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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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meanwhile wikileaks julian assange indicated his organization will release a number of hillary clinton's email notice coming weeks. secrecy organization famous for releasing secret information and threatening to release a bombshell as the election approaches. thanks for being with us. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i think if there is any election to be learned over the top hateful speech brings a really interested, angry audience. >> donald trump gaining some momentum, the democrats are falling back on the hateful speech man trap. talking points wil -- mantra. >> have you heard about the latest on hillary clinton emails? probably not? they put it out the friday before labor day. >> now committed liberals like stephen colbert taking a skeptical look at the fbi's treatment of hillary clinton. we will tell you all about that. also ahead miller on the obama-putin death stare. and martha maccallum move in
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san francisco to take george washington's name off a high school. >> long live george washington. president of the united states. >> >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hateful speech, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. donald trump gave a national security speech in philadelphia today, concentrating on how he would bolster the military and pay for it by cutting back on civil federal employees among other things. as we reported last night, mr. trump is making gains across the country, primarily because hillary clinton is getting pounded by scandal. day after day it's more reported about the clinton foundation and the destroyed emails when she was secretary of state. that has taken pressure off mr. trump who is now getting
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more specific about what he would do as president. so, with two months left in the presidential campaign, it is a very close race. enter the strategy of hate. on the democratic side, the beat goes on portraying donald trump as a bigot and hate inciter. here is what columnist ethan region again recently wrote in the "new york times," quote: in the hate speech that donald trump gave in phoenix on wednesday night he all but deported the statue of liberty laying out one of the darkest vision of the american experience at that any major party nominee has ever given. now, this is not boosterism for donald trump. mr. egan's analysis is unfair and inaccurate. in arizona mr. trump restated that he would build a wall on the mexican border to stem the flow of narcotics and illegal aliens. he also said he would crack down on alien criminals who commit violence in the u.s.a. is that hate speech?
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is that deporting the statue of liberty? i mean, think about it trump believes the nation is not secure when hard drugs and undocumented people can freely flow into the u.s.a. is that a hateful position? talking points believes this demonization by the left of anyone, including me, your humble correspondent, who disagrees with their uber, uber liberal policies will fail. the fact is donald trump's arizona speech helped him as the new polls show. americans are tired, sick and tired of far left media people accusing others of racism, bigotry, and hatred. that's a cheap tactic and it should be rejected by all fair-minded people. that same thing is true to a much lesser extent on the right. demonizing h foolish, let the fs speak for themselves. secretary clinton denies any wrongdoing in the email and foundation controversies, but there are plenty of facts in play.
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so you, the voter, can easily decide whether her denials have credibility. also, it's quite clear that secretary clinton believes barack obama has done a heck of a job. again, facts are clear. reality staring us in the face. so it's not difficult to make a decision about either candidate. we don't need despicable and hateful branding. we need clarity. and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction, joining us from washington bob cusack, editor of the hill newspaper. where am i going wrong here, mr. cusack. >> bill, i think both sides are doing it the democrats, in their convention in philadelphia, they said well, love trumps hate. but now we are seeing them going after trump harder. hillary clinton doing that i think you are right. i think the democrats are very good. we saw this with romney in 2012. they demonized romney and made the race about romney and they won. also, i think the name-calling, trump calling hillary clinton a bigot, that doesn't work.
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talk about her email scandal. talk about the hillary clinton campaign. hillary clinton staff bashing a mobile twice with a hammer. that's what he has got to focus on. >> to be fair, nobody -- nobody witnessed hillary clinton hitting the hammer. >> no, no. it was one of her staffers. but it was her mobile device. >> this is what i mean. i want to be precise. i want clarity. did hillary clinton take a hammer and smash her emails? if she did, let the fbi tell us she did. right? right now i don't know who did it but i do want to know. i say in my analysis, that the hatred mantra, the hateful speech monday trarks 70% on the left. 30% on the right. would you agree with that? >> i think the left is doing it more. i agree with you. >> all right. 70-30. i'm calibrating talk radio, cable news. the leftist newspapers, which are almost all of them. 70-30.
