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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 10, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. today is saturday, september the 10th, 2016. i'm heather nauert. hillary clinton insulting millions of americans. did you hear about this? her latest pitch to take down donald trump from last night. listen. >> half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable. racist, sexist, homophobe bic. zen phobic. islamophobic. you name it. >> add a few more things in it as well. that wasn't a gaffe. she had a teleprompter at that speech so that was planned. wow. >> and then this. three more hillary clinton clinton employees threatened
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to testify in front of congress. don't get your hopes up though. >> she is so protected. she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart, and she wouldn't be prosecuted, okay okay? >> holy smokes, let's hope she doesn't do that. >> the dumbest place on earth to bring your bachelor party. these guys thought it would be a great idea to celebrate at the 9/11 memorial. bachelor party there with a blowup doll. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ i want to rock ♪ rock ♪ i want to rock ♪ rock ♪ i want to rock ♪ rock. >> it's 6:01 in the east coast. 3:01 on the left coast. it's never too early for
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twisted sister and cheerleaders. >> first official nfl sunday. we ha piddlely game on thursday. this is the first sunday. we will bring the tailgate party to you. i can smell the funnel cake being cooked out there. >> i could as well. i think some wings at this early hour. never too early ribs and popcorn and all of that stuff. >> we hope you don't have a full stomach this morning because what we are about to tell you could be upsetting depending who you are. at a fundraiser. before we go on could i say heather nauert is on the couch? >> thank you. >> pause for a moment. just actually pause. now, let's move on. [ laughter ] >> actually, it's really. works all week speech. great to be the two of you. are you invited. i think barbra streisand. >> she was singing. i didn't get invited to the lbgt event. she said. this heather mentioned off
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the top of the show. she described trump supporters as a basket of deplorable. listen to all the people trump supporters. >> to be grossly generallistic. you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [ laughter ] right? the racist, sexist, homopossibly quick. zen phobic. islamophobic, you name it unfortunately, there are people like that. and he has lifted them up. >> she said she wanted, she said, look intervention. if you have a friend deciding voting for trump. have an intervention. get your friends together. they are probably racist and probably hem mow phobic have an intervention. >> quarter of the country
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between than dark space malibu. pandering to her audience in the grossest possible way. throws islamophobic in there. if you have a problem with islam you are racist? >> i'm going to be grossly generallistic. >> she went ahead exactly that 14 million americans voted for donald trump in the primary. whether you like him or dislike donald trump, to insult those people who voted for him is an insult himself. i spent a lot of time as you did you too on the road talking to factory workers in west virginia coal miners. not so much in love with donald trump but they disloik hillary clinton not just for her policies on coal. they say the democratic party left them long ago. insulting people is a huge insult. >> i totally agree. the people in charge invaded iraq and blue up the housing
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market and banks and made the country much weaker. that's donald trump's fault? anyone who supports him a racist? what? she has pure contempt for the middle of the country. >> that's why the trump campaign is firing back on comments saying what is deplorable isn't that hillary clinton made a mistake happened to be around to catch it it's just clinton revealed how much she thinks of the hard working men and women of america. something happens this close to election day. i'm curious what is the strategery behind it? this was in the teleprompter and charles krauthammer made a great point. setting the bar so low during the debates basically she is lining him up as a mouth breather. if he comes out and looks slightly presidential he wins because she set that bar. >> she lives in a world and i live in the same world by the way where not a single person disagrees with this. everybody in the upper east
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side? georgetown and los angeles think that donald trump supporters are bigots. this just seems obvious to her. >> a lot of people are talking about this. this is the number one trending thing on twitter, basket of deplorables, which by the way, putting aside her definition of the basket of deplorables sounds a little fun, right? sounds like something that did in college. >> something tucker gave me for christmas. >> you found by basket of deplorables which i'm a little embarrassed. >> here is what frank luntz tweeted. this tonight hillary clinton just had her 47% moment. expect poll numbers to get even tighter after this one. #deplorables. >> we want to hear what you have to say about this. send in emails or tweet us at "fox & friends," right? >> yeah. something like that. >> here is the confusing part. >> democrats really believe this, that trump is crazy. he is a bigot. is he a putin stooge and anyone who votes for him is
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either addicted to oxycontin. how could he be tied by hillary clinton? they are completely shocked by. this don't know anyone who would vote for him. the "the washington post" says in a big piece today saying what? basically becaming hillary clinton for the fact that they're tied. >> these high -- first of all, the dissatisfaction numbers, i guess that's what you would call them. high dissatisfaction numbers for hillary clinton that she has not captivated the base. that young black voters are sort of sitting back saying -- sitting on heir hands and say she doesn't excite me in any kind of way. i'm not voting for trump but hillary clinton doesn't do anything for me either. >> hillary clinton's message resonate, the whole system is rigged. they feel that the system is rigged. >> if you are letting in millions of low skilled workers from foreign countries what does that do to your average black worker? it doesn't help actually at all. they know that hillary clinton in the last week attacks trump as racist. trying to tie him to the plan.
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a super pac tieing him to the mlk assassination. talking about her deep christian faith. spare me. these are desperation moves from candidate who feels like it's slipping away. >> under performing with black voters right now. that's part of the reason why you hear bill clinton make america great again racist. we have a segment on that coming up. >> bill clinton said that. >> oh yeah. make america great again is racist. meantime he uses those statements years ago. more on that later. >> trump speaking on his faith, i will defend christianity more than anyone ever has before. he was also talking about hillary clinton. she seems like she has been teflon. all of these scandals and yet unprosecutable. listen. >> everything she touches has turned bad. now she wants to be president. i mean, the only thing she has done well and she will go down in history for it, i have to admit, is getting out of trouble with the emails. that's the single greatest achievement of hillary clinton.
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we're going to do better than lock her up. we're going to win on november 8th. that's what we're going to do. because she is being so protected, she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart and she wouldn't be prosecuted, okay? >> and news of that shooting would be released late on a friday afternoon before a holiday weekend by the fbi. >> you're right. [ laughter ] >> good one, tucker. >> let us know your thoughts on that on ff weekend. we have much more on that coming up. >> we have a busy show. starting with a blatant show of disrespect at the 9/11 memorial. take a close look at this picture. it is a bachelor party. a bunch of brits and this picture is now sparking outrage as they snap selfies with a blowup doll at ground
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zero. where thousands of people, including many brits, lost their lives that day. this happened just days before the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks on the twin towers. a police officer stepping in and then asking the group to leave. a man who was believed to be the groom brushed off the ordeal telling critics to relax. it's just a bachelor party. wow. how disrespectful. and overnight we learned the man who shot president ronald reagan will walk out of his mental hospital for good today. john hinckley jr. shot the president 35 years ago to empress the actress jody foster. 61-year-old will live with his elderly mother in virginia for at least a year. hinckley has a long list of rules he has to follow, including a ban on speaking to the media unprecedented move from the federal government this morning, ordering owners of the new samsung galaxy smart phone unplug their devices and stop using them immediately.
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the u.s. consumer products safety commission issuing a warning as it works with samsung on a formal recall, faulty batteries are causing the devices to explode. wow. one example. we talked about this one yesterday. a samsung galaxy caused this jeep to go up in flames. take a closer look at that jeep. it burned out that entire vehicle. it was certainly something else. be careful and unplug it then a major financial fallout this morning for the latest nfl player to protest the national anthem. broncho's linebacker brandon marshall losing his endorsement deal with the air academy federal credit union after he refused to stand for the anthem at thursday night's game. the credit union saying, quote, while we examine brandon's right of expression his aches are not a representation of our organization and membership. marshall has not responded. i'm sure he didn't think that one through but they certainly have the right to
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do that especially subsidized by the taxpayers. >> samsung is more exciting than most cell phones. i will say that. >> samsung is? >> yeah. >> because you never know what might happen. >> i take my iphone for granted you would never take samsung for granted. >> that's a feature. >> that's what hillary clinton needed. one that just erupts in flames. >> have you had an samsung 7. >> is that going to happen to our iphone. >> apple better hope not. >> clayton, this is for you. this is your pumpkin spice latte forecast. cold air across parts of canada. it is coming. i think we will see a few little shots of fall moving. in saying that across the east coast. you have no idea if it's near because it's been so hot. another day and at least in towards the northeast the heat. the southeast you are going to remain very warm or mostly dry. south florida a little disturbance moving through. this line of storms brought very heavy rain across kansas overnight including some flooding that had some
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spots maybe around 8 inches of rain the last couple of days. hefty line of storms moving through. severe weather later today across parts of the northeast. the west, you are looking fine. but temperaturewise, here you go. here is where that front is. still hot across the east. tomorrow dips down a little bit more. the next batch comes in on monday. little bit of cool air coming, guys. not in sight, but it is in sight now. >> nasty outside. like watching swamp creature. >> i put on my sunglasses and they would all fog up as soon as i walk outside. >> it's september. >> matt lauer of nbc torn apart for daring to ask saint hillary actual questions about emails are reporters trying to protect her? that's a rhetorical question. we have more on that next. >> and it's the sugar rush around the world. meet the adorable little girl sweeping the internet devouring cotton candy. ♪ don't forget to say you will ♪ don't forget to say yea yea ♪ yeah yeah
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before october 31st to receive your 6th night free, plus $600 in spending credits. well, the establishment media rushing to the side of hillary clinton to give her aid and defend her and beating matt lauer over the head for daring to ask about email scandal at this week's town hall. the latest in a series of attacks by the press on anyone who might ask tough questions of hillary or appear to be on trump's side. the next guest says trump has a trump sized blind spot. michael tracy, columnist for the new york daily news wreath the single smartest piece on the media and donald trump i have seen this season. united states to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> matt lauer, i don't think anyone would accuse matt lauer of being a
3:18 am
conservative guy. within. >> hillary clinton has the unprecedented advantage of virtually the expire elite media against her opponent. even that being the case, she and her surrogates still go out of their way to whine and complain at the press whenever they exhibit the slittest hint of scrutiny of her record. so the email scandal is, you know, routinely dismissed by liberal pundits but anyone who has a basic journalistic impulse would have led with that even matt lauer doing simple journalistic act earned him the total ire of the media establishment and they have no self-awareness of that fact. >> why is that? they are liberal but always been liberal. something more going on here. they feel threatened by trump in a way that i don't think any candidate threatens them.
3:19 am
>> ted cruz had been nominated it would have been united against him basically as well but i don't think their contempt would have been as visceral for ted cruz. ted cruz is not as proximate to them. donald trump came up in elite media spheres. reality tv host. paid by nbc universal. so i think that there is this sense within the elite liberal stratum that they bear some responsibility for trump in a way. >> the "the washington post" has disgraced itself in campaign coverage this year. no longer a newspaper. they had editorial yesterday saying we have to stop asking questions about hillary's email. judging about the amount of time matt lauer spent pressing her on emails during the national security forum. one would think most important issue facing this country. it has not. this story has vastly exceeded the boundary of the facts. go on to say hey, stop
3:20 am
asking questions. it helps trump. >> by referring to the matter as the email issue, i think that's sort of a trivialization. first of all, the emails themselves are public records, which were destroyed. so, to referring to the emails gives the impression this stupid little, you know, side show that doesn't really ultimately matter but the public records that are supposed to be put in historical record for future citizens to look back on and analyze hillary's term as secretary of state. >> they belong to us. they are not hers. >> michael tracy is this man's name. tracey. google him. it's truly amazing piece. great to see you. >> thanks. >> thank you. hillary clinton insulting millions of people pitched to take down trump. here is what she said. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplocials. racist, sexist. homophobe bic. zen know phobic. islamophobic. you name it that's what she thinks of you, america.
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welcome back. some quick headlines for you. incredible video showing marilyn sheriff deputies and civilian rescuing a family of five including two toddlers from a burning car. the officers having no concern for their own safety. >> we're not worried about, you know, being injured. we're not worried about nothing but getting the kids out of the car. i don't care what happens to me. as long as they make it, that's all that matters. especially the kids. they have a lot more life to live. >> one family member is in the hospital with burns. and another daring rescue caught on camera.
3:25 am
a couple of good samaritans helping a driver escape his car as it dang geles off the side of a parking garage in texas. holy cow. where is spider man when you need him. the driver went straight off the top floor while trying to park in the garage. the vehicle held on with only a cable wrapped around the axle. the driver walked away with no injuries. hillary clinton's comments causing outrage this morning after she called millions of americans deplorable at a fundraiser last night. listen to this. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the baskets of deplorables. racist, sexist, homophobic. xenophobia. islamophobic, you maim it. will those words cause consternation to voters on both sides of the aisle. democratic strategist and trump supporter and garland.
3:26 am
good morning. is that really how democrats view trump supporters as deplorable? >> it. no and here's the thing about it? why not? she said it. >> now, i believe that most democrats, yes, to some extent believe that there is an element within the group of people that support trump, donald trump that are racist and that may be referred to in a way that hillary said that but, no. certainly no, democrats don't believe that all trump supporters are like that. and i don't think that that was a good thing for hillary to say. i don't think that's going to benefit her. >> something somewhat similar that mitt romney said when he ran for president. 47% of people being on the dole. something akin to that paris is, this going to hurt hillary clinton? >> you know what, heather, first of all, thank you for having me on the show it is going to hurt hillary, secretary clinton. this is different than what governor romney said didn't say half of the people that
3:27 am
with supporting his opponent were racist. were sexist, were misog nist or xenophobia. so the problem for secretary clinton is it's a crazy world. if she happens to win this election, which i don't think she will, she will have to talk to half of those americans, over 14 million americans who voted for mr. trump not supporting her and explain to them why she does not think now that they are racist or sexist. it's offensive and she owes the american people an apology. especially for people like me. >> offensive. >> yes. >> something bill clinton has said is raising a lot of eyebrows. he says donald trump's make america great again is racist. listen to this. >> that message where i'll give you america great again is if you're a white southerner, you know exactly what it means. don't you? what it means is i will give you your economy. you had 50 years ago and i
3:28 am
will move you back up on the social tote totem pole and other people down. >> that was last week and listen to him a few years ago. >> i believe that together we can make america great again. >> to secure a better future for your children and your grand children and to make america great again. >> i want to attack problems and make america great again. >> it's time for another come back. time to make america great again. >> so garland, why is this racist now if donald trump says it but it wasn't when he said it? >> well, let's lock at this from a different perspective. that is i think it's indicative of that greater -- i'm a democrat. but i think it's indicative of a much greater problem in the clinton campaign and that is this. they are -- you know, one day it's putin and the russians. it's the whole cold war democrat kind of thing. now it's make america great again. they are not getting to the issues that are going to decide the election, which is about jobs, and which is about the economy. they are spending too much time on extraneous issues.
