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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> powerful reports, exclusive interviews. >> don't miss "special report" sunday. >> looky there. "special report" with bret baier, airing at 8:00 for the entire selection season. tailgating on the "after the show show," right? >> we've never say no to tailgating. bill: we have just witnessed what could be. >> major oops moment on the trail. what he said or failed to say just a moment ago. this as donald trump and hillary clinton make their case to be commander-in-chief. it's a busy thursday and a lot to follow. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. libertarian candidate gary johnson was asked a direct question about the carnage unfolding in syria. check out his answer. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo.
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>> what is aleppo? >> you are kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it, got it. martha: that was stunning. and it will likely leave a mark on his candidacy. the fallout from that coming up. bill: first debate is 18 days from now. the candidates taking tough questions about national security and foreign policy. the first question, what does it take to be commander-in-chief. >> steadiness. an absolute rock steadiness mixed with strength to be able to make the hard decisions. >> i built a great company, i have been all over the world. i have dealt with foreign countries.
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the main thing is i have great judgment. >> we have to defeat isis. that's my highest counter-terrorism goal. we are not putting ground troops into truck ever again and we are not putting ground troops into syria. >> when you look at iraq, how badly that was handled. when president obama took over, likewise * it's a disaster. i always said we shouldn't be there. but if we were to get out, take the oil. you take the oil you wouldn't have isis. >> the decision to go to war was a mistake. my voting to give president bush the authority was from my perspective my mistake. >> under the leadership of hillary clinton and barack obama the generals have been reduced to rubble. i have great faith in the military. i have great faith in certain of
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the commanders. but i have no faith in hillary clinton or the leadership. she has been there for 30 years. we need change, matt. martha: john roberts live in front of trump tower this morning with more on what happened. reporter: done trrp pretty happy with his performance. snap polls suggest he prevailed in their sort of not face-to-face encounter, but sharing space with hillary clinton. he raised eyebrows when he praised russian president vladimir putin and suggested he doesn't have faith in all of the military leaders who are prosecuting the campaign against isis. listen to what he said when he was asked if there were any big surprises in the two classified intelligence briefings he
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received so far. >> our leadership, barack obama did not follow what our experts and our truly when they call it intelligence, it's there for a reason. what our experts said to do. i'm pretty good with the body language. i could tell. they were not happy. our leaders did not follow what they were recommending. reporter: donald trump also suggesting he would be open to allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in this country if they were to serve in the military. children of parents who enter the country before the age of 16 can't serve in the military, but they have to be approved under the deferred action for arrivals which trump wants to at repeal on day one of his presidency. martha: so education becomes the focus today? reporter: he's going to
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cleveland to talk about a charter school in a most live black neighborhood. we'll unveil a plan for opportunity temperature scholarships. he will take money that exists in the education budget and he will apply it to states as block grants to give to parents for private school, broke a.m. school, charter school, whatever they want. he wants to provide an educational choice for the millions of children who live in poverty. bill: how did they do last night? how are you doing, reverend? there was a coin flip, trump won the coin flip, he chose to go second, so hillary clinton leads off. how did she do? >> not great. she seemed defensive. the questioning she got which was surprising was pretty tough.
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he went right to the stuff about her email, and the shady business of her emails and the foundation and all that jazz. she was on the defensive from the beginning. she seemed kinds of defensive and desperate. not a cooler form fans for her. bill: he went second, how did he do? >> not great either. he said some very unusual things that seemed like maybe he wasn't in his depth. i thought his answer that his experience in business could be good overseas. that's not a bad answer. but then he started with the praise for vladimir putin which continues to be a problem for him. his affection for vladimir putin who many americans think of as a bad guy. trump continues to praise him. and he praised you into's high polling numbers which was just
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weird. and trump ends kaitd he would try to cashier the officer corps of the united states military to replace them with people that agree with him. attacking the jents who are not selected by presidents but come up the chain of command, going there was probably a mistake and one he will have to clean up. bill: both cla iraq war was a mistake. and here they are standing in a room of it in veterans. and some of them are still living this war and will for the rest of their lives with the wounds they came home with or the loved ones they lost in that decert. and they say we screwed that up. that's remarkable to me. >> it's a moment about how donald trump changed the republican party. the position the republicans had was the war was not a mistake but the handover was a mistake
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and the gains were lost. now it's just a mistake. that's a painful thought for a lot of americans. just the more than 4,000 people who were killed, we are talking about tens of thousands of people with injuries. gary johnson was asked about aleppo. this is a war that's gone on for five years and he asked for clarification. what does that do to him when you are digesting this answer only 60 minutes later? >> you have got a lot to digest there. he should have gone with the aleppo was the other marx brother as a comedic line of retreat. gary johnson is obviously not going to be president or win the election. he took away even the notional idea of gary johnson being the
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escape route. he's not up to this moment. his notional candidacy went to zero. bill: you have got a 2-point spread. gary johnson as you see is 8%. i believe consider maybe, maybe not. but he needs to get to 15% to qualify for a debate. >> 15% is what they say. if he got in double continue its the pressure would be on. donald trump should want gary johnson on that stable. people who aren't going to vote for trump would say i have got to vote for clinton. if i'm donald trump i'm pushing to have gary johnson get on the stage. bill: see you later, chris. interesting moments for both last night. and maybe it was a dry run as
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they analyze their answers for debate one. martha: the aleppo story is interesting on many levels. the gary johnson moment. who knows what his explanation will be. then he went on to talk about the free syrian army. there may be more to that story. but to have him sit there and say what i aleppo, when we remember this picture of this child which was papered across every television and newspaper across the country. this is one of the lucky ones because he survived. aleppo is a heartbreaking story. and i would mention it did not come up in the questioning last night for the commander-in-chief forum. how do you have an event like that and not say one word about syria and the red line and the
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havoc that has been reeked in the period since. bill: gary johnson was asked about it. he's embarrassed already. reaction later today. martha: we are live with hillary clinton. in just a moment, the podium you see is for her. her new airplane was unveiled. she'll take a few questions from the press as she gets ready for a bigger campaign day as she gets ready for the debate. bill: republicans revealing a new time fluent clinton email scandal. it shows clinton's i am t. team destroyed emails after congress put out a subpoena. martha: congress is set to vote on a new bill that would help
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families of 9/11 to get compensation for their loss. but president obama has promised to veto that. bill: hillary clinton saying no american lives were lost in libya. did she forget about benghazi? our military panel will weigh next. >> either we have laws or we don't have laws. either we follow the policies and guidelines or we don't. you can't have somebody who wants to be commander-in-chief or president of the united states who says i'm sorry.