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because it's -- the hillary clinton demonization is boring now. it's boring. the coughing fits. so what? she coughed, so what. if she has tuberculosis, we'll know it. all right? overall campaign, drew agree trump has momentum. >> i think he had momentum. he had a very rough post convention and he has recovered he still has to could a lot. >> let's not outkick our coverage. he has recovered in your opinion and i concur more than recovered. he is why? >> it's the drip drip drip of the fbi. >> it's not what he is doing. hillary clinton is looking bad because every day there is another revelation, in your opinion. >> yes, mostly. one thing is he not going after the khan family. the gold star family. is he talking about hillary clinton more and policy and he is more scripted than he was before.
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that's not boring. that's success in politics. >> okay. but, again, i want to reiterate that you believe that trump's momentum is being driven by the negative facts, if you will about hillary clinton? >> yeah. >>, i do. >> okay. now, how does that play out, because now assange, julian assange, the wikileaks guy, he is saying we are going to drop more stuff on hillary clinton's head. and on the democrats' head. you know, maybe he is hyperventilating over there in his little ecuadorian prison in london. who knows. but there is a good chance that this story is going to continue to hammer hillary clinton for the next two months. does that wipe her out or what? >> i mean, it could. this could be the october surprise. we don't know what he has. but certainly, this email thing has been going on for more than a year. and we have got a lawsuit by judicial watch. >> that's not going to come to fruition. >> but that hurt.
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>> now that they have and we have is it legal analyze this tomorrow. they have given her the questions that she has to answer in writing. you know her lawyers are going to be answering those questions. so, again hillary clinton has to regain momentum the only way she can do that in big debate performance. that's pretty much where she can stop the bleeding. >> first debate. mitt romney did well in his debate about barack obama. turned that race around. obama was able to recapture momentum. that debate is the biggest one. the bar for hillary clinton because she has been a politician and been in a lot more debates than donald trump is higher than trump. there is an opportunity for trump, if can he do the prep work and land some zingers that he could really make up some ground in the battle ground states. that's where he has got to worry about now. is he right there? has he recovered from a very rough august? yes, he has. >> all right, mr. cusack,
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personal story segment tonight, last night host late night host stephen colbert, a reliably liberal guy took a big shot at hillary clinton i and the fbi. >> speaking of hillary, you have heard about the latest fbi report on her emails? probably not because they put it out the friday before labor day. you can't hide that news more if you welded it inside a led capsule and fired it into the heart of the sun. [ laughter ] one of the big revelations of this latest email dump is that secretary clinton didn't use just one smart phone in office as secretary of state as she originally claimed. she used up to 13 different
5:13 pm
mobile devices in four years 13 cell phones. madam secretary tell the truth, are you a crack dealer? [ laughter ] because i can't figure out why else you would need 13 phones. >> she would probably be better off if she were. here now to analyze eboni williams and monica crowley. that's colbert who makes a living out of donald trump. >> point about fbi dumping this stuff the friday before labor day weekend. absolutely valid. >> yes. i think a lot of people have some serious questions about how the fbi has handled this investigation from the start when you look at the recent polling it shows upwards of about two thirds of the american people, bill, cannot understanding how she could have escaped prosecution. >> was there anything on friday that you saw that was caught your attention? >> yes, the number of twices. it wasn't just 13 mobile phones she had five ipads for a total of 18 devices she told the american people she had one for convenience
5:14 pm
there was something more serious can i make one more. >> we will get back to that point because i as a simple man can only hold one thought at a time. >> i gotcha. >> what do you think about the fbi saying she had multiple device when she had one. >> i go into my criminal 13 bushers, essentially? people don't want to be connect to the communications they are having. that goes back to amplify the software. >> what about the untruth that the secretary apparently told the american people? add it to the pile. >> add it to the pile. >> 67% of americans across the board. >> what about you, eboni williams? have you had enough of it. >> untrust one way or the other at this point. someone who has been in the news a lot lately. colin kaepernick how he protested. you know what else he said look who we are allowing to run in the country. someone who deleted emails. anyone other than clinton would be in jail. >> have a picture of hillary
