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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  September 11, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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that's it. another one? oh, that's me in ireland. i loved ireland. friend me on facebook. next week i'm back. >> both candidates speak out after hillary clinton makes a controversial comment about donald trump's supporter ares. i am julie banderas. hillary clinton saying she regrets remarks last night in a lgbt fundraiser where she likened trump's supporters as deplorables. it was part of the alt- movement and truly are deplorable. the republican nominee tweets.
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for a 50 time in a long while she showed bigotry and hatred for millions of americans. how can she be president when she has contempt and disdain for so many. kristin is covering the trump cam can pain. and we have brian with the latest on the hillary clinton campaign. this is the first time she called them deplorable. >> right it is not the first time at all. she used that in israeli tv on thursday and referenceed half of trump's supporters as deplorables in a fundraiser in august. but the moment last night here in new york. she said half of trump supporters legitimately feel like the government and economy
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let them down and listen how she describes the other half of trump supporters. >> to be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump supporters in to what i call the basket of deplorables, [applause] right? racest. sexist. homophobic. gen phobic. is slam phobic accident you name it. >> she said they were irredomable and not america. and this cause canned major back lash including kelly conway who demanded an apology. hillary clinton said i was grossly generalistic. i regret saying half, that was wrong. but what is deplorable donald
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trump hired a see- called. champion of david duck. i will not stop calling out bigotry. and many of trump's supporters are hard working americans who don't feel like the economy and political system is working for them. i aide said she was referring to the supporter and not over all run support. >> and tim kaine said before hillary clinton's regret statement that he didn't believe she needed to apologize and saying she was generalizing and saying some supporters are are motivated by dark motives and others have legitimate concerns and we have to speak to them in the campaign and added they vote against us. we respond to the concerns. all of this as the clinton campaign said they are shifting
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strategy to focus on a more positive message. >> great to see you. four months of no one to pick on. i don't know what i have done with myself. thank you. >> and donald trump and his running mate firing back at the hillary clinton for the comments. he was in st. louis attended the funeral of a conservative activist. and governor mike pence defended supporters when he spoke at the value voter today. kristin fisher is live in washington. what are they saying about how hillary clinton describes half of their supporters? >> reporter: trump is calling it the worst mistake of the entire political season and to give you an idea how big. hash tag bask of deplorables is a trend on twitter. and everyone in the trump
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campaign is talking about it and called the clinton 47 percent moment referenced to mitt romney's gaffe. mike pence made a different comparison. he said that he's not heard that level of disdain since barak obama's comment about people who cling to their gun and religion. >> let me just say from the bottom of my heart. hillary i, they are not a basket of anything. and they are american and deserve your respect. [applause] >> reporter: as for the man on the top of the ticket. donald trump called it a grotesque attack on american voter and first time in a long while her true feelings came out and showed bigot row and hatred. and a lot of the christian
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conservatives were offended by those remarks. >> mike pence came to his running mate's defense. how did he defend trump's recent comments about p putin. >> this is a issue that is a problem for the trump campaign. and so today in virginia, mike pence set out to explain trump's praise of russian president vladimar putin and said they were not an endorsement of putin but rather an indictment of president obama. >> small and bullying president of russia was a strong leader on the world strange. that was not endorsement of putin. that was an indictment of president obama and his administration. >> both trump and clinton will
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mark the anniversary of 9/11 by attending the grouped ground. it could make awkward moments on a day that should be about remembering the victims. >> kristin, thank you so much. >> and a new ceasefire in syria is set to affect monday night. the deal calls for fighting to stop between the russian back syrian force and american backed rebels. but after five years of civil war, skeptism is high. >> reporter: joule turning point, and the seize four to stop the brutal fight nothing syria. but it may come down to whether syria and the opposition forces are are willing to hold their
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fire. kerry and the russian labrov said it would start on monday sun down. >> this includes halting all attack and any attempts to gain territory in the expense to the parties. it requires humanitarian access to all of the besieged and hard to reach areas including aleppp o. if it holds, the u.s. and russia would join and combat isis and al-qaeda affiliate in syria. past ceasefire collapsed because
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of confusion over the deals and extremist deals that were still being attacked. >> distinguishing between terrorist and moderate opposition is a priority in the docuo today. >> let me be clear, out of all of this complexity. there is a simple choice between war and peace. >> reporter: still top u.s. officials are concerned about the u.s. share is -- sharing the military intelligence with russia and others doubt it will hold. a solemn ceremony in pennsylvania is under way. remembering the group of americans who gave their lives to fight back against the
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hijackers. in pennsylvania shanksville. is where they crashed. tonight's ceremony a tribute to the passengers who sprang into action and saved countless lives remembered as heroes. danna takes a walk through with the people and trying to keep the patriotism of the victims alive. we'll have it in the bottom of the hour. the man who attempted to ark assassinate president ronald reagan a free man. the latest on his release. >> protestors say it is a victory. a work stopage a controversial energy project. >> it is a tra vesty and for them to allow the corporation to
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if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, vomiting, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. south americas the man who shot president reagan is pree and at home with his mother in virginia. 61-year-old hinkley was released tluf years after the assassination attempt. he will live with his mother one year and continue regular therapy sessions and restrictions on travel and required to work or volunteer three days a week. president obama ordering a work stoppag on a oil pipeline. that sparked major protest in
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north dakota. a federal judge struck down the request for a native american tribe. how did this play out? jushgs there was a lot of back and forth. the construction had had a green light from the federal judge and everybody was caught by surprise including the tribe, the standing rock souix tribe that said it was a game changer. the department of justice and interior suspended construction on the pipeline while the army reconsiders if it would come forward. thousands of people protested and they clashed with construction crews and security.
