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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 12, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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diagnosed with new phonia. we back at our regular time next sunday 11:00 and 5:00 eastern and we will see you with the latest verbal stumble that offen
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many trump supporters and offen provided rhetorical ammunition for the trump campaign, and national correspondent john roberts is at trump tower tonight. good evening, john. >> good evening, brett, you can bet that the trump campaign is going to be talking about that verb verbal statement in day s s to come, but today it was all about remembrance. it is a day to set aside politics, and flanked by rudy giuliano and mayor bill de
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blasio, and chris christie, and in ernst, it shows a tight race, and in nevada, hillary clinton is up by a single point, and new hampshire a same thing, and that is good for trump, but the bad news is arizona and georgia, and two states reliably red, and it is uncomfortably tight. and in the weeks, trump will comment on the comments at a fund-raiser about trump supporter supporters. >> you can put half of the trump supporters in what i call the basket of deplorables. >> romney was hammered about 47% dependent on the government, and she just made a statement in which she lumped together millions of americans. >> and trump has tweet ad response saying that while many of her supporters will never vote for me, i still respect them all. and running mate mike pence pounced on it. >> hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> but in the two weeks left until the first debate, trump
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will be playing defense at a number of points, including the continued praise of russian president vladimir putin. >> well, his ignorance about russian putin are dangerous. it sends the message that maybe the united states never really stands for human rights or freedom or human dignity and stands against aggressive behaviors. >> the trump campaign carefully stayed away from any comment about her medical issue. earlier today, as jennifer griffin pointed out he has pointed out that she does not have the stamina to be president. and he is going to be in baltimore tomorrow addressing the guard association, and then a big rally in asheville, north carolina, for a fund-raising rally in the evening. >> let's bring in a panel. okay. the health issue, what happened today, and how big of a deal,
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guy? >> well, on a personal level, i'm pleased to hear or see that mrs. clinton is better and apparent apparently, it was a distressing video to watch, and no getting around that. and politically, there are two things at play, and first as this unfolded this morning, i saw a lot of her supporters on social media angrily lamenting that this is going to fuel c conspiracy theories about the health, but her team did not serve her well to keep the press in the dark for 90 minutes, and denying the press pool to travel with her to chappaqua for the conveless sense, and it is not the way that you squelch rumors an conjecture, and briefly, secondly, when you look at this whole situation, i think that overall, the package of two big issues there. the health video plays more significantly and more lasting in the minds of the persuadable
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vo voters than the deplorables that will play as a base for the m e motivator for trump voters. >> i agree it is tough to watch. and she was diagnosed apparently with pneumonia on friday, and on friday, she ran the two-hour national security meeting and held a press conference and sat for a cnn pre-taped interview, and appeared in two fund-raisra including the one where she made the deplorables comment, and went to the 9/11 ceremony. >> and the fact is that she can't stop lying, and if the team says, well, should we say that you have knew mopneumonia it out there, and are you feeling well, and i am sure that the answer was no. it is her choice to hide it. she wants to soldier on and obviously does not want to stop
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campaigning or fund raising, but when she collapsed and nearly collapses and she would have collapsed if she was not held up and then are pretend that it is overheating on the beautiful september day and admits that she was diagnosed days ago, it looks like she is never going to tell the truth. >> both of of the things the deplorables comment and the treatment of this fit into the narrative and i hate the word narrative, but it fits into the hurricane kind of the keeping the clinton campaign keeping the reporters and the public in the dark. >> and reporters happily going along with it. and to a. b's point, they should not let her keep a schedule like that, and pneumonia at any age is like 65,000 people died last year, and so you would not let a loved one keep a schedule like that, and people get it and she could have gotten past it, but the press reaction and drudge got it right and new york times wrong, and the washington post was openly attacking people
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asking questions about her health. >> and chris iscalizza says tha coughing is not a major event, and coughing, i wrote, is simply not evidence enough of any sort of anything that could keep her from being a candidate. >> and when you hear the journalists discouraging the inquiri inquiries, you are not listening to the journalist, but an advocate, and that is the press saying, stop, stop, you are helping trump, and be quiet, and they are not journalists anymore when they do that. >> and lisa, there is detail ed medical records, and trump is going on with dr. oz this week and i don't know how detailed with dr. oz, but he is going on there. and president obama's former doctor says that both candidates should put forth detailed medical records.
