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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 6, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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brag about the police and community. at the nationals game yesterday with some of the people she helped out, including a young man who was shot in the head. kind of officer who uses a smile more than a gun. >> special report is next. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. federal investigators uncover an alleged russian plot to infiltrate the u.s. election through cyber space. while the presidential race tightens in the final push to election day. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a tightening presidential race with a background of growing concerns about russian efforts to sow serious doubt in the u.s. election. whatever warning president obama might have given president putin may not have had much effect yet. one day after their icy
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staredown in china, new ind kags from u.s. intelligence officials that putin's cyber spies are actively trying to disrupt the november election and attack other american interests around the world. kevin corke is traveling with the president. there are reports tonight from laos. >> with election day a mere two months away, u.s. intelligence and law enforcement agencies are investigating a possible russian plot to convince americans to distrust the voting outcome in november, even before the first ballots have been cast. just last week, officials reported that election systems in illinois and arizona have been hacked and that russia was most likely responsible. russian hackers have also been blamed for intrusions into house democrat campaign organization and the democratic national committee. the latter of which who was exposed by wikileaks and led to the resignation of chair debbie wasserman-schultz. >> the fact that our intelligence professionals are now studying this and taking it
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seriously raises grave questions about potential russian interference with our electoral process. >> in an interview, russian president vladimir putin rejected suggestions that the kremlin in any interest in the election this fall and shouldn't be blamed for any cyber incursions. >> translator: this is very difficult to verify. it's not completely impossible to verify. at a state level we are definitely not involved in this. >> reporter: the efforts to better understand what many believe is a covert russian campaign is being headed by james klapper. senior official has told the washington post russia's activity is something we're looking closely at. even the hints of something impacting our system would be of significant concern. news of the investigation comes
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as president obama addressed the subject directly with putin at the g20 summit in china. president obama said the united states didn't want to engage in some kind of wild west cyber war with russia and warned neither should the kremlin. >> our goal is not to suddenly in the cyber arena duplicate a cycle of escalation that we saw when it comes to, you know, other arms races in the past. but rather to start instituting some norms so that everybody is acting responsibly. >> i think the era of recess is over. we tried it the last eight years. it didn't work. whoever becomes the next president is going to have to try something new. and it shouldn't start with a reset button. >> just one more nugget from that bloomberg interview with vladimir putin, he was asked if he would be interested in running for re-election in 2018. he said flatly it was absolutely premature to say.
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bret? >> kevin corke traveling with the president in laos tonight. what do you think, is russia trying to influence the u.s. election? let me know on twitter bret baier, #specialreport or on bret baier sr. hillary clinton is addressing her concerns and talking to reporters, who she had done her best to avoid over the past 275 days. a change after pressure and those new polls. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is with the clinton campaign in tampa, florida. >> reporter: for the second day in a row, hillary clinton answered questions from the press, effectively ending a time slot saying she had not held a press conference in 275 days. >> do you have any concerns that e-mails were deleted after they were supposed to be preserved? did you ask for them to be deleted? zblsk not. i had no concern on either count.
