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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 11, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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diagnosed with new phonia. we back at our regular time next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern and we will see you with the latest buzz. clear. >> new questions about hillary clinton's health. she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday, it turns out she never said a word physical she was caught on video. she was seen ducking out early from the 9/11 memorial at the world trade center site and on this video taken by a man unsteady, unable to walk, needs help to get into the van and nearly collapsed. another hour of america's election headquarters on this special 9/11. >> hillary clinton's doctor say she has been on antibiotics and adviseed to rest.
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we have jennifer griffin in new york where hillary clinton rubbed. what more can you tell us? >> arthel, hillary clinton is resting at her home just up the road from where we are right new, her doctor issues the following statement not long ago. i will read from the statement and i quote, "secretary clinton has been experiencing a cough related to allergies. on friday during follow-up evaluation of her prolonged cough she was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule." she became overheated this morning and hydrated. the doctor examineed her, she said, and she now is rehydrate asked recovering. hillary clinton emerged from her daughter's downtown manhattan apartment at noon smiling and waving to the cameras and 90 minutes after the first reports emerged she had fainted while sleeping the 9/11 ceremony in new york prematurely.
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the video posted shows aides help her to the van after secret service detail opened the door to the vehicle, her knees buckle ed and she stumbled to the video kitting short the visit to the memorial. aides did not return calls and the press tool was kept in the dark until the press secretary issued the following statement and i quote, "during the ceremony, she felt overheated and departed to go to her daughter's apartment and feeling much better." she spent an hour and 30 minutes at ceremony greeting families of the fallen both campaigns agreed not to campaign today, today following a coughing fit a week ago during a labor day picnic in ohio. at the time she told reporters that the cough was due to allergies and the next day her provide was fine and she said she took over-the-counter and her doctor in the summer was asked to come comment on her health and said she was fine and
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capable of being president but when we asked aides early today how clinton was doing we got a somewhat blunt response saying she is "fine," and we now understand from aides they are reevaluating her schedule and her trip to california tomorrow could be into question and the doctor told her she needs to rest. >> thank you. we will have more on the unfolding and important story in the race for the white house. >> the republican side, donald trump attended the 9/11 ceremony this morning and later he visited with new york city firefighters. he tonight being quiet tonight on twitter, about her pneumonia diagnosis and the rutting stumble today. here is the story from washington, dc, with more on that. >> yes, for weeks donald trump has accused hillary clinton of lacking the physical stamina but
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when asked today about her health scare he said i don't know anything so he is sticking to his pledge to put politics aside on the anniversary of 9/11. trump was at ground zero and does not speak or cross paths with hillary clinton but released a statement and i quote, "our solemn duty on behalf of all those who per ribbed 15 years ago is to work together as one nation to keep all of our people safe from an enemy that seeks nothing less than to destroy our way of life." we now are 58 days away from election day and a new poll shows donald trump trailing by five points. according to washington post/abc news poll poll donald trump is at 41% and gary johnson is at 9% and the green party has 2%, however, the same poll also shows a troubling trend for clinton only 45% are paying close attention and 80% say they are certain to vote compared to trump supporters more than 60%
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are paying close attention, and 93% say they are certain to vote so according to this poll, trump supports are a lot more interested in the campaign and that could tran late into more turn out in november. tomorrow, trump is off to maryland and north carolina and at some point he will certainly address hillary clinton calling half of his supporters a basket of deplorables, but so far it was said "her worst mistake to date." >> hillary clinton campaign telling fox news the democratic nominee's trip to california for tomorrow night, a fundraiser there, is now in question. the campaign said that they will review those lands in the morning. we will talk about this with a republican strategist and managing director of mercury llc and former senior advisor to governor john kasich and former democratic congressional
