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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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years today. should we break out, we'll break in because breaking things changes. "your world with neil cavuto" is coming up. i'll see you a little bit later. . welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. i hearing some that catches my ear and i wonder wait a minute. $400 million was sitting in a plane, all marked in cash, just around the same time those hostages were released this year. coincide coincidental, not exactly random. then we learned over the next 19 days another $1.3 million in cash paid to iraq in cash, $1.7 million in cash, and even thick skulls like my own start wondering that's odd. it got to be a very hot and heated point in washington today. take a look.
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>> you asked about the specifics of the payments in january, and we're told that there was never, ever going to -- no one would ever tell us. >> again, we -- what you got was our standard answer, which is true that we correct the confidentiality of these arrangements. >> i'm just asking you -- >> well, from the communications piece alone, if you had to do it all over again, you'd do it the same way or was there a mistake in this over abundance of caution in this dribbling of details. >> the guy with the obnoxious s questions, and joining us is james rosen. did you get any satisfactory answers there? >> to be clear and purposes of the record, i was only one of two individuals asking obnoxiousoobnoxious questions, and that was my colleague, matt lee, and there is still payments made from i n iran, $1.7 billion, including
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the original principal over long-standing dispute and interest, it was $400 million, plus $1.3 billion in interest we agreed to pay to settle this long-standing claim the obama administration says we would have lost a much larger judgment if we let this go to the international tribunals. only today for the first time as the obama administration acknowledged that the three payments for the totaling $1.7 billion were made in cash in hard foreign currently, only in response really to a pair of bombshell reports from the "wall street journal" and dogged questioning by reporters there in that state department briefing room, and even today state department spokesman ma mark toner, had no answers when i asked him about the statutory authority, the legal requirements for such a payment and i read to him chapter and verse from the federal code which states from this particular fund from which the
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$1.3 billion was drawn, it's called the judge. fund from the treasury department, stated they're only to be made by electronics funds transfer or if a waiver is sought and received by check. there's nothing that says it can be made in cash. mr. toner had no idea as to whether a waiver was sought in this case and the web site of the judgment fund on the treasury department's web site shows 13 payments totally that $1.3 billion in interest we owe wed on the 19th of january this year. if you look at it, closely there's 14th payment on the same date using the same controlling case file number, meaning it's attached to the iran deal with $10.4 billion, and takes us over the $1.7 billion figure and had no answer what the figures are about. >> thank you so much. and chairman of the house of homeland security committee, it's the cash part, that's raising questions here. normally, that kind of reminds folks of the supranos, or sort
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of a deal but in it briefcases but what do you make of that? >> well, i mean the opt iics ar are horrible for the administration to have untraceable foreign currency in euro, swiss currency, i mean it -- it would be illegal for them to send it by u.s. currently, so they circumvent that and do it by untraceable foreign currency. this thing smells really bad and the fact they would deny this is a random payment when the hostages are literally sitting on the tarmac and only until then were they released by the irania iranians, and remember we're dealing with the largest state-sponsored of terror. >> would it have made any difference if it was
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electronically transferred or would there be a trail? this would be just i guess suspicio suspicious, but do you know why that route was never chosen? >> because, again, there are no electronic wire transfers set up between the united states and iran because they have been the largest state-sponsored terror. we can't exchange the cash in u.s. currently through wire because of the law so they circle vented the law by using untraceable foreign cash and that's something congress -- >> i think we could have known a little bit about this, in rogue governments as through a third-party, that was never entertained, hence the cash. but do you know or ever remember sir a time in history where we have spent that much catch to a foreignenti foreign entity in that short of time especially in cash? >> not that i can recall, in not only recent history, but the history of the united states. and look who we're dealing with.
