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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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entire tristate area. i think it's the best view in the world. >> on "happening now" tomorrow, we'll take you through the amazing progress being made in lower manhattan, right here on fox news channel. >> look forward to that, can't wait. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> "america's election headquarters" starts now. all right. we begin with this fox news alert as we await donald trump and a policy speech on education reform. hello, everyone, i'm sandra smith. this hour, donald trump will make his speech from a troubled charter school in cleveland. the cornerstone of his proposal, so-called opportunity scholarships for millions of american children who live in poverty. the idea is to give parents a choice in where they send their children to learn. dan springer joins us live from seattle. dan? >> reporter: hi, sandra. donald trump's plan is to give states billions of dollars in block grants which will then be used to create these opportunity
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scholarships for a quarter of all kids who live in poverty, money that could be used in charter schools or even private schools. trump doesn't speak a lot about education but when he does he hits traditional republican themes like shrinking the department of education and creating competition by expanding charter schools. schools of choice are having the biggest possible impact in urban areas. hispanics are making the most significant gains followed by blacks in poverty. the center for research in education outcomes at stanford university found poor african-american kids at charter schools gained 29 more days of learning each year and 36 days more of math. this is being done with less money. the demand for charter schools has never been hiring. there are now 2.9 million students in charter schools. >> if families think it's good for their kids, if those schools are accountable for how they're
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doing with public funds, if they're operating for 80 cents on the dollar, which is about the national average compared to district schools, it's hard for me to see what the beef is. >> well, the beef continues to come from the unions representing public school teachers. the powerful wea, for example, in washington state has sued to block a modest charter school law, saying charter schools take money away from school districts, making it harder to educate the majority of kids. >> we want to make sure the paramount duty of the state is taken care of and that our schools are amply funded. >> reporter: today donald trump will likely call that argument self-serving and point to the difference that charter schools are making in the lives of kids across the country. >> dan, thank you, dan springer for us in seattle. union coal minors aers are digging for your dollars. lawmakers on capitol hill are giving the plan serious consideration.
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peter barnes joins us now. peter, what is behind this fight? >> reporter: well, sandra, about 10,000 coal miners showed up here on the national mall to lobby and rally for this legislation on akcapitol hill. they're boarding their buses to head back home to kentucky, pennsylvania, west virginia, ohio. hillary clinton was here in spirit, she was mining for votes in coal country, announcing today that she would support this bill, which critics say amounts to a bailout of the coal miners pension. it's short 2 to $5 billion, in part because so many coal companies have gone bankrupt, victims, coal people say, of the so-called war on coal. this legislation on the hill is supported by democrats and some republicans in coal states. it would tap an existing taxpayer-funded program for the pension money. the union says about $160 million a year. critics say the bill would set a
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bad precedent given that many public and private pension funds are short trillions of dollars and could need balanilouts themselves some day. clinton is announcing her support, she's been scrambling to build support in coal country since some controversial comments she made in march about wanting to put coal companies and coal miners out of business. she now says she misspoke and has a $30 billion plan to help the coal industry and coal company. in a statement this morning she said, quote, i firmly believe if you spent your life keeping the lights on for the country, we can't leave you in the dark. she said the miners have earned those benefits. the miners agree, sandra. >> we know republicans even are divided on supporting this, peter refuse where does donald trump stand on this bill? >> reporter: we haven't heard on it yet from him. according to the coal miners' union, evaluated yet to comment. i have requested comment from
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the trump campaign and have not heard back yet. he says he fully supports coal miners and the coal industry. back to you. >> peter barnes, thank you. for more on this, senator rand paul joins me now. senator paul, thanks for joining us this afternoon. i want to get to this tweet you sent out today, saying hrc should use money from clinton foundation to shore up miners' pensions, after all it's her agenda that bankrupted the coal industry. tell us more about this proposal that you're making. >> well, you know, i have a great deal of sympathy for the miners that are out of work, both union and nonunion works. we have 15,000 people out of work in kentucky because of the war on coal that hillary clinton is in favor of. she says she will put more coal miners out of business, yet she says she has sympathy for the workers. maybe she should bail out their pension plan. >> senator, let's go back to that moment, back in march, where you urged for a public apology from hillary clinton following these comments. listen.
