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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 7, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" this morning. this wednesday. >> it will be a hot one, too. thank you for starting your day with us. we start with the fox news lairt. iran playing with fire harassing another war ship. >> weapons uncovered. >> this time one of the iranian boats stopping more than 100 yards in front of it forcing a patrol ship to change directions avoiding a crash. weeks ago these four iranian boats coming within 300 yards of a u.s. trip. one day later two similar incidents one forcing the navy boat to fire warning shots into the water. job bolton says iran could be training for war.
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>> this is dangerous and reckless on their parts. it is training if they ever want to engage in hostility. it is a propaganda exercise to say the least. the bigger picture is this. this is a substantial piece of evidence that the hypothesis the obama administration pursued through the nuclear deal is incorrect. >> confrontations between the u.s. and iran in international waters have more than doubled since last year. >> breaking news for you u.s. air strikes wipe outer rists in yemen. is the u.s. central command confirming a series of blasts carried out over the past two weeks they killed 13 al qaeda members. they are putting pressure on the terror network preventing them from noting u.s. attacks.
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a huge killer captured overnight. alonzo perez was found in a home and raised without incident. he broke his handcuffs and stole a truck. perez was questioned about a murder outside of a mcdonalds arguing about opening a door for a women. three bank robbery suspects in custody of police. officers opened fire killing the suspect. the other two were arrested. ush from flush >> now to the race for the white house, donald trump beefing up america's military today as a desperate hillary clinton lines up a parade of high profile allies to hit the trail as she
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drops in the polls. ed henry is live from washington with the latest on that. >> two and a half weeks before the first head to head clash in an actual debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. we get the first taste when we go back-to-back instead of face to face in a commander-in-chief forum. donald trump is giving a major address in philadelphia on rebuilding america's military also questioning hillary clinton's judgment to be commander-in-chief just adds clinton sz ramping up her own attacks on whether or not the republican nominee could be trusted with the nuclear codes. trump and clinton have been being back and forth. they will be going directly at it tonight. on the trail they questioned each other's gujmejudgment on national security. >> a lot of people say as an example hillary likes to play tough with russia. putin looks at her and he laughs. he laughs.
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putin looks at hillary clinton when he smiles. boy would he like to see her. that is easy. look at how bad her decisions has been. >> when it comes to fighting isis he has been all over the map. you would have to literally map it out. he talked about syria becoming ago free zone. he says he has a secret plan to defeat isis. the secret is he has no plan. >> the coughing attacks on the trail aren't getting enough attention for him. mainstream media never covered hillary's massive hacking or coughing effect. it is number one trending. what's up? he is watching social media closely. clinton is cranking up the political heavy weights getting out to campaign for her.
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take a look at president obama, joe biden, michelle obama the first lady. senator elizabeth warren, actors as well tony goldwyn and don cheadle. this race has tightened big time. >> we will learn more about the polls later. >> 11 point swing in like a month. republicans locked and loaded with brand new information with the eking mail scandal. new push to prove she destroyed evidence during the fbi investigation. is she worried? >> do you have any concerns that the e-mails were deleted after they were supposed to be preserved and did you ask for them to be deleted? >> of course not. another did the fbi. >> jackie ibanez is live.
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good morning. >> the trump campaign and republican lawmakers calling on the justice department to take action that the staff deleted e-mails after being ordered to keep them. jay sos chai chaffetz calling for special prosecutor. >> we will have a series of hearings based on the info we have learned and gleaned since the fbi investigation concluded. we have a duty and responsibility to do that. >> clinton says it is another conspiracy theory. rudy giuliani calls it criminal intent. donald trump agrees. >> how about the 33,000 missing e-mails that were acid washed. acid washed. rudy was telling me nobody does it because it is such an expensive process. >> mike pence taking it a step
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further comparing clinton to president richard nixon. >> it was a long time ago when i was still a boy but i remember a president who deleted 18 and a half minutes of tape and was held accountable for that. now hillary clinton deleted almost 18,000 e-mails. that doesn't look like politics, folks. that looks like obstruction. the american people are sick and tired of it. >> congressman chaffetz already scheduled two hearings. he still has the power to call new witnesses and request documents after the session ends as well. the e-mail issue could extend until the election. >> rudy giuliani not the only one concerned about that. thank you so much jackie. the time line provided by congressman chaffetz proving to be correct. the documents were destroyed.