3:29 am
if they don't get pack to that. >> paris, i'm wondering if you think this has something to do with hillary clinton. she is under performing among black voters, especially in key states there was one recent survey that says that she is down by 10% among black voters. is that what it's about? or is it something else? >> heather, this is exactly what it is about. it's about a distraction they are putting out there for the american people to make sure they understand that they believe that donald trump is a racist. so they're going to do whatever they can to have these distraction tactics to take the focus off the fact that mr. trump is leading in a couple polls with 8% with the african-american community which is above what governor romney received which is 6%. the bigger issue is that the clintons have a history of playing this dog whistle race baiting politics that goes back to the time when he was running for governor and running for president and back in 2007 and 2008 when they started, the clinton campaign started the birther movement and whisper campaigncampaigns about presidet obama's race and religion.
3:30 am
>> one of the things he said in the primaries was he said he didn't think his wife would win that primary because she was white. certainly racial politics there. we have to leave it there. thank you so much for getting up so early on a saturday morning for us. we love having you. have a great saturday. >> my pleasure. >> you too. >> >> tearing down tributes to 9/11. >> if you want, you are allowed to put posters up, but you need to get permission from student government to do that otherwise, i have to take them down. >> right, because we are all bureaucrats, right? >> this disgusting display that you need to see to believe. and tomorrow is the first sunday of the nfl season. if you don't have tickets, to tailgate at the stadium. join us counsel here. rick looks like he is having a good time with the cheerleaders. enjoy the games at home this football season. it's a man cave. love me a man cave.
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i wanti did my ancestrydna and where i came from. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at now to a fox news alert and some breaking news out of syria this morning. the obama administration announcing that they have partnered with russia on a break through deal that would cause and reinforce this cease-fire with syria to make sure that sundown on monday that no more aircraft from assad's air force would be able to take night on
3:35 am
bombing raids, killing civilians. this is being heralded as a break-through deal. >> working with russia to bring peace to syria. good for the obama people. this is obvious solution. what is strike something they have been resisting this. if you have been paying attention for the past three months. all we have been hearing is rush ha is evil. like the soviets are back. we can't do business with them they are evil and now here we are. >> we should be septic call working with russia. russia has much bigger plans not just in a ream where they would like to set up a port which would bring a lot of money that the russians need. infrastructure building as well. bringing the country, rubble rue is low. they have a greater plan. >> sure they do. >> i would be skeptical of working with them because woe have to share some intelligence. we already know that they have. >> you don't trust putin? >> no.
3:36 am
absolutely not. i bet if assad continues bombing and we look the other way we don't do anything about it five years later, half a million people are already killed and now we are doing something? >> what's in our interest? our interest is slowing the spread of radical islam. that's the threat to us. and so what's putin's interest? doing the same. former soviet republic publics, contiguous pieces of land. >> they crack down in ways that other nations don't and that we don't. >> right. they are better equipped to handle it internally. >> common cause with another country that has the same enemy we do. >> great idea. i'm just highly skeptical. >> donald trump has been saying this for a number of months and interesting timing. take a listen to donald trump over the past few months. >> if we got along with russia, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? that wouldn't be so bad. and if russia, which has a huge isis problem also, wants to help us get rid of
3:37 am
isis, and wants to spend billions and billions of dollars along with us on getting rid of isis, i'm all for it, folks. >> russia wants to get rid of isis as much as we do, if not more. because they don't want them coming into russia. i'm saying why are woe knocking isis and yet, at the same time, we're against assad. let them fight. take over the remnants. but more importantly. let russia fight isis. >> let's not put the cart before the horse here. if russia is able to lean on assad. civilian air force hitting civilian. if russia will marshall our air forces and start hitting targets, islamic targets. we will see. >> all i care about is this is the middle finger to the foreign policy establishment in washington, the same one squandered american power. really hurt this country and made the world more chaotic. they deserve attacks and trump is the only one and i love him for this, to say
3:38 am
this outloud. lick you have no idea what you are doing. you wrecked everything. you invaded iraq. you made a mess of everything. why don't you be quiet. >> no one better than taking out bad guys and taking out tear tone than the united states. we can certainly kill these isis guys. the question is what is the plan for day two? who is going to lead this country? who is going to take over that country? we have seen a mess in iraq and other places. that's the question we need to be asking. >> i'm for assad but i guess i'm the only one. >> couple headlines to bring you to right now. new report from the justice department says throw heroes tried to stop terrorists faruq and malik by rushing them as they opened fire at office party in san bernardino, california. chilling 911 calls just released. >> there is people with machine guns in arms that are shooting up at my work. >> did you see people with the guns? >> yes. yes. there are throw men wearing all black. >> we are driving there. >> they opened the door and
3:39 am
started shooting inside the room. >> okay. inside which rooms? >> shooting inside of conference rooms in building three. >> goodness. 14 people were killed in that. the terrorist couple firing 85 shots in that building before they were gunned down by police in their suv. a purple haired history professor caught on camera, ripping down 9/11 memorial posters. watch this. >> if you want, you are allowed to put posters up but you need to get permission from student government to do that, otherwise, i have to take them down. >> because i'm a bureaucrat and i don't agree with this. well, the professor at saddle back college in california telling a group of students that they need to hang their tributes in a free speech zone, not on campus buildings. give me a break. tucker, they didn't have that when we were in college, did they free speech zone. whatever that is the teacher at the school known for her belief that the 9/11 attacks were a result of u.s.
3:40 am
imperialism. 3-year-old steals the show at recent seattle mariners game after losing her mind over cotton candy. catching a sugar high, that of course, comes -- well then comes the crash. here's the evidence of that look at this little thing as she just crashes out in the backseat of that car in her car seat. her parents shared that picture after the game. and those are your headlines. i have been there so many times with my 5 and 6-year-old boys. except they don't have the fall asleep part. they just keep on going. all right. let's head outside. >> look at that. >> what are you wearing? >> tucker did you get your eagle's suit yet? >> wow. >> i know you always think i'm fashion forward. >> what is happening, clayton? >> it is football season. are you ready for football? tomorrow is the first i'm sorry, tomorrow is the first sunday of the nfl season. if you don't have tickets to tailgate at the stadium, what better way to enjoy the games at home than in your own man cave.
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if you don't have your own smoking jacket clayton could get you hooked up. >> here is the president of man caves dan silverman. welcome. did you have any idea when was coming out. >> not at all. >> cheerleaders pack here. going to kick my butt. >> all right. hey, let's talk about it. we are happy you are here. you get up people with the ultimate man cave and starting with this season. row one seating. >> talk about this row one seating. >> this row one seating is definitely the ultimate leather seating. it's got full motion. the head rests come up in the back here. they fully recline. great chairs. great chairs. >> cup holders. >> cup holders, usb guesses. you can see my head rest is coming out. >> usb chargers. >> galaxy. >> note 7. >> is there like a refrigerator attached to this or anything. >> not on these chairs but we can do it for you. >> you can make anything happen, really. >> there is a product out there for everybody.
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we can help you glut let's talk about the sound system and watching the game. >> what you have here is you have induction dynamics. they provided us with an incredible left, right, and center speakers right here. these speakers, these are very high end speaker company induction dynamic. if you are hooking for audio file quality to go along with your mcintosh system, this is definitely the speaker to go to. >> the i savant system. >> ultimate in control for your home. one single app. device that will allow you to control every aspect of your home within a ipad. an iphone or an android. this picture device is savant's new remote. this remote control is the best in the industry. you can speak to it you can say turn on "fox & friends" and it will turn right on to you. >> i love it. >> we want to lower the barrier to getting people to watch this show.
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watch outside seating by fire pit. how you can could that with a tv that will be weather proof? >> this tv is made by syria. take a hose to it. it is completely weather proof. can handle the winter anything minus 30 or 40 degrees. it's incredible tv. >> there is no glare on. >> it super bright tv. in matter where the sun is, the sun could shine right on it, and you will be able to see the tv as clear as day. >> fantastic, football by the hot tub. >> that's it. dan silverman, man caves workers appreciate you being here this morning. the big day starts tomorrow. we appreciate it. >> thanks, cheerleaders. >> you guys always get the best segments. >> we'll hear them snores. >> i'm envious. a brand new bombshell shows that the doj offered immunity to another clinton associate. we have details on that. former attorney general alpealberto gonzalesjoins us ne.
3:44 am
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welcome back. the fbi under fire after a new report indicates the justice department has granted immunity to the computer specialist who use the program bleach bit to delete hillary's emails after they were subpoenaed. this is now the second person in the investigation that is going to receive immunity. joining me now is former attorney general and author of truth faith and allegiance. get to that in a moment. is he alberto gonzales. nice to see you. welcome back to the show. >> good morning, it is early. >> it is early. thank you for getting up with us this weekend. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> this guy using bleach bit. if you go to their website says bleach bit quickly free's desk space. frey clears cookies and internet history. basically shredding your digital footsteps. why is this important that he has received immunity? >> because the department
3:48 am
believes that he has information that may be relevant to the commission of the crime. again, there is no proof that a crime has been committed here, but i think the department is interested in what this individual may know about what happened here. there is a lot of mystery here in terms of what's happened. and a lot of smoke. and i think the department, i think is feeling some pressure to make sure they cross all the t's and dot all the i's in connection with this investigation. >> why now? we heard james comey come out and heard him talk. it seems like she is going to walk away as donald trump has been saying. you know, she is unprosecutable. why now? >> well, there could be two reasons. one is because something -- they may now have new information which causes them to pursue this course of action. or they may be feeling political pressure. pressure from the media that perhaps they haven't done a thorough job n ction the investigation. i don't know why now. but, again, to the extent that a crime may have been
3:49 am
committed, this is probably the right course. >> i want to talk about your new book on this, the 15th anniversary of 9/11. have you written a book called true faith and aloj jans which discusses the trials and hard choices ahead for this country. why did you decide to write this book? >> well, because i serve in the white house during a consequential time in our nation's history. obviously working the white house on 9/11 being involved in many of the major decisions, controversial decisions on the war on terror. we put in place a framework, which i think has searched thiserved this country very well in fighting terrorism. this remains a very dangerous world. i thought i might have something to contribute with respect to that issue. >> of course, as you mentioned, waterboarding and the things that came out of everything we experienced on september 11th. you address that in the book as well? >> i hit all the controversial issues. i didn't want any of the critics to say gonzalez steered away. i talked about the applications in the geneva
3:50 am
convention. guantanamo. i want wanted everyone to understand how hard we worked to try to get it right. maybe we didn't get it right never case. we worked very hard to make sure whatever we did was necessary, effective and lawful? former u.s. attorney general alberto gonzalez. new book true faith and allegiance. thanks for being with us. >> you bet, thanks. >> are democrats taking the black vote for granted. wait until you hear what they say when asked about hillary clinton? david webb joins us with that at the top of the hour. there he is in redskins tie unfortunately. sully landing this theaters this weekend. is it a miracle at the box office. kevin mccarthy is here with his review of "sully." hi, kev. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
3:51 am
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3:54 am
sully, sully. >> sully, where are you? >> the new movie "sully" reveals the untold story of the miracle on the hudson. film is set to land in theaters today. >> so, should you see it or let it sly. old friend kevin mccarthy who has seen this film. god morning, kevin. >> good morning to you guys. i'm out here in the toronto international film festival. "sully" hit theaters yesterday morning. everyone is obviously interested to see the movie because it's the unfold story of what happened with captain sully after the miracle on the hudson. did i not know the story about him being investigated by the ntsb. i did not know that they claimed he could make it back to laguardia. this is all information i was unaware of. i knew it was public but i
3:55 am
didn't know that information going into the film. clinton eastwood directed the movie fin nominal film maker to unforgiven to-million-dollar baby. sitting down with him in a room was pretty surreal considering how much i loved the good, the bad, and the ugly. i spock to him how do you recreate the landing of the plane on the hudson? he decided to eat peanuts during his answer. watch this. >> how are you making it look like they are actually going down, hitting water? how do you film that? >> god, i don't know how i did that. [ laughter ] you just do it in pieces. we shot all the point of views of the boats coming in and all that and then we shot back in the lake here in california. we shot with a plane exact same plane, same type of plane. and we're -- in the lake on a gimbel. and we could move that around and then it could duck down in the water and
3:56 am
all that. you surround your system with people who know a lot of stuff and you can do all kinds of stuff. >> guys, that was the man with no name. that's the man with no name right there. it's amazing. >> doesn't he know he is on camera. >> there is a guy who doesn't care about what anybody else thinks. i'm going to eat peanuts while you ask me these questions. make my day. >> i think he was going to lunch right after that interview. actually, i know he was. he was probably very, very hungry. the movie itself i gave 4.5 out of 5. phenomenal by tom hanks to plays sully in the movie. shot in nonlinear format. watch the landing from multiple perspectives as you are watching the movie. very well-told story. only about 90 minutes long. i give it 4.5 out of five. a wonderful film. definitely worth seeing. stay through the credit so you can see the actual pilot and real passengers. >> thanks, kevin. >> hillary clinton just
3:57 am
insulted millions of americans calling donald trump supporters deplorable, racist, and sexist. so will the media pay attention to this one? and will it hurt her in the polls? david web is here to talk about the fallout. is he walking in right now. hey, david. good ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology
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4:00 am
i don't think hinckley's overnight release. >> then hillary clinton tells us what she really thinks, insulting millions of americans in one fell swoop. watch this. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobia, islamophobic, you name it. >> hear that america? you are bigots. that's what hillary thinks.
4:01 am
we will break it down coming up. >> and did you see these pictures surfacing on the internet? back in the day playboy bunny in that photo is speaking out. she wants to talk some politics. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ saturday, in the park ♪ i think it was the fourth of july ♪ saturday ♪ in the park. >> couldn't you watch that all morning? >> yeah. what a day. way to start the morning. >> jets cheerleaders out here. beginning with breaking breaking cheerleader news on "fox & friends." ♪ tomorrow is the first sunday of the nfl season and we are bringing you the tailgate party on the plaza this morning. have some fun. cooking up some pop coshocton. funnel cake in the hallways. do that.
