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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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whatever the hell this guy's name is. >> c.p.a. anonchts onchtskaine and pence: "on the record" with brit hume starts now. >> with 62 days until the election, the presidential race has clearly tightened. the real clear politics average of the latest polls shows hillary clinton with a 3.3 point lead. down from as much as 9 points less than a month ago. tonight the new cnn poll of likely voters shows donald trump with a slim 2 point lead over clinton in a four way race. that, of course is, within the margin of error. suggesting at least in this poll that the race is now a dead heat. good evening. i'm brit hume in washington. and i will be here through election day. my friend greta van susteren has left fox news and i will have more to say about that later in the hour. one other poll number of interest tonight, that cnn survey shows donald trump with a 20 point lead over
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clinton among independent voters with 49% for the republican candidate and as you can see 29% for secretary clinton. the remainder is split between libertarian candidate gary johnson and jill stein. we will get to what the candidates were doing and saying in a moment but first some analysis of the new poll data from john crush hauer politics editor here in washington. >> great to be here, brit. >> we know the race has tightened. is this trump rising or clinton sinking or what. >> it's pretty fascinating. clinton is losing ground in the polls but trump isn't really gaining. the numbers you talked about independent voters. donald trump is doing better than romney did in the 2012 polls with blue collar whited voters. we have this educational divide within the electorate. where the cnn poll shows trump doing much better than mitt romney did with blue collar voters but doing much more poorly than did he with white collar voters. >> the difference in the margin, at least in this
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poll between what trump is doing with independents and romney won the independents if my memory serves in 2012 by 5 percentage points leading by 20. if that were to hold through election day what would that suggest to you. >> if that were to hold a very competitive general election. some clinton campaign operative think it is outlier it is cleesh that hillary clinton is losing ground. favorable numbers just as poor as donald trump's in that same cmnn poll. hillary clinton is doing her darnedest to poll as poorly as donald trump is. >> would you think that -- so none of this in your view is attributable to the fact that trump has changed his style since his new campaign team came on board in the sense that he is not laying about himself with the same freedom that he used to, the same free willing style. he is giving more set speeches. outlining more specifics. if that hasn't helped him, has it at least arrested the
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sinking of the decline that he seemed to undergo there for a while. >> he certainly has the opportunity to pivot, but his own numbers have been remarkably consistent ever since the republican and democratic convention about negative 20 favorable rating. and it really stuck at that 40% mark. now with a lot of third party candidates, gary johnson and jill stein eking out a lot of votes as well. the magic number for this election could be closer to 40% than 50%. donald trump is certainfully this election but has fundamental challenges with republicans, republican women from particular and also college educated white voters. >> is it possible that this aversion that we are seeing with hillary clinton which is really manifest in the current polling is such that trump's challenge really is to simply become an acceptable alternative, that he doesn't have to be loved by everybody. is that possible? >> it's possible. and when you look at the top two issues, the economy and terrorism, donald trump holds an advantage over hillary clinton in the cnn poll and a lot of the other polls that have been
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conducted recently. biggest weakness is people still don't see him as a plausible commander and chief. those numbers have been remarkably consistent throughout. of his campaign. if he can pivot, if he can have a more moderate message in these final couple of months, it's possible. this is learnly a race to the bottom and trump is still in this election. >> but winnable. >> it's winnable but he has a lot of challenges. >> josh, thanks for being here. i hope to see you again. >> as we tighten both candidates are tightening on the battleground states. right now donald trump is getting ready to speak in north carolina. here is a glimpse at the campaign trail earlier today. >> isis just evolved out of all of the turmoil, all of the weakness, all of the stupidity of decisions from hillary clinton, from barack obama, and isis started off on a small area and now i read the other day they are in 28 different states or nations. 28. think of it. >> when it comes to fighting isis, he has been all over the map.