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fox news analyst andrew napolitano says someone higher up is keeping someone from todog their job. >> troubling news. we learned this on friday from the fbi. the fbi knew that servers were wiped clean, that blackberries were smashed and destroyed and that a lap top was lost in the u.s. mail. the fbi ought to have pursued this and the people around her for obstruction of justice and it did not do so. that is exceptionally distressing. the failure to secure state secrets is overwhelming. now we know someone for obstruction of justice is overwhelming. the fbi has done nothing. someone somewhere has restrained the fbi from doing its job. >> let's keep talking about hillary's e-mail candle. should the fbi investigation be
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resoap reopen reopened. a oo he is the most popular bench warmer on the fbi. the 49ers quarterback refused to stand during the national anthem during the preseason. kaepernick plans to keep protesting social injustice by police officers. >> a officer it posted an open letter. i put it on my twitter page. very moving. >> i see an american flags line. fallen military men and women killed since the 9-11 terror attacks. >> you are not for getting their fallen hero. >> more than 7,000 flags falling with a photo. their story and a set of dog
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tags attached. >> they are raising money for local charities and to build a memorial. >> the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. stand in line or ride the pine. the coach sending a strong message to his players who want to stand for the national anthem. >> why it is too close to call. >> i baptize you in the name of the father and in the name of the son and in the name of the holy spirit. >> don't do it. >> he is too excited to wait for his baptism. >> first a look at weather across the country. your car insurance policy
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>> a shocking admission overnight from the obama administration. it paid iran 1.7 billion in cold hard cash from the tax payer's pocket. the payment happening in the exact moment iran released four american prisoners. senior officials refused to label it ransom. a house hearing on the controversial timing is being held tomorrow. >> bombshell e-mails showing hillary clinton rigged the e-mails and phillip rains to chelsea clinton on the morning of the hearing.
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her actions whereabouts on 9-11 these e-mails from stevens about removing location. senator mendez asked questions on the topics right out of the gate. he was indicted on unrelated federal corruption charges. as we discussed a new cnn orc bopoll has hillary clinton leading among the top four candidates nationally. >> an even bigger lead with 49 percent of clinton's 29 percent support. >> what does this mean nine weeks out from the election and two weeks from the first presidential debate. >> cliff young, thank you for being here this morning. good morning. >> thank you. great to be here. >> start breaking it down. you look at the last four weeks and the changes we are seeing in the polls according to some donald trump goes up 11 points.
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>> definitely. there has been a narrowing over the last week or so. the question is why? why has it happened? we have a race going into the last two months but the question is why. let's talk about what he had to do before the convention. >> he had a high bar going into that. he had a high base. he's an outsider candidate and antiestablishment candidate. it was noise at best. he had a lot of conclusion post convention with a con issue. he came out of the convention relative to hillary clinton kind of weak damaged in the short term. what has happened over the last few weeks? >> what do you think happened? what has been the game changer. >> what he has done is he was off message and inefficient over the last couple weeks at the convention. he was able to focus on message and be more efficient with what he was saying.
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he was able to focus on the conservative issues which was important. you go to the speech he did in arizona and the trips to mexico all of these initiatives have energized the base. in the last race he energized the base. >> he went up in honest tee and trust worthiness. donald trump at 50 percent. that is a huge margin. >> this is a characteristic of his that he has had since the primaries. he might say different things. people might accuse him of flip flopping back and forth. but the average voter sees him as genuine and someone they could trust and fix the system. >> the economy 56 percent of who they think is better on terrorism. trump beats them by 51 percent. you look at the numbers what does he have to do to stay where
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he is on the polls? >> he needs to keep hammering the message, the key issues. he needs to come to concrete points and showing he is credible on the economy and terrorism. even when hillary was in the lead if you peeled away the onions they were dead even on the key issues. he needs to stay on message, be efficient, no the get off on tangents and over the past couple weeks he has really done that. the last point i have been making this since the primaries he has earned media superstar. he was able to control the primaries, the airwaves relative to the other stage. >> you can't do that in the general. >> that's a huge question. i believe the first proof point that he can he is very talented there was the last week. he controlled it for five days. the immigration speech on the what you knowed the trip to mexico on the other a speech that was on point. if you look at the polling
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contrary to what pundits say if you look at the speech the super majority among independents and republicans. >> we have the debates coming up. see how that changes things. >> the time is now 20 after the hour. future is in jeopardy. 2500 students left to have to grieve. why they are shutting down without even a warning. >> what is better than bringing in fall when you can get free coffee and what else you can score big on. that's next.