4:02 am
>> class in our studio. we have children at desks at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. we will teach them how to stay safe on the internet. not a small thing. >> you know what these kids love is a weekend and they love waking up at 6 chock a.m. on the weekend to come and do a morning show. >> and to sit at their desk with backpacks no less. kids, thanks for coming. in we love to have you here this morning. >> bring in david webb fox news contributor on a saturday morning. >> by the way, i would have worn my backpack just to come in with you guys. >> keeper? >> absolutely. >> hillary clinton had a teleprompter the other day at an event in new york city she was speaking to lbgt group. speaking to trump supporters. get your comments. listen. >> to be grossly generallistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [ laughter ]
4:03 am
right? the racists, sexists, xenophobic, islamophobic. there are people like that. >> that's the middle of the country she thinks they are racist, sexist, bigots. they are immoral. >> this how the clintons see americans. you are channeled to be used. this is the new sandra fluke. think about where she was speaking. she was lbgt event, so now she uses every foe bicist or ism to do i have those who don't support her. clinton elitism. >> what was behind this? it was in the teleprompter. strategic, early voting starting very soon. she says. this it's written down in the teleprompter. what's the strategies here. >> the strategy is people won't even remember some of the words but they will remember that she said
4:04 am
somebody hates. she will remember what she is selling. it's the fear game. we have seen this playbook. you make the republicans or your opponents someone to hate, someone who run away from. unfortunately, this has been going on for decades with the democrats and it's worked. it's worked in minority communities. it's not works as well as it used to for hillary. this is a disconnect with her. but it has worked. and that's what they are doing. >> it's not just the democrats, lindsey graham thinks it's the same thing elites on both sides. look out in the middle of the country and they say i hate you? right, they fly over a country. let me tell you something, i drive through flyover country. >> i'm from flyover country. >> let me tell you these are some of the most down home honest people, republicans or democrats or independence, whatever. they are not looking at americans. they are looking at voting blocks. it's the cynicism, the incredible cynicism of the political class. >> david, does this help her or does it hurt her? did had help or hurt mitt
4:05 am
romney some are drawing comparisons when he talked about 47 or 48% of americans who get government establishes or who too not pay federal taxes. >> you know what? it probably hurt mitt romney more because he had the imagine fire of the media going after him. that video that was taken in the meeting. and the liberal, more liberal quarters of the media that will magnify the message with hillary clinton, they will just ignore it and walk away. but, we as americans now have to take a look at the policies that have failed. look at the clinton policies, look at what she is proposing to do. and ask yourself how does this help me? >> something is going viral overnight. and it had to do with bill clinton's comments about donald trump saying make america great again. here is bill clinton, just from the other night, talking about donald trump and then we will play this other sound bite. listen. >> i will give you america great again is if you're a white southerner, you know exactly what it means, don't
4:06 am
you? what it means is i will give you your economy you had 50 years ago and i will move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down. >> so, it's racist. make america great again. here is what bill clinton said back in 1991. watch. >> i believe that together we can make america great again. >> to secure a better future for your children and grandchildren and to make america great again. >> i want to attack these problems and make america great again. >> it's time for another come back. time to make america great again. >> so bill clinton, i guess, is racist by that same measure? >> does anybody get tired of being lectured by a white southerner who carpet bags to new york with his wife who runs for the presidency so she can claim that you're a racist? let me put it in context. 91, 92, up to 2008. it's not that those were the clinton years and he meant something else. 2008 was his wife's run against barack obama. this is, again, what we are talking about.
4:07 am
huber russ hypocrisy. painting people as something it run away from. make america great. trump is talking about the economy. look at his education speech in cleveland. opportunity, law enforcement, a safe community, a safe border, a safe nation. clinton has to paint that as some sort of ist, ism or otherwise. >> i see elite ruling class that's lost all sympathy for the country they govern. i hear him saying again as his wife did if you disagree with me you are a bad person. shut up and obey. >> absolutely, it's the elitism that goes with the clintons. >> she sunday performing among black voters, hurting herself more than president obama did at that time. and so some would argue that this is just an attempt to try to get the black vote, to go out and vote for her. donald trump does he have poorly with that. will this work? will this work at engaging black voters? >> i don't think it works as well as it used to.
4:08 am
clearly obama had the advantage because of the color of his skin and identifying factor. hillary clinton is a disconnected politician, the elitist, again, political class versus the rest of us. hillary clinton doesn't connect as well. plus, black voters in the black block voting block is not one monoly thick block. younger disaffected millennials, they look at their reality. they can't get a job. they can't get a good job. education is failing. they have younger brothers and sisters. they have other family members. they are living their reality. the democrats and hillary clinton and the elitist want to sell you something else. well, when they are done calling you everything or playing to you on television, or in a speech, you still go home to your reality. that's where she is losing. and, frankly, to the back community, to any economically deprived community or lower on the rungs. why don't you go out and look at your reality and consider whose policies are pro-growth, which is the best for america. look at what they have done. they have rewritten their
4:09 am
history. jfk pro-growth tax cutter. this is where reagan took it jfk did for the first time in 45 years. they have written him out. the clintons are rewriting history and telling blacks you still belong to us. >> it'grotesque. good to see you, david overnight we heard that the man who shot president ronald reagan will walk out of a mental hospital for good later today. john hinckley jr. shot president reagan 35 years ago to impress the actress jody foster. the 61-year-old will live with elderly mother in virginia for at least for a year. he has to follow a long list of rules including a ban on speaking to the media a fall appeals court blocking a new law that would have required voters to show proof of citizenship in order to cast a vote in this november's election. now, the rile was supposed to take effect in three states, kansas, georgia, and alabama. civil rights groups complain that the law might disenfranchise minority
4:10 am
voters from showing up at the polls. instead they will only have to swear that they are u.s. citizens and not show any proof. well, time to pay up. european union finance officials firing back at apple, claiming that it owes billions of your rows in back taxes. officials say the company hasn't paid proper taxes in europe for more than a decade. apple's bill could reach 19 billion euros. when you factor in interest, apple is now asking for appeal. it's that time of year parents and kids sharing pictures showing how excited they are to get back to school but not this kid. when i will his brother can't wait to start kindergarten, this boy is brutally honest with a grumpy look on his face holding a sign that says, quote i hate school and i refuse to hold a sign unless it says i hate school. those are the boys right there. kindergartner so eption sighted to start school. the other kid says i hate math. >> my son is 6 and my daughter is 4. they poet started school. they are very excited about
4:11 am
it i hope it doesn't wear off. >> look at that. man, you have got cute kids. >> he grand her by the hand and led her into the school. that was very sweet. >> hopefully that doesn't wear off. >> your kids are so great you should have more. >> any moment. >> i know. clayton is about to be the father of three. >> we are watching the phone. >> i'm now a father of throw. i just got the alert. i just got the text right now. i better go to the hospital. i got to go to the hospital. >> let's go to rick reichmuth to fill in the blanks. >> by the way you would get that alert on your watch. if anybody is going to find out that they had a baby it's going to be you finding it out on that. let's talk a little bit of weather out there. we have got a pretty nice day. a little bit of fall coming. in east coast looking good actually hot and humid again. you see this line of storms moving in across the central part of the country it brought a lot of rain the last couple days to parts of kansas and missouri and overnight into oklahoma. that line of storms will begin to kind of fade out just a little bit but pause of the rain that's fallen so far, flooding going on right
4:12 am
now right there across the central plains. be very careful this morning. that line of storms will pull off toward the east. you will notice behind it the temps really dropping. getting full, first little shot, say, of kind of cooler, fall air. overnight temperatures dropping even into the 40's and 50's. east coast still very, very warm. take a look. by 11 o'clock tonight, still feels like 79 in charlotte. 80 in atlanta. 81 in new york. yesterday, thant hit your 80th day of 90 degrees plus temperatures today, likely 81. get another nine more days of that and get your all time record. today cools down a couple of degree. by monday cooler air coming in across the northern plains again. send it back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> well, donald trump appealing to evangelical voters. >> the trump administration, our christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended, like you've never seen before.
4:13 am
>> and are voters believing that? we'll talk about that coming up. >> breaking news this morning. edward snowden, he loves the united states, and he plans to return, he says. an unusual story. stay tuned. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here.
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4:16 am
politicians have really abandoned you to a large extent. and hillary clinton, you can forget about her. so let me say this right up from front.
4:17 am
a trump administration, our christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended, like you've never seen before. >> that was donald trump, of course, diagnose something has ever done before as he addresses the evangelical value voter summit in washington. official party nominee. how does his message resonate in the crowd. tony perkins president of the family research council, author of the book no courage new generation standing for truth. good to see you this morning. >> good, tucker. how are you? >> we're good. tony, this is clayton asking you this question. the republican presidential nation he would like to repeal a 62-year-old measure known as the johnson amendment which prohibits religious organizations from making political endorsements. that was some big news that came out of this speech. what do you make of that?
4:18 am
smart move? >> well, it is. it's something he has been talking about. in fact, he explained yesterday how it came about when he was meeting with some pastors and they said they couldn't speak favorably about him for risk of losing their tax exemption. he said why is that? so that's what he has actually been talking about that for some time going back to the meeting we had in new york a couple of months ago with 1,000 evangelical leaders. tucker, i think he helped himself simply by coming here. as you mentioned, he is the first republican nominee to come and speak after the election. generally they check the box, yeah, we have the evangelicals and they move on. he is continuing to have a conversation, build a relationship, and because he has been unwilling to be harnessed by this political correctness, i think people believe him that he is, in fact, going to defend the rights of americans to exercise their faith in the public square. >> so, tony, typically the republican nominee makes the case that he himsel himself a in evangelical. i'm one of you. talks about his prayer life.
4:19 am
trump has not done that he has, instead, said i will protect you and the upshot of that is he getting according to the most recent polls 63% of evangelicals support clinton 17%. how does that compare to provous republican nominees you've seen? >> well, it is different for him so ho says i'm going to protect you based on hillary clinton i'm going to prosecute you. look, he is not trying to convince people that he is an evangelical. he is simply saying i'm going to protect your right to believe and live according to your beliefs given what's happened in the last eight years we are living in a different time. we have seen policies continually attacking that right. each going back to the primary when he said you are going it be able to say merry christmas again. people scofd at that and laughed. it was a very loaded message
4:20 am
because people understand exactly what he was saying. >> all right. tony, we appreciate you joining us this morning. thanks so much. >> all right. tucker. good to be with you. >> thanks. >> take it away, tucker. >> thanks, clayton. >> it's called bunny hunting. horrifying reality. parents are now facing in the digital age. how to keep your kids away from cyber predators. that's next. >> that sounds creepy. >> gary johnson's candidacy may be ruined after this comment. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> oh, i thought he was talking about acronym. i was thinking about american left -- i don't know. >> could a marijuana smoker become a legitimate third party candidate? that's the question. we tell you what jill stein just said by the way. speaking of third party
4:21 am
candidates. a lot going on third party candidates. stay tuned. we've got it ♪ all i need is you ♪ all i need is a miracle ♪ all i need is you just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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4:24 am
weaver got some quick headlines for you. chelsea manning going on hunger strike saying he won't eat anything until water and prescription medication until his treatment behind bars improves. he was convicted of portraying his country in 2013 by leaking more than 700,000 secret military. edward snow den has realized russia isn't that great after all. >> there is something going on inside the government
4:25 am
that's really wrong. and i can't ignore it. >> looking at possible death. >> >> snowden who has been living in asylum in russia since 2013 for leaking u.s. government documents now calls out moscow for hacking the u.s. and conducting his own massive surveillance. he said he would like to come home after realizing the country is very cold and most people are drunk. >> of course he wants to come home. we are the best country in the world. they call it and this is a serious note. bunny hunting. those words capturing the attention of parents and students alikes a one virginia police sergeant lectures kids on the dangers of online predators. is he now going from classroom to classroom, leading a program called technology safety for teens. warning kids about the threats lurking on their laptops and also their smart phones. let's welcome sergeant james burrlock. he has taught 17,000 children this important message. here he is here to help these children stay safe. welcome. thank you so much for what you do and for being here
4:26 am
today. >> thank you very much. >> you conduct all of these sessions. 17,000 children you've taught. we talked to these kids. a lot of them got their smart phones at about age 10. why don't we start with asking a question like you would in the classroom. >> okay. how many of you guys have posted a picture online? okay. if i say you post at least one daily, would that be correct? >> okay. so let me ask you this, if you took a picture and you posted it online somewhere, do you think anybody outside of your friends would be paying attention to that picture? >> no. you think just your friends would see this picture? >> yes. >> why is that? >> because they are the only people that like follow me on my social media accounts. >> okay. ebbs settlement, sergeant, you say that's not the case. >> no. not all the time. because sometimes your pictures may end up being pulled off of your social media and may end up other places where you didn't intend them. when you take a picture, you have to keep in mind that there is always that small possibility that that picture may end up some place other than where you initially heft it at. >> what could be the problem
4:27 am
with that? somebody else sees it, what could they do with it. >> depending on what you have in the picture, your pictures have a wealth of information in them. the things that you wear tell people where you live at. the climate, the season in the picture, things that might appear in the back ground, license plates, street signs, things like that that we never think about as we take pictures with our devices and then we post them. may be used by someone else to actually start to narrow down where you might live at if they take an interest in you. >> your concern could be kidnapping or predator who would follow a child in that way because they put this information online. >> kidnapping is a small component of it but they could reach out to the kids and actually start to solicit them try to get killer pictures. they may bully them. there is lots of things that could go into it once they start to narrow down where that child is and start to contact them. >> what do these parents and children need to know to protect themselves? >> the biggest thing for a lot of young people is they need to keep in mind that what they post anywhere online can be seen by other people. even if it's just
4:28 am
technicians. even if it's just people that work in the servers. people that work in social media those pictures are still there for other people to see. >> so, explain to us, there is a geo tagging and you can turn off those features though, you cannot? >> you can. what happens a lot of times though, is the geo system, the g.p.s. locating system that's built into the phone is designed as a safety feature. how many of you right now know that your location services are turned off on your phone? so that means. >> no one does. we have got to get the parents turned in on this one. >> every picture that you take were if your location are turned on it tags that picture with the coordinants you were when you took that picture. >> these kids are nodding their head. the parents we need to talk to also about this. why is it you are having these conversations with parents as well. >> yeah. we have a parent version of the class as well. >> what's the reaction you get from parents? >> a lot of stunned parents. it's an hour and a half long class. i end up spending two hours afterwards, further talking to parents. >> are they taking action? >> a lot of them are.