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>> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country, because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right, tim? and we're going to make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. those people labored in those mines for generations. >> so senator, 83,000 coal jobs, many of them in your state, have been lost since president obama took control of office in 2008. why do you blame hillary clinton's agenda for those lost jobs? >> if she's serious about caring about the miners that her policies have put out of business, she ought to put her money where her mouth is. clinton foundation's got millions of dollars. why doesn't she donate some of that to the miners' fund to help their pension? i don't think she's serious about it. the clintons are always concerned about somebody else's money. they're happy to give the
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taxpayers' money to somebody. why doesn't she give from the clinton foundation to the miners' pension? the policies of barack obama were specifically to bankrupt coal. hillary clinton says her policies will be to continue that, to put coal miners out of business. that's why the pension fund is struggling, because there's no companies left in business. so yes, i have a great deal of sympathy for these minors. and i think what we ought to do is ask the clintons, put your money where your mouth is, let's see the clinton foundation stand up and personally try to bail out the pension fund with her money instead of asking the taxpayers for their money. >> you've gotten a lot of attention with that tweet today. you are directly blaming her agenda for the demise of the coal industry. but still, so you're just pointing to the last eight years of president obama for the failing coal industry, nothing specific to hillary clinton that she has done. >> except for the fact that she said she would continue these policies and that her policies will put coal miners and coal industry out of business. i see no difference in barack obama's policy to bankrupt coal
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and hillary clinton. i think she's doubled down on it. and i think that it will be the demise of the coal industry if she is able to win the white house. so yes, i do hold her personally responsible. i think she should apologize to those of us in kentucky and west virginia and wyoming and all the other coal-producing states. she should apologize for what she said. >> it appears, senator, you're getting a lot of traction on social media with those comments this morning. and it is getting circulated around the internet. have you heard anything back from the hillary clinton campaign as you made those remarks, calling on her foundation, her family's foundation to cover those lost pensions? >> i don't think i'm on hillary's speed dial, but i'll let you know if she gives me a call. i am serious about this. there is a real problem with the pension fund. she ought to step up, if she's really concerned for these workers, step up and put her money where her mouth is and put her foundation's money out there
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to shore up the miners' pension. >> senator paul, we're also awaiting donald trump, he's going to be speaking sometime during this hour, we do expect. he's making some news on education. he's expected to outline his school choice plans and propose what he's calling opportunity scholarships. you have historically supported charter schools in your state, in the state of kentucky. what do you expect of donald trump today and what we know so far about his expected proposal here? >> i think this is a policy position of letting kids go to any school they want to go to. i would let them go to any public school, any private school, any religious school. i would let kids have a voucher and you can go softwawherever y want. in louisville, kentucky, we had over 50 public schools that were said to be failing. a democrat administrator said we
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were committing academic genocide by not making the schools better. it's our opportunity as republicans to say we care more about these children than any democrat has ever card. the democrats care more about the teachers' union than they do about the actual children. >> it sounds like you're willing to listen to what donald trump has to say here as he outlines his plan for scholarships. where do you stand on donald trump? we haven't heard from you on that in a while. >> i signed a pledge to endorse him, i value my word and my honor, when i sign a pledge i stick by it. yes, i support his candidacy. i'm not saying i don't still have some differences on occasion. when i compare who would be better for my state, clinton wants to ramp up coal regulations. donald trump has said he'll reduce the coal regulations. trump says he'll reduce overall taxes. clinton will raise taxes. on the supreme court, she says she will appoint people who will
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overturn the heller and macdonnell case, the second amendment. most people in kentucky want the second amendment to apply to their rights in cities and states. hillary clinton is a big danger for any of us who believe in gun rights. >> senator paul, thanks for coming on with us this afternoon, good to have you. we are awaiting remarks from donald trump any moment now, set to make an education speech. just a few moments from now, we'll take you there live whether it happens. plus hillary clinton raising eyebrows last night when she said no troops in iraq or syria, ever again. when there is already a force of 5,000 strong in iraq alone. >> i've heard the general's views, if he wants another brigade, he can call back to the states and the brigade can stand up and come over here. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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dallas police chief david brown speaking publicly for the first time today, explaining his decision to retire after 33 years of service, emphasizing it is not because of the july 7th ambush in downtown dallas. listen. >> the job of police chief is to be challenged. the job of a public servant is to be criticized. and that is the media's job and the citizens' job, to hold us accountable. and the idea of being untouchable has not felt right to me. and the idea of some notoriety related to a tragedy making me untouchable was distasteful to me.