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nonnone. and neither did the fbi. >> she was then asked about the clinton foundation and whether her daughter should step down. >> as i said over and over again, it doesn't matter how many times you ask me and how you ask me, these issues will be decided after the election. >> reporters wanted to know whether she thought there was a double standard when it came to investigating her as opposed to donald trump. >> a lot of his behavior coming from him seems to be expected somehow. and that's fine if you're a reality tv star or you're a real estate developer. i don't think it is fine if you want to be president of the united states. >> she asked again why trump had not released his taxes and said an alleged pay to play scheme during the trump foundation and florida's attorney general hasn't gotten enough attention. she came to florida to talk to a military community in tampa, florida. >> trump companies have fired veterans because they had to
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take time off to fulfill their military commitments. >> reporter: a new ad called sacrifice is an attempted outreach to veterans by using trump in his own words. >> john mccain, a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. >> 88 generals support him, what do you make of that? >> compare where trump is with where both romney and mccain were. they had between 300 and 500. i'm doing better than any democrat. he's doing worse than recent republicans. >> reporter: secretary clinton discounted a new national poll that shows donald trump up by two points. she said some polls show her up, others show him up. she added, quote, i really don't pay attention to the polls. bret? >> jennifer griffin traveling with the clinton camp tonight. jennifer, thank you. we're learning more about
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the fbi investigation into the clinton e-mail scandal. there are new questions about what happened to several electronic devices clinton used during her time as secretary of state. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has tonight's update. >> reporter: she told fbi agents she could not recall statements about e-mails to the fact that several staff knew about her accounts. blackberries and ipods are unaccounted for. >> missing devices creates a hole in the investigation. here, it would seem like it's a significant hole in the investigation. not only do you have missing devices but you have the content of those devices, too. >> reporter: according to the fbi timeline released friday, clinton's lawyers said in february, quote, they were unable to locate any of these devices. the report also shows clinton relied on multiple device at once, toggling between her blackberry and ipad, which
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further discredits clinton's initial explanation. >> first when i got to work as secretary of state, i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> the state department emphasized none of the device were issued or approved for government use. >> did something for her and her staff for answer. all we could say is that she was never provided with a state department blackberry. >> reporter: according to the fbi file, archiving clinton's e-mails was lost in the mail and two of clinton's devices were destroyed by a long-time aide to bill clinton, who smashed them with a hammer, possible charge of obstruction. a preservation order was issued for the clinton e-mails. march 31st, clinton's legal team held a conference call with the incht t. firm managing the server. in the same timeframe, records
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were electronically shredded. >> after congress issued a subpoena for information, it occur aid day later, two days later, a week later. why did it occur then? it becomes more curious and perhaps more relevant. >> reporter: separately the republican chairman of the house oversight committee jason chaffitz, whether the clinton team obstructed justice when they destroyed e-mails. clinton says she is not concerned, bret. >> the benghazi hearings in 2013. what about that? >> object taned by citizens united and show the gatekeeper wrote chelsea clinton with an update on the hearing before the senate foreign relations committee. robert menendez. it reads in part we worried menendez would address two topics we need to debunk, her assets on 9/11 and chris stevens
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about moving locations. what was meant by this term wired and how these e-mails are consistent with independent congressional oversight. both offices alcohcknowledged getting fox's questions but chose not to comment. bret? >> catherine, thank you. dozens of retired military leaders, as donald trump touts that new lead in the new cnn national poll. he made a strong push for veteran vote in a state where many current and former military personnel live. >> reporter: donald trump held a rally in virginia today, state with a large military population where he laymannted casualties in the war on terror and suggested that the public is being deceived about loss. >> death on both sides. look at the people. they blow up a city and say two people were wounded.
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you know the real numbers. they're astronomical. >> trump says the sus becoming a third world nation. >> we have become very tough and smart or we won't have much of a country left. >> reporter: the latest virginia polls show clinton ahead. trump released a list of 88 retired generals and admirals, 18 with three or four stars, who support trump and oppose clinton. after months of getting trashed by trump for dodging reporters, clinton took questions over the holiday weekend. >> hey, guys. >> reporter: while he invited reporters on his plane and raised doubts about deporting all illegal immigrant. >> we'll make that decision in the future. >> reporter: latest cnn poll nationally shows trump ahead within the margin of error. interrupting a 50-year streak endorsing only republicans for president by the dallas morning news, which editorialized today donald trump is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote. clinton faced the press again today and slammed trump for
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unlawfully using funds from his charitable foundation to a group tied to florida attorney general while she was deciding whether to join a multi-state lawsuit against trump university. following the donation, the attorney general chose not to join the suit. >> his trump foundation has been fined for illegal activity when it made a political contribution to the attorney general of florida at the time she was being asked by her constituents to investigate trump university. >> trump bashes the clinton foundation daily and denies any kind of kol lugs whicollusion we singing bondi's praises. >> reporter: trump and clinton will have ample opportunity to share insults face to face. first of three debates is in 19 days. only vice presidential debate is a week after that and two more
