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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 10, 2016 1:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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thank you. remember, if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. where am i? >> where are you, by the way? >> oh, my god, i remember you. four months ago, remember? >> and now you're the proud mommy. >> i have a third child. thank you so much. >> a little baby boy. >> thank you for the feeble attempt at congratulations, yes, i have a harrison now, i have a tribe of three plus a husband, which means like 12 kids. >> and you have me. >> this is like my downtime, for these two hours. hello, everyone, i'm julie
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banderas. >> i'm kelly wright. hillary clinton says she regrets calling half of donald trump's supporters deplorables. >> this comes after trump and running mate mike pence had plenty to say about the controversial comments. the latest from both camps in live team coverage. u.s. and russian diplomats finally brokering a cease-fire in syria. will it last long enough to allow civilians to get the humanitarian aid they so desperately need? hello and welcome, everyone. we begin with some heated attacks in the race for the white house. donald trump defending his supporters after hillary clinton said half of them belong in a, quote, basket of deplorables. trump is in st. louis today, attending the funeral of conservative activist phyllis schafly.
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indiana governor mike pence, his running mate, shot back. >> hillary clinton said last night that the american people, the millions of americans that are supporting my running mate, were described in the most deplorable of terms. hillary clinton's low opinion of the people that support this campaign should be denounced in the strongest possible terms. >> hillary clinton now walking back those comments a bit amid a huge backlash. we have fox team coverage on this. bryan llenas has the latest from clinton. but first, christian? >> reporter: kelly, just to give you an idea how big a deal this has become, the hashtag #bask
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hashtag #basketofdeplorables is being called clinton's 47% moment, a reference to what mitt romney said in 2012, when he said no matter what, 47% of voters would not vote for him because they were dependent on government. mike pence said he's not heard that level of disdain for americans since then-candidate barack obama's comment back in 2008 about people who cling to their guns and their religion. >> so let me just say from the bottom of my heart, hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> reporter: donald trump is also firing back. about an hour ago he said on twitter, quote, while hillary said horrible things about my supporters, and while many of her supporters will never vote for me, i still respect them
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all. he spoke at phyllis schafly's funeral, praising the conservative icon for appropriating the idea that the little person can beat the rigged system. he also promised to keep fighting for her conservative causes. and it is a line that likely would have played out very well here at the values voters summit, which as you can see, is just now winding down, all the chairs are stacked up, they're moving the stage for the big gala that's going to be here tonight, kelly. >> christian fisher, thank you very much. >> switching now to hillary clinton issuing a statement expressing regret for that controversial remark, calling it grossly generalistic, while also doubling down on what she calls the trump campaign's, quote, big on t bigotry and, quote, racist rhetoric. bryan llenas has more. >> reporter: good to see you. hillary clinton issued the following apology after she said half of trump's supporters
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belong in a, quote, basket of deplorables. it reads, quote, i regret saying half, that was wrong. but let's be clear, what's really deplorable is that donald trump hired a major advocate for the so-called alt-right movement to run his campaign and that david duke and other white supremacists see him as a champion of their advanvalues. i won't stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign. many of trump's supporters, like i said, are hard-working americans who just don't feel like the economy is working for them. clinton made the comment last night at an event hosted by barbra streisand. she said then that half of trump's supporters feel let down by the economy and the government and are ready for change. but here is how she spoke about
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the other half. >> you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? [ applause ] the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. >> reporter: this apology comes hours after trump campaign manager kellyanne conway demanded an apology on twitter. this isn't the first time she's are nev referenced some trump supporters as deplorables. she's been saying this line behind closed doors for weeks. meantime, hillary clinton released a new 30-second ad today showing republicans like former presidential nominee mitt romney and arizona senator jeff flake agreeing trump is unfit to be president. to that, trump tweeted, quote, really sad that republicans would allow themselves to be used in a clinton ad. lindsey graham, romney, flake,
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sass. supreme court, remember. that's a reference to the fact that the next president will likely choose some supreme court justice. >> thank you, bryan. donald trump is claiming hillary clinton insulted millions of hard working americans and saying it will cost her at the polls. let's bring in matt bennett, co-founder of third way, and a former deputy assistant on intergovernmental affairs for bill clinton, and a former rnc spokesperson and fellow with the harvard institute of politics. thanks for joining us today. i mean, yikes. how do you walk this back? what was she thinking when she said and identified half of trump's people as a basket of deplorables? sarah, let's begin with you. >> well, once again, i think we see why hillary's unlikibility
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numbers are so high. but i also think this goes to her trustworthy numbers. she has yet to find her voice in this campaign. she keeps trying different tactics, different tones. she's been saying this behind closed doors for weeks, this was her first time rolling it out to the press. now she's had to walk it back. once again, voters don't ever really get a sense of what hillary is for, what she's going to be like. it's whatever they've been poll testing behind the scenes. >> matt, i'm going to let you respond to that quickly, but let's talk about what trump is saying. we have a response from him. he says, quote, for the first time in a long while, her true feelings came out, showing bigotry and hatred for millions of americans. how can she be president of our country when she has such contempt and disdain for so many great americans? now, matt, that is something that donald trump has said publicly before, calling her, if you recall the quote when he was talking, he said hillary clinton
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is a bigot. so how does hillary clinton defend this statement from donald trump when she has identified half of his people as being a basket of deplorables? >> kelly, look, the fact is donald trump and mike pence should spare us the righteous indignation. if we spent as much time on their outrageous comments, especially trump, there would be no time left for anything else. in the course of the campaign, the candidates are talking, they're on their feet 18 hours a day, seven days a week, and sometimes they make mistakes, they overgeneralize, they get the fraction wrong. obviously she shouldn't have said that half of trump's supporters are deplorable or fit into any category at all. as her statement today makes clear, she didn't mean to do that. what she's saying is there is this alt-right, this segment of the trump base that has been kind of let out from below the baseboards of american politics
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that are showing racism and anti-semitism and misogyny, and it is deplorable. >> she said even before stating that that it was grossly generalistic, meaning she may have had trepidation about saying it before. but when you listen to what bryan llenas reported, this is something she's said before, even on israeli tv. what is hillary thinking, sarah? she's talking about an issue that can cause a badge of honor for those who are following trump and maybe a rallying cry t to fire up the base, those who heretofore were not sympathetic to trump and his supporters but now might consider it. >> right, she's upped the enthusiasm level among trump and his supporters. she's been the one giving oxygen to the alt-right part of that little movement, whatever it is. >> oh, come on.