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>> chief brown's last day on the job is october 22nd. his response to any question regarding his future plans, quote, that's between me and my baby. hillary clinton telling the nation last night during a commander in chief forum that no u.s. ground troops will go into iraq or syria ever again. but it turns out there are already nearly 5,000 u.s. troops in iraq as we speak, helping to coordinate the fight against isis. in fact president obama is sending another 400 into iraq just this past weekend. garrett, what did clinton mean? >> reporter: sandra, it's like my wife said when we were married, forever is a really long time. it's a bold statement to make. to add some context to her answer, though, this came in response to an army veteran's question, asking hillary clinton how she would decide when and where to send u.s. troops
11:17 am
particularly in the war against isis. here is part of her answer. >> they are not going to get ground troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> reporter: as you mentioned, though, that statement ignores the fact that there are already u.s. troops on the ground in both iraq and syria. according to the pentagon, there are currently more than 4400 u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. and the president has already approved the deployment of several hundred more to help the iraqi army prepare to retake the city of mosul this year. in syria, there are 300 u.s. special operations forces on the ground and as of right now, the administration doesn't have any plans to scale down those troop numbers until obama leaves office. >> is clinton backing down on those comments today? >> reporter: no, in fact she's
11:18 am
doubling down on them. she was asked this morning if she would stand by her plan even if the generals advised against it. >> i think putting a big contingent of american ground troops on the ground in iraq and syria would not be in the best interests in the fight against isis and other terrorist groups. >> reporter: we should point out while it's entirely possible that clinton may have meant to say the u.s. will never send combat forces on the ground, which is how the obama administration defines forces, that's a distinction that she has yet to make, sandra. >> garrett penney, thank you. we're awaiting doesn't's policy speech on education reform. and just what his proposals are and mean for our children. plus from defeating isis to accepting and rejecting blame. who made the better case for commander in chief last night? our military panel is here to weigh in. and don't forget, you can catch
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. donald trump getting put to the test before an audience of military veterans, answering questions on foreign policy and national security. >> it's not going to have any impact. if he says great things about me, i'll say great things about him. i've already said he is very much of a leader. you can say, oh, isn't that a terrible thing? the man has very strong control over a country. now, it's a very different system and i don't happen to like the system. generals under barack obama and
11:23 am
hillary clinton haven't been successful. >> do you know more about isis than they do? >> under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> our guest is a u.s. army special army veteran, a green beret. retired lieutenant colonel michael walsh is the author of "warrior diplomat" and former adviser to dick cheney on counterterrorism. what did you make of donald trump's comments on generals under president obama and hillary clinton saying that they haven't been successful and that they've been reduced to rubble? >> well, i think he added to that piece that he may have to get rid of a number of them. i think mr. trump is going to find very quickly in dealing with the military that this is not one of his companies, it's not a reality tv show. our constitution has protections in place and checks and balances in place for how we deal with
11:24 am
the military. most general officers if not all are senate confirmed and the most senior are individually confirmed by the senate. so there is much more of a back and forth just to be able to make the changes that he seems to be very frustrated with. >> ben, it did seem like some of the highlights of the night were questions from audience members that were veterans, one asking hillary clinton about how she can be trusted with classified information after everything that has happened. listen to him, i want to get your reaction. >> how can you expect those such as myself who were and are entrusted with america's most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security? >> what we have here is the use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people in our government to send information that was not marked, there were no headers, there was no statement, top secret, secret, or confidential. i communicated about classified
11:25 am
material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> ben, what a powerful moment that was. i mean, here was somebody who was -- and we've got donald trump stepping up to the podium. gentlemen, i'll ask you to stand by. let's go to donald trump in cleveland talking about his education policy. >> so important, i've met some of your students, and they're terrific. they have a great future. they'll be taking my job some day, and i'll be happy about it. in particular, though, i want to thank in ron packard. where is ron, is he here someplace? yes, he is. thank you, john, fantastic job. and ms. deborah mays who has done a great job for hosting us at this beautiful school. today we're going to discuss one of the most important issues in
