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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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nd. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. jon: we'll be back here in one hour. >>out numb berted starts right now. sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, is harris faulkner. co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis and julie roginsky and judge andrew napolitano is here, "outnumbered" and always prepared. >> love being outnumbered. harris: you read more about the email documentation with with the hillary clinton i mall scandal. i.
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>> i spent day half what the fbi released on friday, we'll get into it. julie: have to hang out on weekends. that es bad. sandra: i want to find out what julie did. julie: much more fun than that. sandra: with labor day in the rear view mirror the final push to election day. we see hillary clinton's big lead in a key poll disappear. a new cnn poll showing donald trump leading hillary clinton 45-43% in four way race of likely voters. the republican's lead is within the march begin of error. clinton held an eight point lead one month ago. as candidates crisscrossing key battle ground states today and hillary clinton ramping up her attacks on the republican nominee, focusing on more on trump's temperment and readiness to be president than her own proposals.
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>> she managed to turn the trip to mexico into an embarrassing international incident. even got into a twitter war with the president of the mexico. he furthermore, he seems to have this bizarre attraction to dictators. he can try to detract with divisive, dangerous rhetoric, try to fool voters thinking somehow he is not as harsh and inhumane as he seems but it is too late. sandra: quit the setup. we're nine weeks out from the election day, judge. we have a neck-and-neck race. >> we do. i think that it might be a little misleading because if you look at the electoral college, she is still comfortably ahead. however, this could indicate a trend and the trend begins with the national popular vote which is what these numbers reflect. and then of course it filters down to the battle group states. but as we stand now, if the election were today, it is not today, she is probably somewhere
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up around 325 electoral votes with 270 needed. however, she, she has had three very bad weeks during the course of which she said very little. he has been on the air every day. he exploiting the email scandal which seems to get worse every day especially what the fbi said on friday. sandra: she made herself available to the press today. we'll get to that in a minute. speaking of electoral votes, most voters expect to see clinton win in november. 59% think she will get the one to 270. 34% think trump has better shot to the judge's point. harris: she is actually if you project out exceeded that 270. i think this is reflective of fact people think it will be a traditional type of election night. people will go to the polls in same way that they always have and battleground states will still hold the same power and influence they always have. i just wonder if that actually the case? i know primaries different than
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general, but everything about this has been different. we don't know, not people saying they're not going to vote for trump or not saying they will vote for hillary clinton, if they're not speaking up. toxic environment to express yourself politically. sandra: julie, look at trump's performance over the last several weeks, you can't say it was spectacular month for him, still hillary clinton basically giving up all of that postconvention bounce that she got. julie: reverted back to the mean, right? got the bounce after the convention and reverted back to what it is as you said two to four-point national lead. look, elections are won, people get frustrated when they hear this, elections are not won and lost nationally. they're not even won and lost in battleground states. they're won and lost in particular counties in battleground states. if you're modeling which i brought up in the past, something very important i assume the clinton campaign, i have no idea, i assume they're modeling people in places like cuyahoga county, ohio, look,
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sandra smith is kind of voter we need to target. she lives in key lowing ga county, ohio, which is harris faulkner lives in broward county, florida. harris: she is retired on the beach. >> she is retired on the beach. a little surly. we don't know -- harris: i'm happy. >> she is unpredictable. >> i am unpredictable. >> what they're not targeting julie roginsky of to new york, new york, they're not worried what i'm thinking of new york, new york,andrew napolitano in new jersey or melissa francis in california. melissa: i don't know if it up by insurmountable margin. she is 40 points ahead. as we get closer, closer to the election, whoever her rival always erodes that lead. people see more of her, they like her less. they remember what they don't like about her when they see her out there.
