i'm not going to mexico. she thinks that donald trump had an unsuccessful trip.
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i don't think we've spoken. were you on the couch when he went to mexico? >> no, i watched it from my undisclosed location in florida. >> you shut off your phone. couldn't track you. >> here's hillary clinton saying donald trump didn't do well on this trip. >> we saw even more evidence last week that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president. in just a few hours he managed to turn his trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident. i mean, just look at what happened. he got into a twitter war with the president of mexico. not only did trump mess up his first international engagement, he choked. >> unfortunate for her she then choked. if she said hacked that would remind you of the day that she
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hacked. here's the thing about where she said trump had a terrible mexican diplomatic thing. you know, i'm just watching from home and i thought it was great. of course, the mexican president said oh, by the way, donald trump said we didn't talk about it. we did. i brought it up first thing. rudy giuliani said the mexican president brought it up. he said, hey, mr. president, that's off the table. we're not going to talk about this today. that derailed it right there. so we have rudy coming up in the next hour. we'll ask him about that. >> it's just not an accurate portray al. >> she's got to spin it. >> the big debate was over the tone of the speech later that day, then you could sit there and say, i don't like the tone. but to say it's disastrous -- >> the bottom line is, she didn't go to mexico, he did. and was expecting the mexican president to hand over a check. he's not going to write the check. in other news, on the
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republican side, donald trump kicking the campaign into high gear, topping a brand-new national poll moments ago. john roberts is live in virginia beach because he likes to go there. it's beautiful. >> reporter: brian, ainsley, steve, if hillary clinton had a coughing fit because of allergies in ohio, this next little bit of news is going to give her hives because take a look at this. a new cnn/orc poll that shows nationally among likely voters, donald trump now in the lead. he's got 45%, she has got 43%. still just a little more than 60 days to go until voters go to the polls on november 8th. with the numbers turning around it shows that this change in direction that donald trump has taken over the last few weeks really is beginning to have an effect. he's going to be here at the
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sadler center in virginia beach. yesterday he was in ohio, traditional labor day kickoff to the fall election campaign. a whirlwind trip. no big rallies, just a lot of small events. one of the big things that is going to happen this month, september 26th, the very first debate at hofstra university between donald trump and hillary clinton. trump saying he is going to participate in all three debates and that he is looking forward to it. listen here. >> i'm preparing somewhat like i prepared for the others. i think i'm preparing -- you know, i enjoyed the debating process. obviously i did well in the debates according to the polls, the online polls that they did right after the debates. >> [ inaudible ]. >> hurricanes, national disaster.
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i expect -- >> reporter: trump saying that only a hurricane could keep him away or a natural disaster could keep him away from hofstra university. a tropical storm did come through this area a week ago. it's not unheard of for a hurricane to hit at the end of september. i think it's pretty likely, brian, steve, ainsley, trump will be there for all three debates. virginia beach, and going to north carolina, greenville, for a big rally. >> john, if i talked to you the first week of august, by labor day you would be saying donald trump is up 45/43, you would have said i was crazy, right? >> reporter: i don't know if i would have said you were crazy, brian, because i would never cast that sort of aspersion on you, you about the numbers have turned around. their campaign are high fiving it. >> reince priebus predicted it. time to change over to the headlines. heather childress joins us on a tuesday that feels like a monday.
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>> nice to be here. good thing they all have that new plane because breaking overnight, another global airport meltdown. thousands of british airways passengers stranded from london to l.a. it happened to delta last month. curious travelers waiting in massive hour long lines as agents handwrite boarding passes. total chaos as some people are forced to put their luggage on planes while others wait hours on the tarmac. no word on when they will catch back up. the fox news alert, chaos at a london city airport after black lives matter protesters stormed the runway. flights coming to a halt as the group changed themselves together. the nine white protestors claiming the protests are racist. a witness says they got onto the runway using an inflatable float from a dock. officers stood with the group waiting for officers to unlock
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them. our very good friend bring the michaels is looking for a favor from you looking for two thieves who stole his cell phone. ♪ ♪ >> we love him. the rocker posting this picture on his facebook page saying these guys stole stuff from his new hampshire dressing room during the show. he gave them until saturday to turn the phones into police, no questions asked, but the deadline has passed. it's now a criminal case. help out if you can. back to you. >> they look familiar. >> yes. >> heather, thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up on this tuesday, america is mourning the passing of a conservative icon. phyllis schlafly. up next, the man who co-wrote that book with what she would want america to know about this election and donald trump. then we saw this amazing act of kindness from a florida star.
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america mourning the passing of phyllis schlafly. she rose to fame in the 1960s and '70s for her fight against
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the equal rights amendment and abortion and in the last year has thrown her support behind donald trump. >> we have the best conservative platform we've ever had and he endorses it, he will stand by it, he is a real conservative and i ask you to support him. >> phyllis schlafly died at the age of 92 just the day before the release of her brand-new book. called "the conservative case for trump." joining us is co-author. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> sorry about the passing of phyllis schlafly. >> thank you. her family is mourning her and we all miss her. i can't believe it's past tense. she had a great life filled with children, grandchildren. >> one of without a doubt the most conservative people in the united states of america and yet in the last year she threw her
3:19 am
considerable weight, political weight, behind donald trump. what is it about donald trump she loved? >> well, i will say there's a couple of things. one is she is what we call a true conservative. that means american sovereignty and america's central place is important to her but when she saw trump on a couple of main issues, immigration, trade, she recognized someone who was understanding the issues and then as the race went on she didn't endorse him until march but she wrote about him a bunch of times. then i think she also recognized a man who could win. he has a certain charisma and she told a story about reagan. he wasn't perfect but she said he was so strong and charismatic. >> with trump, he's not weak. he's a strong man with certain charisma. >> we had john roberts on. donald trump is leading. there are a number of conservatives and republicans who are part of the hashtag
3:20 am
#nevertrump. you and phyllis had a conversation about the people who are republicans and consider themselves never trumpers. what did she say about it? >> one of the great privileges. she's been involved in politics since 1946. she ran a race as a 22-year-old. she was a campaign member for congress. i got to pick her brain. a couple of weeks ago i said about the never trumpers, she said do you want a third party, fourth party, fifth party, go to europe. they have plenty of parties. america is a two party system. she's very loathe to criticize others. she says it as a statement about herself. i never fell for that third party temptation. it's a loser. it never wins. it never wins, it doesn't work and it's dumb. it's not a smart move. if you want to make a difference, shape the candidate, make this guy more conservative, whatever you like. we have to have him beat hillary. >> well, she was an american icahn that passedey
3:21 am
icon. ed helped her write it. thank you very much for joining us live. coming up on this tuesday, a muslim group demanding the truth be scrubbed from a 9/11 monument because it describes the islamic terrorists as islamic terrorists. they want those words removed.
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quick headlines for you. a real life horror movie coming to life in another community. look at this. police say someone dressed in a creepy clown costume, is terrifying and targeting young kids. this time it's in north carolina in winston-salem. the clown trying to lure kids into the woods with treats. this comes a few days after several parents in south carolina also reported a creepy clown. and kids now have to scan their fingerprints to get into disney world to prevent fraud.
3:25 am
the new requirement is to help block the use of stolen and shared tickets. parents uncomfortable with this new policy can scan their fingerprints instead if that makes them feel better. brian, over to you. >> thanks a lot, ainsley. what does heroism look like? what does it take to change the world? how can we teach our own kids, especially if they're going to school the first time, that's me today, that it's in their power to make the world a better place. brad melter wanted to answer for his own kids so he set out to write a series of books on that very topic. the newest one is called i am george washington in stores today. welcome back. >> not a surprising selection, george washington. what do you want to get across with george washington? >> what's so important is i wrote these books because i was tired at my own kids looking at reality show tv stars and loud mouth athletes. with george washington i wanted
3:26 am
to give them the best lesson. we have so few leaders. i want my son to know what it means to be a leader. this is what the book is there for. leadership in the i am george washington is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge. >> yeah. we hear some of the pictures in the book and some of the pages. you'll read this and get a quick competency on george washington, true, false, the cherry tree. things about leadership. these are george washington words. always look out for those who put faith in you. always forge your own road. we do those things. >> that's exactly right. what they're doing is looking out for us. when he finished the revolutionary war, king george of england famously said, he
3:27 am
could have been king of america. we could have made him a king and washington said he's going back to his farm. that's what he did, he did it again and he did it after his second term. i want my kids to see that. that was his most heroic act. having faith in us. having faith in our country. that's what kids need to see today. >> you know what i like that you include in this book, he lost an election. he was basically a middle child. what was he, the fourth oldest? >> i need my kids to see. he ran for the virginia legislature, george washington lost. that's when my young son said, he lost. now george washington isn't some dead guy on a dollar bill, he's just like the rest of us. no one is a hero, brian. we are all born and flawed. you have to excel. >> you write these books. you have a great knowledge of history. are you heartened that they have sold over 1 million copies and
3:28 am
number two that hamilton is such a hit one block away from us. >> that's what history is, the greatest stories ever told. when i see things like this saying i need this for my kids, people are buying them. the goal is not to sell george washington or i am jane goodall, it's to build a library. >> thing for parents, even though this is easy for an eighth grader or ninth grader, if you want them to pick up a george washington book, where do i start, you can hand them this and in about 15, 20 minutes they're going to get stuff about washington that's going to keep them off the ""tonight show."" >> yeah we get 5-year-olds, 10-year-old. dear brad, my daughter didn't go as a princess, she went as amalia earhardt. >> go out and run and get it. this way you have something to read tonight.