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you would have to literally map it out. he has talked about letting syria become a free zone for isis. look at the map, donald. [ laughter ] he has talked about sending in american ground troops, not on my watch. that is not what we are going to do. >> the middle east now is a total catastrophe. between the migration and all of the problems and all of the death. and i'm talking death on both sides, folks. i'm talking death on both sides. look at the people. they blow up a city and they say two people were wounded, all right. you know the real numbers. okay. the real numbers are astronomical. and we started this whole thing. and i will tell you what, we are going to solve the isis problem but we have to also get back and we have to solve it big league and strongly and swiftly. but we have to get back to rebuilding our country because our country is going to hell. >> he says he has a secret
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plan to defeat isis. but the secret is he has no plan. i will work closely with our allies, not just to contain isis but defeat them. >> fox news chief political correspondent campaign carl cammeron is on the trail with donald trump in greenville, north carolina. carl, what is trump trying to accomplish down there tonight? >> well, as you said, brit, he is going to two very important battleground states virginia and north carolina. the polls are quite tight in both although clinton has a bit of a larger lead in virginia whereas north carolina looks to be more of a a as toss-up. today's message was about national security, making the united states save again. dealing with foreign conflicts around the world. part of the remark that you paid from donald trump in the beginning of this where he was talking about civilian casualties really raised a lot of eyebrows, particularly the because the speech he was delivering this afternoon was in virginia. the state with a very, very
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significant military population. both active and retired. and to suggest that the united states is in some way engaged in concealing the amount of civilian casualties as a result of the bombing is not what you hear from republican candidates very often. often from liberals. donald trump has been consistent with his resistance that he was early oppose the iraq war and he suggested that because we started that in his words that there is god reason for the united states to withdraw from some of it overseas military actions. and to that degree, he went so far as to say today that he wasn't going to take issue with china over north carolina. he was going to make that to be china's problem. essentially abandoning another alliance with the south koreans in much the way he suggested that nato would have to be dramatically reformed or we could potentially even pull out of that alliance, a very, very bold statement. and always pep ared with as it is this evening here in greenville, north carolina. plenty of attacks on hillary
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clinton and barack obama and today trump said that they had effectively turned the united states into a third world nation and we would be better off if they had done nothing in the middle east over the last 8 years. brit? >> thank you, carl. it gives us a sense of trump today and this evening. >> good to hear your voice, brit, thank you. >> one of the big surprises this election year the state of florida as in many elections past. the new mason dixon poll shows hillary clinton with a slight 2 point lead in the sunshine state but that's nearly a point less than the 2 point 7% lead she holds in the real clear politics average in that state. support for both candidates is split across the usual demographic line. democrats, women, minority voters heavily favoring secretary clinton. men and non-hispanic whites showing support for donald trump. adam smith. adam thank you for coming. in how do you see the race in florida shaping up? who is gaining ground?
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who is not? how's it look? >> you know, it's florida, so florida is always a nail biter. you can count on that. pretty much of a toss-up here. what is surprising in a way is that it's as close as it is considering that hillary clinton has been vastly outspending donald trump. she has got -- he has got a fraction of her campaign apparatus on the ground. this is a state where probably at least 30% of the vote is going to be nonwhite, which was theoretically not good for donald trump. and, yet, it's neck in neck. >> i'm sure you can see it i can' my standpoint. are you seeing heavy ad spending by hillary clinton and what are you seeing, if anything, from donald trump's side? >> donald trump has just started but it's overwhelmingly pro-hillary clinton. i should say it's really anti-donald trump ads. that's mostly what we are seeing here in florida. nationally i think the two biggest markets for tv buying number one is orlando. number two is tampa bay in my neck of the woods.