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♪ >> a live look at the always bright and lively times square. welcome back to "fox & friends first." a nationwide college broke it will cost taxpayers millions. they are closing 130 campuses leaving more than 35,000 students now stuck. brand new regulations with the obama administration stopping enrollment who were using federal loans. that leaves $500 million of unpaid student debt that will be passed on to the u.s., the taxpayers. >> struggling school thinks that ditching homework all together is the answer. she says kids will get to spend more time with their family go to bed early and will be longer.
2:24 am
thank you lothey will be spendi 8 hours in the classroom to help raise test scores. oo>> the makers of the epi pen with the outrageous price. general eric snyder man coming out yesterday saying he will investiga investigate any antitrust passes. this is the allergy treatment for many it went from 100 to more than 600. the company is considered wrong doing or unlawful he will uncover it. he's going after them. it will be very publically. >> a lot of people really upset about thall of that.
2:25 am
mr from the coulds of that to something that is free. >> businesses want you to come back from summer and start to spend. th that is the goal here. they are coming out with free promotions. let's start out with free leggos september 6th and 7th you can get a school bus go into a leggo store make a school bus and your child can take that home for free. chick-fil-a they are giving out a free breakfast item. this is on september 10th only. you have to get the app at chick-fil-a. that's the catch. you have to make sure your app is updated before you get it. national parks across the country free entrance september 24th is the 100 year anniversary of national parks. >> september 25th at i phop for the kids giving a little bit of a treat. finally my favorite september 29th. that would be national coffee
2:26 am
day. we all live on coffee especially at these hours. all of the promotions they will be having whether it is free or buy one get one free. expect dunkin' and krispy kreme to come out high charging with big pro portions on that particular bay. >> iced coffee. >> i don't know if you drink iced coffee but when ice melts you end up with watery cold coffeeish beverage in front of you. never good. so dunkin' donuts and krispy kreme are starting out a new ice cube it is a could have he too ice cube. that way when the ice melts you still have a full cup of could have dpee in front of you. they are trying out some that are a himilk base as well: if works they will bring it here. >> i tried something like that over the weekend. it really does work.
2:27 am
>> some complain the more ice you put in the drink the less drink you get. we did a story on that recently. >> i brought that story to you la ladies. here's a question for all of you, should you ware your engagement ring to your job interview? a recruiter says no. >> the time 27 minutes to the top of the hour. wikileaks founder julian assange promising another document dump on hillary clinton. >> the information itself is significant pertaining to hillary clinton's campaign. how many batches as you described them do you think you will be releasing and how soon? >> his answer that's next. ♪
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commander-in-chief? how both candidates are making their cases today. >> stand in line or ride the pine. the players who want to ban the national anthem. a sneak peak, fox & friends first continues right now. ♪ >> we always love a little florida georgia lime. you are watching "fox & friends
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first" on this wednesday morning. >> i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. it is the commander-in-chief test. hillary clinton and donald trump are shifting their arguments to the military and who is more capable to keep the nation safe. >> donald trump is giving a major address in philadelphia on rebeforing america's military. this comes as holy spirit ramps up her attacks on the republican nominee and whether or not he can be trusted with the nuclear codes. trump tried to counter that with coming out with a letter with 88 retired generals and admirals saying he does have the credentials to become commander-in-chief as they both go back and forth on a range of international issues on trade.
