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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> i think the west side highway is 352 years old. 352 potholes per square mile. more than that, actually. my god. the dow is down but oil is up, so here's cavuto. >> gary johnson is here. he is their answer for this. >> what would you do about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo. >> what is aleppo? , you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis -- >> okay, got it. got it. >> to hear the media tell it libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson can now kiss his presidential dreams goodbye. is that fair? is that right? looking at "new york times" and
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politico, and others saying he lost any chance of being invited to a presidential debate. its the stumble more mcdonald'sal? with me is gary johnson. >> i'm going to try to make lemonade out of this, which is to talk about the policy in syria right now, and aleppo is at the epicenter of that policy -- >> but you didn't seem to know that. >> if was thinking acronym help he said aleppo, and guilty. no excuse whatsoever. >> did you see, the mag new tied -- magnitude you were kiss areons chances goodbye? >> if it is kissing my chances goodbye so be it. i've always been served by telling the truth to get your way thing through things. >> itself was a fair question. >> yes, anything is fair. i'm running for president of the
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united states. so in complaints. >> do you fear that just as you were gaining momentum that -- you and i were just chatting about trying to get up to the 15% so that you could be invited to the debates but probably won't happen. >> well, let me just for a second talk about the policy right now in syria, and if i've got this wrong, you tell me i have it wrong. but we have assad, we have the administration on the east side, we have the regime of assad on the east side of aleppo. on the west side -- >> you new aleppo -- >> free -- >> i want to understand that. so you just didn't know that mike was talking about at the time? >> i thought he was talking's a acronym, al -- american -- i don't know. but back to the policy. and people -- i would love to have a debate and discussion in
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this country about the policy, and it's as follows. you got he regime only assad on the east side of ahelp o'. -- aleppo. on the west side, the free syrian army alied with isis, whom we actually were paying assad at one point to fight isis, but the two of them are aligned so you have this arms transfer between the two, and there were also supporting the kurds which are fighting isis that are cross-ways with our ally, turkey. >> but you didn't say that this morning. >> well no because i -- >> i'm almost a cynic and could say he's trying to make up and sound smart. >> be as cynical as you want. it is what it is. the fact that we support regime changes in these countries put
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news this position. the reason for aleppo, the rein for these atrocities, and talking about the atrocities, i would just maintain that as atrocious as these genocides are, we go in and try to improve on in the situations and at situations and at best they end up being worse. >> do you think this whole thing, whether it's aleppo, refuels an attack line that some have used that you're not interested -- you don't like getting involved in this and that's because it's so against you. you're not up to speed on it and you're eviscerally against involvement and that you're just not a good anti-terror deal with really bad guys type of leader, and that if you're looking for that, don't look to fare john -- gary johnson. >> we should provide for an
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invincible national defense, develop military superiority. may have mentioned on your show in a poll done on active military personnel here the weeks ago, i was the choice to be the next president of the united states. >> you think you still would be. >> i hope so because i'm still talking about the policy, which is military intervention, the policy which is all about us going in and trying to accomplish regime change that in my lifetime has just not worked out. >> you think will this hurt you? i want your reaction to this. hillary clinton was asked about this earlier today. let's take a listen. >> gary johnson says he doesn't know where aleppo is. do you think gary johnson is capable of being commander in chief? >> you can look on the map and find aleppo. >> what did you think of that? >> well, hillary has the map and the names don't but hillary is responsible for these policies.
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hillary and obama both, and not intentional. certainly you can't do this intentionally but this is just how mixed up it is. i go back to my earlier dialogue. people need to wreck noise just how come -- recognize how complex this and is we're working both sides and somehow magically it's going to work out in end? i do have a promise, neil, and the promise is, i'm going to make mistakes going forward also. i would make mistakes as president of the united states, but i'd be transparent in that, hey, made a mistake. shouldn't have said what i said or whatever it happens to be. move on. whether or not that disqualifies me as being president of the united states, that will be for people to determine. >> have your people told you or expressed regret that his killed it for you? >> well, no, because this day was going to happen. i expected this to happen sometime. was it aleppo?