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aftermath caught on cell phone. >> the government asked the oil company to stop construction on parts of the pipeline. and not clear if it will happen. >> what are the tribe and oil companies now saying now that construction was suspended. >> the tribe is celebrating the government's decision and both the tribe and environmentalist are vowing to stop the construction at any cost of the pipeline that is 1200 miles or so. it does not cross the land but will destroy burial sites. >> we provided evidence of sacred sites that were in the
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pipeline's route. by saturday morning those sites were destroyed >> will oil company said the pipeline will jump jobs in the economy and transport the oil across the region. >> everyone can have their say. the pipeline does not cross the indian reservation. we need to hon honor the rule of law. >> and the oil company energy transfer partners declined to comment. >> and new information emerging about last year's terror attack in san bernardino. we are learning that some of the victims actually fought back. home grown terror on the rise.
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>> new details emerging about
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last year's terrorist attack. they described terror in the government building as the husband and wife extremist opened fire. the report doesn't say if the men survived, but the federal prosecutor praised the worker's action. ed radicalized couple killed 14. and they were shot dead by the police as they tried to escape. >> the home groin terrorist are a major threat. a tragic day that the nation and world will remember tomorrow and never forget. what have we learned in that time? catherine herridge caught up with jay johnson for an exclusive interview as workers return to rebuild and reimagined
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ground combround. >> reporter: the americans murdered in new york city and washington d.c. and pennsylvania. there are more home grown terrorist and encrypted communication that make it difficult for investigators to track. >> 9/11 was a terrorist directed attack. in addition to terrorist inspired attacks where isil and al-qaeda tries to reach in our home land through the internet and social media. >> reporter: with exclusive access fox news went with jeh johnson as workers took up work space at one world center. ♪ o say can you see. >> it is developly personal.
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>> it feels like victory. >> it is american and new yorker and we will not let someone else dictate. dictate what we do. >> reporter: the current threats are never far from their mind. >> is it a specific threat on the 15th anniversary. >> we know of no specific threat around the 15th anniversary. but in this environment it is important not to get too hung up on that. when you are dealing with terrorist inspired attacks. a cop on the beach could detect the next terrorist attacks on the u.s. >> is there threats that the public is not aware of? >> all of the time. we have prevented a number of
2:25 am
actors from carry out their intent. at the very latest stages of their plotting and planning. >> reporter: johnson said the two who gunned down 14 in san bernardino and omar mateen in the pulse night club in orlando are are the new faces of self radicalized threat. >> reporter: can anything prepare you for the moment when a terrorist murders 49 people in a night club. >> no, nothing can prepare you for that point. just like 9/11 or san bernardino. >> reporter: what do we know about omar mateen that we didn't know in june? >> there were signs and if people close to someone who carries out an act of terror can be encouraged to come forward and say something, that makes awe difference. >> on the debate of the syrian refugees, johnson is guarded.