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>> that's not particularly helpful for her to do that because i don't think it moves voters to her side. >> matt, i have to give you the final word on that. what will it do for hillary in moving forward to get to the place where she can say she's qualified to be president of the united states and cares about all american people including trump's supporters? >> look, she started it today. she had to put out the statement that she did, she had to make it clear that she shouldn't have said it the way she did. but the idea that hillary is giving aid and comfort to the alt-right is preposterous. the guy running the trump campaign is of the alt-right. that's what you're seeing at the trump rallies. i think when we get to the debates we'll return to the things that america really cares about. >> guys, i have to tell you, it's just so unreal. in anyway, hillary clinton put it out there, put foot in mouth, and she's trying to walk it back. we'll see how the voters value her statements as we move forward. matt and sarah, thank you, have
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a good day. >> thank you, kelly. coming up, federal workers move back to offers on the site of unspeakable sorrow. now, 15 years since 9/11, we learn more about the new faces of terror and the home grou-gro plots uncovered since then. director of homeland security jeh johnson, coming up. and an earthquake rattles peru. we'll tell you how strong. and a cease-fire between the syrian government and rebels trying to depose it. the question is, will it hold? look at all these purchases
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a new cease-fire in syria is set to go into effect on monday night. syria's state-run media says it accepted the deal brokered by the u.s. and russia, calling for a stop to hostilities between russian-backed syrian forces and american-backed rebels. but after five years of civil war, many syrians are not optimistic at all. they don't think the cease-fire will matter unless any nation that breaks it faces real consequences. >> reporter: that's part of the concern, that the u.s. doesn't have the capabilities at this point to enforce this, particularly with syrian president bashar al assad, that russia is being given the power and ultimately will be calling the shots. having said that, on the other hand there is hope that perhaps this agreement will bring more peace or at least bode well as
1:18 pm
far as a cease-fire for syria. that said, again, secretary of state john kerry met with his russian counterpart, foreign minister sergei lavrov, for about 13 hours yesterday, and then early this morning announced a cessation of hostilities will start at sundown monday. syria's government under this deal must stop and basically halt its air and ground attacks on rebel-held areas and allow unrestricted humanitarian access to aleppo and other besieged and devastated areas. aleppo has been one of the hardest hit. if the truce holds for seven days, and this has been a sticking point for washington, the u.s. and russia would begin really an unprecedented joint military and intelligence-sharing operation combating isis and also the al qaeda affiliate in syria, jab
1:19 pm
what fatah -- jabhat fateh al sham, formerly known as al nusra. and then of course, and kelly, you mentioned this at the top, there is doubt this agreement will even hold as the fighting continues in syria and the northwestern city of idlib, at least 24 people were killed today just hours after this deal was announced. kelly, back to you. >> all right, john huddy reporting for us and bringing us an update with what's going on with that deal that's under way. julie has more. speaking of deals, seriously, plenty of skepticism all around about this agreement. and here to talk more about why many people just don't trust it, ambassador dennis ross, former
1:20 pm
special middle east coordinator, author of "doomed to succeed: the u.s./israel relationship from truman to obama." thank you, ambassador, for talking with us. the skepticism surrounding the cease-fire in syria is with good reason. whether the assad regime or the russians can be trusted to uphold it, that's number one. unlike past agreements, i'm not sure how this one differs. so i guess it starts on monday. the question is, how soon after monday once it starts will we get an inclination whether this time it will work? >> well, there is one key difference this time over the previous agreements, that the essence of the deal, which involves our sharing intelligence with the russians and our engaging in joint military operations, joint air strikes with the russians, that is contingent on seven days of real calm, seven days of
1:21 pm
humanitarian assistance going unimpeded to all the sites where presently it's blocked. so you have seven days to test whether or not this is going to take hold. in the past you couldn't have that. there was supposed to be a cessation of hostilities, negotiations were going to begin, and where all the places where there were blockades and sieges were supposed to be lifted. that agreement itself didn't actually begin to get implemented until late february. even when it began to get implemented, it was never fully observed by the syrians. they observed it in the breach. >> i want to tell you what concerns me most, and you tell me, i mean, the regular bombings targeting the aleppo year area e last few months, and the assad regime trying to retake the
1:22 pm
city, it has brutally murdered thousands of people, even ewing chlorine gas in civilian areas. what concerns you most about this cease-fire? >> what concerns me most about it is two things. one, that the syrians in fact will observe it for seven days because it's in their interests. they and the russians basically were able to reestablish a siege over aleppo. so i think they've improved their position. so i think that a, they will observe it for seven days, then after that, they won't, number one. what i'm most concerned about, which is really the second point, the most effective opposition group today against assad is the al nusra front. now, because of that, even though they are al qaeda, because of that, most of the non-isis, non-nusra-front opposition in syria to assad is co-located with the nusra front. the russians and the syrians will use that co-location as an excuse to go after the rest of
1:23 pm
the opposition against assad, and we will look like we're complicit in that. that's my biggest concern. >> you have russia and syria and the united states that should be using the cease-fire to gain intelligence to fight what should be the top priority, which is defeating isis. so there's that. then the other concern is the humanitarian relief and whether the cease-fire can actually be trusted in order to safely provide humanitarian efforts in these areas that were previously blocked. >> the key, again, we'll have an early test. will assad observe -- stop all the barrel bombs, stop the chlorine gas attacks for the next seven days, and then if, starting on day six, when we begin to coordinate with the russians, what happens when assad after that begins to violate? will we at that point stop all the coordination with the russians? will there be some kind of unmistakable punishment? will there be some price that
1:24 pm
assad pays? if there isn't, there's no reason for him to change the past behavior, which has consistently been -- >> which is exactly why we're in this place to begin with. i would say say when he disobeys, we haven't punished him and that's why we're in this mess today. let's hope if he doesn't uphold his end of the bargain, there is a punishment to pay, that's the only way to make a clear message there. thank you very much, ambassador dennis ross, we appreciate you coming on. >> you're welcome. >> kelly? the obama administration wading into the fight over an oil pipeline. the protesters argue it's a threat to ancient tribal land. the latest on the legal standoff. plus poll numbers tightening in several key battleground states. we'll show you where the trump campaign is closing the gap and what it means heading into the first debate.
