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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 11, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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website that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you next "fox news sunday." at this moment, 15 years ago, we were a nation in shock. shaken to the core, trying to make sense of a terror attack that took nearly 3,000 lives. a reimagined city and a reborn spirit now rises from the site of so much pain if lower manhattan where a tradition unfolds every year on this day. 9/11. hello, everyone. welcome to this special hour of "america's election headquarters." >> i'm eric shawn. it is a mournful and deeply
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moving service every year including the moments of silence, the tolling of the bells and the reading of so many names. those who selflessly charged toward the danger here in new york city only to lose their lives also in the pentagon and those who fought back in the air over the fields of pennsylvania. hillary clinton, donald trump, both making appearances there today. mrs. clinton throwing a scare to those around her by seemingly to collapse when she was leaving the scene earlier. we'll have a lot more on that coming up. her campaign says that mrs. clinton with us overheated and later she remerged from her daughter's apartment said she's feeling just fine. we have live team fox news coverage on all of this. elizabeth elizabeth prann is at the house. kristen, what are they saying after this event? >> clinton campaign insisting that hillary clinton is just
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fine but her health is one of the last things that they want to talk about especially now that there's video showing just how serious this medical episode may have been. watch as clinton tries to get inside that black van. she appears to stumble and then two or three people have to physically help her inside. she was then taken to her daughter chelsea's apartment. about an hour later, we got this statement from the clinton campaign reading secretary clinton attended the xhemation ceremony this morning to pay respects and greet some of the families of the fallen. during the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter's apartment and is feeling much better. and indeed, shortly after that statement came out, clinton herself walked out of her daughter's apartment and waved to the familiar ras saying she is feeling great. that's a relief. the problem for clinton going forward is going to be that this plays right into what trump and supporters have been saying for weeks that perhaps she is not physically fit to be commander in chief.
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>> importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis and all of the many adversaries we face. not only in terrorism, but in trade and every other challenge we must confront to turn our great country around. >> now, the day after trump made that remark, clinton's personal physician said that she's in excellent health. it is unclear if she received any medical attention today. eric? >> all right, kristen. meanwhile, new developments on what mrs. clinton said at the fund-raiser friday about half of trump's supporters belonging as she said to the basket of deplorables. >> yeah. well, clinton has expressed regret for that comment and regrets the word half and not fully apologizing for saying that half of the supporters belong in a basket of
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deplorable. it's deplorable that trump has built the campaign largely on prejudice and paranoia. meanwhile, trump is comparing the comment to what mitt romney said the big gaffe in 2012. hillary clinton just had the 47% moment. what a terrible thing she said about so many great americans. he's calling it her worst mistake of the entire campaign. eric? >> all right. thanks so much. ar they will? more on this and more brand new poll numbers now. let's bring in david hawking. thank you for being here. first, let's start with the health scare this morning. senator clinton there now saying she is okay but it definitely does raise the issue and wondering if now the clinton campaign can continue to dismiss claims that, in fact, hillary clinton does have health issues. >> i think you're right. i think this is going to be another challenge for mrs.
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clinton to come out with a more full disclosure than she is probably used to and has so far. she's given some report on her health. there are those who say she should be -- give even more detail. of course, the same said of mr. trump and one letter of the doctor and written kind of very, very quickly and doesn't give any specifics in this case, yes, i think that clearly not just mr. trump but probably some democrats, as well, are going to want more detail about her health. she's 68 years old. she has obviously had a pretty big health scare a couple of years ago and as the campaign moves forward, they want to know about this. >> they want to know, david, you're right. how quickly do we need to see hillary clinton in front of cameras addressing this issue, not a written statement? >> oh gosh. i'm not sure that her addressing it is as important as actual facts and -- from her physicians. i think that's probably what
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would do more to assuage the public of any anxieties they have. certainly, that the republicans are stoking, that mr. trump himself is stoking. probably more than having hillary clinton stand up at a news conference, where, of course, as we know she's not the most trusted politician around. and so, probably what the public wants is some independent voices to attest to her health, her own doctors giving more details than forthcoming and probably the public wants to hear it from mr. trump's medical team, as well. they haven't been getting that from his own doctor except for as i say a glib letter. >> david, you make an important point that people are going to want to see facts and i'd imagine the trump campaign won't be able to really jump on this without trump himself releasing more detailed medical records but let me move on because the race does continue and we have brand new polls out in battleground states where you have got trump and hillary clinton neck and neck.