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candidate. good to spree both of you. jessica, this new information we have on mrs. clinton's health. she has pneumonia. can we now move beyond the critics being suspicious of hillary clinton's health or have we reached a critical moment when mrs. hillary clinton needs to release details of her medical records? >> you she already has released very detailed medical records. especially compared to those of donald trump, his medical letter was typical trump in term of the greatness of his health. getting if you men why is something that given her schedule she has been carry on she has had reporter with her say she is doing from early in the morning until act 11:00 every day every day of the week for months and months and it take as toll on anyone, so especially someone who has run for office and when out there i
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have had pneumonia before you are shaking a lot of happen on planes and you will be exposed to colds and germs. but why think it calls and question overall health. >> you talk about the igors of campaigning so imagine how that will be escalated times 50 in hillary clinton should become the president. the americans want to make sure that whoever is the next commander in chief is healthy. i will get back to i because you have more to say but, jay, speaking of medical records, the two page letter i have from hillary clinton's doctor, and i know that you are referring to donald trump's doctor a couple paragraphing saying he is the health of the guy in the world. but, jay, donald trump has not publicly displayed any instances that would raise issues of his health but however, he is running for the president and the public needs to know the full scope of donald trump's health so will, especially in light of what is happen and we
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probably will hear more from hillary clinton's doctors and people will demand to hear more, is with that possible be on tail, will we see donald trump release complete medical records? >> i doubt he will release complete medical records. the problem that hillary clinton has --. >> wait, wait, wait. can you not just --. >> trump is running for president and that is how people running for president doing things. >> i think he should release more comet medical reports and his tax returns. i am in the camp we need more transparency. >> okay, so, he is going to release them? >> i don't think he will i think he should. should. should. >> but he may not. >> now, we have sound from chris, our fox news channel digital politics editor speaking on how this new news may impact
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the race. >> this is something that will change the race. the video is jarring. this will overtake the was chest deplorable business that hillary clinton would rather spend the week talk about or the going of the week talking about rather than her health. >> chris, do you thing he is on to something? >> i don't continue he is wrong there. sadly, for me, someone who lived in lower manhattan on 9/11, it is difficult who are having this discussion at all on this day when we should be talking about more solemn issues and pleased for witness we have not seen the typical tweets we usually would on this day because it is such an important moment for our country. for sure we will see this play out whether for good or ill, there is a very fine line. both candidates need have equal
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transparency as jay said in terms of what the status of their health is. no medical professional is infallible. this is no way of knowing that -- there are so man things that did befall any human being during four years of being president and i don't think it will play into hillary clinton supporters, support of hers going forward. >> but, well, it is not just the media speculating, hillary clinton is running for the past united states, not the president of the united media. people want to know, and let me also be clear, i personally have set politics aside and of course we wish mrs. clinton well. we are all people here. so, now, getting back to the conversation, jessica, we have 58 days left, could this cause concern behind the scenes among the democratic operatives wonder
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ing in hillary clinton can get over the pneumonia, trend healthy and not only for reminder of the week, but, also, for potential jobs at hand and the upcoming debates in two weeks? >> absolutely. in terms of she does rigorous preparations for the debates, she is beginning to have to change her schedule between now and those times. the debates are going to be most watched. everyone in the country will be glued do him and she needs to be-game. pneumonia is exhausting. she has to right. >> dave, the last word, what is going to happen? how does it play out? will it more than just mrs. clinton has pneumonia and she is dehydrated and they will let it pass? what will happen from now? how is this changing the race and the tone and the talk of the
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race, if you will. all the risk to the hillary clinton campaign is it mainstreams the conspiracy theories this should be among the clatter and the trump base and not go into the disaffected republicans and the independents she trying to win over. i have to think the basket of deplorables is bigger issue cutting against her biggest argument against donald trump, donald trump's big weakness among suburban women is they are not comfortable with his rhetoric. this muddies the water for them and now they can say both are the same. that is a bigger long term impact because it takes a bigger argument off the table. >> thank you both for being with us here on this sunday afternoon.
