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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> thankfully we have whole another one. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i've harris faulkner. here today, co-host of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis, fox news political legal analyst, eboni williams and reporter for "national review on-line," katherine timpf and host of "forbes on fox" and other half of "after the bell," david asman on a fine friday eve. we have a lot going on. >> we do. harris: thank you for being here. >> thank you. harris: donald trump not holding back on a forum on national security. he shared the same stage as hillary clinton and gave voters a glimpse how he respond to the commander-in-chief. he leveled harsh criticism at america's military under president obama and by association his democratic opponent. watch. >> the generals unbarack obama and hillary clinton have not been successful.
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>> do you know more about isis than they do? >> i think unthe leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it is embarrassing for our country. harris: mr. trump's assessment of america's military drew this sharp rebuke from hillary clinton, who said trump has again failed the test to lead our nation's military. >> you saw more evidence that he is tempermentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander-in-chief. he trash-talked american generals, saying they have been, quote, reduced to rubble. he suggested he would fire them and replace them with his hand-picked generals. that is how he talks about distinguished men and women who have spent their lives serving our country, sacrificing for us. that is how he would act as commander-in-chief. harris: donald trump topp supporters in the military community are defending him.
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lt. general michael flynn, former head of the defense intelligence agency, trump was giving voice to military brass who feel hand-tied by president obama. >> he is absolutely right there. is a severe disconnect between this white house and frankly the president and our military. i mean, there is a lot of frustration within the ranks and there is a lot of frustration i know in the senior leadership about what we're not able to do. one of the things we can not ever, you know, i mean there is no enemy that is unbeatable and what we have right now, we have four 1/2, five years of fighting isis now, as though there are some unbeatable enemy, again there is enormous frustration. harris: so this kind of sharp defense for him, right? donald trump trying to be honest, truthful as he says about what is really going on. will he get credit for that or will this come across a different way to the generals? >> he will not get credit from hillary clinton or anybody on her side. harris: among the generals.
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>> among the generals, michael flynn was one of the generals fired essentially because they had serious disagreements on policy there were a number of officers dating way back from the administration who were fired by president obama because of disagreements over policy. and how many times has president obama overruled his own generals on issues like for example, pulling out of iraq too soon, which of course gave blossom to isis? many people said had we not pulled 30,000 soldiers an marines out of iraq we could would not have seen take over of iraq and growing isis. obama administration or surrogate in the form of hillary clinton to say there is something wrong with a president overruling the military is very hypocritical i think. harris: interesting. you know, melissa, as i look at this, i wonder, among those generals if they will have the conversation of, this is kind of the narrative we wanted to get there all along, or if they will just stay silent on this? >> i don't know.
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it is interesting. i saw mike flynn before he ever came out on tv, before the book came out, before he became a supporter of trump and he was even angrier at that time than he is now. he said all the things more vehemently now how the obama administration has tied the hands of generals and what has happened around the world as a result, how we lost this war to isis. how we have to bring it back together. and all the things that he is saying now not in support of trump necessarily but what he truly believes. i'm so tired of everyone saying this one is not qualified to president. this one is not fit to be president. so repetitive, getting annoying. >> the way hillary twisted that narrative. he was not trash-talking generals and trash-talking obama and her. people read single tweets or headlines, under the leadership of part is missing all these. said they have been reduced to rubble. >> very nuanced criticism donald trump is offering.
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he is saying a very particular criticism to the military in reference to the leadership. a lot of that gets lost when you're giving nuanced critiques with america's military which we're hyper sensitive about. melissa, you're right, exactly hillary clinton and donald trump talking about who is qualified or who is the worse, neither of those two are barometers of that measure. that is us that get to decide that, the american people. harris: particularly they have high unfavorables, one saying them is like -- disliked 54%. >> we don't want to fuel that fire of discontent with our candidates you but there's a point here and it is a serious point, i don't mean to sound like i'm taking one side, the fact there is discontent in the military. not just been pointed out by donald trump. "politico" which is basically anti-trump publication came out with a big piece couple years ago talking about the discontent in the military which with
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president obama. face it he doesn't have the militaristic background, some people say, i know donald trump didn't serve but had a lot of connections with the military that president obama did not have before he became president. harris: the big proposal speech yes and two of them going back and forth do the issues come to the top? do they rise, the cream to the top? will it be a battle between you're unqualified and i'm unqualified? >> trump really focused on issues. he took some hits at hillary, no question, yesterday. he was very issue-based i saw yesterday. harris: she is about to speak again. we're awaiting hillary clinton at a rally in charlotte, north carolina, a day after getting pressed over her emails at that commander-in-chief forum. >> it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. it was something that should not have been done. but the real question is, the handling of classified material.