2:33 am
>> i don't think she believes in herself. she was brought so far left by bernie and the group, i think we are going to get a lot of bernie people because of trade. >> i now have more endorsements from retired flag officers that any democrat other than an incumbent president has ever had. compare where trump is with where both romney and mccain were. they had between 300 and 500. i am doing better than any democrat he's doing worse than recent republicans. >> while trump has been rising in the polls in part because he's keeping his message more disciplined the republican nominee pouncing on her hacking attack by tweeting out mainstream media never covered
2:34 am
hill re's massive hacking attack. it is number one trending. what's wup that. clinton cranking up the number of heavy weights getting them to campaign for her it includes vice president obama and biden. the first lady bernie sanders former opponent as well as elizabeth warren the hero you see actors. you mentioned the commander-in-chief forum. the viewers don't need to watch it there. >> i love it. i can see it from my apartment. >> thanks. ed. >> republicans locked and loaded with info about hillary clinton's e-mail can scandal. a brand new push that she destroyed evidence during the fbi investigation. is she worried? >> herd e-mails were deleted
2:35 am
after they were supposed to be preserved did you ask for them to be removed? >> of course not. i have no concern on either count. neither does the fbi. >> jackie ibanez is with us. >> they are calling on the justice department to take action after new claims her staff deleted e-mails after being ordered to keep them. congressman jason chaffetz now calling for a special proos cute tore to step in. >> you were shocked when director comey came in and said he did not say hillary clinton did an investigation under oath. >> if we have a duty and responsibility to preserve the federal records and make sure this never happenings again and hold them accountable. >> they say it is another conspiracy theory. another calls it criminal
2:36 am
intent. donald trump agrees. >> how about the 33,000 missing e-mails that were acid washed. acid washed. and rudy was telling me nobody does it because it is such an expensive process. >> indiana governor mike pence taking it a step further comparing clinton to the watergate scandal. there's a word that comes to mind when it comes to hillary clinton delete e-mails, obstruction. chaffetz has the power to call new witnesses and request documents after the congressional system continues. >> it will go through the election days. >> the election and beyond. thanks, jackie. time for a look who is talking. releasing more hillary clinton documents in as early as next
2:37 am
week. >> you have a significant amount of information. the information itself is significant pertaining to hillary clinton's campaign. you will be releasing it in several batches as you are finishing it from a journalistic standpoint. how many batches do you think you will be releasing and how soon? >> thicky question, sean. >> pretty simple one. >> the first batch is very soon. we might put out teasers. i don't want to promise anything because you have to see how it goes. we might put out teasers in the first week or the week after. >> panic on a plane packed with passengers after a man starts screaming in arabic. the united airlines flight making an emergency landing. he became violent kicking and breaking a bathroom door.
2:38 am
passengers looking on in her roar as police storm the cincinnati bound plane arresting him. he is charged with disorderly conduct. >> a drug crisis has some calling for a public health emergency after eight deaths are blamed on a combination of heroin. it is illegally found in area 300 overdoses have occurred there since mid august. >> elephant sedative? >> about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a real life nightmare for a little boy coming face to face with a home intruder. >> the kitchen window is opened and then you see the video you can see him peaking through there. >> how her 12-year-old son managed to keep his cool. >> old glory up in flames an american flag burned at school
2:39 am
and you will not believe how students reacted. >> should you ware your engagement ring to a job interview? one recruiter said no way. the way to ace an interview. a look across the country at weather. whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house? we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? no, i'm more like a metaphor. okay, a spokes-metaphor. no, i'm... you're a spokes-metaphor. yeah. ok. see how voya can help you get organized at
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>> a live look at the beautiful monument in washington, d.c. the sun not quite up yet. stand in line or ride the pine. that's a message from team usa hockey coach ahead of the world cup of hockey later this month.
2:43 am
he tells them he will not tolerate any player sitting in solidarity with kaepernick. if they do they will be riding the bench for the rest of the game. support for the coach pouring in on social media. sammy writing if athletes can't stand and respect the flag of the united states of america they should not have the honor of representing the country. tina says it is about time someone is telling them how it is. i am sick of them not doing squat about this. kudos to you, coach. >> an incredible story of patriotism in a high school in utah. he is known for his american spirit. proudly flaies two american flas on the back of his truck. someone set one of them on fire even scorching the tailgate. now the friends are standing behind him with flags on theirs. they did catch the student behind the flag burning.