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>> classified material has a header which said top secret, secret, confidential. nothing -- i will repeat this and this is verified in the report by the department of justice, none of the emails sent or received by me had such a header. bill: that was hillary clinton's response last night on questions about the server. meanwhile the republicans have pieced together a timeline on this. this goes back to march of 2015. march 2, "new york times"
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reports secretary clinton used a personal server. next day preservation orders for server and emails issued by congress. the company operating out of nebraska told to preserve the server. 15 days later that firm deletes the clinton archives. >> she had two preservation orders in place. you don't destroy document after you get a subpoena. these are federal records. there is a consequence to that. more than two years after she left office, suddenly she gets a subpoena and less than 30 days later these documents are destroyed. bill: today, will you get to the bottom of it? >> today we'll look at the implications. if you had a freedom of
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information request, a congressional inquiry. a subpoena. hillary clinton is holding four years of federal records and document in her house with her attorneys, then none of those requests are filled. so we want to know the implications of that. the press is suing because they can't even get hillary clinton's calendar. bill: she is suggesting she was doing what colin powell did. are they right? >> no, they are not right. to try to opinion it on colin powell is just shameful. a lot of people at the state department didn't even have access to the internet. there was no way to email outside of the state department. you are comparing apples and oranges. if your best defense for hillary clinton after the lies she has told time after time, if your
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defense is colin powell. bill: there are some suggesting jim comey was wrong. he said we don't play games. we put the report out when we have the information. >> if it's unclassified. why not put out all of it. if it's unclassified put out all of it. they should put out all the unclassified information. bill: do you think he was playing games? >> he says he wasn't playing games. i'll take his word for it. it was friday afternoon before labor day. but i want to see the rest of them. and they are unclassified. bill: you have got an election in 60 days. can you wrap this up before then? >> it's not my business. hillary clinton created this timeline herself.
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we'll pursue this with vigor. we'll go as swiftly as we can. but the political calendar is very different than the congressional calendar. >> will you get the witnesses you want to appear this time? >> we had to issue a subpoena to the state department to get the witnesses for this morning. if we need subpoenas to go out forthwith necessaries of course we are going to issue them. bill: the question is will they show up and will they answer your questions? do you know that? >> that's why you have the hearings, but if you have to issue subpoenas we'll do that. we expect them to answer the questions in full. martha: lawmakers are about to pass a controversial bill. they say that it would allow 9/11 family members to go after saudi arabia for reparations. the white house is not on board.
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bill: we expect to see or hear from hillary clinton any moment now. she'll make comments about what we don't know, and maybe she'll take comments from the traveling press. stand by for that. we'll bring you the news when we get from west chester, new york. martha: 15 years since the september 11 terror attacks. the house is set to vote on a
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build called justice against sponsors of terrorism act. the legislation which has cleared the senate will allow families of americans killed on 9/11 to sue saudi arabia for what they see as hire personal responsibility on this day. the house -- president obama indicated he will veto this measure if it passes the house saying it will threaten longstanding international laws on sovereignty of nations. congressman king, welcome. explain to everyone at home why this is significant for these families and why they believe they should be receiving reparations from saudi arabia
6:26 am
for what happened on 9/11. >> i first introduced this bill several years ago it's a totally bipartisan bill. it's essential this be done. this does not change international law. it says if a foreign government is involved in state-sponsored terrorism in our country, that we have the right, citizens affected have the right to sue that government. it's very narrowly and precisely drawn. if there is evidence the government itself was involved in sponsoring a terrorist attack, then those who have been injured, those who suffered have the right to bring a lawsuit in a court in the united states. again if the studies have nothing -- they have no responsibility, they have nothing to worry about here. i'm not even saying saudi arabia is responsible.
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i'm saying there is enough evidence there that i believe a lawsuit should be brought. a good friends of mine was killed on september 11. his widow is leading the efforts on this. we expect it to pass the house by a very large vote tomorrow. martha: you look at the trial process for 9/11, and that has been a long, long road. fan one where we haven't seen any resolution. then you go back to the 9/11 commission and the 28 pages which were originally not in that report which some believe point to a connection between the saudi government and some of these hijackers, right. >> i read the 28 pages. they have been partially released.
6:28 am
beyond the 28 pages there will be is enough information, evidence out there which justifies this lawsuit going forward. and the saudis, in addition to that, this could be a wake-up call for the saudis, they play both sides here. they have good allies, and they have been silent benefactors overred the years. so the saudis have to realize they can no longer have it both ways. this gives them an opportunity for justice. justice is the word here. not so much the money. but justice so these families can feel they have their day in court. >> this is one piece of the 9/11 commission report as you can see a lot of it is redacted. but this is the kind of things that talks about potential connections between the saudi government and some of these
6:29 am
hijackers and says on one occasion bassnan received a check directly from prince bandar. all of this he goes on to talk about this rife. some people read what's in here and say it proves there is a direct connection. but the administration says they don't believe anything in these 28 pages proves a direct connection. >> whether or not it prove it, it raises verier. >> just issues. only way they can be resolved is by having a trial, a full legal examination as to what happened. there are too many unanswered questions. there is at least probable cause. there is reasonable suspicions that to me would justify this lawsuit going forward. we look at the pictures from
6:30 am
that day. the banners that stretch across the building to never forget. peter king, thank you for all you do for them and thank you for being here today. bill: it's about 9:30. awaiting the opening bell on wall street. it could be a down day if the futures are correct as investors continue to react to the big iphone release yesterday. martha: hillary clinton saying donald trump has a big supporter in isis. bill: who made the better argument to be commander-in-chief. but first trump from last night on the problems at the va. >> the va is almost you could say a corrupt enterprise. we'll make it efficient and good. if it's not good, it's going out
6:31 am
to private hospitals and doctors.