3:29 am
congratulations, brad. good luck. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, a father forced to watch in horror as his twin babies are whisked away by a car jacker. plus, this just in. some of america's top generals and military leaders just released a letter moments ago backing donald trump. one of those generals here next with why he signed that letter. but first, happy birthday to new jersey governor chris christie. he's 54 today and i think he's pointing at me. ♪ ♪
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fox news alert. just moments ago donald trump picking up a key endorsement as nearly 90 of america's top military leaders make their case for him to be the president of the united states. in a letter they write this, we
3:33 am
support donald trump and his commitment to rebuild our military, to secure our borders, to defeat our islamic supremist adversaries and restore law and order domestically. we urge our fellow americans to do the same. >> that's part of the letter. retired brigadier general joins us live from tampa st. pete. good morning. >> good morning. how are you today? >> doing great. so, general, why did you decide to come out and publicly endorse donald trump for president of the united states? >> it was a hard decision to be honest with you. the reason i came out publicly was because i know many of the people who signed that letter personally. i know many of the military people who are working with him as advisors. these people are what i call warriors and leaders. they're not politicians, they're warriors and leaders. they have a strong country and a strong military, we need men that are warriors and leaders.
3:34 am
i believe that donald trump will take the advice of these warriors and leaders and do what's right for our country and support our troops no matter what the endeavor. >> very interesting because you have a guy -- you have a woman on the other side, hillary clinton, who's got that foreign relations experience in the senate and a first lady, traveled the globe and now former secretary of state and you say i've seen that resume and there's something about that that pales in comparison to a businessman's resume. why? >> it's not so much i've seen the resume or i say bad of secretary clinton. what it is is very simple. good leaders surround themselves with good people because nobody is that smart. everyone needs advice. and from what i've seen so far, donald trump understands that he needs advice. and he has reached out, and i want to add he has actively reached out to get the right people militarily around him for good, solid advice. >> general, in your opinion what
3:35 am
did the current administration get wrong and what needs to be fixed immediately? >> well, ma'am, first off, i don't do monday morning quarterbacking. i don't have all of the information. there are reasons i am sure that the current administration did whatever they did. i don't know the reasons, all i can do is speak to you from my beliefs and what i believe. would i have done things differently? possibly so. would i have done things the same? possibly so. all i can tell you is this, in a nutshell that i think that donald trump is smart enough to take the advice of the military leaders around him. you know, in the military there are two type of leaders. there are warrior leaders and there are politician leaders and the people that i know that are working with this administration as his advisors are all warriors and they're people that i have the utmost of respect for. >> you know, general, i'm glad you made that last comment because in the last couple of
3:36 am
months we've heard some people being critical of military folks retired who have come out and endorsed one side or the other. but obviously there's something about this particular -- this particular election where you said this is so important i'm going to have to -- you know, i'm going to -- i'm a military man but i'm going to get a little political here and you did it. why did you do it this time? >> very simple. donald trump says america first. we have to protect america and i'm a firm believer in that. i was in the military for 30 years. i lost friends in the military and i will do whatever i can, whatever i think is right to protect our country and the members of the military. and if this is what it takes for me to stand up and come out publicly and say i think that donald trump would be the best for the country mill tearily, that's what i'm going to do. >> lastly real quick, colin kaepernick taking a knee or
3:37 am
sitting down during the national anthem. as a military man, how do you feel? >> you know, i don't know why, but i knew you were going to ask that question. i knew it was going to come around. my saens probably going to surprise you. i respect colin kaepernick for taking a stand. there are so many multi-million dollar@lea dollar athletes who never took a stand. there are so many who wanted to play ball and get their endorsement. they never took a stand. it's very unpopular when an athlete takes a stand. i think colin kaepernick has the right to take a stand. we're always taught, freedom of speech. he's taking his freedom of speech. but in the meanwhile i fought the nfl for this and i'll tell you why. colin kaepernick is a great young man and i use the word young. he's a young man. there should be a mechanism in the nfl for these young players to be educated. there should be a mechanism where if he wants to do something, he should be able to pick up the phone and call and
3:38 am
say, listen, i want to do something. i'm not sure i want to do. what can you advise me to do? or he might say, listen, i've decided not to stand during the national anthem. i'm sure if he had spoke to the right person, someone like myself or one of the advisors that i would have talked about, listen, understand, why don't you instead of doing that because it's going to look bad, make you look bad, why don't you take that million dollars and donate it to the naacp or some other organization that's doing good that's going to upgrade blacks or how about this? how about why don't you set aside five scholarships for young people? >> general -- >> a lot of things you can do. >> general, i wish he had talked to you and gotten your advice. we respect you. thank you so much for your service to this great country. >> thank you very much. you can tell the nfl they can call me and i'll help them out. >> okay. i'll pass that message along. >> maybe trump will call you. >> thank you. 22 minutes now before the top of the hour. time for some news and heather joins us once again.
3:39 am
>> wise words from him. thank you very much. hello to everyone at home. some spine chilling views happening at this gas station for one father as his twin baby girls are snatched right in front of his eyes. all of it caught on camera. take a look at this dramatic video showing the father just inches away from his car in atlanta. baby's asleep in the back seat but when he reaches for the door handle a car jacker hits the gas. the pour gentlemenless and panicked dad sprinting after them but it's too late. the car found abandoned nearby. listen to this. only one twin was inside. the other baby on the side of the road. both girls are okay. the suspect is still on the run. outrage after a group demands a group be scrubbed from a 9/11 monument. it stems from these two words, islamic terrorists. they're saying it's not politically correct and can encourage hate. town officials saying they don't, quote, whitewash things
3:40 am
and that the monument is factually accurate. and reunited. florida statewide receiver travis rudolph surprising his new friend with a customized seminoles jersey. just last week this picture went viral when rudolph had lunch with the sixth grader who is autistic. both telling us how much it meant to him. >> it's just so amazing that travis rudolph and his whole team came to mumford and i just saw him and he said, dude, can i sit down with you? i said, sure, why not? >> rudolph also gave bowe and his mom tickets to last night's fsu game. bowe must have been good luck though because the seminoles run. rudolph even scored a touchdown for him. what a game that was. they were down by, what, 22 points at one point? >> 21-3. >> came back and beat ole miss. they've always been good at comb
3:41 am
backs. >> thanks so much. 20 before the top of the hour. maria molina joining us straight ahead with a very busy weather day. >> reporter: very busy weather day. i'm sure you are very happy about that nole win. >> we both went there. i was in my freshman sophomore year, she was there for four years. >> reporter: now i have bad news. we are talking about a very busy weather day like steve mentioned. multiple storm systems that start out across portions of the east. we're tracking hermine. maximum sustained winds right now at 65 miles per hour. it has taken a turn towards the west. moving westward. it will be bringing in some of those impacts. we still have tropical storm warnings across eastern parts of long island and southern parts of new england. meanwhile, out in the west and the pacific, we have another storm out here, category one hurricane. it is making landfall right now as we speak. eventually some of that rain will move into parts of the southwestern u.s. potentially
3:42 am
bringing flash flooding and rain a cross the plains and upper great lakes. >> very busy, indeed. maria, thank you very much. meanwhile, diddy digging at president obama for not doing enough for the black community. listen. >> i feel like we put president obama in the white house. i think we got a little bit larry says that's the exact message donald trump should listen to. we'll explain. prayer and patriotism captured in one image. a kindergartener stopped to pray and say the pledge of allegiance. that boy and his mom will join us. ♪ ♪
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shaun diddy combs knocking president obama and issuing an action when it comes to hillary clinton. >> i feel like we put president obama in the white house and when i look back i just -- i just wanted more done for my people. i think we got a little bit short changed. hillary clinton, i hope she starts to directly talk to the black community. as a community we've got to hold our vote. >> does he have a point? joining us to react is nationally syndicated, one of the best in the business, larry elder. were you surprised that p. diddy spoke like that and was not all aboard while rolling out a charter school? >> i was surprised. i was pleasantly surprised. at last, at last, maybe the awakening is finally here.
3:47 am
it's time blacks rethought their allegiance to the democratic party. >> black people, you'll be worse off. he says things will be better. the reason is because of the economy. no other issue is close and p. diddy is right. blacks have been short changed. poverty is up. net worth is down. the so-called wealth gap between a white house hold and black household hasn't been this wide in 25 years. the labor force participation rate, percentage of black people looking for a job hasn't been this low since they've been keeping the numbers. president obama hasn't kept his word. >> then what? >> they should vote for donald trump. just like ronald regan, he deregulated black unemployment better than white unemployment.
3:48 am
hispanic unemployment fell faster than white unemployment. by the way, when i told this to tavis smiley, he said i was wrong and he'd have the exact facts on my desk the following monday. that was six years ago. i'm still waiting. >> all right, larry. so if you were to advise donald trump on how to capitalize on diddy saying this, folks have been short changed, what would your advice to donald trump be regarding the black community? >> my advice to donald trump, what donald trump should have said to this black church but republicans are always afraid of hurting people's feelings is to absolutely assault the democratic party. the welfare state has done to the black family what slavery and jim crow couldn't do. that is to create all of these fatherless homes. the marriage between unions in the democratic party means education in the inner city has suffered. unbridled immigration has put downward pressure on wages in the city. he ought to do a full attack on
3:49 am
left wing politics. >> my brother's keeper program had a lot of potential. i think the fact that he became president inspires a lot of people across the world to think they can achieve things in america. so hopefully those type of things come through. >> well, brian, let me say one thing quickly about that. black people didn't vote for obama because he was black, they voted for him because he was a liberal democrat. they didn't vote for michael steel who was black, lynn swaun, tim blackwell in ohio. the primary reason obama won is because he's a left wing liberal democrat. >> joining us from la, larry, thank you. still ahead, it is prayer and patriotism captured in that single image right there. that kindergartener stopping had his tracks to pray and say the pledge of allegiance before school. that boy and his mama are going to join us live. there they are. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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3:53 am
a moment of prayer and patriotism warming hearts around america. this image of a kindergartner stopping to say the pledge of allegiance before school has gone viral. little royce also took time right there to say a quick prayer. >> i said a prayer. god -- thank you, god. thank you for giving me a wonderful day. >> wow. royce and his mom, heather nelson, join us now. good morning to both of you.