2:26 am
>> i don't comment on what the candidates say to vilify or isolate muslim- americans. >> reporter: johnson who practiced law in new york city on 9/11 said the attacks altered his focus as it did for so many americans. >> it was a moment in my life, my brain did not believe what my eyes were seeing and i kept thinking out of the rubble and smoke would emerged the towers but that did not happen. >> reporter: his department's message is one of resilience. >> we are a strong and resilient nation. we honor those killed and remember the heroes on that day. but it is also important to look
2:27 am
forward. >> so are americans more or less secure since 9/11. chris wallace will pose that question to jeh johnson. catch it right here on fox news channel. >> and remembering the heroes who gave their lives. >> and there was a memorial where fli crashed in pennsylvania. a look at their ultimate sacrifice. >> the men and women on flight 93 had the ability to communicate with loved ones and others and they were receiving information on real time. we are not going back to an airport.
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the back of my mind. i think it was the best decision of my life to go to cancer treatment centers of america. it feels good to get your life back. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn how advanced genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at appointments available now. >> republican nominee governor mike pence releasing tax returns as promised and they seem straightforward. and now the pressure on donald trump to release the returns before election day. he would do it but, he had to wait until his audit was complete. trump is now suggesting that time line could change. garrett teny has more. >> donald trump did not pick mikes pence for his money. he played down the release for
2:32 am
tax return and the documents are straightforward. between 206 and 15. the former congressman earned a modest average of 160000 a year and donated ten percent of the income to charity. and now the trump campaign is contrasting that to bill and hillary clinton saying that mike and karen pence paid tax and supported worthy causes and unlike the clintons, they have not profited from years in public service. and it raises the issue of donald trump's tax returns which he refused to. >> he added more confusion. repeating that answer and could release them immediately involving his opponent. >> when it is complete i will
2:33 am
release. no one would recommend that. in the meantime. she has 33000 e-mails? she knows how to find it. let her release the e-mails and i will release mine immediately. >> reporter: will this impact trump in infer? >> governor mike pence joining bret baier live in the studio on monday. that is right here on fox news channel. >> and a solemn ceremony in a field southeast of pittsburg. a battle over life-and-death took place 15 years ago tomorrow. >> flight united 93 went down here. and the passengers saved countless lives. investigators do think that the
2:34 am
9/11 hijackers believe they were aiming for washington. >> & danna has the moving story. >> thanks for having us to this amazing memorial, i always wanted to come becausing worked in washington and so many friends working in the capitol at the time. this makes me emotional. >> when you think of the brave actions on these men and women on that particular morning. it is cullinates to the tremendous memorial. >> can you show me. >> here on the flight path. american airline flight 11. this was the first plan that went in the tower.
2:35 am
throughout america. people were not sure what was happening. nunited crashed in the south tower at 9:03 and 2 seconds. we all knew men and women were under attack. men and women had the ability to community to one another. and they looked at one another and said we are not going back to the airport. >> it was the sight of the boulder where it finally crashed. >> kenny. thanks for willing to talk to me. your brother was on the flight? >> lowy macky the second was on it. >> it was the final resting place? >> i truly believe that the spirit of the 40 heroes of flight 93 are.
2:36 am
>> why heroes? >> it amazing 40 different individuals from all walks of life had an opportunity to put in a situation that no one is trained for. and people getting the information and putting it together. and the most democratic things in the country. we have a right to vote. >> terrorist, piloting their plans. >> and then they tick prevent the plane from striking its intended target. i don't think they thought they would lose. no, i thought they hadda all of the to go home and have den ares with their families. >> with their draf decision they
2:37 am
weaponed the and targeted on the united states capitol. we'll never know how many instent people would be lost. >> they didn't reach their intended target. >> they said not today, not tomorrow, not ever. >> reporter: do you feel pride? >> more than that. >> it is hard. i keep waiting for joey and all to walk out of the trees. and you know. >> reporter: you shed your last tear. >> i did in that. geowas an amazing dad and husband and brother and cousin and friend. >> reporter: and patriot. >> yes, that is him. >> reporter: you know i come by
2:38 am
here, run my hand back and forth. to just let him know i am here. >> reporter: i am here with the park ranger. what is the questions you get. >> why did we do the impact site. it looked nothing like it was. they turned over to the coroner. and gathered eight percent of the remain and he will not gain more. that is their find resting place. why did they feel it in. >> it is sakret ground. >> one of the things president obama said in 2011, we have a duty to remember and live. >> we have a duty beyond memory and a duty to live our lives in the way that upholds the idoles
2:39 am
for which men and women gave their lives. >> you have younger people to come and how do you help them? >> one day i will not be here to tell the story. it is a story that had to know. if you would like to learn more are about danna's experience go to her blog. and don't miss this. time line of terror, a moment by moment account of the day's event. there is no interruption. the story is told by using real time fox recordings. that is 9/11, time line of
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open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. >> police say at least 11 people are dead following a violent earthquake in tanzania. it was a 5.7. tremors felt as far as western kenya and uganda. and a powerful cake hitting northern peru. it was a 6.0. no reports of damage or injurieses though. congressional law makers frustrated with sanctuary cities are talking about money. the feds are threatening to with
2:44 am
hold funding if cities don't change their ways. there is a moment inside of the administration of continuing people in the country illegally to remain. >> there is a battle over the sanctuary cities. >> this because hit a fire truck killing the chief. dennis rodriguez, a illegal immigrant of driving without a license. >> it prohibits our law enforcement agents from taking dangerous criminals off of the streets. >> reporter: it was man dated in a 2011 consent decree.