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so call 855-874-7743 or visit to turn us back on. and up. welcome back. at the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news. a powerful earthquake rattling northern peru. officials say it measured a magnitude 6.0. no immediate reports of damage or injuries. john hinckley is being set free from a dc mental hospital today, 35 years after he attempted to assassinate president rotten reagan. this after a federal judge declared he is no longer a threat to society. and the south korean president is calling north korea's latest nuclear test an act of fanatic recklessness. the test drawing widespread
1:30 pm
condemnation and prompting the u.n. security council to call for an emergency session. the federal government ordering a work stoppage on part of a multi-billion dollar oil pipeline. that sparked major protest in north dakota. the decision coming just minutes after a federal judge there struck down a request from a native american tribe. our will carr has the latest from los angeles. will, what's happening with this latest update? >> reporter: hey there, kelly. the government's stop order came as a surprise for just about everyone involved here. it came on friday, just minutes after a federal judge gave the controversial pipeline the green light. just after that are are the army and the departments of justice and interior suspended construction on part of the pipeline while the army reconsiders if the project should move forward. the standing rock sioux tribe calls it a game changer. we've seen a lot of protests.
1:31 pm
last week protesters clashed with construction crews and private security. take a listen to some of the audio we have from that on a cellphone video. >> they're packing up and leaving. they're packing up and leaving. scare tactics. >> reporter: the tribe as well as environmentalists admit that the pipeline does not cross indian land but do say it will destroy burial sites and pollute the nearby river and they're vowing to stop construction by any means on the 1200-mile pipeline. >> i think it's a travesty for them to allow a corporation, like this corporation out of texas, to come in and take advantage of people just for a dollar. >> reporter: the oil company energy transfer partners declined to comment, but it has
1:32 pm
previously said the pipeline will create jobs, pump millions of dollars into local economies, and provide a safe, reliable way to transport oil across the region. >> we need to be careful in this country to send a signal that we're a nation of law. we honor the rule of law. if individuals arbitrarily try to skirt that system or try to revoke activities inconsistent with what the rule of law says, it's akin to a third world nation where there is no rule of law, no stability, or no certainty. >> reporter: the government has asked the company to voluntarily stop construction on parts of the project. it's unclear if that will actually happen, kelly. >> all right, will carr reporting from los angeles, thank you, will. the 2016 race is getting tighter in some key battleground states. new polls showing donald trump and hillary clinton tied in florida with 47% each. in ohio, trump has 46%.
1:33 pm
clinton is just one point behind in that state. clinton leads in pennsylvania and new hampshire where the gap is a little larger. amy stoddard is associate editor and cuolumnist for real clear politics. there are many voters who would never support trump but they also would never vote for hillary. so which candidate i guess would nonvoters hurt most in the swing states? >> i think it's hillary. i really think the swing group here, we all, you know, would like to think that people are feeling enthusiastic, but they're not. these are the most unpopular choices in history. and i think that you look at donald trump supporters, they're very enthusiastic. he doesn't come anywhere near a majority. i think he has a ceiling around 40%. in a four-way race, he can still beat her, though, because the outsider candidates will cut into her market share. people who don't like trump
1:34 pm
would never support him, get, you know, really turned off by these stories about the clinton foundation, new e-mail revelations, comments that she makes, her performance the other night at the commander in chief forum. she was very angry, very defensive, very short, even with the veterans, i want to note, i didn't hear donald trump or hillary clinton thank any of the veterans for their service. i think if you can depress her vote, that really helps donald trump. >> so then let's take a look at north carolina and pennsylvania, for example, because hillary leads in pennsylvania and north carolina, and just as we just showed you in a new quinnipiac university swing state poll, trump is also gaining ground in ohio, it's tied at 47. hillary holds a four-point lead in north carolina, a five-point lead in pennsylvania. but talk about the gender and racial gaps that could send the vote in either direction, because hillary clinton has touted that that racial gap will fall in her favor. but then what happens with the
1:35 pm
gender gap? will she be getting -- >> right. >> -- more of the female vote which originally she thought would fall more in her favor? none of this has been the predictable scenario, because every time we predict something in this race, we're wrong. >> i agree, and we're in for a few more surprises, even in voting groups suddenly starting to support one candidate over the other out of the blue. i think anything can happen. look, donald trump has a real deficit with non-white voters. hillary will try to take that to the bank. will she turn them out in the same numbers obama did? probably not. if you look at donald trump's side of it, his worst problem is those republican white women with college degrees who voted for romney, he won them and still lost the election. and trump's really doing badly with them. right now they're with clinton. they could end up staying home and not voting for clinton but they don't seem to be gravitating to trump. he really needs them to make up the deficit with non-white voters in those states where he's doing well and holding on,
1:36 pm
the battlegrounds, where he just needs to win it on the margins, turn out a few more votes. i think he needs to convince more republican women, college-educated women, to come aboard and support him. >> if you take one thing away from this election, it's just the surprise factor. nobody would have predicted this race would have been so close or the surprises we've gbeen entertained by in the last four months. it's certainly made my overnight feedings exciting to read everyday, a whole new controversial statement from one or the other. do you see either candidate breaking away, is that even possible at this point? >> i really don't. unforeseen, of course, as we've said, can happen any time and something can totally flip it, a national security crisis, something personal with one of the candidates, something ethical with one of the candidates. it seems we're numbed with both
1:37 pm
of these candidates. people are picking the less scary or less corrupt in their eyes. i don't really think that this is going to be anything but a tight race and a nail-biter to the end. the country is polarized. people are voting against the other candidate. i don't think we'll see a lead like clinton enjoyed in the summer for donald trump or hillary clinton between now and election day. >> amy stoddard, thank you. >> a lot going on. one thing we all remember, the nation remembers this weekend. 15 years after thousands of innocent americans lost their lives, what's changed in our fight against terror since that fateful day? hear from the secretary of homeland security in a fox news exclusive. >> are there plots that have been disrupted on your watch that the public is not aware of? >> all the time, yes.
