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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  September 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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that's it. another one? oh, that's me in ireland. i loved ireland. friend me on facebook. next week i'm back. i'm greg gutfeld. now with free wifi. here's what's coming up. trump blows putin a kiss. clinton gives her war plan to isis. that almost rhymed. tonight your choices for commander in chief. then what is aleppo? gary johnson didn't know. president obama knew and did little about it until now. so what's worse? and we debate like we're running for office. let's get started, america. these spanx are killing me. let's welcome tonight's
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guests. he creates more drama than taylor swift. actor nick searcy formerly of "justified" and currently starring in "greater" in theaters now. she's so bright she gives gps directions. democratic strategist and host of the filter on sirius xm's progress channel. he uses suvs as roller skates. tna wrestler tyrus. and when life gives her lemons, she stares at them and cries. national review reporter katherine. it hour with lauer. a spat with matt. two terriers on a carrier. the host, somewhat hairier. wednesday night, nbc hosted a forum, giving us a first glimpse of what hillary clinton and donald trump might face in the upcoming debates. hillary haunted by a past misdeed. donald, his lurid twitter feed.
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hill acted just like bill, deny, deny, deny. >> classified material has a header which says top secret, secret, confidential. nothing and i will repeat this, and this is verified in the report, by the department of justice, none of the e-mails sent or received by me had such a header. >> she said header. what does that remind me of? >> i want you to listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> too soon? she should have just said i did not have sex with that server. later, donald took heat for an awful tweet after a question about females being sexually assaulted in the military, there was this. >> in 2013, on this subject, you
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tweeted this. quote, 26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military, only 238 convictions. what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together. >> well, it is a correct tweet. there are many people that think that that's absolutely correct. >> some people who think. i think he's saying men and women should never work together. yeah, that sounds perfectly reasonable. matt lauer got a lot of flack for being too hard on hillary but that's what happens when you keep a morning show host up too late. they get a little cranky. but all of this was the result of media abstinence. people like matt have been deprived of so long for any contact with hillary that when it finally happens you explode all over the place and then it's over before you know it. later in the week both candidates updated their sound bites. >> to defeat isis, we must use military warfare but also
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cyberw cyberwarfare, financial warfare and psychological warfare. we must establish a bipartisan goal in the united states and an international goal with our allies of defeating radical islamic terrorism. >> we talk specifically about a strategy to protect us from that threat here at home. we went into detail on what it will take to surge our intelligence to help us detect and prevent attacks before they happen. we also discussed methods to disrupt online recruitment so they stop reaching and radicalizing young people on the internet. >> like a pledge drive request on pbs. still waiting for my tote bag. so who won this outing? let's go to our focus group.
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>> who you voting for? >> take that, frank lunt. >> period. >> i would like to compliment you on your wardrobe but i would be lying. >> it's an homage to tyrus. >> i can't tell you two apart. you're tiny ty. >> i went bowling? >> you're like a bowling rapper. all right. i'm going to ask you about, when you watched wednesday night, i believe it was wednesday night -- >> i think it was. >> what was your take-home? who won? what did you get from it all? >> well, i couldn't stay awake through hillary's thing but the trump piece, one of the greatest lines i have ever heard in any sort of presidential debate or forum was when trump said that we're losing jobs like we're a bunch of babies.
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i have been laughing about that for three days. you could put that with anything. we're going to go out for drinks after like we're a bunch of babies. >> it's like when you say you add in bed. >> yeah. we're a bunch of babies. i'm going to have chinese food like we're a bunch of babies. >> it really does work with everything. unless you're a baby. like i'm going to get the baby doo. i should probably stop. >> i'm going to change my diapers like we're a bunch of babies. that's not going to work. >> it's not. >> unless you're just old. >> yes. exactly. you were a sanders supporter. >> oh, yeah. >> who do you think won out of the two there? >> i actually honestly, i'm going to say hillary clinton and it's because she was able to say i know countries, i know leaders and that's why i'm going to be a better president. and she actually smiled more
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than donald trump even though rnc chair reince priebus said that she smiled less than donald trump. so the reality is you have a choice between a leader who knows countries and locations, and can be -- can say a full statement without insulting a whole demographic, and you know, someone who's a narcissistic buffoon. >> i don't know who you're talking about. i noticed hillary would sit and then she would stand and she would sit and she would stand, which is proof to me that she's a shape-shifting lizard. >> i think so. >> she's not really a shape-shifting lizard, tyrus. they are going after trump for his tweets. they are going after her for her past experience. trump has the advantage. he doesn't have a record. >> to go back, that smile she had is the same smile i have when my child support payments get higher. like i got to smile but damn.