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learning from this, gee, what subjects are going to be discussed today? >> i guess what i'm asking you, only yesterday you had mitt romney tweeting and your running mate should be on the debate stage. have you hear from him? >> no, and he is probably ruing what he wrote. >> the had been talk he was going to endorse you. >> well, i hope i still am on the debate stage talking about the policy, not the place, and like i say -- >> i'm asking about governor romney, has he talked to you -- >> no. >> so, the talk that he would formally endorse you for the presidency, is that out the window now? >> i don't know, neil. >> have you reached out to him? >> no, i haven't. i was heartened by what he wrote yesterday, which is to include me in the debates and with regard to the debates.
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think what i'm pointing out here is contrary to what the policies will be going forward, which at best are really convoluted, and have us in this situation to begin with. the fact we did get involved in regime change, and this goes back -- >> have you done any snap polling on this or people who herer to for have not heard of you, and hillary clinton's responding almost like, out of the woodwork? >> it is kind of amazing, and i'm -- like i say, trying to make lemonade out of this, we shouldn't be discussing the place aleppo. we should be talking about the policy, which is so convoluted and it's the result of our foreign policy that -- >> but is it weird that people who ignored you, and everything you were saying, are really focused on this and -- i'm wondering why you think that is. >> when i was running for for of new mexico there were extreme
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areas of poverty around the border, mexico, new mexico. very aware of it. no water no sewage. i was asked the question, what do you think about colonius? i said, what's colonius. it was headlines across new mexico. johnson doesn't know what a colonius is. was the actual term applied to this poverty-stricken areas of which i was aware. if this will disqualify me from being for of new mexico so be it, but it's what happened. >> do you think that -- let's say you are able to make it to the debate, that you siphon more votes from hillary clinton than you do donald trump? >> i think it's an even mix. think the polls have shown that. >> actually they haven't. when it's just the two of them going, hillary clinton's lead is
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bigger. when you're in included, it's narrower. >> well, i think if it -- when i it goes to the election, that it will end up being 505. theft what i think -- 50-50, that what i think ask wouldn't be doing this if dithen the think think there was the opportunity to win and i'm making the pitch i'm transparent and tell the truth, and telling the truth, if that results in this crashing and burning, you know what? so be it. it's what i have. it's who i am. it's the filter i have, and the filter i have is start with the truth. and you just don't go wrong with the truth. >> you said later in the day, for, you would have obviously as president, foreign policy brief examination updates on security affairs and that you have people for this, which is all well and go but has fueled a debate where gary johnson, an accomplished
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two-term for, is just not up to speed run thing foreign policy of this country. >> well, and based on what happened this morning,look, i'll heap it on. guilty. guilty. but going forward, you know, all you can do is wake up tomorrow, smile on your face, keep after it, and really this -- >> would you be tough on terror and deal with this refugee crisis? >> well, what we need to understand is -- and we're going to see this through -- by that terrorism, isis, but there will be a void at the end of the day. there's going to be a void at the end of the day, and who is that void going to get filled by? well, in this case, we didn't even hear.isis until a couple of years ago, and a lot of this has to do with what happened in iraq as a result of us going in and supporting regime change, and the fact that allow the -- a lot of this is those who fled from
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iraq. so, it needs to be regionally contained, and congress needs to get involved in a policy position going forward, a declaration of war, but, yeah, we'll see this through. we're not going to -- we'll be tough on terror but not make these mistakes that have created this in the first lasix have you talked to your running mate and she said, thanks a lot, kiss this goodbye? no bill is really supportive. >> what did he say? >> he just said, look, much to do dish don't want to paraphrase put you're okay. we're both okay. we made a pledge to ourselves we'll tell the truth and if you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything, and really, both of us, think, have excellent instincts on all this and this is based on both of us