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martha: hillary clinton defended u.s. action in libya which she supported but she is facing criticism for saying no americans died during our mission there. watch this. >> with respect to libya, again, there is no difference between my opponent and myself. he's on record extensively supporting intervention in libya when qaddafi was threatening to massacre his population. i put together a coalition that included nato, included the arab league, and we were able to save lives. we did not lose a single american in that action. martha: pete hegseth served in iraq and afghanistan as an army reserve captain earning two bronze stars, and welcome
6:35 am
gentlemen. it's great to have you here. when i read your list of what you accomplished, i thank you for your service. last night's forum was important. it was about who would be the best commander-in-chief. i wanted to ask your response to the libya question. a immediately after she said that a lot of people thought about benghazi. she was talking about the military mission in terms of qaddafi, but it's hard to stand up there and say we didn't lose anybody in libya. >> of course it is. then she has the audacity to say our position were the same. except secretary clinton you were the secretary of state. donald trump was a private citizen with opinions. you had access to information
6:36 am
and were the decision maker. you unleashed chaos that created the environment for isis. in actuality we did loss americans and it's an example of the kind of judgment she had. martha: is she vulner only and libya, liet? >> no doubt. libya has been a haven for terrorism since. saying we didn't lose americans when we lost great americans in benghazi is despicable and not true. martha: we lost ambassador stevens, ty woods, glen doherty, you know, i was also struck just to stay with libya for a moment. what she said about the imminent
6:37 am
massacre that was about to happen in libya. this has been the line of thinking. there was an imminent massacre and that's why we had to go on to libya. and you look at the real massacre that's going on in syria which we heard nothing about. how do you square those two things? >> there is no squaring the ramifications of the hillary clinton, barack obama foreign policy. the massacre against christians and kurds and yazidis because of the chaos not just from lack of american leadership, but lack of decisiveness. hillary clinton was a little bit more hawkish, but she was hawkish without the followthrough. the radicals will kill non-believers, christians, anyone they need to in order to assert their dominance.
6:38 am
she owns it. how is she going to talk about it. martha: it's stunning how little is said about syria. i want to play a little of donald trump. >> under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. i have great faith in the military, i have great faith in certain of the commanders. but i have no faith in hillary clinton or the leadership. when she says i would have done this -- she has been there for 30 years. we need change, matt. we have to have it, and we have to have it fast. martha: generals reduced to rubble. he's gotten criticism for that. >> i think the criticism is coming from generals who are taking offense. for most combat troops that i
6:39 am
know who served in iraq or afghanistan, they would agree with that statement. there were exceptions to that. lieutenant general sean mcfarland, and others. but i can tell you that under this administration in particular, and even before, certainly it's a problem that often we promote people to the most senior ranks, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff because they don't really take a hard stand and don't provide the good guidance they should in the way they should to the commander-in-chief. >> l i et said it right. as a war fighter he would know. donald trump is going to say it the way he's going to say it. but the truth is we need war fighters at the top to be unleashed to crush our enemies. political generals who say what obama and clinton want to hear
6:40 am
are not what we need. let's try fighting and waging wars the way we used to by crushing our enemies as opposed to playing politics. that's what people feel and that's what he's saying and that's felt within the military. martha: let's hear more on the oil in iraq. >> i always said, shouldn't be there, but if we are going to get out, take the oil. if we would have taken the oil, we wouldn't have isis. >> how would we take the isle. >> leave a certain group behind and take certain sections where they have the oil. iraq has among the largest oil reserves in the world. we spend $3 trillion and lose thousands and thousands of lives, then we get nothing. martha: what do you think about that? >> he went on to say, it used to be to the victor goes the spoils. i don't know the details of whether we take the oil.
6:41 am
i have before then for that. but he's saying we topple a regime, then we leave or leave it to chaos, then countries like russia and china come in and contract with that government and extracted the oil. we should be having long-term partnerships with these countries if we have done so much for them. trump says it the way trump is going to say it. but the ethos is there. martha: thank you very much. both of you. great having you here on this topic. thank you, gentlemen. bill: here is hillary clinton at an airport in west chester county. perhaps a statement and maybe some questions. >> last night i was very glad to get on the stable with the
6:42 am
american people and offer my thoughts. good morning. last night i was very glad to be able to begin a conversation with the american people, and offer some of my thoughts about isis, iran, and how we reform the va system to provide better care for our vets. i'm honored that in the last 24 hours, more retired generals and admirals have decided to endorse my campaign. to focus more on these crucial challenges, tomorrow i'm convening a meeting of bipartisan national security leaders and experts, including former secretaries of homeland security, michael chertoff and janet napolitano. general john allen. former acting director of the cia, michael morrell and others.
6:43 am
we'll discuss how to intensify our evident to defeat isis and keep our country safe. to that end i want to underscore something i mentioned last night. we should make it a top priority to hunt down the leader of isis. abu al al-baghdadi and bring him to justice. getting al-baghdadi will require a focus at the highest levels. but it will send a resounding message that nobody directs or inspires attacks against the united states and gets away with it. heat me be clear. last night was yet another test and donald trump failed yet again. we saw more evidence that he has temperamentally unfit and
6:44 am
totally unqualified to be commander-in-chief. he trash talked american generals saying they have been quote reduced to rubble. he suggested he would fire them and replace them with his hand-picked generals. he attacked dozens of former flag officers by saying that quote we have been losing for a long time. that's how he talks about distinguished men and women who have spent their lives serving our country and sacrificing for us. that's how he would act as commander-in-chief. meanwhile, bizarrely, once again he praised russia's strongman vladimir putin. even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the russian president to our american president. now, that is not just
6:45 am
unpatriotic, and insulting to the people of our country as well as to our commander in chief, it's scary. because it suggests he will let putin do whatever putin wants to do. and then make excuses for him. i was just thinking about all of the presidents that would just be looking at one another in total astonishment. what would ronald reagan say? i think we know the answer. and when asked how he would stop the spread of global terrorism. his answer was take the oil. the united states of america does not invade other countries to plunder and pill and. we don't send our brave men and women around the world to steal oil.
6:46 am
and that's not even getting into the and susheddity of what it would involve. massive struck were, large numbers of troops, many years on the ground. of course trump hasn't thought through any of that. he republican holding or seeking office in this country should be asked if they agree with donald trump about these statements. one thing you didn't hear from trump last night is any plan to take on isis. one of the biggest threats facing our country. he says his plan is still a secret. but the truth is he doesn't have one. that's not only dangerous. it should be disqualifying. i have a different vision for how we keep our country safe and strong. i respect the member and women who put their lives on the line to serve america. i will work with our allies to defeat isis and hold true to our
6:47 am
country's most cherished values. even with all of the attention being paid to the campaign, when cannot forget how important this decision is. this weekend is the 15th anniversary of 9/11. i will never forget the horror of that day. but i will never forget either the victims and survivors and the brave first responders and emergency responders that i met with and served and worked for as senator from new york. that's what kept me working so hard in the senate on behalf of 9/11 families. that's who i was thinking of 10 years later in the white house situation room with president obama when the decision was made to bring usama bin laden to justice. that's the kind of commander-in-chief i will be, someone to bring us together in common purpose to keep our people safe on our country
6:48 am
strong. >> madame secretary, the latest real clear politic and has you up by an average of 2.8 percentage points over donald trump. give be what you say are his historic inadequacies and disqualifications, shouldn't you be running away with it at this point? >> as i said many, many times. i always thought this would be a close election. that's why we have been putting organizations in place, goring up for these final weeks to mobilize and turn out our voters. that's exact hi what we are going to do. and i feel we are in a strong position. but we are not taking anything for granted. we'll keep work as hard as we can and hopefully pull out as many voters who agree with me as we possibly can muster.
