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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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have the same kind of ribbon on cowboys helmets. >> i didn't know that the interesting. that's it for us here in washington. america's election headquarters continues from new york. great to be with you. . and this is a foksz news alert. hillary clinton is facing a major backlash from republicans after opening up is a new and biting line of attack against opponent donald trump and his supporters. welcome to a brand new hour of america's election headquarters. i'm uma pemmaraju. the democratic nominee firing up the trump base with this. >> to just be grocessly general h istic you can put half of trump supporters of what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic,
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islam ophobic. >> firing back with the candidates suggesting on twitter that mrs. clinton's comment will hurt her in the polls. he attended yesterday's values voter summit in washington and today his running mate mike pence will be speaking. they are working to energize religious conservative bs a constituency with its doubts about trump's bona fides. kristin, what can you tell us? >> uma, both mike pence and donald trump are expressing outrage over clinton's remarks. this morning trump posted on twitter, quote, wow, hillary clinton was so insulting to my supporters, millions of amazing hardworking people. i think it will cost her at the polls. and then his running mate mike pence said this while speaking to conservative christians here at the values voter summit. >> the millions of americans that are supporting my running
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mate were described in the most deplorable of terms. so let me just say from the bottom of my heart, hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> now, yesterday at the values voters summit donald trump vid away from speaking at abortion but mike pence did not. in fact, today pence came out hard iragainst abortion than he usually does. he said a trump/pence administration will send roe vs. wade to the ashes of history where it delongs and end public fund for planned parenthood. he addressed another issue and that is the supreme court recently vacated by the late justice antonin scalia. he said trump would appoint a judge who would continue to advance scalia's legacy so some conservatives still have their
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doubts. uma? >> thank you very much. well, a pitch battle under way right now between hillary clinton and donald trump for the support of military leaders. each now counting more than 100 retired generals and admirals in their scamp after this week's commander in chief forum. hillary clinton taking a bold stance during that forum when it comes to american troops and syria and iraq. listen. >> they are not going to get ground troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. so those are the kinds of decisions we have to make on a case-by-case basis. >> and joining us now with reaction. we have retired four-star general wesley clark who is a former nato supreme allied commander and endorsing mrs. clinton.
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>> thank you, uma. >> you're part of a list that includes more than 100 military leaders backing mrs. clinton right now and this week's commander in chief forum gave americans the snapshot on the difference between her and donald trump on the issues of national security. in that forum she said she wanted to do more in syria but as we just heard she said she opposes putting any u.s. ground troops in that country. however, most americans know that we have ground troops there, special forces, who are already fighting the islamic state. she says she will combat isis with air power and regional alliances. isn't that good news for isis and a mistake from the u.s. when she's already telling isis what she will or will not do to them? >> well, i see eight little differently. first of all, when she says ground troops she is excluding special forces from that category. special forces, talking a regular infantry and armor eddie visions and battalions of artillery and so forth that comes out of ft. polk and ft. hood. so i think the veterans all
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understood that what she meant. and i think there's a strong rationale for this because what we found is you can't just go in and put ground troops in. you've got to find out when you -- after you've run the enemy out who is going to govern, what's the plan to really bring peace and stability to the region. otherwise, isis just -- they put on burqas, they hide in ditches, they run to other villages. you don't know who they are. you don't speak the language. eventually you leave and you're back wro you started. we learned our lesson. we're not an army that is good for occupation in the middle east. shouldn't do that. we got to get our allies to do that. we can provide them the combat multipliers. that's what hillary clinton was explaining. and i think it's the right approach. i think it's an approach that is actually working. and i think veterans do understand that. >> so you think it's good to at this point from her point of view to continue to follow what president obama has been doing
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up to this int po in the fight against isis? >> well, i think that there are many twists and turns in the road but right now the plan that makes sense is to use air power, put special forces in there to help direct it, train the allied forces, them them equipment, give them the combat multipliers that they need, and let them do the hard work of going inside theville lamgs, clearing rooms, talking to the population, and meanwhile work behind the scenes to set the conditions so that when they run isis out, there's a stable government that can provide services and stability and security for the people that want to come back and live in syria. >> spell for me the difference in the approach and her and president obama at this point in that fight against isis because critics will say we haven't gained an advantage to this point where we actually see the enemy defeated. >> well, i think we've actually pushed the enemy back a long
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way. i think the iraqi forces are going to have to do the bulk of the fighting to clear isis out of mosul. they've pushed isis out of a lot of the territory that it's held. now, the free syrian army and the other rebel groups we've supported, that's gone back and forth. it hasn't goen as cleanly as anyone would have wanted. but i dare say if we had a bunch of american troops in there what would have happened is we would have overrun various village, taken terrain, and left with a guerrilla warfare and improvised explosive devices that we're very familiar with all through the area and we would end up with a commitment we would be struggling to get out of after we've taken losses. the approach that president obama has crafted is the right approach at the time and i think hillary clinton will be opportunistic in building on that approach and just as effective for this fight against isis. she says she's going to do it. i believe her.