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since we gave them this money, three more hostages have been taken. so that's what's -- this is spurring more bad behavior on the part of iran. they are -- they are provoking our ships in the persian gulf. they took the russian s 300s, the missiles and put them around their nuclear facility since this time. this is not encouraging good behavior on the part of iran. this whole thing just smells bad. we're going to be looking at this in congress and in terms of the legitimacy, the justice department, the administration's own lawyers advised against this action and i think for many of the reasons your prior guest in a very articulate way talked about. this is really one of the biggest scandals, to launder money to iran in exchange for houst hostage money will go, from my perspective as homeland security chair, that's going to go to
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fund the kurds force operations which have killed hundreds of americans in iraq and hezbollah operations around the world to kill both americans and our allies and our interest. >> all right, chairman, thank you very, very much. you hear what the house wants to do is guarding this little transaction, $1.7 billion worth. now looking at separately, the clinton e-mailcontroversy. they want to know what and how many and more of what we don't knowow. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more. >> reporter: republican committee chairman jason chaffetz writes the department should investigation and determine whether secretary clinton or her employees and contractors violated constitutes that prohibit destruction of congressional inquiries and concealment of cover up of
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evidence material to a congressional investigation. speaking to fox this morning, the congressman said his committee will continue to investigation a investigate and hold hearings. >> the fact of the matter is they did not look at this and the house of representatives, also a branch of government, also gets to look into this. of course we're going to do hearings and get to the truth of this. >> possible charge of obstruction would hinge, and march 2017 is emerging, and there was also a subpoena from the house benghazi for records and march 25th, clinton's e-mail was found to have sent a letter to the server manager and records were shredded. >> after records were detroyed, why did it occur then, it
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becomes more curious and perhaps more rerelevant. >> clinton told reporters yesterday she's not concerned but it's important to note for context that this is an issue that fbi director said in testimony they did not example in in their investigation of the mishandling of classified information, neil. >> kathrcatherine herridge, thau very much. donald trump says he doesn't know what's worse, not knowing the information you have is potentially criminal or just not remembering. our senior judicial analyst, judge politan o, what do you think of this? >> i think ms. clinton is on the verge of skating yet again, neil, because as kathryn just report reported, the fbi was aware of the destruction of this electronic including the loss of a laptop to one of her aides and the destruction of about 13 or
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14 blackberrys at the time it was investigating her failure to secure secrets and this is the same fbi that was handcuffed throughout her entire investigation that presented nothing to a grand jury, that got no subpoenas, that issued no search warrants, that probably decided from the outset, which was told to exonerate hillary clinton. >> do you get a sense, judge, leaving the polls aside and whether this is resinating, it does keep hillary clinton negative. she's been very forthcoming since all of these investigation and there's nothing unorder tor illegal, and the fbi did not decide to punish her. what do you think of that? >> there's two ways the public will look at this. one, it's the clintons, they're at it again, they always get away with it and they always survive these candidatals and let's talk about issues that are more relevant.
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we have another person who is profoundly different and is willing to avoid the law for her own, and is she qualified and worthy of being the president of united states. people's views will fall into one of those two camps. i'm not so convinced -- hardly a fan of hersel, but i think peop are tired of hearing this. what upsets me the most is law enforcement did not take this seriously, the public safety is at risk when someone does to national secrets what she did and destroys records in order to avoid prosecution, and the rule of law is not upheld. >> i forgot how smart you are, judge. >> i forgot how young you are. thank you, and welcome back. >> and thank you for the very kind e-mails. i appreciate that. by the way, do you think the federal reserve can become a
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but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. . all right, so you have hillary clinton and donald trump fighting over the federal reserve, listen to this. . >> they're keeping the rates artificially low, so the economy doesn't have to go down, so obama can say he did a good job. >> another example why he shouldn't be anywhere near the white house, he should not be commenting on bad actions when you are either running for president, or you are president. words have consequences.
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words move markets. >> well, ron paul, has always been a critic of the federal reserve, whether they have consequences or not. he should we should be questioning that that sets a policy and has a great deal more power than any of us can fathom. congressman, on the phone with us right now. donald trump is talking about the fed and taking on its power and influence. hillary clinton is saying big mistake, don't do it. who's right? >> trump is much, much closer to the right things on this issue, i'll tell you. i find hillary astounding even though we find that each say, you shouldn't comment on the subject, i think the members of the secret service will love hillary because you're not allowed to say anything, and yet as you know i've considered the
1:17 pm
federal reserve and monetizing debt as being very important because the next step we have, not only is the desire to know what this is doing and trump does support an audit of the fed, i think the connection has to be known that deficits can be dealt with by the federal reserve, they should be prohibited from monetizing debt. when i was in congress, the chairman always believed the congress for spending too much money, but the fed accommodating, you know, by doing what, keeping interest rates low. so i find it rather ironic because there are some occasions when donald will also say, you know the best thing going for us right now are these interest rates are so low. >> do you think that's accurate, in other words the fed has sort of popped things up with these record-low interest rates and without it, we'd be in a very different world?