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we are talking about arizona, georgia, new hampshire, nevada. nbc news/"wall street journal" and marrist polls, you have hillary clinton in arizona, 41%. donald trump 42%. you move on to georgia, 43%, 46%. no surprise there in those flip flopping of numbers. there in new hampshire, 42% to 41% with donald trump slightly behind and then in nevada, 45% for hillary clinton, 44% to donald trump. so, i mean, this is definitely a really, really deadlocked race right now as we just showed there in those key battleground states. so if donald trump is, you know, let's say the -- such a train wreck as some of his opponents like to say, on the flip side, why isn't hillary clinton a runaway train to victory? >> oh gosh. well, i think the trust issue that i alluded to a minute ago
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is a very important part of this, that she has not conquered the fact that so many americans don't trust her. some of them -- almost equivalent percentage don't really trust mr. trump either. this is hillary clinton's -- the main millstone around her politically, this lack of trust. either way, what the poll numbers show is that if -- both arizona and georgia are states that have gone republican now in the case of georgia since the late 1990s and arizona since 2000, the fact that donald trump only essentially it's a statistically tie. trump is only narrowly ahead. and the reverse in nevada and new hampshire. obama won them twice. the fact that donald trump is contesting these, all that shows that the map looks different probably on election night than it has for the last several elections. for all sorts of different reasons. this is a very, very different election as we have known since
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i started talking about this more than a year ago and play itself out on election night in a very different looking map. >> with 58 days to go, not so sure which candidate makes the pendulum actually shift in a major way. meanwhile, we have to leave it there. david hawkings, always good to talk to you. >> thank you. >> all right, david. the mood as always every year when this day was somber, emotional, reflective. and a reminder of resolve against the threats that still remain. at the word trade center site the familiar traditions include the moments of silence, the tolling of bells and the hours' long reading of the names. 3,000 that went to work on that sunny blue sky morning to perish and remain in the hearts of so many. brian ennis continues the live, fox team coverage from lower manhattan. hello, brian. >> reporter: hi, eric. a nation, a city but particularly the families of who lost loved ones on 9/11 paying
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their respects here today. it took nearly four hours for loved ones to recite every last name of those nearly 3,000 victims who lost their lives here on 9/1115 years ago. today, ceremony began at 8:46 a.m., the exact time the first plane hit the north tower. followed by six moments of silences ringing of the bells, marking horrific moments from that morning. all day, loved ones and dignitaries have stood by the memorial, waterfalls, built in the footprints of the two towers and left flowers and photos and tears with the names of the victims in bronze and has been every year for 15 years, the families recited the names of the lost loved one, each year the faces of those reciting the names seem to get younger, grandsons and daughters speaking about loved ones they never had a chance to meet and hold dear in their hearts and the time since ground zero evolved into a
12:11 pm
beautiful memorial. for those that know loss, the pain is the same. >> and my big brother joseph michael gioconi. he was only 43 years old. 15 years of life, 15 seconds. the hurt is still there. the hole is still there. >> reporter: today's also about honoring the heroic acts of new york's first responders. our rick levinthal poke to the commissioner and promoted after the chief of department died in the attacks. he reminds us that there are thousands of first responder who is are battling terminal illnesses like cancers after breathing in the toxic chemicals in the recovery and cleanup efforts at ground zero. >> we were operating in what we
12:12 pm
now know is a toxic environment for quite sometime. not only on the day of the attack but until he left the site almost a year later. we were there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. and we're paying the price. >> reporter: he's really reminding us that the legacy of 9/11 is in those heroes and survivors reminding us that the legacy is about perseverance and coming together, not evil, eric. >> so moving and god bless those first responders. thank you. >> indeed. well, president obama delivering remarks earlier today at a ceremony at the pentagon. the president honoring the victims killed on 9/11 saying that, quote, 3,000 beautiful lives lost will never be forgotten. >> but in the end, the most enduring memorial to those we lost is ensuring the america we
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continue to be. that we stay true to ourselves. that we stay true to what's best in us. that we do not let others divide us. because as americans we do not give in to fear. we will preserve our freedoms and the way of life that makes us a beacon to the world. >> elizabeth is live at the white house now with more. elizabeth? >> reporter: hi, arthel. president obama observing a very personal and private moment of silence inside the oval office this morning, the exact time the first tower was hit and although it's 15 years to the day, it is the third day of a declaration of prayer. we heard from president obama make that declaration on friday and why you see across the country flags at half staff including here at the white house. this all part of this new declaration and while various memorial services are taking place across the country here
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the president speaking after a wreath laying ceremony at the pentagon striking a very somber, a very powerful tone in front of a crowd about 200 guests of family members of loved ones who are lost. his comments following the joint chiefs of staff chairman general done ford and ash carter and while there's no denying the changes are stunning and changed the national security entirely, the commander in chief says the enemy will never win. >> perhaps most of all we stay true to the spirit of this day by defending not only our country but also our ideals. 15 years into this fight, the threat has evolved. with our stronger defenses, terrorists often attempt attacks on a smaller, but still deadly, scale. groups like al qaeda, like isil, know that we will never be
12:15 pm
able -- they will never be able to defeat a nation as great and as strong as america. >> reporter: after he made those comments, he was able to spend time and greet some of the families before heading back to the white house so certainly the consoler in chief today. back to you. >> thank you, elizabeth. 9/11 certainly intensified our struggle against radical islamic terrorism. so after 15 years of fighting on multiple fronts, are we any safer? how can we defeat the jihadi philosophy? we're going to talk with a man who came face to face with two of the hijackers only hours before they committed their atrocity on 9/11. his incredible story and how it affects him all these years later.
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hundreds gathering in pennsylvania to remember the heroes of flight 93. the plane was one of four hijacked on 9/11. and crashed in a remote field in
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shanksville after passengers tried to retake the plane from the terrorists. a beautiful memorial and visitor center now marks that site. fox new's dana perino will show us later next hour and please stick around for that. dana is quite a moving report. well, on this solemn day, we're reminded 9/11 was not the first radical islamic terrorist attack against us. the first one in plant struck in 1990, 26 years ago when there was a speaker here giving a speech and he was shot to death by nosar, a court worker, who authorities insisted acted alone and that was not true. it was true he was part of a thriving radical islamic terrorist cell that went on to bomb the world trade center.
12:21 pm
followers of an imam that urged jihad against the very country in which they lived. today ambassador bolton wrote, quote, a hostile ideology has declared war against america and the west generally. we were the victims of aggression and the aggressors were and are still in the field. ambassador bolton joins us now. and a fox news contributor. ambassador, what could we have done or what should we have done in the last 15 years to perhaps stymie the global spread of radical islamic terrorism? >> well, i think right after 9/11, after absorbing the horror of the barbaric attack, the immediate question was what exactly are we facing? i think it was clear from the nature of the attack and looking back at the history that somebody had declared war on us. this was not an occasional criminal act by a deranged
12:22 pm
individual, somebody looking for walking around money. this was a war. and so, we were in a different pair dime than law enforcement which is the way terrorism had been handled before and second to try to identify the nature of the enemy, it was obviously not a traditional nation state. it was an ideology. a politicized version of islam. and i think after 9/11, the country was pretty united in fighting the war against this ideology but i must say today it's like we're back on september 10th, 2001. we have a president who won't talk about the ideology, who won't talk about the war. and when he does deploy forces does it in a disult ri fashion. i think the evidence is while the united states strengthened the defenses considerably, we have testimony from our top intelligence officials that the global terrorist threat worldwide is equal to or greater
12:23 pm
than what it was on 9/11. all of that compounded by the terrible danger that the terrorists will get their hands on nuclear, chemical or biological weapons so this war is far from over. >> the president taken out some 4,000 or so al qaeda, taliban leaders. i mean, we have a very sophisticated surveillance operation ongoing now and droning, man, like mad. so he is fighting back. clearly, we have special ops on the ground throughout many areas of the world but is that enough to defeat this ideology? i mean, that day 15 years ago, i'm walking to work. the first plane went over my head. went to the right. really loud. i was on 5th avenue. he was low and he was loud. and i came right in here to report on it. i mean, i was so angry because the government knew about the philosophy. we didn't do enough to stop it. >> and we're not doing enough now. you know, you can kill a lot of people in afghanistan and
12:24 pm
pakistan with drones but if the united states were to withdraw tomorrow, taliban and al qaeda would be back in power and threatening the government of pakistan quickly. we could have defeated isis over a year ago. we haven't done that. all of the evidence is this terrorist ideology continues to metastasi metastasize. it doesn't look like a corporate or governmental chart. it is not that neat and clean. the threat continues to rise. the turmoil, the chaos really in the middle east continues to feed it. and i think we have just lost the focus we had after 9/11. tragically. that too many people in this country don't understand we're facing a hostile ideology, one determined to dominate at least its part of the world and maybe ours, as well. second, that an ideology is prepared to use the means and method of war against -- as long as we allow them. >> finally, what would you recommend?