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she's a determined person. >> were you at all trowelled that mrs. clinton said her support with the war in iraq was a mistake, many of whoom served in iraq. many have been injured, saw their colleagues die in combat, those folks went forward to serve their country and their commander in chief, wouldn't it be more productive to simply say that moving ahead she would incorporate a different policy if faced with similar circumstances in the future knowing what she knows now? >> first of all, i'm very proud of the men and women that did serve in iraq because i served in vietnam and that was a very unpopular war but i honor my colleagues who serve in all wars for the united states calls on our citizens to go and fight. and i know that hillary does also. i think it took a lot of courage in that forum. and that was a question that matt lauer asked her. and she answered that question. and i think it took lot of courage to say that but i also say this to the men and women who fought in iraq.
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got to learn lessons from the experience. just as we have in vietnam. the fact that we believe in each other, that we obey the orders of commander in chief that we're committed to the tasks that are assigned, doesn't mean that in the aftermath of the action we don't go back and learn lessons from it. that's true at the tactical level, strategic level, and diplomatic political level. got to grow. >> i know you've been critical of donald trump's remarks about conditional support for nato if he is elected. you have been the former supreme allied commander. what impact do you think his remarks are having on nato allies right now who are concerned about whether a trump presidency will support them in a crisis? >> well, the government leaders in these countries, in eastern europe and the baltics and in romania, bulgaria, they're very concerned about mr. trump's comments because they're afraid of something yald youlta-2.
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shake pands with putin, you're a great leader. putin says you're a great leader. trump says, why can't we get along? and putin says, we could. just leave eastern europe to me. you don't understand these people. i'll take care of them. you can come over and build hotels if you want. and that kind of handshake frightens the europeans to death. but it's not just that they're worried about it. they count on american support. and when a major candidate for the office of president of the united states indicates he may not be supporting them, it empowers all the people who in their own political systems have said i told you so, i told you so. russia is strong. russia is going to be here. better listen to russia. they will come in and kick us you know where. so it upsets the ongoing balance in the political structures even before the american election. so he's already having an impact. it's not a good impact because when the politics in eastern europe starts turning that way,
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then investors don't put money in, the economies don't grow and ordinary people suffer. it's not a good thing. >> general, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us with your insights. we appreciate it . >> thank you very much, uma. pleasure to be here. i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. >> if donald trump is the commander in chief forum stepping into territory by seeming to suggest he would fire top military brass. the remarks coming as he picks up the support of 32 more high ranking military officers. bringing the total number of retired admirals and generals firmly on his side to 120. including my next guest, retired army lieutenant general jay garner. thank you for being on the program. >> uma, it's an honor to be here
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among the basket of deplorables. >> those remarks are very controversial and she's taking heat for those remarks from a number of people. let me ask you really quickly though. those comments from donald trump about our generals serving under president obama also drawing fire from those who say he's accusing them of not helping our country effectively. is that a fair assessment? do you and other military leadereleader leaders support mr. trump on that statement? >> well, i didn't read that statement that way, uma. the way i interpreted that is he was saying that under this administration and this president that the generals haven't been listened to. and their advice has not been taken. and therefore we are where we are. and they have just been reduced to rubble because their advice hasn't been taken. i don't think he meant that as a derogatory comment. against the generals we have. i think it was a derogatory comment against the administration. >> let me ask you about mr. trump's open of fekaffection fo vladimir putin. many americans see the russian