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>> the lone firefighters, and the site in lower manhattan, the now familiar respectful and sorrowful salute marking 15 years since our attack by the terrorists of al qaeda on 9/11. 8,000 family members, friends and officials gathered to remember the victims honoring the men, women, and children who were there the beautiful blue sky that morning, and now we go to lower manhattan. >> good evening. at heart of the museum at the 9/11 trade center is a site "no day shall erase i from the million riff time. in that spirit, families and survivors gather at the site, reciting the names of every
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single one of the 3,000 victims who lost their lives on that tragic day. it took four hours to do. and each year it seems those speakers are younger and younger, nephews and nieces, grasses and granddaughters and daughters and sons, some have never even met the loved ones they are talking about but they feel their presence. >> my father joseph alatoucci, i never had a chance to hear your voice or hold your hand. life because not fair before i was able to meet you but it does future accident me from love you and it never well. it is hard to move on for you are the angel that keep me strong. >> today, the sermon began at 8: 46 a.m. the time the first plane hit the north tower followed by six moms of silence,
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ringing of bears marking the horrific moments of that morning. all day loved oned stood by the waterfall built in the foot republicans of the two towers and left flowers and photos and tears with the names of the victims in bronze. today is also about remembering the heroes of there day, as well, like the commissioner who was there on 9/11 and was promoted to chief of the department that day after the chief of department died in the attack. he reminded us that there are thousands of first responders battling terminally illness today, cancers and what not after breathing in toxic air for months in the days and months at the recovery efforts and at ground zero. >> we were operating in what we now know is a toxic environment for quite some time not only on the day of the attack but until we left the site almost a year later.
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four hours a day, seven days a week. and we are paying the rice. >> 127 firefighters have lost their lived in the last 15 years due to the 9/11-related illnesses, another 5,000 new york first responders have been diagnosed with cancer, a reminder of the sacrifices the heroes made and continue to make. >> god bless them and we will never forget. >> memorial services for the live lost on the 9/11 also taking place in pennsylvania and washington, dc. hundred attending the annual service in shanksville for the 40 brave soul whose died on flight 93. speakers urging the audience to pass on heroic stories like those of the men and women on the plane. >> the let your remembrance guide how you conduct yourself in your every day lives, tell
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stories of 9/11 that encourage a new generation to learn about that day. remember the lessons we helped on 9/11 as a community and as a country and as a world we stand stronger together rather than as individuals. >> president obama also joins the nation in mourning traveling to the pentagon for a wreath laying ceremony. the president telling those in attendance, now is the time to reaffirm the nation's character. in the face of an evolving terrorist threat. >> the courage of those who put them in harm's way to save people they never knew. come together in prayer. gratitude. for the strength that fortified us across the past 15 years. we renew the love and the faith that bind us together as one
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american family. >> 184 people were killed in the attack on the pentagon. >> arthel most of us can only imagine what it was like to be a first responder on 9/11 but it is something our next guest knows all too well. coming up, we will hear firsthand from a virginia fire chief and what he did and what it was like and what he remembers of the legacy of that day.
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>> we mark 15 years since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, our thought turn to the police officers, firefighters and emts who heroism never ceases to inspire. we have fire chief of alexandria in virginia a first responder at the pentagon that day. chief, thank you for what you did. and thank you for your service now. bring us back to the day. you were a captain with the fairfax department. where were you what did you do when the call came in? >> i was at our training academy involved in some training sessions that day and we were
3:23 pm
actually shock by what was happening in new york difficult and being part of early search and rescue we knew we could get deployed we had been deployed for all kinds of disasters from nairobi, kenya, to earthquakes in turkey and taiwan so it is what we were trained to do, building collapsed and we kind of thought we might be going do new york but when the pentagon hit, clearly our situation reversed. >> we could see it from where we were putting our gear together you do see the smoke. >> you knew by watching at the pentagon this was a terrorist attack? of the second plane hit the world trade center and the one hit the pentagon it was clear it was not a normal day and we were going to work. >> american airlines flight 77, boeing 757 slammed into the building what was it like when you got there? >> it was quite chaotic and we got there several hours after the initial impact, the arlington county and alexandria
3:24 pm
and other departments were already engaged in the firefight and rescue efforts. we arrived at the search-and-rescue team, we were trained to do building reconnaissance and collapse and shoring up, we were assigned to do that and got to work right away. the devastation inside was incredible, it accident do justice the pictures we see and if you pan back county it is a big building and it did not look like a lot of the building was impacted but the devastation was incredible. >> what was it like you have been to a lost fires at the embassies and africa. how does that compare to the other sites you had search-and-rescue in the building with the jet fuel and a massive building. >> the biggest difference was how it was still an active fire going on and there were things collapsing and it was incredibly hot. i remember how hot it was inside there and even a day or two
3:25 pm
afternoons the heat was incredible the amount of fire and jet fuel made the concrete soak up the heat and it was the biggest thing other than it was really personal and it was in our backyard. >> it hit where we live. >> finally, can't, when you look at the building it was 15 years ago and it seems like today. what do you think about when you pass it every day now. >> i pass it obviously a lot but when i go by i think of the day and i go right back to the day with 9 smoke and the chaos and the outside of the building is the cars and the light poles down on washington boulevard it all comes back every time i go by there. >> we thank you for your service again, and for what you did and for all of the first responders you honor them including the 343 firefighters or fellow brothers here in new york who perished on that day and in your department. >> thank you, thanks for
3:26 pm
remembering. >> never forget. >> thank you so much. >> hillary clinton's doctor revealing the former secretary of state has been diagnosed with pneumonia. this is after she appeared to stumble or possibly faint while leaving early from a 9/11 remembrance this morning, a medical expert will join us to talk about the situation with mrs. clinton's pelt and we will talk to another candidate, the independent and why he said he is the most qualified to be commander in chief. >> i'm the only one in this race who has the credible national security experience and the only one who understands how to get the economy up and run again and i am definitely the only one who understands what type every forces we need to make in the government so people fool like their voices are heard.
