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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hi, i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly, juan williams, mr. eric boling, and megan mccain "the five." hillary and donald like dates stuffed with blue cheese wrapped in bacon. there hillary's e-mail issue stuck to her like toilet paper on shoes. >> i had access to materials and information highly sensitive to our war fighting capabilities. had i communicated this information without prescribed protocols, i would have been in prison. >> that stung.
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then there was this. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> once again, she happily tells isis all the stuff we won't do to stop isis. hey, hillary, why not tell them their netflix passwords while you're at it. oh, wait, that's too important. speaking of -- >> i have been very clear about the necessity for doing whatever is required to move the v.a. into the 21st century. we're living in a technological world. you can't tell me we can't do a better job getting that information. >> so hillary lectures us on technology. this from a woman whose blackberries were smashed with hammers to get rid of sensitive e-mails. that's like breaking a thermometer to stop a heat wave. finally, she said no one died in
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libya, which is debatable. but trump didn't leave unscathed, either. then there's this on putin. >> he does have an 82% approval rating, according to the different pollsters. >> the ones still alive. yes, 82% approval is amazing. in that it's so low. when putin's critics have shorter life spans than your average may fly, the fact that 18% is still critical of him is astonishing. but trump digs power based on fear, be it russia, north korea or china. he admires an iron hand but still craves a compliment. >> if he says great things about him, i'm going to say great things about him. >> with president trump, tyou'l catch more flies with honey than vinegar. the reality of an unstable world and the message one needs to
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live in it seem lost among generations cocooned in bonus rooms attached to xboxes and iphones. foreign policy seems truly foreign to a country that needs it now more than ever. all right, k.g., did matt lauer give hillary a taste of the future? because they were pretty relentless on the e-mails. there were like five followup questions. >> by the way, finally. good for matt lauer. i don't know why everybody is so critical because he didn't give hillary a pass. i'm proud of him. i think he did a very good job. he asked her tough questions. in fact, questions that should have been asked and followed up on by the fbi in their investigation where they came to a rosy conclusion. so to me, this was very helpful. and i think obviously it was a big moment there right out of the bat when we had the naval officer who really put it to hillary and said listen, i would
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be prosecuted and imprisoned if i did what you did. again, different strokes. for the clintons, look what happens. they get a pass, they get to collect all the paychecks and get all the glory and get the cash while the rest of the people are suffering or dying in benghazi. >> and she still has to say thank you for your service through gritted teeth. the guy says i would be in jail. thank you for your service. eric, how do you think they did? who won? >> all right. so i agree that matt lauer was great. he was great on both. he wasn't just hard on hillary, he was hard on trump, too. he cut trump off, he pushed back. now, today, d.c. is pushing back on matt lauer, but i think matt lauer did a fine job. i also think the questions were outstanding from the people. >> yeah. >> on both sides. every single question came as a
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pushback on some of the things each candidate had said in the past. it was really a great hour. >> very interesting. >> i could have watched that for three hours in that format. it will be interesting for all those that think polls matter. >> you'll never let this go. >> nbc poll, 68,000, 62% had trump winning, 32% clinton winning. for 30 minutes that trump was asked questions, she was asked about the e-mail scandal, the libya in iraq failures and the iran deal. and she was very, very thorough. she has a lot of experience in all three of those buckets. the problem is, as i've been fighting with my good friend juan here for a good friend, experience doesn't equal qualifications. she is far more experienced. but you realize that's not someone you want running the most powerful military in the most powerful country in the world. >> why does she keep telling our
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enemies what we're not doing? i don't like the fact that trump is complimenting putin, but what's worse? like at least trump is saying scary stuff. she's saying stuff that isn't scary. >> but she's saying stuff that's true. the american people don't want more troops on the ground. when she came secretary of state, there were 200,000 american troops on the ground in afghanistan and iraq. so she's saying we're not going to go back down that road, which is what the american people want. they don't want us putting more troops. >> unless another terrorist attack happens. >> i'm not hoping for that. >> nobody wants a war, but you have war because you have to have one, not because you want one. >> right. but i think there's an important point to make if you're running for president. you tell the american people how you would handal crisis. she's saying here's what i would do in terms of air power, in terms of dealing with the enemy. donald trump just says i have a secret plan.