11:26 am
this campaign, school choice. but before we do, i want to briefly discuss new revelations about hillary clinton's very famous e-mails. according to the fbi report, the fbi did not find that hostile foreign actors, and think of this, it's so important, when they went around, they went around and were so vigilant at least as far as this, but they found that hostile foreign actors gained access to the personal e-mail accounts of individuals with whom clinton was in regular contact and in doing so, obtained e-mails sent to or received by clinton on her personal account. and every time she talks about the subject, it's different. she's got to it hget her act together. remember, hillary clinton was e-mailing about the drone program among many other
11:27 am
extremely sensitive matters. this is yet more evidence that clinton is unfit to be your commander in chief. by the way, the whole country saw how unfit she was at the town hall last night, where she refused to take accountability for her failed policies in the middle east that have produced millions of refugees, unleashed horror of radical islamic terrorism all over, and made us less safe than ever before. throughout it all, she put the country, and i mean the entire country, at risk in order to cover up her pay for play scandals at secretary of state. these include scandals giving up uranium to russia, doing favors for ubs bank, and selling contracts to friends and family in haiti. it's all about hiding criminal enterprise and that's what it's
11:28 am
about. as part of her criminal coverup, hillary's -- and you know her staff, you know it well, you read about it all the time, you just read about it, and it's getting worse and worse. hillary clinton's staff deleted and digitally bleached, which is acid cleaned, her e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. that's after receiving, not before. that's after receiving. she gets a subpoena from the united states congress, and she deletes and bleaches. she also, and her staff, destroyed some of her 13 different phones. but this time with a hammer. i've any done that. then, when she was interviewed by the fbi, she claimed she
11:29 am
couldn't remember important events 39 times. she couldn't even remember whether she was trained or handling classified information, didn't remember anything about it. so she really didn't remember, that's a problem. and if she did remember, that's a problem. she even said she didn't know what the letter "c" stood for, whether it was confidential, classified information, or something. all the while, as hillary and bill raked in millions of dollars from special interests, the world was falling apart. hillary clinton's policies produced ruin in libya, iraq, and syria. absolute ruin and death. she failed in russia. she failed in china. she failed miserably in north
11:30 am
korea. her policies unleashed isis, spread terrorism and put iran on a path to nuclear weapons. not to mention the ransom payments, oh, those ransom payments. remember, two weeks ago, it was $400 million in cash. well, yesterday we found out that in cash it was $1.7 billion. these are unheard of. this is cash. this isn't wire transfer. this isn't check. this is cash. $1.7 billion. and then you say, is that going to terror or is that going to people's bank accounts? i actually think it's going to both. on top of it all, hillary clinton is trigger happy. totally trigger happy. she's raced to intervene and
11:31 am
topple regimes. she believes in globalism, not americanism. everybody understands that. last night she even falsely said no american died in libya. i heard that and i said, could she have forgotten so quickly? then she also falsely said there's no ground troops in iraq, even though we have 5,000 military personnel there right now. iraq is one of the biggest differences in this race. i opposed going in. and i did oppose it, despite the media saying no, yes, no. i opposed going in. and i opposed the reckless way hillary clinton took us out along with president obama, letting isis fill that big, terrible void. but i was opposed to the war
11:32 am
from the beginning, long after my interview with howard stern. but three months before the iraq war started, i said in an interview with neil cavuto that perhaps we shouldn't be doing it yet and that the economy, these are quotes, that the economy -- this was on live television -- the economy is a much bigger problem as far as the president is concerned. this was before the war started, by a very short distance. then on march 25th of 2003, just after the war had started, just days after, just a little while after, i was quoted as saying the war is a mess. and yet more evidence that i had opposed the war from the start. i said the war is a mess. on television somewhere. in july of 2003, i said i would love to see new york city and some of our cities and some of
11:33 am
the states of our nation get some of the money that's going toward iraq and other places, because you know they really need it and they need it badly. i said that. we have numerous other quotes too, by the way, both before and shortly after of this then in august of 2004, very early in the conflict, extremely early in the conflict, right at the beginning, i made a detailed statement in an interview to "esquire" magazine. so right at the beginning. and by the way, numerous honest reporters said, well, trump may have said it at the beginning, and some said he did say it at the beginning, because they had cavuto's clips and other clips, and some said, it doesn't matter because right at the beginning he made many strong statements. this is many years ago. and here is what "esquire" magazine said.
