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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this weekend, for today, have a great weekend. 57 days, monday, until election day. buckle up. it's going to be a great ride. we'll continue on monday. see you then. of. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> what it means is i will give you the economy you had 50 years ago and i will move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down. >> bill clinton implying the phrase make america great again is racist. but, wait, there may be a problem. >> there is a lot of problems. >> we'll have a special report tonight. >> it's just incredible what's happening to our country, and we have got to stop it, and we will stop it, 100 percent. >> donald trump holding a big rally in florida this evening. we will show you some of it as it happens. >> i'm not against the military. i'm not against, you know, the police, you know, or america. i'm just against social injustice. >> also ahead, another nfl player refusing to stand during the national anthem but wait until you hear this
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guy's back story. the factor investigation. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we have a donald trump rally in florida about to get underway. we will show you some of that a little bit later on. but, first, the talking points memo. what you would like to know about hillary clinton. rosemary brown hog lives in murphy's burrow, tennessee is what is hillary clinton's stand on black lives matter. mostly supportive, rosemary even though scolded the group for bankrupting her speech. no candidate would dare call out black lives matter and mrs. clinton is no exception. >> young people have taken to the streets, dignified and determined, urging us to
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affirm the basic fact that black lives matter. [ applause ] i will never stop working on issues of equality and opportunity, race and justice. >> second question from cynthia and john mesher who live in ocean view, delaware. there has been speculation about hillary clinton's health. when did she last release her medical records? secretary clinton's doctor lisa bardack released a summary of mrs. clinton's health in july of 2015. she has seasonal allergies and hypothyroidism. but generally, said the doctor, she is in good health. hillary rooney who lives in stuart, florida wants to know how did hillary clinton get a concussion that occurred just before she was about to testify on the benghazi situation? in december 2012, secretary clinton fainted, while sick with a stomach virus.
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she fell and sustained a concussion. during treatment, a blood close was discovered in her skull and was neutralized with blood thinners. mrs. clinton's testimony on benghazi had to be delayed because of that. later, she told the fbi she could not recall some of the briefings she received around the time of the concussion. joe shriver from costa rica, why did hillary clinton not respond to former ambassador christopher stevens' recommendation to move the u.s. intelligence facility in benghazi? we can find no evidence the ambassador ever made such a request. he did, however, ask for increased security for american personnel in libya. that was denied by under secretary of state patrick kennedy. secretary clinton was asked about the security screw up at the house bengals hearings. >> you know how many security requests there were in the first quarter of 2012? >> for everyone or for benghazi? >> i'm sorry, yemen.
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related to benghazi in libya. ma'am, do you know how many there were. >> no. >> there were just over 100 plus. >> do you know how many there were. >> no i do not. >> 172ish. 171 or 173. how many were dr. in july and august and then in that week and a few days before the attacks, do you know? >> there were a number of them, i know that. >> yes, ma'am, 83 by our counted. >> um. >>um that's over 600 requests. you have testified here this morning that you had none of those reach your desk; is that correct, also? >> that's correct. >> bottom line former secretary of state maintains she was unaware of any security requests from libya. sue boyd writes from las vegas, what was the flesh colored device in hillary clinton's ear when she was talking to matt lauer earlier this week. the clinton campaign denies any device was in mrs. clinton's ear. they say it was a lighting reflection that gave rise to the assertion. now, tonight, i have to confess i do have a -- right
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here. so they -- the director can yell at me, his name is chet. i will give you his home address at the end of the program. all right, ronald who lives in stanford, connecticut, wants to know what hillary with the radical writer saul alinsky was. hillary clinton did her college thesis on wellesley on mr. alinsky, a very far left guy. she interviewed him and said nice things about him. he offered her a job which she turned down to attend yale law school. in law school hillary clinton was a big barry goldwater supporter. about as far as away from sal alinsky as one can possibly get. what are the facts in hillary clinton's leaving the watergate -- investigation? >> she left because president nixon resigned. as an attorney working for the house judiciary committee her work was over
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when nixon took off in that helicopter and departed for california. there were reports she was fired from her job. those are not true. john chevette. who lives in top wants to know if an american citizen can sue hillary clinton or any other official if they don't like their conduct in office. in 1995 the supreme court decision makes it almost impossible to win a legal judgment against a government official over job performance. a lot of mumbo jumbo in a ruling but that's the end game. finally dr. corrine michaels from new york wants to know where brian pg pagliano is. a hong-time aide to hillary clinton worked at the state department and handled her private server at her chappaqua, new york home. the fbi granted pagliano immunity in the email case. but what he told the bureau remains a mystery. and where he is right now, also a mystery. very good questions. in fact, i'm going to give a
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copy of my new book killing the rising son to cynthia and mesher mr. clinton's medical records that's an important thing. we will ask questions about donald trump. what do you want to know about donald trump? it will be the talking points memo same format. bill clinton suggesting that the phrase make america great again is a racist code. later, taking it to florida live where mr. trump holding a rally this evening. that as the factor continues all across the u.s.a.