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presidentials before the actual election day. >> carl cameron with the trump campaign joining us from virginia. >> his unique perspective on the stories we just brought you, former u.s. attorney general roberto gonzalez. he served under george w. bush and has a new book out today, "true faith and allegiance: a story of service and sacrifice in war and peace." first the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails and clinton foundation. i'm sure you paid attention to all the stories as it's unveiled itself. what's your take on all that? >> i can understand the frustration in the american people, certainly the republicans who are wondering why. why no indictment? why not go forward? the other thing i think some people may be frustrated about is the attorney general seemed to step away from making the decision, that she relied solely
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on the decision or recommendation by the fbi director which, frankly, i find puzzling. it's important for them to serve as a check on investigators. how do you know that the investigation was even done the right way? that, to me, is frustrating and troubling. you know, people ask me, are you supporting donald trump? who are you supporting in this race? i've declined to say who i'm supporting. part of the reason i think is because we don't know all the facts. i think the clinton e-mails, as more information gets revealed, the story gets murkier and more troublesome. it's important to have all the facts before making a decision like who should serve as president of the united states? >> as attorney general, would you have met with president clinton on your private plane on the tarmac? >> sometimes you can't avoid o someone but understanding that the partly sunny is under investigation, you quickly disengage from that. the appearance of impropriety
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creates a problem, for american justice being impartial. and i think it hurts the investigation. and it doesn't do any good to the department of justice. so i think that was an error. and i think that that led to the frustration and suspicion about what happened here. >> last question on these investigations. you heard the earlier piece by catherine herridge and jennifer griffin that hillary clinton said numerous times that she only had one device. she did it for her convenience. and then the fbi in these notes, the fbi investigation found 13 total mobile devices. with two known phone numbers which potentially were used to send e-mails, using clinton's e-mail addresses, abcooper recalled two instances where he destroyed clinton's mobile devices by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer. we're getting the fbi notes of
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this interview and people are saying, wait a second. she destroyed two with a hammer? >> it certainly would raise questions in my mind, you know. what does this all mean? where does it all go? i can understand the release of this information, continues to present a problem for hillary clinton and the issue of trustworthiness and her ability to serve with integrity in the oval office which i think is one of the most important qualifications for anyone who serves as president of the united states. someone who is not going to be th using that incredible power for personal gain. >> trying to get immigration, big bill, comprehensive bill through but failed. donald trump, after his visit to mexico -- again, a hard line on how he's treating them. how do you think that goes over with the american people now? what do you think of this issue overall? >> i can't speak for the american people i think the tone is unfortunate. i know a lot of hispanics, lot
3:17 pm
of people i know and respect have been offended by the rhetoric from donald trump. but we also -- we have to remember we're in a political season and things get said in the political campaign. once someone takes that oval office and becomes president of the united states, they somehow get wiser or get better advice. i don't know. they typically go into the job and do the right thing for this country. we need comprehensive immigration reform no, question about that. it has to include border security. you can't build a wall and expect another country to pay for it. that's trouble iing to me. not only are we a nation of laws, we are a compassionate nation, nation of immigrants and we need a policy that accommodates both of those objecti objectives. >> as a lifelong republican, somebody who studied the law for your entire life, listening to you, saying you haven't decided, you have this next president likely deciding on several u.s.
3:18 pm
supreme court seats they question that, how you get to the indecision. what is going to change your mind about this election. >> i think it's going to be more facts that come out of connection with the clinton administration investigation. we've got these debates coming up. i want to see them standing side by side and that will sway the minds of many voters. you know, this is a very important decision for me, being with a president who, in the oval office, making decisions, who should go on the supreme court. in the situation making a decision to send young men and women into battle, it takes a very special kind of person to be president of the united states. and the problem that i have is i knew george w. bush. i don't know either of these two individuals. i'm using this time to get educated. quite frankly, people should not listen solely to my recommendation, the recommendation of others. they need to educate themselves. who is best for them and for
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their families to serve this country. >> last thing. considering what you know -- you read about it in the book quite a bit, national security and the issues that president bush had to deal with real time. is that the most pressing issue in your mind facing us, going forward? >> national security, no question about it. we are living in a very dangerous time. and we need someone who can deal effectively with national security issues. but it's not just a united states problem. that person has to be able to work with our allies around the world. the united states, while it should be the leader, cannot effectively deal with threats against the western world. it requires cooperation of our western allies. >> are you worried about russia? >> i am worried about that. i began every day as attorney general with a briefing of the fbi director, receivinged a briefing from the cia about things going on around the world. i'm sure this is something that is occupying general lynch. it is a very serious story. >> general gonzalez, thank you very much for the time. >> thank you.