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it was 15 years ago tomorrow that our nation changed forever with the terror attacks of september 11th. around the country, people are remembering the nearly 3,000 victims. this past hour, attorney general loretta lynch took part in a memorial mass at st. patrick's cathedral in new york city, which lost so many civilians and first responders in the twin towers attacks. later tonight, a special program in shanksville, pennsylvania, where flight 93 crashed. 40 candle lanterns will be
1:43 pm
arranged at the wall of names, a silent tribute to the passengers aboard that plane who fought back against the terrorists. meanwhile, federal workers return to ground zero, moving into the buildings that rose from the rubble. and now we're learning about terror plots disrupted in recent years during the tenure of homeland security secretary jeh johnson. he speaks exclusively to our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge about what 9/11 taught him. >> 15 years after nearly 3,000 americans were murdered in new york city, washington, dc, and shanksville, pennsylvania, the threat is more diverse with the emergence of home-grown terrorists and encrypted communications that make it increasingly difficult for investigators to track. >> 9/11 was the prime example of a terrorist-directed attack. we now live with the prospect, in addition, the terrorist-inspired attacks, where isil, al qaeda, trying to
1:44 pm
literally reach into our homeland through the internet, through social media. >> with exclusive access, fox news went with homeland security secretary jeh johnson as federal government employees returned to ground zero for the first time in 15 years and take up workspace at one world trade center. ♪ oh, say can you see >> the return marked by today's ceremony deeply personal for those who lived through the attacks. >> in some ways it feels like victory, you know. >> it goes to our resilience as americans, as new yorkers, as people of the three world, that we won't let somebody else dictate -- dictate what we do. >> the anniversary as well as the current threat are never far from anyone's mind. is there a specific or credible threat to the 15th anniversary? >> we know of no specific credible threat around this 15th anniversary.
1:45 pm
but in this environment, it's important to frankly not get too hung up on that. when you're dealing with terrorist-inspired attacks which could strike with little or no notice, the cop on the beat could be the one to detect the latest terror attack. >> are there attempts that have been made at new terrorist attacks that have been disrupted that the public never knew about? >> yes, there are attacks that were stopped at the latest stages of their plotting and planning. >> he says the san bernardino killers, and the killer at the pulse nightclub in orlando, are the new faces of the self-radicalized threat. can anything prepare you for the moment when a terrorist murders 49 people in a florida nightclub? >> no, nothing can prepare you for that moment.
1:46 pm
just like nothing could prepare anyone for a 9/11, for a san bernardino. >> what do we know about omar mateen today that we didn't know in june? >> there were definitely signs. if people close to someone who carries out an act of terror can be encouraged to come forward and say something, that does make a difference. >> on the debate over syrian refugees coming from the u.s. and whether it will increase the risk, johnson is guarded. >> i don't comment on what the candidates say, to vilify and isolate american muslim communities is very much coun r counter to our homeland security efforts. >> as the anniversary approaches, johnson, who was practicing law in new york city on 9/11, says the attacks altered his focus, as it did for so many americans. >> it was a moment in my life when my brain did not believe what my eyes were seeing, and i kept thinking that out of the
1:47 pm
rubble and the smoke would emerge the towers. but it didn't happen. and it changed our nation and it changed our world. >> and his department's message is one of resilience. >> we are a strong, courageous, resilient nation. on this anniversary it's important to remember and honor those that are killed, remember the heroes on that day. but it's important to look forward. >> catherine herridge in new york, fox news. chris wallace speaking to homeland security secretary jeh johnson tomorrow on "fox news sunday." check your local listings for the station and time in your area. plus an encore presentation of fox news reporting, 9/11: timeline of terror, with no host interruption or narration. we hope you'll watch. as we remember 9/11, i wanted to point out real quickly that i was honored to deliver the pledge of allegiance at
1:48 pm
today's 9/11 hero's run in historic smithville, new jersey. julie, it was quite an honor to see all those veterans and their families gathered together for a 9/11 memorial run. to all of us in historic smithfield and those who participated, particularly the marines who were there, semper fi, there were a lot of police officers there as well. so to each and every one of you, thank you for your service and tanks for inviting me. >> i know it was a very special experience especially on this weekend, a very significant weekend. the man behind an extraordinary vineyard. that's about a whole lot more than just making wine. he's going to join us, next. ♪ staying in rhythm, it's how i try to live, how i stay active. and to keep up this pace, i need the right nutrition. so i drink boost®. boost® complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a tornado caught on camera as it rips through central illinois. take a look. just one of four twisters reported in the area. this one touched down in champagne county where at least two homes were destroyed. the storm toppling trees and power lines and sparking outages everywhere. the national weather service is surveying the damage across three counties today. the good news is though no injuries have been reported. an urban vineyard in cleve
1:53 pm
lapped land is doing more than making wine. it's about giving hope and opportunity to a neighborhood that has been struggling with poverty and crime. we are joined now to explain this unique program. thanks for joining us, mr. frasier. from cradle to grave there has been a notable pipeline in the inner center in america and there's a pipeline to prison. you are trying to change that by teaching such a valuable gift and that's using wine to do that. tell me about the grapes and how you teach these people to weed and seed and grow those grapes and what they're learning from it in terms of character. >> well, we're mentors at heart. my wife has a master's in social work, but you can't mentor well without a paycheck.
1:54 pm
this is about creating opportunities, giving young people a job. they come back and do the work because we pay them. then we can mentor them. so we teach them a variety of skills but mainly it's the soft skills. be on time and put in a days work, an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. i'm the only one ever standing around. everybody learns to work hard and then we help them move on from where they're at into perfo permanent full time job. we have about a 48% success rate. >> i love it. you're going back to some old fashioned values and that is hard work pays off by learning a trade and then you're teaching them how to implement that and move on to something bigger and better that they might not have imagined before this. >> exactly. there's land all over the inner city, there's opportunities and
1:55 pm
unfortunately there are certain communities across the rust belt from cities like cleveland, detroit, that have reached the tipping point. there's not going to be any homes built. general motors is not going to come in and save you with an auto plant. we say farm those lands. >> in our final few seconds, tell me why this is such a great program and how others might adopt it. >> we can create a triple net bottom line. we reuse land and buildings, we create something green and sustainable, but most of all we create paychecks so we mentor and repair people in the city. >> i couldn't have said it better. wow, that's fantastic. mansfield frasier giving people hope in the inner city of cleveland through the wines. brilliant idea. next time i come out there i'll have to roll up my sleeves and work with you.