1:18 pm
>> oh, absolutely. but they've done that notoriously for decades, you know, the big argument which started with nixon and talking to burns. so it's been going on now. how much you could argue and say, well, the members of the board are mainly interested in obama and i think they're interested only in their own hide. let's say the interest rates jump up two or three points, it would be immediately a disaster, and this is the other point that i try to make often is the fact that they're low for too long, the whole point is they should not be fixing interest rates. that's price fixing and conservatives have always opposed price fixing expect the most important price in the country, that's money. >> from many of the fed chairman, because you to the point back in your days and congress can't do anything, won't do anything, or politically afraid to do
1:19 pm
anything, so they have to be adults in the room and do this stuff. what do you make of that argument? >> they just make it worse. it's true maybe on the short run, if there are shortcomings and congress is messing things up, but it's made worse but congress and the fed work together to create the housing bubble, you know, they had -- you know, they instructed people to make loans, bad loans, and the fed created the pbubble. they work hard in hand, i confirm. they fight and blame each other, that's the way both parties are, they fight and fume, but very often they accommodate when they have to get a bill passed the last minute of the session, and they get together and they take care of each other and you know the military budgets get passed and the welfare budgets get passed. so i think what we're seeing here with hillary and trump, i would consider this more real
1:20 pm
than two people accommodating each other, but like i'd, i thi think we're past that point and i think we will be talking about the fed and i think we're moving into an age when you're going to see the unwinding of central banking. we have who have been concerned about central banking will win this argument and we're seeing that throughout the world. >> you'll see it in an unimportant way. >> yes. they cannot manage money. all they can do is create bubbles and accommodate big spending. we can't lower the limits. that's what we're facing. i were will say this, you w ahead of it and doing it m people didn't know what it was. thank you very much. >> glad to have you back. >> thank you, be well. there's terror arrest going on in paris today.
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. we don't know what the canisters of gas were for discovered at the notre dame cathedral in paris. secretary tom ridge who has been on the show many, many times, saying we just sort of glass over this stuff but said we have to balance things out. first what do you make of it? >> it's interesting. i thought it sounded almost like a training exercise. you've go at i car with flashing lights in a no-parking zone and
1:25 pm
no registration plates with a gas canister on the front was like let's see how vigilant the police and the military are. so, what i make of it is is a reminder that here there was probably a test maybe a surveillance test of some kind, but it's also a reminder take then conjunction with everything else that's happened in france. remember the truck that killed dozens? >> right. >> remember the stabbing? remember the november 13th assault with weapons? you've got gas cylinders, knives, weapons and trucks. terrorists have many tools of destruction at their hands and it's also a reminder democracies are by their very definition, soft targets. >> why paris lately? >> they're in the cross hairs, three no question about it. i wish i could give you a good explanation. i suspect that french officials wish they could, as well, whether it relates to the inability to assimilate hundreds of thousands, if not millions of
1:26 pm
muslims into their country over the past 20 or 30 years. there's probably some cultural reasons and perhaps you and i will never know the answer but quite clearly over the past half year they have been in the cross hairs of these radical islamic terrorists. >> and as we approach the 16th anniversary of 9/11, more americans than ever are convinced it could happen again. >> i think as we reflect on the past 15 years, we've learned a lot i think our character, our resiliency was challenged. we passed all of those tests but i think americans will hopefully understand it's now a global scourage, it's not just al-qaeda in a couple regions of the world. >> what about something of that magnitude? >> you have to be prepared and want americans to put it in context, not to deny the pain, suffering and trauma associated with the terrorist attack, but
1:27 pm
i'm not sure any national network will talk about the 400 to 500 deaths we had on the roads of america over this weekend or we'll have nearly 40,000 deaths, traffic accidents, some of which could have been avoided. >> that's what president obama is saying, we pay disproportionate attention to this and create a bigger crisis. >> i think the president should remind us all that we've got a lot of people -- military, the department of homeland security, were on top of this all the time, but from time to time, with respect of the reporting around it, sometimes there's a little bit of hyperbole associated with it. >> now and then. >> we've got to lower the decimal level and one democracy is solve targets. we've got millions taking steps to keep us safe and it's a risk we can manage and pretty well. >> talk about an enviable job, at a not-so enviable time.