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the thing about hillary, she was getting mad. >> yes. >> lauer, all of a sudden i was like wow, man, she's about to admit it. i ordered a code red on the server, i did it, i did it, okay? i ordered the code red. no further questions. >> just like "law and order" when all of a sudden, the person says yeah! >> what you want me to do? bill cheated. nobody liked me. >> they would still vote for him. >> we would, probably. >> yes, we would. we are voting for bill. >> donald can pretty much at this point, other than walking out and punching a baby in the face, he pretty much says whatever he wants to and it's just sound bites. i don't think he believes half the stuff he says. >> neither does anybody else. nobody cares. kat, hillary's past is more checkered than a game of checkers. >> good one. >> thank you. that's not really a question.
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>> well, that was brought up which was a good thing. that's why everyone said he was too tough on her and he was unfair. but actually, what that was was called fair. he stood up to her and whenever people kind of stand up to her they are always called sexist, unfair. like i remember in the primary debates, when bernie -- which kept interrupting bernie sanders and he said excuse me, i'm talking, which is very polite. everyone went nuts. like they made it sound like he had said shut up, woman, and spit in her face. based on their reaction. so you know, i hope that doesn't continue every time anybody tries to hold her accountable. >> like the media's losing their head over how hillary was treated, like they are treating her like a my pillow. you know? by the way, my pillows, the best pillow in the world. i own 500 of them. i built a fort out of them in my basement. they don't smell very good but that's not my fault. but i mean, matt lauer did a
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fine job, i thought. >> it's like either hillary is the smartest woman in the world and can do the job as well as any man, or she's, what, a little lady and you can't talk mean to my mee-maw? i don't get it. >> it's a good point. if you're treating her like a faberge egg, that's sexist. >> so full disclosure, as we know, i was a bernie sanders supporter and have never been -- but you have to be sensitive to these issues, especially when he cut her off more than donald trump. donald trump went unfact-checked by matt lauer but saying that maybe he was too easy on donald trump still isn't saying that he was treating hillary unfairly. those aren't mutually exclusive. >> good point. >> he could have been too easy on trump and still treated her fairly. >> who picked him? that's what i want to know. >> big difference. donald trump's like yeah. hillary is like furthermore. you have to understand, these
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long, long stories, you're all right six minutes in, we need another question. you have to cut her off because she will try to answer one question for 30 minutes. you will say thank you, good night, be out. donald's like yeah. >> know why he does yeah? know why he does yeah? because that causes the host to move on or to answer his own question so he will ask him about a certain thing that he doesn't know anything about and he'll go hm, like the difference between hamas and hezbollah. then one of them, yes, i know. >> he does something that's very cool i used to do. who told you to do that, people? >> generals. >> many, many people. old guys. them. >> very good people. >> what are their names? >> lot of people. everyone. >> the thing that bugs me the most, two things. one thing i like, when he says if somebody says nice things about him, he'll say nice things back which is what his whole life is. you be nice to him, he'll be nice to you.
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the thing that bugs me is the putin stuff is a bit strange. >> it's sarcastic. if you break down the translation, he's a magical man. i have never seen him do a magic trick. know what i'm saying? he's like get in, i can't wait, we're going to have some fun. >> putin makes people disappear. >> like paul manafort. >> exactly. >> putin talks to us like we're a bunch of babies. >> that's true. like a bunch of babies. all right. stick around. like a bunch of babies. gary johnson doesn't know what aleppo is. i suppose we all do? pop quiz for the sutudio audiene next.