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he impugns the president. he's heard stuff, body language. it's very wild to me. >> there's a misnomer that hillary clinton is as hawkish as i am. she's saying we're not going to do anything in iraq or syria. enemy, do whatever you want. continue the largest humanitarian crisis. 7 million refugees displaced. we're not going to do anything. that's what's been happening for 7 1/2 years under president obama. what was fascinating to me last night, she still cannot answer about her e-mails or explain why she's not a third term of obama. after all this time and all this experience, how is she not better at this? >> i think it's important to keep something in mind. when you're looking at last night and you see matt lauer unable to tell trump, hey, you know what? you're lying here. he supported the war in iraq. >> he clarified that today. >> i'm saying yesterday -- [ overlapping speakers ]
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>> not only does he go after your dad, megan, she comes back and says oh, what do you geniuses expect if you allow men to serve with women in the military. i think you and kimberly should get up from the table because the three of us might attack you. >> that happens every day. >> that's so funny, i have conflicting opinions on women in the military. i'm more concerned with the v.a. than anything else, and neither of these candidates have a solution. >> when someone, a veteran stands up and says more are the facts on the v.a., he says no, your facts are wrong. turns out her facts are right and his facts are wrong. >> you're being so nitpicky at this. >> no, i'm not! >> there is a massive problem with veteran suicides.
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>> let me speak to you as someone who is a republican, like stewart stevens who worked for romney. he said if barack obama, in 2008, had said, oh, you know, putin is better than george w. bush as a leader, he said republicans would have said obama, get out of the race. you're a disgrace to the american people. so what happens last night? that's exactly what trump says. putin is a great leader. we should love putin. and everybody oh, fine, that's terrific. >> i agree and i disagree in the sense that i think he has a fondness for autocrats, but isn't he talking about perception of defending your country -- it's not necessarily the best comparison. >> it's more of a strength model to say putin will do what it takes to defend his country. that's why putin is dangerous and russia is a major cause of
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concern for us. trump has said that i would like to sit down and talk and work things out. some of the evidence of that is, he went straight to mexico and sat down and had a conference and a meeting directly with pena nieto to go over all this. so you think the kind of approach, he's a businessman, i'm going to pick up the phone and talk about this directly instead of getting mired with a lot of bureaucracy and red tape and having 25 deputies talk to somebody. that has concerns about national security in terms of russia and china and north korea and the problems we have in the middle east. but what i do see is trump was very persuasive in terms of talking about the veterans and needing to make changes there. you seen him come out with specifics. he's not in hiding or smashing black berries or bleach bitting
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e-mails. she's not showing presidential leadership qualities, and she's not making america safer by her actions as it relates to benghazi, the e-mail scandal, the number of lies and she has engaged in, and specifically, she's making america weaker by telegraphing to our enemies that we don't put troops over there. you don't know what's going to happen down the road in iraq. you listen to the intelligence community, they say maybe it's isis today, somebody else tomorrow. it's going to take years to be able to handle this. so you can't say that you won't do it. are you kidding? >> secretary of state guilfoyle -- >> go run the red cross instead! >> let me just say that the american people don't want this. i think the better thing that i can't get over is, he says american generals have been reduced to rubble. >> does that mean they're
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demoralized by being ignored? >> he said this is under hillary clinton and barack obama. i know generals who disagree with obama, but i don't think these people are idiots or been reduced to rubble. who would say such a thing? so you ask about leadership, presidential stature. >> there's plenty of people in the military that do not feel they've been listened to or respected by this administration and they don't want a third term of barack obama. >> generals -- go back to abe lincoln. >> hey, juan, let's just cook the books some more on the intelligence so we'll think isis was j.v. and running ice cream trucks instead of doing colum s crucifixions. >> hillary clinton is talking about sequester, talking about
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defense spending freezes. he's talking about releasing the sequest sequester, increasing the military and increasing our foot print in the world. by the way, he gets a 19% approval rating than she does among military ratings. >> check this out, megan's dad and mitt romney both did bet we are the military. >> and i would love john mccain as president. >> what did trump say about john mccain? >> you know what i do know? he endorsed him. vote mccain, arizona. >> my family loves kimberly guilfoyle. >> and i love them. when we come back, trump and clinton trashing each other's performance from last night. their critiques when we return.