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that is why they kept her hidden. sandra: judge, we go back to the clips played. spending all the time not focusing on her own proposals as "l.a. times." barely touching on those instead focusing on criticism of trump. >> is she recognizing that she is rising why she is attacking him than explain proposals. >> she always needed to attack him this is race to the bottom. people actively dislike the both of candidates. matter who will dislike a teeny, tiny bit more. in her case she wants to make sure they dislike him a little more than they dislike her. i wish this were wine and roses uplifting election we want to see. it is not. it's a slog among two unpopular candidates. ones that to win. they like to have her win a little more. early voting starts in states. he has less time to make up time than people think. melissa: she is standing at
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podium, friends do let friends vote for trump. that is that whole trump shaming going on all over the place. even if you like him you can't possibly. harris: we don't know what people will do. melissa: people really jump down your throat if you dare threat voting for donald trump. trump shaming what i call it. >> we vote in private. harris: we do. but we say what we want up until that point. i'm curious to see if what happened yesterday and what is happening. reporter: he hadly now is purportedly changechanging this fact. after months of dodging the traveling press corps she invited them to fly on board the new campaign plane. the democratic nominee joined them in the back for a little bit of q&a. she used moment to take a swipe at donald trump. >> i heard now that we've got this great plane, that donald trump actually invited his press on to his plane.
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where i'm told even answered a few questions. so following my lead, as he just did, i would hope he continues, and releases his tax returns. that would be the best way to demonstrate his commitment to actually the level of disclosure that is expected of someone running for president. harris: she made a short appearance on her plane again, just about an hour ago and told reports she would come back in about another hour to take short questions. we're hot on that story. if she returns to speak to the news reporters there this hour we'll bring it to you. couple things i think are worth the noing, judgment jennifer griffin, our correspondent who is traveling, says this was more than a gaggle. i would call this a quote, wide-ranging press availability that she gave yesterday. it was more than a gaggle. there were questions from most of the major news organizations, more than a dozen or some she had her coughing filth. she did what she did.
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she came back. took eight more questions. your thoughts. >> i think she has recognized going 274 days, or whatever the number was. harris: 77. >> without any kind of exposure to the press, whether you call it a conference or a gaggle was beginning to way away at her and beginning to resonate with independent voters and she felt she had to do something. this is not a press conference like we understand it. harris: there was no podium. >> no podium. sort of informal, i was astounded by what jennifer wrote. i saw the same email. this was a true give-and-take, no-holds-barred that the press has been angling for a long time. if she does this every day that issue goes away. harris: 25 minutes she spoke, melissa, wires, "new york times," "washington post," all the alphabet soup networks i call them because their letters don't spell names including fox which does, "wall street journal," so on and so forth and they talked about everything from russia hacking interference in the u.s. elections, one of her favorite
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topics right now we understand, south china sea, tensions, so on, so forth, syria, trump, everything. melissa: we saw in the clip we showed you why she hasn't been doing this we give up the day county point. she did it. she is going to do it. she heard from people they wanted to see more of her. getting grief from anderson cooper, all across the dial and halting, rehearsed words dig about trump on campaign. turning to his tax documents. she is robot. she is prepared, and prepared, looked so uncomfortably. sandra: i want to challenge that. i think she looked very comfortable. being personal with the press this is not formal press conference. this is the comfort of her own environment her plane. i don't know that she received any brutally challenging questions. >> i agree with you, she looked very comfortably in light of coughing fit she had.
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sandra: she says allergy. >> i wish some would start cross-examining her about the fbi documents. harris: bring you up-to-date, julie this, is part deaux. maybe they are caught off-guard. served with a perrier with nice slicep lime. julie: have you ever hung out with campaign? maybe that, today they know it was coming. she done it once. coming back in an hour. they need to be prepared as judge is said. what should be asked first. julie: whatever she should be asked first is the press but you can't blame her if the press isn't doing their job. harris: what would you want to see? julie: people want to ask her about the emails. there is ton of people at this network. harris: do you want to ask her? julie: i frankly know whatever i need to know about the emails and haven't gotten any good answers. she will lawyer this thing to death, no. whatever she will talk about, whatever she will ask, i assume
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answer to melissa's point about her being rehearsed, she is rehearsed. all candidates are rehearsed. it is called discipline. something donald trump can use a little of. key to staying on message if trump did what we talk about every day, go after the economy, go after her on e-mails. harris: he has been. julie: whatever -- then he is also going after jeff flake, republican of arizona, a state where he is competitive. going after mika brzezinski of msnbc. going after things that have no effect or bearing on msnbc. that is the kind of discipline he needs. whether rehearsed or not retailers haded that is the discipline you need. >> i think he loses going after popular jeff flake if republicans lose arizona, almost impossible for him. julie: john mccain is tearing his hair out at this point. harris: agreed, with three es. donald trump giving several different answers whether he is
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open to pathway for legal status to some undocumented immigrants. what he said exactly. what is the ultimate plan going to look like? hillary clinton defending the work of her family charity, the clinton foundation as accusations pay to play keep pouring in. she says her husband should not have to step down before election day, as former president likens himself to sort of a robin hood. that is in quotes by the way. what voters will make of it all. right after the tv version wraps up, we pop up on-line, click on the "overtime" tab. facebook live which we love. people make their comments and get those in. our handle, outnumberedfnc. there is our twitter handles. stay close. i'm terrible at golf.