4:29 am
they are starting to take it much more serious. starting to engage with young people. starting to talk more about the technology. ultimately that was the goal of the program. to get those two groups talking with each other. >> how did you get started doing this? >> something i fell into by accident. i took an interest in it as i looked more and more into it i realized there wasn't enough education being done in our area. i wrote the first program for parents. and then i wrote the program a year later for kids. it kind of took off. >> sergeant james spurlock. down in lou den county in virginia. 17,000 students so far. thank you for what you are doing. keeping these children safe online. thank hurts furniture and academia furniture for desks and chairs today and for the kids coming in and like they are in school. it's a suffered. thanks so much. well, he wasn't supposed to be in our country to begin with but now he has murdered someone and is he about to get three meals a day on your dime. we'll tell you about that. and then are you ready to kick off tomorrow? it's officially football season. and we have our grill fired up.
4:30 am
making some of your football favorites. ♪ going to be a good time ♪ it's a small town ♪ run down ♪ let them tailgates down ♪ and, manual, it's on tonight together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ i'm hanging on a moment of truth ♪ i'm on the edge of glory
4:34 am
♪ and i'm hanging on a moment with you >> this is your shot of the morning. it is football season. it is beginning. and we have the new york jets flight cheering squad here. kimberly, welcome. >> thanks so much for having us. >> it is great that you guys are here this morning. >> thank you so much. we are so excited for our season opener tomorrow at metlife stadium facing off against the cincinnati bengals. we can't wait. >> i think a lot of people watch football and they watch you guys and wonder what's life like for you guys. >> normal game day starts pretty early. field rehearsal about 3 and a half hours before game time. run through our marks and make sure we know exactly everything that's going on in preparation for game day. so, it's a long day but it's a very rewarding day. >> that's awesome. hey, this is a paid gig, right? >> it is, it is. we are a group of well rounded women. we do have full-time jobs and full-time students and really versatile. >> kimberly, thank you. >> thank you. >> give me your name real
4:35 am
quick. >> cassidy. >> where are you from. >> new jersey. >> also new jersey? >> yes. >> and your name. >> sam. >> and your name. >> also new jersey. >> really? >> samantha. >> is this a rule that you have to be from jersey to be on the jets flight squad? >> no. >> no. all right. about there you go. we happen to have all jersey here. thank you guys very much for being here. nfl season starts tomorrow. i can't believe it. it doesn't feel like it. talk about weather real quickly. this morning we hav that are stl very hot. still very humid. see that blue across parts of the west. it's coming. little shots of cooler air moving in this woke. we will feel like fall. in fact, it's 38 degrees in new york city -- excuse me denver as you are waking up. we will see some scattered showers, member a little severe weather late in the evening across the great lakes areas. and finally down across areas of the south a little bit of showers in towards florida and that front continues to pull in towards the south. we will be cooling down to 68 in tulsa by the time you go to bed tonight.
4:36 am
all right. guys, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> send it back to you inside. >> thanks a million, rick. >> tough assignment, rick. you're a brave man. >> we have headlines for you. heather nauert on the scene. >> thank you, tucker. appreciate that illegal immigrant acaused of brutally murdering a marilyn teenager was deported twice in five months. police say that oscar delgado paris was sent back to el salvador in february and in october of last year. is he accused of stabbing christian morales more than 40 times with two gang members, all for bragging rights, according to local police. if delgado paris is convicted, he will serve his full sentence in the united states before being deported for a third time. unbelievable. what a tragedy. well, police aren't buying in to a story surrounding the mysterious death of a lunch lady. authorities in montana say rita mayse called her family saying she was kidnapped and in the trunk of a car. she was found dead later
4:37 am
near spokane, washington, with a single gunshot wound to her torso. authorities say they are not convinced that she was murdered. according to court documents police found a handgun and two bullet casings next to her body. we will keep you posted on any updates. green party candidate jill stein possibly just revealed herself as a 9/11 truther. the presidential hopeful calling for a new investigation into the terror attacks releasing a statement saying, in part, quote: the families and friends of those who were murdered on 9/11 deserve justice. they al also deserve to note truth. stein insist the commission that conducted the initial investigation was stonewalled by the bush administration this coming a day before the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. pictures surfacing from 2000 when donald trump and bill clinton were apparently best buds. that's both of them with a playboy bunny seen screen left. identified new zealand model kylie backs and she is speaking out telling a
4:38 am
magazine that trump will do an outstanding job as president. she also says she once tried to fix trump's iconic hair sweepover but he refused because he says don't touch the hair. can't blame the man. those are your headlines. let's head outside where we have cooking outside as we prepare for football. hi h guys. >> thank you, heather. >> nfl serving up the top eats at concession stands. nfl's number one foot and drink vendor. how you can make them at home. >> one of the biggest food companies at home. regional chef robert flowers. chef, great to see you this morning. >> great to see you. >> i'm a little -- what is this? >> a little demo area we have up here. what we have over here is some the food offerings that we came up with in the off season for nfl venues. >> this the greatest thing i have seen in my life. >> that's from tampa bay. >> what is that? >> grilled cheese hamburger. it's a bacon grilled cheese
4:39 am
sandwich black angus burger, lettuce, tomato and mayo naz. >> what about this right here. >> this is the yard bird sandwich. coming out of the home of the baltimore ravens. monterrey cheese and black pepper riole and brioch bun. >> smoked barbecue brisket sandwich. cheddar jalapeno bun. >> you can buy this? when i go to a game it's dirty water dog. >> when is the last time have you been to a game. >> i went to chicago cubs this spring. i ate three hot dogs in a row felt sick for a week. they were in the dirty water. >> different company. >> step it up. >> i'm wearing my lincoln financial field eagles pride today. so, at lincoln financial field in philadelphia what nag any if i sent concoction. >> share your stack, fries
4:40 am
concept woe came up with all our nfl stadium topped fry with no obnoxious topping. chicken and waffles home of the philadelphia eagles, popcorn chicken, little bit of maple smoked bacon and smoked gouda cheese. >> tell us the process for devising something like this? is there a. >> mad genius chef mass that meet in the basement. go off of fan feed. what fan field wants. demographic willing to eat. try not to get it too obnoxious. >> i would really like. >> start with the basis of chicken and waffles, pull it back and make it something like this. the guys in philly came one this and awesome dish. >> in philly, we know how to eat. >> yes, you do. >> it's a great city for food. >> chef, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you are a genius. dipole kel genius. >> coming up here on the show. new polls show clinton's lead over trump is shrink until several swing states. what does that mean going forward? pollster panel is up next to
4:41 am
weigh? >> five second rule is officially down for the count. why clinton shouldn't just eat what he dropped on the floor. you can't stop him. he is going to keep doing it but he shouldn't and we will tell would you. ♪ i got a bad case of loving you ♪ no pill is going to cure my i will. i got a bad case of loving you. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls.
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tell your doctor your medical history. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. 59 days until the voters head to the polls. trump appears to be closing the gap with hillary clinton even taking the lead not just nationally. those polls may not be relevant. but in swing states. how did this happen? is this real? and what can we infer from it? here to weigh in clifford young president of the public affairs. democratic pollster and partner with the polling firm as aancillony research.
4:45 am
>> strategist with rebuild america, a trump super pac. it is great to see you all. >> great to be here. >> the poll, i think that we should be looking at are the 10, 11, 12 swick stays rather than the head-to-head matchups. the trebz seem to be in trump wants favor. am i misreading this. >> definitely the case. seeing a narrowing at the national level as well as the state level. obviously the question is why. why is that happening? not to go into all the details. he went into the convention and had a pretty high bar. he had to energize that base. we to remember he was an outsider candidate. he didn't do a good job. post convention khan issue even made it worse so what happened? he had a kind to restart over the last couple weeks. focus on message. the speech in mexico excuse me, his trip to mexico and his speech in arizona really energized that base. >> it really seemed to. here is the latest from florida, which is obviously a key state. must win state for trump. >> 43 trump, 43 clinton. he was losing pretty dramatically not that long ago. >> that's true.
4:46 am
immediately after the democratic convention there was a bump for secretary clinton in the polls. that's something you see presidential cycle to presidential cycle. >> why wouldn't she hold it. >> because it's settling back down. if you looked at polls prior to the conventions. florida has always been a swing state. it's a state president obama won by just one point. this is going to be a very close race in florida. the fact that it is back to a tied race is not surprising. i think and just a reflection of the swing nature of the state. >> so you have got ohio, which obviously a key state. trump 41, and clinton 37. johnson 14. johnson very high in that state. stein 4. if you're a democrat, if you are hillary clinton's campaign you consider trump not just immoral and racist and sexist, islamophobic. >> since the convention trump has had a good month. republicans have come back home. what we have seen in the surveys, is he getting 90% of the republican vote. probably the scarest number for the democrats right now
4:47 am
enemy hillary clinton's campaign. some of these moments in the state. seeing in cnn poll. donald trump is up double digits. he was up 17 points in one recent national poll of independents. you have the base coming home and he is winning pretty decisively with independence right now. and the point you made originally about the trend, the trend accept huge in politics. momentum is huge. right now it's in donald trump's favor. >> who knows what is going to happen. trump makes a point that's right. he said look this is the last national election republicans have a shot at winning simply because of democratic change. accelerate this through immigration 11 million here illegally and i won't is that statistically a valid point? >> there is obviously demographic changes long-term. and they don't favor republicans. >> don't favor republicans i'm on tit at thi optimist. her support was not that strong.
4:48 am
if you pealed away the onion on the horse race ballot question and you looked more specifically on matchups on the key issue like economy and jobs and terrorism and fixing a broken system. they were tied as of two weeks ago. is he in the lead now. her lead is soft. >> among black voters, amazingly, i saw a hillary under performing obama among black voters in ohio by 10 points. that's bad for her. >> the reality is, that does not mean that donald trump is making inroads with the african-americans community. >> i'm not saying that. it doesn't mean they are going to vote for her or vote at all. >> i think they will. i think they will show up to vote. i think we are making an overexaggeration of the fact that an african-american presidential candidate hit historic high performance with african-american voters. she is doing extraordinarily well with those voters. they too not like donald trump. and what we're not seeing is them moving towards trump. we're seeing some late deciding voters. >> may be a distinction of difference. aren't our models based to a
4:49 am
large extent on the last two elections and the turnout numbers in those locations. she gets 10% fewer plaque voters to the polls that's bad. >> this race is going to be differential. do you know how the republicans deal with those shifts? she has significant negatives with latinos. negatives over 40% with latinos. 26 unfavorable in the last national that we did among african-americans. your point that she is not as popular as those groups. not even close to where barack obama was. so i think the trump campaign made a good, you know, play to try and get some of those disaffected hispanic voters. and those disaffected african-american voters. >> not enough for him to be despised. she has to be liked and she is not. >> no question. >> let's sum it up that way. thank you, i wish we had more time. you want to keep going, i can tell. >> i do. >> i know you do. i'm sorry. i don't make the rules. all right. coming up next. what would a donald trump economy look like? larry cudlow is coming up on this show. don't miss that wounded warriors taken to the tennis courts as the u.s. open bald
4:50 am
person. meet these heroes and meet them next. ball person. ♪ mber here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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4:53 am
from serving the country to serving up inspiration on the tennis court. these wounded warrior warrior te 280 ball persons in this year's u.s. open. here to share their story. welcome guys. so the u.s. open tomorrow it ends. and everybody watches these ball people all the the time. and it's an intense job. you guys were chosen. tell me what this experience
4:54 am
was like for you. >> well, usda foundation has been so accommodating to all three of us. they brought us out here. and they are taking us through the gamut of everything. it's been trial by fire. but it's been a good fire hose experience. >> you guys have all served. you are still in active doubt. but you have known each other a long time. you guys have like a special bond that you want to show this off right now? >> sure. we all met a few years ago. adaptive sports. through one of the programs. when you deal with traumatic injury, serious illness. it can change your life. to be able to have a network, brothers right there understand what you are already going through without even having to say anything or ask the question. i think it's a gift. so we all bear the same mark. >> there you go.
4:55 am
>> further solidified our brotherhood and bond. moving forward. past injury. i have dealt with post-traumatic stress for long time. mild traumatic brain injury. to be able to know that i have somebody that i can call at 2:00 in the morning, if i'm in a crisis, to help, you know, talk to you as a brother is life saving. >> such a common thick coming back. a lot of returning back don't realize there is community. you guys have found that now have you found community this weekend out on the tennis court. were you a tennis fan before. this actually me and steve knew nothing about tennis before we came out here. it was kind of out they threw us out on the court. scoring system, hems haws. tough experience. >> do you like it now. >> i do like it a lot. i told when we go back home we will try to play a little bit. >> mitch, tell me about it you have had any player out
4:56 am
there who has had extra special response to you guys into the service you have done? >> you know, i would say actually some of the junior players have been phenomenal. always saying, you know, please and thank you. that's something that i didn't expect on, you know, the court, especially when there is so much intensity going on in their matches. >> maybe by the time you get to be djokovic or serino you are so focused that goes away a little bit. >> this is a hard job. the focus, you always see these guys, they grab this ball every time. they don't miss. if you are choosing military vets, those are some great people who understands focus and determination and keeping your eye on the prize. >> definitely. >> these 16 and 17-year-olds though that have been doing it for a few years, they have become strong mentors to us. to see these young adults coming up through this sport and the sport is helping build strong, young, confident americans, amazing. >> you guys are inspirations to other people and other vets who can do -- thank you and congratulations on being chosen for. this guys, we will send it back to you inside now.
4:57 am
>> all right. thanks so much. you were calling them ball persons. >> that's what the description says. >> those are men right there. >> quit being politically correct. >> we will get to the bottom of this when we come back. and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. because no one knows & like at&t.