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classified material has a header, which says, top secret, secret, confidential. nothing, and i will repeat this, and this is verified in the report by the department of justice, none of the emails sent or received by me had such a header. harris: not true. hold on. house oversight committee is holding, today the oversight committee is holding very first of several hearings looking whether hillary clinton lied to congress over her emails. chairman jason chaffetz also wants an investigation into possible obstruction of justice by clinton or her aides, all after learning her emails were deleted after congress put out a subpoena. here he is earlier. >> she had two preservation orders in place. had a subpoena. you don't destroy documents after you get a subpoena. there is, these are, these are federal records. there is a consequence to that. and it is, i don't think a
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coincidence that more than two years, two years after she left office, suddenly she gets a subpoena. less than 30 days later these documents are destroyed. harris: meanwhile fbi director james comey is defending the investigation and the release of the bureau's findings on that friday before labor day weekend when people were heading to the beach and doing all sorts of things. okay, so you heard her drop that the doj had confirmed everything that she is saying. the doj -- melissa: no. harris: she skips over comey's team. melissa: they were mark classified. they had a "c" on top. that is big subject. harris: the "c" stood for cheesecake. >> i didn't know that? melissa: like, a, b, c. she thought it was like the third item on the list. later she was shown something else she did know what it means. can't even keep her lies straight. it is unbelievable to me. >> also she said that, right after i'm not going to make excuses. it was what, 15 seconds.
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they weren't marked in the header. you knew what you were talking even if they weren't, you knew what you are talking about is sensitive. with any knowledge of, you're secretary of state. you should know it. melissa: or you're a liar. harris: talk about this at 37,000 feet and what she should have have none, some arguing she is handling this like a boss. this is not making her shake except for the pesky polling, tightening now. >> i disagree with anyone saying she is handling like a boss, harris. she could handle it like a boss getting in front of it. here is the problem with the hillary clinton email apology. it is always sorry but. anybody knows in communication when you say but you erase everything you say before that term. so she is not truly sorry. she says she would never do it again. but then she offers all explanations why it was okay. >> can i say one thing was missing from her answer. was the question. the question came from navy vet.
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intel officer who said, and i'm quoting him directly, you clearly corrupted our national security. that contrast was not missed, i don't think anybody watching the entirety of that program could miss the contrast of a navy intelligence vet saying i would have been arrested for doing what you did and you put our national security at risk. you corrupted our national security. that was very powerful. >> quick point about comey. we discussed on "the o'reilly factor," bill said it is all lost for him. i respect comey says he understands people are questioning his credibility at this point. he put out the memo. he is at least offering an answer. he says this, i dumped them on friday. i knew i would take heat for it. reason i did it i promised transparency. when they were ready i gave them. they were ready on friday i gave them. >> most important point he said there is more to come. there is more to come. >> i credit james comey for that. harris: remember early on some of us journalistically had sources saying if this didn't
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bring indictment closer look by doj there were be leaks for people exiting through retirement, attrition, whatever it would be. we haven't seen that. the story is not over. we'll watch. sunday marks 15 years since the september 11th attacks. tomorrow lawmakers will vote on a bill to allow victims families to sue saudi arabia where most of the hijackers came from. president obama says he will veto that. why? is that the right move? huge gaffe from one of the people running for the white house. libertarian candidate gary johnson. what is aleppo? we'll show you basic consequences. got nine or 10% in many so of the polling. does he give that back into the mix? we'll look. after the show here on tv we pop up online. we'll chat. click on overtime tab on page. we'll be there. watch us on facebook live. we love that. outnumbered, fnc. put them up. our twitter handles.