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>> there has been a lot of talk this year about whether these big ad buys make a difference. it didn't seem too much in the republican side, but, these ads that the clinton camp is putting up, i'm sure they have been poll tested and focus group tested. do you see in the numbers down there that they have made a real difference? >> well, no. because it's a tight race. and it's been fairly steady. if anything, lately she has lost a little bit of ground like you say. the average she is up maybe a little less than 3 points. that's neck in neck. i can tell you in my neck of the woods, tampa bay is sort of the rule of thumb, who wins tampa bay, this is the swing voter area wins the state of florida. there are some swing districts, legislative and congressional districts where donald trump is actually pretty strong. is he not at all the drag on down ballot republicans that a lot of people thought he would be. >> so what does that mean, if you can tell, for the marco rubio race to stay in
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the senate? >> you know, i think that's going to be -- a lot is going to depend on what happens with hillary clinton and trump. but i think so far marco rubio, i think most people view him as the negligible favorite. i think in a way that probably works out pretty well for both of them. that donald trump could give him a little bits of an edge in north fowrld where trump is strong and rubio could give trump a little bit of a help in miami-dade, a big population area where trump is especially weak. >> adam, very interesting stuff. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> and another day, another email issue for hillary clinton. newly released emails show hillary clinton's aides trying to influence questions at a 2013 senate hearing on an attack in the u.s. con absolute in benghazi, libya. fox news correspondent catherine herridge joins us. >> the emails obtained by the group citizens united wrote to chelsea clinton
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withup date on hearing before the senate foreign relations committee at that time the acting chairman was robert menendez. the email reads in part, quote: we wired that menendez would provide opportunity two topics needed to depunk her actions on 9/11 and emails from chris stevens about moving locations. that is about ambassador chris stevens one of the four americans killed in the 2012 terrorist attack along with sean smith and ty woods and glen daugherty who died defending the cia base. the questioning covered both topics. >> can you give us your insights on the decision-making process regarding the location of the mission? and as part of that, can you also, in your response, you touched upon it in your opening statement, but, what actions were you and your staff taking the night of september 11th and in to september the 12th? >> well, first, you're right, mr. chairman, that
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there was an ongoing discussion. >> we asked the clinton campaign in the senator's office if they coordinated in advance of the hearing what was meant by this term wired and how she's males are consistent with the principle of independent congressional oversight. both offices acknowledged receipt of fox news questions but, brit, they chose not to comment. >> you know, catherine, i have been around this town a few years and covered many a hearing and was a witness a number of years ago. one of the things that was pretty clear to me when i was doing that is that the partisan divide in the committee determined the questions. >> right. >> it was very clear that the members of the congress, friendly to the administration asked questions that were friendly to the administration. >> right. >> so, i know this is can be made like manipulation of independent process but is there anything new here? >> we know that horse trading goes on behind the scenes. i think it's highly unusual
4:14 pm
to see it in black and white and stark terms. i found it interesting that neither the clinton campaign nor the is that right's office chose to defend that email exchange. >> yeah. i guess it's pretty black and white. that's what we would like to call in this business a rare glimpse. thank you, catherine. >> sure. >> here is what could be a clue as to why those national poll numbers have tightened. in a new cnn poll 50% of likely voters say donald trump is the more trustworthy candidate. just 35% trust hillary clinton more than trump. the "on the record" panel is here. "the washington examiner" susan ferrechio and real clear politic politic a.b. stotd stoddard. >> it's a big deterioration for her, she counted on having the buffers of trump's numbers. his unfavorables and honest and trustworthy numbers being worse than hers. i actually see the drop in her poll numbers happening really as a result are of the push back by democrats on the record, including ed
4:15 pm
reynolds, former governor of pennsylvania and others saying they need to stop taking donations to the foundation and neutralize or shutter the clinton foundation now. a bunch of editorial boards wrote articles. what it does is people who have going to oppose trump and might have voted for hillary is repel them even further into the arms of gear johnson or just staying home and that's bad for her numbers on the margin. >> susan, does it seem to you and what you are seeing here, in this number that trump has helped himself? >> yeah, slal. i think it's a combination of things. exactly what a.b. was saying. >> this is a reversal she was the more trustworthy candidate for along time. >> look how trump has acted lately. he has stayed on script. he avoided the big gaffes that happened at the convention and right after it. he stayed on course. the combination of that and clinton's downfall with the
4:16 pm
whole trustworthy issue and the emails and the foundation, the combination of those things plus, we know the polls always tighten up post convention. that's a natural part of the process pollsters will tell you and tell me. that's why we are seeing dead heat. >> my recollection of all of this is that convention bounce, which normally are available to both candidates and they do get a little bump out of their conventions and then those things subside. am i wrong or does it seem a little bit more than that? this looks like the kind of tightening you see at the very end of a race, isn't it? >> i think it was always going to be the case that donald trump was going to get back within anything distancanyplacing distancenippi. the flip flop i thought was erratic and huge mistake and off script. if you look at what has been revealed about as i said about the foundation and focus groups and polling, people are very upset by that even more than the email story which they basically don't understand.
4:17 pm
i think it just has depressed her numbers and she might not get them back. >> she now is saying and has said in the last couple of days in these brief meetings with reporters that the decisions about how the clinton foundation are going to be managed and the family role in it and her daughter role in it are postponed until after the election. >> what effect in that? >> it's negative. in fact, you have other democrats actually saying these things should be taking place now. recognize that the public doesn't like this. that the drip, drip of all the revelations, the speaking fees clinton receives front page story in the "the washington post" today about millions of dollars hun area chairman of something. this kind of stuff resonates with voters. he had say wait a second are they going to represent me? it doesn't smell right. that's why you see democrats panicking and why clinton has finally decided to come talk to reporters about -- she will do it when the polls tighten and here she is. >> we'll have more of that in a moment.