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performances last night. now let's hear how the nominees rated one another. >> last night was another trump and donald trump failed yet again. we saw more evidence that he's temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief. he trash talked american generals, saying they had been "reduced to rubble." that's how he talks about distinguished men and women who spent their lives serving our country, sacrificing for us. that's how he would act as commander in chief. >> the whole country saw how unfit she was at the town hall last night, where she refused to take accountability for her failed policies in the middle east that have produced millions of refugees, unleashed horror of radical islamic terrorism all over, and made us less safe than ever before. >> nice little juxtaposition
2:19 pm
there between the two candidates. each battling for the oval. so who gets the prize of the award goes to who, for the rebuttal, so to speak this >> from last night? >> yeah, and their comments. >> i think they both did well. they held their own. again, this is 30 minutes of hillary and 30 minutes of donald. it will be very interesting 30 mk. i think it's going to be awesome tv. but think about what's going on. trump has rolled out an immigration plan with specifics. everyone wants specifics. he's got immigration with specifics. a black and hispanic outreach plan with specifics. a military preparedness strategy with specifics yesterday and today rolls out a school of choice plan with monetary specifics. so he's pivoted. he had a very rough go after the convention, and now he turned it and whoever is talking to him,
2:20 pm
kellyann conway, bannon, whomever, he's a more measured, statesman-like candidate and it's showing. he raised $90 million in august. you may not like the fact that i'm talking about donald trump, but the facts are that he's now -- this is a race. this is a -- it's no longer hillary's -- the clear winner 61 days out. this is now a horse race. >> i love you, but i just wanted to ask, why does he keep flip-flopping on this immigration thing? oh, if you served in the military, maybe you can stay there. >> that's a great idea. >> you said he had a specific idea on immigration. >> i think that's the smartest thing he's done in his whole campaign on the fly. he stood up and was asked a very specific question, if that's an
2:21 pm
undocumented illegal in the military or wants to serve in the military, can they stay? he said you know what? i think that's a great idea. but that's brilliant. we would take millions if they would serve in the military. >> i have friends that's how they became citizens by joining the military. >> it's not new. >> you say i want to make a commitment to you -- >> but then they have to go to the back of the line process. >> so what is the plan to defeat isis? oh, we don't have any idea. he hasn't said, eric? >> did you hear the plan that hillary clinton laid out? we won't kill you with troops on the ground. he says i'll wait and see. >> i'm silent. >> all right. weird. megan, what do you make of it? this is kind of weaving in immigration, a stronger defense,
2:22 pm
a commitment to the troops and increasing the numbers. how does it seem to you coming from a military family? >> i think, again, neither of those candidates are blowing me away. i would like both of them to get more policy specific. hillary saying we're never going to put boots on the ground in iraq petrified me. what if there's another terrorist attack? i cringe at the ideas of our enemies watching this. you can do anything you want, harass our naval ships and we're not going to react. i know you keep say thing is where the american people are at. i 100% don't think that's where the american people at. when there's viral pictures of babies with rubble all over them going viral and celebrities tweeting why haven't we done nothing about this? i think if the american people understood what was going on instead of being told tidbits by this administration, they would
2:23 pm
have more supportive. >> isis gets it. don't w0shorry about it, we're going to commit u.s. troops on the ground. that's canceled. greg? >> one thing we haven't talked about is trump keeps repeating the taking the oil. we should take the oil. and he said this line where he goes, to the victors -- it used to be to the victors go the spoils. that's what america does in a war. you don't take all the fine art. it's against the law, i think. >> with the path we're on right now, you know who's getting the iraqi oil? the iranians. they're moving in, and they will be a power house if they double their oil. >> so in other words, the united states, our values, the way that we occupy ourselves in terms of
2:24 pm
saying here's the way we stand in this country when we go to war, it's not that we go in and we kill off anybody, including families. we don't take the riches. we don't claim the women. my god, that's not america. >> but maybe we could make america great again by doing all of that. [ overlapping speakers ] >> -- $700 billion over the next 20 years -- >> yeah, yeah, put troops in. >> where he loses most republicans is when he talks about how he likes putin. putin supporting assad, and for any republican, he's got to stop saying this. i was with him until he said that. >> he should say it and like a
2:25 pm
wink. next, a very embarrassing moment on live tv for gary johnson. the question he couldn't answer and his explanation for the surprising blunder, coming up. stay with us.