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having been former governors, and former fors in heavily democratic states. i think we're right down the middle between -- >> all that more than offsets the nastiness -- >> i don't want to make that claim either. who is to -- >> drilling into your head asian help o'asian help o' -- aleppo, aleppo. good to see you. whatever the press is making of is, does it apply the same litmus test when it comes to hillary clinton? you have to wonder because one certain veteran is. it's not just a car... it's your daily retreat. go ahead, spoil yourself. the es and es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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like the 1.7 bill. >> i'm not aware they have all been different and been done on their own merits. some were done by check, some by wire transfer. >> that is my point. this payment did not have to be made in cash. they wanted the cash because they're trying to fund terror. >> i just have to say i'm very concerned with the appearance of our government paying ransom for captured prisoners. >> the deal was that there would be immediate payment. >> certainly other ways to make an immediate payment other than middle of the night what appears to be a drug drop. >> you make them look like criminals, dropping bags of catch in the -- cash in the middle of the night like a drug deal. this is ridiculous. >> is the issue not so much the $1.7 billion paid to iran or that it was all in cash? we tried to get a handle on that and what that would be in cash
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and we have come up with something like a while -- wheelbarrow. just deal with me on this. we calculated that to get to around 1.7, it's 113 wheel bare rows. we've gone to an enormous expense to illustrate this. now the next step here, who knows about secret all-cash deals done in the middle of the night. and our own charlie goods -- gas peer reason know. >> white occur in brooklyn. >> we'll leave it at that. that is what is raising the eyebrows, these sums were all in cash. and what do all cash transactions generally mean? >> usually looking to hide stuff. i used to eat on mulberry street in the 80s and all the restaurants in mulberry street, little italy, used to be cash
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only places. there was a big reason for that. because the various mob families own pieces of these restaurants. no doubt about that. and if you talk to any banker, people aren't walking around with, like, while bare rows full of cash and demanding that giving it to the bank or taking it out of the bank, million dollars in cash. that sets off alarms because you can't trace the stuff. and that what this is all about. this is all about if you gave them a check, the check was made out to the ayatollah khomeini, to get that check, the check gets cashed, money disbursed through the backing systems and makes it to ham hamas. hat can be traced and make the obama look very foolish. >> doesn't this look bat? no matter what people's politics is. cash is cash. we now know the private jet and all that, it was digs penced --
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>> question found out because they screwed up. i believe it was an eye witness that saw what was going on. that is the only reason -- >> didn't up -- we found out there were three to four other transactions involving this cash, but this is money that iran says it was owed anyway, from dating back to the shah. >> i think it makes a difference. of you stop paying in checks and money is funneled throw the international banking system which checks need to be settle, which they do, it's easy to trace. that's how they trace on a small scale, trace elliott spitzer's payment to a whore house because he did it through checks and through money orders and through systems that can be traced. whenever you start dealing in cash, i don't tear who you are,
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it starts raising alarm bells. you have to ask yourself, how did they get caught? that was by happen stance. kind of a witness. >> someone had video of it. >> that's what i mean. that not -- if they didn't have video, we wouldn't know, and you wouldn't know how that money was going to be disbursed. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. charlie gasperino. now to mark warner. good to have you. do you get a sense that's weird? >> let me say one thing. one, it's great to have you back. >> thank you. >> i know you went through enormous surgery and. we through some pain but you actually helped make -- i've had a lot of democrats over the years say, you know, that neil cavuto doesn't even have a heart. after his surgery, i've got proof now you got a heart. >> all right. what's your second point? >> my second point is that it's great to have you back and where