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leader, the former head of the kgb as someone to be wear ary o. there are critics who say putin is playing trump since he would really be happy to see nato break up and re-establish wat western control over eastern europe. >> i don't know what mr. trump is thinking and i don't know what mr. putin is thinking. mr. trump is not the one to hit reset button with russia. today we're concluding a treaty with the russians with regard to syria and i think we better be very, very careful of that because every time we've had a treaty under this administration we've given away massive things. so does that mean now that we are aligned with assad, and support him who we said had, does that mean we're going to turn our back tons kurds, does that mean we're going to turn our back on the syrian rebels who we've been supporting? does it mean we're in alliance with iran, assad, hezbollah, a
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shia alliance, when all of our -- most of -- nearly all of our arab allies are sunnis. we want to be? a shia alliance when 85% of the middle east is sunni. >> let me ask you about the relation sip that he wants to carve out with mr. putin. at this point, suggesting that he's really onboard and moving forward to have a very good relationship with him before even understanding perhaps all the ramifications of what it means to be in that kind of a partnership. >> well, i would be careful to say he doesn't understand any of the ramifications. but i think that if you could forge a relationship with putin that is to our advantage that's certainly a good thing. the problem i have, uma, is the coalitions that we formed lately, none of them have been to our advantage. >> i hear ya. >> if we could do one to our advantage, i would vote for that one. >> donald trump says he wants to
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remain unpredictable when it comes to defeating isis and he's going to meet with the generals to come up with a plan within 30 days of taking office to come up with a real strategy. can you give us any insights on what that plan may involve at this point? >> no, i have no idea what that plan is. but i think keeping his mouth shut about what he's going to do is exactly the way it ought to be. you know, president roosevelt didn't talk about the normandy invasion. mcarthur didn't talk. schwarzkopf didn't talk about the left hook he made. this administration is telling every punch we've done. so what mr. trump is doing, he's following down the same line the great leaders with we have, have done, and he is not telling the punches and he shouldn't. >> before i let you go i want to throw up a poll for our viewers to take a look at because a recent fox news poll asked folk it is they felt safer today than they did before 9/11. and compared to three years ago there's a stark contrast because
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most people do not feel safe today. on the eve of the 9/11 attack 15 years ago, what are your thoughts about this? >> well, we're certainly i don't think we feel safer today than we did eight years ago. look at this. i just heard wes clark talk about we're defeating isis. we may be from the standpoint of territory but we're losing to them from the standpoint of ideology. look at how they have spread in the last 14 months. so, yes, we all ought to be more fearful than we were eight years ago. let me tell you one more thing. you know, when ben franklin walked out constitutional conventi convention, when it was over and he's walking down the stairs. a lady said, well, mr. franklin, what kind of government did you give us? and he looked down at her and he said, madam, a republic. if you can hold it. well, let me tell you, if question want to hold this republic, don't vote for
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hillary. you better vote for donald trump. >> thank you for joining us today. faurly balanced. appreciate it. >> thank you. now we want to hear from you. do you feel less safe or safe since the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago? tweet me your answers @u answers @umapemmaraju. syria's government giving stamp of approval. two countries planning to target groups in syria including isis and al qaeda affiliate and provide better humanitarian aide. the truce going into effect at sundown on monday. john hod difficult dy is standi with the latest on this deal. john? >> uma, that has been called a possible breakthrough. as i said earlier, it really comes down to whether syria's government, president bashar al-assad's regime and the opposition forces, the rebel groups that have been fighting in this more than five year long brutal and vicious civil war are
11:18 am
ready to hold their fire and put down their arms again at sundown on monday. and if so, how long that will last. that said though, take a look. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart foreign minister sergei lavrov announced their agreement early this morning in geneva after a marathon 13-hour meeting. it looked like it was going to fall apart right up until the last minute. there are several main points to this. the plan will begin with what's called a cessation of hostilities, a cease-fire, to start at sunset on monday. syria's government must then stop its air and ground attacks on rebel-held areas, russia must ensure really that syria will comply. and bashar al-assad told sergei lavrov he is willing to do that. this deal would also require unrestricted humanitarian access to aleppo.