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>> up next, anti-immigration advocates seizing political power in europe? first, here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. the judge in the bill cosby sex assault case has set the trial for next june. temple university, having sex with her in 2004. he has pled not guilty. dozens of women have made similar accusations. this is the only criminal case so far. fox 32 in chicago with carnage on the streets during labor day weekend. 13 people were killed and at least two officers wounded in shootings across the city of chicago. chicago has been experiencing mass increases in gun violence during 2016. this is a live look atlas vegas. our affiliate fox 5, big story there tonight, the manhunt continues for a homicide suspect who escaped police custody, truck stolen by alphonso perez -- alonso perfect east
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harassing a u.s. navy ship in the persian gulf. approach bid seven vessels sunday. one of them came within 100 yards and stopped directly in front of it. the latest in the series of incidents in recent days. pentagon spoengsman said today that iranian behavior has to change. backlash against the open
3:25 pm
border policy in some european nations is beginning to have an effect. >> politics have taken a step to the right in a shot of rejection of angela merkel's policy. general elections held in merkel's own district, her party has been pushed into third place behind a new nationalist and immigration policy called alternative for germany. and center left social democrats. the loss came exactly a year after merkel opened germany's doors and let in migrants stuck. >> we have to acknowledge that at the moment many people don't properly trust our abilities. our task is now to work intensively toward regaining trust.
3:26 pm
>> reporter: the major issues were not just a number of refugees but the difficulty of housing them, effects on the economy and their integration. a series of new year's eve robberies and sexual assaults in colone carried out by asylum seekers were partly to blame. and two terror attacks claimed by isis and also carried out by refugees. these election results are seen by some german politicians as a precursor to next year's general election. >> translator: perhaps today is the beginning of the end of the chancellorship of angela merkel. >> reporter: she has yet to declare whether she will run again in 2017. the refugee crisis has led to a europe-wide shift to the right. britain's decision to leave the eu and right wing parties in hungary and others. and even in france, to ban
3:27 pm
beaches. >> brought in tougher border controls, been credited with reducing immigration. just this week they were able to shut some of their refugee camps. bret? >> benjamin, thank you. good day to start the short trading week. dow rose 46, s&p 500 up 6.5. nasdaq jumped 26. congress is back in town for a short time. during those few weeks, lawmakers have a lot to do. correspondent doug mchale is on capitol hill. >> reporter: congress is being squeezed from two sides, one side by democratic minorities in both houses and other side by a very boisterous republican, leaving the republican leadership with very little maneuvering room.
3:28 pm
however, foremost on the agenda is funding the government past the end of this month when funding runs out. democrats are already threatening to block any short-term funding measure that extends beyond the new year as the freedom caucus on the right wants. democrats fear longer short-term funding bill would effectively block their hopes of pushing through spending bills in a lame duck session. zika money. house republicans passed a zika bill last spring but democrats blocked it as they blocked another one. the house bill included offsets. democrats didn't like that. zika money to community health care centers except one, planned parenthood. democrats didn't like that. it also included a completely unrelated provision reversing the ban on displays of the confederate flag in federal cemeteries. >> republicans rejected our efforts to compromise. republicans were more interested in attacking planned parenthood and flying the confederate flag and i'm not making that stuff
3:29 pm
up. that's the truth. than protecting women and babies from this awful virus. >> it's hard to explain why, despite their own calls for funding senate democrats decided to block a bill that would keep pregnant women and babies safer from zika. >> also on the agenda, house conservatives want to proceed on a resolution to impeach irs commissioner, but we learned from house majority leader kevin mccarthy that some negotiation is in the works, some punishment maybe less than impeachment. perhaps censore. and remains the fate of merrick garland. mitch mcconnell has said all along he has no intention of taking up that nomination. that might change, others are saying, if democrats should win the white house on november 8th or win the senate. bret, back to you. >> doug thank you. what was once a concern voiced in whispers is now getting mainstream attention.