12:25 pm
i mean, donald trump has talked about surveillance and monitoring mosques and that sort of thing and we saw in san bernardino it was a fellow, a muslim, turned over information to authorities. so, how can we not just take on the enemy in the field but try to change their hearts if that's possible and their minds? >> well, i think the first thing you have to do is recognize reality and the ideology. i don't think we're doing that now. second, you need a global strategy. you can't just play whack-a-mole and hope that's going to be sufficient to stop the terrorists and remember what we ultimately fear is the attack here in the united states, the attack here this time with weapons of mass destruction. if we're not careful. >> ambassador bolton, a chilling thought, of course, something in the back of our minds as we remember this day and those who perished. we thank you very much for joining us, as always. >> thank you. eric, the nation pausing to remember the thousands lost
12:26 pm
on 9/11. ceremonies around the country marking 15 years since the terror attacks. >> and why this man said he was shunned by his colleagues after the pentagon was hit. we'll give you his stunning and unbelievable story coming up next. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond.
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12:31 pm
american airlines ticket agent vaughn alex. thank you so much for joining us today. >> good afternoon, neville. >> thank you. i want to, if you would, explain to us the sort of thoughts that begin to enter your mind. >> it's not only this day. it's almost every day. most of us that were involved in it some way or another think about it. yet it all comes to a head on this day but it's always with us. >> of course. is there anything you remember specifically or maybe now in passing in the distant memory about those two hijackers? >> they were -- they were kind of odd birds. they were traveling on first class full fare cash tickets. but they kind of were obviously not what you would consider first class passengers. we checked them in. i was the station instructor at
12:32 pm
the time so i was training two new people and we got them on the flight. they were late for the flight. didn't know which way to go or the ticket counter. we got them checked in and on the way and headed them up to the gate. >> and when you heard what happened later at the pentagon, with that very flight, american airlines 77, how did you feel? what did you think? >> obviously, we were all devastated about what happened. we'd lost our co-workers, personally i knew the entire -- both the cockpit and the cabin crew. but at that point, i had no idea the role i had played in it at all. it wasn't until the next day during an interview with the fbi that it finally came to light that i had checked in the two brothers and what had happened. >> and of course, mr. allex you, of course, in no way are responsible for the horrific
12:33 pm
acts of those terrorists, but i do wonder, because knowing the human conscience, did you ever go through a period of feeling some level of guilt or maybe second guessing yourself, maybe was there something i could have done? i don't know. >> absolutely. from the moment i found out, it was overwhelming guilt, overwhelming responsibility. it lasted literally, it lasted for years. and very slow coming to terms with everything that happened that day. >> well, i'm sure i can speak for everyone watching in that, you know, we pray that you have no more guilt. those terrorists have done so much and they do not need to continue to capture your spirit in any way. so i wish you freedom there, sir. >> thank you very much. >> absolutely. and i want to talk to you this -- about something you do, i understand, on a national
12:34 pm
annual basis i should say. you say attend a runway ride. i think we have a photo of you from there. this is the dulles airport. commemorating the fallen. does that help you get back together with this group every year? >> it does. when i worked for dulles -- when i worked at dulles airport, they'd been running the ride, this was the 14th year. they've running it since 2002. it gets the name, originated on the runway that 77 took off of that morning. it goes around the terminal and then down to the pentagon. when i worked there, i was out there every year on the curb waving and urging them on. and now i ride in it every year. >> very good. and i want to -- i understand you went to the pentagon this morning, as well. right? >> yeah. i did the ride and stopped at the memorial for a few minutes. >> and of course, when you're there like anybody else, a flood
12:35 pm
of emotions takes over. i wanted to ask you, as well, you told us that you had friends on board flight 77. what about those of the crew who were at the airport along with you? do you speak to them? have you spoken to them? are you contact constantly at all? >> i've got a couple good friends that i still maintain pretty close ties with. i work with one woman and a couple of the retirees, we stay in touch and get together for dinner every month or so, our families. so there is still some contact. >> well, that's good. what do you do now, mr. allex, for work? you're no longer a ticket agent. >> i left in 2008. retired after 30 years and 23 days. and went to work, took a long weekend and went to work for the government. >> i'm sorry. >> i work in department of
12:36 pm
homeland security and doing a little small tiny part of trying to keep people safe. >> well, we thank you for that because every part is important and i want to leave on this and ask you if you would to share a message if you had one for us as americans on this day. >> just keep remembering, keep remembering all the victims, all the survivors, and if you know anybody that had contact that day or played a role either as a first responder or at one of the airports, just say something to them. it would mean a lot. >> well, we say to you, thank you, sir. thank you for being here with us today and sharing your incredible story. mr. vaughn allex, be well. >> thank you. the nation and the world
12:37 pm
changed on this day and the obama administration says the government today is much better prepared to protect us. is it? we'll discuss those challenges and the changing nature of terrorism coming up. >> we are stronger against another 9/11-style terrorist-directed attack from overseas. our government's pretty good at detecting and preventing something from overseas, hatched from overseas. diabetes can be a daily struggle, even if you're trying your best.