6:49 am
>> you said unequivocally last night you would not put troops into iraq ever again. isn't that ignoring some ground forces who are there and boxing yourself in should your military commanders if elected advise that you need to do that? >> first of all, i said that before, i said it on numerous occasions. i believe it. i think putting a big continue jones american ground troops on the ground in iraq and syria would not be in the best interest of the fight against isis and other terrorist groups. i think it would fulfill one of their dearest wishes, which is to drag the united states back into a ground war in that region. however, i have been very clear and i said this again last night. i support the air campaign. i support special forces, i support enablers, surveillance and reconnaissance.
6:50 am
i'll be prepared to do whatever is necessary to support the arab and kurdish fighters on the grand to take out as much of the infrastructure from the air to go after al-baghdadi as i said today with a focused commitment to taking him off the battlefield. i think the approach i outlined recognizes there is no in my opinion path forward to ground troops that would be in our interest. >> secretary clinton, you have been criticized by the rnc for your demeanor last night. you would too serious and didn't smile enough. you suggested there is a double standard. do you think you are treated the differently in this race because you are a woman? >> i will let all of you ponder that question.
6:51 am
i think there will be a lot of ph.d thesis and journalism rying on that for years to come. we were talking about serious issues. i know what we have to do to fix the va and take the fight to isis rather than making political happy talk. i had a short window of time in that event to convey the seriousness with which i would approach the issues that concern our country. donald trump chose to talk about his deep admiration and support for vladimir putin. maybe he did it with a smile and i gets rnc would have liked that. >> madame secretary. >> like the hat. is that a new look. >> kind of an old look now.
6:52 am
>> bringing it back? been shopping your closet? i do a lot of that. >> mr. trump suggested in some of his security briefings that there the briefers made an insinuation the cia was not pleads with the decisions the administration and president obama have made so far. did you get the same impressions in the briefings you had. >> i think what he said was totally inappropriate and undisciplined. i would never comment on any aspect of an intelligence briefing i receive. >> the different standard, what does that mean going into the debate. >> that's a very fair question. i have been somewhat heartened by the number of articles recently pointing out the
6:53 am
disparate treatment of trump and his campaign compared to ours. i don't understand the reasons for it. i find it frustrating. but it's just part of the landscape that we live in and we just keep forging ahead. i think this is a really important moment for everybody in our country. as you have seen by the numbers of republicans concerned about trump coming forward and saying, this is not acceptable. they are willing to put their names out there. people who never endorsed a democrat. people who never endorsed before, because they are so concerned about this man and how totally unqualified he is to be president and how totally temperamentally unfit he is to be commander-in-chief.
6:54 am
i know he says outrageous things on a pretty regular basis and i know that's part of the coverage and i know that it may be difficult to feel that, you know exactly how to respond to some of his behavior. but we are on the brink of making a very critical decision for our country. and if i were not the candidate. if i were not the nominee, if i were just a concerned citizen, i would be doing everything i could to sound the alarm about someone like donald trump getting anywhere near the white house. i will continue to do that. you can look and the map and find aleppo.
6:55 am
i love you, andrea. you are pr my kind of woman, look at this. go ahead. the sympathy vote, the whole thing. i love it. right, right. [inaudible] >> right, right. >> [inaudible] >> no, that's not true. republicans are just in a terrible dilemma trying to support a totally unqualified nominee. i have no sympathy for them. it's their nominee. but i'm not going to tolerate them continuing to make misleading, inaccurate accusations and putting out misinformation about me. here is the latest example.
6:56 am
matt olson, the very distinguished and effective former director of the national counter terrorism center was so disturbed by what he has seen coming from the trump campaign that he wrote an article that i guess came online in the last 48 hours, pulling from public sources very clear statements by isis leaders essentially throwing whatever support they have to donald trump. they have as matt olson pointed outset they hope allah delivers america to trump. they hope he is the president because it would give even more motivation to every jihadi. someone who has insulted
6:57 am
muslims, has insulted a gold star family of an incredibly heroic captain kahn. someone who has said he doesn't want to let muslims around the world come to our country. that's a gift for isis, and that is what matt olson, who knows more about this than the republicans trying to muddy the waters very clearly stated. that's what i mean. look, i'm not asking for any special treatment. i know the road that i'm on. i have been on it for 25 years. i just get up every day and keep moving forward. i love this country. i will serve it with my entire heart, mind and soul. i will do everything toik protect america. and i will do everything i can to make sure donald trump is not president for many reasons. but this latest information coming from a distinguished counter terrorism expert should put every american's mind in
6:58 am
motion to try to figure out what everyone can do to prevent trump from being the president. thank you. martha: hillary clinton taking some questions and coming back to some of the topics from last night's commander-in-chief forum. one of the first things she brought up is she would lead the charge to find and kill and take out abu al-baghdadi. so she also took questions about whether she thinks there is a double standard for her because she is a woman. she deflected those in large part. and said she would fight to preserve this country and do everything in her power to make sure donald trump does not become president of the:united states. that's where we find hillary clinton as she heads out on to the campaign trail.
6:59 am
bill: jason chaffetz on the hill will take a closer look at the questions about the email and server issue. republicans released a timeline that shows emails were deleted after congress issued subpoenas to hold on to them. jason chaffetz called for an investigation into those destroyed documents. this is what he said. >> she had two preservation orders in place. she had a subpoena. these are federal records. there is a consequence to that. i don't think it's taco incidence that two years after she left office. suddenly she gets a subpoena and less than 30 days later the documents are destroyed. bill: there are questions on the table for ruben gallegos. how do you defend this timeline
7:00 am
when you know march of last year the subpoena went out. everything was destroyed. if you were given a subpoena, what would you do with it? >> let's begin by stating the obvious. this is another parsing being conducted by this congress. the department of justice said there was no intent at concealment. and this is why the f.b.i. director comey decided to not go forward with any type of investigation when it comes to this. this is just a desperate move. they know trump is sinking in the polls. bill: would you use bleach bit on your email system? >> i can't comment on how other people do their processes oring in like that. we aren't subject to foia. but that being said, the department of justice talked about this.