3:54 am
>> good morning to you. >> thanks, heather, for being on our show this morning. tell us what happened. if people are waking up and they haven't seen this video on social media, what's going on in that picture? >> well, i dropped royce off for school. it was a little bit like -- the school had just started so it was a little bit like it was close to late. >> you were a little late. >> well, i was still in the line, but the line was a little longer that morning. it had been getting better that morning, it was getting long again. when i dropped him off, i was four cars back. and i noticed he just stopped. i was like what is he doing? i thought he was looking at his shoes. i was like, okay, what is he doing? i couldn't tell him that, because i was still four cars back. by the time i made it up to him, i said to him, go, royce, go,
3:55 am
you're running late. i said it probably again, i think. the officer, she stopped me and she said, he's good, mom, she said. she said he said pledge of allegiance and then he said now he's saying a prayer. oh, okay. i was so proud and of course i'm like i got my camera, i took a picture of it and i was really proud. >> you should be proud. you have done well. why did you do that, royce, why did you stop instead of going into the classroom? >> tell her. tell her. >> royce, did you do it because you heard the pledge of allegiance on the loud speaker? you did? why is that important? why was it important for you to stop? >> because i just did it. >> we're really proud of you for doing that. what did you say in your prayer? >> i said it in my head. >> you said it in your head, you
3:56 am
didn't say it out loud. a little secret to god? i heard you say thank you for your day. i heard you say that in the interview. did you walk in, and what's the response from your teachers and friends because thousands of people have seen this, royce. what are they all saying? mom, do you want to take it over? mom, what are friends and teachers saying? >> it's overwhelming. he's made everybody proud with his little -- with his heart and his love for god and country. it's awesome. >> it is awesome. >> you know, people are trying to take prayers out of school and your son is bringing prayers into the classroom, into the schools. where did he learn to do that? >> well, at home. we definitely represent prayer. >> that's great. well, god bless you both. royce, you keep praying and keep saying that pledge of allegiance. standing up proud.
3:57 am
we're proud of you. bye, guys. thank you. well, attention, parents. your child's brain on video games, it looks just like a brain on drugs. the shocking new study that's going to make you think twice before giving them that ipad.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good tuesday morning to you and your family. 7:00 here on the east coast. it's september 6th. i'm ainsley earhardt. stunning new polls just revealed showing hillary clinton is no longer in the lead. and when it comes to independent voters donald trump comes in 20 points ahead. >> whoa. >> we're live on the campaign trail. you cannot make it up. we're going to talk to you about both candidates. steve? >> thanks, ainsley. fresh out of hiding, hillary clinton tells the press she takes classified information very seriously. >> i went into the state department understanding
4:01 am
classification. i take classification seriously. >> okay. but what does the law say about this. judge napolitano has been examining her comments. >> if you want to get rid of a blackberry take a hammer. she's good at that. a muslim group trying to scrub the truth from the 9/11 muslim. they want it scrubbed to make it more politically correct. rudy giuliani is here to react to that. and more. let me just remind you, you have to get back to school today. please take a shower, shine your forehead and your mornings are better with "friends." >> now, brian refresh my memory, why do you shine your forehead on the first day of school? >> doesn't it seem like kids are so shiny on the first day of school? >> so excited. >> like your forehead -- >> you're right. came going to buff mine right
4:02 am
now. how do i look? >> you have makeup on your tie. >> i'm here with two men who wear makeup. >> do you know how hard -- that's daddy's makeup, yeah. unless your dad is dee snider or someone named kiss. >> do you want to add another comment? we should be talking politics not makeup. hillary clinton is heading south after ohio. >> finally answering some reporters questions after 200 days of no news conference, but the press should be the least of her worries after a new poll that came out one hour and two minutes ago. >> mike emanuel has the latest. hey, what's the latest? >> reporter: brian, steve, ainsley, good morning to you. yeah, nine weeks out from election day, new polling suggests it's shaping up to be quite a race. the new cnn/orc poll reveal that donald trump with a narrow two-point edge over hillary
4:03 am
clinton. with libertarian candidate johnson at 7% and green party candidate jill stein at 2%. no surprise when hillary clinton decided to take reporter questions on her brand-new campaign plane there were questions about whether she understood the classification of the u.s. government's information following what she told the fbi in her e-mail investigation. >> i went into the state department understanding classification. i take classification seriously. in fact -- the fact that i couldn't remember certain meetings whether or not they had occurred doesn't affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material. >> reporter: clinton also tried to go on offense a bit by suggesting that russian president vladimir putin is trying to influence the outcome of this election. >> we are facing a very serious
4:04 am
concern. we never had a foreign adversarial power be already involved in our electoral process. we never had a nominee of one of our major parties urging the russians to hack more. >> reporter: so today it will be battleground florida for hillary clinton after yesterday it was battleground ohio. get used to that over the next nine weeks or so. with indications this morning in at least one major national poll that clinton's post dnc bounce has all but evaporated. steve, ainsley, brian? >> looks like it. mike emanuel, he talked about the brand-new poll that came out an hour and four minutes ago. nationwide amongst everybody it's a two two-point race. when you look at the independ t
4:05 am
independent, it's the independents who elect the president, donald trump is leading by 20 points over hillary clinton. >> right. >> judge napolitano just joined us on the sofa. can you believe this? reince priebus predicted this. like two weeks ago he said trump is going to be ahead labor day weekend, around labor day weekend and now he is. >> well, she's had three very, very bad weeks during the course of which she has not responded. except for the very small first interview in what 247 days, first press conference in the first 247 days on the back of her plane and the essence goes back to the reckless use of e-mails. i spent a day and a half -- while kilmeade was getting a suntan i was read -- i read them in the sun. it takes a day and half to read them carefully and compare them with the public record that is already out there. and i can tell you that the conclusion is inescapable. she was seriously concerned about being indicted. and far -- >> why do you say that? >> because the answers that she
4:06 am
gave to the fbi, if publicized by donald trump to the public, will be devastating to her politically. but helpful to her legally. the fbi was looking for how reckless was she? with state secrets. she persuaded the fbi she wasn't involved in state secrets. she wasn't concerned with whether or not they were secret. contrary to what she just said in the clip we just ran from her plane yesterday, she couldn't care less if something was marked confidential, secret or top secret. that's sort of obliviousness lessens the criminality in the mind of the fbi, but that sort of obliviousness is that what you want in the mind of a secretary of state or the president of the united states? >> you said they tried to trick her. >> yes. >> how? >> very good. they took a document, which was utterly innocuous, without her in the room they stamped it secret. she comes in the room and they hand her the document. do you recognize this? no, i don't recognize it. do you recognize the secret marking on it? she goes, no, in fact, nothing
4:07 am
secret in this document at all. so she didn't fall for the trick. and the fbi is permitted to do things like that. on the other hand, -- >> that proves that she knows what's secret and what's not. >> yes, that was the reason for i. she would lose either way. that would show she has -- this is ridiculous, talking about her mental capacity? she has the mental capacity to read a document and decide whether it's secret or not. so in the margin of many of the documents is the little "c." almost anybody -- almost anybody in law enforcement or in the intelligence community knows that "c" represents confidential. the lowest of the three levels of classification. confidential is lowest. secret is the middle. top secret is the most sensitive. she didn't -- she said she didn't know what that meant. >> right. >> it is inconceivable that she didn't know what that meant. >> she thought it was numbering the paragraphs. >> she thought there was an "a"
4:08 am
and "b" she didn't see. she signed the oath after a two-hour tutorial that she understood these markings. >> since you went through this stuff and i've heard news reportage about this, that apparently she said i don't remember, i don't recall at some point -- >> 39. >> well, that's according to the fbi, but it's not verbatim so hard to tell how many times she said it, she essentially blamed her concussion on the reason she couldn't remember stuff. >> that will help her legally, but in my view it's catastrophically -- catastrophic politically. >> she's got a health problem. >> because of my health problems, i don't remember what the law is? i don't know what a secret -- top secret and confidential, how can she be the president of the united states? she's going have to answer for that. >> that's not good. she says that bill clinton should not have to resign from the clinton foundation. if she becomes president. so he should be taking in money
4:09 am
from donors while she's president. >> we already know that he was taking in money from donors while she was secretary of state. those donors were giving money to him in order to give access to her. in some quarters that's called bribery. the federal government doesn't call it bribery. they have a soft phrase called pay for play. in my view it's absolutely unlawful. but in the next couple of weeks, you are going to see things about the clinton foundation that's going to cause her to change her mind. you will see for many years it was never a registered charity. for many years it said they could donate and take a tax donation and they cannot. they had to give money to the irs. the donations did not match one what the donors said they gave. you will see the amounts of money that bill clinton personally received grossly out of proportion to what a charity should be paying somebody on the board. >> we're about to get the relation of the schedule to see if the a.p. will conclude that
4:10 am
60% of the people that visited her had some connection -- had some connection to the foundation. real quick, what does it tell you about destroying the blackberries with a hammer, having 13 devices and deleting even though congress told them not to delete? >> it was wrong for the fbi not to recommend indictment. i think that they were big footed by the west wing of the white house. they were not told not to do it. >> are you saying that the fbi was political? >> i'm saying the fbi was told what to do. a lot of fbi agents involved in this case are furious at the outcome. hard working, decent, law enforcement men and women who devoted a year of their lives to find out if there's a crime here and believe there was and for political reasons they couldn't do it. but the destruction of a blackberry -- remember she said she used one, she used 13. the destruction of that is obstruction of justice. >> not one democrat has condemned this. they have only backed her. thank you so much for your hard
4:11 am
work. meanwhile, heather childers is poised to give us the news. >> good morning to you. we begin with some sad news though. conservatives around the country mourning phyllis schlafly who died yesterday. she rose to fame in the 1960's for her opposition to the equal rights amendment and abortion. earlier this year, she threw her support behind donald trump's presidential campaign. now, the president of her organization eagle forum joined us earlier do tell us why she was voting for trump. >> what i would call a true conservative. that means that american sovereignty around american's central place in history is important to her. always has been. but when she saw trump on a couple of main issue, immigration, trade, she recognized someone who was understanding the issues. >> she was a great lady. trump called schlafly a conservative icon who led millions to action and reshaped the conservative movement. phyllis schlafly dead at 92. well, breaking overnight to
4:12 am
another global airport meltdown. thousands of british airways passengers stranded from london to l.a. after a systemwide computer outage. furious travelers waiting in hours long lines as agents hand write boarding passes. total chaos as some people are forced to put their own luggage on planes, while others wait hours on the tarmac. more than 100 flights are delayed at this hour. no word on when they'll catch back up. the outage follows a similar one with delta just last month. and a fox news alert for you as well. chaos at a london city airport after black lives matter protesters stormed the runway. flights coming to a halt and planes diverted as the group chained themselves together. now the nine white protesters claiming that the climate around the world is racist. they got on the runway by using an inflatable float from a dock. no one though was arrested.