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several other cease-fire agreements have failed over confusion between moderate opposition forces and extremist groups. this deal says there will be a differentiation between the two, that russia and the u.s. will actually work together with military and intelligence information to combat isis and also other extremist groups. and syria, russia -- washington, rather, has raised great concerns about this again because of russia and the u.s. sharing intelligence information. but then again, that said, time is of the essence. this is supposed to take effect at sundown on monday. >> let's hope that deal holds. john, thank you for that update. well, back in this country, controversial bill headed to the president's desk allowing the families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia for any part it may have played this those attacks. but the administration says it opposes the bill. we'll tell you why. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton will be weighing in. and check out the damage to this
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truck. you won't believe what caused this truck to burst into flames. plus, former president bill clinton the raising questions about donald trump's campaign slogan, but it should seem familiar to him. we're going to take a look at what president clinton has said in the past about making america great again. >> we're going to make america proud again. we will make america strong again. we are going to make america safe again. and we will make america great again.
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and we have this fox news alert for you. we is an apology now from hillary clinton who called donald trump's -- half of donald trump's supporters deplorable, saying they belong in a basket of deplorables. she said this late friday. she said that many of donald trump's supporters were racist, quote, racist, sexist, hoyou na it. now she is saying that she was grossly generalistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half. that was wrong. but let's be clear, what's
11:25 am
really deplorable is that donald trump has hired a major advocate for the so-called alt-right movement to run his campaign and that david duke and other white supremacist see him as a champion of their values. and that statement goes on to explain what she actually meant by that statement saying that she should not have put everybody in a category of being a basket of deplorables. we're going to continue to follow the story. hillary clinton now taking back remarks that she made at a fund-raiser last night here in new york. the man who shot president reagan is being released from a mental hospital today. more than 35 years after that assassination attempt. a federal judge ruling in july that john hinckley now 61 is not a danger to himself or the public, but his release comes with stringent restrictions and a work requirement. he will be living with his mother in williamsburg, virginia, and will need to attend group therapy as well as maintain individual therapy
11:26 am
sessions. hinckley is also required to work or volunteer three days a week. at the time hinckley said he did to it impress actress jodie foster. and global recall that's making news for galaxy note 7 phones amid reports that they can catch fire. samsung telling any customers to turn them in as soon as possible for a replacement. several airlines already banning passengers from using the phones during flights. this comes after charging galaxy note 7 phone started a fire that destroyed a florida couple's jeep. consumer product safety commission warning owners to power down those phones and stop using them immediately. well, there are growing threats from north korea in the headlines as it conducts moe powerful nuclear test to date. we're going to speak with john bolton about whether the u.s. response should be any different this time around. plus, a former president bill clinton criticizing donald trump's campaign slogan.