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>> and if donald trump released the medical records that would up the ante, and brett, the narrative is the problem for hurricane, because multiple things to point out if you are the donald trump campaign and what appears luke in the fbi notes her talking about the concussion, and then mentioning that she could not recall certain things from the briefings, and whether it is the coughing fit or whether she has u fallen before and gotten concussion, and so this is part of the narrative and whether it is real or not, the optics don't look good for her, and the second problem for hurricane is the fact that she is now starting another political week on the defense. what happens with her not attending the event, and the juxtaposition of donald trump hitting the campaign trail aggressively and her not being out there is not going to be looking good for her and it is going to continue to feed the narrative about her health. >> you got it in there three times. and i did not like it. >> all right. in defense -- >> i know. i got it. laugh laugh it is sunday night. and mitt romney said this, back
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in the 2012 campaign, and now there are comparisons. >> there are 47% of the people who vote for the president who are victims and who believe believe that government has a responsibility to care for them and who believes that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing and to you name it. >> and some people said that was accurat accurate, and other people said, this is really what caused him to lose. i put this up, and now this is nonscientific and this is a twitter poll, and i point it out, where does hillary clinton the's basket of deplorables rank politically versus mitt romney's, and 25,000 people voted and it is 80% worse. is it, guy? >> well, i think that they are comparable and it is not a good thing for her to say. she has walked it back by apologizing by describing half
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of trump's sup potters as irredeemable citizens, okay, true, and it would not be a conversation and she said half. >> and sort of said 47%. >> and so i think that if i'm the trump campaign, i would fund raise off of it an remind the base of it repeatedly, but for the rest of the electorate, i am pointing back the clinton campaign and grind iing down th numbers for three weeks. >> and the message is i don't like you and i have nothing in common. and by the way, what she said a year ago, you could have liked at the rnc and everyone nodded, and a year ago, her sentiments would have been greeted as nonexception al, and that the elite of new york and los angeles and everybody knows it is true. you look out there in the big dark space, those people are bigots, and so are you kidding? that is the view of the american elites against the american population and the reason that trump is doing well.
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>> where is this race right now? >> i think that the race is tight. i don't see either, and obviously, the unforeseen can happen, and anything can happen in the cycle, and anything can happen at the last minute, but it is a tight race to tend. i don't see either candidate getting a lead the way that hurrica hillary clinton has in the mid to late summer, an fought and won in the margins. >> and the press cycles, lisa, it is unbelievable. it is something else. >> and yes, to tucker's point, the problem with mitt romney with that comment is that people perceived him adds an elitist, and hillary clinton has the same problem, and when you are looking at the exit policies of this candidate care about me, president obama won by 18 to 1 point margin and hillary clinton has that same problem, and one, it is a stew the stupid comment and secondly that she is a perception of elitist and out of touch. >> well, i like that perception
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and not narrative. >> and coming back, 9/11 and what we have learned in 15 years and i will speak to two men serving on the top congressional meetings and
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. live in new york, solemn services today at the three locations where terrorists hit on september 11th, 2001. organizers estimate 8,000 people gathered at the lower manhattan spot where the twin towers of the world trade center once stood. they listened for nearly four hours as names were read of the almost 3,000 people who died in new york, virginia and pennsylvania. president obama was at the pentagon today. hundreds of service members, along with relatives and survivors of that attack were on hand. american airlines flight 77 slammed in to the defense
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department headquarters on 9/11 2001, killing 184 people. for the first time, the anniversary ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania, wugz o was held on the grounds outside of the visitors center that opened last year rather than the marble wall that runs alongside the crash site. 40 passengers and crew aboard the flight died in that crash after fighting back against the hijackers. what has the fight against terrorism looked like in the 15 years since 9/11? joining us house intelligence committee chairman nunez from california. >> pleasure to be here. >> your assess of where we are in fighting terrorists and perhaps how the threat has evolved. >> we currently face, and i keep having to say in the largest threat level since 9/11. >> the largest. >> the largest and it keeps growing. day by day it grows because more numbers are added to the ranks of isis and al-qaeda.