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you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. two word three words, that's all it took for the libertarian candidate to om rerail his campaign. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria.
2:30 pm
it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis -- >> okay, got it, got it. >> this is a former governor of new mexico, polling at 10% for the presidency. johnson tried to mop up his foreign policy train wreck on fox news a short while ago. >> i was thinking acronym when he said aleppo. guilty. no excuse whatsoever. if it is kissing my chances goodbye, so be it. but i've always been served really well by telling the truth, you tell the truth and you can get your way through things. >> it was a fair question? >> anything is fair. i'm running for president of the united states. no complaints. going forward, all you can do is wake up tomorrow with a smile on your face, keep after it. >> more proof that 2016 is going down as the most unpredictable and insane year in politics ever. greg, we've been say thing for a while. boy, every day there's a new
2:31 pm
thing. >> it was so painful to watch. but i've got to tell you, he owned it. he apologized and he said yeah, i screwed up. there are a lot of people that don't care about syria, who claim to know about aleppo but they really don't know. i think it might be worse. he says he doesn't know what aleppo is. there are people that do know and don't care. but there are worse things that are said. there's -- trump has said some interesting things about your dad that i feel is worse, but that was pretty dad. >> k.g., at first glance you look at feel for that moment where it all goes away and you're on live tv, but this is a guy who wants to be commander in chief. >> exactly. that's why when you asked me here when he was onset, i'm like, no, i'm good. because i do not feel he's an appropriate choice to be commander in chief and lead this country militarily. this is something that you should know. there's one thing to have an
2:32 pm
opinion, maybe say something that's horrible, bad. but this is a knowledge-based deficiency about an area of humanitarian crisis of epic proportion that has been largely foster eed by the idealology of this administration that has resulted in loss of life. how can anybody forget the pictures and the human suffering and the tragedy? you better be up to speed if you want to be on the stage. >> can i just add one thing to this. i don't think it's the previous administration, the libertarian party has always had a problem with foreign policy. their isolationism somehow exempts them from reading a map. >> libertarians should be doing better in this election hypothetically. when libertarians start talking and say this candidate should be
2:33 pm
the one, et cetera, i always think libertarianism is something that works well in a political science classroom, but in reality, just saying i'm going to be an isolationist, that we're never going to do anything ever, why are you surprised that he doesn't know what aleppo is? >> that little boy and his family that got blown up -- >> with the blood all over him. >> that is aleppo. >> and the other little boy that washed up on the shore, this is a global crisis. >> get my point? come on, you can't -- by the way, rand paul would know the answer to that. >> but his dad would say that's not our problem. >> maybe he thought he said apple. to me, the issue politically is can he get on the debate stage? the news earlier was mitt romney
2:34 pm
said he thought that gary johnson should be on the stage. and so here was mitt romney, who is not a fan of donald trump, saying hey, we want the libertarian on the stage, it's only stage. to pick up on megan's point, a lot of people don't like either of these candidates -- >> he hasn't earned his right to be on that stage. and quite frankly, i think he's going to tank after this. >> he's put about $200,000 into buying ads in seven western states and new hampshire where he has some traction. but i think after what he just -- and this picks up on your point, megan, i think the numbers go down. >> everyone is saying what happens now, this will help hillary. he's on the ballot in all 50 states. and i think jill stein is on the ballot in 30 states. so all the polling numbers that have trump doing better with
2:35 pm
gary johnson in will stay pretty stagnant. >> he's pro-choice and isolationist. i don't think how you pick up a lot of conservatives with that. >> that was a drop the mike moment, megan mccain. directly ahead, matt lauer under attack for daring to ask hillary clinton tough questions at the commander in chief forum. he's getting pulverized for it. next. in a world that needs a hero, justice is spelled b-o-x. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪ dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible. of many pieces in my i havlife.hma...