1:56 pm
>> looking forward to it. i'll put you to work. >> god bless you. >> where is our wine? >> i should have known julie is back everyone. >> i'm just wondering. that is going to do it for us for now but we're not done. this show is two hours long? >> yeah. >> i thought i was done. >> have some wine. >> i would, but hello. our guest left us dry. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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new fallout for hillary clinton. she is forced to apologize after she said in an interview that half of donald trump's supporters are implorable. donald trump called the comments an insult to millions of amazing hard working people. welcome to america's election headquarters and look who's back. >> i decided to come back. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence pouncing on that comment saying americans who plan to vote for donald trump deserve clinton's respect. they are americans, after all. we have fox team coverage for you on all of this beginning with brian covering the democrats from our new york city
2:01 pm
newsroom. we'll begin with kristen fisher live in washington, d.c. with the latest on the gop side of the race. >> reporter: donald trump says hillary clinton just made the worst mistake of the entire political season. he says that her comments were a grotesque attack on american voters and that for the first time in a long time her true feelings came out showing hatred for americans. how can she be president of our country. today trump has been attending fillis shafly's funeral. earlier today pence said he's not heard that level of disstain for american voters since barack obama's comments in 2008 and then later in virginia pence took on another issue that's
2:02 pm
been dogging donald trump, his praise of vladimir putin. >> donald trump and i said that the smul and bullying president of russia was a strong leader on the world stage, that wasn't an endorsement of vladimir putin, that was an indictment of the weak leadership of this president and your running mate. >> reporter: so pence is trying to make the argument that trump's comments were not an endorsement of president rather an indictment of president obama but i'm sure many critics don't see it that way. hillary clinton is saying i'm sorry following the comments about some of donald trump's supporters. brian is live in our new york city newsroom with more details. >> reporter: this afternoon hillary clinton issued the following apology after she said half of trump's supporters belong in a basket of deplorables. it reads in part last night i
2:03 pm
was grossly generalistic and that is never a good idea. i regret saying half and that was wrong. donald trump hired a major advocate to run his campaign and david duke and other white supremacists see him as a champion of their values. i won't stop calling out bigotry in this campaign. many of trump's supporters are hard working americans who don't feel like the economy or the political system are working for them. clinton made the comment at a fundraising event here in new york city last night hosted by lgbt supporters. she said half of trump's supporters feel like the government and economy has let them down and they are desperate for change but listen to how she described the other half of trump supporters. >> to just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump's supporters into what
2:04 pm
i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, islamphobic, you maim it. >> reporter: clinton's apology came after her running mate tim kaine told "the washington post" earlier today he did not believe that clinton needed to apologize. this isn't the first time she's referenced some trump supporters as the deplorables. hillary made the same comment on thursday and politico reports she's been saying this line behind closed doors for weeks. kelly. >> all right.
2:05 pm
donald trump's campaign senior adviser, thank you so much for talking to us. so hillary has since apologized. we get a lot of apologize on the campaign trail for calling half of trump supporters a basket of deplorables but it seems to be too little too late and the backlash is probably going to hurt her in the polls which is why she came out quickly with that apology and trump has made his fair share of controversial comments on the campaign trail but this one by hillary clinton seems to be sticking. why is this one any different than all in the past? >> i got to tell you it's been a very emotional if i can be genuine with you past 18 or 12 hours for me. as a trump supporter, as someone who has supported him and as a latino who supported him, as you can imagine i get quite my fair share of attacks from hillary supporters, but i never imagined that the attack that has most hurt me -- like i said this has
2:06 pm
been a very emotional period for me since this statement was made. i never imagined it would come from the democratic nominee for the highest office in the land. when hillary clinton says that tens of millions of americans are racist and misogynistic, that's not even what hurt me the most. what hurt me is the other half she spoke of where she described us as desperate and jobless and people who have heroine addicted children and who are looking to donald trump in some simplistic hope that their pathetic lives will be made better by them. that's the part that still has me reeling. i don't want to get emotional talking about it here, but i know many in my community are still in shock and don't even know what to make of this. >> what she actually said was that she was calling a lot of his supporters, half of them,
2:07 pm
kpenphobic, islamicphobic, hom owephobic. there's a fact there that supporters are those three things. could she have had a better way of saying it. that is the case when you go to a lot of these rallies, there is a lot of hate. how do you speak to that. >> there absolutely isn't. i don't know if you've actually been to one. there isn't. as a latino, as someone with friends who are african-american who attend these rallies i have never felt more at home than i have at trump rallies and events. of course there's going to be one or two bad apples in any group. there's one or two bad apples in hillary's camp. i'm told i should go back to cuba or i'm too ugly to show my face on tv. >> who tells you this. >> i get plenty of it. i don't judge anyone. it's a shame. it's horrific that secretary clinton has spoken that way of millions and millions of
2:08 pm
americans. like i said, it's remarkable. >> i don't think looks should ever be pulled into this. i do believe that people's looks have been criticized on the campaign trail by the presidential candidates, but i won't go there. i also want to speak on behalf of controversial comments made because at a rally in florida trump said of hillary she could walk right into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart and she wouldn't be prosecuted. what do you say to those comments? >> of course i'm concerned as a lawyer why she's not sitting in a courthouse answering for the obstruction of justice or potential state's evidence that she got away with doing. i think he's using absurdities to highlight the absurdity of what has happened and how the fbi dropped the ball on her and
2:09 pm
treated her in a different way than they would have treated ordinary citizens. >> do you remember back in january, i think it was january 2016, when trump said i could shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. does that ring a bell. >> it's called a joke. it's a funny joke. i think he's allowed to have some good natured fun. >> they can both shoot people. that's awesome. >> let me ask you, we're on the weekend of 9/11, these folks need to be presidential e especially on a sensitive weekend like this, a nation united but really we're not, so what should we be seeing as far as leadership here and talk about the timing of some of hillary clinton's comments considering we are on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.
2:10 pm
>> this weekend should be about unity and instead remarkably it was about insulting millions and millions of good patriotic hard working americans simply because they have a different candidate of choose than you. i want to point out two weeks ago hillary clinton tweeted, quote, if donald trump doesn't respect all americans, how will he serve all americans. hillary i couldn't agree with that line of thought more. you just showed last night that you think tens of millions of americans belong in a basket of deplorables. i completely agree with your rational. maybe you should think about a different line of work because we need somebody who is going to be a leader for all of us, not someone who despises and looks down on americans. >> hard working americans are the brunt of a lot of trump supporters and that is certainly going to bite her where it hurts. we'll have to see if she can recover from that before election day.