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both stay with us. both candidates holding what amounted to dueling news conferences on their planes and we will hear about that in a minute. also, alarming confrontation in the persian gulf. naval vessels confronting u.s. navy ship in international waters. john bolton is here to talk about that in just minutes. engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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presidential candidates hillary clinton and donald trump held what, you know, from looking at him you might have thought were dueling news conferences. big shift from mrs. clinton who up until the holiday
4:22 pm
weekend hadn't held a news conference yet this year. take a look. >> the crime rate is through the roof. through the roof. people can't walk down the street without getting shot. i will stop that. there are no jobs. i will bring back jobs. the democrats haven't done it the level of poverty is 40%. the youth can't get jobs, 58% unemployed. i say, i mean, i'm going to fix it. >> i think there could be actions taken that would be in america's interest that would raise incomes, produce more jobs for americans. >> we are bringing pack jobs. jobs is the whole deal. it's going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. >> we also have to honor our alineses. we have five treaties in asia where we are pledged to defend those five nations. and donald trump has acted as though that's, you know, that's an option. that's not how great
4:23 pm
countries behave. >> and hillary clinton was back on her plane and spoke to reporters there again today. >> when i became secretary of state, the clinton foundation, a world renown charity, went above and beyond anything that had ever been expected from anywhere charity disclosing every donor. we have 330,000 donors. nobody has ever, ever paid thamade that kind of disclosure. >> okay, panel. setting aside for a moment the veracity of what either candidate said. what about the effect of this decision by secretary clinton to come back and talk on the airplane? it didn't lock like she had any trouble with the sessions. >> right. the media is not exactly pressing her on the email or the foundation issue. they are peppering here with these questions here and there.
4:24 pm
mostly pretty friendly to her. generally the press can be friendly to the candidate when they're traveling on the same plane. that is the case with mitt romney as well when they were on that campaign plane. it wasn't like they were nailing her with question after question. it would have been unflattering thing. she wouldn't have continued the next kay. as long as she can talk about the issues and look presidential and sound like she has more detailed plans and donald trump is not fit for the presidency, we will probably see her continue with these. >> what do you think, a.b.? >> i think hiding was bad for her. i think she doesn't have a good answer for why she stowed government records on a rogue server that was vulnerable to hacking. she has no good answers for what she did. but, actually, donald trump usually doesn't give an answer in any of his multiple interviews, either. he filibusters around and circles around and talks about polls or whatever he wants to when he is asked about isis. he answers what he wants to. if she is there and she continues to say i have held
4:25 pm
press conferences seven of the last nine days and taken a punch of questions on the foundation it's going to be better for her. >> notice she has them on campaign plane. it's really important to know this. it's more controlled. you are dealing with a known group of people who are almost vetted because the campaign itself decides who gets on those planes. >> up to a point. >> up to a point. no, they have a say. they can look at an organization and say we don't have room for you. >> because the trump campaign has banned "the washington post." >> and both campaigns have done this over the year. it's not just new it this year. >> if she was on a general press conference they would not have that control it would not have been as flattering. >> she has little short sessions with the press. it's open to anybody can ask anything. >> right. >> there are no restrictions. >> and they have as you heard they did ask some challenging questions about these issues. does she really have anything to fear from a full blown full dresseddous conference. >> i think so. you have people to ho don't have the money to travel
4:26 pm
with campaigns like conservative outfits not traveling with the campaigns. it's a bigger group of people. a little more unruly, i would say, when you have these big general press conferences. the last one she had, with the famous press conference from when was it? december of 2015, i think that was when she said what do you mean? wipe it with a cloth? how long did that people carry on damaging her over the months? >> that's still kick co-shaeing around out there. >> that's why reason on the plane. i don't know if she will eventually move them somewhere else. >> susan and a.b., thank you. nice to see you both. house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz is here. is he calling for new investigation into hillary's email practices. we will find out what that is all about next. stay tuned. ♪
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it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. calls for another investigation into hillary clinton's email practices house oversight chairman jason chaffetz is asking federal prosecutors to investigate whether clinton and her aids obstructed justice by deleting emails. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence brought up on the. >> a president who deleted 18 and a half minutes of tape and was held accountable for that. and now hillary clinton deleted almost 18,000 email
4:31 pm