3:30 pm
hillary clinton's health. the nominee and her team insist she is fine physically. critics point out there is anecdotal and visual evidence to the contrary. registered voters have some concern about her health and that was before her latest coughing fit. >> reporter: the coughing fit that ended hillary clinton's press gaggle followed by another one. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> i upped my antihistamine. >> reporter: social media, worthy of the film, unsteadiness of gait finding medical meaning
3:31 pm
like this one in june, when clinton fained shock. >> you have got to try the cold chai. >> or fixed stare at a heckler. >> are you in good health? >> take my pulse while i'm talking to you. >> okay. >> clinton's physician, dr. lisa bardac, wrote 14 months ago that her patient is a healthy sexagenarian. most notable event was the stomach virus she developed in 2012, leading to dehydration, fainting spell, which brought on a concussion, and the famous fresno prism glasses. >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> reporter: within two months, her double vision had disappeared. as of 2015, she was only taking the aforementioned antihistamines and coumadin, blood thinner. speaking to fox news as a
3:32 pm
private practitioner. >> certainly open questions based on data that her own campaign released last august that warrant further investigation. i have no reason to doubt the v voracity of her primary care physician i would rather hear a formal report from her neurologist. >> reporter: sborgs interrogati july when asked if she was briefed on her proper disposition of records when she was leaving the state department, she referenced her concussion, saying she was only work a few hours at a time and, as the agents put it, could not recall. >> greta van sustren is leaving fox news. wishing her continued success. on a personal note, i wish my nextdoor neighbor here in the office all the best going forward. senior political analyst brit
3:33 pm
hume will take over the pm slot. brit, when i took over for you in 2009, i didn't think in 2016 i would be tossing to you at 7:00 pm. >> no. >> but here we are. >> i didn't foresee. first let me say a word about greta. she is my friend, as she was yours, and my neighbor. we'll both certainly miss her and wish her all the best. sorry to see her go. i'm going to try to pick up where you leave off at night on politics, between now and the election. my tenure in this chair hear next door, in the next studio will be only until the election. and we'll try to explore further the issues that have come up, the day's events and the polling and the shape of the race, both the presidential race and the down ballot races, house, senate and governorships and so on. >> you seem fired up about it. >> i'm a little apprehensive,
3:34 pm
you know. i'm a little out of practice. i haven't been in this saddle some years now. i'm just hoping that greta's audience won't desert us. we'll be fair as we can to all the candidates and do the best with my advanced age. >> i'm sure it will be great. listen, the fox average polls, five polls we look at and trust, has the spread about 2.8 points for hillary clinton. a new poll out where donald trump is in the lead. >> yeah. that was -- in the lead within the margin of error. >> yeah. >> as you said at the beginning of this program, this race has tightened. and i'm not sure a lot of people thought back a month ago that it was going to tighten. we might be on a glad pit of a clear and easy win. that no longer looks to be the case.
3:35 pm
races often will tighten at the very end. this race seems to have tightened more quickly than a lot of people thought it would. it makes it interesting. >> we look forward to show number one. >> thanks, bret. fox news channel has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by former anchor gretchen carlson. fox parent company, 21st century fox, issued a statement saying, quote, we regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve. we're getting a new look at the largest planet in the solar system tonight. nasa spacecraft is sending back close-up pictures taken during a fly-by within 2500 miles of jupiter's dense cloud tops, stunning images of the north pole are said to be unlike anything seen before. it will conduct three dozen close passes in the next 20 months. phyllis shaftley has died,
3:36 pm
she rose to fame when she campaigned against the equal rights amendment. she went on to become one of the pro-family speakers. donald trump called her conservative icon who led millions to action. she is remembered this weekend.
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i'm really concerned about the credible report of russian interference in our election. the fact that our intelligence professionals are now studying this and taking it seriously raise raises questions about potential russian interference with our elect oral process. >> but i will tell you that
3:40 pm
we've had problems with cyber intrusions from russia in the past. >> as this election is tightening, washington post reporting that russian influence operation in the united states is something we're looking very closely at said one u.s. intelligence official saying it does not have definitive proof of such tampering or russian plans to do so but even the hint of something impacting the security of our election system would be of concern. the kremlin's intent may not be to sway the election one way or another but to cause chaos and provide propaganda fodder to attack u.s. democracy building policies around the world particularly in the countries of the former soviet union. u.s. intelligence officials described the covert influence campaign here as ambitious and said it is also designed to counter u.s. leadership and influence in international affairs.