5:15 pm
clinton on his socks in a disrespectful pose? >> not that i'm aware of. >> i have to say one thing before you make -- monica is making a major point i will shut up and let her make it in the beginning of the investigation i told all of you that i respected the director of the fbi james comey i no longer feel that way. >> i think a lot of americans do. because there were two essentially incorruptible institutions left in america. in other words, untouched by politics, the fbi and the military i think it's comey himself. comey could have released this on tuesday of this week. comey is the guy that said we'll put it out friday before labor day. it's not the fbi, it's not the rank and file fbi. those guys are fine. it's comey. comey is the problem. wait, wait. now monica's big point. >> but because he is the leader, then that reflects on the whole institution and
5:16 pm
the american voters' eyes. i will say, this it's not about the devices for hillary clinton. this is why it's not. this is why it is a political problem for her. what we found out from the fbi from the huge document dump is the reason why she was covering all these devices. why she had a private unsecured, nongovernment server where she was running all of these networks, that is the big issue and that's the big question. >> what is the answer? tell the folks. >> from what we have seen, it does look like despite her assurances to the president of the united states, that she was not going to co-mingle clinton foundation work with her work at the state department, that she did, in fact, leverage her office there. >> bring money into the foundation, you think that's the headline? >> security secret. >> by doing that. >> in pursuit of that. >> consistent why you would need so many burner phones. i still believe in comey. >> why? why would you believe in a man who does that dubious
5:17 pm
thing by releasing those things on friday when he hopes no one will see them. >> i don't like the friday dump. but i looked at him, go in front of the senate hearing, take the questions and answer them head on. i think you are important to your point, bill. a lot of people surrounding hillary clinton in this whole fiasco have to question how much of their credibility are they willing to. >> comey has lost all credibility. he has lost all credibility. when he loses me, and you lost me, mr. comey. i'm gone. all right? i don't believe you should be running that agency any longer. not because of your decision not to indict hillary clinton. not because of that. all right? i gave him the benefit of the doubt. but because of that friday thing. that's pure politics. pure partisan politics. it's not up to fbi standards. and he has besmirched his own agency. >> it smacks of politics. >> right. so now all of the other things that i gave him the benefit of the doubt become suspect of what he did on friday. >> remember, bill, he talked about how they couldn't
5:18 pm
determine critical intent on the part of mrs. clinton they never asked her. >> they didn't want to. >> they never asked her why she had set up this private unsecured network. >> okay. we have got to thank colbert for giving us the opening for this segment. do you think is he wising up? no. >> no. >> all right, ladies, directly ahead, the situation in chicago has reached a drivers stage. thousands of black citizens being murdered. we will continue our reporting on that. then, later miller on whether people will show up to vote and maccallum on another 9/11 muslim controversy. those reports after these messages. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours
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factor follow-up segment tonight, there is now a crisis in the city of chicago. sometimes the shear murders in the city up 46% over the
5:22 pm
last year. shootings up 46% as well. and some people are being gunned down, not just gang members. according to reporting in heather mcdonald in the "new york post" today at least 15 children under the age of 12 have been shot so far this year. including a 3-year-old boy now paralyzed for life. obviously the governor of illinois bruce and the mayor of chicago rahm emanuel have failed, failed to effectively deal with the violence. why have they failed? enoch mohammed, co-founder of hip hop detox a group that works with at risk youth in chicago. so why can't the authorities control the violence, mr. mohammed? >> first of all, thank you for the invitation and in the spirit of how we define hip hop, we define hip mop as being truth without boundaries so the first words that i want to put out there is accountability. you cannot successfully deal with violence and you don't understand that violence is systemic and systematic in
5:23 pm