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♪ melissa: sunday marks 15 years since the september 11th attacks. house lawmakers planning to vote on a bill tomorrow already cleared in the senate, allowing
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families of americans killed that day to sue saudi arabia. 15 of the hijackers on 9/11 were from saudi arabia. critics have long thought the government may have support the attacks directly or indirectly. if the bill passes, president obama plans to veto it. his administration claims it could put americans at a legal risk because other nations might retaliate with their own legislation. republican congressman peter king disagrees. >> this can be a wake-up call to the saudis. for two long they played both sides here. they are are good allies in some ways but on the other hand they have been sort of silent benefactors islamists over the years. these families waited a long -- this gives them an opportunity for justice. really justice is the word here. not so much the money, not any of extravaganza about it but justice these families feel they have their day in court. melissa: kat what do you think.
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>> it is so complicated issue. i'm glad i don't have to be the one making this decision, but in general, we let them get away with so much, always using same excuse, we don't want them to retaliate but do this. that shows kind of a weakness. at same time we don't want to put us at risk. the narrative of it needs to change. obama needs to acknowledge it is complicated. explain that i can't imagine what these families must be going through, rather than saying, no, way, we could never do that to our allies, i mean, they're not the best of allies. >> that is not really what it is about actually. any lawyer will tell you this is really about the liability exposure that we would face if we set this precedent. we have sovereign immunity for a reason. this is all legalese and ivory tower talk but you're right, kat, to the 3,000 people had families taken away, 6,000 victims lost so much on 9/11, that is not so comforting. what makes it difficult, two unrelated but intersecting issues.
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got issues of absolutely if saudi arabia or any other country was responsible in any way for that terror, they should be held accountable, but unintended consequences of piercing sovereign immunity has to be considered. harris: can i ask a legal question, we're stopping there, and you're an attorney, is there any other legal way for the government to handle this on behalf of them? >> i'm delighted, harris you asked that. i think so. our state department can go in here and basically negotiate something, what we call like a consent treaty, if you will. harris: we know why they won't do that. this particular administration also recently told families you're on your own if someone is taken. when you look at that kind of -- >> attitude. harris: separate from the issue. it is a long the lines whether or not the government is being sensitive. >> can i just bring up the elephant in the room though? there is no country like, no ally, let me put it that way, for the united states like saudi arabia.
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saudi arabia practice as form of islam which is radical islam. the wahhabiist that formed the saudi arabian government years ago basically are the radical islamists that we are now, or that a lot of whom at war with the united states. it is very particular -- i know they have modernized. they're in the process of it, but look the way they treat women, look at the way they treat their own people in general, this is a country, if they support radical islam, they have to pay the price. >> true as that is, david, unfortunately we can't isolate them even though their behavior is very specific. >> they have the money -- melissa: arguing sovereign immunity, that takes into other account that other nations are respecting our law. i'm not sure they are necessarily. i understand that is the basic premise but i'm not sure they're deciding whether or not they're going to do that. >> i don't think it is respecting our law. it is saying we're giving them a pass and they're giving us a pass. that is underlying issue.
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harris: having the state department as you said not advocate for the families similar to us not wanting to get involved when americans are taken hostage. >> great point. harris: bigger issue with the obama administration. melissa: standing up for families here, all right, nbc host matt lauer taking heat from liberal commentators and democrats over his treatment of hillary clinton during the last night's commander forum. was it really sexist? we know candidates make flubs on the campaign trail, my goodness. >> poor guy. poor guy. melissa: how will this hurt the libertarian candidate and whom could it help the most? >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo? >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? hold onto your forks.
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"real clear politics" average. in a four-way race, hillary clinton leads donald trump by just about 2%. libertarian nominee governor geir yes johnson has 9%. green party nominee, jill stein has 3.3 number. johnson is pushing to be included in the upcoming presidential debates. he needs 15%. a big gaffe this morning when he was asked about a isis hotbed in syria. listen. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> a help poe? >> and what is a hope poe. >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the, it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis -- >> okay, got i, got it. >> jill he is 90. he is going to dream about that moment. johnson responding a short time later. >> no one is taking this more seriously than me. i feel horrible. >> what do you think will happen now?