1:28 pm
>> he was one of the people that wrote me when i was gone and it meant a lot. apple had a big announcement on the iphone and the ei watch. i'm saying what's the big deal. just me, i'm an apple shareholder, the same thing seems stupid that. is just me. mo more after when it comes to healthcare,
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did you hear apple's new watch has an app that reminds you to breathe if you're working out too hard. don't ask. it was good for apple, bad for fitbit, after this.
1:32 pm
all right. we got a new apple iphone out, some very incremental changes, the apple watch will have an app to remind you to even breathe. it could be a waste of time, as i was mentioning apple stock was up on all of this. fitbit, reminding you to get out and exercise. jeff lock here, kennedy, jennifer jolly on whether this was good or bad. jeff, you were out there with the folks taking a look at all of this stuff. what do they say? >> going into it, they were real concerned about the elimination of the -- you know, the jack for the conventional headphones, but actually, apple kind of addressed that. i heard more on the street,
1:33 pm
neil, excitement about the camera. you've got ten times a digital zoom, two different lens and optical zoom so you can take far away shots and showed some great pictures with it. that could be more of a headline than anything else. >> i guess if that's in the larger plus model. one of the things i think that's going in apple's favor, nothing do with this -- to me, mor evolutionary, than revolutionary, the fact samsung is having a difficult time with the one that's blowing up. isn't that helping apple? >> that's like this year's hoverboard. >> that's a very good point. >> you can't -- it's like a pepsi commercial with michael jackson, god rest his soul. but this is good news for apple in that there are some improvements on the phones that people already love. there is more battery life, it is now somewhat water resistant, the iphone 7, the apple watch is interesting for swimmers because
1:34 pm
it is swim-proof. it is a little bit thicker than the first generation apple watch, but as you said which is it will either nag you into becoming a premier world class athlete, or nag you to death. >> you know, jennifer, i'm an apple shareholder, so i want to disclose that but i found everything today to be a waste of time. all of these announcements were stupid. >> yeah, i -- there are a lot of people out there who love apple, will always love apple. they will take these updates are stupid, but as an apple lover and supporter also myself, what i was hoping to see was a lot more battery life on those watches, a lot more battery life on those phones. what we saw instead as the other two mentioned is these evolutionary upgrades but we also see apple is trying to be the snapchat killer with some of the features they've added to the photo features. they're trying to be the best smart phone camera on the market
1:35 pm
today and they may be now t. might have caught up and possibly surpassed some of the other models. most of the things they announced, other smart phones already do as for it being the new fitbit killer, or the best fitness band on the market, it isn't. i wish they would have put their alliances with another brand, maybe garmin instead. >> if they had something that said, hey, you haven't had your canoe canoli today. i wonder if they stole their own thunder? >> reporter: for the next year you may think it's stupid but for the next year if i buy one of those phones i'm going to have a better phone than you're going to have, and to a lot of people that is important enough of the reason to buy it. >> you're right, you're right. >> but very few do that, or slowing down, right, kennedy? >> yes. >> we used to change with every
1:36 pm
new chip drop. >> and most phone companies aren't going to upgrade you to the latest iphone every year. it's every two years and that's about when people upgrade. for the iphone 6, is that came out last year, i don't think you're going to find as many buyers. it is now glossy, much darker black and for music fans like me, the airpod, the wireless earbuds will be fascinating, somewhat expensive if you're already spending $1,000 on a phone, but if that's the tech you have to have, they better look good and sound great. >> jen, do you agree? >> reporter: yeah, i went ears on this womem. it's really cool how it automatically pairs. there's no issue. they look cool, sound great. i will use one probably within the first week of owning them, so until they do some kind of tracking device on them, it's still -- you know, up in the air and paying $170 for them, that
1:37 pm
feels a little bit steep, as well. >> stupid like the entire announ announcement. >> reporter: i won't go to stupid. >> thank you-all very, very much. you, too jeff. now in the meantime, we've been looking at this whole $1.7 billion transaction with iran, that was not really all about ransom, the cash part of it concerns me, kind of seems like a tony soprano deal. how about the former attorney general who know something about the law. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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now, the white house is arguing there was no quid pro quo, there's $1.7 billion in cash, around the release of those hostages. former u.s. attorney general, how big a deal is this, john? >> if you consider whether or