11:34 am
this is a quote. absolute quote. look at the war in iraq and the mess that we're in. right after the war started. i would never have handled it that way. does anybody really believe that iraq is going to be a wonderful democracy where people are going to run down to the voting box and gently put in their ballot and the winner is happily going to step up and to lead the country? so innocently. i go, come on. two minutes after we leave, there's going to be a revolution. pretty good. and the meanest, toughest, smartest, most vicious guy will take over. well, that's going to be combinations of isis and iran. iran's taking over. they're taking over among the richest and largest oil reserves
11:35 am
in the world. we let 'em do it. we let 'em do it. should have never been in the war. but we should have never,ner, e gotten out of the war the way barack obama got us out along with hillary clinton, because we opened it up for isis. so continued, what was the purpose? this is me right at the beginning of the war, in an article. what was the purpose of the whole thing? what was the purpose? hundreds and hundreds of young people are being killed. and what about the people coming back with no arms and with no legs? not to mention the other side. all of those iraqi kids who have been blown to pieces. and it turns out that all of the reasons for the war are just blatantly wrong. all this for nothing.
11:36 am
all this for nothing. this was right at the beginning of the war. then i said the lies last night, donald trump was always in favor of the war in iraq. that's why i had to do this. because the media is so dishonest, so terribly dishonest. and you understand it, you understand it, and you understand it. the media is so terribly dishonest. so i had to do this. i ended with, i would have been tougher on terrorism. bin laden would have been caught a long time ago before he was ultimately caught. prior to the downing of the world trade center. so this was right at the beginning and those other statements were before the war started. and howard's statement was long before, and was the first time anybody asked me about iraq. i said, i don't know. i was very -- but that was super ceded, because before the war,
11:37 am
much closer to the war, i gave statements that we shouldn't go in. and shortly thereafter, immediately thereafter, and honestly, a lot of reporters said, hey, right at the beginning he made this statement and that statement was a very major story in "esquire" magazine. so i just wanted to set the record straight. there is so much lying going on. and hillary clinton lied last night about numerous things, including her e-mail. but she also lied about this. had i been in congress at the time of the invasion, i would have cast a vote in opposition. for years i've been a critic of this kind of reckless foreign invasions and look, let's face it, interventions. that's what they are, that have been a hallmark of trigger happy hillary and her failed career. it's been a disaster. here is the bottom line. i was a private citizen. i had no access to briefings or
11:38 am
great intelligence surveys that she did. i had no access to anything as a private citizen. frankly nobody really cared too much about what i said, i was doing business. i don't know why i was asked the question, i guess because i was asked the question. who knows? but i didn't have access to all of the intelligence information that she did and everybody else did. but in iraq, my judgment was right. and hers, with all of this information and all of this great intelligence information, was wrong. along with a lot of other people, in all fairness. it's a big mistake. totally destabilized the middle east. it was a big mistake. death. death to so many people. hillary clinton is always complaining about what's wrong. i just watched her on the
11:39 am
tarmac. she tried to make up for her horrible performance last night. it was a horrible performance. so she went on the tarmac and told more lies. but she's been there, remember this, she's always talking about things that she's going to do. but she's been there for more than 30 years. and she's never done anything about it. never done anything. and all you have to do is look at new york state. when she ran for senator, she said she will bring jobs back to new york state. it's a disaster. no jobs have come back. jobs have left new york state, upstate new york, and the areas she was talking about, they are disasters. all you have to do is look at new york state. she said she was going to bring tremendous jobs back. it will be wonderful, just like she's saying now. she wouldn't know how to bring a job back. she wouldn't have a clue. so it's all talk but nothing
11:40 am
happens. happen with our country on jobs. and nobody is going to bring jobs back like donald trump. i will be the greatest jobs producing president that god ever created. and i say that with my pastors in the front row, with my pastors, believe me. so we're on track now to spend, listen to this, $6 trillion, $6 trillion, could have rebuilt our country twice, all together on wars in iraq and afghanistan and the middle east. meanwhile, massive portions of our country are in a state of total disrepair. it's time to rebuild america. [ applause ]