all aspects of life. you can't have people who are 24 to 25 neighborhoods and the speed light cameras and all the things that are done to take money out of people's pockets are happening predominantly in those 24, 25 neighborhoods. it's not to say that the other neighborhoods aren't getting hit but not like those 24 to 25 neighborhoods. >> let's put the social problems aside and deal with public safety. surely you want the poor people of chicago to be protected. surely you want that. all right. we all want that. >> sure. >> the governor and the mayor cannot protect them. why? >>? you have to have accountability with looking those who are doing the work, having the funding, the investment. >> you have got to get more microinto it. there is a problem on the streets. >> you are talking about block by block and porch to porch type work where you are dealing with people on the ground. what i'm saying is that the on the groundwork is being
5:24 pm
done. however, whether you have $461 million in tiff funding that gets put into tourism and areas that are already affluent and you begin -- you continue to starve those neighborhoods that need that type of funding because this is taxpayer dollars. >> i don't know if fund something going to help. >> that's part of the problem. >> i don't know if fund something going to help reduce violence when the violence is generated by street gangs who sell narcotics. >> that's a misnorm first of all the gangs in chicago are not the way it were in the 90's when you had 1970 murders. >> you are up to almost 500 murders and it's september with almost 2500 shootings, that's afghanistan levels. okay? >> oh, no you are absolutely correct about the numbers as far as that is concerned. >> right. >> what i'm saying is when you look at the problem, chicago has a systematic problem where in the neighborhoods, for example, you are dealing with clicks all over the city of chicago who are not organized as
5:25 pm
they were in the 1980s and 90's when you talk about quote, unquote gangs. when you deal with oh the problem is gangs. the problem is shooting. yes, have you conflicts within the neighborhoods. you have a lot of different social, psychological, a lot of frawm, a lot of pain that's in those particular neighborhoods. however, when you don't deal with the fact that not only do you have rogue cops that are supplying drugs and guns. when you don't deal with the fact that these drugs come on trucks and trains and boats and planes and these young guys on the street don't own a canoe. >> you be going macroand this is a public safety issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. it means the national guard. that's what it means. >> when you say national guard. >> all of these shootings would stop. because the national guard would be on the street. >> when you say national guard, i agree the national guard should be used but not to be put on the street to deal with the people on the street. you should use national guard strategically in the chicago area in terms of the border to prevent drugs from
5:26 pm
coming in. >> can't do it, it's impossible. >> why can't you do that. >> never been done in the history of mankind. people are going to get it no matter. what what can be done to prevent a 3-year-old from being paralyzed by a gang member's bullet is to put preference on the street that will inhibit violence because right away it will be reacted to. you know that mr. muhammad. if you want to go macroon it you have to deal with this stuff uninfinitum. >> this is a microsolution. when i say block-by-block and porch by porch. that means that those who invest their time. people are getting compensated to do it or not, you have got those in th neighborhood. not those in front of cam are as all the time. those in the schools and in the neighborhood. >> they can work with the authorities. they can work with the authorities. and that's. >> they can't work with authorities. >> that's the only way it will stop, mr. muhammad. it's the only way that thousands of poor black
5:27 pm
chicagoians is going to work. >> but you have to work with the people. >> you can do both. >> you can't put armed military in and have guns where you have trauma. you have generations of trauma. >> you have to do both. >> you can't do both and not have mental health. i have got a question. >> i have got to go. >> okay. >> but we have you back. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. latest polling out of arizona says hillary clinton might win that state. what does sheriff joe arpaio think about that? and then miller on the big obama-putin stare down is it reminiscent of alexander hamilton and ryan burr? >>
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campaign 2000 16 segment tonight, latest poll in arizona has hillary clinton leading in that republican state. aconsidereding to the newspaper hillary clinton 35%, donald trump 34%. 23% undecided. joining us is joe arpaio, recently won the republican primary as is he running for his seventh term. are you surprised that hillary clinton and donald trump pretty much tied in arizona? >> no, i'm not. you say the republic. it wasn't their poll its with a rocky mountain poll, a liberal poll company out of colorado. so i don't look at this poll. they are never right anyway. >> all right, but the arizona republic had the number. that's not the first poll that's come out. arizona is what they call in play. where it didn't used to be