1:22 pm
do you want to start? >> on this thing, we kid back and forth, senator, about the amount, 1.7, 1.8. could be up to $2 billion. but that is what all cash. what do you make of this. >> break into it three parts. one, the 1.7 billion was part of a litigation that went back to the shah's time. >> i understand all that. all had to be cash. >> let me try to take them each. my understanding this had been fully litigated through the courts. we might have lost up to $10 billion. so we could argue, should have been 1.7, 1.4 but this was money that was going to get resolved one way or the other. it was actually iranian money owed to them. >> i know all that. but the cash. >> on the cash, on the cash piece, that's -- i got to find an answer to. i would imagine that part of that is because we still have in
1:23 pm
place a number of sanctions around banking with the whole system. i want to make sure i got my facts straight here, and i will get back to you after i have that full brief. we just got back this week. >> you think it's ransom, senator. >> no, i don't. >> you don't think it's ransom. >> i do not. i one thing, if we want to do something to continue to keep the pressure on iran, what we ought to do is go ahead and pass a bill that i'm on and it's bipartisan and reinstitute the iran sanctions act to make sure all of their other bad behavior we keep sanctions on for another ten years. let's not just re-litigate the money -- >> but it is important distinction, fright it's not a right or left issue. i follow money here. i always want to follow the money. and it was odd to me, senator, is that it was all in cash as if we had something to hide or not trace, and yet within almost the
1:24 pm
same time, we had these hostages released. that's what you can't blame those cynically look at this and say, sounds like ransom, quid pro quo. >> here's what i owe to you and your audience. i my understanding is that because obanking sanctions were still in place, that this was one of the only delivery mechanisms. let me check that out and come back on your show -- >> you might be right. i've heard you can do this through third parties or deal with the swiss through their banking systems to get this out there and you might be right. don't know what is accurate. what i do know is this was cash -- -- i want to be clear -- it was cash and they were entitled at the money going back to days of the shah. an agreed deal to give them that money and that's fine. despite people's views on that it was brokers into the deal. that it was around the release of the hostages which got some
1:25 pm
people alarmed that we had just paid for those hostages' release. >> now, hey, i thought the timing was unusual. i will say this. that one of the reasons the sanctions were effective is that the swiss system, the kind of international banking network, we had clamped down on funds to iran and what i got to find for you is whether those sanctions were still in place so you couldit through the existing system but fair question. >> and you had a fair point i have a heart. senator, always good to see you. >> i got to take that to all my democratic friends. >> it's apparent lay long line. thank you, sir, very good seeing you. >> thank you. welcome back. >> hillary clinton was doubling down on this notion that she sees no ground troops in the future if she were president in iraq or syria. >> they are not going to get ground troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again, and we're
1:26 pm
not putting ground troops into syria. >> said unequivocally wow use woo not put troop into iran ever again, isn't that ignoring ground forces there and boxing yourself in should your military commanders, if elected, advise that you in fact need to do that? >> jeff, first of all, i've said that before. i said it on knew. rouse occasions -- numerous occasions. in is no, in i my opinion, path forward to ground troops that would be in our interests. >> no troops in iraq or syria. general jack keane, what do you make of that. >> good so see you. it's not accurate. we do have ground troops, some 5,000 -- almost 5,000 in iraq, mostly as trainers and advisers to be sure and direct action special operators who are in combat, and we also have a couple of hundred in syria. those are ground forces.