4:13 am
and it's that time of the year again. no, not football season pumpkin spice latte season. starbucks rolling out the fall menu today. if you're interested also, a chili mocha latte. it's made of milk with cinnamon, cayenne pepper, sugar for a quote, sweet and spicy flavor and balance. >> this is a big story though, using real pumpkin in the pumpkin spice latte. >> just a little. remember a latte is a hot cup of milk. >> sorry, starbucks. >> you mean, five bucks. your child's brain on video games look like a brain on drugs. the shocking new study that will make you think twice before giving your kids the ipad. >> like the egg on the hot
4:14 am
pavement. remember that when we were little? plus, he oversaw the raid that took down bin laden and now one retired admiral has a message for colin kaepernick. a live report next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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4:18 am
well, this general led the raid that took down bin laden and now admiral mccraven -- william mccraven has a message for colin kaepernick and it's essentially get up. >> that message slightly different than what we heard from president obama yesterday. >> ed henry is live in washington, d.c., to break it all down. the powerful message. ed? >> reporter: good morning, guys. the president on one hand stress on the asian voyage he's had little time to think about football, while on the other hand it sounds like he's on board with kaepernick's approach. he says kaepernick cares about real legitimate issues and this is about, quote, having an active citizenry. after kaepernick of course kneeled during the standing ovation last week at this preseason game, the president saying this is all about democracy. sometimes it's messy. >> he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement when it comes to the
4:19 am
flag and the national anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us. you know, that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are. if nothing else, what he's done is he's generated, you know, more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about. >> reporter: now, a much different approach from one of the former military commander, william mccraven, commanded the team that killed bin laden and now serves as chancellor of the university of texas system and he instructed his men to stand up straight and stand with their
4:20 am
hands over their heart. he said i spent 37 years defending freedom of speech and freedom of expression, nothing is more important to this democracy, while no one should be compelled to stand, they should recognize by sitting in protest of the flag they are disrespecting everyone who sacrificed to make this country what it is today as imperfect as it might be. interesting, this is one part of the conversation that the president did not touch on. kaepernick recently wearing these socks showing a pig wearing a patrol man's hat. an image that infuriated a lot of police officers. some saying they won't work the home games for the 49ers this years. >> oh, boy. all right, ed, thank you very much. >> yeah. more players are getting on board including a soccer player. meanwhile, a muslim group trying to scrub the truth from the memorial and they want it removed to make it more politically correct and rudy giuliani is here. he wants to weigh in on that as well as the latest news on hillary clinton. and attention, parents. your child's brain on video
4:21 am
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4:24 am
wash. some quick headlines for you. congress returning to capitol hill this morning, on the agenda emergency funding to fight the zika virus and avoiding a government shutdown. the house and senate have less than a month to pass a temporary spending bill to keep the federal government running past october 1st. and actor chevy chase is checking into rehab for an alcohol problem. >> when i was your age, my dad shared a beer with me and i thought it was the best thing in the world.
4:25 am
>> chase's publicist says that he's at a treatment center in minnesota for what he calls a tune-up in his recovery. ahoy there. jeff williams tweeting this incredible panoramic video. look at this from space. cameras from the iss capturing both sailing down new york's hudson river with a stunning whitewave trailing behind them. pretty remarkable footage. ainsley and steve? >> thank you. it's a petrifying digital warning that every parent needs to hear. if you think your kids are addicted to their screens you might be right. the technology is like digital heroin. >> you got my attention. they say it can damage the developing brain of a child the same way that drug addiction can. on the left, a brain scan of a drug addict. on the right, a digital addict.
4:26 am
how do we fix this before it becomes a problem? >> dr. nicholas kardaras is the author of "glow kids." he joins us now. so you wrote a book about this. >> yes. >> what do parents need to be worried or concerned about here? >> i think it's a significant concern -- i tried to write a book that sort of gave parents the research. because i think a lot of parents intuitively understood that kids staring at glowing screens -- i think we have seen it, any of us who have lived on the planet for the last 20 years have seen the glow kids spreading. i think the parents have an intuitive sense this is a problem, but now we have both clinical and neurological brain imaging research. over 200 peer reviewed studies that show this has an addictive like effect on the child. >> word to the control room. if we can put up the screen again. okay, the person on the left is a drug addict. >> opiate addict.
4:27 am
that's a scan, it's defuse mris. >> make it as simple as possible. >> we're seeing abnormalities that mirror drug addiction on the frontal cortex. so -- >> the frontal cortex -- >> executive functioning and it controls impulse control and correlates with adhd and addiction. >> when does it develop fully? >> so the frontal cortex develops in the early 20s and the kids as they get older are more equipped to handle hyper stimulating, hyper arousing screens. it's clear that people that have been exposed to excessive -- i want to qualify by saying excessive screen usage meet all the criteria for behavioral addiction. it's not just drugs and alcohol, but people can be addicted to
4:28 am
sex and gambling. >> no parent -- i mean, we won't 20 years to give our kid an ipad. >> steve jobs waited ten years. so our recommendation -- and the research seems to show at least out of elementary school that a child that's 8, 9 or 10 years old isn't neurologically equipped to handle such a stimulating, immersive product. we're just not made for it yet. there was one research study that showed that screens recognize a dopamine activating as sex. do we want a 7-year-old having a digital orgasm? and that's how stimulating they are to a child. >> right. you're talking about how when you play a game, you are constantly being stimulated because you want to go get to the next level. >> and the next level. >> there's where the dopamine comes from. not everyone agrees with you, doctor. we have seen this form of scare mongering before. people are frequently uneasy with new technology.
4:29 am
after all, the screens and the computers aren't actually all that new. it's not the screen per se. it's the stimulation of what you do with the screen, right? >> right. i look about in my book that plateau was against the written word. he thought that writing would erode our memory. because back then they used to do oral storytelling. i get it. i was raised in the '70s on pacman. i'm not anti-technology, i have my smartphone. but this technology is qualitatively different than prior technologies and primarily because of the interactive and immersive nature of it. so i'm not trying to be chicken little and say the sky is falling. i'm trying to give parents the information that there are some potential clinical disorders that excessive screen usage can lead to and the research is clear on that. >> yeah, my doctor said two years. my little girl was born ten months ago. he said don't give her any ipads, no tv, nothing for two years that's kind of the standard. >> the american pediatrics
4:30 am
recommend no screen until 2. steve jobs didn't have his -- let his kids have them -- so if they're putting them into nontech elementary schools that should tell us something also. >> kids, go out and play. >> his new book is called "glow kids." something to think about. 7:30 here in new york city. why does hillary clinton keep coughing? here's a theory we haven't heard before. [ coughing ] >> every time i think of trump i get allergic. >> rudy giuliani is here on that and he has got some ideas. plus, a muslim group is trying to scrub the truth from the 9/11 memorial. it refers to the attackers as islamic terrorists and now they want those words removed to make it politically correct. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
america today -- america today is on bended knee in prayer for the people whose lives were lost here, for the workers who work here, for the families and more. this nation stands with the good people of new york city and new jersey and connecticut, as we mourn the loss of thousands of our citizens. i can hear you! i can hear you, the rest of the world hears you. and the people -- and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.