9:26 am
>> well, that, i have to get smarter and, that is just part of the process. melissa: oh. >> graph blowing up social media. one tweet reading, epic failure. lost my advocate to hear anymore from you. you killed a movement, #aleppo. another quote you can start smoking pot, gary. after that i smoked the biggest bowl imaginable. eboni, we all cringe. he is going to dream about this for the rest of his life. what do you think happened? was it just ignorance or did he have a moment of brain not working? >> he said he got hit confused with acronym. harris: what acronym. >> not clear. >> this is so sad. really sad for his supporters. nine, 10%. that is significant. harris: a lot of people. >> he is polling at that number because he is gary johnson, but because he is not hillary clinton and not donald trump.
9:27 am
>> harris, this is substantive point, as much, i love libertarians but one big blind spot they have. it is not just foreign policy the willingness to recognize there is role for us to play in killing evil when it pops up its head around the world. harris: i don't want to go there until he cover the basics what is news this week. a story that we really need to be talking about. they just used chemical weapons on people, in aleppo! like, are you not even reading what is -- not looking -- so that means do you not know about the red line? do you not have the political narrative that's been out there for quite some time? >> the answer is, he doesn't know. harris: per the obama administration about the red line and we with drew the red line. how can you not talk about world politics? melissa: do you not own a television or newspaper? harris: the phone. melissa: devastating photos of the children, that boy, everybody saw photo of that boy, sitting stunned, dripping with
9:28 am
blood in the helicopter from aleppo. >> that was awful. melissa: so many pictures of children, whose lives have been -- >> i haven't heard anyone talking about but you know who is probably almost as upset as gary johnson, is bill weld. he running mate. went on to this, people kind of took him more seriously as politician. harris: bill weld for sure. >> took a chance on this. now he is associated with something like that. >> there is a political consideration here, eboni. there is the fact he was taking a little more from hillary than he was from donald. hillary should be happy that he screwed up here. >> certainly she should be happy. if you are seriously going to vote and polling, saying you will vote for johnson on this, i don't think the votes go anywhere. majority of votes will people stay at home. this will be a low turnout election. harris: maybe they also don't know what aleppo is. >> or don't care. harris: put a fine point, not like can you guess every capital of every country in the world. that is not what this is. this man is running for
9:29 am
president with the context of we have a president who chose to step away from a red line. look how many people died in syria. this is important issue. this is hotbed for islamic state savages. that part of the world is important to our foreign policy that our context. >> melissa, i have known libertarians 40 years. drawn to them at various times in my life. always the deal breaker for me, this idea of not real hely recognizing evil. sometimes there is a role to play. >> i'm a libertarian and i know what aleppo is, come on. please. melissa: but he is saying that he is not engaged in that conversation. that is what you're saying, and it is very true. he is not engaged in the idea of what is going on over there. i think that is absolutely true. that could be it. the blank look in his eyes at the moment. that was really strange. that was not recognition or something else going on there. there was a lot there. harris: where does it go? people as eboni said will stay
9:30 am
home or is that back in play. are those people voting like independents. >> kat, where do the votes go. >> a lot of people will stay home, i really do. a lost taking from democrats is because they had been bernie sanders supporters. >> right. >> a lot of bernie sanders supporters are very, very mad what happened with the dnc leaks. they will not go out to vote for hillary. >> we may hear more from gary johnson. tune into "your world" with gary johnson on live with neil cavuto at 4:00 p.m. eastern. you can go to fbn to watch our show. that is another story. don't mean to diss you there. melissa: a lot of criticism how matt lauer handled commander-in-chief forum, many accused him of bias going hard on hillary clinton and easy on donald trump. matt lauer fields storm of criticism over clinton-trump forum. matt lauer's pathetic interview of hillary clinton and donald trump is scariest thing
9:31 am
i've seen in this campaign. really? clinton supporters blasting lawyer over questions over here email scandal. many saying wasted time on the topic and ended up rushing her on other issues. >> right but you what i had said if you think they're going to cheat? >> this is important issue. we're on tv. we don't have a lot of time. >> i want to get to a lot of questions. >> i will talk in the fight against al qaeda. >> secretary clinton -- >> in afghanistan, pakistan theater. >> i'm fast running out of time. melissa: tweets from liberals pouring in. this one reading quote, maybe if matt lauer hadn't spent 13 minutes on emails there would be more time for isis. just this morning clinton herself suggesting she was rushed when a reporter asked her about the rnc critique of her performance? >> i don't take anything seriously that comes from the rnc. we were talking about serious issues last night. i had a very short window of time in that event last night, to convey the seriousness with