1:27 pm
now issue think the appropriate term, i think, that what should have beside used is "combat forced" but all that said. commander in chiefs do not want to take their options off the table and don't want to limit, because national security and particularly war has a dynamic all of its own and if there's one thing about it, it is unpredictable and you have to be prepared for surprise and you may have to reach into your kit bag and do something you would rather not have done, but you must do it because it's essential to winning. >> do you think that she gave herself a little bit of cover later on, trying to clarify that maybe special ops or advisers on that she covered herself for that or that now she has sent a message to bad guys to isis to whomever, do whatever the heck you want to do? >> this is a mistake, i think, that she will come to regret because of the declaration of --
1:28 pm
and use of the word "never." that is inappropriate, i think, for someone that must have all the levers and all the options at their disposal. we don't know what is in front of us weapon don't know what the new president is going to be facing and we could be facing a situation certainly that is essential that ground combat forces are used. i know for a fact, neil, that the new president will be presented an option by the arabs in the region and they will want to participate in a ground campaign to take down eye is? syria and they will ask the new president, republican or democrat to participate in that with some modest ground combat forces. that is a fact. that will happen. >> general, while i have you, for gary johnson here, who i guess appreciates aleppo more than he might have earlier this morning but what do you make of what he has said or tried to
1:29 pm
clarify on this show, and whether this has hurt he and governor william wells, his running mate on the libertarian ticket? >> i can't make judgments about the politics of that, but aleppo in syria is well-known to everybody who spent any time looking at the middle east. by the for the sake of our audience, while the russians intervened successfully a year ago in syria to prop up the assad regime, what has not happened successfully for them it whats that it thought they would do easily is retake the territory they lost. they're a year later and still have not completed the siege and retaken aleppo plus other terrain. that is much more difficult than what they mammed and they're getting pushback anywhere country about what is going on. >> should that be a
1:30 pm
disqualifier? if the new commander in n chief irunaware or caught offguard, talk organize -- taughting or discussing or knowing aleppo, not qualified to be commander in chief? >> i take it at face value. he said i thought it was an acronym. got it milked up. have no robe not to believe it. don't know the man and have no reason to not believe what he said. >> general, thank you very much. >> good talking to you. good to see you. >> thank you. meanwhile to president obama, the present commander in chief, did he just call americans lazy? and was he doing this overseas and further, further, furthermore was he criticizing a possible successor on foreign soil? we report, you decide.
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remember when he said americans tend to cling to their bibles and guns? some say he just outdid himself on foreign soil saying americans are lazy. back in 60.
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lazy and not being as createsive as we could be. >> is that unique to americans? are americans lazy because they don't do this? the president is saying this while he was in laos at the same time he was criticizing donald trump, potential successor, and potential future president, on foreign soil. former republican massachusetts senator scott brown not happy. and democratic strategiy is jessica okay with that. welcome both of you. >> hi. welcome back. >> are you done resting? okay. >> that's fine. that's fine, senator. now, you don't do anything to upset me, senator. i think i feel a palpatation do you think that was like clipping to the bibles and gun thing? >> his extension of his apology tour. painting americans, belittling and demeaning hard-working americans. can show hem people in the
1:36 pm
country working one two, three jobs to pay for the bills to pay for the high cost of obamacare and other policies he has put in place, wet blank kits of individuals and business and this is coming from an individual, prior to being president and being a senator, never had a private sector job and doesn't know the value, believe, oft -- of hard work. >> jess car i was trying to understand where he was coming from. what he was says, whatever the americans are intellectually not curious and don't have any interest in traveling abroad. was i extrapolating too much? it was condescending. >> you might be going too far. >> he said that to me after i that this -- >> i take it back you're perfect but i -- you aren't senator brown. so to say that because president obama has not had a private sector job he doesn't understand the meaning of hard work is
1:37 pm
offensive. people in the public sector work hard. what he ick talking been oat environmental front we deposit no enough -- >> how does that make you left side. >> not going to the extra movement not going down there to compost, not going to recycle, whatever it. that's the point. >> did he really say that, you have now listed this to we're not aggressively composting. no it was an example of environmental policies that he -- he is trying to get our country more green. he is trying to -- >> in making this remark he goes on to talk about donald trump and the lack -- the crazy things he is and whatever you views on that, used to be a rule of thumb that you don't criticize on foreign soil. he takes great offense, and i think he should, when others are criticizing him when he is on
1:38 pm
foreign soil but he did that about a potential successor. what do you think of that? >> i think it's wrong. the fact that he is representing our country in another country, once again, an extension of the way that other countried view us. take china. he had to go out the back door. i would have gotten on the plane and should would donald trump and other leaders and taken off and embar's the chinese, and you have john keiry night all over the world dirk. >> because they didn't wheel up stairs to your plain. >> unbleachable. >> would you fly out of there? >> absolutely. you send a message that is completely disrespectful to our commander in chief and to our country. absolutely. everything that they did and have done and will continue to do is meant to be a poke in the eye for the president -- >> jessica, what do you think of that. >> this is not something that is new for president obama. talking about donald trump in this way abroad him did at the big nafta party when he was up there with me mexican president. i think he was reacting to the
1:39 pm
comments that donald trump has made. if you have a candidate talking about how much he likes putin or saying -- i didn't back the iraq war, plate blatantly lies or misguided comments it fires the president up but he is being a partisan here and i understand taking issue with it. i happen to think it's important for him to continue to make his case for hillary clinton but i do understand the concern there. >> okay. >> neil, real quick. the reason putin is so emboldened is because of the failed -- >> he is emboldened because donald trump has given him -- >> i wish we had more time. but look at the time. >> got to go. >> yes. i want to thank you both. a real pleasure. >> thank you. in meantime, some in the media don't seem to take on hillary clinton over certain issues. want you to meet the veteran who did.