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exab 2016. bill clinton campaigning for his wife. campaigning all over the country. did he something not so smart on wednesday. >> this message where i will give you america great again is if you are a white southerner, you know exactly what it means, don't you? what it means is i will give you your economy you had 50 years ago and i will move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down. >> the problem with that is two-fold. bill clinton has no right to brand the current phrase make america great again as racist. purely conjecture on his part and irresponsible. also, he said those words. >> i believe that together we can make america great again. >> i want to attack these problems and make america great again. >> to secure a better future for your children and your grandchildren and to make america great again. >> it's time for another come back. time to make america great again. i know hillary's the one who can do it. >> joining us now from los angeles civil rights
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attorney leo terrell. that was pretty dumb on clinton's part. was it not, counselor? >> i respectfully disagree, bill. it's the man behind the word. bill clinton -- blacks love bill clinton. blacks love hillary clinton. blacks are the one who put hillary in this current situation by winning by these victories that she had in the south in these southern primaries. blacks have had a great relationship with bill clinton during his administration. unemployment was lower among the black community and income rise. on the other hand, bill, respectfully, if you look at the words donald trump is using the last 15 months. attacks against muslim, racial discrimination lawsuits. blacks and minorities do not trust donald trump. that's why it's perfectly okay. >> i'm not making it a political thing. i'm saying that when you have a slogan make america great again and clinton is implying that it's racist, that is his opinion but it's based on nothing but politics.
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and, you know, he said it. you could say the same thing about him. now, you don't believe that he is a guy that is racist. neither do i. i don't think bill clinton is a racist. but i don't think the slogan make america great again has anything to do with race at all. zero. and he is making it in to that. and i think it's wrong. >> if we just take the word itself, we cannot distinguish the words from the person. and what i'm submitting to you, bill, is that people -- some people can use that phrase and the idea of racism would not exist. other individuals, for example, could you think david duke could honestly use that same statement and get away with it? it depends on the author and the person who is articulating the words. >> no, it doesn't because in this case in this case you had a politician donald trump using the phrase to brand his campaign. and to then donald trump goes to detroit and he says listen, if you elect me i'm going to bring more jobs to detroit. better paying jobs and i'm going to devote a lot of
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federal money to improving education and school choice and charter schools. and he goes in and that will make america great again in that context. and you are reading some racist thing into that are you really? >> knows four words, no. what i'm say something how you can ignore the person. >> because i just told you the context of what he said to the black community under the panner of make america great again. that's what he said. he went there and he said it is there a racist component to that? >> well, you are asking me then to ignore credibility. >> no, i'm asking you to put things in to perspective. bill clinton takes the phrase and he says it's -- implies it's racist. that's what he did. it's cheap. it's cheap. he shouldn't do it. the president is better than that now i gave you a perfect example of how donald trump used the phrase make america great again in
8:15 pm
detroit to try to say to african-americans i will help you and here is how i will do it. how can you possibly equate racism with it? >> okay. you are asking me to narrowly take the words itself and i will concede the words alone not enough. you are asking me to ignore the recipient and the author of the statement. >> i'm asking you to repudiate anyone taking words and applying a racial component to them where none exists. >> that's what i'm asking you to do repudiate it and you are a smart guy and you know i'm right. >> well, i are asking me to ignore the person who articulates the words? >> if you don't want to support donald trump that's fine. i'm telling you that what bill clinton did was cheap. >> i'm saying to you that i think bill clinton had a positive motive. >> yeah to get hits wife elected. that's what his motive was. he is so smart he doesn't
8:16 pm
have to do that. just stick to the issues. is he a smart guy. he doesn't have to lower himself to branding people racist by using a slogan out of context. that's insane. >> bill, don't you think other people can understand the motivation as to why bill said that? >> no, i can't. because there is no validity to why he did it to insinuate a racial component to the phrase make america great again is off the charts dumb. i will give you the last word. >> so, okay, so there is no misunderstanding. i aagree the words alone i agree with you. but i will ask you to consider that you have to look at the person who is articulating the words. therefore, there is a basis for them. >> all right. counselor, good debate. thank you. directly ahead. donald trump holding a rally in florida right now. we will take you down there and we will get a look. then, later, nfl running back -- i'm sorry, nfl player refusing to stand during the national anthem. this guy has quite a history. we have been investigating. those reports up ahead.