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today 9/11 ceremonies also extending to the sports world. ♪ >> vice president joe biden taking part in a pregame ceremony at the philadelphia eagles home opener honored 9/11 first responders. other teams around the national
12:42 pm
football league also planning special tributes. on this day, we're reminded that the threats continue against our nation and the issue of national security is front and center in the presidential campaign. as part of that issue, hillary clinton, donald trump are both engaged in a pitched battle for the support of former military leaders, each now boasting that more than 100 former generals and colonels and the likes endorsed each other but the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson says the security challenges we face now are much more different than back in 2001. >> we're safer now when it comes to another 9/11-style attack. but we're challenged when it comes to the prospect of the lone wolf actor. the home grown violent extremist. and this requires a new whole of government response. >> so, whose strategy can best keep us safe? arnold perino joining us.
12:43 pm
he has endorsed hillary clinton. lieutenant general tom mcinerney. why do you think that hillary clinton would be a better strategist coming the military for the nation? >> well, eric, let me first compliment fox news for the uninterrupted coverage of the memorial ceremonies. as someone that was in the pentagon on 9/11 in the marine corps office, the coverage was inspirational, moving, actually hard to watch but i compliment you on it because it showed the incredible bravery of ordinary americans and what they did to protect this country. >> well, i just want to thank you and thank you for your service and general mcinerney for yours, too. thinking back on that day, you know, president bush was in the white house. he had had that intelligence briefing down at crawford earlier and radical islamic threaten the nation since 1990
12:44 pm
attack of extreme cleric and the government didn't really wake up so, general, what do we do? >> well, i would say that since 15 years ago, the world is actually a more dangerous and unstable situation and we have to be able to deal with five threats, not just terrorism. russia, china, iran, north korea and of course terrorism. you can argue about, you know, which one to take greater priority. today we are focused on terrorism. in terms of the terrorist threat, i agree with -- and watch very carefully when the former co-chairs of the 9/11 commission, governor tom keen and congressman tom hamilton as they do every year gave an assessment and say basically in terms of the catastrophic threats we faced at home on 9/11, probably not as great as it was then. the lone wolves has gone up.
12:45 pm
no matter one person or many, san bernardino, awful situations and the threat overseas particularly to allies of global terrorism is worse than 15 years ago so we have to be able to deal and have leaders that deal with all five of those threats, not just the terrorism threat so that would be my assessment there. >> why do you think hillary clinton is best to face that? >> i think you need someone that's got a lot of experience, judgment. has been in these situations before. she served for years on the senate armed services committee. i was privileged to be the staff committee member of that for years as tom mcinerney has for many decades and she has the basic experience and judgment and, frankly, the toughness to make the hard calls. when it was time to bring osama bin laden do justice, sitting in the situation room and recommendations were to be made, do we take the risk, go after
12:46 pm
him? she made the tough call. so, that's my conclusion after my many years in combat and in the military and working in government. but i respect other people's opinions, as well. >> all right. let's get another opinion. general, your response? >> well, i've known arnold for many years as he said and he was one of the best staff directors ever on the senate arm eed services committee under sam dunn. i have a little different take on it. as i look at it, we have to rebuild our military. we have unilaterally disarmed with the approval of both parties, bipartisan sequestration. and so, when i was the number three man in the air force and the air staff, we had 155 fighter squadrons, eric. today we have 50. you have the same ratios in the army, the navy and the marine corps although the marine corps is not as low but the readiness is lower. we need to modernize the services and rebuild it and to
12:47 pm
do that you've got to have an economic plan that grows gdp, gross domestic product, 3% to 6% per year to put 4% minimum, 4% of the gross national product into defense. because that's what it's going to take. and, mr. trump's economic plan allows that. mrs. clinton's plan does not allow that. she keeps obamacare, she funds college students below -- that family earnings less than $120,000. there's not enough money in her budget to modernize the military. and the industrial base. now, arnold works with the industrial base now. he's -- and ndia. national defense industrial association. he's familiar with it. those are the things that we must do so we must have the funds to do those kind of things. >> you are talking about, general, a build-up like ronald reagan in effect did when he was
12:48 pm
elected back in 1980. >> yes. >> general, what about that? we are definitely way under coming to the military. >> tom and i approach this the same way. he was the leader of the business executives for national defense and like i, we want to get the most bang for the buck and we have to do a couple of things. we have to lift the sequester. it's a devastating effect on the military readiness. we have to mod easternize the military. reform the pentagon. we have to ensure we have the technology so the troops are never in a fair fight and mrs. clinton said she's prepared to argue to lift the sequestration and i take her at her word. we have the reagan build-up if you look in terms of dollars. we are spending -- obama in eight years, spent $5 billion. more than reagan's eight years and another trillion in -- >> but then why is everything so
12:49 pm
decimated? >> because we have got the problem in the pentagon of massive overhead. we have too much in the rear with the gear and not enough tail. we don't have enough combat power as tom mcinerney said. we need to beef up the units. that's why at the same time we lift the sequester and increase the top line, we have to also reform the internals. the congress has blocked the pentagon in terms of a lot of reforms that tom mcinerney advocated. >> finally, it sounds like both mr. trump and mrs. clinton basically have the same goal. what about that? >> well, they've got -- arnold laid it out. they have got to do the same things and what concerns me is there's not enough money in her budget the way she described her economic plan because she has more money going to social programs but we need to put those kind of dollars.