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back now to last night's presidential forum on nbc. the candidates can't get the worst reviews of the evening, moderator matt lauer did. journalists, pundits and others blasting him for going soft on trump, hard on clinton. >> you were communicating on highly sensitive topics. why wasn't it more than a
2:40 pm
mistake, why wasn't it disqualifying if you want to be commander in chief? were some of the e-mails referring to our drone program, our covert drone program. >> yes. >> how do you think these people feel when the person running to be their commander in chief says, her vote to go to war in iraq was a mistake? you said you expect the iranians to cheat. but you -- >> wait, look, this is an important issue. >> the media destroying laur. here are some of the headlines. you can see right there. laur was tougher on ryan lochte than donald trump. megan, what do you make of this? >> i kind of think with matt lauer, he's being made an example of. i don't think this is about matt lauer but people saying use kid gloves on hillary, because if you don't, it's sexism.
2:41 pm
you're asking her hard questions. you know what i would like? someone to moderate a debate between these two candidates who has no ties at all to the clinton global initiative, anything having to do with president obama, martha radatz. president obama had her at his wedding. i want no journalists affiliated with any of these candidates. i this i he did a fine job, but i would have preferred him to press trump harder on iraq, quite frankly. >> press trump harder on iraq. a lot of people, eric said, why no mention of the khan controversy? why no mention what he said about john mccain? why no mention about his deferments on vietnam. >> matt lauer asked him and pushed him why he was qualified for job. >> that read like he was running for miss america. >> he asked hillary clinton what her qualifications most important to be president. >> that's a different question.
2:42 pm
>> same first question to both of them. then he pressed him why do you think you know more than the generals and his dealings with putin. and then he turned it over to the audience who gave some of the hardest hitting questions i've heard in the whole campaign. let me finish this thought for once. in 2015, candy crowley fact chekd mitt romney on tv and was wrong. she set in motion a debate for moderators. what do i do? chris wallace himself said i have to make a decision, i don't think i'm going to fact check people on the fly. so you're trying to hold matt lauer to a standard that won't be present on the debate stage. i think he did a fine job. >> this whole business of whether he supported or opposed the iraq war. >> that's not true. he clarified that prior to the iraq war, he said on stern he
2:43 pm
may be in favor of it. but he outlined several articles whether he said he was against the iraq war. >> you know what this is? i think that matt lauer did an outstanding job. i thought he was fair and balanced. i thought he did a very good job. he's obviously well prepared. he asked great questions. this is like monday morning quarterbacking, trying to nitpick at a few things because matt lauer was tough on hillary clinton. i'm telling you, good for him. >> tim miller, who is a spokesman for jeb bush said, dear tv anchorman, change your interview sign. [ overlapping speakers ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> i think the point, is i'm more comfortable with political journalists moderating these type of things. i don't watch morning television
2:44 pm
other than fox. but i also think they should have people that do this every day for a living and people that don't have ties to the clintons, the obamas, to anything having to do with them socially. >> like chris wallace. >> someone said they treat her like she's running for president and grill her, but they treat trump like, you know, he'll figure it out eventually. >> i think that hillary expected a safe space, because when you are in main stream media, and those areas, she didn't expect to be taken, you know -- he came pretty hard at her. you know what's refreshing? the shoe is on the other foot. normally it's republicans and conservatives complaining about harsh treatment. oh, my god, did you see what they did to mitt or whoever? now it's the left going holy crap. it's kind of fun. the solution is robot
2:45 pm
moderators. >> she expected a safe space and a little nap. >> i find it interesting that exactly your point, that now the left is saying wait a minute, the media, and i think it's all about the ratings. the media wants a horse race, and they're going to -- >> now they know how it feels to be a conservative. >> the conspiracy to -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> i'm amazed at this. next, millennials could very well determine the outcome of this presidential election. they're america's largest living generation. but there's some new data on which this crucial voting bloc might be leaning. ms. megan mccain has the inside skop when "the five" returns. smoking with chantix. by the time i was 30, i said "that's it, i'm a smoker for life." i wanted to be a non-smoker and i did it
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♪ two months away, let's not forget about the power of the millennial vote. i am one of them. an interesting new study revealed young adults born between 1980 and 1994 are more likely to identify as conservative than generation
2:50 pm