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it was the flub heard round the world. >> what would you do if you were
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elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> well, that was awkward. let's watch that again. >> [ bleep ]. >> that actually hurt less. but what's sadder than gary's error are all the dopes slamming him as if they knew what aleppo was. hell, even the "new york times" can't get it right. behold these corrections. first one, an earlier version of this article misidentified the de facto capital of the islamic state. it is raqqah in northern syria, not aleppo. correction. an earlier version of the above correction misidentified the syrian capital as aleppo. it is damascus. so you just read a correction of
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a correction to an article about johnson not knowing aleppo. if you wait ten minutes, there will be a correction of that correction. believe me, i work in media. when most people hear aleppo they think it's an artificial sweetener. worse, there are people who know what aleppo is but don't care because it's far away, it's not our fight and we are lucky not to be born there. on friday, the u.s. and russia announced a plan to bring peace to syria but don't hold your breath. meanwhile, some trump and hillary supporters say johnson's gaffe is a disqualifier. really? remember when trump said he got military advice from the shows, or when hillary claimed not to know how to wipe a server while she was wiping a server? let's face it, the other two candidates emit gaffes like bulldogs breaking wind. this is the problem with libertarians. that isolationist shrug in the face of foreign horror. they ignore the luck of birth that is easy to be libertarian in new mexico, not so much in
10:19 pm
liberia. at least johnson took responsibility. no one made excuses for him, including himself. he owned his mistakes which is often harder than owning buildings. >> period. >> if you are a gary johnson fan, you do like him, how did you feel when this happened and how do you feel about the po response? >> i was embarrassed for him and for myself. it was really, really bad. it was an awful thing. i criticized him for it a lot. but then i was thinking a little bit more and i was like so donald trump didn't know what brexit was when he was asked. remember when it's hillary clinton, somebody asked her how she felt about president obama's endorsement and she said try the cold chai, it's delicious. i feel that's way worse. no one's running around saying can you believe she don't know who obama is. people just kind of let it go. if you want to make that a disqualifier, then both of them
10:20 pm
are disqualified, too, because trump, a lot of interviews he talks about isis leaders he didn't really know. hillary is captain of team i don't know. whenever she, i don't know, i don't know. if you support her and you believe she's telling the truth about her e-mails you are saying that you believe she doesn't know how to handle classified information even though her job is to handle classified information, that she doesn't know that maybe things about drone strikes, discussions about drone strikes might be sensitive information, even though you are talking about a military operation. that's a little more serious than not knowing something in a television appearance. the stakes are a little bit higher. let's all gain some perspective. it was really embarrassing but like come on. the reaction was so overblown it's ridiculous. >> wow. anybody disagree with that? go ahead. >> best press gary johnson has had to date. he is so close to getting to 15% and he's like aleppo? i'm an isolationist, i don't pay attention to other countries. i'm in the philosophical party.
10:21 pm
>> would you say that means hillary clinton didn't know who obama was? >> using your theory before about not using, we have to grade them all equally, you are running for president. you should know where countries are. you should know where states are. you should know where capitals are, especially if your entire party is based off of your perspective on foreign policy. so i criticize hillary clinton but that's strategic. her i don't know is like i don't want to be caught in some kind of litigation. >> i'm not even defending what he said. i thought it was a huge mistake and embarrassing and i hate it but the reaction of only that one thing is disqualifying when they both have done the same thing repeatedly is insane. >> i just want to get rid of all of them. >> that's fair. you can say that. but you can't say they are better than he is. >> i'm not. they all suck. >> tyrus, how's your neck? >> i just felt i have been there where he's at. i was at a thanksgiving dinner
10:22 pm
one time with all the family and stuff and my grandmother said, she says i was looking through your computer and i was curious to what this some kind of site. i just went excuse me. he should have just left. another thing, at least he didn't do this. you know what aleppo is? well, donald trump and let's not bring up hillary aleppo because you know she didn't check her e-mails down there and i'm sure, donald, he bought something there and didn't pay for it. don't ask me, ask him. ask me about aleppo, why don't you get them in here and tell them about some aleppo. i'm a libertarian. vote for me is a vote for freedom. >> i liked his response. he thought it was an acronym but he owned it. he said if that disqualifies me, so be it. >> if the question had been what do you think about this
10:23 pm
humanitarian crisis in aleppo or something. it was more of a gotcha question. i wouldn't have caught that on the first go-round either. i would have thought, you know, the sixth marx brother. honestly, what shocked everybody is he gave an honest answer. that's something we're not used to anymore. he didn't know. >> he said i don't know. >> since when is it a crime to be honest about not knowing? >> know what i really hate? cable tv where there are people that are on cable tv who are condemning him for this even though they can't -- they could never have the guts to say i don't know. they could never do that. even when they're riding on half an inch of depth of information where they haven't even read about the topic, they will never admit that they don't know. >> what's aleppo? >> aleppo is a tragic place right now. it was the target of a chemical attack and you got the russian
10:24 pm
air force essentially protecting syria while they're destroying the place. it's tragic. >> i thought it was -- >> i wasn't trying to put you on the spot. i was calling myself out. >> i was ready. >> the numbers of people googling aleppo after that happened just shot up because nobody knew what it was. at the same time, they're like can you believe it? i know what it is because you just googled it is why. >> it's not like gary johnson had a big chance. this just made it so he probably wouldn't end up on the debate stage. >> which would be awesome if he was. just for politics in general. i would love to see it. >> he could break them up like i'm doing right here. >> he would be standing in the corner like well, look, i don't know. that's great. >> the thing is about marijuana. >> i think everyone's a libertarian. they just done know it. >> i have been in this business for awhile as a governor. >> coming up, my birthday. seriously, it's monday. i wear a medium in everything.