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melissa: new uncertainty over donald trump's immigration plan. after talking to reporters on the plane he seemed to give three different answers on a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants. >> i'm not ruling out anything. >> pathway to legal status? >> no. to become a citizen you're going to have to go out and come back in. through the process.
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you have to get in line. this isn't touch back. we will make that decision into the future. melissa: interesting, judge, he is parsing a very fine point i'm not sure not everybody necessarily appreciates. people come here illegally and stay. and want to become citizens. he is saying if you want to become a citizen, to home and come back. people don't want to become citizens and don't want to go home. that is part of what they're trying to get at. >> i see two issues. one danger to trump if the base perceives him talking out of both sides of his mouth to immigration. there is side chris christie and rudy giuliani tried to talk him into, soft err more compassionate side. there is the sort of rough, tough, i will get rid of all 11 million illegals. no matter to the pain to them. that he started campaign. melissa: what is lee he galty of people here illegally if you're not trying to become a citizen.
9:19 am
he says i don't know if i will send them home. >> great question. president has extraordinary discretion in this area. barack obama decided to exercise his discretion not to deport people who are here illegally. he does not want to break up families. donald trump if he is becomes president would have the same discretion. a rare area of the law where the president has broad, not unbridled but broad discretion who to deport, under what circumstances to deport them and how quickly to do it. harris: obviously not unbridled recently u.s. supreme court went against barack obama. >> correct. harris: said you can not go this far. this will not be perennial type thing. >> correct. harris: that the people stay sheltered in this country. the point medical list is making i feel is interesting one. there are people who live in this country have no intention of becoming u.s. citizens. melissa: or leaving. harris: they are not abiding by the laws. certainly not paying their fair share of taxes because we can't,
9:20 am
we don't know they're here. >> that's an area where donald trump needs to be clear what his attitude is. because as the president of the united states he would have the right to direct the department of homeland security and the department of -- harris: to go after these people. >> go after them or not go after them. melissa: doesn't it feel like he trying to have his cake and eat it too. you talk about danger out of both sides of this his mouth. i think he craft this rorschach message everybody hears what they want to hear. sandra: i go back to chris stirewalt on "kelly file," can't believe this issue. he played to his base as he came out of the gate, announcing his campaign and now this wavering is not going to help. should leave the issue, julie roginsky? i'm not ruling out anything. we're going to make that decision into the future. how historically does that play politically for presidential candidate you know what, i will get to this later on? julie: here is the thing, poor kellyanne conway, who is
9:21 am
wonderful and great opera i have it. she came in, looked at polling, oh, my god we're tremendously in trouble with catholics and latinos are a huge percentage of those catholics they have problems with. she then obviously, i wouldn't say obviously suspect said we need to ameliorate the situation somehow. but you made your bed and get off the subject. get off it and move on to things that people care about, like the economy. like national security. but that is not what we're hearing from him. immigration thing is going on for two weeks. first of all went on entire primary season. but now -- melissa: i don't know that he is not making people in the middle, suburbs around pennsylvania feel a little better. julie: they're confused. harris: going south of the border separately from the issue whatever he is going to end up doing on illegal immigration policy. optics of that certainly bought him i would say some good bonus points with those people in the middle. >> right. harris: if he gets off the subject he doesn't have to worry
9:22 am
about waivering. >> do you think democrats perceive him wanting it both ways? julie: democrats will drive the hardest line message he drove in the primary in ads, over and over again. harris: what should he do? julie: get off the subject. move on. harris: all right. melissa: at least how it appears to many. president obama not getting the same red carpet welcome other heads of state getting in china. more evidence that america has lost respect around the globe? we're wondering. plus hillary clinton's camp pushing back against the fbi document dump before the holiday weaken about the investigation into how she handled america's secrets. judge napolitano on what the 58 pages of fbi notes tells us and potential impact.