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impact segment tonight. both hillary clinton and donald trump have had a lively week. mr. trump in northwest florida tonight right now rally underway in pensacola. let's listen to a bit of it. [cheers] the fact that so many political insiders oppose this incredible campaign, this incredible movement is the best proof you will ever need that we are fighting for real change, not partisan change, not change for the donors.
8:21 pm
we're fighting for all americans, republicans, democrats, liberals, even liberals. who failed us in this corrupt, corrupt, corrupt system. we're fighting for everyone who doesn't have a voice. and i will tell you the campaign contributions coming in are unbelievable. small donors, $61 a pop. [cheers] and i'm spending my money. i'm spending a fortune. i am spending a lot. i'm putting up my money. and we're being helped by small donors and we're setting records and we have done some job. but i will say if we don't make it, despite what they say, if we don't make it, they are all saying it doesn't matter what you've done has never been done
8:22 pm
before, it's one of the great phenomenons. let me tell you, if we don't make it -- >> -- you're going to make it. >> it's the greatest waste of time, energy, and money than i can ever think of. i will tell you. if we don't make it. [cheers] but we're going to make it. and polls came out today. [cheers] polls came out today where we are up in ohio, we are up in florida, we're up in north carolina. up. we're up nationwide cnn two days ago. up nationwide. so i just want to tell you folks we are getting there we've been abused long enough. as a country, we've been abused long enough. we're also fighting for every region of this
8:23 pm
country. for every part of florida and every single part of america from pensacola, great place, to pittsburgh, from baltimore, to baton rouge, we're fighting for every last city and every last person in the country. everybody. [cheers and applause] hillary clinton, and you can see that from those emails. [boos] >> is a very dishonest candidate of the past. ours is the campaign of the future. in this future we're going to pursue new trade policies that put american workers first.
8:24 pm
and we're going to keep our jobs in our country. we're not goings to let them take our jobs anymore, folks. we're not going to let it happen. it's been happening long enough. and the reason they don't do anything about it is because the special interests and the donors control our politicians and they control hillary clinton and it's never ever going to ham. take a look at new york state. when she was the senator from new york state, she campaigned by saying that she was going to bring jobs back to new york state. new york state is a disaste disaster. she got elected. she did nothing. she said see you later in four years. she got elected, take a look at what happened to new york state.
8:25 pm
the jobs left. the jobs left. worse than just about any place in the country. she didn't do a thing. it was all talk and no action. and that's what's going to happen here. she is all talk. she's no action. believe me, she wouldn't know a job if it stared her in the face. i will be. [cheers] i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. that i can tell you. and, by the way, is there any place better, safer, or more fun to be than at a trump rally, right? [cheers and applause] having a good time.
8:26 pm
to all the people that got nafta wrong and, by the way, signed by bill clinton, perhaps the worst trade deals ever made in the history, not of the country, in the history of the world. there has never been a deal so bad as nafta. it's a one-way highway out of this country for our jobs and for our money. and we're going to renegotiate that one very quickly. let me tell you. and then you look at what's happening with china. and they are trying to give us the transpacific partnership now. [crowd booing] >> which will be a total disaster that hillary clinton called the gold standard. barack obama wants it. he is pressing it. it will be -- and i say this, nothing can be as bad as nafta, but it's going to be pretty close. so i just want to tell you
8:27 pm
we're not approving the transpacific partnership, just another catastrophe. [cheers and applause] our trade deficit, with the world, with the world, all this work, our trade deficit, with the world is almost $800 billion a year. you think we have good negotiators? we have lost 1/3 of our manufacturing jobs since bill and hillary clinton gave us nafta. china is manipulating its currency and taking our jobs. that's called cheating. believe me, i have great relationships with china. done many deals with china. made a fortune with china. have the largest bank in the world, which is from china as one of my tenants. they're excellent and they just renewed their lease.