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we are trying. it's news most foul for a man named powell. new e-mails released by the fbi, hillary clinton asked colin powell what restrictions there were on his blackberry device and he gave her some tips. he didn't have a blackberry but he writes quote, what i did do is have a personal computer hooked up to a private phone line so i could communicate with a wide range of friends, wish i had that, directly without it going through the state department servers. he also warned her quote, if it is public that you have a blackberry, and it is government and you are using it to do business, it may become an official record and subject to the law. be very careful. i got around it all by not saying much and not using systems that captured the data. hm. powell now says he wasn't trying to influence clinton and he stand by his decisions regarding how he handled e-mail information while in office. translation, keep me out of this.
10:30 pm
i'm retired, all i want to do is sit at home in an open robe watching "facts of life" reruns while drinking wine from a mug. that's what i do. that's what i would do. i still do. meanwhile, trey gowdy, remember him with the hair, he says a worker from platte river networks who handled the server deleted hillary's e-mails after talking to clinton aides. clinton claims the worker deleted all the e-mails on his own. he went rogue. tl throwing yet another lowly peon under her campaign bus. there's a lot of people under there. how do you feel about topic? huge scandal. bigger than watergate. >> actually, i just watched "all the president's men" flying back from japan, where i wrestled and won, and that actually was some good stuff. i mean, there was some stuff going on, monies changing, guys losing jobs, it was cool, it was hot. like wow, it was really
10:31 pm
interesting. then there's the e-mails. here's the thing. what colin powell laid out for her was pretty -- listen, you can do this for personal stuff, just don't do it very much but if you ever cross it over you could be in trouble with the law. you can't get any more do not send work e-mail through your personal server or you will get in trouble. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. let's say colin powell did tell her to do all this stuff and so what, she just goes okay? she's a person who just does whatever people tell her to do? wow, what a great leader. she should be the president. that's ridiculous. the things she uses as defenses are even worse than her being a criminal because if she was a criminal and was good at it, that's one thing. she's so bad at it, i tell people what to do and that's your defense? man, that's bad. >> my point wasn't really -- i was agreeing with you so just lower the guns. put those guns away.
10:32 pm
>> all right. hey, nick, the thing that bugs me most about this is that she doesn't hesitate in throwing people under the bus. so there's some employee at platte river or wherever who's told to scrub it with that bit stuff, whatever, and she says he did it himself. >> yeah. yeah. i thought we were going to talk about the coughing. that's much more interesting. i think she does the coughing every time somebody sort of gets close to finding out something bad about her. >> there's an e-mail caught in her throat. the point that nick is making is that the trivial stuff is more exciting than the deep stuff. the coughing is nothing. she's got an allergy. but everybody likes to talk about it including myself. >> figured it out. it's a strategy. it's a strategy. nobody wants to sit there and
10:33 pm
debate how conflicts of interest work and how the e-mails could possibly show some sort of conflicts of interest or not. nobody wants to talk about the legality. this is the woman who has gone through how many investigations with her husband, ten, 11? they know exactly what to say at the right time and it might be boring, it might not be sexy politics but it's really great legal moves which is look at me coughing over here, distract everybody by the cough. >> that's a conspiracy. the coughing is a distraction from the e-mails. >> all i want to do is cough. then do something. >> i think they were going to have bill have another afir bfa but he couldn't do it. >> maybe the e-mails that were deleted were sexy e-mails with putin. >> we have come full circle. >> that's the october surprise. i know it. >> that's his nickname. >> bill, why don't you answer your phone, i called you six times, i know you got this, i can see you reading it, call me now.