5:32 pm
in play. it used to be a reliably red state. why has it changed? why has that happened. >> it hasn't changed. it hasn't changed. this there is a silent majority out there. i was at a breakfast this morning. four professional people said they voted for me i said vote for donald trump and the phi pulls out his donald trump hat. you have got a lot of those people who won't go public right now but they are going to vote. it's called the silent majority. >> do you want to who will win? >> yeah i introduced him last july. i was with him from the beginning and i said he was a winner and is a silent majority. he did win phase one. you know that he can going to win phase two which is being the president. >> how big? >> i said that. >> how big do you think is he going to win in arizona? >> maybe 4 or 5%, maybe 20. who knows. >> okay. now, one of the issues that arizonans are most engaged
5:33 pm
with, as you know, is illegal immigration. the crack party and president obama and hillary clinton say the border is much better than it used to be. and they base that on some statistics about people coming over, being detained. what's your view on that? >> well, first of all, what about all the drugs coming in? you have gotten toes of drugs coming in destroying our people. our young people. heroin. so how county border be secured if you have got all the drugs coming in. >> do you have -- have you seen in maricopa county more seizures of narcotics than in the past. >> of course, tons, heroin all over the united states. >> do you have any stats? >> yeah, i have got stats. as far as our office i don't have them right at my fingertip but i will tell threw is tons. tons of marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin coming through my county. going across the country. destroying our young people. >> is it worse than it used to be or the same? >> >> well, you know, i fought the battles my whole life overseas and here. yeah, i think it's getting
5:34 pm
worse. and i blame hillary clinton for that. and if you want to know why, i will tell you why. >> go ahead. >> do you know the to know why? >> yeah. >> she was secretary of state. next to the president. the most important official dealing with international affairs. how many times has she gone to mexico or the president to tell them stop this drug trafficking. stop the illegal immigration. do you know why they didn't want to go there? they didn't want to embarrass that country. that's sad. look what we are facing right now. a lot of catch up to do. >> i will run the sound bite of hillary clinton talking about the border and give you time to react. roll it. >> we have a secure border. there is no need for this rhetoric and demagoguery that still is carried out in the republican side. you are have run out of excuses let's move to comprehensive immigration we form with a path to citizenship. >> she says the border is fairly secure and now wants to deal with the illegal aliens already here and you say? >> well, you know, we do
5:35 pm
have to have comprehensive illegal immigration or immigration situations. you have got it look at congress and the president. i understand that. very complex problem. but i'm still confused. i'm still going to go back to the drugs. if it's secure, why are all the drugs coming in? because they don't care about the drug traffic? they always talk about illegal immigration. everybody running for office, they go down to the border, have their photo op. with a fence. but they never talk about the drugs. >> yeah, listen, i'm with you. there is tons of drugs coming in and we all know it. do you think a wall, that donald trump will build if elected, will stop the drug traffic? >> it is sure gonna help. i will tell that you much. i don't care who pays for it. you know, if mexico doesn't pay for it, just take away some of their foreign aid and subtract that money and they will be paying for it anyway. >> they get a lot of foreign aid from us. i'm sure donald trump would do something as far as
5:36 pm
tariffs, slap some tariffs on their goods to pay for the wall. hey, sheriff, thank you for coming on, we appreciate it we would like to remind everyone that i'm now tweeting. i never thought it would happen. @ o'reilly factor. we do it every day. when we come back, obama and putin staring each other down and the d man has red my new book kill the rising son. miller is next. i love my shop,
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. all over the world people took notice of a picture taken in china on monday. it shows the russian dictator putin and president obama staring at each other in a rather unfriendly way. joining us now from santa barbara the sage of southern california dennis miller. did that picture frighten you, miller? >> yeah, the guy with the bad do you pay in the i toupee d that frightened me. >> i didn't notice. throw it up. >> there he is.