x'ers. so my generation isn't as liberal as i thought. this is bucking all the bernie sanders b.s. that all of us want to be socialists. i'm not surprised by in at all. juan, you have children who are millennials. were you surprised by this story? >> no, two out of three, both boys are republicans. >> they're so smart and handsome and accomplished. >> they took after their dad. >> except politically. >> i have a theory because millennials grew up in the era of hope and change and it was a lie and now millennials are strapped with student debt and economic crisis and terrorism and everything seems to be getting worse and they're reflecting back that maybe liberal policies isn't what is going to make america a success. i'm not surprised at this. >> you know what i thought was interesting, they looked at polarization. there's more polarization in
2:51 pm
this generation. i think polarization is across every generation. if you try to talk to somebody who disagrees with you outside of "the five," good luck. if you look on twitter, if somebody disagrees with you, you'll get a thousand brutal tweets from ten people. it will feel like 10,000 people, but it's ten people. all older generations tend to obsess with younger generations. we like to poke and prod them like fogs in a high school lab. >> you're mean. that's a bad sign, by the way. >> torturing small animals. >> you never dissecoted a frog? >> they were dead. >> i will say this, moving along in this conversation, they are more conservative than previous generations. but it's still the case that they would vote for clinton over
2:52 pm
trump. >> they're more apathetic towards this election. >> they don't like either candidate. >> the fantasy island is over, okay, people? no more eyes wide shut. they know what's happening here. this is not good. now we have to pay for stuff. >> any man who is under 30 that is not a liberal has not heart, and any man who is not over 30 is not a conservative has not a ring. put a bow on it. >> it's still momentous to me, i dropped my son off at college, just turned 18. and there's probably 9,000 freshman there. they signed them up to vote. i thought that was fantastic. all the people signing people up had hillary buttons on.
2:53 pm
and they do push you in -- remember, this is a swing state, but i watched over my shoulder and i thought he checked independent. but afterwards, i said did you sign democrat or republican? he said i signed up as a republican. i've never pushed politics on him ever in my life. >> an increase in his allowance? >> i was very proud of that. it just shows sometimes they listen. >> you know what i say to you? he loves his dad. >> all right. "one more thing" is up next. hey america,
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♪ time for "one more thing." but first a quick programming note. tune in tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. as we commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11. dana went to shanksville, pennsylvania to learn more about the heroes of flight 93. she'll share what she learned with you tomorrow. >> and with us. >> yes. >> going to be good. >> i'm up first. greg's nutrition tips. >> is that a doughnut? >> no. i don't know what it is. most important thing to know about vegetables, celery is evil. it should never be put into anything because it destroys the texture. look at this young fellow here. first time he's ever had celery, and he wisely says you know what? forget it, i'm not having it.
2:58 pm
so always test your vegetables with your dog. i know nothing about pets. >> i totally agree with you. i do not like it. [ overlapping speakers ] >> this morning on nbc, matt lauer, who moderated last night's debate, he had a different kind of guest. it was comedian dana carvey. he had lots to say about last night. for example, here is his impersonation of donald trump? >> what did you make of donald trump's comments about vladamir putin? >> i like your hair and you have a very great body. you know, you can have ukraine, you know? >> oh, my gosh. >> pretty good. >> kimberly? >> new york mets have signed tim tebow, can you believe it? he's so talented.
2:59 pm
so he's got a minor league contract. he's going to head to instructional lead in florida, set to report on september 18th. and boling, you will like this. one of his hits went over the stadium scoreboard during batting practice, estimated to have traveled 400 feet. >> i lived that life, that instructional league. that's a rough league down there. >> he hasn't played since high school. >> he can hit the ball, that's all you need. apple yesterday, told you about the new iphone 7. with all the new devices, the speed increase, the camera, the double camera, the water resistance, the wireless ear buds. today, the stocks slumped. it was down 2.5%. i own two stocks in the world, apple, amazon. if apple goes a little further, i will be buying more apple, because i cannot live without my iphone. >> megan? >> california high school football team is paying tribute to a member of their family.
3:00 pm
ashley is a cheerleader diagnosed with leukemia, and her team put an orange rose at her feet. >> never miss an episode. "special report" is next. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. there is brand new evidence tonight of just how close the presidential race has become exactly two months before election day. a new quinnipiac swing state poll has hillary clinton and donald trump tied at 47 apiece in florida. clinton 47 trump 43 in north carolina. trump leads in ohio 46-45. and clinton is up five points in pennsylvania, but most of these states, as you see, are well within the margin of error. secretary clinton is continuing to learn, meantime, that despite everything she's doing to tout her foreign policy and leadership credentials, the e-mail scandal is not


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