2:44 am
>> my home state of utah. >> are you trying to land a job ladies? one job recruiter says ditch the engagement ring. oo cheryl casone with more on what you should ware or not ware to a job interview. >> it was a post that went viral. bruce her wits wrote a blog telling women not to ware their engagement rings to an interview. you will make enemies in the office other women will feel envious if you ware the hope diamond on your finger. when the man sees that ring they think you are high nans. when the woman in the office has the largest ring she feels she will fall to second place and will not like you. lose the ring. he goes on to say it shows the
2:45 am
women is emotionally attached to somebody therefore unavailable. many calling it ridiculous dribble, misguided and misogynist misogynistic. here are dos and don'ts. minimal jewelry even with men. a lot of you ware earrings now. keep it simple if you can. women as well. simple earrings one necklace and one ring. ware your engagement ring. waring a business suit or business style dress to the interview is the key you want to show respect. what you ware after the job is a different story. closed towed shoes. a lot of us are waring open towed shoes for the interview process you want to go as business like as you can. guys ware a tie. ware cuff links. you may think this is old school thinking but this shows you
2:46 am
really care about your appearance. blue or black clothing this goes for men and women. you want to show the conservative colors. you don't want your clothing to distract from what you are saying to the person that is potentially going to hire you. yes, bruce herowitz i don't care what you say. ware the engagement ring. >> dress for the job that you want not the job that you have. >> great tips. >> switching gears to one of the favorite segments going viral. a little boy so excited to get baptized he takes the matters into his own hands. >> i baptize you in the name of the father and of the son and the holy spirit. >> just do it. >> this #-year-old from louisville, kentucky couldn't wait for the pastor to dunk him.
2:47 am
the dad said the water was too cold. he wanted to get it done. that video seen by a million people and a few million more now that we have showed it to you. >> let's check in with brian kilmeade. you have a big quest guest today. trump in u asked about the new the lead. >> i am sure it will come up. nbc has him down by 4 but everybody else has a dead heat and now cnn nationally with donald trump up what caused the big reversal? what could be around the corner? we also have for the first time ever martina mcbride and shaquille o'neal on the same show? will they have anything in common? can we ask them the same question? only you will know if you stay tuned. >> then play one-on-one
2:48 am
basketball. >> we will be right back. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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kjlk rats
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coming with something new from the tech giant. >> sirius xm115 is here. >> there are literally thousands of rumors. good morning. we have seen specs, photos even a few trump tipsters who spilled the beans. rumors basically suns just after the iphone success came out. for about a year it is set to be unveiled. the changes are big. under the hood they are doing away with finally the 16 giga
2:53 am
bite entry model and replacing it with a 32 giga bite model. plenty of room for all of your music. a new camera or two is set to be on the back giving you the ability to take wide angle and tell law photo pictures. they are packing in a 12 mega pixel sensor. there could be an edge to edge screen similar to that on the latest samsung phones with i is a nice improvement. i have seen it on there it looks great. stay say so long to your ear buds. they are doing away with the standard head phone jack that has been around since pretty much since we landed on the moon. it has been around for a while. we can say good-bye to it. a lightning connector head phones or wireless head phones could be the future t. has always supported high fidelity digital audio. this isn't a real surprise. i suspect they are going to give
2:54 am
us a positive spin on the loss of the head phone jack. we might see apple music sounds better at its best with our new lightning head phones. >> we will have to buy new head phones or new blue tooth. >> they always make your last phone seem so outdated. >> they make it like this one is bent and cracked. they could have told me it wouldn't be bent and cracked i might not have purchased it. they will give us a reason to buy new head phones and accessories. but i definitely think that is where things are going.
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♪ ♪
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take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. time now for the good, the bad, the ugly. first the good. serving those who serve our country. tennessee community treating 73 marines to a barbecue. on their way to nashville for marine week when their bus burst into flames. thankfully no one was injured. they had a community fundraising cookout while they waited for a new bus. gotcha. moved straight into a security camera in broad daylight. police tracked them down after the texas homeowner posted a
3:00 am
photo on facebook. a feud between two neighbors goes out of control after one man bulldozed the other's home. it was because of an ongoing feud. that makes more sense. >> that's pretty bad for the ugly. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning to you and your family. it's wednesday, september 7th. i'm ainsley earhardt. another benghazi bombshell for hillary clinton. did her team try to manipulate the questions that she would be asked in that first congressional hearing? this morning we may find out what difference it all really does make. >> well, finally. meanwhile, donald trump promises to release his tax returns absolutely immediately as soon as this happens. >> when is she going to release her e-mail? she knows how to find it. let her release her e-mails and i'll release my tax returns


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