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>> new surprising details in hillary clinton's doctor confirming she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. now on regime of antibiotics and advised to rest. she stumbled and appears to nearly collapse this morning as she made an early exit from the 9/11 memorial event in new york city at world trade center site. look at video, it appears to she she was not able to walk when she was about to pass out or maybe collapse and needed physical help to get and the van. an alarm incident now raising new questions and more of them about state of her health. we have the senior attending physician of emergency medicine at st. barnabas and professor of medical at city university of new york medical school. doctor, good to talk to you. when you see the video, is fainting or collapsing or being weak, is that consistent with pneumonia and being dehydrateed
3:32 pm
as alleged? >> if you have pneumonia you need to rest. and stay well hydrated. i have to say if you are in the middle of a presidential campaign, running around outside in the 80 degree weather, it was still humid today i am sure all of these factors contributed to the situation from today. >> she has been coughing and an events last week she was on the campaign plane, coughing, and the campaign claims and has said that is due to allergies. this is 48 hours ago they knew she was diagnosed and tested with pneumonia. 48 hours the campaign did not say a thing, kept it quiet and we would not know about it in this man did not have the video because the press pool was away from her. this one guy, one video, it shows her very weak and wobbley
3:33 pm
would they tell us about this? with would this have said in she was off the campaign trail to "rest." they never said she was suffering from new moan a but it was allergies. >> people who had allergies have help sews of coughing spells, and in my years, coughing is a thing we see with many different ailments including pneumonia or seasonal allergies and can you caught repeatedly through the day. why want to play monday morning quarterback but i am talking about the health implication. >> pneumonia, can you describe what it specifically is? inflammation? >> it is a combination of inflammation and in some cases fluid accumulating in your lungs that will be impaired and will not allow you to ventilate or breathe properly so you need to, you can get viral or bacteria pneumonia, viral pneumonia is common that we see, and people
3:34 pm
ascribe it as "walking pneumonia," and bacteria pneumonia requires heavy doses of antibiotics. >> what do you think she is taking and how long does this take? everyone who has taken antibiotics it can mess with your stomach? >> and they can also last from five to seven or 10 days or sometimes longer. this is not a formal person getting rested and eating properly with enough sleep. i don't know secretary clinton's other habits but going on the information in the media. >> she has been on a hectic schedule so it ised in you get run down and if you get run down and tired reget bronchitis and that leads to pneumonia. what did you advise? >> bronchitis can lead to new mondayia and being around people would smoke or in areas where you are not in healthy help
3:35 pm
environment or being indoors and not getting the sunshine, fresh air, rest, it contributes. it is exhaustion is the biggest and lack of sleep and being probably some what dehydrated from the rigours of campaign. >> thank you, doctor, for your medical insight we hope that mrs. clinton recuperates quickly. >> we do. >> and gets back on the trail. >> speaking of the campaign trail account race for the white house the attention has again to other -- has gone to hillary clinton and donald trump but there are other candidates including gary johnson, and a former c.i.a. officer who is an alternate he said to donald trump. >> you are not satisfied with the current offerings of the two major party candidates and you
3:36 pm
have a list of solutions to problems plague or country so we start with isis. what is your plan to defeat isis? >> first, we need a comprehensive plan and a leader who understands that. for the last self years we have had president obama who has not articulate add comprehensive plan. i would expect we would get more of the same from hillary clinton and donald trump's granddaughters on national security or naive at best or terribly damaging. we need to have a comprehensive strategy to allow our allies to totally buy into the strategy and get more involved. right now they are involved at definitely lives and not consistently. we need total buy in from them and we need to step up airstrike against isis in iraq and in syria and i believe we need to constrain bashar al-assad so he can no longer carry out attack against civilian, a major cause of the refugee crisis and a major cause for isis ability to grow inside syria and elsewhere.