5:41 pm
yeah that toup in the back ground that is rough. that is scaring the living hell out of me. good to see you by the way. hold me listen, obama giving you stink eye is like barney fyffe has a hole in hirten pocket it tack ace long time to load up. to me putin and obama are playing risk and obama gets up in bad jeans and leaves the room to take a whiz. putin keeps playing while obama is out of the room. obama comes back in and says did you take crimea? yeah i took crimea. i don't think putin is really freaked about him. >> do you know what i like about the picture? putin is like one of the munchkins on the wizard of oz. obama is 510 and then putin he is way down there. i don't think -- he could be the shooting guard on mingst. >> look at puty trying to bend the key with his mind.
5:42 pm
i'm telling you that's the worst d toupee i have ever seen in the background. >> people voting. are people going to show up in november or are they going to stay home because they don't like either candidate? >> i'm going to vote because of the allegiance to the troops when kids put their life on the line for you. i think you have got to get out and vote. do i think there is any point to it anymore, no. i think it happened already. when you look at the list. irs audits against people they disagree with deals with iran where they get billions and billions of dollars. b.b. netanyahu turned away at the white house and black lives matter get into the white house for meetings. sanctuary cities. obamacare pushed through. no border. i don't want to sound like deep throat in the garage, billy, but do you really think this is all the work of little done i think there has been a coupe. i think it's happened. i don't know hot next president is. but i don't think they will be able to undo what's been done already. >> trump says he would.
5:43 pm
trump is on your side of the equation. >> well, i think my side is just pretty much common sense. you know, i -- i look at hillary, who now is coughing more than betty davis with a esophageal reflux in a welch coal mine and nobody is investigating her 270 days without a presser. the press is in her back pocket. benghazi, 30,000 scrubbed emails. it happened, man, there has been a weird takeover. there is liaison, unholy one between most of the media and hillary clinton. i think whatever happened is going to happen. this is my thoughts of what a bulletles bulletless coupe los like. >> i gave miller advanced copy of killing the rising son because miller, as you may know is interested in history. is he also brutally honest. miller, you read the book, so what say you? >> there is a book in the
5:44 pm
factor store ♪ they call the rising sun >> billy, my favorite -- now, i didn't read "killing reagan." i never got it because i didn't think the guy killed reagan so i never got that one. it's my favorite out of the "killing" series. >> thank you. >> if it's not unkuth to say that. to me, it's to me the best of the "killing" books. i had forgotten how blindly allegiant the japanese people were to mr. peanut so it reminded me of that i like the way the books are paste. it's like micky splain meets billy the elder. if truman who was a democrat was alive today he would be gang audited by his own party. when i think about fdr putting 120,000 or 200,000 i can't remember the figure people in interment camps it makes me laugh when they point at trump and say he is hitler and point at the r
5:45 pm
and say is he a god -- i thought the book was riveting, and i would encourage anybody, if you have to remind yourself i started this by saying i will vote for the troops i will end it i will vote because the troops are there. bill, the courage of those young men, it absolutely bog gels the mind. >> it wasn't well reported because reporters weren't allowed on those islands. i'm glad we did it and i'm glad you read it, miller. thank you. we will see you next week. martha maccallum on deck. another 9/11 controversy and loons in san francisco may remove george washington's name from a high school. martha moments away.
5:46 pm
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5:49 pm
profiled on ""legends & lies"." the first president was a brave and honorable man but he was also a slave owner. on his estate in virginia 318 slaves worked for him. some were freed upon his death, but that slave shadow is a reality. now, in san francisco, the head of the san francisco school board is apparently considering removing george washington wants name from a high school. martha maccallum joins us now with more. why? >> well, they feel that his legacy doesn't serve the community well and doesn't represent them. in fact, matt haney who is the head of the san francisco united school board is young guy, 33 years old took over the position this year. he runs again for re-election in november. he basically says that they need someone who is relevant to them who inspires pride and he feels that people like george washington don't exactly fit that description. >> is he bad mouthing the father of the nation by saying that the historical figure george washington is not relevant.