9:32 am
which i would approach the issues that concern our country. melissa: i mean when i saw the headlines this morning here, i was wondering if i had watched same thing everybody else had watched. he couldn't win for losing. i thought he was very tough. he had limited time. i don't know, tell me your thoughts. harris: couldn't win for losing, you've got a situation here where legitimately donald trump talked about the u.s. military and foreign policy yesterday. i mean i don't, i don't question the questioner but there were some opportunities for him to go in different directions like i felt like he didn't go in. melissa: matt lauer? harris: yeah. melissa: okay. >> sexist thing really grind my gears about this. she was not being treated unfairly. she was being treated fairly. people are not used to seeing that. i don't think they got to use sexist callout, even most ridiculous things they do, remember in the debates where bernie sanders kept interrupting him. he said, excuse me, i'm talking.
9:33 am
if you read the headlines after that, you think he would said, shut up woman, a man is talking. exactly that is how ridiculous it is. another one of those things you hope people are looking into a little more than trusting whatever headlines says because it is not fair to say that was sexist. it was fairly you tough. melissa: yeah, eboni, what do you think? was he equally tough on both candidates. did he give trump more after free ride. >> i think it was circumstantial. i think it was hillary clinton's fault 13 minutes taken up by emails because of choices she made as secretary of state. i think there were other opportunities matt could have taken. up to the candidate at some point, you have the liberty, mitt romney was pretty good in the first debate. >> he did, yeah. >> if you're going down this road, i'm candidate. i'm the one who got votes i need to get. i give people what i feel they need to vote for me. that is on you. >> i'm very superficial, i'm interested in what matt lauer does next. when you stray off the liberal
9:34 am
plantation, liberals want everybody to line up and do as they think you should do. if you stray off of that, just a little bit, the way matt lauer did last night, you react in one of two-ways. either you bend to their well and effusive other direction when you're next on, or you rebel against it. i don't know which way he will go. he will probably go first way to bend to their criticism. but that -- you don't think so? melissa: no, i don't think so. i don't know. >> this will be very interesting. melissa: i think very much has courage of his convictions. >> he will stick to his guns? melissa: it can be very frustrating. may look back, i should have been tougher on trump. i don't think he goes easier on anyone. go ahead. harris: for both of them, they're both having a conversation about foreign policy and the u.s. military right now. so to have had the juxtaposition of asking questions to one and asking questions to the other, gives the american voter opportunity to look at their policies. when you go down one road with
9:35 am
one and go down with the other and don't get deep with either one and doesn't help anybody. melissa: that's a great point. shocking new surveillance video, this is amazing, capturing a horrific crime wave gripping one of america's cities. it is hard to watch. what if anything the police or the community can do to stop it. nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms.
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9:40 am
melissa: thank god. >> according to most recent stats, the city suffered 488 murders so far this year, surpassing 331 murders over the same time period last year. marking increase of nearly 50%. this august alone saw 90 murders, the most in almost two decades. here is chicago has more murders than new york city and los angeles combined. so the argument this is inner city problem almost doesn't ring true. what do you think makes chicago different? harris: when you look at a map of chicago city, you look where it happens, it is in a certain area of that city. this is not all of chicago. >> not this incident. harris: right but i want to say in total it's a beautiful city. they have a lot to deal with. i'm going to say that on balance. >> sure. harris: my question for you as lawyer is, what in the world does the court system look like when it is bending so heavily under this kind of crime load? also what does it say they have not been able to declare this, what i would say national
9:41 am
crisis? >> state of emergency. harris: you could say this is as much as state of emergency as the storm that came up the east coast called hermine? >> you can not overstate it, harris. you're exactly right. here is my issue. criminal speaking the docket is clogged. harris: are they even ajudicating cases way keep people off the streets? >> superintendent of the police department in chicago, i will come to you, melissa, advocated this type of thing. when someone is convicted of this type of violent act, keeping them in jail longer. he is meeting resistance politically. what does he do? melissa: point out things about this crime really speak to what is going on here. it is broad daylight. this is 11:00. this is nice neighborhood. this isn't in the scariest part of the city. out at 11:00. he is watering his lawn. go by on his bike to look back at him. they turn around and decide to rob him on bicycles. they try to get his wallet away from him. he resists. they shoot him.