1:41 pm
not the law ought to be followed or whether or not we ought to be careful about sanctions, that have been insisted on by the congress and have indeed been insisted on by the president, it's important and i think once said was a billion here, leads up to a billion here, and the massive situation in the debt none the like, billions of dollars mean something and they mean something to the american people. on the other handsome people remember from history when it was said by america millions for cents, but not one tribute, so it has something to do about what it means something. it means something very important to people who don't believe in violating sanctions or paying ransoms or regimes. the character of what happens here, and that's all a matter of determination of fact, but some of this bears very serious
1:42 pm
scrutiny because of the way it was done even. >> the cash part of it, is what's so alarming because normally, in this country, you pay a lot in cash you put money in an envelope for nepharious purposes or to evade the tax man. >> it's gangster-egangster-esqu especially when you consider the currencies were quested to assistanswiss franks and other euro currency. this becomes totally untraceable and you have to ask yourself, did the people involved in w making these decisions feel so bad they sought to make them untraceable. if it this in deed is something that should have been done and something that's within the range of things that america should do in protecting our national interests, why not do
1:43 pm
it eachly. there are serious questions, first whether or not the judgment fund, which is used to satisfy judgements against the united states, i'm not sure there was a judgment. there may have been a determination made there was a judgment forthcoming if this were to be fully litigated, whether it's susceptible in thi sanctions regime, and the sanctions regimes are multiple against iran. the subject of some of the changes that was related to the nuclear deal, but the sanctions related to terrorism, which the president indicated would remain in force. it looks to me if an american corporation had some of its own people taken by iran and the corporation set to deal with iran by way of paying money in this way for their return t probably wou, it probably would have involved the american corporation and various
1:44 pm
legal violations, so that's a serious matter. >> it looks weird. >> it looks as so framed to be covered up. >> so good to see you. thank you very, very much for coming. >> john ashcroft. remember when the weekend report came out, and said we can relate, the reserve isn't going to raise rates now? not so fast. after this. matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. because no one knows & like at&t.
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. in the event donald wins, i have no doubt in my mind the market tanks, and so i literally have put on more than 100% hedge that i'll put on stronger if it looks like there's better chance of moving forward.
1:48 pm
>> if donald trump wins in november, what is mark cuban doing? >> mark cuban, if the polls look like there's decent chance that donald could win, i'll put a huge hedge on that's over 100% of my equity positions and my bond position, as well, that protects me just in case he wins. >> mark cuban, dallas mavericks owner, pretty rich guy. a lot of people were asking what was the deal with his iron man doing. he was doing that to honor me of being back. but enough about me. back to this guy, an economics professor extraordinary of chicago, very great to see you. >> great to see you, neil, i'm glad to see you're feeling good. >> do you really feel that way? you're a nice guy. >> i'm just making pleasantries. let me ask you about what cuban is saying, just the prospect of winning the election, the uncertainty around that, markets tank? >> i think there might be something to that.
1:49 pm
now, i don't know -- he said he takes it more than 100% hedge. i think that's the -- the phrase hedging, i don't think means that. that would be shorting, that he's saying if he thinks donald trump's going to win, then he's going to start shorting the market, but -- >> that's what he was saying, he's going to short them. >> but he's betting on a fall because he said it would be such uncertainty. >> yeah, i think up until this point, if you look in polls that ask not the question who do you support, but they ask the question who do you think is going to win, they've been really quite radically in favor of hillary clinton. >> they have been narrowing. >> i'm not saying -- i'm not saying what they should be or shouldn't be. you know a support secretary clinton. >> wait a minute.