2:11 pm
thank you very much for talking to us today. >> thank you. after months of negotiations the u.s. and russia have brokered a cease fire agreement in syria. syria state run media says it has accepted the deal and are calling for russian backed syrian forces and american backed rebels in aleppo to put down their weapons, but a similar cease fire fell apart in february, you may recall, and syrians are not optimistic about this one. we are joined live with more detai details. john. >> reporter: well, syrian government air strikes continued today just hours after this announcement or after this deal was announced in not only aleppo but north western syria where at least 24 people, innocent civilians were killed. obviously that goes back to what you were saying, that leads many syrians to believe this doesn't bode well for this agreement
2:12 pm
holding like the other ones, including the one in february, but there are others that feel this offers the best hope for syria so far. that said, secretary of state john kerry and his russian counter part announced early this morning a cessation of fire will start monday. as part of the agreement the syrian government must stop the air and ground attacks on opposition held areas and allow unrestricted humanitarian access into aleppo and other besieged and devastated areas. here is the key areas of dwiefs. if this cease fire holds for seven days the u.s. and russia will begin and this is unprecedented a joint military and intelligence sharing operation combatting isis and also the al qaeda affiliate in syr syria.
2:13 pm
many are weary that syrian russia will continue attacking moderate opposition groups under the guise of attacking isis as was the case this past february hence the reason that cease fire agreement collapsed. there are top u.s. officials that are concerned about the u.s. and russia sharing this military and intelligence information. basically russia is being given too much control in enforcing this agreement and holding the syrian president accountable in agreeing and adhering to it. back to you. >> john, what a perplexing situation. we'll continue to follow the developments of that. thank you. an unexpected victory for native americans protesting a proposed oil pipeline after an immense defeat. a federal judge denying a request by tribes to halted the construction of a pipeline which passes through sacred tribal
2:14 pm
sites but minutes later the obama administration announced it would voluntarily stop work on a section of the pipeline at least for now. we are joined live now. hi, will. >> reporter: yesterday in just a short amount of time this project got the green light and then the government stepped in and issued that stop order. it happened friday afternoon. first a federal judge ruled on the controversial project which has sparked protests recently. he ended up ruling it could legally move forward, but then the army and the departments of justice and interior suspended construction on part of the pipeline while the army reconsiders if the project should move forward. the tribe reacting immediately thereafter saying their voices had been heard after thousands showed up to protest recently. in fact last week protesters clashed with construction crews and private security. we have audio of that intersection on a cell phone video. take a listen.
2:15 pm
>> call them scare tactics. they're packing up and leaving. they're packing up and leaving. scare tactics. scare tactics. all of you. >> reporter: the tribe and environmentists admit that the pipeline does not cross indian land but say it will destroy ancient burial site and pollute the nearby missouri river and they've vowed to stop construction. >> mainstream is seeing it for the first time because it's time for us to expose ourselves and be vigilant and to be visible. >> reporter: the oil company energy transfer partners declined a comment to us today, but has previously said the pipeline will create jobs and pump millions into the local economies and provide safe, reliable ways to transport oil across the region. >> everyone can have their say.
2:16 pm
this pipeline does not cross the indian reservation. we need to honor the rule of law. >> reporter: the government adds the company that stopped construction on parts of the project it's unclear if that will happen. >> all right. will carr reporting from los angeles. thank you. indiana governor mike pence releases his taxes dating back a decade, but will his running mate donald trump follow suit. >> we'll have to wait and see. they combine their patriotism to fight back against terror. we'll share the incredible stories from heros from 9/11. >> that i toey took their lives their own hands and they said not today, not tomorrow, not ever.
2:17 pm
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as we mark 15 years since 9/11, we remember the brave souls of flight 93. >> that's the hijacked plane crashing into the field in pennsylvania 15 years ago. about 170 miles away from the u.s. capital building which investigators believe was the
2:21 pm
intended target. the passengers on board of course as we all remember heroically saving countless lives with their heroic actions. >> thanks for having us to this amazing memorial. i've always wanted to come because having worked in washington and having so many friends working in the capital at the time, this flight to me makes me extremely emotional. >> when you think about the brave actions of these men and women on this particular morning, it kul mamornin morning. >> i wonder if you can show me how it turned out. >> i would be honored to do so. here along the flight path, this was the first plane that went into the tower and it was at
2:22 pm
this point throughout america i think we could all agree that people weren't sure what was happening. united airlines flight 175 crashed into the south tower at precisely 9:03 and two seconds. i think at that point we all knew that america was really under attack. the men and women on flight 93 had the ability to communicate with loved ones and others from the outside so they were receiving information in real time. they looked at one another and said we're not going back to an airport. >> it's at the site of that boulder which is where it finally crashed. kenny, thanks for being willing to talk to me. your brother was on the flight. >> yes. lewis j lewis. >> this is the final resting place.
2:23 pm
>> this is where the spirit of the heros of this flight are. it amazes me that 40 different individuals from all walks of life had an opportunity, they were put in such, a situation that no one is trained for. people coming together and putting it together and then the most democratic thing we have in our country, we have a right to vote and they vote on a plan. >> while terrorists -- >> are watching. >> piloting their plane. >> and then they kick it off. they execute the plan and they prevent that plane from striking its intended target. i don't think when they started their assault that they thought they were going to lose. >> no. >> i think they had all the drive to go home and have dinner with their families. >> president bush said it was the first act of counterterrorism in the war on terror. >> with their brave decision
2:24 pm
they launched the first counteroffensive on the war of on terror. we'll never know how many people might have been lost. >> they didn't reach their intended target. they took their lives in their own hands and they said not today, not tomorrow, not ever. >> do you feel pride? >> more than that. it's hard. i keep waiting for all of them to walk out of the trees and dust themselves off. >> you said you shed your last tear. >> i did, didn't i. joey was an amazing dad, husband, brother, cousin and friend. >> and patriot, citizen. this is him.