2:45 am
police shall not assist immigration enforcement or status and operation. >> but the inspector general concluded that violates federal law which sayses no city may prohibit or restrict exchange of the information with ice. we m asked attorney general lynch. >> that is not a way to disregard the immigration laws. >> reporter: the inspector general concluded that new orleans's sanctuary policies are illegal. they risk losing federal grand money if cops are not allowed to cooperate with ice. >> they received 350 million in
2:46 am
2014. and despite the finding. that is up to the next president. >> a terfoying close driver in mistin, texas. it would love him, but something went wrong with the babyings. >> it didn't stop. >> cables on the outside of the garage capturing the car and saving his help. it is 25 years since the first charter school opened in the united states. 3 million kids will walk through their doors.
2:47 am
in washington state, the education union won a battle over the measurement of now charter are schools. >> excel chster is expanding. two- third are minorities. >> we make the decisions that are best with the student's needs and adapting and adjusting. >> these public schools of choice that don't answer to local school directs are never more popular. 6800 in the u.s. and serving 2.9 million. and the results are promising. charter school kids gained 28 days of learning and reading
2:48 am
a year and despite this, many teacher's unions are fighting >> the state his yiker. >>it now it is tue to fix. that was rowel the unions are looking out for their interest and not the xhrn. >> 99 know and insurance policy and mentions. >> reporter: the law will not threaten the year for washington state charters. and the rapid growth conditions
2:49 am
and giving more options. >> a funnel crowd touches down in a midwestern community. we'll have is the latest. and pets are okay for national parks? it is the center of a controversy. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll go ahead and rip that out. it's going to cause a lot of problems. totally unnecessary and it triples the budget. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. earn 1% cash back when you buy, and 1% as you pay. double means double.
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. . . .
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>> caught on cam remarks a twister ripping through central illinois. one of four tornados in the area and touching down in champagne county and two homes were
2:53 am
destroyed. the storm toppling tree and power lines and the national weather service surveying the damage in the counties today. good news no injuries were reported. >> the fur is fly nothing san francisco, pet owners say the national park service is trying to restrict access to popular parks. the park service said they are barking about the wrong tree. >> it is a dog fight over where pets are allowed in the golden gate recreational area. the protected land spanning the coast line. owners are challenging rules where dogs can home off leash. a freedom they enjoyed for decades. >> there is no science. and the fact and, this is how we
2:54 am
recreate. >> some critics say that dpogs have chased wild life and intimidated the visitors. >> what they are trying to do is put safe guards in place so that everyone can enjoy the national park and not have the experience imposed on them. >> but owners and their lawyer see a disturbing trend. it is emblematic of a larger problem. folks who use and have access to public p land are fed up with the heavy hand of the federal government and that is the final regulation and that is what it
2:55 am
is. and that is activist dog owners who are fight the impending restrictions in court. >> right now. and that is currently underway and look at that glow. it is remembering the group of american heroes who gave their lives who fought back against the hijackers. 40 candles were lit and arranged in the wall of names in shanksville and the innocent americans who died when flight 93 crashed. investigators believe that the hijackers meant to crash it in a building. we'll be right back. [phone bu]
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2:58 am
13, 950 a month. can you get 3000 feet of living space and three bed room and three and half bath and one car garage and the olsen twins not included. >> the mars curiosity showing a desert of- like terrain with rock and boulders. scientist think that groundwater eroded the sand stone and putting together large mosaics. i have missed you all. it is four long months, joel. can you believe it? you seem so happy to have me back. i am
2:59 am
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good morning to you and your family. it is september 11th, 2016. you're watching a special edition of "fox & friends." today marks 15 years since the 9/11 attacks here in new york city, also in washington, d.c., and shanksville, pennsylvania. nearly 3,000 americans died on that day. this morning we honor those who lost their lives and those who sacrificed their own lives


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