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5:00 am
was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at i'm heather nauert. this is a fox news alert. he shot the president ronald reagan and he now is he about to walk free. i don't think hinckley jr. gets released from the mental hospital this morning. wait until you hear where is he going to live. >> then hillary clinton pulls off a mask and tells us what she really thinks about america. watch this. >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables, racist, sexist, homophobic. xenophobia, islamophobic,
5:01 am
you name it. >> close astr clause astroname. >> might be the dumbest place to bring your bachelor party the 9/11 memorial and then take some selfies. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ jump around ♪ jump up. >> not easy. clayton and i tried this morning. you can burn a lot of calories with pompoms. >> and your cleates were fantastic. >> i pulled a hammy. >> the jet cheerleaders are not pulling a hammy. they are celebrating the first nfl sunday. >> a game thursday night the bronchos weekend out a
5:02 am
victory. >> what's different about today though? >> oh, yeah. heather nauert is here. >> i thought that was a here tcheerleading move. >> one of our favorite people on the couch this morning. >> i have always loved being with the two of you. you are so much fun as we do the countdown to your wife's birth. >> could happen at any moment. we have the countdown timer on it. we have the camera set up. >> speaking of cameras. >> speaking of cameras. >> did you hear about what hillary clinton said to a group of supporters here in new york city, of course. it turns out that if you -- well, if you support donald trump, she calls you a basket of deplorables. listen to what she said. >> to just be grossly generallistic you could half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables right in the
5:03 am
racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. islamophobic. you name it. unfortunately, there are people like that and he has lifted them up. >> generallistic. >> is that a real word? >> what you are watching here is watch someone pander to her audience. this is a barbra streisand fundraiser. log at a room full of rich liberals you are exactly right. people who don't live in your neighborhood are disgusting. they are immoral, addicted to oxycontin. racist, sexist, islamophobic. when did that get in the litany. if you don't like islam you are immoral now, too. she is confirming biases about how terrible middle america is. >> strategic move. written into the teleprompter. seen a number of ads tieing donald trump to the kkk. different super pacs they have been rolling out ads trying to plate on hate card over the past few weeks.
5:04 am
early voting is starting in a few short weeks. october 3rd in ohio. this can't be some sort of faux pas it could come back to haunt her like mitt romney. >> 47% of americans who didn't pay federal taxes. that didn't go over well this is way worst than what mitt rom. he was stating the pure facts. if you like donald trump, then you are an idiot and jerk. that's a real problem in america. if the people we can't have an agreement with. >> exactly. is their nemesis. >> people whipping out yard signs for trump and whipping them up and fight. >> can't get along without somebody being a idiot. degenerate? >> bad person. >> macroproblem is this. she reflects. these remarks reflect the feels of post people in washington, in positions of political power. you can't have the people running the country hate the country. you are not a good leader of people you despise.
5:05 am
and that's one of the reasons done on a bipartisan basis our leadership isn't very good and hasn't done much for the country i would say. because they hate middle america. >> our viewer comments support that sentiment this morning steven writes. this the irony isn't making broad assumptions about his supporters, the same kind of bigotry they accuse his supporters of. >> kimberly wrote she doesn't even consider that if she wins, she will need to be president for all of those she insulted as well. to your point, tucker. >> by the way she said the other half. may not be racist but they are just dumb. >> it will isn't wise to insult voters it just makes people look at her character and question how she can call others deplorable. >> she isn't the only one. her husband did, too. he was in homewood yesterday and said this about people who don't support his wife. watch. >> we all know how her opponent has done real well down in west virginia and
5:06 am
eastern kentucky because the coal people don't like any of us anymore. they all voted for me. i won twice. and they did well. and they blame the president when the sun doesn't come up in the morning now. >> i love that aside they voted for me twice. >> it's a dig at his wife. does anybody want to see her elected president less than bill clinton? he is actively rooting against his wife. come out a few months ago and talked about what she plans to do in coal country and run them out of business. >> shut them down. >> you wonder why she is not doing well with the coal people. >> also shows how much the democratic party has changed and how much they have changed since the early 1990. >> right. down in west virginia and i was down there talking to primary voters. they would say to me the democratic -- we didn't leave the democratic party. the democratic party left us. >> so true. not only are they concerned about the issues of coal and shutting down and losing their businesses. they are concerned about jobs. they are also concerned about pro-life. that's become a big issue
5:07 am
for some of them. the democrats have moved so far to the left that there is no move for compromise on anything. >> i used to live in west virginia. you saw that shift famously joe manchin running for the senate shooting a hole through the healthcare with a gun. that resonated with west virginia voters. >> the democratic party and i hate to admit this was once the party of the middle class it really was. now it's not. the it's the party of the rich and the poor. they have no being a party of the middle class. that's why they hate trump so much. someone needs to be the party of the middle class, right? there is still middle class. >> gary johnson. >> that's not going to work. where is aleppo. >> i like gary johnson. is he a nice guy. >> by the way if you are a libertarian isn't the whole point you don't care where aleppo is? is he libertarian, he doesn't care. >> donald trump is actually climbing in the polls. neck and neck with hillary
5:08 am
in key swing states and claims the democratic nominee could literally get away with murder. a lot going on. >> garrett tenney is live for us in washington. is he covering that for us. is he live with the details. >> heather, clayton, and tucker, good morning. not just florida the polls are tightening in several swing states. look at ohio must win for presidential candidates. latest poll from quinnipiac university shows a neck in neck race with donald trump winning by a single point. north carolina another crucial swing state for republicans this election, hillary clinton's lead has narrowed to just four points nearly within the margin of error as well. in florida, it's, again, a dead heat with the two candidates tied at 47%. and last night, donald trump was in pensacola, florida. and while he was slamming hillary clinton for email scandal and avoiding prosecution, he actually went a bit off script from his prepared remarks with this. >> because she is being so protected, she could walk
5:09 am
into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart and she wouldn't be prosecuted. >> you will remember during the primary contest trump made a similar statement about himself when he said he could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue in new york city and not lose any support. we should point out as these polls are tightening, as you mentioned we are just 58 days away from the election. a lot can still change in these polls. >> garrett tenney live for news washington. >> to be clear, we are hoping for no shooting at all. >> good point. >> good to know if you shoot someone your supporters still stand by you. >> and the have you been department has got your back. >> got a couple of headlines to bring you right now. starting with a blatant act of disrespect. at the 9/11 memorial, take a close look at this picture, a bunch of guys on a bachelor party. they are from the u.k. and this picture is now sparking outrage this morning. they snapped selfies with a
5:10 am
blowup doll at ground zero where, of course, thousands of people lost their lives that day. clouding many brits. this happened just days before the 15th anniversary of the terror attacks at the twin towers. a police officer stepped in and asked the group to leave. a guy who was believed to be the groom brushed off the entire thing, telling critics to relax. it's just a bachelor party. wow. any manipulate now the man who shot president ronald reagan will walk out of his mental hospital for good. john hinckley jr. shot the president 35 years ago to impress the actress jody foster. 61-year-old will go on to live with elderly mom in west virginia for at least a year. hinckley has a long list of rules he has to follow, including not speaking to the media. and r. at an unprecedented move for the federal government this morning. ordering owners of the new samsung galaxy note 7 smart phone to unplug their devices and stop using them
5:11 am
immediately the u.s. consumer products safety commission issuing a warning as it works with samsung on a recall of those funs, faulty parts are causing the devices to explode. there is one really extreme example. take a look at this phone right here and, more importantly, this jeep. as a result of that samsung divleax, basically blowing up and causing that jeep to go up in flames. luckily, no one was hurt when that happened. please unplug those things today. college football will make history tonight by kicking off on a racetrack. here is the time laps of the bristol motors speedway being transformed into a football field where the tennessee volunteer also play with the virginia tech hokies. a record 150,000 fans are expected to show up. requiring more than half a million beers to be on hand. you can catch that game tonight 8:00 eastern time. virginia tech, tennessee, and those are your headlines. i love college football. h interested in. i'm not supposed to say that today because tomorrow kicks off the nfl but today is
5:12 am
college football. >> today is college football saturday. >> that's what we are calling it now? >> i see more cheerleaders saturday but whatever. >> coming up on the show is the economy weaker than we think? donald trump seems to think so. >> it's a very false economy. we have a false economy. >> that's interesting. former economic advisor to president reagan tells us how we can make it. >> caught on camera as she tears down tributes to 9/11 victims. watch this. >> if you want, you are allowed to put posters up but you need to get permission from student government to too that otherwise i have to take them down. >> really? the disgusting display that you have to see. we'll tell you about this when we come back. ♪ what if a company that didn't make cars
5:13 am
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5:16 am
paragraph well, they are keeping the rates artificially low is the economy doesn't go down so obama can say did he a good job. it's a very false economy. we have a false economy. we have a bad economy. everyone understands that but it's a false economy. >> that was donald trump, of course, taking aim at the federal reserve, calling out its policy of flooding the market with cheap money. does he have a point? is the economy actually more hollow than we think it is. former advisor to the trump campaign and author of the fantastic new reagan revolution a secret history of the prosperity. >> none of this is real and
5:17 am
our fed policy has made very, very rich. plane now. hasn't done much for the fundamentals of the economy. is that true? >> i think it's partially true. i'm not sure it's totally true. and i say that as a guy who has helped out mr. trump. and i think he knows a lot about business. but, don't forget, a couple things here. the fed has been loose, rates have been low and they didn't fix that a couple years ago when they had a chance to. to that extent i agree with donald trump. on the other hand, american business is pretty good when you leave it alone. we haven't left it lone a lot. a lot of profits from american companies. they have managed to recover. a lot of stock market increase is based on profits, which is the best way to do it. at this juncture though, it's getting trickier and trickier. and, look, maybe the overall statement ought to be not just that it's a bad economy. it's a soft economy stagnant in a rut, 2% growth for
5:18 am
seven and a half years. actually, go back to 2,000, 1.7 growth for 15 years, that's awful. that's not american. so, i think mr. trump has it right but give business some credit for getting out. >> i would. some people have gotten rich. you have written a fantastic book confusing thesis jfk and the reagan revolution. what could jfk have to do with ronald reagan? >> jfk, who faced a bad economy from the eisenhower years, like now, bad economy. >> yes. >> was the first supply side tax cutter. >> huh. >> this has been written out of democratic party. >> i haven't heard that mention. >> they don't mention and zero them out like the old soviet union when you didn't exist. kennedy came in. had a bunch of republicans in his cabinet. subhero, douglass dillon a wall street banker. eisenhower under secretary of state. let's cut marginal tax rates to provide incentives to work and invest across the
5:19 am
board. the liberal academic advisor said don't do it. kennedy listened to dillon. they lowered the tax rate on upper, middle, lower, corporations, capital gains, everything, kennedy became a very articulate proponent of this and the economy grew by about 5% per year for the next seven or eight years until aobj and richard nixon and jerry ford and jimmy carter screwed it up. kennedy was the first supply -- he was the pioneer. 20 years later, reagan comes in high inflation, terrible growth. he and his advisors, including jack kempf by the way and other well known, let's duplicate the kennedy tax cuts. he had it right. we can do the same thing, okay? so, republican rabia borrowed from democratic jfk, right? instituted them in 1981 and again in 1986.
5:20 am
what happened the american economy boomed for about two decades. two key points here. that's all i'm saying. here is what kennedy did. will her tax rates at the margin for incentives. keep the dollar strong and stable i call it king dollar. you do that again, we will be off to the races in this country. we grol it 5% for a whole bunch of years. unfortunately mr. obama didn't do it. he was a big government spender. misclinton is out there completely forgetting jfk. mrs. clinton -- let's raise taxes on everybody. rich people, you know, she is going to go right after you. corporations, capital gains, financial traysing. they are awful. we need redistribution. not growth. kennedy was a growth guy. >> larry kudlow. >> that was my point. growth. >> hidden history of jfk. jfk and the reagan revolution. >> jfk to reagan we need to repeat that. >> amen.
5:21 am
car going off a parking garage. did he make it out alive. 9/11 survivor wondering about a badly burned man he helped. this morning they are reuniting. amazing story ♪ it may sound absurd ♪ but something i need ♪ even heroes but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city.
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welcome back. quick head lions for you. incredible video showing maryland sheriff deputies teaming up with firefighters and civilians to rescue a family of five, including two toddlers, all of this from a burning car. >> we're not worried about, you know, being injured. we're not worried about nothing but getting the kids out of the car. >> i don't care what happened what happens to me as long as they make it, that's all that matters. especially the kids. they've got a lot more life to live.
5:25 am
>> one family member is in the hospital with burns and another daring rescue caught on camera this morning. a couple of good samaritans helping a driver escape his car after it dangles off the side of a parking garage in texas. the driver went straight off the top floor while trying to park in that garage. the vehicle held only by a cable was wrapped around the suv's axle. the driver walked awayy w. no injuries. heather. >> incredible story the day before a 9/11 anniversary. 15 years colonel rob man miss wondered about the padly burned man that he tried to keep conscious after terrorists flew american airlines flight 77 into the pentagon on 9/11. did he make it? did he survive? what happened to him. it remained a history until a chance meeting at the rnc that brought the two veterans back together it is incredible story. here to share that amazing survival story. brian birdwell also a state senator in texas and the man
5:26 am
who helped save his life colonel rob man necessary who is running for u.s. senate down in louisiana. gentlemen, thank you so much. you are two, first, let me say such incredible heroes. we're grateful to have you here today and have served in our military. colonel birdwell, senator birdwell as well. let me start with you. tell me what happened to you at the pentagon on 9/11. >> >> i was about 15 to 20 yards from the nose of the aircraft making penetration office by the lord's grace i sit before you as the only survivor in the ering at the crash site. i was badly burned. 60% total body burn. i would spend months in the hospital. by the lord's grace i survived what i should not have survived and rob was part of that -- part of the lord's, you know, putting people in my life to help me live that day we're extremely grateful. >> burns over 60% of your body. we are grateful you are
5:27 am
alive. you were serving in the u.s. air force that day. you arrived at the pentagon as i understand it tell me what you saw. >> >> it was a beautiful day. skies were blue. it was cool. everybody was wearing jackets. just the normal day. other than it was cool, usually in washington it's very hot and muggy at that time of year. >> how did you come across lieutenant colonel birdwell. >> after the world trade centers were attacked, the pentagon got hit, i continued working in the national military command center in the c-ring on the third floor on the northeast side of the building until i was evacuated and as i was evacuated, from the building, i left through the eighth corridor and just about intersected with two gentleman that were bringing brian out on -- i think it was extra long golf cart is what brian has called it i linked up with them. and one of them asked me to hold his iv line because it was broken. we got him down to the
5:28 am
bottom of the hill where the emergency medics had set up a triage system. and i continued to hold his iv line he was able to talk at that time but i could tell he was very badly injured and burned and it looked like his legs were broken. we talked about family. we prayed. and eventually i got somebody over to get the iv line fixed. and we arranged transportation for him. and got him to the hospital. then i went back in the building with a group of folks to help fight the fire the rest of the day. >> goodness, gracious, colonel birdwell you were still conscious and having a conversation with him. >> yes, ma'am. it was pretty rough conversation. but from the time of the attack, i was con conscience. i did not remember his name or personally at that point. but i was conscience all the way until we got -- until i was anesthetized at georgetown emergency room. >> you made it to the hospital. you were 26 days in the icu. gentlemen, you didn't know what happened to one another
5:29 am
for all of these years. >> no. no. what was really interesting, heather, at the rnc convention i was sitting in my hotel room getting work done. i get a text from governor perry. come on down i have got a guy you need to meet at the pentagon that day. i expected it to be the usual you got 30,000 people working that building. i have never run into anybody that i knew or somebody that they knew that i knew pause it's just too many people. got down there and within about two minutes of my conversation with rob, eighth corridor of the deloren zoe clinic, it was immediately clear, i mean, the room got quiet because it was immediately clear he was part of the rescue effort that day. >> colonel manness, did you recognize that was the man's whose iv you held and the man you prayed with that day? >> it was amazing. i thought about brian every day for 15 years, you know in some way or another and prayed that he was okay.