1:40 pm
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communicated this information i would have been prosecuted and imprisoned. secretary clinton how can you expect those such as myself who are entrusted with america's most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted or national security. >> well, i appreciate your concern and also your experience. what we have here is the use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people in our government to send information that was not marked, there were no headers, there was no statement, pop -- top secret, secret, or confidential. i communicated on classified material an wholly separate system. >> i don't what air force and navy va wants to do about this bus jon lester would probably make a pretty good questioner at
1:44 pm
white house events. thank you for coming. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you having me here today. >> were you satisfied with her answer? >> i was partially. and i'll explain. she is correct with regard to headers and information that is classified by higher authorities. i think what is confusing and what -- if i could have challenged her on her question, has to do with the fact it's the content itself, and just because something is marked or not marked, the end of the day it's the content. and let me give you an example. i work for a publicly traded company. if somebody were to tell me that we would have a very good quarter, and they were going toy anoints earnings that information becomes confidential. there's no header. this is a conversation that i had with this individual. if i communicated by e-mail, still no header. so essentially what she was saying is that however she
1:45 pm
transacted with her i'm -- ear e-mails was not in violation because there was no header. the fact is someone at her level should understand the content and what is sensitive versus not. i think at the root of it that where her response to me failed, if you will. >> do you think there is a double standard? what you were getting at is you would be in deep doo-doo, doing some similar, and she is not. >> absolutely. i can give you situations in my career, my first squad dron was doing a deployment and i was the crypto graphics officer when i wasn't flying, and we had one crew -- i've mentioned it this morning -- one crew in a secret facility destroying the end of the day -- crypto graphic materials and they dropped a
1:46 pm
tape on the floor. my commanding officer, we had to deal with the ram fig indications of dropping one piece of material on the floor. we would have essentially -- our careers would have been over and depending whether there was any intent. you can see that happening today with a seaman on the west coast as an example, and it's very disturbing, honestly, we're americans, we live in a constitutional, a constitution we agree to live together under rules and the rules should by applied equally. >> but it's been politically played on both side, republicans say she is is a dope or crook, other democrats say much ado about nothing here. colin powell was doing stuff like this. where do you think it sorts out? is this the type of thing that should disqualify you for the highest office because the clinton folks seem to be saying
1:47 pm
you'd be disqualifying a lot of potential white house aspirans. >> it's at the end of the day, heck of a lot of information that we americans have been subjected to regarding secretary clinton's e-mails. when you look at that information, by itself it's pretty indicting regardless of what we're being told from the other party. so the question comes down to is that the crime or the coverup? i think at the end of the day it's the coverup that always gets you in trouble. not thethink had she been fortht and forth coming with her e-mails this wouldn't be the issue it is. >> does it with qualify -- disqualify here? >> i guess you have to ask your the question of judgment. when somebody readily transmits our information in the way she has, does that not disqualify them from the highest office in the land?