3:41 pm
>> let's bring in our panel. charles herr. national political correspondent, national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. we've heard this concern about russia. it seems to be real according to u.s. intelligence officials. your thoughts. >> there's an element of this that's being overlooked. putin is a kgb agent, a man raised on conspiracies. he believes in conspiracies. it's part of his upbringing. and we forget that when hillary was secretary of state, there was an election in russia that he believe ved strongly we try ed to influence against him and denounced personally behind this, demonstrations, threatened the regime to some extent. he cracked down. he also has this sort of chip as russia being treated as a minor power by the west after the cold war where it could intervene against russia but not the other
3:42 pm
way around. i think he's just enjoying this as a way of turning the tables and showing that he can mess with our heads in the same way a and. >> stirring the pot. listen to hillary clinton and donald trump on the polls. >> i haven't really paid attention to the polls. when they're good for me, and there have been a lot recently that are good for me, i don't pay attention. when they're not good for me i don't pay attention. we're sticking with our strategy. we feel very good where we are. we're not taking anything for granted. >> cnn came out with a big poll. trump is winning. it's good psychology. i know that for a fact because people that didn't call me yesterday, they're calling me today. that's the way life works, right? >> donald trump's pointed to a number of polls, obviously, but the cnn poll was significant. it came out after labor day.
3:43 pm
in there is the honest and trustworthy question, which seems significant. it seems this number has increased, the difference between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> they used to be almost the same. now she's much, much worse. she's really under water on this. i think that is responsible for what's happened in the polls. >> is it also responsible for her coming back in the plane? >> you know, that's a really good question. the clinton people say they always planned to do this. going to get a big plane. she did this when she was secretary of state. she always talked to reporters. this was always the plan. but, you know, it sounds like she has another reason to do t but what's happened in the poll s polls, he has more or less stayed the same and she has come down. so, that's been the change. and i think that honest and trustworthiness is driving her problem. it's the e-mails, the foundation and also the fact that she did pretty much absent the scene for most of august. that's responsible for this. it has tightened up. what we're waiting to see now is some of the battleground state polls reflect what we saw in
3:44 pm
that national poll. >> roughly ten states you're focused on. so far we haven't seen those numbers shift. there haven't been new polls since we saw -- >> the national poll even though it is entirely irrelevant except for the actual election is that it does show trends. it reflects what people actually think of her and what people think of him and, obviously, she is not done any favors to herself to improve that imagine. one thing i would caution about in addition to being cautious about looking at the national polls is the fact that, you k w know, the level of dissatisfaction in both parties for their candidate is so high right now, we don't know who is going to -- there's no way to really know who is going to turn out. people are so disgusted in both -- you know, in both parties. it's very difficult to figure out exactly is this person going to show up? are they actually going to do their -- mail in their ballot?
3:45 pm
i think it's going to be a real carnival ride between now and -- >> early voting starts in some states very soon. >> right. >> next couple of weeks. >> charlie is talking about every one of these polls has to make a turnout model first before they can have their polls. it's really hard to know what kind of model to make. >> if they're making a model off 2012, it's tough to imagine that democrats are going to be as fired up as they were back then. >> right. >> or on the republican side, same thing. >> right. republican side, we know, there's been an open and obvious split in the party. what's most interesting about the cnn poll is it shows a very high level of support among republicans for trump. >> about 90%. >> it was in the high 70s. that's a huge difference. if it holds and it shows up in the other polls, that would make a big difference. look, i don't think this is really complicated. she's been in the news. it's all been bad since the comey press conference.
3:46 pm
every bit of news about her is always about e-mails, the foundation, the corruption. that's the only news we are getting. of course it's her numbers declining. trump has been up and down but he's relatively stable. and that's why we are where we are today. >> we'll look at two different controversies. both candidates. next up, what did happen to all those electronic devices used by hillary clinton and something she is talking about, about donald trump. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
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3:49 pm
13 phones, iphones, whatever they were, and just banging the heck out of them. how about the 33,000 missing emails that were acid
3:50 pm
washed? now these emails had to do with the wedding, i give that 5. [ laughter ] , the wedding and the other thing, of course, was the yoga classes, right? these are very sad time, i'm sa. i'm telling you, for justice in this country.