5:30 am
i wasn't sure whether he had lived or died. the amazing part was that governor rick perry, who is a former air force officer too brought us together and had idea that we had had this thing in common, this brotherhood, the shared experience that very few people have. and i am just very grateful that governor perry does those kinds of things in people's lives. and now that brian and i have reconnected, i am just very, very grateful that he and his family are well and healthy and serving our country. >> kind enough to have made the trip from louisiana to texas so that you two could be sitting there together today. gentlemen, we are proud of you and proud of the service you have done for our country and best of best of luck to you in our political careers. we need more leaders. senator birdwell from texas, thank you, sir. >> you are welcome. >> and colonel rob manness, thank you as well. hillary clinton says isis is praying for donald trump to win the white house. listen to this. >> isis spokes people
5:31 am
rooting for donald trump's victory. >> well, imagine if donald trump said that one about her? lieutenant colonel oliver north is here to react to that one next. how do you tech out your tailgate? kurt the cyber guy is here with gadgets. how to improve your came day experience and maybe beautiful gals to go along with us. pickup truck. that makes it better. ♪ ain't never too early to light one upng ♪ because my "future self" will thank me. thank you! 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom.
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it is fashion week here in new york city. you can feel the energy? it is fashion week. i saw that during one interview kendall jenner made the comment hillary clinton might look good in a jumpsuit. [ laughter ] and hillary said well, hopefully they never find those emails or it's going to be an orange jumpsuit. lights out. light out. >> oh, yeah. it might be the subject of late night comedy shows, but, if you are looking at the mainstream media they are not really talking about it or the "the washington post" piece this weekend says just move along, there is nothing to see here. no need to pay attention to the email scandal anymore. >> pretty hard to judge anyone else doing a show from lazy boys. but we're going to do it anyway. if you look at hillary's numbers.
5:36 am
the trend lines are bad. she is headed down. trump is headed up. this has caused panic in news rooms across prerk. donald trump could be the president. they are horrified of that. they hate him and think it's immoral. the "the washington post" has a new tact. their position is hey, stop paying attention to the email stuff. too important. just ignore it. >> as you lock at the national polls have tightened significantly. look at the state polls far more important than these national polls. look at virginia. look at michigan. look at wisconsin. look at florida. tighten, tighten, tighten. especially in areas like virginia hillary clinton. neck and neck. "the washington post" editorial board wrote this among other things, one would think that home brewed server was the most important issues facing the country in this election. it is not. imagine how history will judge today's americans looking pack at election, record shows that voters empowered a dangerous man because of a minor email scandal. and it goes on to say. this this is no equivalence
5:37 am
between mrs. clinton's wrong doings and in trump's manifest unfitness for office. >> really? >> that is absolutely unreal. especially when you have talked to people who served our country in the military, who can talk specifically about the danger she she put us in by using home brewed server. >> hear journalist advise their readers to ignore facts for one thing. for another, look at america. there are like 30 people sleeping on the street right on sixth avenue here. the middle class is withering, the country is weaker and poorer than it was eight years ago by a massive margin. race relations are at all-time low in my lifetime. did trump do any of that? no. hillary clinton and obama did that. >> take comfort in knowing that the only people reading those editorials from "the washington post are elites in washington who agree with that sentiment. >> i live there i got home the other day. my life had a to do list on
5:38 am
the kitchen counter first thing to do cancel the "the washington post." cancelled it we get at home now "the new york post." america's nation's newspaper. i feel better. >> have we told people why we are sitting in these lazy boys? we don't do it every day. >> great view of what we will be doing later today. >> we don't need to tell them, heather, our audience is right. they realize it's football saturday and sunday. they can figure it out. >> okay. >> we are holding football props. >> these are by the way really comfortable chairs. i can fall asleep in a second. >> they're so comfortable let do you headlines right from these chairs. okay? >> okay, excellent i love these jobs. three tech experts who wiped hillary clinton's email server clean before handing over to the state department must now testify before congress. brian pagliano, paul conbetta and bill thornton have been. pagliano was subpoenaed one year ago today regarding benghazi but he pleaded the fifth. new report says the three heroes tried to stop the
5:39 am
terrorists faruq and malik opened fire. the chilling 911 calls have also been released. listen to these. >> there is people with machine guns that are shooting up at my work. >> did you see people with the guns? >> yes, yes. they are wearing all black. >> men, we are driving there. where are they aiming at? >> they opened the door and started shooting inside rooms. >> okay. shooting inside which rooms. >> shooting inside conference rooms in building 3. >> 14 people were killed. the terrorist couple firing 85 shots in that building before they were gunned down by police in their suv. that happened back in december. a purple haired history professor ripping down 9/11 memorial posters. watch this. >> if you want, you are
5:40 am
allowed put posters up. but you need to get permission from student government to do that. otherwise, i have to take them down. >> not only is she a bureaucrat she doesn't want them to memorialized 9/11 terrorist attack. that woman a professor at saddle back college in california they need to hang their tributes in a free speech zone not campus building. what on earth. that teacher known at the school for her beliefs in the 9/11 terror attacks were results of what she calls u.s. imperialism. and those are your headlines. safe zones. we didn't have those when we were in college, guys. >> we need one on this show. all right. thanks, heather. it's time for kickoff. tomorrow is the first sunday of the nfl season. >> here with gadgets for game day and ways to check out your tailgate is kirk the cyber guy. >> this year is so exciting when it comes to tailgating. because i grew up with my dad and it was like it to be ready and have that celebrated pregame get together. pregame out in the parking lot or at home.
5:41 am
and i have got all the great stuff that he used to tap into and the way that you knew how he knew how to throw a great party and also really cool stuff. this year you look at this, you start cooking and you want to go right to the party. this thing packs away into tiny little portable device. questioportable cuisinart barbecue grill. carry in and carry it out. easy to put together a bar be cute. propane. it's a gas grill. >> can i use that in my small apartment? >> you could not use that in your small apartment. so this looks like maybe a duffle bag you might take to the gym, right? instead, this is two-in-one cooler. charcoal grill fits inside of this. pop it out when you get to the game. get your grill going and beer in here. you have only got so much time before the game starts. you start with the warm can of beer. and you get the spin chiller, this goes for just
5:42 am
over 20 bucks. petraeus put ton top of the can of beer put it in the ice. turn it on. when you dunk it into the ice it's got water around it in 60 seconds a hot beer is going to be a cold refreshing. >> is it going to explode on us? >> this is what i'm going to let you test. you are the tester on this one. stand away from me and clayton, please. here we go. it survived. all right. it's cold. we jump to really some great ways to listen to tunes. so a lot of people like blue tooth speakers. this one came to us from sony, which is amazing. down at the end is the nemeth sports helmet. this is from nemeth sports. listen to this. this your gave hit team helmet turned into blue tooth speaker you can take anywhere. great pregame. great after the game. it's great year around. have a lot of fun with it. >> because you need something to spend more money on. >> we will show you a lot coming up later online including amazing honda pickup truck that has the
5:43 am
ultimate pickup bed. >> let's do it. >> it's crazy. so this let's you plug in one 10 ac to the back of your pickup truck. this tailgate comes down and back here, incredible. this could turn into a cooler. it's got a little plug at the bottom. this is a secret compartment, it's weather proof. they were thinking tailgaters when they pulled this together. you bring your own tv and you are ready to go. >> thank you to honda for all of this. thank you, kurt. >> we want to thank motor trend and kurt for being here. >> let's get jigy with it hillary clinton says isis is praying for donald trump to win the white house. >> isis spokes people rooting for donald trump's victory. >> is that true? lieutenant colonel oliver north is here to react. and should you have to prove you're a u.s. resident to vote this november? not any longer.
5:44 am
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so call 855-874-7743 or visit . welcome back on this saturday morning. well, hillary clinton says that she knows what isis is thinking. >> isis spokes people. >> um-huh. >> rooting for donald trump's victory. the jihadists see this as a great gift. they are saying, oh, please, allah, make trump president of america. >> simply outrageous. is it true? fox news military analyst lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us now. colonel north, what is your reaction to this? >> heather, it's ludicrous on its face because mrs. clinton is the one who has repeatedly said we're not going to put u.s. troops
5:48 am
back in to syria or iraq. she is the one who said it and no president or someone aspiring to be president ought ever to say things that they won't do. but, just like her husband, and just like barack obama, she is repeating the same terrible mistake. and it's the kind of thing that gets americans killed. the reality of it is. bill clinton and barack obama have repeatedly told our adversaries what they won't do. they have forecast and told the world when we're going to pull out. and those are the wrong things to do if you really want to keep the peace. >> so what i don't understand is the radical islamist have the most antiliberal program. anti-gay, anti-women, anti-free speech you see the american left, in effect, defending them. why is that? >> you know, i can't tell you what goes on in hearts and souls of those people ha do those things or the leadership of this country right today. can i tell you the consequences of it. they are cheering in places like raqqa, al baghdadi, the
5:49 am
vicious mastermind behind isis. ayatollah in tehran. hezbollah and hamas. when they hear someone who wants to be the commander and chief of the greatest nation on earth saying things like mrs. clinton is repeatedly saying, they are the ones that are cheering. >> we would be remiss, colonel, if we didn't ask you about the developments overnight. talking about the agreement with russia that would put the hammer down on syria. donald trump had been calling this for months. this happen quietly. do you think this is a good move for the obama administration? >> hope, i hope it works because stopping the genocide perpetrated by isis bashar al assad is important. i have been to the mass graves. i have been to the refugee camps in cir kirkistan. if this deep stops the mass murder, good. but, the most transparent administration in history needs to level with us on what the terms of this deal are. as they say in
5:50 am
missouri, "show me." i'm not at all confident that we didn't give up something important. for example, is assad going to remain in snow shower are we going to totally abandon the kids? is iran's islamic revolutionary guards corps and hudson guards for and qods force and hezbollah going to be drawn out. it would be good to see like it would have been nice to see the iran nuke deal, what went into this deal. >> would have been nice. >> the brilliant lieutenant colonel oliver north. great to see you on "fox & friends." catch the war stories here on fnc this weekend. great to see you. >> such a terrific show. >> one of the great shows we've done. >> hillary clinton pulling off the mask and telling paeshg wam telling what she thinks of the middle class they're deplorable and bigots. >> and edward snowden realized that russia is not so great after all. apparently he's unhappy and he would like to come home to the good old us of a. he's sad. hey america,
5:51 am
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it is one of my favorite shows on television, netflix's stranger things if you haven't watched it you should. it's gearing up for season two. >> let's step into the fox life with fox senior v.p. of markets michael. >> hello. >> leap into the fox. >> the star of the show. >> they love the show. >> one of my favorite shows as someone i sat down with noah and kayla and they gave me the inside scoop of what it was like to film season one. >> i love stranger things. how does it feel to be part of the hottest show this summer? >> it feels great. unexpected. definitely. when they first started writing the show supposed to be the mini
5:55 am
series, i didn't think it was going to be much of a big deal, but now it's the hottest show this summer. >> for those who haven't seen the show how would you describe it to them? >> it's a show about like a group of friends who go out to find one of their best friends who gets lost in the other dimension and it's kind of like a sci-fi kind of thing. >> what was it like on the set for you guys? a lot of sun? >> we were caught up of being on the hype in the first season so we were like -- >> we're running to the craft table. >> and every weekend we got off we would fall asleep. >> any scary moments on set, particularly with your character in the upside down? >> there is this one time when we were filming the scene i'm running back into the shed before like i get into the other, and i pick up the phone and it was the first time i heard the monsters like roar creepy sound, so they -- and big speakers like huge speakers like right next to me but i didn't see them. so i like picked up the phone and they played the sound and i
5:56 am
was like what! like it scared the hell out of me, that noise. >> you know where will is, that noise? >> great stuff. congratulations, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> big success to you. >> thank you. >> all the best. >> nice to meet you. >> season two. >> excited. >> so good. catch up on the first season while you can. season two of "stranger things" starts next year. check out fox news for more of my celebrity interviews or follow me on instagram and twitter, the twitter @foxlightmichael. >> very similar. >> guess who's near here next. geraldo rivera is lurking in the hallway outside on the set in just a minute. don't go away. >> he doesn't lurk. >> he -- >> he smiles.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
good morning. it is saturday, september 10th. i'm heather with a fox news alert to begin. it's home sweet home for the man who shot ronald reagan. john hinckley about to be released a free man. >> and hillary clinton finally pulls the mask off and tells us what she thinks about americans. watch this. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. racist, sexist, homophobihomoph xenophobic, islamiyah phobic, you name it. >> hey, america, she hates you. geraldo rivera here next with his take on what that means for the race. >> and is it a sign? a striking ray of light examining from the freedom tower. look at this. as we get ready to mark 15 years since that fateful day on 9/11. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now.