1:48 pm
>> john lester, thank you very much and thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. >> on a lighter note the nfl season does formally kick off tonight. amid all of this national anthem dustup. i always wonder what a big multisports political icon has to make of this so bill bradley is here on the mess over that. after this.
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don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare. i don't think so! [ sighs ] it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. ♪ raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i'm gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] i've had a lot of fun guests over the years, and we are going to talk about this whole kickoff of the nfl season and colin kaepernick and refusing to stand during the national anthem. as soon as he came up here before this segment started, hall of fame basketball player
1:52 pm
bill bradley said i have other issues i want to get to right up front. >> great to see you, neil. welcome back. >> thank you. >> last night i was watching the forum, the veterans forum. it occurred to me that donald trump has not served his country for one day in his life. and so the question is, why is he running for president? that's where i had the epiphany. he's running so he can squash the irs investigation, which if it goes one day, could endanger his whole empire. i think that's the motivation for him running. i think that it's -- >> seriously? >> i think it is very clear. he hasn't served his country -- >> hillary clinton -- has hillary clinton served in the military? >> she's served her country, that's for sure. >> so donald trump, his
1:53 pm
businesses are not service? >> no, that's not service. one of the things i'm struck with, if it goes the wrong way, he'll be bankrupt because he'll owe a lot of taxes. >> there are cheaper ways to deal with your financial issues than running for the president of the united states. >> you have a big empire and your ego is tied up in the money and empire, that is not too much to do. >> you don't think that a guy that is close to his dream, making it to the white house, might just be interested in doing some good? >> i think he wants to get into office to squash the irs investigation. >> then what does he do after that? >> i don't know. maybe he resigns and gives it to pence. >> you've had a little time off, and i think it's made you a tad nutty. >> i don't think. so i think this is an insight you'll see play out. >> you're not the first person -- >> that's why he's not releasing
1:54 pm
his income tax returns. if he released them, the issues would be so big that he could not do that if he was president of the united states. >> but you don't apply this to hillary clinton and her ties to a foundation. >> i think both of their foundations are fair game. whether it's the trump contribution -- >> but you're immediately going after donald trump and didn't say squat on hillary clinton. >> well, i didn't have the insight on hillary clinton. >> not quite fair or balanced, but you don't care. let me ask you about gary johnson. he was here earlier, the libertarian candidate running for president. listen to this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the -- it's the eni center
1:55 pm
of the refugee center. >> oh, got it, got it. >> did he disqualify himself? >> that's going to depend on you guys, how big a thing you make of it. >> he thought it was an acronym, but that sealed the deal, he's in trouble. >> i've never heard an acronym that long. >> so you don't think that -- >> i think it's going to be up to what the media makes of this, this was a mistake. >> is it a disqualifier to bill bradley? >> it says to me if it's not an acronym that he needs an experience in international affairs. >> i know i'm going through a lot of issues. nfl season quicks off tonight. colin kaepernick getting a lot of heat over sitting out the national anthem. your thoughts with the kickoff of the season tonight that we
1:56 pm
might see something similar? other players are protesting in different ways. what do you think of all of that? >> well, i think that the most interesting point about the thing with colin kaepernick was his picture i saw of his family's home in modesto, california, with a big american flag flying outside. in other words, they were patriots. they believed in america. and i think part of what he's doing is he's expressing his constitutional right. >> so he's free to do that -- >> he's definitely free to do that. >> so when you hear the usa coach of a hockey team saying he would sit out his players if they did such a thing, you would say? >> that's what the hockey player or coach would do for his team. >> do you think that's wrong? >> i probably stood mid court at the foul line with the national anthem played 2,000 times --
1:57 pm
>> would bill bradley ever do that? >> no, and i was proud to do that. i was proud to stand on the olympic gold medal stand and the flag going up and hear the national anthem. >> bill bradley, thank you. expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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