7:01 am
there is nothing you hear, director comey already said, there is nothing you hear. bill: would you take a hammer to your personal blackberry? >> again, there is -- i don't know about the tactics of every other government official. but this has already been covered. the department of justice stated this is a non-issue and it's time to move on. we want to waste taxpayer money on this, we can. bill: would you instruct a company in nebraska to destroy all your emails and the history of your emails? >> again, i'm not involved in that day-to-day operations of anything of that sort. but this has been covered by the department of justice. we are going to waste more taxpayer money in the hopes of bringing down hillary clinton's poll numbers to help donald trump.
7:02 am
estions. time she stood there but if we litigate this again, it's the taxpayer who will end up losing. what do you do with the subpoena? whether it's the beach there bit or the hammer, this is easy stiff for voters to understand and they want to know why. i'm willing to move on. elijah cummings put out an email about what he did and how he conducted his email practices as secretary of state. why did he put that how the, do you think? >> i can't read into elijah cummings' head. he's a great member of congress, very well respected. hillary clinton stated
7:03 am
repeatedly secretary powell was the inspiration for this and elijah will look into that. bill: are you trying to equate the two between hillary clinton's actions and colin powell suggesting he did it and she did it too? >> i don't know the motivation behind congressman cummings. the clinton campaign said clearly they are not trying to compare the two. she made the decision and she is not trying to blame secretary everything over the past 10 days suggest that this race is tightening. today in fact it might be dead-even. the suggestion is that the email questions and the server question continue to dog at her. don't you think there is a little something to that? can you at least that today? >> well, absolutely they're doing here. she clearly stated she wished everything would be released at
7:04 am
once and early as possible and if that happened earlier in the year, she would be happy for that. the reason this, republican committee members, led by congressman chaffetz effect that they have the worse candidate in the history of the united states running on republican ticket. they will continue to do these types of actions, because when voters see what's happening they are going to realize donald trump sun fit to be president. bill: hearing begins in a matter of moments. watching for it. appreciate you coming on. >> anytime. bill: ruben gallego, democratic congressman from the hill. back over to martha now. four past the hour. martha: we want to bring your attention to this event that happened earlier today. a candidate for the president of the united states was stumped by what many would perceive to be a simple question. libertarian candidate gary johnson, drew a blank when asked about the central most war-torn
7:05 am
city in syria, the epicenter of a international refugee crisis that led to a flow of people who have poured into europe and elsewhere. so his answer on live tv was a real shocker. welcome, everybody. brand new hour now of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. former new mexico governor gary johnson suggest link to answer a straightforward question about the brutal five-year civil war in syria. it went like this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about? >> about aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? a you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the, it is the epicenter of the refugee crisis -- >> okay, got it. got it. martha: that was the moment. now the political fallout for him is just beginning. doug schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton. for "washington times."
7:06 am
both fox news contributors and observers of politics, international issues. how does the not just a presidential candidate, doug, but the governor of new mexico not know the answer to that question? which by the way he says he neil cavuto later to try to explain but wow? >> well, he should know but there is a practical import to this that goes beyond the oops moment. he was up to about 10, some polls, 12%. if he got to 15% or if he gets there, he would you qualify for the debates, which would change the political landscape fundamentally with two very unpopular presidential candidates, but given his clear, lack of readiness for prime time, literally and metaphorically, this is going to make people ask a lot more questions about gary johnson, particularly those who might have been flirting with the
7:07 am
libertarian party. martha: you think, monica, about the picture of that little boy, and maybe we can put that back up on the screen. you think about the numbers, children killed in tens of thousands in syria, an aleppo has become, you know, as was said this morning, the epicenter, the sort of emotional heart of this fight. 450,000 people killed, about eight million people displaced and pouring across the borders into europe. so this, i am also struck by the fact, monica, we heard precious nothing about this at the forum about this i think in some ways gary johnson's moment speaks volume about the fact we have ignored this issue as an administration, and as a country perhaps. >> yes. and as a major presidential candidate making this kind of a mistake on this topic is pretty devastating, especially coming as it does for governor johnson so close to the election.
7:08 am
as doug points out so close to the threshold trying to make these debates. look, the mistake was not quite as sad president gerald ford liberating poland from the grip of soviet union when he was sitting president during those debates. you're not just running to be president of the united states and commander-in-chief of armed forces and steward of american foreign policies. you can't be making this kind of mistake. to your point, martha, it is absolutely true. what is happening in syria, crimes against humanity being conducted by the assad regime, use of chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction. this photograph of this boy that went around the world is absolutely heartbreaking. 500,000 people now dead. that is the u.n. estimate. yet very little conversation in this country and frankly in the west more broadly about how that -- martha: after the red line was crossed, as we all remember, nothing was done, it has become persona non grata subject in
7:09 am
many ways. >> but it's a discussion between sergey lavrov, the russian foreign minister, john kerry, vladmir putin, and barack obama just this week and what's happening, something i am deeply skeptical of, the fact we think we can somehow effect a deal with the russians to achieve a cease-fire that will somehow target isis. i think frankly this is just another one of the russian tricks to try to protect assad, allow them to target his opponents. it speaks to what monica was speaking of, the absolutely lack of focus and attention on moral tragedy, political failure of this administration, something the secretary of state didn't speak of last night and didn't speak of this morning. >> by the way, has direct responsibility for. >> of course. >> after all she was barack obama's secretary of state for his first term. she was deep hely involved in the decision making with regard to syria. presidents words have meaning. democrats, and mrs. clinton love
7:10 am
to attack donald trump criticizing what he says, you're running for president, your words have meaning. well the sitting president of the united states drew that red line. if he had no intention of engaging in syria to stop the carnage he never shoved said that. now he did and we see the consequence. martha: what is the aleppo question that hung in the air this morning has wide ramifications for where we are in the country and in foreign policy thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you bet. bill: ten minutes past the hour. in a moment, martha, hillary clinton came to talk about national defense. wound up on the defensive for some, how did she do talking about emails from last night's forum. she took classified material when she was secretary of state. for the moment we'll go back to the answers here. private health insurance companies bail on obamacare is the public option the next best step? the white house might make that case. republicans not so much. we'll tell you what is moving today on obamacare.