4:35 am
>> wow. that moment -- that moment almost 15 years ago, and mayor rudy giuliani is here with us this morning. the towers is about to start a 1400 mile journey ahead of the 9/11 anniversary. that's what the bikes are -- >> that's right. they'll take a piece of steel from the ground zero area, there it is right there. they're going to transport it up to gander, newfoundland. if you remember the story on 9/11 they couldn't land the planes here in new york city and instead, they were diverted to gander and the people of gander stopped everything, they opened their doors -- i think gander, a town of what, 10,000? >> yeah. i have been there. >> there were 6,000 people suddenly there. >> it's about the size of an apartment building in new york. >> no kidding. so anyway, as a tribute, they're going to do that starting right here on "fox & friends" in the
4:36 am
next hour. you as we look back at september the 14th, 2001, you're actually the fellow who introduced the president who is standing with bob beckwith, the fireman, who is going to be with us in an hour. >> yeah. i was there. the president first greeted a large group of clergymen who were there and they said a prayer and then he spoke -- he spoke on top of the pile. >> yeah. >> and then remarkably he remained behind for a very long -- for a very long period of time, to shake the hands of everyone, hug everyone. secret service was very, very nervous about that appearance. the night before governor pataki and i spent a great deal of time on the phone with the secret service to make sure that they were comfortable with exactly where we'd be. it took a lot of courage to do that. i'm sure he did that over the objection of the secret service. >> it was his first visit, right? >> first of all, we were only four days later. there was still fires below the
4:37 am
ground, 3,000 degrees fahrenheit. we thought we picked the right spot but we couldn't ben't know on below. i think it was still flowing from the ground and plus, you might remember the first two months after september 11th, every time you saw a plane, every time -- >> you wondered. >> like when the yankees played the world series i was worried about a plane coming into yankee stadium. so that was a very, very morale raising event. >> 15 years ago that show was shot. 9/11 happened. you lost a lot of people that you loved and cared for here in the city. how's the next story make you feel? there's a monument in owee go, new york, that memorializes all the victims that were lost and it reads this. that it was caused by islamic terrorists. you have the islamic organization of the southern tier they're encouraging that word islamic be scrubbed from the monument because they say it encourages hatred towards muslims. what are your thoughts?
4:38 am
>> that would be like my saying i want the word mafia taken out of the history books because it defames all italian americans. that would be sick. >> italian mafia, that would bother you? >> no, i put them all in jail. my reaction to the italian mafia was real simple. i'm italian american, i don't belong to them. i want nothing to do with them and they represent the bad part of my ethnic background. every ethnic background has a bad part. that's a bad part to the islamic religion and the good part of the islamic religion shouldn't feel at all hurt by islamic terrorism. they should feel angry about it. they should feel like maybe even stronger than i do. they should be wiped out because i felt strongly that people who weren't italian americans and mafia should be wiped out. you shouldn't become defensive about the bad people in your group. that makes it more difficult to overcome it when that happens. >> you know, at the museum they -- a lot of people said i don't want to highlight the terrorists but there is a
4:39 am
highlight of the terrorists. i think it's an important point. >> having lived through, having almost died, you know, in a building i was trapped in for 20 minutes, if it hadn't fell a different way i would have been dead, and that leaves you a lot of pain and thoughts. i never, never was at all unclear about who did this. i mean, that's why i gave the $10 million check back to the saudi princeling or whoever he was, who gave me $10 million for the twin towers fund. said, we don't want blood money. because he put out in a press release that israel was responsible for it, foreign relations were responsible for it. well, i know who it was responsible for it. radical islamic terrorism in that particular case as headed by bin laden. >> let's change gear, can we? >> hillary clinton was in cleveland yesterday. and -- >> she wasn't pleading guilty to indictment yesterday?
4:40 am
>> not yesterday. >> gosh, i thought -- >> there you can see her, tim kaine is looking on. he eventually would bring her a paper towel or something like that she had an epic two-minute coughing fit there. then a little later on she took some questions from members of the traveling press on her plane and had another one. and this kind of goes to what you have been talking about. >> i only said it once and i created like -- oh, my god, i got hate mail. all that stuff. because i saw online about six or seven episodes of that over the last year. >> what do you think is causing it? >> i don't know what is causing it. i said go look for yourself online and you decide what's going on. and my god, the left wing press went crazy. i think there was even an article in "the washington post" that i was crazy. >> yeah. she said yesterday she was allergic to trump, that's why she was coughing. >> ha-ha. i mean, i don't know. it may -- whatever it is it is. my goodness if donald trump had
4:41 am
a coughing fit, you know, five times in the last six months of major proportions, somebody would want to know what's going on? >> and john mccain they would be saying he's way too old, he shouldn't be president. >> i caused a revolution by it. maybe she should answer the question, what's going on? but the real problem i have with hillary clinton is that report, 302s of the fbi. i have read through them over the weekend in great deal. i wrote an article about it and there's at least 20 pieces of evidence of criminal intent that as a prosecutor i don't think i ever had a case with stronger evidence of criminal intent than that. i'm trying to think with a friend of mine who was -- who worked with me. in the u.s. attorney's office. who i was talking to. we were trying to think of a case that we prosecuted that would be stronger than that with destruction of evidence, not knowing "c" means confidential.
4:42 am
if you're a secretary of state and you don't know "c" with pa wrens and capital -- >> it was in the body of the e-mail, just on the side. >> that's where they put it. that's where they put it. i've read many of them. that's where they put it. she said she thought it had to do with alphabetical order. i didn't ask her was an a, b, d, f. if you can't figure out that "c" doesn't mean confidential as a secretary of state, you're stupid. >> she said she didn't send classified information because it meant confidential. so i think it was just semantics for her. >> well, she doesn't get the right to make that decision. the only person who can declassify is the president of the united states. now maybe she thought they was the president. she was maybe having an illusion. i don't think they was having an
4:43 am
i illusion i think she's doing something called lying which violates -- the united states code. >> you can't find it in the g mail. >> that's what martha stewart went to jail for one lie, a couple of years, about a financial matter that had nothing to do with our national security. >> well, thank you very much for doing us. we know you'll on a conference call today to talk about how hillary would not pass the security clearance today. >> couldn't hire her as the u.s. assistant attorney in the southern district of new york because she would not pass the national clearance. >> there's making news later on today. we'll talk about this live. thank you. >> mr. mayor is quite busy. meanwhile, straight ahead, president obama the victim of an attack by the filipino president and it's not pretty. we are live with the president
4:44 am
in laos. >> and the nfl didn't work out, so johnny manziel is making on a new challenge. going back to school. >> oh, gosh. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here. hmmmmm....... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row.
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wheyou wantve somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. all right. some quick football headlines right now. more trouble for the san francisco 49ers. they released bruce miller after he allegedly attacked an elderly man and son in their hotel room in san francisco. surveillance video showing the moments after the alleged attack, police say miller knocked on the door after a night of drinking and punched the 70-year-old man in the face, breaking several bones. and it's back to school for disgraced nfl quarterback, johnny manziel. he's re-enrolling at texas a&m.
4:48 am
the cleveland browns released him for so many problems we don't have enough letters in the prompter including allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend. that's a quick look at the world of sports. a war of words unfolding during president obama's final tour of asia. >> the president of the philippines now apologizing for a blistering verbal attack on president obama. kevin corke is traveling with the president and joins us live from laos. >> reporter: well, what a day here, i mean, the warmth and the great welcome by the people of laos and all of the smiles and frankly, the historic nature of the president's visit here. the first sitting american president to come to this beautiful country, all being overshadowed by the comments of the president, rodrigo duterte. talk about stealing the spotlight from what the white house hoped would be a glorious day and it's all being overshadowed by those comments. the white house had hoped this
4:49 am
day would be about the president's historic visit and a speech that he just delivered. it was to duterte, stirring the hornet's nest suggesting he'd call the president of the united states an s.o.b. if he chastised him about the mass extra judicial killings that have been going on in the philippines. 2,500 people have been killed for being involved in the drug trade, so late last night the u.s. cancelled the planned bilateral between the president and mr. duterte. and as you can well imagine today it's all about the philippine backpedal. >> he regrets that his remarks to the press have caused much controversy. while asserting the intent to chart an independent foreign policy and promote closer ties with all nations, the express -- he expressed a deep regret, deep regard and affinity for president obama and for enduring partnership between our nations. >> undoubtedly, if and when we
4:50 am
had a meeting that this is something that's going to be brought up. my hope is that it could be dealt with constructively. >> reporter: maybe constructively, but obviously, guy, not any time soon. back to you. >> you're right about that. kevin corke live in laos with the latest, thank you. >> thanks. >> the only thing very important ally, you know? we have to find a way to break through or else china will. the next guest is living proof that nothing is impossible. she is a motivational speaker, her name is jen bricker. she was born without any legs but she's a champion gymnast. she's going to join us live with her incredible story. come on in, jen. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking
4:51 am
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4:54 am
all right. she is living proof of the american dream. she was born with no legs and adopted by an american family as a baby. jen bricker grew up to become a champion and her brand-new book "everything is possible" follows her relationship with god and the unbelievable discovery of her biological sister, olymp olympician mars ya know. she has been on the show as well. welcome. you were born without legs and without parents. your parents looked at you, saw your eyes, said i have to adopt this baby girl. what do you remember of your early childhood and what did your parents instill in you?