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sandra: president obama opening an historic trip to laos. >> laos. sandra: to visit the southeast asian nation. it comes amid growing controversy over the way he was treated in china, host of this year's g20 summit. unlike other heads of the state the leader free world got no red carpet welcome and had to exit from the rear of air force one. president obama did not comment specifically about that visit. there was fiery reaction to the apparent snub, watch. >> won't even give him stairs, proper stairs to get out of the airplane. did you see that? they have pictures of other leaders going there. they're coming down with a beautiful red carpet. and obama is coming down a metal staircase. i got to tell you, if that were me, i would say you know what, folks? i respect you a lot. let's close the doors. let's get out of here. a sign of such disrespect.
9:28 am
sandra: clinton campaign seizing on trump's response shows he is not fit to hold the oval office. temperment update. trump would leave g20 meeting because the staircase offended him. he was wrong about the staircase. president obama forced to cancel his meeting in laos with the president of the philippines after that leader insulted mr. calm calling him, quote the son of a whore. he now regrets the comments. this is unbelievable, saw this happening over the weekend. this is big. >> i thought that the incident at the airport was a failure of either security or of communication amongst subordinates. melissa: calculated insult. >> that is the point trump is trying to make. quite frankly the president handled it beautifully. difficult to defend the president. i will do so here. rolled off his back. he realized whatever interactions occur at g20 which weren't profound this time around were more important than the staircase he used to get down. i also don't blame him for not
9:29 am
going to the philippines -- harris: canceled the meeting. >> that was personal, uncalled for, not justified. sandra: you were watching it closely, harris what did you make of it? harris: whenever you have a sitting president go someplace i always wonder there are some sort ops on the ground, not ops like military, advanced planning. wouldn't they have known before they set the plane down this might be in the works? i'm wondering if it was rather bold of president, no, no we'll give him benefit the doubt or set the plane down or do we have any idea? we don't know the answer to that. >> we'll never know. if this guy on the tarmac did it on his own or part of government policy to insult head of state. melissa: they knew it was coming when they came up. they knew there was a problem. it was talking back and forth. there was video of an argument on the ground. we're talking about the president detear day.
9:30 am
this is the trump the philippines. people on philippines got up 3:00 in the morning to see him sworn in. they think this guy is no bs, drug lords and isis have taken over their country. they think he will restore law and order and tough talking guy. said the same thing about the pope. this is the way he operates. president did the right thing and he was for sure wrong. this is the past script for this guy. julie: if that is the trump of philippines, it doesn't bode well the trump of the united states going around calling people son of a whore. this is the g20. not about chinese and not anybody else. it is g20. the leader of the united states does not pack up and get on the plane and fly back and snub other countries and other nations, not just the country that snubbed him, even if they snubbed him this is 100% right. failure on advance work, on part of whoever whoever set it up. harris: it is my observation. i don't know the answer. sandra: dig deeper, how is the
9:31 am
president internalizing it? harris: do you think he cares this late? >> i think he cares because this is opportunity for him to rise above all of it which he did in very classy way. harris: one thing about derte they can say he is trump of that part of the world. people say there are killing fields from the war on crime he has waged. nearly 2,000 people disappearing, being slaughtered. >> yes. harris: so this is a dictator, if you will, and a part of the world where more than half the country hates him and have those stories. i know people will label just based on his style i would just want to inject those facts. melissa: i think the country has gone through a lot of changes and they're really struggling right now. they're overridden by crime and created opening for someone like think, hillary clinton is responding day as of the fbi release the documents summarizing interview with her about her private email server. here it. >> is i went into the state department understanding classification. i had been on the senate armed
9:32 am