1:50 pm
austan goolsbee, top advisor to barack obama, supports hillary clinton. now beerwe're getting somewhere >> i'm not trying to pull the wool over your eyes. if the market begins to think that appropriate of donald trump being elected as opposed to, op pulling even in the polls, if they think he's about to win, i think there are going to be a bunch of people who start to get significantly nervous about the multiple sides that donald trump has been on many of the big issues. they just have no y had. >> i know you're an economic guy and you crunch numbers and you don't like to give political advice but seeing as you broke news and said you're supporting hillary clinton, how would you advise her? how does she right her ship? if you were to advise her, what would you say? >> all i note is that the best things that have happened to the democratic party in the house, in the senate and for the
1:51 pm
president is donald trump opens his mouth. i would just keep trying to force him to explain what it is exactly that he wants to do in the country because whenever he does that, it seems to go bad for him. >> someone's a hater. that's all i'm gonna say. someone's a hater. austin, thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure. in the meantime you have probably been wondering about these pictures i was showing when i was in the hospital, but apparently more of you are wondering about the socks. i'll explain and then i want you all to leave me alone. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. with dand bold styling to to stay ahead of the curve... the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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you like me. you really like me because judging from some, not all, but i will say most of the e-mails and letters i've been receiving by the thousands a lot of you are very happy i'm back at work. i'm so happy you're okay and glad to have you back. welcome back, neil. you're looking buff.
1:55 pm
took away your twinkies. we're happy you got your heart surgery. if hillary clinton wins the presidency you may be one of the last patients to do so. we're so happy you're back. call adele. she misses you. already have. she is a saint. i noticed on the pictures you shared while in the hospital that your hair, despite all you have been through, didn't move a single strand. further proof it is stapled on. actually it's like a suction cup. chuck in florida, flglad you're better but we want trish back. awaiting some serious surgery herself said my comments on my own surgery helped her out. your words just uttered on fox news pulled me up. i have one shot at this and i'm
1:56 pm
not going to miss it. grateful to the boost to my spirit and a heartfelt thanks to you. you're going to get through this. you're going to do fine. bob bob, the gown opens in the back. you don't look bad in a hospital gown, but i would rather see you in fish net stockings and high heels. i don't know where to go with that, chris, but thanks for leaving it at that. je jeffry out of massachusetts writes miss you and glad you're back. you might not want to be out so long ago. charles payne is very good and we like him. did payne put you up to this.
1:57 pm
why don't you thank your heavenly father first dumb [ bleep ]. i alwa i always love quoting the lord or god and then dumb [ bleep ]. maybe all the accumulated stress took its toll or maybe it was reading all the hate mail you get for being right so much. regardless i am glad you are better and back. godspeed, neil and how about half the cannali instead of whole thing. happy for you. just curious, neil, how long did it take the surgeon to find your heart? just kidding. do you know how many variations of that? i'm not amused michael. take a tip from roger that he is cutting me some slack since it was my first day back especially
1:58 pm
when it comes to be what he found to be a horrible interview with hillary clinton. why would you bring mark cuban on your program to scare americans. i'll chaublg it up to the heart drugs that you were adamant and clueless to the interview. maybe the way he looks has made you hungry and delirious. finally, here's what i learned about being out. life marches on. it's frustrating and humbling. it's a tough realization. it goes on. a lot of us tend to think folks can't survive without us. they do. i suspect they might miss us, but they get over us. the more time that goes on the more they get over us. i'm sure there are easier ways than having your chest ripped open to prove the point but my dad was right when he warned me not to get too big a head and
1:59 pm
physically it was already too late when he first told me this when i was ten years old, but he said stay humble. in your case it will come handy. see yourself in the great scheme of things and humbly accept the fact that you are a cog in that scheme of things. not unimportant, just not all important. i remember watching the political conventions from home and throwing things and so wishing i could be there and so angry i wasn't there, but here's what's amazing, those conventions went on. they held them without me. they were successfully covered and concluded without me. pulled off remarkable planning feats without me. i was so key in those plans leading up to them, flawlessly executed without me. just the same after then. humbling, troubling, humanizing. take it from a guy who should
2:00 pm
have been more worried about his heart, sometimes there are more important things to worry about than your ego. how's my hair? good night. hello everyone. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is the five. did hillary clinton and her staff intentionally obstruct justice destroying evidence in the middle of an investigation and did the fbi know about it and ignore it. bureau notes reveal an i.t. staffer deleted e-mail archives after a benghazi committee ordered all e-mails be preserved. congress will investigate. >> i don't think hillary clinton gets it. the fact of the matter is they did not look at this and


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