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really? we're going the look at some of his past remarks that are quite similar. you're going to want to stay tuned for that. with the right steps,
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just call 855-874-7743 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪ so call 855-874-7743 or visit to turn us back on. and up. welcome back with this fox news alert. as we mentioned, hillary clinton now responding to the fierce criticism of her remarks last night where she said that many of donald trump's supporters belong in a, quote, basket of deplorables. now she's walking back those remarks. that's while she attends a fund-raiser in new york today while tim kaine crisscrosses his home state of virginia, a major battleground, before heading over to d.c. bryan is joining us now with
11:32 am
more. bryan? >> hillary clinton just minutes ago issuing an apology for saying half of donald trump supporter belong in a, quote, basket of deplorables. it reads in part, quote, last night i was grossly generalistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half, that was wrong. but let's be clear what's really redeplorable is that donald trump hired a major advocate for the so-called alt-right movement to run his campaign and that david duke and other white supremacists see him as champion of their values. i won't stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign. as i said, many of trump's supporters are hardworking americans who just don't feel like the economy or our political system are working for them. clinton made the comment at a fund-raising event here in new york city last night, hosted by lgbt donors and headline bid barbra streisand. a thousand people attended and she raised $6 million. she was talking about donald trump supporters smep said, half of trump supporters feel like the government and the economy
11:33 am
has let them down. and they're desperate for change and it doesn't really matter where that change comes from. but listen to how she described the other half of trump supporters. >> to just be grocery generssly generalistic, you can put half of trump up supporters into what i call basket of deplorables. right? the racists, sexists, homophobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> this apology comes hours after trump campaign manager kellyanne conway demanded an apology on twitter. important to note, this isn't the first time she's referenced some trump supporters as the deplorables. hillary made the same comment in israeli tv interview on thursday
11:34 am
and in political reports she's been saying this line behind closed doors for weeks. uma? >> bryan, thank you very much. let's bring in political great expert extraordinaire ed rollins to react to the latest development on the campaign trail. hillary clinton trying to walk back these remarks. knowing that it caused an uproar. >> i don't think she can walk it back. i think it's what she meant. it was a scripted remark. deplorable is a terrible term to use about any americans. quick to throw out the title that you're a racist or deplorable or unamerican if you're not the people that she's with, barbra streisand event at the fax fashion week, beautiful feel raising $6 million. she has spent the month in the hampton s doing the enormous fund-raisers. trump is out there with the real people. the real people are not happy about what's going on in this country. the promise is that the government is not doing enough to these people. most people don't want government. they want a job.
11:35 am
that is what trump is advocates, advocate to make america great again. ronald reagan did that and her husband used that same term on her campaign, hillary will make america great again. she didn't get elected. her mindset, she's struggling in her campaign. people don't think she's on mho. >> you point out this was a scripted speech. it was not an off the cuff remark. and this is something that has drawn lots of fire from a number of different cirqucirquiecirque. but do you think the apology will gain traction? mitt romney had a hard time in his race. >> he said 47% of the people are on welfare type of program, absurd statement and he paid for it. i think she will pay for this. i would expect this to be in an ad somewhere. i think those people out there
11:36 am
basically for trump and more and more of them every day, i think they're going to relish being called deplorable. deplorable compared to who? again, to the barbara streisand and the fashion crowd maybe we're all deplorabldeplorable. but that's not what america is about. america is about bringing people together. >> bill clinton going after donald trump making america great slogan again suggest that the phrase may have racist undertones. listen. >> that message, i'll give you america great again is, if you're a white southerner you know exactly what it means. don't you? what it means is, i'll give you economy you had 50 years ago and i'll no v you back up on the social total pole and other people down. >> in his political past mr. clip on the has used the catch phrase himself. watch this. >> i believe that together we can make america great again.