11:41 am
and when i say that, before we get totally started, we will take out isis. remember that. we have no choice. we have no choice. too many americans living in our inner cities have not been included in the american dream. we are a nation, and we're one nation, when any part of our country hurts, our whole country hurts. my goal as president will be to ensure that every child in this nation, african-american, hispanic american, all americans, will be placed on the ladder to success. and i define that as great education and a great job. the ladder rests on a fundamental foundation. we need safety. there's such danger in our inner cities. there's such danger in our
11:42 am
communities. in order to help our children succeed, our first duty is to ensure that every kid in america can grow up in a safe community. you read what's happening. you see what's happening. you can't have prosperity without security. this is the new civil rights agenda of our time. the right to a safe community. a quality education and a wonderful job. [ applause ] including for those great students that i met just a little while ago. they're going to do great. they are really doing great. you've done such a great job with the education here. our campaign represents the long-awaited chance to break with the bitter failures of the past and to embrace a new and strong american future. there is no failed policy more in need of urgent change than
11:43 am
our government-run education monopoly. and you know in the back that's exactly what it is. they're protecting a lot of people that have a lot of really high paying jobs. and they're not doing the jobs like deborah, that i can tell you. [ applause ] and deborah, they're making a lot more money than you. we'll have to talk about that later. the democratic party has trapped millions of african-americans and hispanic youth in failing schools by denying them the opportunity to join the ladder of success. it's time to break up that monopoly. have to do it. [ applause ] i want every single inner city child in america who is today
11:44 am
trapped in a failing school to have the freedom, the civil right, to attend the school of their choice. their parents will choose the finest school. they will attend that school. this includes private schools, traditional public schools, magnet schools, and charter schools which must be included in any definition of school choice. our government spends more than enough money to easily pay for this initiative with billions and billions of dollars to be left over. it's simply a matter of putting students first, not the education bureaucracy. and that's what's happened. [ applause ] let's run through the numbers. at the state and federal level, the united states spends more than $620 billion on k-12
11:45 am
education each year. that's an average of $12,296 for every student enrolled in our elementary and secondary public schools. the federal government pays for about 10% of the k-12 costs. the other roughly $560 billion spent on k-12 education comes from the states themselves. we spend more per opportunity than almost any other major country in the world. and we're doing very poorly in terms of a list. we spend more by far. and we're doing very poorly. so obviously common core does not work, all right? [ applause ] our largest cities spend some of the largest amounts of money on public schools. the biggest costs. new york city spends $20,226 per
11:46 am
pau pupil. chicago spends $11,976 per student. los angeles, it's $10,602. just imagine if each student in these school systems was given a scholarship for this amount of money, allowing them and their family to choose the public or private school of their choice. wouldn't that be great? not only would this empower families, but it would create a massive education market that is competitive and produces better outcomes, and i mean far better outcomes. these schools would then indicator to the needs of the individual student and family, not the needs of the teachers' union, which is a tremendous force, and a tremendous barrier
11:47 am
to getting done what you want to get done. and they will be a beneficiary, because they'll be also working in these great schools. that's what's going to happen. they will come in -- [ inaudible ] >> all right. that's donald trump speaking in cleveland. he was just there at the tail end of his speech getting to his education policies and proposals, saying his goal is to ensure that every child will be placed on the ladder to success. he did go into further detail as well about last night and some of those controversial moments involving the iraq war and where he stands on it. let's bring back in ben collins, a u.s. army special forces veteran, retired lieutenant colonel ben waltz.