8:28 pm
i can't believe it but they just renewed their lease. so lots of condos to china. we great with china. and i'm not blaming china. i'm blaming our leaders for being so stupid. [cheers and applause] we're going to stop companies from leaving our country and keep those jobs right here in pensacola. but right here in america. [cheers and applause] the era of economic surrender is over we will also have a very, very strong border. [cheers and applause] that stops people and drugs
8:29 pm
and those drugs are poisoning our youth and poisoning our people from illegally pouring into our country. we will build the wall and mexico will pay for the wall. [chanting build that wall] >> we're losing our jobs, folks. we're losing our jobs. it's all so easy. when a company makes product and they fire all their people in the united states and they announce they are moving, as an example, to mexico, we have to let them know there are consequences when they think they are going to sell their product back into our country. and when we tell them the consequences are 35% tax to cross a now very strong
8:30 pm
border, when we become president, and the border patrol agent 16500 endorsed donald trump. they have never done that before. never done it before for a presidential candidate. and when these companies that want to leave and then think they are going to sell their product to us, no problem, just come across. the suckers, you know, they call us the suckers. not going to happen. and, let me tell you. when they hear there is a tax to pay to get their product into the country, guess what? they're not going to be leaving, folks 100 percent. they're never leaving. right now you are being drained. as you stand here tonight, you have companies from this area and from all areas of the country, negotiating deals to move out of the united states. let me tell you something. when i'm president, that's not going to happen. so easy. so easy. and the reason other people don't bring it up including
8:31 pm
your wonderful politicians and including your so-called leader, if you can call him a leader. [boos] >> if you can call him a leader, is that they're controlled why their donors and special interests. they don't want it brought up. me, i'm not controlled, folks. me, i'm not controlled. we're going to take care of that. we're going to take care of that situation so quickly and you're going to sob happy. you're going to know you're going to have your company here for a long time. believe me. in this new future, we are going to raise your wages. you're going to have competition. people are going to be looking for many employees. they are going to be looking -- companies. companies. are going to be looking for people to work in that company. right now, you can't get a job. and all our good jobs are gone. household incomes are over
8:32 pm
$4,000 less today than they were 16 years ago. think of it. my tax, energy, immigration, regulation reform, which is a huge problem will get your salaries and your wages up, up, up. remember, many people, 18 years ago, in this room, were making more money in wage. they were making more money than they're making today. and today they're working two jobs. now, they are getting older and they're working harder. it's supposed to be the other way. so, we're going to bring your jobs back. you're going to have your choice and you're going to do very well. and you're going to say november 8th was a very important day. very important day. >> so there you go. donald trump in florida.
8:33 pm
hitting on economics and he has to win the sunshine state if he wants to be president. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. that nfl player who did not stand during the national anthem last night has a very interesting history. we will tell you all about it president obama threatening north korea after they ignite a nuke. do you think they are frightened over there? we hope you stay tuned to we hope you stay tuned to those reports. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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personal story segment tonight. let's bring in geraldo rivera who has been listening to the trump rally in florida. one the phrases. same standard trump speech -- stump speech. freudian slip. he says we have been abused enough as a country. do you feel america is abused? >> absolutely not. i don't get the driving down america theme. first of all, i think that he did the value voters summit earlier today in d.c. that was a much more, i think, professionally presented speech. it was aimed at the evangelical audience. it was more disciplined. it seemed more scripted. >> yeah. he wrote it right. this was off the cuff. >> this was the classic trump speech as you say. but he did it also in pensacola, which my friend john rich of big and rich calls the capital of the redneck riveria. the clinton clip you played when bill clinton got in trouble by, you know, allowing others to dredge up
8:38 pm