emails. that doesn't look like politics, folks, that looks like obstruction. >> chairman of the house oversight committee congressman jason chaffetz of utah joins us now. congressman, you have asked federal investigators in the person of the u.s. attorney in washington in this letter you've written to go into this. what's your point? what's the key, what's the heart of what you are asking for and why. >> shortly after benghazi we put a letter in place saying please preserve all your owe miles. >> you say we. >> the oversight committee i was the chair of the subcommittee on september 20th, 2012. fast forward. >> this is in the way of a letter asking that documents be preserved. it was not a subpoena. >> it was not a subpoena. you go and look at what trey gowdy did as chairman of the benghazi committee and go to march 3rd, 2015, he sent a preservation letter the next day on march 4th, chairman gowdy puts out a subpoena. then on march 10th of 2015, hillary clinton goes out in front of the press and says
4:32 pm
that she has preserved these things. but then you go to march 25th, which is days later, after years of not producing these emails to congress, on march 25th there is a conference call between plat river network who is housing these emails. >> these are the provider of the server, right? >> yes. where supposedly many of these emails, which are federal records. they are not hillary clinton's emails they are federal records are now housed. and there is a conference call between the management and the engineer at platte river networks and the david kendall, her lead attorney and cheryl mills her former chief of staff and counsel. less than a week later there is a work order to destroy the documents and then suddenly the documents are destroyed. now we know from the fbi there were federal records in there. >> right. you know. that will do we know who asked that this be done? >> this is why our committee continues to investigate. we were shocked when director comey came before the committee and said that he did not look at anything that hillary clinton had said under oath.
4:33 pm
they are doing an investigation of hillary clinton and they don't look at what she said under oath? so we have a duty and responsibility to preserve these federal records and to make sure this never happens again and to hold people accountable. >> but you are turning now to the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia who is a part of the justice department, which is part of the obama administration, and what i could only describe as the fond hope that you might trigger some kind of investigation. you don't really think that will happen, do you. >> i think we have a duty and obligation to call upon the administration to do that and it may carry over. >> i get that. >> we also want to do stuff ourselves. congress has been fairly feckless along the way. >> is that why you are trying to get the courts and justice department involved. >> you look at what judicial watch and some of these other groups have been able to do they were able to get into the courts. it seems that the clintons are afraid of the courts but not so afraid of congress. we do have subpoena authority. we are going to have a series of hearings based on the information that we have learned and gleaned since the fbi investigation
4:34 pm
concluded. and we have a duty and respondability to do that. foia requests, freedom of information act, we have to bring up people on what are these reactions in classifications. i want to get to the nerds, the geeks the people who understand. >> you mean the techies? >> the techies. >> i understand that, congressman. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> the president of the philippines expressing regret over vulgar to say the least words he used to describe president obama. ambassador john bolton will be here next t. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing. when i finally told my doctor, he said humira was for people like me who have tried other medications,... but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief... ...and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections...
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♪"my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. a war of words of sorts during president obama's final tour of asia. the president of the philippines is apologizing tonight after making vulgar, to say the least, comments about president obama. the two leaders were set to meet today but that meeting was abruptly called off following the foul mouth remarks. former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton -- let's get this on the record. what did the president of the philippines call our
4:39 pm
president. >> well, he called him a son of a bitch which is not something you normally say to or about the president of the united states. >> or anybody else if you are the president of the country. >> this man is not politically correct. obama called him a colorful fellow which is a diplomatic phrase. obama did the right thing by canceling the meeting. you can't have a meeting with your counterpart talking like that. it just shows why presidents or presidential candidates need to think carefully about what they say because the philippines and the united states have critical interests at stake in the south china sea. >> tell a little bit about what those are we have a base there. we have had over the years. go on. >> we have islamic insurrection in a part of the country. we have vital strategic interest as china makes essentially claiming the entire south china sea as a province of china affecting navigation through those waters and under sea mineral rights. philippines unable, obviously, to stand up to
4:40 pm
china on their owns a vietnam is unable as the other claimants, they need the united states in there we need to coordinate with china. we need to have this as a state meeting. the president was right not to say i'm not going to have a meeting under these circumstances. >> let me turn to another issue in that part of the world which is we have learned at fox that iranian ships have harassed another american vessel in the persian gulf. a naval vessel. that aggression part of a notable increase as you know mr. ambassador and such confrontations since that nuclear deal went into effect. twice as many confrontations in the first half in 2016 compared to the first half of 2015. your thoughts? >> well, in the imimmediate circumstance this is both dangerous and reckless on their part it is training if they ever did want to engage in hostility. propaganda exercise to say the least. the bigger picture is this. this is a substantial piece of evidence that the