12:50 pm
now, let me give you an example why the dollars don't go as far today. when we did the f-15 from the award to the contractor to first flight it took two years, eric. doing the f-22, it took us ten years. and same thing for the f-35 versus the f-16. so we have too much bureaucracy going on in the building. on the hill. we have got to -- >> we have an amen from both agreeing on it. we'll see the problems and the goal could be. generals, we thank you for joining us on this solemn day and thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> thanks, eric. >> thank you. national security changes in e effect around the country following the 9/11 terror attacks but are we any safer? that story is next. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
the war on terror intensifies, of course, by the attacks on 9/11. 15 years later, the world is changed, especially in terms of securi
12:55 pm
security. they say we are safer, but there are still threats. will is live with the story. will? >> there's no doubt terror organizations evolved since 9/11. this morning, the director of the cia said the united states is doing everything possible to keep the homeland safe and went on to say we are making progress against isis. >> this reversal of their battlefield successes over the last six to nine months, we have seen they have pushed out a number of areas inside iraq as well as syria. a number of their leaders have been removed from the battlefield. they do not have the same type of control over the territory like they had this time last year. >> the progress on the battlefield hasn't stopped the lone wolf threats. we have seen attacks in san bernardino, orlando, chattanooga. they are using social media to recruit and train. that's led some lawmakers to say they feel we are facing the biggest threat to the country
12:56 pm
since 9/11. >> even though isis is having problems controlling some territory in syria and iraq, they have spread globally. what al qaeda started on september 11, 2001 continues s ma tast size. we are not paying close enough attention to jihadism globally. >> this week, secretary jay johnson said terror threats are heard all the time. >> thank you. our coverage continues in about -- >> in a moment. we'll tell you more about what happened to hillary clinton. stay with us. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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fox alert, renewed concerns about hillary clinton's health. that, as the democratic nominee leaves the 9/11 commemoration in new york city early. she appears to partially collapse as she tried to get into her van on the way out. welcome to another hour of america's headquarters on this september 11. >> video showing hillary clinton seeming to lose her balance and stumble over a curve as staff members help her into a van. they blamed the heat for her quick exit. jennifer griffin is live with
1:01 pm
the latest. jennifer? >> reporter: other than a paper statement, we have not heard from hillary clinton's campaign aides or spokesman. we did receive that statement, however. hillary clinton emerged from her daughter chelsea's apartment in downtown manhattan about noon. she was smiling and waving 90 minutes after the first reports emerged she had fainted while leaving the 9/11 ceremony in new york. aides helped her to the van as her secret service detail opened the door. her knees appeared to buckle cutting short her visit to the memorial. campaign aides did not return the calls. the press pool was kept in the dark until they issued the following statement, quote, during the ceremony, she felt overheated, so parted to go to her daughter's apartment and is
1:02 pm
feeling much better. she spent and hour greeting the families. both agreed not to campaign today. she was the new york senator and attended as a guest. it followed a kofi fit during a labor day picnic in ohio. [ coughing ] >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> she told reporters the cough was due to allergies. the next day her voice was fine. she said she took an antihistamine. last summer, they wrote mrs. clinton is a healthy female with hy hypothyroidism. she is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the united states.
1:03 pm
we are standing a half mile from her house. she returned to her house after going to her daughter chelsea's apartment. we have not heard anything else from the campaign. we expect we might hear something before traveling with her tomorrow. back to you. >> jennifer, before i let you go, how did secretary clinton's early departure from the 9/11 ceremony line up with secret service protocol? >> well, it looks like there was some protocol that had to be broken because of the hasty nature of how they had to leave. the head of her detail had to open the door for her. she had to lean -- she was leaning on a barrier waiting for the vehicle to arrive. it wasn't there waiting for her. if it had been a planned departure, the vehicle would have been there, she would not have had to stand there and wait. certainly evidence there was a hasty decision to leave the 9/11 ceremony early. >> thank you.
1:04 pm
politics aside, we wish mrs. clinton well. thank you. >> that we do. mr. clinton stumbling as you saw on the video, almost a partial collapse. it put a focus on her health and her and donald trump to both release medical records. joining us is president of robertson republic and 2008 clinton campaign adviser. it was low 80s this morning, humid, not as bad as yesterday when it was in the middle 90s. she was standing in dark clothes for 90 minutes. this raises questions and concerns about her health. >> certainly, the first concern is we want to make sure she is okay. good to hear from the campaign that she is. i think this will certainly shine a new light on both candidates providing credible
1:05 pm
information about their health. we have seen that secretary clinton has provided much more serious information about her health concerns than donald trump has, but after this situation, of course, they are going to have to give us more details. >> do you think she will do that? do you think mrs. clinton will do that? >> well, something we have seen previous presidential candidates release, i think, i personally think just like tax returns, we should stay in what has become the norm and to get all of this information from both of our candidates. but, we have to look at this, i think, on an equal playing field because we can't continue the situation like we have with the tax returns where she provides detailed information, takes this race seriously and her opponent, donald trump, does not. >> she said donald trump didn't take this seriously.
1:06 pm
let's start with the health of mrs. clinton and what this shows. getting into the van. we need to remember, we have candidates that are much older, social security recipients than we have had in the past. 68 years old and 70 years old. it's important we know the full health history of who we are going hire for the job for four years. making sure they are in tiptop shape. >> doesn't that include your candidate, too? he's going to go on dr. oz to talk about it. his doctor had a note he sketched out in a limo saying he was the healthiest person in the world to run for president. how about mr. trump's records? >> i don't think it's partisan. we have two people that are at an age where their health could be questioned.
1:07 pm
when you have video backed up, like what we saw today, that makes it that much more interesting to the public. you know, in the early 2000s, when george w. bush choked on a pretzel, there was no video. it was not what you thought of him. there's video of this. that really changes things and makes people remember it more and also backs up what people already think about hillary clinton. there have been questions raised about her health in the past, particularly after her concussion in 2012. now, there's something to back it up. there's something we have on video, as evidence, that something may not be like they tell us it is. >> just a second. this is a letter from her doctor. it says she is in excellent health. she is on blood thinners. she's got better blood pressure than donald trump. 100 over 65. trump's doctor says he's 110 over 65.