5:50 pm
>> he is not relevant to the people of the community. he wants someone who can inspire them. james monroe, thomas jefferson all in that category. >> sothem, james monroe, thomas jefferson in that catego category. >> people not to be ad mired? >> not admired. >> this is an collected position, this guy? >> elected position. >> but this city is so far out there, so crazy now, maybe that's not going to hurt them. >> this idea came to him on sunday. he was at the local baptist church. the peacher there was talking about the star spangled banner and the third verse which has become controversial and which colin kaepernick has attached himself to. colin kaepernick doesn't show up that day, he was supposed to be the speaker that day. >> he stiffed the church. >> the preacher kept going on and this superintendent believes
5:51 pm
he was inspired in that moment to take george washington off of the school and replace it with maya angelo. >> she's a patriotic american, done very good but george washington is a towering historical figure. the sum of everyone's life has to be put in context. to start to tear down the founding father es and the guy who led the revolutionary war is not only fallacious but damaging to the kids, very, very damaging. another damaging controversy is upstate new york where there is a 9/11 memorial. where is 0 wee go, new york. >> 200 miles north of manhattan, they constructed a knew 9/11 memorial in for the 15th anniversary. it says 19 islamic terrorists unexpectedly boarded four airlines departing east coast airports.
5:52 pm
there's an organization there called the children of abraham of the southern tier and they've expressed their dissatisfaction of the world, islamic terrorists and they want it removed. >> it's islamic terrorists who boarded the planes. it's true. >> the person who coordinated the new memorial says he refuses to whitewash what happened. he says i don't live in a pc world, i live in a fact based. >> he's probably a factor viewer. the town is not going to cave to these loons? >> no. >> some abraham group? >> children of abraham of the southern tier. >> who is that? is that a rapper? is that abraham? father abraham? >> father abraham, southern tier
5:53 pm
of new york. >> these are crazy people who want to cause trouble, they don't lake islamic terrorists put on a memorial. >> they would be okay with al qaeda terrorists. >> i'm glad they're going to lose and we applaud the city of owego. factor tip of the play, us action today running down the big fall books in did killing the rising sun make the cut? the tip moments away.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
in power and that will continue. helen of new jersey, o'reilly i'm glad you're giving a realistic view of the campaign. upsetting to here the media bashed trump or talking trash about hillary clinton's coughing. >> you're a long way from fair. free air time in come on. a presidential campaign. did you not notice? secretary clinton has been invited on for more than a year. we'll give her air time as well if she comes in. sherry, very simple, colin kaepernick can stay seated during the national anthem, i can turn off my tv when the 49ers come on. fred, while i'm working and being paid by a company i'm representing them and must follow their rules. the york family has a right to tell kaepernick to stand.
5:58 pm
they do but they have not exercised that right. >> you are my favorite author, i read "hitler's last days" in two days. will there be a movie? yes. it's in preproduction. kathie just finished "killing reagan" were touch bid the relationship that the president and nancy had. movie which will air on the f discovery channel. sometimes i hammer the press for being biassed and the people on it, including me. but tonight i would like to thank usa today for placing "the killing of the rising son" at the top. the paper does its readers a service by not allowing politics to influence reporting. they're mostly ignored by the
5:59 pm
press. what a coincidence. the folks you make books, movies and tv shows successful. you do that. not the media. and when the folks vote with their time and money, the media should return that honestly. thank you, usa today. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website. as we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o'reilly at if you which to opine do not be quixotic. tomorrow, we will find out with the d man is in the last part of the summer and we're going to analyze the coughing business
6:00 pm
and all of that with bernie tomorrow. please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new reaction to a major moment in the 2016 race for the white house. as just moments ago hillary clinton and donald trump, trump wrapping up a presidential forum asking the american people to trust them with protecting the homeland. and to be commander in chief. to the greatest military the world has ever known. welcome to the kelly file where the news is breaking right now. i'm megyn kelly. with just 62 days to go until the election and just more than two weeks until early votes are cast, the major party candidates for president on the same stage for the first time in this campaign tonight. taking part in an nbc news commander in chief forum from the deck of


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