11:37 am
to secure a better future for your children and your grandchildren and to make america great again. i want to attack these problems and make america great again. it's time for another comeback. time to make america great again. >> well, there you go. okay. he said it. he says donald trump when he uses it has racist undertones. >> he cast a dispersion on a very specific part of american, southern states have great pride and what they have done, great industrialists. >> he's supposed to be a southerner. >> he's supposed to be a southerner. of course he now lives in new york and elsewhere. but at the end of the day, that's an extraordinary part of this country. they have great universities. great people and they've ban great industrial center. i think they're really, as i said, they're struggling. by struggling, they're striking out. and we don't need to bed a -- we need to be bringing this country together. >> he has to know that he's been on the record saying this by his political past. why go there? >> i can't figure out what bill
11:38 am
clinton nor hillary clinton does. sometimes it's hard enough to figure out my candidate donald trump. i just -- >> very good. >> i bear slight responsibility for them. i have a hard snuff time remembering what i said. obviously like to get some of my words back in the course of 50-year career but you don't get do to do that. it's a polarizing, very close election. >> in speaking to that, the races are tightening up in key battleground states. for example, in florida, we've got clinton at 47 and trump at 47. virtual tie there. pennsylvania, north carolina, it's also tightening up. >> the reality is that, you know, we've driven too much by polls and there are certain advantages she has in the sense she's got a better organization on the ground today. if the election were held today she would probably squeak it out. there's a long way to go. i think americans today want change. he's the candidate of change. if you get her re-elected, it's four more years of obama or even more years of bill clinton
11:39 am
policies. >> do you think the tightening up of the raise is because people tend to focus more on the election after labor day or is it because trump has been running a more disciplined campaign? >> he's certainly doing that, running much more disciplined campaign, change in his leadership has been very important and i think to a certain extent he's on message, he's on a teleprompter today. saying what he wants to say but at the same time it's a scripted message which is important. he's talking about substantive issues. and again, i go back to the point, he's not spending his time running around with the rich fat cats in the half tmpto and elsewhere. he's talking to real people every day. >> you're happy fund-raising is up, too, i hear. >> fund-raising is up. very interesting race before it's all said and done. >> indeed. appreciate it. >> thank you. well, cars brakes go out in a parking lot leaving a terrified driver dangling nine stories in the air. that daring rescue ahead. and congress together -- coming together to give families of 9/11 victims the right to sue
11:40 am
saudi arabia but president obama is not onboard. former u.n. ambassador john bolton is back on deck but, first, the iconic moment from former president george w. bush at ground zero. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you. and the people -- and the people who knocked these buildings down i' 'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. every day starts better with a healthy smile.
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welcome back, everybody. here's a quick check of the headlines. as the country prepares to mark 15 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks the state department reminding americans to be vigilant noting there are still global threats. the latest worldwide caution says information is suggesting that terrorists continue to plan attack against western nations. explosion at a factory in bangladesh killing at least 23 people and leaving dozens jared.
11:45 am
authorities saying a boiler explodes at a packaging factory sparking a massive fire that spread quickly because of chemicals that were stored there. and police departments in at least two states are suspending use of body cameras saying tougher data storage laws are making it too difficult, too expensive to continue. well, the white house has a difficult decision to make after the house voting yesterday approving a bill allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia for any role it may have played in the terror attack. the senate approving the measure back in may, 15 of the 19 hijackers that day were saudi nationals. and a recently declassified report says there may have been links between some of the hijackers and saudi government officials. ambassador john bolten is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nagsz, senior fellow at
11:46 am
the american enterprise institute along with being a fox news contributor. welcome, sir. good to have you on the program today. >> glad to be with you. >> what's your reaction to this news that families could be allowed now to sue saudi arabia? >> well, really, this is a cruel hoax being perpetrated on the families. obviously we're all sympathetic with them. but the argument is faulty in its supremacist and consequences of this legislation, if it's ever enacted into law, going to be farm more harmful to the united states than the saudi arabia. we are the country most present in the world with our diplomats, our military, our intelligence agents. if sovereign immunity can be taken away from saud gi and of these, your adversaries and some of our friends will want to take our sovereign immunity away from us. the precedent we're setting, it won't accomplish the objectives that the families think it will and it will definitely harm the united states. >> you don't expect the president to sign this.