9:42 am
he goes up to his own door to get help. he can't get through. he goes to neighbor's door. calling someone to help him. it is impossible to watch. it really shows you that these, whoever these criminals are, they were not afraid at all of anything happening to them, of anyone going by. speaks to complete lawlessness. no one is enforcing law and -- >> revolving door justice. i have lived in this city, new york, for over 30 years, there was a period where we had the revolving door justice. practically every violent crime became a big front page story. >> prior offenders. >> prior offenders and very often prior offenders with guns. hopefully they catch these guys if they didn't have prior offenders. don't forget the the war on cop. i bring heather mcdonald's book wherever i go.
9:43 am
there is problems with a war on cops and lawlessness gets out of control. >> i would say violence is sometime of another problem. donald trump or hillary clinton talking about education, talking about job and job creation because many are attributing this to a lot of males and black males in particular who doesn't feel they have a future so they're resulting to absolute lawlessness and recklessness and flagrant disregard for life and community i would say. do you think that type of political change, economically can help this? >> i'm sure to an extent but i think the most interesting thing about all of this is that when people talk about gun control on the left, they don't talk about this because it doesn't fit so neatly into their narrative as say, let's keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill. this crazy white guy or that guy. someone shot up a plant, an abortion clinic like that. this interferes, we're talking about incarts rating people, people who are african-american. that goes against narrative of
9:44 am
needing criminal justice reform, i totally agree with that we do. talking about weapons charges, violent crime, that needs to be taken seriously. >> no tolerance standard indeed. >> zero. >> starbucks unveiling series of videos to recount genuine moments of humanity. some people say they are taking it a little too far to the left. stay with us. ♪
9:45 am
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's go to jenna lee what is happening second hour of "happening now." >> hey, harris. u.s. and russia talking about sees fire in syria. those talks set to be on brink of collapse. why is this deal teetering on the edge. we have interesting perspective. chilling phone call, a kidnapped woman trapped in the trunk of her own car, calls her family and police for help. she is later found dead. who police are now saying is behind this brazen, broad daylight abduction and murder? new study shows how many people say they will work despite being retired. would you work? how about just relaxing? the numbers will shock you. we'll have that. top. hour, "happening now."
9:49 am
harris: my mother told me stay employed to stay out of trouble. >> good advice. you're mom is right. harris: thank you, jenna. i'm sure she is watching. >> starbucks is expanding its menu beyond coffee drinks and snacks this week by unveiling a new series of original videos called up standards, focusing on what the company calls genuine moments of humanity and civic involvement. >> what i kept hearing is, this is how we're trained at the academy. the focus was on get in quickly, give a person a command, and if they don't respond, you physically force them to do that many members of the community see the police as soldiers coming into their community, and if police officers see themselves as guardians and they're behaving as a protector rather than a conqueror, i think that will go a long ways to building those bridges. >> what sue is saying is, how about if we approach people as people? >> this as starbucks ceo howard
9:50 am
schultz formally endorses hillary clinton for president saying clinton has the ideal life and professional experience for the job. first of all, david, what do you think? are people actually going to stop going to starbucks now though? >> no. >> is anyone going to vote for hillary clinton? who thinks anyone cares? >> truth is we've known how he has felt for a long time. we know which way, remember the big to do, when they took the christmas symbols off coffee a year ago. harris: remember. >> it is what private companies have a right to do. chik-fil-a, for example, went on the other side. you have private companies sometimes being to the left, sometimes being to the right. i don't think it affects their base one way or the other. really don't. harris: i think free market will decide whether or not this goes over. melissa: i didn't go to starbucks this morning, sorry. harris: do you get a discount with oppositional political view? >> exactly. playing those videos, this is starbucks? they keep trying to get involved
9:51 am