10:34 pm
you're not at the golf course. i called. where are you, bill. who wants that out there. >> i don't know. i think that this e-mail scandal suffers for not being exciting enough. but it's the boring stuff that kills you. it's -- like it's like you don't get -- you don't die by getting struck by lightning. you die from years and years of heart disease. it's boring but it kills everybody. that's the same thing with this e-mail scandal. well, maybe not. but it's close enough. it's something that could be dangerous later. right? >> it's like heart disease, then. that what you're saying? >> i guess so. it was a terrible analogy. >> some people could have lost family members to lightning who will be watching this show. >> that's true. not a lot of them. >> i knew a guy got hit by lightning. >> save that story for tomorrow. coming up, a story so hot it will burn your eyes off. i didn't know that was coming up. who's playing captain sully? you guessed it. another white male. typical. we discuss hollywood's diversity problem next. what's it like to be in good hands?
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in the movie "lincoln" the president was played by a white man. in the movie "patton" the general was played by a white man. in the movie "frost/nixon" both were played by white men. all the best roles go to white men. why is that? why can't an asian woman play ray charles? why can't a young black man like tyrus play margaret thatcher? why can't a pile of feces play ed snowden? these are questions no one asks, probably for good reason. a new report from usc calls hollywood quote, the epicenter of cultural inequality.
10:40 pm
turns out most movies still star and are made by white dudes. researchers looked at the top 100 grossing films of 2015 and found that nearly 74% of the speaking characters were white. 12.2% were black. 5.3% were latino. 3.9% were asian. for more on this story, we caught up with one of hollywood's top directors. he actually won an oscar for "the english patient." nick, you are a hollywood actor with an amazing pool, i might add. >> heated. >> heated pool. nobody has an unheated pool. all right? >> i know people who do. >> we do. in my family's house we have an above the ground unheated pool.
10:41 pm
it's fun for about four minutes. >> most of everything is fun for four minutes. diversity problem. is there one? >> no. i've got two words for you. suck it. >> all right. >> i don't even work for them anymore, man. >> tna. i don't know if we have a catch phrase for that. >> you're a performer. >> that's the rumor. fshl >> do you feel you are limited in roles because of your appearance? >> yeah. >> you can't play peter pan. >> i have to be the crocodile. sit in the water and look big, open my mouth. good job. i studied hamlet. good job, stay there. >> did you study hamlet? >> yeah. >> really? >> yeah. they wouldn't let me play anything cool in that so i quit. >> you can play othello. >> i tried. >> they picked a white guy? >> they did. i went to school in nebraska. it's not their fault.
10:42 pm
point is, hollywood is racist. and liberal at the same time. >> isn't that weird? >> yep. gay and straight. >> that's true. >> tough and soft. they don't let tyrus in marvel movies which is garbage. it's really the biggest crime. i'm easily the best hulk ever, or something. marvel wants to be all tyrus. my marvel life matters. >> i have to say, what you said is actually brilliant. the contradictions that you, like that they are liberal and racist. they believe in progressive causes but if it doesn't make money, forget it. they are gay and straight. they talk about gay rights but if you're an actor and you come out gay, they don't want that. they want you in the closet because you are going to become rupert everett. see. nobody remembers him. >> i remember him. i had a crush on him until he came out. >> there you go. >> very simple. that's what happened. >> there was a big thing, too,
10:43 pm
about mark ruffalo casting a person who was not a trans-gender person in a trans-gender role. it's like the battles that they pick are inconsistent. >> like they are actors, though. they act. >> i think it's very interesting, the focus on diversity at the oscars didn't solve it, i just thought the hash tags would just create a diverse movie. people totally have the right idea about how to solve problems. they want to look like they care but they don't care. >> no, they don't care. they just want to look like it. what do you think? >> i think there's many layers to this. i think it's important to have hash tags because now we're talking about it and that's important. they listened to the public. they listened to the audience. >> they still have whitey movies. >> but it's union so there's a few things. unions control hollywood and they are not prioritizing these issues. i'm calling for them to do that. but it's about who are the
10:44 pm
screen writers, who are the studio executives who are calling for these movies that are only about white men and women and not about offering different characters, more like the real america. >> however, the problem is if that's a small percentage, the guys going like what if women like to look at male actors, there are more women who go watch nba than wnba, a stat i made up, but i assume that i'm probably right. that women actually would rather see james bond than, i don't know, angela lansbury. another comparison that fails me. here's my request. if you can choose self-identify gender or race, can you self-identify as a specific person? can i decide that i'm julia roberts? >> yes. but will anybody pay to see that. >> i think they would pay to see me as julia roberts. i have a julia roberts laugh. >> but do you make money like
10:45 pm
her. she fund-raises a lot for progressive causes. >> then the other thing, too, you brought up the unions. it's almost like you think s.a.g. is a real union or something with any power. >> they have health insurance. >> that's for people that own screen actors guild. you guys are getting into the weeds with this s.a.g. stuff. >> s.a.g.-aftra, actually. >> thank you. mr. white pants. should homework be banned? we debate it to death. or at least until we get bored. i had that dream again --
10:46 pm
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an underperforming elementary school, aren't they all, in massachusetts has banned homework for the year. the plan is to give kids all the instruction and help they need during an extended eight-hour school day. hm. as for students' added free time at home, the principal said quote, we want them to hang out with families, have dinner, do extracurricular activities and go to bed. so is this part of a disturbing new trend that could end
10:50 pm
civilization as we know it? i hope so. but some schools around the country are doing the same thing. here to debate, we have former valedictorian kat and tna wrestler tyrus. so tyrus, your thoughts on the longer school day, the no homework policy? >> terrible idea. homework is the best prep for the real world. it teaches you accountability, responsibility and time management skills. mostly i'm in favor of homework because too much free time after school leaves the kids finding their hot teacher snapchat accounts or other stupid stuff like that. for example, here's what i used to do after school. >> take your mark. go! oh, he's off. look at that. great underwater. that fly stroke is killing it. >> we will say it. you have put on some weight since then.