4:55 am
>> my childhood when i think of it, i think of love and happiness and just adventure and my parents, they allowed me the mindset to love myself and to be who i'm meant to be. >> give me an example -- for example, when you said -- when they said, if you want to go skating, put the skates on your hand. >> figure out wo make it work. there was never discouragement. there was never you can't do that, you're too fragile, it's too hard. >> here kids have trouble going to school if they have a skin problem. i'm not putting the kids down. you knew you were different so where did the guts to go forward come from? >> it came from my faith, my family and it is who i'm meant to be. you know, i was created to be doing these things, to make the book to perform, to travel, to speak. it's not just about me. it's about what i'm made to do. >> look at you here. how old are you here and what's happening? >> i was -- i was probably 12.
4:56 am
and that was my -- that was the junior olympics. olympics tumbling meet. >> how did you -- as your athleticism, it's extraordinary, what you're dealing with is extraordinary. how do you deal with people and wonder how you're doing it? >> when i was younger i didn't realize how different i was, i didn't realize what i was doing was a such a big deal. there was no one like me to have done that before. so now, it's -- i want to answer the questions. i want to tell people. >> you do. that's what you wrote in the book. and dominique is your sister. >> yeah, i found out before i was 16 and i found out and i contacted her and my other sister. we met in 2008, we have been getting to know each other more and growing as sisters. >> that's awesome, jen. if people have an excuse, no excuses. >> no excuses it's a lifestyle. >> jen bricker, thank you. "everything is possible" is the name of the book.
4:57 am
thank you so much. >> great to meet you, thank you. coming up next, laura ingraham and so much more in the final hour. don't go away. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. that inactive satellite radio of yours is ready to roll. because the siriusxm free listening event
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5:00 am
good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, september 6th, we start with this, a fox news alert. trump is on top. stunning new polls as he picks up a major endorsement from some of america's top generals and military leaders. >> donald trump will take the advice of these warriors and leaders and do what's right for our country. and support our troops no matter what the endeavor. >> we will talk about the polls. we are live on the campaign trail. and after 275 days, hillary clinton finally tries opening up to the press. and then this happened. darn it. [ coughing ] >> every time i think about trump i get allergic.
5:01 am
>> she coughed for two full minutes. this morning, trump's camp has a different diagnosis than allergy to trump. you have seen him rocking it out on our plaza, remember? ♪ >> by the star of "the apprentice" too. he is calling out all fans this morning. why the legendary rocker needs your help. let me just remind you, summer's over, get dressed, you have work to do. you have school to attend. and your mornings are better with "friends." >> extremely depressing, brian. >> yes. ♪ ♪ starting the day, this hour, the tunnels foundation is beginning a journey from new york city, taking a piece of
5:02 am
steel from the south tower of the world trade tower to gander, newfoundland. the people of gander, newfoundland, 2001, september 11th, opened their doors because airplanes couldn't land here in new york city and there were thousands of people en route to new york city and they were diverted to newfoundland, to gander. the people of gander opened their doors and figured out where all of those people could stay for near a week. >> so that's a thank you to all those nice folks. >> absolutely. >> what a story that is. >> some 15 years. >> there's the hard part. you know, we work on 9/11. i look forward to it. but i had a chance to go downtown. to see what they have done down there and we have been there every year. it's miraculous the progress they have made. >> when will we see that this sunday? >> yeah. >> thanks for doing that. well, hillary clinton heads florida after slamming donald trump in ohio. >> clinton finally answering reporters' questions after 275 days of not talking to the press.
5:03 am
in a press conference setting. but the press may be the least of her worries, thanks to a new poll putting trump on top. >> mike emanuel is live on the campaign trail in tampa. mike, you didn't have this poll when the day started but things are certainly tightening up now that we're into the sprint to the debates. >> reporter: yeah, brian, steve, ainsley, good morning to you. nine weeks from election day it appears to be shaping up to be a horse race. a new cnn/orc poll of likely voters has trump with a slight two-point edge over hillary clinton and with jill stein and gary johnson in single digits. a big edge for donald trump is with independent voters. look at this number. trump 49% support, hillary clinton, 29% support. you mentioned hillary clinton is now traveling in a new campaign plane. she took some questions from reporters and no surprise, questions about the controversy regarding the clinton foundation came up.
5:04 am
>> do you feel that you've contributed to the perception that there were blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation by having several employees who seemed to go back and forth between the two? >> no, i don't. nancy, look, everything i did at the state department i did in furtherance of america's interest and our security. the state department has said there's absolutely no evidence of any kind of external influence. >> reporter: so while clinton is traveling around the united states, battleground states in a new campaign plane for the homestretch of this campaign, president obama is traveling around asia and says that the transpacific partnership would be better than the status quo. that ochx -- that of course put clinton now in an awkward spot. >> well, obviously i don't agree, because i don't support tpp -- and i don't on a range of issues which i have talked about at length. i think there could be actions
5:05 am
taken that would be in america's interest. that would raise income, produce more jobs for americans. and further our position in our security in the pacific. >> reporter: we expect a big push from the clinton team here in the tampa area on the issue of national security today. expect attacks on donald trump saying he doesn't have the temperament to be commander in chief, but the latest poll numbers are making it look like an interesting nine weeks ahead. >> no kidding. mike, thank you very much. let's bring in laura ingraham, down in our nation's capital. she joins us once a week. so the big news, the cnn polls has trump up by two. that's with all of the voters. but then, when you look at the independents and that's the -- that's what everybody wants, look at this. he's got 49 and she's got 29. that's pretty good news going into this sprint to the finish. >> more americans are refusing to affiliate with either party and we have known that for some time. republicans lost a lot of
5:06 am
credibility over the last, you know, 15 years and how they handled matters from foreign to domestic policy to immigration and trade. so this independent number is very important. we know there are a lot of democrats who don't really like hillary that much. a lot of them decide, well, i like hillary -- i dislike hillary less than i dislike trump they'll go with hillary. but that independent vote, i believe is always critical to trump's pulling this out in the end. these numbers -- these latest numbers really indicate that the credibility issue coming off that e-mail scandal, all the stuff we're learning day by day about what she actually did from smashing the blackberries with the hammer, having other people do that, not knowing what classified means or how to categorize it, people -- people aren't buying it. i think a lot of independents are like, look, we've got to just go back to pragmatism and how we handle major problems in this country. a lot of them at least right now are breaking for trump. that's good for him to come out
5:07 am
of labor day weekend with those numbers. >> good news for him. >> i think hillary's total attack plan is not by me, it's reject him. it seems like the best combination was thrown two thursdays ago when she said he was a white supremacist. how much further can she go? >> again, this is all she has. when you have -- when you have america being humiliated on the world stage, you know, the apology tour started in 2009 when she was secretary of state is now a full fledged humiliation tour for the united states. >> you're referring to what happened in china. they didn't roll the stairs up to air force one, vladimir putin berating for 90 minutes this president -- >> yeah, the philippine -- that philippines leader, rebuking america. we had an embarrassment in cuba when the president went there. remember the tarmac issue when the plane landed. we had iran putting our navy men on their knees on their shipped, been buzzed by russia and chinese aircraft. we had the iranian vessel
5:08 am
approaching our military vessel, at a high rate of speed in the waters off -- was it the strait -- the gulf coast, near the gulf region. this is never ending so she's not going to be able to discuss how america is stronger and the world is safer. all she has is donald trump is mean spirited or he's a bad temperament or bad judgment. after she says she doesn't have the memory of the 26 different questions by the fbi and he doesn't have the judgment or the temperament? gosh, this doesn't make sense on any level unless she's lying about it. >> i wanted to ask you about her coughing attack. yesterday, she was in cleveland, ohio, coughed for two minutes straight. can we hear a little bit of her
5:09 am
coughing. well, she coughed for two minutes and she said, i must be allergic to trump. which is a clever way to get out of it. she's so upset about coughing because so many people have been talking about her health. and kellyanne conway said, must be allergic to the media. she started to answer questions from the media. then she had another coughing fit. >> yeah, i mean i think -- you know, someone is not telling the truth, maybe they cough a lot. everyone has a tell when they're not telling the truth. what's your tell? maybe that's the tell. i don't know. it's a little bizarre, old tim kaine right behind her. what was he doing? >> help her out. >> playing checkers back there? what was he doing? give the woman a glass of water. that really is the thing that struck me. tim kaine is supposed to be this great force for the ticket. the one thing you need is a little help when you're coughing. he can't even get up and take the microphone. talk about disengaged from what's happening. maybe she'll cough during -- you know, any tough questions during the first debate or the forum on
5:10 am
wednesday. who knows? >> stay tuned. meanwhile, over the weekend, phyllis schlafly who was an icon in conservative politics died at the age of 92 out at her home. her brand-new book "the conservative case for trump" just came out today. apparently, she was a year ago a scott walker fan, but then when clearly it was going to be donald trump, she threw all of her weight behind him. give us one thing to know about phyllis schlafly. >> well, phyllis schlafly was a fighting until the very end for conservatism. she went to the republican national convention as she had, you know, since she was a young woman. she went to the last convention in cleveland in a wheelchair. very frail. but she wanted to be there to make a point. and her point has been for the last, you know, number of months, conservatism exists because of the principles of the beliefs in freedoms and self-governance.