4:41 pm
hypothesis that the obama administration pursued through the nuclear deal is incorrect. the nuclear deal is not changing iran's broughter international behavior in any respect. the statistics explain their behavior is getting worse. part of the fact the nuclear deal is al nuclear mistake of its own. >> i understand your sense on that. you have got your ships on the water out there. international waters they have every right to be there. and they are being harassed by pesky little smaller speed boats really fast boats. should we blow a couple of them out of the water. >> american naval is entitled to take action in self-defense if it discerns hostile intent. they are pretty close to the line. >> how would you define that? >> you have to look at whether they are making a run at you such that they could launch a torpedo or launch a missile. and you don't have to wait
4:42 pm
to be fired on in those circumstances. you can go first. i would say this, as irritating as this is and as potentially dangerous as it is, there is going to be a military confrontation. we need to pick the time and the place where we want it to our advantage. i'm not sure that's what the president is thinking but a president looking to be elected on november the 8th ought to be thinking about what he or she is going to do on january the 20th, 2017, when it becomes their responsibility. >> it's not your argument that we should start shooting them. >> no. i think you have got to look at each one. i'm not saying that our navy should do anything that puts his sailors or ships in jeopardy if they feel they need to. they should act. as irritating as this behavior is, that alone should not make us move. we should decide what we're going to do at a time and place that suits us. not the iranians. >> ambassador bolton, thanks very much. nice to see you. >> thank you, brit. >> republican senators are saying the obama administration made a ransom payment to iran and now they are introducing legislation that would make that
4:43 pm
illegal. one of the co-sponsors of the legislation will join us next. stay tuned. (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones)
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congressional republicans are making further criticisms of the iranian nuclear deal tonight. republican senators is accusing the ransom payment to iran. introducing legislation that would block further payments and prohibit ransom all together. the campaign trail today republican presidential candidate trump, donald trump that would be ripped the nuclear deal. watch. >> what we've done is created a monster. we have created in three years, four years, if you look at -- if you take a look at iran from four or five years ago, they were dying. they had the sanctions, they were being choked to death. and they were absolutely
4:48 pm
dying. they weren't even going to be much of a threat. they didn't have anything going. and now they are a power. that deal is a disaster for us. it's a shorter road to nuclear weapons. it's a incompetently negotiated deal. >> one of the co-sponsors of that bill related to the alleged ransom is senator john barrasso of wyoming. he joins us now. >> thanks for having me. >> nice to see you. so, this bill would have no effect on what's already been paid; is that correct? >> it tries to recapture that money from iran. we know how tough that is. when you go after. >> what ransom. let's look at the numbers for a second. $400,000 was paid in cash and another 1.3 billion. >> another 1.3 billion. >> yes. >> that was done by bank draft, right? >> yes. >> so total 1.7 billion. how would you recapture? >> we want to make sure no additional money is spent until reparations have been made by iran for what money is owed to americans. after the hostages were held
4:49 pm
for 444 days. back when jimmy carter was president. they are owed over $50 billion. we want that back. we want no additional payments and the goal is to recapture. >> where does this figure come from? this is money owed reparation to u.s. hostages. >> what authority are those reparations ordered? >> there is court ruling to do that. bruce langdon who was charged at the time and other hostages. that's been waiting a long time as well. you know, if you are trying to get hostages back, they should have done this before the president negotiated. >> let me ask you, if they owed us 50 billion and we owed them the money, now we know $1.7 billion, that has been sent to them, why would we pay them before they paid us? >> well, you should never do that the president should have never paid for hostages. our policy should be to never pay for the release of
4:50 pm
hostages. we should have gotten the hostages back before the president proceeded with the iran deal in the first place. >> so this bill would compel the president or the administration to do what exactly? to seek this money? >> to seek the money back and to allow no more money being paid by a fund called the judgment fund. nothing else. >> can you get this to a vote in the senate? >> we're going to push for that can i assure that you harry reid and those folks will filibuster or fight it i don't know that the president would sign it. but it's a sign that says what the president did is wrong. the president is not feared and he is not respected worldwide. we saw that this weekend in china. >> i get that. my big concern is many of the world leaders macho men can smell the fear of barack obama and they are going to go more. we will see it with putin. i think we will see it with iran. we will see it certainly with north korea and possibly with china and i think possibly with assad.