1:08 pm
brian has a good point, that video is going to be seen over and over again. remember when george w. bush threw up on the prime minister, then apparently fainted? then he's sky diving out of airplanes. this video is going to be on thousands of times over the next week. >> when i saw the video, i admit, my heart almost stopped for a second. the reality is hillary clinton is human. i believe that was the response that we heard from the bush white house at the time when he fainted. people get overheated, people faint. if we were operating under normal circumstances and i think the common decency that presidential campaigns had, even though they are closely contested, if operating under normal circumstances, it would be a different conversation. >> will she release her records, finally? >> i think they will be responsible as they have been
1:09 pm
from the beginning. the first response of when she fell and had the concussion, the response was she faked it. they went from she was faking it, she has seizures. >> she did have a concussion. we know she did. will donald trump be held to the same standard? will he release his medical records? he hasn't released his tax records. >> he said he's going to go on the show and talk about it. i highly encourage him to push this issue with clinton, if he wants to. but, to do it he's going to have to hold up his side of the bargain and release the records. >> we have maybe one yes and one maybe. we'll address it and see what happens. we hope mrs. clinton is fine and rested up and she was just overheated and not something far more serious. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, eric. eric the city that never
1:10 pm
sleeps falling in temporary silence, marking 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. [ bell ringing ] moments in lower manhattan with family members reading the names of men and women of the lives lost. we have more in manhattan. brian? >> hi. a lot has changed in the 15 years since 9/11. the skyline here, lower manhattan is evidence of that. one world trade senter hovering over us. what has not changed is the pain and memories the loved ones of the victims families and the survivors had to go through since that day. today, the 9/11 commemoration began at 8:46 a.m. with the tolling of the bells. after that, marking the moment
1:11 pm
that was the first moment that the first plane hit the north tower. that was followed by six moments of silence and ringing the bells, marking the horrific moment. all day long, loved ones stood fwi water falls of the towers. they left flowers, photos and tears where the names of the victims are etched in bronze. it took four hours for every one of the victims names to be recited. they do this every year. this year, joaquin, a military veteran spoke of the loss of his brother, jimmy quinn. he was 23 years old and worked in the towers. he had this message to our nation, in the midst of a heated presidential election. listen. >> looking back, it was hard to get through those weeks following 9/11. an important part of me misses those days. as a country, we were never more united. we were never more inspired. i know in our current political
1:12 pm
environment, it may feel that we are divided. don't believe it. >> reporter: we also honor first responders who ran into the burning buildings. 403 of new york's police, paramedics and firefighters died that day. rick interviewed billy quick on 9/11. >> i ran up to the building. a police officer said i have people trapped in the subway. i went to the subway, went downstairs, got people. they were bleeding, screaming, crying. they come upstairs, go to the left. go to the left. then, two to three minutes after that, the first collapse happened of the building. >> reporter: billy quick was a firefighter for 23 years. he went to ground zero and helped clean up for 60 days breathing in the taxic chemicals. he died from lung disease in
1:13 pm
2011. he is like thousands of others battling 9/11 related illnesses. >> so many heroes. thank you, brian, thanks so much. meanwhile, soldiers in afghanistan paying tribute to the victims of september 11th today. why our next guest says 15 years after the attacks rk it's time for the u.s. to take a long, hard look at our military presence there and either commit or come home. remembering the heroic actions of those who died aboard united airlines flight 93. how relatives and friends honored the 40 passengers and crew members in shanksville, pennsylvania. >> the 40 heroes of flight 93 well understood the collective strength of our nation is found in a creed that is as old as the founding of america itself. e plurbus unim, we are many.
1:14 pm
hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
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1:17 pm
this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. americans gathering at ground zero to remember those who died in the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago today. troops in afghanistan honoring
1:18 pm
the victims with the ceremony at nato headquarters in kabul. the military death toll in iraq and afghanistan, long ago exceeding the nearly 3,000 who died on 9/11. some saying the u.s. mission is still unclear. joining me now is ben collins, a u.s. army special forces veteran and green beret who served three tours of duty in afghanistan. thank you so much and thank you for being here with me. >> thank you. >> how are you feeling today? >> today is a hard day. it's a hard day for everybody. certainly the family members that lost loved ones on 9/11. i think it's a hard day for those that lost certainly loved ones in afghanistan and iraq war. it's a hard day, i think, for loved ones that have members still serving in the military in afghanistan. this is especially hard for me in the sense that, as you
1:19 pm
mentioned in the intro, certainly those of us that fought in afghanistan or fought in iraq, the numbers don't really tell the story. these were brothers and sisters that we lost. unfortunately, certainly after 15 years in afghanistan there's not a lot to show for it. that's a heart breaking thing for a lot of us. today is the day we think about that in full. >> heart breaking, frustrating as well, i imagine. i want to ask you, you know, when you watch, captain collins when you watch coverage of issues like the defense budget, the v.a., the 9800 american troops currently in afghanistan, not to mention other troops serving in other war zones, topics like isis. i mean, what do you kind of yell at the tv, so to speak? >> well, i don't think i can probably say what i yell on tv, certainly not here. unfortunately, i think that you have to separate some of those.
1:20 pm
the reality is, if we learned anything over the 14 years and 15 years, i have to say this. this is very difficult for me to say and i hope families, you know, that did lose loved ones, certainly in afghanistan understand, we have gotten very good at winning battles. american soldiers will never lose a battle put in front of them. as a government, we don't know how to win the war nichl. afghanistan, after 15 years, we understand who the enemy is. i don't think we understood what the country or who the country is. this idea we had an afghan version of the marshall plan is absurd. look, look at the commander and chief forum we had. afghanistan was mentioned three times. the focus is on isis. i understand why, but, you know, unfortunately afghanistan is the unforgotten war.
1:21 pm
we have 10,000 soldiers, 9800 and they ignore the narrative. as if 900 soldiers are going to do what 100,000 were starting to accomplish. that, you know, there's a high cost. you can see that certainly in the depth and what's happening in the v.a. and the soldiers that need treatment. unfortunately, i think our poll decisions are failing the servicemen and women that are in service now. congress should do what they are supposed to do and debate and figure out what winning means. it's a bureaucratic mess that needs to be fixed from the top to the bottom. we overpoliticize so many things. right now, today, soldiers are fighting in syria and afghanistan and a white house that refuses to call it that. that's heart breaking. >> before we leave, speaking of the soldiers suffering from war
1:22 pm
injuries who are currently in war zone, what would you like to say to them? >> i would say this, you know, right now, we obviously have a very polarized, you know, electoral cycle. i think, for many of us, we remember what it felt like, you know, those days and the weeks and months after 9/11. there was a unity in this country that i don't think we have ever felt. we need to reinforce that message. as messy as politics are and as messy as they are right now, we will always have the backs of men and women in uniform, always. we know the sacrifices they were making. redouble the efforts to make sure we'll take care of them when they come home and start fixing the organization that is supposed to take care of them when they are here. look, i know guy that is are over there now. i love them. i love you guys, every single one of you, the men and women. you are everything for me. i tell you, today is a day of all days we should put politics
1:23 pm
aside and remember what's important. >> captain ben collins, thank you. >> thanks. >> very well said. remember the 40 brave souls lost on american airlines flight 93. and the call from passenger beamer. dublin is gathering at the memorial site in shankville, pennsylvania. the boeing 757 went down in a0 u.s. capital building. investigators believe that was the hijackers intended target. dana perino has the special report on her journey to shanksville.