11:48 am
marjorie clifton, we haven't heard from you yet. what did you make so far of this speech? he's just now getting into the education proposals that were promised. he was talking about obviously common core does not work, after he got into it on the economy and the iraq war. he opened the speech really slamming hillary clinton on a lot of things that she said last night. >> i was waiting for him to get to the education part, he spent three-fourths of the speech trying to declare hillary clinton a liar and defending his position on iraq, and then moving into policy. it is undeniable that our education system is one of the things that needs to be fixed. it is the core of a lot of the social issues that we are seeing and economic issues we're seeing in communities across the country. again, the delvil is in the
11:49 am
details. the challenge trump might see is running education systems is not the same as running a business. there is economies of scale and efficiencies that need to be addressed. the challenge with trump is that he took this opportunity, in a school in ohio, to spend the majority of his time talking about hillary clinton and tried to defend somewhat the indefensible of all of his comments on iraq and war policy and i wasn't quite sure where he was going. >> guy, i have seen you tweeting away, you were live tweeting as he was speaking. i'll set the stage here. there were schoolchildren in that room, it was a smaller room. donald trump had a different tone today, especially compared to last fignight. what did you make overall? >> the latter part was about education. i'm not exactly sure he believes or has internalized some of the policy statements that he was making on the issue of education. but i of course support school
11:50 am
choice, what he was saying resonated with me as a conservative, especially juxtaposing choice with the interests of the teachers' unions, which is hillary clinton's position, she will always clinton's stand. hat was a smart policy move for him to go in that direction. earlier on, though, of course he is going to come after hillary clinton. >> and she sure did. our shot is back up. he is still talking. we'll go back to donald trump live in cleveland. >> horrible what is happening. we have inner cities that are worse. i'm proposing a plan to provide school horrified to every disadvantage school in america. that means parents will be able to send their kids to desider, public, private, or religious school of their choice.
11:51 am
competition. the weak fall out and the strong get better. an amazing thing. right? pastor says it's right. you're right. right now, beside one $.9 billion is spend on 50 private school choice programs nationwide. these are opportunity scholarships, tax credits, and education savings accounts. this covers about 400,000 students in our country, which is still a small number. altogether school choice is serving more than 3.4 million students nationwide. getting there, charter schools in particular, have demonstrated amazing gains and the results in providing education to disadvantaged children and the success of these schools will be a top priority in a trump administration. we have to fix education. we have to.