2:25 pm
>> yes, this is him. i always come back here and rub my hand back and forth just to let him know i'm here. >> i'm here with park ranger robert franz. what is the most frequently asked question you get. >> why did we fill in that site. when the fbi finished their investigation it looked nothing like it did. they turned that site over to the coroner and he's gathered about 8% of the remains, but he realizes he'll never gather anymore. those piles of earth are their final resting place. so the question, why did they fill it in, that's why. >> it's sacred ground. >> it is. >> one of the things president bush said in 2011 is that we have a duty to remember and a duty to live. >> we have a duty beyond memory. we have a duty to live our lives
2:26 pm
in a way that upholds the ideas for which the men and women gave their lives. >> you probably have younger people come. how do you help them understand the importance of the site and the historical significance of it. >> one day i say i won't be here to tell the story and hopefully one of them will be because it's a story that has to be told. >> so very true. thank you so much for that. very touching story. >> yeah, it really is the first time that counterterrorism acts went into place and it happened on 9/11. a message of braiehavery but a message to the terror. >> a message that we must continue to remember what happened then and live our lives as americans who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and stand for freedom and we have to remember that freedom does not come free. >> yeah.
2:27 pm
it's been 15 years, but when you watch a story like this, it is still so raw. it never gets easier. it's so hard to watch these stories and to see the families of these loved ones, 15 years ago, many of these children of the deceased were little children and they're now adults and they're remembering their parents through stories like this because they don't remember their parents. they were too young. >> a touching time. we have to teach them. >> and to be able to retell the stories because these young generati generations, when he's not around these stories need to be retold because we must never forget. we always have to remember. >> that's right. we want to tell you about a special that we're having right now, special coverage of events marking 15 years since the 9/11 attacks. you can join john scott tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to noon eastern time and that's right here on the fox news channel. the events from 9/11 revealing some of our
2:28 pm
vulnerabilities. so those same security concerns remain 15 years later? we're going to take a look at that next. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. 80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. we are all in for our customers. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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the new york police department increasing its presence throughout the city ahead of 9/11 -- of a 9/11 ceremony i should say. the department says it hasn't received a specific or creditable threat but more officers and squad cars are being dispatched particularly near the 9/11 memorial. as america prepares to mourn the victims of the worst terror attack ever on u.s. soil, the question lingers, could this ever happen again. joining me is retired lieutenant general richard newton former advice chief of staff to the u.s. air force. thank you for joining us today and i appreciate your comments as you begin to deliver them. could this happen again? could we see another 9/11 in america 15 years later? >> good afternoon. it's good to be with you again.
2:33 pm
you know, we've come a long way since september 11th, 2001 certainly. our u.s. military men and women in uniform have been extraordinary over the last 15 years and our first responders and men and women who serve in the intelligence community and our law enforcement at all levels, you mentioned the new york city police department for instance as representative of that, but the enemy has also come a long way, specifically radical islam and terrorism has grown and has grown in stature so could this happen again? yes, it could, but first and foremost what's needed is for our national leaders from president on down to define the enemy, define the enemy as indeed radical islamic terrorism and we are indeed engaged in a global war on terror. >> general, why then 15 years later has a congress -- a member of congress actually written a
2:34 pm
counterterrorism strategy? should we not have that already in place? because let's go back 15 years ago. at that time we were not sharing intelligence amongst our intelligence departments as well as our police departments and our national security departments so we have since then found that that is important to share intelligence because it saves lives and you can thwart attacks that way. >> absolutely. one of the key lessons learned that came out of the 9/11 commission report was just what you said, was to share information not only across the intelligence community but through all levels of law enforcement. not only here in the united states but internationally as well. as you mentioned the congressman who happens to be the chairman of the house committee on homeland security is coming forth with a strategy, with a strategic plan. i think that's been lacking particularly in this administration to come forth with a strategic plan. >> why, general? >> i think because president
2:35 pm
obama back in may of 2013 at all places said that the global war on terror was over and look what's happened since. we've had a growth of isis and we've had other aspects of radical islam growing in terms of influence, but also in terms of coercing local populations. if you look at the department state watch list there's over 60 terrorist organizations we have to be confrontsed. what the congressman is coming with in his committee is implementing intelligence and other capabilities but all elements of u.s. national security need to be addressing. >> absolutely. >> and confronting as well as defeating this radical islam terrorism. >> general, again it comes back to sharing that intelligence because you look at san bernardino and what took place in orlando and again a lot of people saying at the time -- the fbi saying we had a particular bead on this guy but somewhere we got lost in the system or in the shuffle and then of course
2:36 pm
there's the other particular situation we're in, people who watch these developments in their neighbors don't come forward. so there's a lack of vigilance and diligence, can how do we keep that in american's minds if you see something say something because it helps thwart attacks in the future. >> this is the responsibility of the president and national security leaders as well to put forth a strategy to defeat the enemy but also to inform the american people and rally the american people. again, we're 15 years since 9/11 but we're still faced with some significant challenges not only here at home but internationally as well. let me also make a point it's not just here at home, but it's how we share across the globe with friends and allies or maybe other friends and allies that we hadn't thought about before that we now need to be relying on. >> general, you are so right.
2:37 pm
general newton, we thank you for joining us today and sharing those insites and obviously everything you said is really adding up to be our best foot forward and that is to have some defense by having a good intelligence offense. thank you, general. >> thank you. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence releasing tax returns going back five years and showing an average income. his running mate donald trump is still refusing to release his own tax returns. >> reporter: one thing we know for certain now is donald trump did not pick mike pence for his money. for the last month pence has played down the returns and the documents are straightforward. between 2006 and 2015 the former congressman earned a relatively modest average of $160,000 a year and donated an average of
2:38 pm
10% of his income to charity. now the trump is trying to contrast pence's returns to those of bill and hillary clinton saying these tax returns clearly show that mike and carren pence have paid their taxes and supported worthy causes and unlike the clintons have not profited from their years in service but it raises the issue of donald trump's tax returns which he has yet to release and has dismissed as an issue saying he can't release them until the irs completes an ud it. this weekend he repeated that answer but then said he could release them immediately under one circumstance involving his opponent. >> i'm under audit and when the audit's complete i'll release my returns. nobody would recommend that. in the meantime, she has 33,000 e-mails that she deleted. she is she going to release her
2:39 pm
e-mails. let her release her e-mails and i'll release my tax returns immediately. >> what matters though is whether or not this issue will have any kind of impact on trump come november. >> thank you. you can get more on this from governor mike pence himself when he joins us this monday night at 6:00 p.m. eastern time only on fox news channel. the nfl again facing criticism for a player's attempt to pay tribute to a cause. this time it's about these complet clooets and a salute to the nation. vice president joe biden sounding the alarm for donald trump's praise for vladimir putin and what it could mean for our relationship with the rest of the world.