3:51 pm
rose law firm. it's mind bog bling i-then
3:52 pm
they are surprised that people come up with all these conspiracy theories about the clintons. this is why. >> mara, the fbi essentially said well, they are just missing. there was no follow-up in these notes and the decision was made not to move forward with prosecution. >> their decision was made. there wasn't enough evidence of any kind of accurately that they could prosecute. but this is a pattern with the clintons generally these stories have a pattern. things -- they are told they have full disclosure. then we find out there are other things that are left behind. whether they are law firm records or missing emails. and these things have a life of their own and they go on and on and on. and every kay this goes on, she is suffering more and more in the views of the voters. >> questions by talking to reporters on that plane? >> i think show is going to be answering questions about this on the plane for a long
3:53 pm
time. i don't know if she will squelch it but maybe at some point she exhausts them. years and years ago she gave a pink press conference about white water. she sat for two hours and answered questions in the white house wearing a beautiful pink outfit. but she put it to rest to a certain extent then. maybe she can do it now. >> all right, charles. talking james rosen's piece today about this coughing fit, about the health. there are some who say it is not even right to be asking about it. in the fbi notes, it says based on her doctor's advice she can only work at state for a few hours a day and not recall every briefing she received. is the health thing is a legitimate thing. is the coughing fit a legitimate topic? >> look, i think the original sin here is when she had her concussion and she had this episode, whatever it was, a blood clot, they never really explained it. they sort of -- nobody went in to it at the time she was not running for president.
3:54 pm
now that it turns up, i think the real problem for her she invoked it as a way to explain a loss of memory. well, if it was that severe that you are going continue to vehicle it in an interrogation saying you weren't able to work. i think it was her husband herself who said for six months she was not quite herself. by all evidence she looks normal. you watch her. you see what she does. she has held up in all kinds of debates. she has a grueling schedule. i don't know that coughing is a deadly symptom unless you have tuberculosis and you are coughing up red stuff. and there is all this wild speculation. but i understand why. they are secretive, they cover stuff up, and they never adequately explained what happened when she had the concussion. >> dr. ben carson, trump supporter say both should put out detailed health records. trump foundation donation to the attorney general in florida who was looking into the trump university. take a listen. >> said recently, quote:
3:55 pm
when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do. >> you better believe it? >> so what specifically did they do? >> i will tell you that our system is broken. i give to many people. before this, before two months ago i was a businessman. when they call, i give. you know what? when i need something from them, two years later, three years later, i call them, they are there for me. >> his trump foundation has been fined for illegal activity when it made a political contribution to the attorney general of florida, clearly the attorney general did not proceed with the investigation. >> it was $25,000 to pam bondi in florida. charlie, problem? >> well, you know, it's obviously a good story for reporters because it makes him look like he is, you know, wheeling and dealing with politicians. but, the fact of the matter is, that response that he gave is this weird titanium that he has protecting him because it sounds like is he
3:56 pm
being very honest and forth right and telling it like it sand telling people what they already believe about politicians. so, maybe it hurts him a little bit but i think it helps him, you know, in the respect that it's like he is calling it the way he sees it. >> but for democrats, really are upset because it makes it seem like the trump foundation is okay when it does something like this but the clinton foundation is not when it doesn't. >> we will follow both stories. that's it for the panel. stay tuned. we know who tim kaine is. we're not sure that the vice president does. a whooping cough vaccination today.
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80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. finally tonight tim kaine introduced v.p. joe biden at an event yesterday v.p. candidates in the field of rodney danger field get no respect, no respect. >> i will tell you what, my name is joe biden and i work for hillary clinton and
4:00 pm
whatever the hell this guy's name is. >> c.p.a. anonchts onchtskaine and pence: "on the record" with brit hume starts now. >> with 62 days until the election, the presidential race has clearly tightened. the real clear politics average of the latest polls shows hillary clinton with a 3.3 point lead. down from as much as 9 points less than a month ago. tonight the new cnn poll of likely voters shows donald trump with a slim 2 point lead over clinton in a four way race. that, of course is, within the margin of error. suggesting at least in this poll that the race is now a dead heat. good evening. i'm brit hume in washington. and i will be here through election day. my friend greta van susteren has left fox news and i will have more to say about that later in the hour. one other poll number of interest tonight, that cnn survey shows donald trp


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