6:01 am
♪ >> yeah. >> that tells you. that's geraldo in his element. he's supposed to be on the set here with us, but somehow we lost track of him. >> come on, geraldo, get in here. hanging out with the jets cheerleaders for crying out loud. >> who can blame him. looking great this morning. >> heather is sitting here, who a moment ago said, four hours? i said it's a four-hour -- it is a four-hour show. three hours. >> it is the longest show in television. >> normally i would be in my pajamas watching you two from my kitchen right now. >> we're giving away tote bags if you call in on our telethon line later. longest show in television and the best show in television. >> is that true with the two of you. we have a lot of news to cover. geraldo on his way in. headlines in the meantime
6:02 am
starting out with a fox news alert, any minute now the man who shot president ronald reagan will walk out of the mental hospital for good. john hinckley jr. shot the president 35 years ago to impress the actress jodie foster. the 61-year-old after he gets out will live with his elderly mom in virginia for at least a year. hinckley has a long list of rules he has to follow, including this one, he's not allowed to speaks to the media. a federal appeals court blocking a new law that would have required voters to show proof of citizenship in order to cast a vote in this november's election. the rule was supposed to take effect in three states, kansas, georgia and alabama, civil rights groups complained that law might disencfranchise minority voters from showing up at the polls. instead they will only have to swear they are a u.s. citizen. i'm a u.s. citizen, i swear i am. they don't have to show proof. the european union ordering apple to pay up, to cough up more than 19 billion euros in
6:03 am
back taxes and interest going back more than a decade to using companies in ireland to park profits overseas. they are demanding an appeal. did you see the pictures on the internet this week. back in 2000 when donald trump and bill clinton they were stills best buds, see them right there, the playboy bunny screen left that they're posed with, has now been identified. she's a model from new zealand her name is kylie, and this morning she's speaking out telling the magazine trump will do an outstanding job as president and says she once tried to fix trump's iconic sweep over hair stile and he said don't touch the hair. don't touch the hair. those your headlines. i know you guys are like that. don't touch the hair. >> you can touch snmine. >> geraldo rivera inviting people to touch his hair. >> oh. >> what am i, swiss cheese?
6:04 am
>> wow. >> >> fingers might get stuck in there. be careful. >> getting intense on the set. >> were you invited to the hillary fund-raiser with barbara try sand last night? >> no. i've known barbara for many years, barbara's long-time mate, jon peters, now married to james roland, jon peters who did batman and robin, color of purposing so forth, told me, he was my agent years and years ago that donald trump was going to win. why was donald trump going to win, according to this hollywood mogul producer, because unlike all of these when they were still 16 republicans in the race, unlike everybody else running, including hillary, she -- he, donald trump is a movie star and that i think that goes a long way toex plaining how -- to explaining how trump is wearing so well as opposed to hillary as the campaign is prolonged. real movie star with charisma, with the ability and having just come off "celebrity apprentice"
6:05 am
it timing wise before his announcement he was going to run, i spent every day for six weeks with trump and i could see that aspect of it. >> you see hillary clinton going after donald and a number of super pacs running ads tying him to the kkk, saying hateful things. here was hillary clinton at that barbra streisand event you didn't go to talking about donald trump and his supporters. listen to this. >> to be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic, you name it. and unfortunately there are people like that. and he has lifted them up. >> so he has lifted them up. this -- i mean, again, i've said
6:06 am
this a couple times, she had a teleprompter, it was written out, this was all part -- to me seemed like a strategy she's trying do a few weeks before. >> one twist she's standing with a banner that says better together as she dismisses a quarter of the country as immoral. >> well, i mean i have a couple things to say. there is no doubt there are radical supporters of both candidates more visibly on the republican side and you cannot deny there is an aspect of xenophobia and racism and sexism and ageism and every kind of "ism" in terms of donald trump -- >> he is -- >> -- he did not denounce david duke quickly enough and all the rest of that. >> on her side on the democrat side as well. >> i agree. >> if someone doesn't agree with them, they are the devil. you can't be friends with them. they're deplorable human beings. you heard her say it right there. >> i think that what you have now, is the classic 47 to 47 split in the country. we are a divided nation.
6:07 am
every election cycle. now people, republicans and democrats flocking to the usual banner despite all of the reluctance on both sides to both flawed candidates. 47/47. the big fight for the middle. and as the -- they fight over the swing voters there's going to be increasing acrimony and increasing name calling and finger pointing. you know it is an amazing phenomena to watch how people are choosing sides. >> she's not talking about swing voters, just a narrow band of extremists in the middle, 25% of a country of 320 million people, that's a lot of people she's dismissing as immoral. >> her generalization was unfortunate. it was overly broad. there are -- there is some truth, again, i say, within the context of both parties, both parties, it is incumbent on them to denounce the most radical of their supporters but i think you're watching a race now coming down to the wire and no one expected it to be this close
6:08 am
and it's going to be a very interesting race in the final 60 days. >> i wonder if this talk helps or hurts her in the long run? >> i'm not sure yet. you're about to talk about president clinton going to west virginia and talking about coal people, c-o-a-l as if they were some kind of freaks. >> like science fiction. >> coal people. >> coal people. but there's great frustration in the democratic side because you have places like west virginia where bill clinton won coal people, if you remember back in the 1990s, won decisively 60 plus percent. obama lost. looks like hillary will lose more. they want coal to be abolished, outlawed, obsolete leaves these people's lives in shambles. >> coal for people in places like west virginia and a lot of the country, many of them feel and i spoke to them and i know you guys did as well, out covering the primaries, felt that the democratic party has left them, whether it's on issues of life, whether it's on
6:09 am
issues of jobs, taxes, you name it, welfare. remember the end of big government is over when bill clinton said that years ago. well now, boy, do we have big government, bigger than perhaps at any time since world war ii. >> but i think having said that and i think you're accurate, what you really have also and no one can deny this, as unpleasant as it may be to think about it this way, this is the most racial election we have ever had. >> why is that? >> why is that? >> that's a great question. but put aside her denunciation of the xenophobics -- what you have is a white electorate on the gop side and non-white electorate largely on the democratic side and the division has never been more stark. >> that's true. >> and i think she has made the but for african-american support she would be nowhere, not even have beaten senator sanders in the south. i was there.
6:10 am
it was the african-americans who swelled to the polls in places like south carolina. i -- >> i agree everything you said is right i think but who is using explicitly racial language. is it a code word for this. we look at trump. she says he's a full-on racist, physical threat, super pac connected him to the mlk assassination. who is gining up racial tension. >> that's awful she did that. look at the value voters, yesterday, largely the evangelicals almost exclusively white people, well -- overwhelmingly supporting donald trump and the value voter summit and family research council is condemned by the other side being anti--lbgt, anti-gay, he supported -- tony supported uganda build, homophobic -- >> that's not racial. >> there is a real kind of
6:11 am
denigration going on of each side. i would suggest, this frustrates me, here we are speaking for five minutes and haven't mentioned north korea's fifth nuclear explosion and the shrinking of the weapons so they can fit on missiles and haven't mentioned syria and the proposed cease-fire on sunday and monday and we won't. my point is, i think that trump and clinton both have to get out of the gutter of the name calling and talk about who's going to keep the world safe. >> we're out of time. in two seconds what is that tattoo you have? >> the new york police and fire widows and children's fund. remember we lost 400 first responders. 15 years ago yesterday. this is the fund. go on the internet to find it, the silver feather, is its symbol. a bunch of the veterans of the world trade center attacks last night and so it's the new york
6:12 am
police and fire widows and children's benefit fundament. >> they provide financial support to the families. i have one of those tattoos. i'll share it with you later. >> coming up on the show, donald trump slammed for saying he would work with vladimir putin. >> did the obama administration just take a page out of trump's playbook? we'll have a live report. we'll report and you decide. >> and you thought this was bad. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> does marijuana affect your ability to run a presidential campaign? the last third-party candidate not the last to embarrass his party. wait until you hear what jill stein just said. stay tuned. ♪ remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me?
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a major break through in the middle east, a cease-fire in syria. >> the deal coming after the obama administration slammed donald trump for wanting to work with vladimir putin, and then did so themselves. >> so some folks are asking, did they take a page out of donald trump's book? our senior national correspondent ed henry joins us live from washington to weigh in. good morning, ed. great to see you this weekend. >> good to see you. >> the military has all kinds of options on -- laid out on the table. so do you really think they took this from donald trump? >> well, it's interesting, because if you look at the context here and you've been talking about hillary clinton getting into hot water at that fancy fund-raiser by declaring a large share of donald trump supporters are a basket of deplorables, well last night vice president joe biden was campaigning and in st. louis and said something provocative as well that applies here about donald trump and some of those comments he made about russia. in that commander in chief forum on wednesday. when asked at a diner biden
6:17 am
asked about trump's comments praising vladimir putin the vice president said trump's comments put the obama administration in a difficult position around the world. except as you noted in this case on wednesday trump said it's time to work with russia to stop isis, use russia's connections with bashar al assad and people mocked him. two days later secretary of state john kerry was doing what? sitting down with putin's foreign minister and suddenly said we have a peace deal to coordinate air strikes against isis. watch. >> if we got along with russia, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? that wouldn't be so bad. and if russia, which has a huge isis problem also, wants to help us get rid of isis, and wants to spend billions and billions of dollars along with us, on getting rid of isis, i'm all for it, folks. >> we believe that russia and my
6:18 am
colleagues have the capability to press the assad regime to stop this conflict and to come to the table and make peace. >> reporter: now remember a year ago donald trump was saying it's time the obama administration went after isis' oil and choke off their income. last november the administration started ramping up pressure on isis attacking hundred es of their oil trucks. the obama administration said there was no kek sln and in this case remember that the obama administration has been working many months on trying to, you know, get a deal with russia, pressure assad in syria, and finally get a peace deal. but that failed for ten months. suddenly here we are in the middle of a presidential campaign we've got a deal. >> and are we learning more about the details of this plan? we get how the cease-fire would work. we're familiar with. with what the u.s. may have given up in exchange? >> part of it is about humanitarian aid and that's going to be a key piece. everyone agrees when you come to the table, that there are, you know, hundreds of thousands of
6:19 am
refugees who have been displaced, part of what gary johnson got into trouble for because he seemed to have no idea about aleppo, the epicenter of this crisis. but look, i think you're raising an important question because what are the carrots here in addition to the sticks that will actually make sure that assad sticks to this peace deal. he's saying okay, we're going to make sure and stop this crisis within its own borders. he hasn't been able to do that for several years. i think you're right. a lot of skepticism that this peace deal will stick. >> i can see why. ed henry great to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> bye, ed. >> a fox news alert to bring you right now. the fed sweeping in with an unprecedented warning and it is a very important one for all of you who happen to own samsung galaxy phones. >> maybe a little more exciting than you bargained for. >> and remember when president bush called the people on board flight 93 heros? >> with their brave decision
6:20 am
they launched the first counter offensive of the war on terror. >> dana joins us next with their incredible stories from the memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. stay tuned for that. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark.
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welcome back. quick headlines. chelsea manning going on a hunger strike saying she will not eat anything except water and prescription medication until her treatment behind bars improves. manning was convicted in 2013 of leaking more than 700,000 secret military and state department documents. meanwhile, edward snowden realized russia isn't so great after all. >> there's something going on inside the government that's really wrong and i can't ignore it. >> looking at possible death
6:24 am
sentence. >> snowden who's been living in asylum in russia since 2013 for leaking u.s. government secrets calling on moscow for hacking the nsa and conducting its own mass surveillance and said he would like to come home. >> and murdering opponents and also -- no wonder what he wants to come back to the usa. >> it's cold. people are drunk. >> all right tomorrow america will commemorate 15 years since the 9/11 attacks. >> the country will also celebrate the brave passengers, the lives and memories of those crew members on flight 93 who stopped that plane from reaching the terrorist intended targets. >> our own dana preno had a chance to visit the memorial of the flight in shanksville, pennsylvania, to tell the story of all of those on board. watch. ♪
6:25 am
>> thanks for having us in this amazing memorial. we've wanted to come having worked in washington and having so many friends working in the capital at the time this flight to me makes me extremely emotional. >> when you think about the brave actions of these men and women on that particular morning, it really kind of culminates with this tremendous 2200 acre memorial. >> i wonder if you can show me how this turned out. >> i would be honored to do so. here along the flight path it shows at 8:46 american airlines flight 11 the first plane that went into the tower. it was at this point throughout america we could agree people weren't sure what was happening. flight 175 crashed into the south tower at precisely 9:03 and 2 seconds. i think at that point, we all knew that america was really under attack. the men and women on flight 93
6:26 am
had the ability to communicate with loved ones and others from the outside. they looked at one another and said we're not going back to an airport. >> it is at the sight of that boulder which is where it finally crashed. thanks for being willing to talk to me. your brother was on the flight. >> yes. louis. we called him joey. >> this is the final resting place. >> where i truly believe the spirit of the 40 heros of flight 93 are. >> heros. >> just amazes me 40 different individuals from all walks of life had an opportunity put in such a situation that no one is trained for. people coming together for getting the information putting it together. the most democratic right in our
6:27 am
country is the vite to vote and vote on a plan. >> terrorists are watching us. >> and then they kick it off, they execute the plan and prevent that plane from from striking the intended target. i don't think when they started the assault they thought they were going to lose. i think they had all the drive to go home and have dinner with their families. >> president bush said it was the first act of counterterrorism in the war on terror. >> with their brave decision they launched the first counter offensive of the war on terror and most likely target the hijacked plane was the united states capitol. we will never know how many innocent people might have been lost. >> first battle won. they didn't reach the intended target. they took their lives and destiny in their hands and said, not today. not tomorrow. not ever. >> do you feel pride?