2:40 pm
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a call on the field by the nfl is sparking outrage by police officials. tennessee titans linebacker
2:44 pm
hoped to wear specially designed comple cleats on sunday. shoes featuring the twin towers and the phrase never forget. the nfl has told him no, the cleats violate the uniform rules and he'd been find if he wears them. two union leaders with the port authority police and the new jersey state police promise to pay the fine if he does wear those cleats. vice president joe biden warning that donald trump's recent praise of russian president vladimir putin is dangerous. at a national security forum earlier this week the republican nominee heaped praise on putin calling him a much better leader than obama. the vice president saying that calls for concern. >> what i don't think donald
2:45 pm
understands is what he says, some of the things he says, put us in real difficult positions in other parts of the world. >> the executive editor of the daily caller, what do you say about this. >> vice president biden has been out there every week campaigning for hillary clinton and this should be viewed through the lens this is a campaign strategy. they need to make it so any discussion about russia that donald trump has needs to be construed in a negative way. it is not surprising that donald trump might want to take advice from the administration how to deal with russia. they had the big reset button that hillary clinton herself of all people was like push it and everything is going to be better and since then that's not been the case. things have deteriorated for u.s./russia relations. >> who can forget that famous line that we were trying to work on to make sure it got reset in
2:46 pm
the right words for russia and they said you got it wrong. >> to the united states it's russia. >> let's look at this through the lens of politics and the presidential campaign. we have vice president joe biden out there going on the offensive against donald trump and then next week we're going to have president obama and the first lady. what all -- spell this out for me. will they attack russia as well or will they attack donald trump on the russian situation and would they be right in doing that? >> they can try. in terms of the political justification is it going to wear him down, it hasn't seemed to. he's been making sounds at least having friendly conversations with putin p for a while now. i imagine when all else fails they're not going to go back to international relations they're going to go back to identity politics. they're going to have baggage going into that fight considering hillary clinton's
2:47 pm
comments in the last 24 hours. >> but donald trump, should he back away from that kind of statement that he heaps praise on vladimir putin because of what putin is known for, attacking or jalg people that he disagrees with or that disagree with him including journalists, should he back away from that and find perhaps someone else to praise perhaps in a democracy. >> that will be deictated in pat by political whims but if the obama's administration's claim is that vladimir putin is so represe represent henceable to deal with him they've come to deals with vladimir putin. so clearly the obama administration doesn't think he's so deplorable to work with so donald trump is kind of in the same realm. >> it's the whackiness of this campaign. that's the best we can define
2:48 pm
that, but thanks for sharing your insigtes as well. do you use the five-second in your rule in your house. in my house it's the 15 second rule. when food falls on the floor, what's your policy? is it safe? that's next. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. all right, so we've all done it. if you drop food on the floor, somebody's going to say, five second rule, it's fine. well, it's actually the idea if you pick it up within five seconds, it's still safe to eat. if it turns out, that is not true. attending emergency physician and professor of medicine at newark medical school. rutgers university researchers have discovered i've been doing it all wrong. five second rule or 15 second rule, it's all bad. what do they find happens so quickly to the food that we drop on the floor? >> well, it really depens on a number of things. it key pends on the type of surface it falls on, how much
2:53 pm
bacteria contamination is on that surface and the type of food and the moisture content in the food. whether it's wet that stuff will stick to easily or something that's dry like a pretzel. >> all the food i've eaten over the five second rule. >> and waste not want not, right? >> five seconds, bless this food and you're good. >> that's true. everybody's been guilty of that. >> would you come over and bless all the food i make my kids eat off the floor, that will be great. >> it is serious. if you have a wet piece of food like a watermelon that lands on' wood floor. >> well, that's going to pick up hair and funk so that's obvious. what about carpet? carpet versus tile versus wood. >> they found that carpet had the least or the slowest transfetch of bacteria. >> unless you have cats. >> unless you have cats or dogs. and wood was variable. it really depended on the type i
2:54 pm
imagine of the carpet and the texture to the wood and also the deep of the food. if you have a warm moist piece of food that's falling on something. you know it's going to grab bacteria. >> what will it do to you? >> well, it depends which bacteria you're picking up. if folks walk in and out of the house with their shoes on and bring in debris, it's going into your system. >> be and your child's. that's even worse. >> well, kids are always on the floor and everything goes in their mouth. >> i now need to regroup my parenting skills, thank you. let's talk about another new study that basically says doctors are spending half their type doing paperwork, less time paying attention to patients. >> manies if signatuy physician upset about this. with the electronic computer systems we see, we figured that was going to cut down on our
2:55 pm
time spent record t actually mo feel it increases your workload. >> i like talking to my doctor and if i'm not getting his or her attention, i feel that i'm -- that i'm actually in j jeopardy of not getting all the information out there. does this hurt the chances of a patient really getting adequate care by being able to talk there their doctor? >> what three theorize, it's decreased the face time. we do this for a number of reasons. for proper record keep. but also for billing. the only way to do that properly is keep accurate records. >> aren't there people behind the scenes taking care of the building? so the doctor can focus 100% of his or her attention on the patient? >> valid point, that's the way it should be. >> why isn't it? >> what they're leaning towards now and we use them at our hospital is people who come with us to the bedside, scribes, so they're doing a lot of the data
2:56 pm
entry. things like this and voice recognition software. those types of new inventions are going to help. >> so it works the way you're doing it. i'm going to go see doctor -- >> yeah, full attention. >> i spend extra time doing record keeping after hours. >> such a shame. honestly. that's too bad. that will do it for us. welcome back, my friend. >> i'm back from maternity leave, that's right. i will be back once again at 7:00 for the fox report. >> really? oh, you're working overtime. >> oh, i'm not done. >> beautiful little boy, lovely. >> all right, thanks for watching.
2:57 pm
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welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, choice words today from donald trump's running mate, mike pence, about hillary clinton, after she called millions of trump supporters, quote, deplorables, something she now says she regrets. >> escalating their battle over russia and the role of vladimir putin. our political panel is here to weigh in on that. >> this, as syria gets a stamp of approval in the cease-fire


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