1:24 pm
>> thanks for having us to this amazing memorial. i have always wanted to come because of friends in washington and working at the capital. this makes me extremely emotional. >> when you think about the brave actions of these men and women on that morning, it cull mononates with this memorial. >> maybe you could show me how this turned out. >> i would be honored to do so. it shows american airlines flight was the first plane that went into the tower. at this point throughout america, we can agree people weren't sure what was happening. united airlines flight 175 cr h crashed into the south tower at 9:03.2. at that point, we all knew that america was under attack.
1:25 pm
the men and women on flight 93 had the ability to communicate with loved ones and others from the outside z. they were receiving information in realtime. they said we are not going back to an airport. >> the side of that boulder is where it finally crashed. thanks for being willing to talk to me. your brother was on the flight. >> yes, lewis joseph mackey ii, we call him joey. >> this is the final resting place? >> yeah, this is where i truly believe the spirit of 40 heroes of flight 93 are. >> heroes. >> it amazes me that 40 different individuals from all walks of life had an opportunity. they were put in such a situation that no one is trained for. people coming together, getting the information, putting it together. then the most democratic thing
1:26 pm
we have in our country, they vote on a plan. >> while terrorists are -- >> are watching. >> piloting their plane. >> then they kick it off. they execute a plan. they prevent the plane from striking the intended target. i don't think when they started they thought they were going to lose. >> no. >> i think they had all the drive in to go home. and have dinner with their family. >> president bush said it was the first act of counterterrorism on the war on terror. >> they launched the first counter offensive on the war on terror. most likely targeted the hijacked plane was the united states capitol. we'll never know how many innocent people might have been lost. >> they didn't reach their intended target. >> right. >> they took their lives, their destiny into their own hands and
1:27 pm
said not today, not tomorrow, not ever. >> do you feel pride? >> oh, more than that. it's hard. i keep waiting for joey to walk out of the trees. >> you said you shed your last tear. >> joey was an amazing dad, husband, brother, cousin and friend. >> and patriot. citiz citizen. >> yes, very well said. >> this is him? >> it's him. i come by here and rub my hand back and forth to let him know i'm here. >> i'm here with park ranger robert. what is the most frequently asked question you get?
1:28 pm
>> why did we -- the impact site. when the fbi finished the investigation, it looked nothing like it did on september 11, 2001. they turned the site over to the coroner. he looked at the large pile of dirt, gathered 8% of the remains and realized he would never get more. the piles of earth are the final resting place. the question, why did they fill it? that's why. >> one of the things president bush said in 2011, that we have a duty to remember and a duty to live. >> we have a duty beyond memory. we have a due advertise to live our lives in a way that upholds the ideals for which the men and women gave their lives. >> you probably have younger people come. how do you help them understand the importance of the site and the historical significance of it? >> i hope to plant a seed. one day, i won't be here to tell the story.
1:29 pm
hopefully one day, one of them will be. it's a story that has to be told. >> dana perino with a deeply meaningful and personal tribute. >> very good. thank you, dana. we'll be right back. with the right steps, 80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes or vision problems may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. new questions about hillary clinton's health being raised today after she made the early exit from the 9/11 ceremony at the world trade center site this morning. the video we have been showing you shows her slumping over trying to get into her van. she appears to lose her balance. she may have partially collapsed or fainted as they try to help her in through the door. she needed physical help to get into the van. she then went to her daughter, chelsea's, apartment.
1:34 pm
there's her going into the van where she stumbled and seemed uneasy and steady. she went to chelsea's apartment. after a rest, she left saying she's feeling great. the campaign released a statement saying, quote, during the ceremony, she felt overheated and departed to go to her daughter's apartment. now, less than two months before the election, it puts focus on her health. bret baier joins us. bret certainly changed the conversation of the race. what do you think the impact will be? >> it is significant. it will increase the calls to put out detailed health records and kind of lay it out for the public. i think that call for transparency is going to be increased now on both sides, but particularly mrs. clinton after what we saw today. the campaign saying she was
1:35 pm
overheated. you can imagine the campaign trail is a slog, however seeing the video and, you know, adding up all the things that have been raised before, questions about her health, i think it's going to become more of an issue. on this day, it has kind of taken up a lot of oxygen in the political talking sphere because of these images. >> her doctor said she has -- is very, in excellent health. she has seasonal allergies which cause a cough. she is on blood thinners. it was low 80s and humid. another issue raised by the video. her secret service protection. tell us about that? >> they are clearly trying to rush her out of there. it was obviously not scheduled. the van pulls up. she's waiting for the van. that's not protocol from the
1:36 pm
secret service. her main agents, the one who is supposed to stand next to her, the person who opens the door. this is all, clearly, an effort to get her out of there quickly and not scheduled. back to the health, two days ago, eric, david shiner, dr. david shiner, president obama's physician for 22 years wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" saying both major candidates have to come forward with details and raise questions about hillary clinton, what she put out in 2015 from her doctor and raised questions about her health down the road. >> a call for a neurological examination? >> he did. based on what her doctor put out last year. said she needs an mri, she needs a neurological exam after the blood clot to see what the
1:37 pm
impact is. >> a let frer the doctor says she suffers from hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies and gives a list of what she takes. thyroid medicine, b-12 and cumidin, a blood thinner. how will they address this? she comes out for a photo-op waving, saying i'm fine after being in the air-conditioning and rested. what does she have to do now to put it to rest or address the speculation that is only increasing and will only increase in the coming week as we see the video over and over again and people rightfully having questions now. >> listen, john mccain, there were many questions about him and his health and, remember, eventually, he brought reporters in to see 1200 pages of medical records. who knows, we may get to the point with hillary clinton, and point out donald trump, on his
1:38 pm
campaign, ben carson called for them to put out their medical records. i don't think it's going away. we are not talking about her comment about, you know, buckets of deplorables and in one sense, there, you know, this has taken a lot of the media attention and it's going to be interesting how it plays out. >> quickly, do you think it will force both candidates to release their medical records? >> i think there will be serious calls for that. i think they will continue. this doctor, you know, who wrote "the washington post" op-ed, i think doctors like that are going to come forward and say it's important for the future of the country to know the health of their candidate. >> before you go, i have a special, special report through the election on politics. i'll be doing a series on election fraud. >> thank you for doing that. it's going to be interesting to be able to check in with you
1:39 pm
week after week. it's obviously voter id and election issues. >> yep. >> we are excited about the opportunity. it's going to be, i said in an interview this week, "special report" on steroids. >> elections on both sides of the campaign. wait until you see tonight, double voters and people who voted more than once in the 2012 presidential election. you didn't vote more than once did you? >> no. one time. >> everybody just vote once. i'll see you at 8:00. thank you. >> i'll be watching both of you, for sure. as americans honor the victims of the 9/11 attack, there was another tragedy this day four years ago. how u.s. leaders are remembering the four americans killed in the attack on benghazi. >> back here at home, a day of reflection and remembrance here in new york city as relatives and loved ones take part in
1:40 pm
another solemn tradition. >> joseph michael. >> john p.scala. >> francis joseph skidmore jr. >> joanna skinner. >> paul albert. >> christopher paul. >> vincent robert. >> robert f. --
1:41 pm
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9/11 not only marks the dev vacation in 2001, but it's been four years since the attack on benghazi that resulted in the death of four americans, including our ambassador. john kerry remembered them in his remarks calling them dedicated professionals who sought only to serve our country
1:45 pm
and help friends in a strife torn land for security and peace. turning to some consumer news. the stock market taking a tumble friday with investors worried the federal reserve could soon raise interest rates. the biggest one day drop that rocked the market back in june. officials hinting an interest hike is not off the table when they meet later this month. tony is here to talk about this in a business round up. analyst with >> that's a lot of titles. >> do you think there's maybe a rate hike? >> there's growing concern it could happen in a couple weeks. i think from a market perspective, they were thinking december, then word reiterated on friday, it could happen as soon as september. it depends how the data looks going forward. there's no preset course.