services committee for years before i was secretary of state. i take classification seriously. the fact that i couldn't remember certain meetings, whether or not they had occurred, doesn't in any way affect the commitment that i had and still have to the treatment of classified material. harris: let's talk about those documents, fbi documents released just before the holiday weekend he revealing agents reported 39 times she was unable to recall certain things. she appeared to blame her aides sending her classified emails. she claimed not to know what the c or confidential marking on some of the messagesment. so i'm confused. said none of the messages were marked yet there was a marking on some of them but she wasn't sure what the message was. you how in the world did she take that form she was given, read through it, sign it, put her name on it, fully understand my responsibility to handle classified documents and not get indicted? >> the form which you speak
9:33 am
followed a 2 1/2 hour tutorial given to her on day one as secretary of state by two fbi agents in which they went through line by line the obligation of the secretary of state to recognize state secrets, confidential secrets or top secret. harris: basic stuff. >> when she seize them, whether they're stamped with that marking or not. at the end of that tutorial she signs this very, very detailed pledge. harris: yes. >> promising and swearing that she understands her obligation is to recognize these secrets. that obligation was violated hundreds of times. the statement we just showed that she said on the plane, 180 degrees from what the fbi says she told her. harris: the big overarching question, i said how did she not get indicted, is any of this a legal problem for her? >> it would -- harris: or just bad judgment. >> this is legal problem for her if donald trump becomes president and decides to seek his attorney general decides he wants to seek an indictment. is there enough evidence to indict?
9:34 am
yes. is there enough evidence to convict? yes. the fbi and justice department made policy decision this is not the appropriate time to pursue this person in the middle of a political campaign. harris: melissa, trustworthiness where this all falls. as julie said time and time again in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. am i getting it right? come on, what else does c stand for as marking? confidential. melissa: she thought it was like the third item on the list was her excuse. said she wad one device. turns out she had 13. best part of the story where somebody on her staff took a laptop they had downloaded emails supposed to hand over the fbi and stuck it in the envelope and got lost in the mail on the way to fbi. that is part of the story. really it is stupid or a lie. there is no chance she is ever punished for any of this. i think she is getting punished in the polls. this is what we saw when whole
9:35 am
email thing going on originally, even though james comey came out and cleared her at end of that week her numbers went down. sandra: julie will tell us there is no there there. julie: no. sandra: that this is white noise i give you a chance to respond. you covered this from day one, judge, are you critical of the fbi's performance here? >> yes i'm very critical of the fbi. they didn't summon a grand jury. didn't seek or serve subpoenas. didn't seek or serve search warrants. i'm critical of the fbi being unfair to hillary clinton. after she deciding she is in the clear, they decide selectively to give evidence against her. that is violation of doj regulation. if there had been a grand jury selectively releasing information that went to the grand jury is a crime. julie: i actually think there is no there there. if i were in her shoes and hire
9:36 am
judge napolitano tell me exactly how to parse this in ways that make me look -- >> what an odd combination that would be. julie: we would have much fun. i'm willing to commit a crime to get to spend some time with you. harris: put that in the barrel. julie: that was joke, in case everybody grow goes crazy, i want to hang out with you more. she was a lawyer and this was obviously lawyered to death in her response. you can keep asking her about it stuff. you're not going to get a good answer. it has been lawyered to death. >> fbi played a trick on her. took an innocuous document. stamped it secret. she didn't see them stamp it. i don't remember it. but there is nothing secret in there. it showed the ability to read the page to determine whether or not it is secret rather than just rely on the stamp. harris: oh, wow. >> didn't go anywhere.
9:37 am
more evidence of guilt. it is more evidence of a failure to take care of state secrets. sandra: i missed that. harris: i read it, but i needed judge to explain it to me apparently. julie, you bring up a good point. one of the reasons why people say they don't trust her at times. they know her answers feel like they have been kind of massaged or lawyered or whatever it is. julie: the clintons are masters of this. the definition of is is. everything is lawyered to death. and that is -- sandra: they're lawyers. julie: and they are lawyers. harris: now we have to go, go. defending the clinton foundation and bill clinton's role in the charity as pay to play accusations continue to mount and rock her campaign. the former president laughed off allegations and likened himself to robin hood. will voters buy it? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms.