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al-qaeda especially split. part of them became isis. for now they are the most popular. so they are adding folks. as you know, they have created a brand that young people are attracted to here in the united states. so you have radicalization of the internet that continues to add followers which has led to attacks here in the homeland. i'm really worried about the refugee flow from north africa and from syria and iraq in to europe. i think there are thousands and thousands of people we don't know about there that our allies have a real problem on their hands. >> on that front, what about the syrian refugees coming to the u.s. an donald trump, the republican nominee says that's a concern, as well. >> the house of representatives overwhelmingly agrees with that. we passed legislation to stop the refugee program until we get
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it certified by the fbi director and our intelligence agencies. >> that's a weakness. >> for sure. because we can't vet the people that are coming in very well. if someone shows up with no documents and you don't know how do you ultimately find those, discover who those people are. they try to go -- and i think we do a pretty good job trying to vet but what i said and i think the congress has spoken clearly, republicans in congress have said we need to stop it right now and halt it because there's too much going on globally. the world is on fire from morocco to the philippines. >> this is the national security adviser after the osama bin laden raid talking about what came out of that. >> it is the largest cache of intelligence information gotten
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from scene of terrorists that we know of. the size of a small college library. it will need to be assessed and analyzed. it is a treasure trove of intelligence. >> a treasure trove, but as of august of last year, the obama ad ministration doesn't want the bin laden documents released. # to date the administration has made public fewer than 150 documents out of more than a million. the administration claims the documents have been translated and exploited. we're skeptical this is the weekly standard, and these are our sources. you have been pushing for those documents. you have had some success. are you learning anything from them? >> we are learning a lot. let me start with the administration is slow rolling us on the release of those documents. originally they came out in there were 16, 17 documents that created a false narrative of
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what was actually -- what bin laden was actually doing. >> in other words he was more plugged in with other groups around the world? >> right. the original documents made it look like he was not. >> lone lion in the winter was the famous headline. wa we are finding as more documents come out, we are finding that bin laden had significant ties to iran. that iran was a tunnel for al-qaeda. bin laden told his followers not to attack iranians. i think as we comb through more of these documents and they become released to the public for historians to look at, we will learn more about bin laden and it's not going to be what was presented by the administration. >> that's fascinating about iran. there were some indications and suggestions but what you are saying is iran and al-qaeda had a symbiotic relationship? >> we know that from the few
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documents that have been released. >> do you think iran had any tie to the 9/11 attacks? >> this gets to another subject. at the same time we have an investigation at the house intelligence committee that's been going on a long time and we have been trying to gather as many documents and reports as possible. we finally were able to receive some of the reports. what we are finding out is we are still short many of the reports that we need to actually do a full assessment. so i remain concerned that there was intelligence work done, down at centcom that the taxpayers paid for and that military officials spent a lot of time on that we do not have still at the house intelligence committee. those products were never put in to finished intelligence products. >> is your guess as to why that happened one about the terrorist connections that the administration wanted to down play the role of al-qaeda and
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the significance of the terrorist threat and then two about iran that obviously this administration wanted to get an iran nuclear deal passed. is that your assumption? >> that would be speculation. i can tell you in this town where they won't give you something you have the constitutional right to have, we have the authority and clearances, all of these files should be transferred to the house intelligence committee and they are not being given to us. and they are slow rolling the public release of documents also. so if that is happening why, if there is nothing to be afraid of. we all have clearances. if you want to slow roll and not release publicly some that maybe a reason for that but you should provide them to the house intelligence committee so we can conduct an investigation. that's not happening. >> your hope is eventually it does. >> eventually we are getting close to subpoenaing the documents.
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>> thank you for the time. >> my pleasure. let's get a view from the other side of the aisle. rhode island senator jack reid is ranking member of the senate armed services committee. he is joining us live. senator, thanks for being here. i want to start with what chairman nunes, i asked him your thoughts on the safety here in the u.s. 15 years after 9/11. >> institutionally the stove piping that characterized the pre-9/11 intelligence has been changed is a much more coordinated effort institutionally. through james clapper there is an coordinated effort to bring all intelligence together not just military intelligence but fbi, et cetera. that's a step forward. i think wa we are seeing is a much more sophisticated threat. our adversaries have also evolved. we are in a difficult, challenging environment.