4:51 pm
>> all right, senator. thanks for coming. in nice to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> continuing series the deciders. griff jenkins talks to swick state to swing state voters at a family farm that n. st. louis, north carolina. that's not far from where donald trump has been holding that rally this evening. >> well, i'm the sixth generation farmer. i'm living in the same house that all six generations have been in. >> meet burt and ginn pitt. owners of the pitt family farm in st. louis, north carolina. >> i feel like there is a lot on my shoulders to keep the farm going. >> like many north carolinaens they have farmed tobacco in these fields for decades. commodity prices meant tough times on the family farm. >> everybody wants cheap food, including me. but we were raised and same price as we did in 1991, 25 years allege. corn is at 7 year low.
4:52 pm
soybeans at 7 and 8 year low as far as prices that we sell. a lot of people in the united states and north america don't realize that it's hard for us to pay bills because our inputs have not gone down. they are not at 25 year low. >> these farmers found salvation in the sweet potato. >> this is a sweet potato. it's a big crop in north carolina, no. >> agriculture is the number one industry in north carolina. therefore we are looking for other things to grow and sweet potatoes seem to be a great crop this year. >> sweet potatoes are actually roots that grow under ground. once they are big enough. a tractor uproots the crop leaving them ready to be harvested by hand. >> what kind of grade would this get? this is a big one. >> jumbo. >> that's good. >> that's good. >> under the north carolina sun, it's pain-staking, labor-intensive work. that's why these farmers rely on migrant workers.
4:53 pm
>> we depend on these workers. immigration is a big issue with us now. but we have got to have the workers come in or these crops will sit here and rot in the fields. and we can't seem to get american workers. >> many come from mexico, attracted by higher wages here than back at home. the program is totally legal. to qualify, employers, like the pitts, need to meet certain conditions. the jobs must be temporary. they can't use the visa to take jobs from americans. they need to prove that the migrant workers won't lower wages for americans and they need to get a certificate from the government. when the season ends, the migrants are supposed to return south of the border. >> i couldn't do this work day after day. so, i -- we are so so dependent on migrant work. hispanic workers who come do
4:54 pm
our manual labor such as this. >> even with those views on mexican migrant workers. these north carolina farmers have staunch opponent of illegal immigration and spoke highly of donald trump's speech on immigration. so just what will these swing state voters do in november? undecided or trump? >> trump. >> burt, have you decided how are voting for? >> i'm voting for donald trump. he's a businessman. he has been through it agriculture is an industry. we do -- i mean, i think he understands it. and i think he is willing to come out and see and listen to his advisors. i think he would be someone that would listen and help us out when it's needed. >> in st. louis, north carolina, in the sweet potato fields for "on the record," i'm griff jenkins. >> thank you, griff. coming up, donald trump just wrapped up his rally down in greenville, north carolina. that, plus more highlights from the trail today. our campaign flash is next. t.
4:55 pm
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time now for this thing we call campaign flash first to greenville, north carolina, where donald trump just wrapped up a rally where some supporters arrived as early as 9:00 this morning. meanwhile, hillary clinton rallying with hundreds of supporterers in tampa, florida tonight. she holds a slight lead in the sunshine state according to the real clear politics average. as we noted that lead is well within the margin of error for most polls. finally a word about greta van susteren. as i noted earlier, she has left fox news saying today the place just didn't feel like home anymore. i count greta a friend and i'm sorry to see her go. all of us here certainly wish her well. she made a big contribution and we will miss her. in the meantime, i will try to carry on in the hopes her audience will stick with us. don't worry i will only be here through the election. and thank you for being with us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 eastern. up next, "the o'reilly
5:00 pm
factor." good night. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i had a meeting with great people, great hispanic leaders and there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. >> donald trump's big gamble. the immigration situation. tonight, the candidate will be here to discuss it. >> i just want to say how proud i am of the work the foundation has done. it's world renowned for what it's accomplished since my husband started it. >> more damaging reporting on the clinton foundation but does it matter? do americans really care? charles krauthammer will assess that. >> do you feel like the term racist is thrown around too loosely these days. >> every time there is a incident with a black versus a white or hispanic.


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