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♪ melissa: hillary clinton
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defending the clinton foundation. the family charity causing controversy during the campaign with some accusing the clintons of a pay to play scandal during her time as secretary of state. >> do you believe you contributed to the perception there were these blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation by having several employees who seemed to go back and forth between the two? >> no, i don't, nancy. look, everything i did at the state department i did in furtherance of america's interests and our security. the state department has said there is absolutely no evidence of any kind of external influence. melissa: there have been calls for bill clinton to step down as his wife runs for president but hillary clinton responding, quote, i don't think there are conflicts of interest. that is what has been alleged and never proven but nevertheless i take it seriously. i'm very proud of the work that the clinton foundation has done. he started this great work, if i am so fortunate enough to be elected he will not be involved
9:43 am
and i think that is appropriate. former president called the attacks funny and went on to say this. >> oh, they even went after my foundation last week. now that was really funny. to me, somebody asked me what i thought about it? well, here is what i did. i was sort of robin hood, except i didn't rob anybody. i just asked people with money to give it to people who didn't have money. melissa: oh, well. i don't know about that one. i mean foundation holds on to 90% of what it gets. >> very striking he should have used that phrase robin hood. harris: then had to clean it up. >> obviously he didn't steal from anybody, unless you consider taking funds and claiming they're tax-exempt and telling donors they can deduct that from their income taxes it was not tax-exempt because the clinton foundation is not registered as charity with the irs or any of 50 states which it operates or foreign governments
9:44 am
or countries they operate. melissa: they said that is mistake. they will go back and clean up tax records and they're not guilty of anything. is she guilt of pay for play? what does it take to prove that? if you look at foreign government she has taken from, abu dhabi and decided for them in later on in the state department, what would you have to have? >> it will be political. i don't think it is legal. the federal government does not prosecute for that. on its face demanding that you give money to some 30 paired that your husband controls before you exercise your authority as secretary of state is wrong and it's a form of bribery but the government doesn't look at it this way. sandra: wasn't it a concession when she said judge, on the record, if elected president she would no longer accept foreign donations to the foundation? because of that conflict of interest but at the same time she was accepting those still when she was secretary of state? why would it be inappropriate as president? >> the conflicts are
9:45 am
extraordinary. huma abedin, her number two aide, received two income streams, one from the state department, one from the clinton foundation. harris: simultaneously. >> simultaneously. she worked for both at the same time. she was orchestrating foreign donations to the clinton foundation while she was orchestrating the donors to meet her boss. harris: i don't want to sound like i think everything is nefarious. i really don't, i'm not that conspiratorial, but i do question the timing of what is going on with huma abedin, the fact that hillary clinton is throwing some of names of her aides under the bus, if you will, purportedly with the latest document release. i'm curious how the aides might be exposed at all? doesn't the buck stop with her no matter or what they vulnerable? >> if the fbi was going to indict her or pursue her criminally would have indicted the aides which would induce them cough up what they knew for a plea agreement. indicting no one, no one is harmed illegally.
9:46 am
are they upset that they are thrown under the bus. part of the plan for her to say that so if she is elected president she can be her aides in the white house. melissa: when she talks about, okay we'll shut it down or we'll take bill clinton out of it after the election, if i'm elected but we'll leave chelsea in charge. she said before when she was going to the state department they wouldn't accept donations and signed a document they then violated later. seems like they don't think it's a big deal. are they playing it right? julie: i don't think they're playing it right because it has become an issue. here is what i would do, strongly suggest she do. no bill, no chelsea, they do very good work but shouldn't stop doing work they're doing. give it to somebody -- >> like mike bloomberg did. julie: bloomberg didn't change . keep the name but put somebody so separate from you, has nothing to do with it.