3:37 pm
we need do that but it stars with a comprehensive strategy and i believe on this day of 9/11 when we are remembering the terrible attacks of that day it needs to be clear to us, to americans, we need a commander in chief who ready to leave on day one. >> you mention bashar al-assad and that he needs to be coralled, highway will president vladimir putin feel about that, he is a huge staunch supporter of assad? >> he is. our weakness has allowed russia into syria. we have an immensely more powerful military than russia but they have nuclear weapons, as well and we do not went a confrontation with russia that is clear but we are much stronger than they are. we can project power in a way we cannot. if we want to dry hard-line with russia we can, we have a president who is not willing to exercise american strength. how you coral bashar al-assad is you step up airstrikes, we also
3:38 pm
need no-fly zone over areas of syrian civilians that have been targeted and over areas of the moderate opposition which we need to work with more to kin assad and that way we put pressure on him and therefore have an opportunity to negotiate his departure from syria. >> your ideas to combat the propaganda of radical islamic terrorists? all the first thing is we have to work with our ally on that and we have donald trump insulting muslims in the united states and around the world. we need muslims. we need our muslim pans to help especially on that. on the battle on the ground, also, but the war of ideas, as well the we need to increase funding to that effort, we need to get more organizes in the federal government, in the u.s. government, right now we have different parts of government doing different things, but it is not very well orchestrated and that needs to be better plans, better coordinated on the
3:39 pm
united states side, but, also, we need to do a better job working with our allies. the battle of ideas is so important and we knew it in the cold war and we did a good job with it with regard to communism and we can do a better job with regard to islamist terrorism, as well. >> there be counters to the statements but i wanted to give you an opportunity to state your case and that is what we did. we thank you for joining us. thank you. >> and he wanted about russia and, now, there is a new threat about hacking from the director of the c.i.a. and what he said why we have to keep our electronic eyes directly on now. >> and hillary clinton criticizing trump on his strategy to tackle terrorism, but is hillary clinton's idea any iter? we talk to a clinton supporter next. stay tuned. what powers the digital world. communication.
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>> hillary clinton has been slamming donald trump on national security and trump's tough talk does more harm than good. >> there is phony strength and real strength. it is phony strength to not know what you are talking about. and to make outrageous statements that will make our job harder for matter how in the moment it sounds. real strength is leveling with the american people and making it clear we will defeat isis. i do believe that. >> why does -- what does our gift say -- guest say a hillary clinton supporter? donald trump said her judgment got us in the mess. she was for the iraq war but said it was a mistake and the architect of libya. >> i think we are getting into a bad place when americans are
3:45 pm
blaming machines for the criminal behavior of terrorists. >> those were the policies. i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> they were the policies of the administration when she was specific state. all the policy -- here is the unhelpful debate we are trapped in. a bush administration caused this by destroying iraq and upending the apple cart, that is trump's argument, that the obama argument caused to because they left iraq? one of the things that we really need to see in this country is an effort especially today on 9/11, to rib how we came together as a country and we are resolved to defeat terrorists and anyone who would attack machines, attack america, or try to destroy our country. that is, of course, hard to do in a political season but i was glad we that secretary clinton pulled together democrats and republicans last weak and tried to talk through the hard issues in a way that i know we can do and we have done in the past that is how we win. >> are talking about a group
3:46 pm
with general david petraeus and others tag about national security. what about trump's charge that she does not have the judgment base on her track record? >> that is demonstrably false. her judgment has not been 100% per pick because no one has 100% perfect jaunts. the fact she has extraordinarily strong record on national security and dealing with the most complex challenges we have faced as a country the on the things that it days, for example, to get a nuclear agreement, say, with iran or to get someone from the table when they are tough. she will not say she loves vladimir putin but she is going to know how to deal with someone like him. >> she had the reset button and that did not work and the iranian --. >> i was the --. >> and it was eight years. >> i was responsible for afghanistan and pakistan policy at time that was happening and i
3:47 pm
tell you one thing the reset achieved, it let us get supplies through russia an at a time that pakistan cut off our supplies to the forces on the ground the it cannot matter it was problem, it did not matter at the end, it did not get a cheney but it got us important things including russian participations in sanctions against iran. that is supportive and they have been selling antimissile defense all that time but, what you said the other week, no ground troops in syria and iraq and some say that telegraphs our strategy but there are thousands of ground troops right now in the fight against isis. >> we often get caught up, what does it mean to is budgets on the ground. it is not very helpful. the rile key --. >> you said no troops. >> i don't know a serious strategist who said we should reinvade a country, occupy a country in the middle east.