5:11 am
but we also have to be practical and we have to see what's on the line in this election. the supreme court, the future of our sovereignty and our very independence as a nation. all on the line in this election. so this woman who wrote the book, "a choice not an echo" in the early to mid 1960s, just re-released it last year, she was the last of the conservative pioneers still alive. it was buckley, reagan, russell clerk, brent bozell, sr. she was an early support of reagan's. without her i wouldn't be here today. they should write movies about her. and poems about her for the work she did for the unborn and the most vulnerable in our society. and single-handedly phyllis schlafly stopped the era from being enacted as an amendment to our constitution. when overwhelming majorities in both parties and in both parties platforms it was in there and
5:12 am
phyllis defeated it. i have a piece on lifezette i'm about to post, please read it. >> thank you, laura. see you next week. >> and meanwhile, 11 minutes after the hour. heather childers has the news. >> good morning to you. to everyone at home, breaking news right now. hundreds of flights delayed at this hour another another -- after another global meltdown. passengers stranded from london to l.a. after a systemwide computer outage. it heaped at delta last -- it happened at delta last month. furious passengers waiting in long lines as boarding agents hand write the boarding passes. people are forced to put their own luggage on the planes and others wait on the tarmac. no word on when they'll catch back up. meantime, breaking overnight, chaos at an airport in london. flights coming to a halt at london's city airport after black lives matter protesters stormed the runway. all nine protesters had been arrested and the runway is now
5:13 am
back open. and our very good friend bret michaels asking for your help looking for two thieves who stole his cell phone. ♪ the rocker posting this picture on facebook. saying that these guys stole stuff from his new hampshire dressing room during a show. he gave them until saturday to turn the phones in no questions asked but since the deadline has passed it's no now a criminal case. >> maybe we should call his number and the person who answers it will say, give the phone back. >> that's a good idea. try that. >> yeah. >> we would just need his number. >> okay. meanwhile, when you were asleep, some of america's top generals and military leaders released a letter backing trump. hear from one of those generals about why he signed that letter in a live report. plus, a muslim group is trying to scrub the truth from the 9/11 memorial that refers to
5:14 am
the attackers as islamic terrorists and they want those words removed to make it politically correct. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue.
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5:18 am
all right. back with the fox news alert. and the latest from the campaign trail. >> donald trump kicking it into high gear in the battleground state as he picks up a key endorsement from our nation's military leaders. >> indeed. to tell us more, john roberts is live in virginia beach, virginia, with details. john? >> reporter: steve, ainsley, brian, good morning to you. donald trump appearing behind me at 2:00, because the norfolk, virginia, area, such a heavily populated military area. this will be a mostly if not all military men. tickets were only available on the veterans for trump and he has the support of 88 flag officers and saying because of his ability to rebuild the military and keep america safe he's the best choice for president. here's what they wrote this morning. at least part of it. quote, the 2016 election affords the american people an usual gently needed opportunity to
5:19 am
make a long overdue course correction in our national security posture and policy. as retired senior leaders of america military we believe it can only be made those not deeply involved with hollowing out our military and facing the burgeoning threats around the world. for this reason, we support donald trump to be the next commander in chief. one of the 88 retired generals and admirals who signed that letter is remow butler, he used to be one of the commanders of the special operations forces. he said it was a difficult decision at first, but one he's happy with. here's what he said on "fox & friends" earlier. >> i think that donald trump is smart enough to take the advice of the military leaders around him. and in the military there are two type of leaders. there are warrior leaders and there are politician leaders. and the people that i know that are working with his administration, as his advisers are all warriors and there are people that i have the utmost of
5:20 am
respect for. >> reporter: so this afternoon's event here in virginia beach is to be mostly if not all about military. tonight in greenville, donald trump will be going after hillary clinton hard. his campaign releasing in the next few minutes 20 points means that hillary clinton could never hold a security clearance if she were to apply for one. same thing that rudy giuliani told you a little while ago. ainsley, brian, steve? >> that's right. john, thank you very much. live report from virginia. fox news alert. breaking overnight, major health news all parents need to know about. the flu shot warning from the cdc. that's next. and some veterans went through a whole new kind of training. to become a business executive. did it work? cheryl casone is here with some of the alumni. she is up next. poor mouth breather.
5:21 am
allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
a fox news alert. for parents, the cdc is saying do not give your child the nasal spray flu vaccine because it doesn't work. health officials are urging children to get the shot instead this year. sorry, kids. and kids now have to scan their fingerprints to get into disney world to prevent fraud. the new requirement is to help block the use of stolen and shared tickets. parents uncomfortable with the new policy. they can scan their fingerprints instead. thank you, ainsley. two years ago we told you about the program to help transition
5:25 am
american votes from boots to suits. >> the purpose of ns 2 serves teach and certify a select group to become consultants. at the end of the program, they guarantee a job to all that graduate. the hope among the team that created this model is that other companies who say they want to hire vets will do the same. >> fox business's cheryl casone sitting right next to me with an update on the amazing program and introduce our guest. >> they're here in person, finally. we're joined now by the chairman, and u.s. navy veteran joseph kernen and along with the graduate, woodson and maine and ramos. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the program it's been two years since we were all together. how is it going? >> it's going great. i think when you first did the program we actually started the first class, we didn't have any graduates. we have over a hundred graduates. every one of them is in a job.
5:26 am
a few of them are still -- they have a choice between a number of jobs so it's gone extraordinarily well. >> such a great program. but there are limitations. you can only take a certain number of people. >> yeah. we'll take -- the program is internally funded by the company, s.a.p./ns 2. and so this was a plan. so we funded internally. i mean, we turn away far more veterans that are far more deserving. 97% of every dime we get goes to more veterans. >> you get 300 applicants for each class but you -- i think the first class was only 20 people. >> yeah. only 20 people. >> a small group. jordan, i want to ask you you're a graduate, you're now working and you bought your first house. >> yeah, it was very exciting. it was life changing. like it just changed my life completely. i just bought the house. you know, when i first went into it, i thought it was a certification program. but it was so much more.
5:27 am
you know, it taught us soft skills, it brought us together as veterans. and, you know, it was just -- it was amazing. life changing. >> yeah. stephen as well i know that you went into the program. kind of challenging for you and you came out the other side and it changed how you react in the corporate world. >> yeah, i had separated from the air force and i was being a substitute teacher in baltimore. and then i found out about the program when i was going to pursue my master's degree from another alumni from the program and, yeah, it just completely changed my life. now i work for s.a.p. and it's great. >> how has this program changed your life? >> where can i start? it's changed it -- it was hard to take care of my daughter so she was not living with me. so it gave me my family back.
5:28 am
i currently work for accenture in san antonio and we have adjusted amazingly. so i don't have to depend on anyone. i can just take care of my family now. >> and the program is such a blessing too because, i mean, really most people that are trained on s.a.p. software, we're talking folks with mbas. you're bringing in these amazing individuals. >> i have had the fortune to serve aside the men and the women in the armed forces for almost 36 years. i'm a little biassed to the character traits that they have. they'll succeed at anything. why would an employer not want to take someone who committed to the military and then they're committed and they're courageous under stressful conditions. i mean, they have the aptitude for it and the learning piece is the easy -- give them the skill set. i mean the employers are the beneficiaries. it's been extraordinary to see how -- i had complete confidence they would be, they haven't
5:29 am
proven me wrong. >> sounds like your message is for people who have jobs to fill out there, think vets. >> yeah. i think the transition piece is important. they have the skill sets. invest in the veteran. they'll bring all the other qualities to your environment and they will thrive and so far the employers they're asking for more graduates. >> if people would like more information about the program -- >> ns 2 i'd encourage people to get the word out to veterans to apply because our intent is to grow the program. you can contribute there and figure out a way to partner with us. most importantly, just replicate the model. invest in the veteran and find him a job and ultimately the measure of success is that job. it's been really -- >> and of course, got the ball rolling two years ago with that story. meanwhile, coming up on a tuesday, that feels like a monday, a muslim group trying to scrub the truth from a 9/11 memorial. it refers to the attackers on
5:30 am
that day as islamic terrorists and they want those words removed to make it more politically correct. we'll tell you about that. today a piece of the world trade center south tower is going to honor a town in newfoundland that helped so many americans who were stuck on 9/11. wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
5:31 am
[ala♪m beeping] ♪ ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪
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♪ get ready. getting ready. >> 15 years from 9/11 when the
5:34 am
attack actually happened, there will be all types of recognition for outstanding heros that was displayed on that day, including what's going on with the tunnel to towers foundation. >> that's right. they're taking this steel that was actually part of one of the world trade centers -- >> south tower. >> south tower. they are taking it to a city that was -- that opened their arms to folks that were flying into new york, all the flights were diverted. and to the small airport, the small town. what's the town, steve? >> gander, newfoundland so they're going to take off -- they'll officially start things in a couple of minutes. see them live along with that guy who is on the fire truck with george bush on september the 14th in 2001. so we have a very busy final half hour. but right now, we have some headlines. >> let's hand it inside to heather childers who has those headlines for us. hey, heather. >> hello. hello to everyone at home. we begin with a war of words.
5:35 am
unfolding during president obama's final tour of asia. have you heard about this? well, the president of the philippines is now apologizing for a blistering verbal attack on president obama. he went ballistic over the possibility of being asked about the country's killing of thousands of suspected drug traffickers. president obama now in laos for an historic three-day visit there. he's the first sitting u.s. president to go to the isolated southeast asian country. donald trump receiving some unexpected support from the left during a labor day trip to ohio. a democratic mayor thomas coyne of brook park throwing his support behind him. he announced the decision during the union round table meeting. coyne says he believes trump is the only candidate who can bring jobs back to america. outrage after a group demands the truth be scrubbed from the 9/11 monument. this centers around two words -- islamic terrorists.