in the issues. you remember the raise together campaign. talking people about race. harris: i thought it was about running. >> made a camera video doing what they suggested. i had a huge line behind me and i was asked to leave. do you really think you should focus more on coffee and less on this? melissa: i think it is ridiculous. if you're a shareholder you should think about how much money are they spending on this? how much money spending making videos. how much business they drove away when people race together to have the hashtag, watching whether or not you want to own the stock. i thought it left a bitter taste in my mouth. i don't want my politics dictated by the coffee brewer. i deliberately didn't go there and i read what he said about hillary clinton. but aye think i'm in the minority. most people don't know it is there. don't hear about it. don't care. they are grumpy. need caffeine, they go to starbucks. if i'm shareholder how much did you spend on making video and
9:52 am
why did you do it with my money? harris: vice-presidential joe biden came out and says she needs to warm her heart. a hot coffee company says they will endorse her. what does that say for hillary clinton? i'm just asking. >> she needs a lot of help, harris. what it says to me. that's true. that is not her strong suit. that is half of it, melissa. your perspective is completely respectful. people will go to starbucks are to the reason. see what is going on in chicago. see what is going on in america. they're disgusted, a little video for them reflects postively and for them reflect as positive aspect of our humanity, they might be intrigued to go there more so than say a competitor. >> yeah but in terms of actually endorsing her, do you think anyone is thinking -- >> nobody cares what they think. >> good coffee guy says, hillary, i will go with that. >> you think it will help their business? help starbucks's business. >> it could help starbucks but this is separate from my analysis of hillary endorsement. >> i think it will help
9:53 am
starbucks. i'm with melissa, some might be turned on or off for a day and go back to the regular habit. harris: i thought shareholders, i would be upset either way. that is not about the green in the cup. melissa: their justification say that their customers want to feel involved. that they are more engaged an helps customers and good selling in branding sense. they want to feel like they're, getting involved in the issues and part of the -- >> i guess. >> a village. >> all she wanted was a nice cake for her 18th birthday. the problem she wanted it to say trump 2016. bakery turning her away, no cake for you, what? now we all want cake. melissa: i want cake. ♪ your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car
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harris: fox news alert. we were anticipating this, hillary clinton stepping up to the lecturn now, getting ready to speak in charlotte, north carolina. this follows that commander-in-chief forum and, between her and donald trump on the stage at the same time last night almost. it's interesting to see whether or not she will talk more about the u.s. military, foreign policy. if she will bring up kind of the back and forth the two of them have been having. donald trump talking about what he would do with the u.s. generals. will she talk about that? she has been giving more press availability as of late.
9:58 am
again even this morning giving reporters a chance to ask questions. right now in charlotte, north carolina. hillary clinton. >> appropriate to be here in the great state of north carolina. [cheering] at a really well-reknown h, hbcu, historically black college and university. [cheering] that like so many others has played such an important role in our country's history, producing some of america's finest leaders, and i am very proud. i was just doing a phone call on the way here with a lot of my young organizers on college campuses across our country, and i got a question from a young woman at another historically-black college university, fayetteville. [cheering] i told her that i have a plan to
9:59 am
help all of you afford to go to college. [cheering] i have a plan to help all of you with student debt, to pay it down and pay it off. [cheering] and i have a special plan of 25 billion-dollar fund specifically aimed at supporting hbcus. [cheering] because we need a lot of opportunities for young people from everywhere. it shouldn't matter what you look like, where you're from, or who you love. you deserve to be in college if that is your choice. so, right now we're up and running. we're organizing across america and as jordan said, this election has such high-stakes but the highest stakes are for young people. young people across america,
10:00 am
this election is going to determine in so many ways, what kind of futures you will have. i don't say that lightly. everybody always says, every election is important. i happen to believe that. i think it is one of the great exists of our democracy. and people, brave people going back for so many years have fought to preserve that right. and that is under attack right now. and it is under attack in north carolina of all places. a state that often set the standard for moving everybody into the future. and i admired that so much. emphasis on education from literally preschool through college. emphasis on


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