3:48 pm
secretary clinton has been on record on support for special operations for stepping up in many ways a lot of what we are doing right now in syria and iraq, and which, you know is important to note is also working, we are taking territory away from isis as we speak. >> finally, what do you think donald trump presidency would mean when you deal with national security? >> what i worry about is the reckless talk. someone that can bring the party together and focus on key national security issues and get the job done that is what we need. someone who said things like, let's ban muslims from the country when, face it, muslim americans have helped break up terrorist plots here and muslim allies overseas are the key to the fight against the terrorists in their hope bases. that dams our national security right now and what would it mean if he was president? it does, really, make me worry. >> and we thank you, you are a hick supporter and we thank you for coming especially on these
3:49 pm
issues that are so real to us enemy on this day. >> thank you for having me. >> after a fatal crash, tesla revamping their autopilot system, the new technology that the company said will make self driving cars safer for the people
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three speedboats colliding during a race in massachusetts killing one driver and injuring two others. fire crews say one of the speedboats spun out and caused a pileup, throwing all three drivers out of their boats. police arresting a community college football player in california after they say he punched an official during a game. video shows him punching a side judge who fell to the ground. he was jailed on suspicion of battery. tesla is taking steps to improve the safety of the auto pilot driving system. announcing an update that will use advanced radar, side by side with cameras to watch for obstacles. the system ignored a truck making a left turn earlier this
3:54 pm
year. an that caused a fatal crash. elon musk says it is impossible to prevent all fatalities but the update, he says, will drastically improve safety. it's been 25 years since the opening of the first u.s. charter school. one that gets government funding but operates outside of the public school system. today 3 million kids attend charter schools across the country but unions are still fighting them. dang spi the xl charter school in kent, washington is off and running with a keen focus on technology, science, math and the arts. half are from poor families. in their first year they outperformed public school peers. >> we have the ability to make decisions that are always best with what students need and we are alwaysed a dapting and adjusting. >> 25 years after the first charter these public schools of
3:55 pm
choice that don't answer to local school districts have never been more popular. there are 6800 in the u.s. serving 2.8 million students. 6% of all kids in public schools, doubling the last decade. the results are promising. a 2013 stanford city study found on average, they gained 28 days of learning and reading a year and 48 days more math than counterparts at the district run schools. despite that many teachers' unions are fighting charter schools. >> we want to make sure our schools are actually funded. >> the washington education association successfully challenged a charter school niche ty passed by voters the supreme court ruled charters were not common schools and ineligible to receive money from the general fund. >> charter schooling threatens to disrupt arrangements around
3:56 pm
teacher benefits. teacher insurance policies and pensions. charter schooling creates disruptions that may affect teachers' jobs. >> the lawsuit won't threaten this school year for washington state charters but put their future in jeopardy. the rapid growth continues in most of the rest of the consistent giving parents more educational options than they have ever had before. in seattle, dan springer, fox news. >> that does it for us. i will see you on the sunday edition of a special report, a special special report. take care.
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fox news alert. we have learned that hillary clinton has pneumonia. as the race for the white house enters the home stretch, less than two months to go. now the issue of hillary clinton's health. which for some time now has been confined to discussions among only her critics. tonight it's a developing story nationwi nationwide, worldwide. i'm harris faulkner this is the fox report. the first signs that something had gone wrong came this morning. hillary clinton attending the 9/11 memorial service in lower manhattan. suddenly she left the ceremony. cameras catching the democratic nominee stumbling as she maid r


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