the old clips where he said make america great again. he, clinton, was in orlando, i think that's where the election will be decided. >> in the super parts of the state. >> i 4 corridor from orlando to tampa, the hispanic, much more diverse audience. pensacola, he has those people in the bag just as he has the evangelicals that were in d.c. today. >> he basically has turned it around in the last 10 days. trump has turned. because he had a rough august. and now the polls, as he said today, are going up. they are all going up for him. why? >> well, i think that kellyanne copway has brought a discipline to the campaign that did not exist. she really has. >> that's his manager. >> she is the campaign manager. she has given him a gravitas that he previously had hinted at from time to time but was so erratic and so undisciplined. >> his presentation rather than hillary clinton's troubles that's driving him? >> i think that hillary clinton, the emails and bengals and all that other
8:39 pm
stufother -- benghazi and all that other stuff. that's been around. that's almost a constant. what has changed is donald trump has changed. the worse thing ironically that has happened to donald trump recently was sitting down with you. when you asked donald trump about how birtherrism has affected his status among african-american voters, and he film flopped around. >> he said he didn't know. >> first one to bring it up in a long time. what you did, i think, and i'm sure you didn't foresee this is you gave the mainstream media something that they could finally use to stop trump's momentum. >> no, i don't see it that way. >> you see it everywhere. >> look, the questions have to be asked, number one. they have to be asked. my job to ask the toughest questions i can think of. >> the fact that it's reunited the right. >> you are right that the mainstream media is looking for anything to denigrate trump. i don't like that. i think it's terrible. trump is entitled to say he doesn't know because maybe
8:40 pm
he doesn't know if it's hurting him in the black community or not. we don't know how much that affected the overall attitude of african-americans on trump. we just don't know. it's impossible. let's get to hillary clinton. you say you don't appreciate any of that stuff. didn't it give you pause when bill clinton was paid almost $18 million, all right, by some laureate university for a no-show job as being honor yes chancellor. $18 million. and brass at that university were granted meetings at the state department? doesn't that turn your head a little bit? >> that is as relevant to me as trump university is. but let me tell you what. >> wait a minute, $18 million? >> i don't care about that. >> you really don't care? >> what i care about is monday sundown, in syria, all parties are allegedly going to agree -- they have aagreed will implement a
8:41 pm
cease-fire. in north korea there was nuclear explosion today that should give every american watching the chills. what i think is trump should speak to real issues. >> but, wait a minute. >> the republican party has been distracted by the things. >> three debates to get to that i'm shocked. a guy -- >> -- the world is going to hell in a hand basket. >> hand basket aside. i'm surprised that a guy like you isn't appalled, all right, that the highest officials in the land are now taking millions and millions of dollars putting them in the pockets and then meetings taking place and foundation donations take place. this is corruption. do you know. >> it's corruption. >> a man like you, a reporter with the chops that you have, show me one example where there has really been pay for pray. in other words, show me one example where somebody took money, one of these clintons took money and as a result
8:42 pm
of taking that money, they influenced some legislation or they directed the country in a place where the money giver wanted them to go. when you can prove that, then i will be concerned. >> it's the appearance. >> i'm going to give barack obama a complement now. >> whoa. >> in seven years, he hasn't put himself in that situation. has he, everyone? no. he hasn't. okay? how many times have the clintons put themselves in that situation? thousands? i mean, that has to be taken into account. last word. >> show me one pay for play. show me one and show me one evidence that her personal email has resulted in a national security leak that our enemies have obtained classified information. >> we don't have subpoena powers here. >> it's the rubber hits the road. >> you are cutting way too much slack.
8:43 pm
>> they blew the middle east. hillary clinton was secretary of state. the world -- the middle east is going to hell in a hand basket. that's the issue. >> that's a whole different thing. >> who is going to help us guide the world to a peaceful kind of world where there is equill lib yum. >> who is going to help us? bernie sanders. >> geraldo, everyone. there he is. >> when we come why the lack north korea violating every international law by testing a nuke. is president obama going to do anything about it another nfl player disrespecting the national anthem. right back.
8:44 pm
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that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. back of the book seeing wanted tonight, the factor news of the day. we begin with north korea conducting its fifth underground nuke test last night. that, of course, against international law but north korea doesn't care. the tests shook the earth at a .3 magnitude. and was the most powerful nighthawk larr exposition north korea has ever undertaken. condemnation came quickly. president obama saying, quote: as commander and chief, i have a responsibility to safeguard the american people and ensure the united states is leading the international community in responding to this threat.