10:51 pm
kat, what's your response? >> just because you do all your homework as a kid does not guarantee later success. for example, take my friend steve. that's us in high school. he did all of his homework, never missed an assignment. you would think he would be destined for success, right? wrong. here's steve last weekend. >> whoo! >> maybe if steve had done less algebra home work and more gymnastics he would be with us today. >> i hope he had a parachute. i didn't see one. does the lady have a point that there's no guarantees? >> look, the truth is, homework keeps kids out of trouble. when parents take interest in their kids' academics, the kids do better in school. which leads to better
10:52 pm
opportunities later in life. also, consider this chart. here's what happens to people who don't do homework. 30% end up in prison. another 33% end up in prison. the remaining 37%, they end up in prison. >> i kind of feel like that can't be right. anyway, this whole thing isn't about kids. it's about parents who don't want to help their kids with their homework because they can't remember useless garbage like icoceles triangles. what can parents do with that free time? here's some examples. they can drink beer. they can drink wine. they can drink shots. then they can pass out drunk the way god intended. you're welcome, parents. >> you have offended parents and triangles. everyone knows the altitude of the base of the triangle bisects the vortex angle. it's common knowledge.
10:53 pm
>> that's impressive, large man. final thoughts in? >> i worked very hard to learn geometry. i neglected time with friends to study and as it turns out, only 14 people need to use geometry after high school and everyone needs to know how to hang out with people so clearly i learned the wrong thing and now i'm very alone. >> well deserved. last word, tyrus? >> as a kid i did all my homework. now i'm here national tv. do your homework. anything's possible. >> he's right. this is national tv. barely. all right. as usual i have learned nothing except that tyrus is a math whiz. don't go anywhere. final thoughts up next.
10:54 pm
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we are almost out of time. so -- >> what you wanted to say all show but haven't had the chance to say so here's your chance to say it right now. >> all right. nick? >> my turn? >> yes. >> i have to plug something. my agents wanted me to wear this so nobody would know i was on fox news. but i'm also representing [ inaudible ]. we are tired of mexican wrestlers coming over the border and taking matches american wrestlers won't take. >> i'm so upset. i'm going to plug my new show on sirius xm progress for those of you who love to listen to progressive networks. channel 127 on sirius xm. 9:00 p.m. to midnight every night. >> it will be splendid. i will tune in.
10:59 pm
>> today i came in to work through a different door and i happened to notice that rupert murdoch's last name has an "h" in it like mine so as soon as i got here i'm calling and get paid. >> your real name is george murdoch, if you didn't know. >> love you on take. >> don't hurt me. kat? >> i noticed today that when i smile only one of my teeth sticks out. look. it's more of a fang than a tooth. is that okay? >> we will have to talk about it after. we might have to have it removed. yeah. >> snaggleteeth. >> thanks to my guests and our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america.
11:00 pm
welcome to "red eye." hello, every. oil tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. andy? >> thanks, tom. during an over seas town hall president obama suggests americans are kind of laidsy. write impeachment joke here. plus did saving the planet a tree? and a man robbed a bank because he would rather go to jail than spend another minute with his wife. there is no truth to the fact that that's how i feel about my work wife, tom shillue. honey? >> wow, thanks. plug her book now


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