7:11 am
martha: donald trump sparking some questions and some concerns from world leaders after his fiery rhetoric about global security and his embrace of vladmir putin. he might say, it was otherwise but, here is what happened last night. we'll talk about it. >> the beautiful part of getting along, russia wants to defeat isis as badly as we do. if we had a relationship with russia, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together? your car got rear-ended and you needed a tow. did your 22-page insurance policy say, "great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:15 am
bill: some calling it dry run before the big debate in 18 days. some calling it a flop. here is donald trump's opinion much the administration foreign policy abroad. >> we have had the worst, you can say the documentest foreign policy. the results so bad. we would have been better off if we hadn't spent $2 in that world. >> you have to come bite isis online, where they recruit, where they radicalize. i don't think we're doing as much as we can. we need to work with silicon valley. >> when she says she comes i would have done this. she has been there for 30 years. we need change, matt. we have to have it and we have to have it fast. >> we need to wage the war against isis from the air, on the ground and online in cyberspace. >> part of the problem we've had is we go in, we defeat somebody,
7:16 am
and then we don't know what we're doing after that, we lose it. bill: last night's forum sponsored by iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. we have the group's founder and ceo is with me now. great to see you. >> great to see you. bill: work you've done over last eight years, remarkable. >> thank you. team effort. bill: what did you think of last night. >> the most important thing about last night veterans questions were finally front and center. we got to ask them commander-in-chief type question. our military, veterans have felt like they have left out the debate. the real stars were veterans that asked questions. which wish it was three hours longer. that is start of a commander-in-chief forum series we want to lead. we talked about va reform, talk about suicide, military sexual trauma. a lot of stuff off the radar. bill: on nbc. come on to do it on fox. >> let's do it. we want to keep it going with the conversation. both vp candidates, both are military dads.
7:17 am
this is what the veterans in the military deserve. their issues and community should be front and center. we've been in war over 15 years, folks watching from iraq and afghanistan last night. their questions, with all due respect to you, most of the reporters and most other folks in this country. bill: love to take you up on the invitation. >> that would be awesome. bill: other thing i want to say, i thought it was, it is a difficult room when both are saying that the iraq war was a mistake, and you have in that room veterans, who have suffered greatly personally. >> right. bill: professionally, with their family members. >> right. bill: how did they take to that when someone wants to be commander-in-chief -- >> don't think anyone got to issue well. both are pretty unpopular in the military. trump is leading two to one. with a lot of country, a lot of folks just don't like either candidate. what veterans understand, no matter what they think about iraq our service was valid. our service was important.
7:18 am
we did our part of the job. no politician will ever discredit our service. we're going to stick together. that is what you saw last night, tremendous unity, all party, generations, veterans united, hanging out for hours afterward continuing conversation. we will keep this going. iva forum is the hashtag. if you have questions, post them online. we'll keep the questions going through the election. bill: you said neither hillary clinton or donald trump answered question effectively. were you pleased with their performance. >> no. i don't any anybody was satisfied of the i don't think anybody was particularly pleased in veterans office. we want to hear more and details and specifics. we want to ask more questions from veterans served our country and done our part and need to be front and center of this conversation. 22 veterans in america, bill. they are important voting force. they need to hear directly from the candidates. not just one night but for the whole campaign. bill: how important is it to know where aleppo is? >> it is very, very important. actually spoke to governor
7:19 am
johnson backstage at msnbc immediately afterward. i reextended him an invitation to be a part of forum. we want a commander-in-chief conversation with him. that is why forums need to be answered question. dr. jill stein, anyone wants to run for president, we want to have a questions answered from you. bill: thank you. >> appreciate it. bill: paul rikoff from iava. martha: people are criticizing matt lauer on the questions that he asked. following last night's forum we'll talk about, political pundits on both sides believe it wasn't fair to the nominees. some believe questions were missed. howard kurtz our media analyst will be here with his response. have you ever wondered how the sun was formed? according to nasa, they might know. when we come back. ♪ weekend, a
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typically for very bad news. comey writes i have no patience that we conducted ourselves anything but we are, honest, competent, independent. those suggesting we are political or part of some fix either don't know us or they are full any baloney and maybe some of both. based on my 15 years covering bureau and intelligence agencies, these internal memos are made public for two reasons. one to quell internal dissent. and second to refute public criticism, martha. martha: very interesting memo. and there are new allegations this morning, catherine, that clinton and her team, did get some special treatment. what are those allegations?
7:25 am
reporter: "the wall street journal" report this is morning that fbi agents passed . who tellheld a march 25th, 2015 conference call with the den veer i.t. firm managing the server. six days later the clinton email archive was electronically
7:26 am
shredded. the fbi director is scheduled to testify for the latest oversight hearings and the it will focus on email investigation and decision not to recommend criminal charges in light of all the new evidence available now, martha. martha: and also questions that were not asked in the fbi investigation about why she had the server in the first place which she was not pressed on which you have reported. catherine. thank you very much. reporter: you're welcome. martha: hillary clinton spending a good part of her time in the commander-in-chief forum last night answering a large chunk of questions about emails which were leveled at her really out of the gate. watch this. >> what we have here is the use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people in our government to send information that was not marked, there were no headers, there was no statement, top secret, secret or confidential. i communicated about classified material on a wholly separate
7:27 am
system. i took it very seriously. martha: a bit to unravel. bret baier joins us, anchor of "special report." good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: how does that square with her statements in the past and how does it add up? >> it doesn't. it doesn't. this answer has completely evolved over the months. we can go back to the press conference at the united nations where i did not send class fight material. there was no classified material. that went then to, there was no marked classified material. what director comey said, was, yes, there was. there were hundreds of emails that had classified material, marked, there were a few as he mentioned with the "c." but it doesn't matter. it was on the private server. the other thing is the whole thing about the email versus having a private server in your home. you know, bill interviewed
7:28 am
congressman guy yank gal lego at top of the broadcast. they are in this line, it is over and done, fbi reached conclusion. legally that is probably right. she will not probably face prosecution on that front because they have made that determination. but politically explaining the hammer to two blackberries, and they can't fine 11 other blackberry, the laptop lost in the mail is really hard thing to explain. martha: i mean you think about the initial statement that she used one device because it was more convenient. and then you find out there are 13 devices. so how that is more convenient is pretty difficult to understand. i also go back, bret, to the statement by bill clinton, that the little "cs" he said a hill of beans about nothing or something to that effect. they were to mark or make a phone call. the "c"s was something about making a phone call.