6:28 am
>> oh, more than ever. it's hard. i keep waiting for joey and all of them to walk out of the trees. and dust themselves off. >> you said you shed your last tear. >> i did, didn't i? joey was an amazing dad, husband, brother, cousin, and friend. >> and patriot. >> yes. >> citizen. >> very well said. >> this is him. >> yes. him. >> you know, it's -- i always come back here and rub my hand back and forth just to let him know i'm here. >> i'm here with park ranger robert. what is the most frequently asked question you get? >> why did we fill in that
6:29 am
impact site? because when the fbi finished with the investigation it looked nothing like it did on september 11th, 2001. they turned the site over to the coroner and he looked at the large piles of dirt, gathered about 8% of the remains, but he realizes he'll never gather anymore. those piles of earth are their final resting place. the question, why did they fill it? that's why. >> it's sacred ground. >> it is. >> one of the things president bush says in 2011 is that we have a duty to remember and a duty to live. >> we have a duty beyond memory. we have a duty to live our lives in way that upholds the ideals for which the men and women gave their lives. >> you probably have younger people come. how do you help them understand the importance of the site and the historical significance of it? >> i hope to plant a seed because one day i say i won't be here to tell the story. hopefully one day one of them will be because it's a story
6:30 am
that has to be told. >> what a powerful story, isn't it? >> it really is. >> i love his point about what a democratic thing to do, to vote to get up, and to go and attack those people holding the plane hostage. >> such an american way for us to ban together to try to do something to solve a problem at that moment and they did that. >> and the resistance, not a passive group. >> hard to believe 15 years. >> and then to president bush. president bush saying it was the first act of counter terrorism against the terrorists and the war on terror. >> that's right. coming up on the show there are questions circulating this morning about hillary clinton's health. now one writer at "the washington post" says it's not worth even talking about, even though he attacked john mccain for the same thing. >> well senator mccain's daughter megan mccain is here and will come in to discuss that next. >> the pictures surfacing on the internet this week. back in the day, when bill clinton and donald trump were
6:31 am
friends. well this morning the play boy bunny in the photo, tells us what it's all about. >> what gives it away? the bunny on the chest maybe. >> and tomorrow, kicks off the first nfl sunday season so naturally we're grilling out on the plaza all morning long and tailgate for you. the grill master is next. ♪ i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me --
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"put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay.
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6:35 am
paralympic. look at this now. now there's a conspiracy theory making the rounds on-line that hillary clinton was being fed answers through an earpiece during her town hall last week. secret earpiece. hillary said, i promise you it wasn't an earpiece or my name isn't hillary -- hillary -- hillary clinton. hillary clinton. lights out! >> so funny he is. i love that you were on the phone with one of your little girls. >> one of my favorite daughters called me, yes. >> you said to her, um, honey i do this little thing called the tv show on the weekend. >> i don't i take it personally. >> they don't have cable. >> dad, you do a tv show. i didn't know that. >> you pay the bills. >> not aware. >> such a good dad. all right. a couple headlines i want to bring you. >> 35 minutes after the hour. an illegal immigrant accused of
6:36 am
brutally murdering a maryland teenager was deported twice in five months. police say that this man oscar delgado perez was sent back to el salvador in february and october of last year. he's accused of stabbing christian morales more than 40 times along with two other gang members for bragging rights according to police. if delgado perez is convicted we're told he will serve his full sentence in the united states before being deported a third time. our prayers go out to the victim's family. that is awful. a terror takedown just hours before a planned attack at a paris train station. dramatic video shows the moment french police arrest the last member of the city's first all-female isis terror cell. police say that she and her terror friends were behind a failed car bombing outside notre dame cathedral and she was once engaged to a terrorist who slit the throat of a paris priest in
6:37 am
july. green party candidate jill stein possibly revealed herself as a 9/11 truther. the presidential hopeful calling for a new investigation into the 9/11 terror attacks releasing a statement in part saying this, quote, the families and friends of those who were murdered on 9/11 deserve justice. they also deserve to know the truth. stein insists that commission that conducted the initial investigation was stonewalled by the bush administration. and those are your headlines. let's head outside where we have a look at the beginning, the true beginning, of the nfl season. >> true beginning because tomorrow kicks off the first sunday of the nfl season and all morning long we've been celebrating, obviously, on the plaza. >> that's right. we've got cheerleaders and food out there. and rick is on the plaza with chef jamie for some grilling on the gridiron. >> jamie is the best. >> that is it, guys. jamie the author of weber's new american barbecue cookbook. happy you are here. >> i'm really happy to be here. >> not as happy as i am because you have good stuff. you have the grills now that
6:38 am
have collegiate teams, talking nfl today, but college football season too. >> wonderful time of the year for college football and weber has the new college edition grills. they're small, they're portable, they're really powerful. i'm doing a couple of burgers here. you want to put cheese on top. >> yes, sir. >> got smoke going on as well with the smoker box. because i've just written a book about barbecue and barbecue means smoke. but if you want one of these college edition grills, go to and put in a vote for your favorite team. and maybe you'll see a grill with your team's logo on it. >> move over to the grill. you have a new way or a good way to keep the heat even in your grill. >> yes. it's called the snake method. i don't know if you can see down in here but i have a snake of coals. all right. so all around the perimeter is this arc and i've let it down on one end and you can see it slowly burned and almost done because the ribs are almost done and you can put wood chips down on here. again this is their recipe from
6:39 am
weber's new american barbecue. and now you don't have to fuss with the coals. how some people are constantly adding more coals and then waiting for them to get hot and you get these peaks and valleys. that's not good for barbecue. you want steady, even heat. the snake method is the way to go. >> and that turns it into this. all right. you also have some sides here. >> the book is all about mixing up and creating modern versions of classics. more classic in barbecue country than pimento cheese. you make a good version. >> love it. >> smoked peppers with a little bit of chipotle in there. a tiny bit spice gy. it's fresh and delicious. not just your traditional cole slaw but an italian version with fennel and bleu cheese and the burgers we were cooking earlier. the bacon cheeseburgers with kentucky bourbon sauce. no bourbon don in that sauce. >> what more could you want. >> all of this stuff is in the new american barbecue book, right.
6:40 am
>> yeah. >> how many recipes? >> oh, 200 some. >> and some. wow. that's plenty will give you a lot of tailgating. thank you so much. we'll send it to you guys. >> thank you so much, rick. we are here with rich delgado. he has some football predictions this season. big daddy, great to see you this morning. >> great to see you. >> thank you for my eagles jersey. >> before we start i know everybody is going say, you and i always go back and forth with this, so i got your official training camp t-shirt. >> nice. >> thank you. >> and as you said you like the giants. >> i do like the giants. >> living in new york i do. >> of course. of course. >> so, let's picture super bowl. we saw a rematch the other night of thursday night opening game of the broncos. super bowl champions against, of course, the panthers. eeked out a victory. what, do you see a repeat this year for the broncos or no? >> no. you know who i really -- and it's going to drive everyone crazy but i think carolina/new
6:41 am
england. >> carolina/new england. >> yes. >> who do you think would edge out in the end? are you thinking a new england victory? >> as much as everybody would disagree with me, when you have number 12, it's the brady in a game, you always have a chance. and it seems like they recycle every year, every year, but 12 doesn't go anywhere except for this year thanks to the nfl where he's not playing the first four games but they always seem to be in the mix. >> we have the jets cheerleaders here this morning. >> well listen -- >> i hope they turn it around. but i'm a new yorker. i have clients on the team. i'm always cheering for selfishly and also geographically. >> yeah. >> the eagles made some offseason -- or actually preseason switches over the last minute. sam bradford out. what do you think the eagles will do? are we going to have a miserable season or a contender? >> i think they will do fine. i think having that young new quarterback bringing a lot of excitement to the area. they've made some changes.
6:42 am
i think howie roseman has done an incredible job especially with his last-minute trade here. now they got a first rounder and the fourth rounder and something else down the road? one of the stories we've been following, of course, has been collin kaepernick and seems like that thing is kind of catching on among other teams. the seattle seahawks are intending to do something, we don't know what -- >> brandon marshal we saw as well. he took a knee the other day. >> yeah. >> where do you think this goes from here? >> you know what, i don't know. i think there will be a solidarity amongst some players but i don't know if it goes all the way because you know what, still, we're all americans, that flag means something. and you know what, collin kaepernick used his platform to get his message out there so i think they'll get it out there a little further but i don't know how far it goes. >> has football become more about the individual and less about the team? >> when it comes to getting paid, yes. >> well that i can -- that i think we can all relate to and understand but when it comes to
6:43 am
political stances, thi like this, kaepernick is the quarterback, the quarterback stands for the team and seems standing out like that wanted to make it about himself and not his team. >> then he got benched. >> at the end of the day everybody is playing for this thing and everybody is playing for, you know, the money. >> yeah. >> and i think like i said, the message will go only so far. and then it will be like okay, what have you done for me next. >> we're going to roll the tape back. good prediction the other year. see if you're spot on. carolina/new england, we'll see if your super bowl prediction holds water. >> last year i bombed. >> that's all right. >> thank you for my eagles shirt. >> thank you. great to be the la-z-boy chairs. next time we need some beer. >> absolutely. >> thank. we appreciate it. >> tucker, inside to you, man. >> well, thanks so much. the same reporter who trashed john mccain's health in 2008 or said it was a valid topic of discussion now wants to give hillary a pass on questions of her health. senator mccain's daughter megan
6:44 am
mccain is here to weigh in on what looks like hypocrisy. this is an amazing story, he's going to run 50 miles a day for 60 days straight. cross-country trek is about to begin live here on the deck of the "uss midway" the man who's doing it for our vets. ♪
6:45 am
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well there are questions, legitimate ones, circulating around the internet about hillary clinton's health but "washington post" reporter shrugging off those kidnappers despite the fact that -- those concerns despite the fact that the same reporter scrutinized john mccain's health in 2008. >> joining us john mccain's daughter and fox news contributor megan mccain. >> good morning, everyone. >> it was "the washington post" who said nothing to see here, move on, perfectly fine criticizing your father. what do you make of this. >> he wrote a follow-up article why he thought it was okay to criticize john mccain's health
6:48 am
and not hillary clinton. my father had skin cancer. hillary clinton's blood clot in her brain is not as serious as skin cancer apparently and the internet reacted because he was hard on other than my father michele bachmann gone after her for her migraines she suffered from and very open about. i tweeted back to him, i thought this was a parody because when i was sent the original article i thought the headline was like an onion headline and just be intellectually honest. just say, your father is a conservative and we went after his health because we were worried about his age and hillary clinton i will give a pass. i would have more respect for someone if they were honest about this. i'm sorry, hillary clinton's health is something that should be fair game in this election, it was certainly fair game with my father, and the way some people write about it it's like they're sad my father is 80 and healthy and hiking the grand canyon. >> that's right. honest it i. i ran that bachmann story, it was not public. we made it public and they hated it when we did that. candidates' health if you want
6:49 am
to be president of the united states that's a legitimate question. give me your medical records. what's the answer. why would journalists be discouraging inquiry is my question. >> i think transparency by the way it was donald trump as well, i think transparency is important. i am not an ageist. i actually -- everyone's age, i have a 104-year-old grandmother still kicking and watches the show completely living a full life, so i'm not an ageist. i just, again, would like intellectual honesty. if you're going after my family and father still to this day about his age, then just do it with hillary clinton as well. >> megan mccain, something in that mccain family water. >> i want some of that. >> and your grandmother really is, i've met her, one of the most amazing people i've met in my life. >> incredible woman. >> and your mom and dad are so active, love seeing their pictures and yours as well. >> thank you. >> coming up here on the show, he's going to run 50 miles a day for 60 straight days to honor our vets. we're kicking it off live from the deck of the "uss midland" that is next.
6:50 am
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take a look at that. that is an extreemg athlete named george. he will run 50 miles a day for 60 days. it's a 3,000 mile run from san diego to ground zero to raise awareness about serious issues facing our veterans when they return from war. the national president of the paralyzed veterans of america are on the deck of the "uss midway" this morning in san
6:54 am
diego and that is where this run starts tomorrow. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. george, start off by telling me why you onced to do this run -- wanted to do this run, 50 miles a day, best extreme? >> thanks for the time on the show and don't try to talk me out of it, we're 24 hours and counting. >> yeah. why did you want to do it? >> it's a great honor. you know, it's pretty straightforward. i love my country, proud to be an american, very grateful to live in this country and when i see the problems in the veteran community and i see the division in the nation and the hatred and the finger-pointing, i'm the type of person that wants to step up and do something to get back and make a difference. and really, being a civilian and the sacrifices that our military heros make for us on a day-to-day basis i feel like i owe. we all have different ways of giving back. i've been an ultra runner for seven or eight years now. because these events can be so extreme and dangerous they draw a lot of attention and, you know, i said it's time to step up and do something. i just started working on this 15 months ago. and over the course of time i've
6:55 am
brought some amazing people, part of the team, al being one here beside me and now we are fast forward on one of the greatest warships of the world "uss midway" day before 9/11 getting ready to kick this off. >> you served our country as well and for paralyzed veterans of america. tell us why this is so important to your organization? >> our organization was started in world war ii but the majority of our members are about 65 years of age and that's the target that we're looking at as far as trying to bring awareness to suicide prevention. you know, we've got 22 guys -- i mean 22 guys a day are committing suicide. only six are seeking care at the va when it happens. only 9 million are using the va. he's trying to bring awareness there is lots of services that the va can provide these veterans but they're isolated or for whatever reason don't want to be a part of it. and, you know, our membership,
6:56 am
they are the guys he's going to be help saving. >> you plan to deliver a petition in washington, d.c., along the way, george tell me about that? >> yeah. really the way i look at this, again i'm not the expert here, i'm really trying to better educate myself, there's 40,000 different organizations throughout all operating in silos. i think that's not an efficient means. we need to collaborate and what's really exciting about tomorrow is we're going to have leadership from six of the top organizations on stage. we're going to be announcing this collaboration and the statition and as i run across america i will be getting signatures from town by town. hopefully this will snowball and we will have millions by the time we get to washington. >> please check in with us. >> cooperation amongst veterans and civilians. >> we have to leave it there. george, best of luck to you, check in with us along the way. more on "fox & friends" next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in.
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look at this stunning photo of the sun reflecting off the face of the freedom tower in new york city. taken from long island thursday ahead of tomorrow's anniversary. >> wow. 15 years since 9/11 terror attacks. >> that's tomorrow. going to be a sad day. >> all right. thanks for joining us. >> with the election less than two months away, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal isn't going away. house republicans now calling for an obstructionion of justice probe into clinton e-mails being deleted. devices being smashed. all despite a subpoena to preserve them for the fbi investigation. with this probe be worth the price? hi, everybody. i'm in for brenda butner. this is bulls and bears. the bulls and bears, gary smith, jonas, john, along with emily, and julie. welcome, everybody. >> come on, i couldn't resist. emily, is an obstruction of justice investigation worth taxpayer's money? >> absolutely. i mean look we're


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