11:47 am
>> well, i don't know what he's going to do, frankly. he says he's going to veto it but my faith in his word isn't that high. obviously if he does veto it it's going to be very, very difficult to prevent an overr e override. i think this is something the president should have been far more active on earlier. i think more republicans should have understood the principle involved here and tried to stop this legislation before it made it to the floor. you know we now have a situation where 535 people have voted in favor of it because they're afraid to stand up against it in many cases, sadly. >> such an emotional issue. >> yeah. well, how about emotional feelings when it comes to protecting americans who are vulnerable places overseas, can be arrested by for roa eed fore never see the light of day from jails in china, in russia, in iran. people need to think this through a little bit more. even the premises of this are faulty. there's some idea the saudi
11:48 am
government was behind the -- partially behind the attacks of nefb. that rest on the asuch shun that american intelligence has been unable to determine one way or the other whether they were involved. really, do you think a lawsuit that's going to involve not human intelligence agents or national technical means but will involve inwhere enter rogtory, request for production of documents and depositions is going to find out what american intelligence was not capable of finding out? i mean, that's why i say this is a terrible hoax on the families involved. >> i want to move on to another contentious issue and one that koontz to raise big concerns talking about north korea. setting off another blast and one that is quite powerful. right now the united states, president obama saying that there will be consequences. but really what can we do apart from enforcing stronger sanctions? should we take action against china to enforce sanctions there? >> well, you know, the president is always talking about serious
11:49 am
consequences. you asked me before about whether he's going to veto the 9/11 legislation, he talks about serious consequences when north korea tests nuclear weapons but the consequences are marginal at best. look, this test, this 50fifth nuclear test would be a fire bell in the night for all americans when we look at the progress north korea has made on the nuclear side, when we look at the progress they're making on ballistic missiles, americans and south korean military officials estimate the tar it gs on the west side of the united states should be vulnerable in just a few years. the president has all but destroyed our national missile defense program. and the risk of north korea cooperating with iran or selling nuclear devices to terrorists is very, very real. we don't have a policy. i think the only long-run policy is to -- is to eliminate north korea to merge it into south korea. i think we've got to go to the chinese and say, this ugly piece of baggage that the kim jong-un
11:50 am
reseem represents is not in your interests. >> really quickly though, when it comes to china, the reason i mention it it is is because some believe this test would not have happened without a wink and nod from china at this moment because china isn't necessarily doing a lot to stop the north korean s from testing the nuclear missiles. >> china has done next to nothing to stop north korea for 20 years. they say they don't want north korea to have nuclear weapons but they're not willing to do what it takes. we've got to be much more direct with china on this subject. it should be in the center of the debate about the presidency because the presidential election, because that's the president's main responsibility, keeping america safe from foreign threats. >> ambassador bolton, thank you for joining us. . it's a very tough situation indeed. i know you're keeping close watch as we all are. thank you very much for that. coming up, a scary situation for a driver dangling nine stories in the air over top of a parking garage. >> tried to stop the car.
11:51 am
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well, it was a terrifying
11:55 am
close call for a sdradriver in austin, texas, with a car going over the edge leaving him danglidangle ing nine stories in the air. he was pulling into a stop on the top floor when he's brakes would not work. cable tons out side of the garage catching that car and perhaps saving his life. a bystander helping that driver to safety through an open window. crews using ropes to lower the car to street level nearly three hours later. ♪ put the lime in the coconut >> believe it or not there's a shortage in the caribbean of one of the most iconic foods, storm, droughts and disease wiping out large sections of the region's coconut crop. it comes at a time when coconut milk and water are trendier than ever in the u.s. the number of trees decreasing back in the 1990s when demand for the product was going down and now farmers are racing to grow more plants as coconuts become a multibillion dollar
11:56 am
industry. well, earlier we asked you, because this is the eve of the 9/11 anniversary we wanted to know if you feel less safe or more safe since the attacks 15 years ago. here are some of your responses. mona write, i feel safer than i did 15 years ago. i don't think war will solve our problem. we have to be vigilant with security. april says, no, i feel the u.s. is a sitting duck. and tina adds more safe from terrorists? less from government. and politics. lots of you are weighing in. i promise i will get to my response and to your twitter replies to me in just a few minutes after the show. that's a wrap for me. have a great day. and a great weekend, everybody. thanks for joining us. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world.
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welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul pig got. issues of national security dominating as the nation commemorates the 1th anniversary of the september 11th attacks. hillary clinton and donald trump participate in a commander in chief forum wednesday night before an audience of vet raps and active duty military personnel. and both candidates raisesed some eyebrows with their answers. with donald trump doubling down on his praise for russian president vladimir putin and hillary clinton promising not to put ground troops in syria and iraq.


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