5:36 am
engraved on the front. now the muslim activist group says it's not politically correct and it could encourage hate. a former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani, disagrees. >> every ethnic background has a bad part. there's a bad part to the islamic religion and the good part of the islamic religion shouldn't feel bad -- angry about it, but feel bad about it. finally the police officers go above and beyond the call of duty. three on duty officers stopping to help an elderly woman mowing her lawn in birmingham, alabama. after two hours in the blazing heat with one push mower they got the job done. one of the officers says a lot of people don't like us, but we are here to help. yes, they are. and thank you to all of our officers in blue. those are a look at your headlines. time to toss it out the maria
5:37 am
with a look at the weather forecast. hi, heather. we're tracking multiple storm systems and we'll start off along the eastern u.s. we have what's left of hermine. we have been tracking it for several weeks and now it has maximum sustained winds at 65 miles an hour. it will cause possible coastal flooding. on the west coast, we have the hurricane, that landed in cabo. it can bring flash flooding across the southwestern u.s. four over to ainsley, steve and brian. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, today here on the plaza we are filled up with bikers today. they are on a mission that's about to start. >> they are delivering this partial steel beam from the world trade center to a small town being honored for welcoming the stranded americans during the horrific events of september 11th. >> yeah. leading the charge is frank silver. he's chairman of the stephen siller foundation.
5:38 am
and one of the most famous faces of firefighters. he was standing alongside george bush in the wake of the attacks. thank you for joining us. thank you, everybody, for joining us today. we appreciate it. before you started on your 1,400 mile journey up to newfoundland. first off, i know you're thinking of your brother and everybody that was lost that day, but first off, could you tell me about gander. >> well, gander opened up their community for all the planes that were being diverted because they didn't want to fly them into big cities. they needed a big airport, a long landing. they were able to do it in gander. the town of 10,000 people brought in over 6,500 people and fed them and housed them. >> right into their houses. >> it was the unbelievable story. the kindness and generosity and we want to recognize that. and i think this is a good way to give them a piece of what happened in new york. >> there's the trail that will bring it.
5:39 am
these are the guys that will make it happen. >> yes. >> the thing about gander, there was a great book about how the world came to gander and the fact it wasn't a one-day deal. because it took days and days. close to a week before a lot of those people could actually leave. so they put their entire lives on hold to help these total strangers. >> it speaks volumes of what the mood was after 9/11 and during 9/11 and how people came together. >> everyone came together. now we're so divided. >> well, yeah. but you know the people we deal with -- no, we deal with the greatest of all -- the kindest of them all. >> yeah. >> for sure. >> mr. beckwith, it was 15 years ago i were standing next to president bush, he had the megaphone. tell me the significance of this hat and the number on it. >> 343. >> 343 stands for -- >> show the camera. >> 343 stands for the firefighters that were killed that day and -- on 9/11 and that's all that is.
5:40 am
>> four days after the attack -- >> that was the fourth day after the attack, yes. >> tell us how the president got you on top of that fire truck. >> yeah, it wasn't -- i happened to be up there in the first place. because we found that rig in the rubble. and this guy comes up and he -- i found out later on who it was, it was karl rove. i got a letter from the white house, thanks for telling -- telling people about me as a secret service guy. signed it karl rove, senior adviser to the president. i still have that letter. >> iconic. >> absolutely. >> so there are people watching right now who want to help your foundation. how can they do that? >> we have a stand tall campaign, because america stood tall with us during 9/11. what we want to stand tall for the men and women in uniform and first responders so we're asking
5:41 am
for a million people to donate $11. $11, 9/11, the 9/11 firefighters foundation. we're building houses across america and we're continuing to help our first responders stand tall with us. >> what's the website? >> tunnel to >> and your brother took 60 pounds of equipment and ran right into the towers -- to save lives and he lost his. >> right. >> and he's changing a lot of others for what he did. five kids, unbelievable person. >> kids are doing well? >> they're doing fantastic. >> well, things will kick off in 20 minuteness. see it live here. >> guys, thank you all for doing. that -- for doing that. >> thank you. >> they'll take off on live tv. the retired admiral who took down bin laden has a message for colin kaepernick. that's next. we're so sad, bring out the tissues because it's maria molina's last day with us. she survived an avalanche, a
5:42 am
flash flood, passing out in the fighter jet. so what is next for her? stick around. we'll say good-bye to her with a look back. what she's done here at fox. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today. soon, she'll be binge-studying.. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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5:45 am
he was key to the raid that took down bin laden and now admiral william mccraven has a message for colin kaepernick. get up. >> that message is delightly different from what with heard in president obama yesterday. >> ed henry has more. >> reporter: good morning. president obama said he's had little time to think about football, on the other hand sounding like he's not only familiar with colin kaepernick's protest but he's embracing it. the president saying that
5:46 am
kaepernick cares about real legitimate issues and this is about quote having an active citizenry. by kneeling during the national anthem, he declared to reporters over time his critics will see he has a point about justice and equality. listen. >> he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement when it comes to the flag and the national anthem and the meaning that that holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us. you know, that is a tough up thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are. if nothing else, what he's done is he's generated, you know, more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about it. >> reporter: joining in on the
5:47 am
conversation is general mccraven who commanded the team that killed bin laden and he serves as a chance lohr and he's penned a memo going out to coaches instructing them on campus to stand up straight, face the flag with their hand over their hearts. quote, it's a flag for everyone. adding that everyone of every color of every race of every creed and orientation, but the privilege of living under this flag does not come without cost nor should it come without respect. mccraven making clear they cannot force the university of texas athletes to stand up during the national anthem, but obviously in the memo strongly encouraging they do so. >> strongly, right. thank you. well, it's maria molina's last day with us. she survived an avalanche, a flash flood, she even passed out in that fighter jet. so -- there she goes. so what's next for her? stick around, because we're going to say good-bye. actually, we can't say good-bye to her. we send her off, right?
5:48 am
>> right. but first we say hello to bill hemmer. >> looking forward to that good morning to both of you. homestretch for the white house. we now know that, can trump win, how does he do it? new polling tells us a lot. debate number one, three weeks a way, karl rove on the keys to winning. see you at the top of the hour "america's newsroom." ne always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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we have been dreading this day. >> after six years here at the fox news channel, maria molina is leaving us. she's going to go back and become a doctor. >> yes. >> of meteorological sciences. >> yes, i have had a week of school, they have given me assignments, graded and back to school tomorrow. >> and maria molina, guess what? all the stuff you did, we taped it. here's a look back at some of
5:52 am
it. >> we are very happeni -- happy to welcome maria molina to the team. >> thanks, i'm glad to be here. it's a beautiful day. >> maria molina out on the streets of new york city. ♪ >> i have no idea -- >> ready, set, go. she's in the mud. she is 5 foot, 100 pounds. he is not. together they're going to compete. >> go! ♪ >> that was great. >> how did it feel? >> very cold. >> i found a new way to stay warm. ♪
5:53 am
>> were you wearing that bandana all weekend? >> i have that bandana, i was wearing it all weekend. my family was like, please take it off. >> everyone, this is my mom, maria. hi. this is my dad norman. we moved from nicaragua when i was 1. >> we were looking for trfreedo. this is the best country in the world. >> this is excellence in science, my favorite topic or subject growing up. >> maria molina, every wednesday has a science quiz for us. >> on average, when do most tornadoes occur? >> am i allowed to call rick reichmuth? >> no, phone a meteorologist. >> oh. >> we're seeing snowfall coming down at a rate of three, four, even five inches per hour. >> we had what's been classified as an ef-4 tornado with maximum winds of 180 miles an hours. it continues to move eastward. now on a flooded roadway to our
5:54 am
northwest. >> maria molina had survived an avalanche, flash flooding in a car, raging river and passing out in a fighter jet. >> so what's left? >> out the window. nice, you survived. >> maria, we're not paying you enough. >> oh, i'm starting to get creeped out. ♪ >> like beyonce with that wind blowing. >> your first time on the red carpet. it suits you. >> i didn't know how to tie a tie, so maria had to help me with that. we were just storm chasing a week ago too. >> congratulations, you're engaged. >> maria, good morning to you. and to your husband. storm chasers. >> on the weekends we tend to do this a lot. >> some couples go antiquing. they chase tornadoes. >> right hand on purple.
5:55 am
>> all right. >> we're being photographed and forecast. >> going backwards right now. i don't know how do that. >> watch out for the curb. >> i wanted to be a meteorologist on tv so that i could forecast dangerous weather. large hail, damaging winds. fox news channel helped me reach that dream. one of the other achievements is reaching my ph.d. in the field that i love. but because of that, i have to leave fox. >> you're going to be dr. molina. >> yes. >> with the weather. >> i love you guys. >> oh. so many good memories. >> you did so much in six years. incredible. >> i'll miss you. i feel so loved right now. so much support. thank you guys for everything
5:56 am
over the past six years and even our viewers have been so nice on social media. wishing me great -- you know, best wishes on the next phase of my life. you know, i have my husband at home supporting me. he earned his ph.d. >> you can stay us with maria -- >> yes, i'll keep tweeting the weather. >> your parents have to be so proud. >> i love them and i told them this for them too. i love you guys. >> well, we love you and good luck. >> see you soon. a moving sendoff for a piece of the world trade center. maria is coming out with us for that too. better buckle up.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
let's go. let's say thank you to gander. ♪ bill: good morning. a national poll showing donald trump in the lead. both candidates storming battleground states with only 60 days left until election day. martha: welcome back. bill: did you miss me? martha: maybe a tiny bit. it's a back-to-school moment. it's go time for the election, and it may be according to


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