11:52 am
military, education, health care, but these things all go hand in hand. we have to fix them. my first budget will immediatelien add an additional federal investment of $20 billion toward school choice. this will be done by reprioritizing existing federal dollars. we have to reprioritize. specifically my plan will use $20 billion of existing federal dollars to establish a block grant for the 11 million school age kids living in absolute poverty. we will give states the option to allow these funds to follow the student to the public or private school they attend. the parents well be so happy. number one, we'll have safe streets. and number two, they'll walk their child to a school they
11:53 am
want to be at. how about that. how is that? [applause] what a difference. compared to today where you -- people say, how do you do it? distribution of this grant will favor states that have private school choice and charter laws. encouraging them to participate. they'll be encouraged to participate. this $20 billion will instantly extend choice to millions and millions more students. if they'd like ohio will benefit greatly from the new funds. ohio is a leader in school choice. ohio has five private school choice programs that serve over 30,000 students and 384 charter schools. serving 123,844 students. great job. but the $20 billion is only the
11:54 am
beginning. as president, i will establish the national goal of providing school choice to every american child living in poverty. that means that we want every disadvantaged child to be able to choose the local public, private or charter school, magnet school, any of these schools that is best for them and for their family, from mom and dad. each state will develop its own formula but be want the dollars to follow the student. so important. the dollars will follow the student. and the student will follow the right school. they're going to follow the right school. nine in ten dollars spent on k-12 education is spent at the state and local level. to achieve this long-term goal we'll have to make this a shared
11:55 am
national mission, to bring hope to every child in every city in this land. in our country in our great country. i will use the pull pit of -- pulpit of the presidency to campaign for this in all 50 states and will call upon the american people to elect officials at the city, state and federal level, who support school choice. so important. my administration will partner with the leadership of inner city and -- i mean any one of them -- any one of them -- any city in america -- chicago, baltimore, detroit, cleveland, -- we love cleveland -- [applause] -- we love cleveland. had a great experience in cleveland. that's all i know. by the way, your police department did a phenomenal job.
11:56 am
[applause] >> that's any half that is willing to run a pilot program to provide school choice to every child in that community. in baltimore, for instance, that would mean more than $15,000 in funds available per student. can't beat that. i'm confident that the politicians will not be able to suppress the will of the people anymore. it's too much. too strong. eventually they break. they're politicians. they always break. they certainly break on trade for our country. we don't make any good deals, right? they break on an hourly basis. if we can put a man on the moon, dig out the panama canal, and win two world wars, then i have no doubt that we as a make can provide -- as a nation can provide school choice to every
11:57 am
disadvantaged child in america. if the stakes collectively contribute another $110 billion of their own education budgets towards school choice, on top of the 20 billion in federal dollars, that could provide $12,000 in school choice funds to every single k-12 student who today is living in poverty. the money will follow the student. that means the student will be able to attend the public, private, charter, or magnet school of their choice, and each state will develop its own system that works best for them. they're going to develop systems, the likes of which you've never seen, and some states will do better than others, and then you got to get those people to come to your state, and then other things will be happening. it will be so exciting. and it's not really a question of the money because we'll be
11:58 am
saving money and having a far better education. as your president i will be the nation's biggest cheerleader for school choice. i understand many stale old politicians will res and they've got a lot of pressure on them. but it's time for our country to start thinking big and correct once again. we spend few much time quibbling over the smallest words when we should spend our time dreaming about the great adventures that lie ahead. i will also support merit pay for teachers. the great teachers. so that we reward our best teachers instead of the failed tenure system that rewards bad teachers and punishes the good ones, and the bad ones are
11:59 am
making the same money and sometimes more than the good ones. can't have that. at the same time, we have to ensure that jobs are waiting for our young kids when they graduate high school and college. my policy will add millions of new jobs to our country, especially for african-american and hispanic communities. going to do such a great job. my plan to lift restrictions on the production of american energy will not only make home energy bills a lot cheaper -- your electric bills will be a lot less -- but will add an estimated half a million jobs per year. by reducing radical regulations and overtaxation -- we're bringing your taxes way down -- we can bring thousands of new companies into our poorest communities. crucially, my trade reforms will create a manufacturing revival in america as you know, all of your companies -- cleveland is a
12:00 pm
great example but your companies are being ripped out of your community and your people are being left jobless, and your governments being left with no taxes. we have a nearly $800 billion -- think of that -- $800 billion annual trade deficit with the world. we trade with the world. we have a trade deficit of $800 billion. who is negotiating these deals? who is doing it? that's actually good. hillary clinton is absolutely a good answer. hillary clinton, and people like hillary clinton. that haven't got a clue and the clue they do have goes to their doctors and special interests. i've seen so maybe -- when i campaigned, during the primaries, i saw everything and it was so sad to see communities that have just been left


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