9:47 am
if you're not taking foreign donations, don't take any domestic donations there. are conflicts domestically as well. only way to avoid conflict of interest not legally or optically, take every member of the clinton family out of it. give it to donna shalala to run or somebody without the influence. harris: do we have enough of a ticktock where the money went? you talked about what reporters should be asking that now. we should definitely have that with regard to the foundation. >> we don't but i predict we will. there are a number of people analyzing the clinton foundation from a economic point of view and legal point of view, those reports are about to come out next three weeks. wrris: people need to see it. ds of new concern in the hillary clinton camp after her top aide huma abedin split from her husband anthony weiner amid his sexting scandal. could he write a tell-all book about the clintons? oh my. harris: he should start with
9:48 am
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9:52 am
hillary clinton's handling of emails to watergate. how effective is that? we'll talk more about that. hillary clinton talking to reporters for second day in a row on her campaign plane. she tooks a few questions from the traveling press. she will answer more questions today. we'll have tape of that when we get it. we're asking questions about the death of two people at an event in brooklyn, new york, this weekend. the second year in a row people died at the annual celebration. people are asking why it wasn't canceled after last year's violence. our legal panel will take it up. harris: we'll watch for all of it, jenna. thank you. sandra: there is report of new concerns in the clinton camp after her closest aide -- [laughter] harris: oh, my god. sandra: let's get back to, there are things happening behind the camera i can't mention. her closest aide, huma abedin, talking about, judge, get it together. anthony weiner she announced separation after new york
9:53 am
congressman was caught in another sexting scandal. sources tell "new york daily news," hillary's campaign is concerned that weiner could write a tell-all book about his intimate relationship with the clintons. weiner denied the report saying there is quote, zero truth to this. one source says, quote, he has a point of view no one has. it's a close intimate look into hillary clinton's life. it could be a million dollar advance. melissa: oh. sandra: if he doesn't get from he needs through the divorce, who knows. judge that is a fair question. i'm sorry about the distraction. >> distraction was harmless. we all know and love him no matter what he does. the divorce is not going to be resolved in the next two months. a book is not going to be published in the next two months. the election is two months away. this is just, daily news trying to gin up -- melissa: talk is interesting. >> it is salacious. harris: social media is lighting up as we're talking about this. >> is it really? harris: look at your twitter, bill.
9:54 am
i negative give anybody's last name because maybe they're supposed to be working. >> you mean like hatch? harris: bill says a clinton tell-all by weiner might put him in the clinton's cross-hairs. melissa: i don't know if anybody saw the documentary about their comeback. it was quite a movie. weiner, it was incredible. they let people follow them. let people follow him behind the scenes as he was running. >> destroyed him. melissa: he once again self-detrucked. you saw the behind the scenes her owe motion and humanity. that is compelling movie. it would be a compelling book. based on the movie, the book would be amazing. julie: i have to go back to this, there is a little kid involved. >> absolutely right, julie. julie: despite, despite the disgusting tweet that he sent out. harris: which one? julie: one with the kid in the bed which is, as mother makes me want to go commit violence, despite that by all accounts he
9:55 am
is apparently a good day. people will say despite. that. other than that, mrs. lincoln how was the play. i have to believe he wouldn't do that to the mother of his child if he cares remotely about the mother of his child. melissa: wouldn't be about her but about the clintons. julie: i have no idea what is going on in the marriage. i think we all know too much what goes on but there is kid involved. >> if she won the election she couldn't care less. if she lost the election -- julie: she will still care. you don't want that stuff hanging out there. it is bad pr. harris: copies of it with we want it or not. julie: did you look at "enquirer" at the checkout counter? >> you want to read this book? melissa: movie was so compelling, i can't even tell you. i don't know, when people are totally self-destructive i can't even believe it. it is terrible, but fascinating. being honest. julie: reality tv. melissa: it is terrible. move on to something else.
9:56 am
julie: at least if it is melissa she will be first to sign up. >> we'll be back with more "outnumbered" in just a moment.
9:57 am
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harris: all right when you need a judge in your life you go to this man. no so kind. harris: main on on fridays. pleasure to be here. great to have you.
10:00 am
facebook live, click on the tab and you'll see us pop up there. great to have you. right now, happening now. >> fox news alert. we are waiting for donald trump, who is set to speak at a campaign rally in virginia beach just about an hour from now. >> trump holding his first event since appearing to softening his stance on illegal immigration. we're covering all the news happening now. >> we're working as hard as we can. >> tightening race for the white house. with early voting starting this week, could one candidate win before election day? i will tell you that we have had problems with cyber intrusions from russia in the past. >> russia accused of tampering with the u.s. election. why experts


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