1:46 pm
it depends on how inflation looks, wages, job growth. it's possibly there. that has investors in a tizzy. >> rate hikes cut both ways, who benefits? >> if you are looking to take out a mortgage, do it sooner rather than later. the rate on your credit card goes up along with it. >> right. so, we have to wait and see. >> we have to wait and see. we have to wait and see. >> no crystal ball today? >> no crystal ball. >> let's move on to this. you have heard this, money can't buy you happiness. why is this adage one of the topics in consumer reports? >> new research showing the american dream is being reinvented all together. it's less about the big job and all the thing that is come with the territory, the fancy house, the cars and that type of thing and a greater emphasis these
1:47 pm
days on family relationships, neighbors, people. i think we are seeing a shift away from the old attitude and more flexible economy. that's changing the way we think. if you look around and see places are flexible. a lot of us freelancers are contractors. half the force is going to be freelancers. housing is changed. you have multigenerations living together. you have roommates of all ages. things are definitely changes. there's less of an emphasis on the perk that is come with the territory and the big, fancy job and the emphasis on things that matter down the line. >> family always matters. >> always matters. >> let's talk football. the regular football conversation. we are talking the san francisco 49ers with a game plan with amazon prime. >> this is interesting. this is interesting. i don't know if you are a big tailgating gal, but fans can order food, beverages, all sorts
1:48 pm
of things from the game and have it delivered right to the parking lot outside the gate. if you are amazon prime, you have to pay the membership fee. you can have it in an hour or less if you pay a slight service fee. anything, tens of thousands of things ordered. this is going to go into effect tomorrow when the 49ers play. >> wow! are we going to see more of this to come? >> it's interesting. uber has the partnership with the dolphins which is different. we are going to see more. i think so because given the fact they have the hi-def tvs, they are watching games at home. the idea is to get them to the field and enhance the experience. qulou see more tech. >> that's going to be fun. they will tailgate. not all tailgators go inside, right? >> the majority of the party happens in the parking lot. >> right in the parking lot. your food and all that stuff is
1:49 pm
going to be delivered there. okay, very good. good to see you. >> you, too. >> eric? the fire storm started on the campaign trail. the video showing hillary clinton stumbling while making an unexpected early exit from the 9/11 ceremony here in new york city. the campaign says she was just overheated. is that really true? the latest on the campaign trail, straight ahead. our vitamins contain no gluten, dairy or artificial flavors. so we invented a word that means that. shmorange. and it rhymes with the color of our bottle. hey, baby, make it your first word! sfx: baby speak not even close. reach for the orange, it's 100% shmorange!
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>> four confirmed tornadoes touching down last night in illinois. one was an ef2 estimated winds at 135 miles per hour. completely demolishing a pair of homes. there were no injuries reported but it is dangerous. our meteorologist is in the fox weather center. janice? >> we have a cold front that moves through across the northeast. it was part of the reason we had severe weather yesterday across the midwest and great lakes. the front moved through, cooler more dry temperatures on the way. i point out our next system moving across the northern rockies in the northern plains could bring cooler-than-average temperatures and my gosh snow
1:54 pm
across the northern rockies. not out the question this time of year but the first shot of cold air and say "snow," has people thinking it is too early. we have the potential for high fire danger so a lot of windy conditions and warm temperatures south of the cold front, 99 in las vegas and 86 in pro vo and drop is have potential for development in the atlantic but the next five days we look to be okay. >> that is great news. >> arthel? >> solemn ceremonies paying tribute to nearly 3,000 who lost their lives in 9/11. one group in new york paying noisy tribute to the victims and the first responders who led recovery efforts.
1:55 pm
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>> coming together across new york state to honor victims of 9/11. motorcycle riders gathering in albany and riding together to new york city. the ride paying tribute to the first responders who led the recovery efforts after the attacks. >> we on those who are lost on this day 15 years ago as well as honoring those who are long in benghazi. we will never forget the threat of radical islamic terrorism. thank you for watching. we will see you in one hour. >> stay tuned with a special "media buzz" coming up in 30 seconds. howard kurtz is live and we will see you at 6:00 eastern.
2:00 pm
we have a special show 8:00 p.m., bret baier has a special report on election fraud with all of the news including the latest on mrs. clinton's health. >> on the buzz beater, hillary clinton make as big blond are by denouncing trump's loyal backers. >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. all the media are slow to react. physical she apologizes. how did news organizations botch this? >> with clinton getting overheated and leaving a 9/11 ceremony today does it open the door to scrutiny of her health? >> matt lauer taking heat for the grilling of donald trump and hillary clinton on national security issues and pundits panning both candidates. >> it was a rough night for hillary clinton, robin, 13 minutes of questioning was on her


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