7:29 am
you can stack them up against each other. whether it becomes a bigger issue politically, bret, as you look where we are right now in this election cycle? >> i think you know we have yet to see if there is another shoe to drop and wikileaks is problem missing that there are more emails and another batch that prove she knew what the "c" was, and you hear julian assange who is obviously not a trusted figure overall before this latest intervention into the election but he is saying that they have got more, more details. so we'll see where that goes. the bottom line, it is still not politically a great thing for hillary clinton, and that affecting her honest and trustworthy numbers. let me say this. the fact they did a press conference today outside of the plane, she has been talking to reporters on the plane but the fact that they answered any questions today outside of the plane suggests that the clinton campaign wasn't too happy with the answers last night because
7:30 am
they would have let them sit, i think. she is not one that is pushing for press conferences, and you know, there may have been an effort to clean up some of the things she said. martha: it did appear that way, and she went directly to the, you know, decision that she would make as commander-in-chief to go after abubakr al-baghdadi. that she wants to kill the isis leader. there may be cleanup and we had the moment that we carried a little while ago. get one more moment last night and get your reaction this plays, bret. >> they are not going to get ground troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. martha: but we have them there. >> i mean there are 4500 u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. there are 300 plus on the ground in syria. you know that was another cleanup this morning which was, ground troops meaning, large numbers of combat forces.
7:31 am
you know, there are troops on the ground and she was asked, do you limit yourself, do you box yourself in? then she had the caveat, not large combat troops but i'm in favor of special forces. i'm in favor of trainers. i'm in favor of enablers. she said on the campaign at that words matter. what she said last night i think had to be clarified this morning. martha: yeah. we'll be clarifying more information with regard to what's coming up in the political season on sunday nights at 8:00 you will be, right, bret? >> new show, "special report," 8:00. we'll have a wrap-up of the sunday shows and look forward to the week ahead. should be fun. martha: thanks, bret. bill: you will be doing nfl highlights on sunday night. >> sure. martha: i'm sure he would be happy. bill: give them more. warm-up to the first debate how did the man in the middle do, matt lauer? taking it from all sides. howard kurtz is on deck to analyze this. >> what have you experienced in your personal life or your professional life that you
7:32 am
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that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. ♪ bill: nbc moderator matt lauer in cross-hairs from all sides especially in the media from the last night's commander-in-chief forum. saying that he hammered clinton and surrendered to trump. trump supporters feeling opposite. howard kurtz, "mediabuzz." good morning to you. analyze it. how did it go? >> 98% of the criticism of matt lauer is hyper partisans on both sides, one exception i will come to think he did a pretty solid job. ironically conservative media sites says he will go easy on hillary clinton because he went
7:36 am
to a clinton foundation event. take a look at couple questions that matt lauer asked about the former secretary of state beginning with her questions about private email. >> you were down mighting on highly sensitive topics. why wasn't it more than a mistake? why wasn't it disqualifying? how do you think these people feel when the person running to be their commander-in-chief says her vote to go to war in iraq was a mistake? >> so no softballs over the plate there, bill. and then, the similar treatment when donald trump took the chair moments later. >> what have you done in your life that prepares you to send men and women of the united states into harm's way? when you say inflammatory things in a presidential campaign, it is different than saying them when you're commander-in-chief. if you say things when you're commander-in-chief, you can spark a conflict, you can destablize a region. you can put american lives at risk. can we afford to take that risk with you? >> that was major league pitching, bill. bill: yeah. there is criticism for
7:37 am
interruptions. i think you hear it from both sides, in the following bit from the "new york times." quote, lawyer interrupted clinton's answer repeatedly to move on. not once for trump. norman ornstein wrote a twitter message, tough to be a woman running for president, end quote. flip it around. i think trump folks feel same way. what do you think? >> hillary clinton as is her style gets into the weed of policy a bit gave longer answers. matt lauer, 24 minutes, trying to move it along. we all face this, you don't want to overinterrupt and step on the person. the idea it is sexist that center for american progress suggests is silly. she should be held to the same standard. they both got tough questions. one place matt lauer slipped up, when donald trump said i opposed war in iraq. a year ago i interviewed him, i pressed him there was no public record that he said anything, in
7:38 am
fact he said sympathetic things before the invasion of march 2002. in 2004 a lot of people were against it. it was much easier to be against the war at that point. bill: watching thing on twitter is something else. i think organizers wanted more frankly questions from veterans but they are very pleased as reich could have told us a few moments ago. we analyzed moderator. "politico," less than three weeks before general electiondey clinton shade the stage at the same time. none appeared ready for brightest lights. clinton wobbled on style. trump stumbled on substance. you put a lot of attention on lawyer but one much these two will be president, howie. >> yeah. i think that is kind of a fair framing of it. look, hillary clinton, as former chief diplomat has a lot more substantive knowledge but she struggles and on the defensive
7:39 am
whether the subject is intervention in libya, benghazi of course, or herr whole email scandal. donald trump says things like, was asked by this by lawyer, i know more than the generals. we will bomb the blank out of isis and sometimes seems -- then of course there was he opened door to criticism because he said nice things about vladmir putin while criticizing american generals. so both their strengths and weaknesses were on display. the best moderator in the world can't change that. partisans want for to you pummel the person into submission. sometimes we don't follow up, because we know the clock is running. bill: head full of a lot of stuff. howie kurtz in washington analysis there. when you consider -- you have so much material you want to get to but if the answer lingers, you start cutting and cutting and cutting, you have to do it quickly. martha: you sure do. he went after her on the email question quite heavily at top of that. as howie pointed out, a lot of people thought he might go
7:40 am
easier on her than he did on trump. it is a tough job. he had his work cut out. bill: bottom line for veterans in america looking for attention on sacrifice they have given small percentage of our country, good for them finally they had the focus. martha: good point. bill: more to come. martha: good point. so in science fiction, our heroes usually steer clear of the asteroids but in real life, nasa is aiming straight at one, with a new deep space probe. what they are hoping to find. bill: also donald trump taking questions about national security, defending his praise of vladmir putin but what does the rest of the world think today about donald trump? a look at that in a moment here. ♪ now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade.