8:48 pm
does anyone believe mr. obama will respond to the threat in a meaningful way? anyone? this evening i do not believe the north koreans are afraid back home, libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson still trying to recover from a tv interview where he did not know what aleppo was. >> i was thinking acronym when he said aleppo. and guilty. no excuse whatsoever. if it is kissing my chances goodbye, so be it. but i have always been served really well by telling the truth. and you tell the truth, and you can get your way through things. >> well, sadly, governor, so be it. you didn't have a chance in the first place. and now your profile is damaged beyond repair. at least in this campaign. for the record, i think the governor is a good man. misguided in some areas, but i appreciate his public service. but he is certainly not
8:49 pm
ready to run this country. and finally another nfl player refusing to stand during the national anthem. denver broncho's linebacker knelt last night and said this after the game. >> i'm not against the military. i'm not against, you know, the police, you know, or america, you know, i'm just against social injustice. i didn't want to do it as far as take a need. i will also donate to programs for veterans and, you know, different things like that i will donate undisclosed amount and i'm going to be active in this. >> now, mr. marshall is an interesting study as far as being an american is concerned. not a football player. an american. he was raised in las vegas. had a violent father who went to prison. but he worked hard and succeeded in developing his football skills. marshall received a scholarship, full scholarship from the university of nevada. he went to college free. by the way, he was on the same team as collin kaepernick who started the
8:50 pm
national anthem disrespect. by the way brandon marshall has played well in the national football league and recently signed a 32-million-dollar contract. so let's put this in perspective. poor kid, bad father, develops his god-given his god- is presented with an opportunity to attend college free of charge. then becomes a professional football player, earning millions in our capitalistic system. nowhere on earth could brandon marshall have done that but america. nowhere. to be fair, bad things do happen in this country, in every country, and they must be confronted. but to disrespect our entire system when you have reaped so much benefit from it is fallacious in the extreme. brandon marshall and others like him have an obligation to think about what they're putting out there because some
8:51 pm
impressionable folks listen to them. want to improve things? good. disrespecting the anthem, not good. in a moment, factor tip of the day. the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. and my results ended up beinge african, european and asian. it was great because it confirmed what i knew in my gut with a little surprise. ancestry helped give me a sense of identity. spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free
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factor tip of the day about the 9/11 anniversary in a moment. but first this weekend, a good time to order "killing the rising sun." my new book will be released this coming tuesday. it is written in the same style as killing patton. dealing with the last six months of the pacific war. big atom bomb component in the book. very explicit, and it's a more violent read than the other books. but you will learn a lot. but it is violent, so i want a little reader warning there. if you boum a
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premiere member, that's very benevolent. you get killing the rising sun free of charge. now the mail. bill, ohio. saying putin is a strong leader isn't legitimizing him. a fact is a fact. strong leaders do not murder people, bill. lincoln was a strong leader. putin is a punk. owen, lake geneva, wisconsin. o'reilly, you criticized trump for wanting to work with putin if he can. false, owen. i said it would be a good policy if russia became a responsible ally. i also said putin does not deserve any platitudes at this point. jean, georgia. when hillary clinton unilaterally took the ground troops option off the table in iraq and syria, she made the case for trump's observation that u.s. generals have been reduced to rubble. that's an excellent observation on your part, gene. judy, michigan. please move "watters' world" to the beginning of the factor so i can go to bed. but let me get this straight, judy.
8:56 pm
you throw me and the rest of the guests after the bus after watters is done? that's shocking. victoria, new york. only a capitalistic system could produce a job like watters has. very true, victoria. he's been in a gulag under putin. array, america henry. just drove to colorado, listened to killing reagan and time flew by. bought killing lincoln for the ride back. kevin, ireland. watched the factor here at 1:00 a.m., wish we had a program half as good. might start one over there one day. never know. factor tip of the day. the charity thank you's children rang the opening bell of the nasdaq on wall street. [ bell ringing ] tuesday's children serves more than 10,000 americans impacted by the 9/11 terror attack 15 years ago. it's very interesting what happened. families who lost loved ones on 9/11 have received close to $9 billion from the federal
8:57 pm
government. about $2 million for each family. however, ongoing problems, especially with children, aren't covered. loss of earnings and medical is covered. so tuesday's children designed to bring relief to families with kids who are now getting older, directly affected by the loss of their moms or dads when they were young. very worthy enterprise. we hope you check it out on tuesday's good thing to do on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from also we'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day. i love in. do not be pecksniffian when writing to the factor. we sent watters out to an nfl game. he'll be here monday with that report. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out
8:58 pm
for you. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save
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breaking tonight, one of the most controversial men in politics today is going to bat for team clinton. attacking fox news and trying to get an edge in what could be the most critical debate of this presidential election. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. on monday, september 26th, the first debate. less than one month later, the third and final. on wednesday, october 19th, hillary clinton and donald trump take to the stage in las vegas for what could very well be the most important debate of this presidential contest, not to mention these two people's lives. less than three weeks before election day, moderating that debate, our own chris wallace, hostf


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