7:41 am
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♪ martha: today is president obama's last day in laos where he heads back to washington tonight. he used some of his time on the international stage to take aim at presidential candidate donald trump and express concerns to global leaders about the republican nominee's rhetoric on national security and here is some of that. >> the question i get from other leaders is, we hope that america's interests and presence and engagement is sustained and my hope and expectation is that my successor will in fact sustain this kind of engagement. martha: steve hilton, served as strategy director for former british prime minister david cameron and is founder and ceo of crowd pac, a political data technology startup. watched these things across the pond and now here in the united states. what did you think of that
7:45 am
response from president obama? >> well, first of all i think it is pretty inappropriate actually for the president to be saying that kind of highly partisan stuff when he is abroad. all very well for him to stump for hillary clinton when he's here, but when he is abroad he is representing all americans and half the country supports trump. he should i think keep the politics out of it when he is on the international stage. martha: the take though from the president when he has been abroad has clearly been, when he comes back home to talk about, that foreign leaders are very nervous, he says. she says that too, as former secretary of state, about the prospect of a trump presidency. what's your take on that? >> well the first thing is, international -- martha: is it true? >> that is the kind of thing you expect them to say because it helps their campaign but the truth is internationally people are not following the election closely and what they hear is a very particular part of the presentation from donald trump, usually most controversial statements. they're looking at election and really, is it possible someone
7:46 am
like trump who has been reality tv star can run for president but what you've got to remember it is exactly the same kind of thing they used to say about ronald reagan. they used to say how this guy, this old fool, hollywood actor be taken seriously as a president. i think in the end the big point there is no real connection between how the world sees an american leader and whether that leader can actually do any good. look at reagan. they thought he was a complete joke but he ended cold war. obama is loved internationally, but look at chaos going on, for example, in syria. martha: take a look at another moment last night this is donald trump talking about vladmir putin. >> when he calls me brilliant i will take the compliment, okay? the fact is, it is not going to get him anywhere. i'm a negotiator. we'll take back our country. you look at what is happening to our country. you look at depleted military. look at the fact we lost our jobs. we're losing our jobs like a
7:47 am
bunch of babies. we're going to take back our country. martha: he is saying, if he wants to compliment me that is fine, but not going to get him anywhere? do you think europe and other part of thes world see him as tough. >> yeah. martha: that is with he wants portrayed or is that coming across or is all that reality tv? i don't think they're taking it serious and looking at extreme things he says and that is probably not true and they're thinking probably that he can not win. that is the fundamental assumption. that is the reason he is popular here. that he will really shake things up and decades of corruption and incompetence and people around the world are not following that aspect of the campaign. martha: one thing people in europe are following closely what is happening in syria because it affected them so deeply here as well. we saw a pretty stunning moment, gary johnson, libertarian candidate for the u.s. presidency did not know what
7:48 am
aleppo was and that is just video of it. we showed sound of it before, but what did you think about that, steve. >> it was truly shocking actually. i think it speaks to something really fundamental which is, this colossal failure, this catastrophe of foreign policy which has led to this terrible chaos, so many deaths and then instability across europe with the refugees leaving the area. instability that we've seen in the region, worse than ever before. and it's not only american foreign policy that is responsible, but it's a big part of it, and it feels like no one wants to take ownership of that or talk about it, or be accountable for that. it should be a much bigger part of the presidential debate than we've seen so far. martha: maybe we'll see in the coming debates. steve, thank you very much. steve hilton. great to have you back on the program. bill? bill: 12 minutes before the hour. jenna lee is coming up when we say good-bye. what are you cooking up? good morning. >> hi, there, bill, a frantic
7:49 am
911 call from a woman driving on arizona highway before she is shot. a manhunt is underway. who is behind the cold-blooded killing? we'll get you updated on that? hillary clinton and donald trump trading shots on national security views but are they telling the truth on iraq. is each candidate flip-flopping? does that matter? a texas woman vanishes without a trace and her kidnapper is on trial, with no body found can prosecutors get a conviction. up ahead on "happening now." bill: try capturing an asteroid. they say they are ready. we're about to find out.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
bill: nasa trying to do something never been done before. they are set to launch the osiris rex. at the end of this mission we may have clues to perhaps our beginning. cory powell science editor for am magazine. how are you doing, cory? >> any day we go to an asteroid is a good day. bill: i get it. the idea is to launch this. two years it will hook up to an asteroid and do what. >> go around the sun, eventually catch up with the asteroid. it is basically doing tandem flying. the asteroid has so little gravity, you're parking next to it. it touches the asteroid. blows a jet of nitrogen gas. knocks out a cloud of asteroid stuff. catches it in canister. the ands the canister back home. they pick it up in utah. bill: they blow part of the asteroid in space and capture it in a can? >> exactly. bill: come on. >> fly it back to earth,
7:54 am
parachute it down over utah. take it down to the johnson space center in texas. bill: who comes up with these ideas? that is why they have the name. material on the asteroid, could tell you what? >> well, so this is a very ancient carbon-rich asteroid. the theory this kind of asteroid is probably the kind of thing that brought water, organic materials, maybe the building blocks of live to the earth billions of years ago. this one is a survivor from what was once a lot of asteroids landed here. bill: it has a name called -- >> benu, benu. it is draws because of what? >> it is easy to get to because it is in orbit similar to ours and that means its orbit crosses earth's orbit, considered one of the most dangerous asteroids. it has small but not insignificant risk of hitting the earth in year 2075.
7:55 am
bill: a little bit after we will be here. >> yes. bill: that has always been a concern. we talked about this before. >> absolutely. bill: could you use the osiris rex then to perhaps redirect an asteroid? >> no, that is one of the goals of this mission to understand what, understand the orbit of the asteroid. understand how you would change the orbit of the asteroid. if this one is dangerous or find out another one is dangerous. blowing up is the not right way to do it. what you want to do is rye direct it. turns out there are fairly simple ways to do that if you have time and technology. you can use sunlight to move the asteroid. that is part of what this probe will be studying, how it will affect the asteroid. how you use that to your advantage. bill: use a bump. >> if you have a lot of advanced warning like you do right now. all you need to do is give it a tiny nudge for a very long time. and you're home clear. bill: osiris rex has no
7:56 am
pressure. it is easy. cory powell, great to see you. good luck to nasa. thanks for coming in today. >> thank you. bill: martha. martha: they have 60 days left to close the deal in this election. last night a little bit of a debate preview. brand new reaction to the candidate's answers what it takes to be commander-in-chief. if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year - all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! -ends sunday. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. >> so did you hear this one? tim tebow stepping up to the play in the new york mets system, according to the mets signing the nfl quarterback to a minor league contract. he hasn't played baseball since high school apparently but very athletic person, so maybe he can do that. he worked out with major league teams last week and impressing scouts, will likely play in instructional league or arizona. what do you think?
8:00 am
>> they did it for michael jordan. give him a chance. see what happens. right. >> there are people in the system and that they shouldn't give tebow the break. i don't know. if you win, you can win. >> we are looking for a break too. >> bye, everybody, have a great day. ♪ ♪ ♪ john: you go, tebow, that's what i say. hillary clinton and donald trump visiting key battleground states that could make or break this election, good morning to you, i'm john scott. jenna: competition of a different kind. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. at a forum the two nominees took shots at each other on foreign policy and national security, was seen as a bit of a preview of first debate two weeks away. today hillary and trump on the road.


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