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the one positive aspect is we are much more coordinated in terms of our intelligence efforts today in the united states. >> do you think the islamic extremists groups have expanded exponentially around the world? >> i think that they have expanded in the sense that al qaeda was a very self-contained hierarch yal organization and they were bent on a spectacular attack as we are commemorating today on 9/11, and you have a very different approach with isil, particularly with who wants to dominate territory. have a governmental function. which has a very echkive and one we have to combat more effectively information campaign to influence people way beyond their actual physical control. in looking at an expansive
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effort geographically and in terms of cyber particularly. that requires us to double down our efforts to coordinate and counteract these terrorists that threaten. as devon suggests it is more critical in europe. not only their sophistication but refugees flowing there. >> when you see polls, our recent poll asked this is the u.s. safer today than before 9/11 and 54% said less safe. do you understand that feeling and feel it in rhode island? >> absolutely. i think what it reflects is, first, that even though we have taken steps to improve our intelligence gathering, even though we have been able to thwart major terrorist attacks in the united states, the fact that san bernardino happened, the fact there are incidents in paris, that goes to the public confidence. can't discount that but we have to every day, working not only in the congress but with the administration and all agencies of the government continue to build on more coordination, more anticipation and focus on
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degrading as fast as we can these terrorist networks. >> as you know, there are many -- and it's election season. there are many republicans critical of the administration's efforts on this front. one of them is former new york mayor rudy giuliani. take a listen. >> they are not going away. we didn't take bin laden seriously. in 1997 and 1998 when he declared war against us. if we don't take this seriously, and we are not taking it seriously enough right now, we are going to be in for a terrible, terrible time. >> how do you respond to that? >> first of all, president clinton launched an attack against bin laden with munitions in afghanistan. unfortunately we didn't get him. what happened though is in 2001 when president bush came aboard, even with the rching of richard clark, the expert on terrorism of the threat that was not their top priority. their top priority as i witnessed from the senate is a
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national missile defense which is important but it was clearly not the counterterrorism that you would expect given the incidents that had already taken place. the attack from kenya and other incidents. the clinton administration physically tried to strike at bin laden to take him out. >> what about chairman nunes when he talks about the bin laden documents. why has it taken so long to go through the treasure trove of documents as was said back then. >> obvious concern about sources and methods. i know it is repeated but it is very important to the intelligence community. they do not want to deliberately or inadvertently give clues to the other side about what they are looking at, what they found. that's the predominant reason the information is slow coming. as the chairman pointed out, it is the responsibility of congress to get that information
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and the obligation of the administration, and the administration should be prompt in delivering the information and we have the responsibility that it is held closely and not divulge and we don't want to be implicated in giving the other side, the adversaries any clues what we are up to. >> i would be remissed if i didn't ask about the story that dominated the day, hillary clinton at the 9/11 memorial and questions about her health. your thoughts about that and these calls that both candidates should release detailed medical records. >> i think her doctor was clear this afternoon saying she had been suffering from a touch of pneumonia. she receive antibiotics and because of the humidity and heat and some of my colleagues there said it was difficult to bear that she became dehydrated. she seems phone now and will continue hear with her campaign. i think it is one of these situations where what she said
1:34 am
is what happened. i have traveled with her as a senator to very difficult places, afghanistan, iraq, and she was something that had endurance and capacity physically to keep up. in fact keep ahead in many cases. >> i saw one poll that said rhode island was close. do you buy that? >> i don't think so. i think we have a strong, strong support for secretary clinton. it's a place where we have strong democratic governor, strong democratic delegation and a lot of populous for it. i was at a meeting today with democrats in long island and a lot of enthusiasm for hillary and that is an example of the grass root support she enjoys here. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, trying to keep everyone to one vote apiece.
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now our weekly installment on voter issues and the election process. tonight, our story is about people who went to great lengths to cast a vote more than once. aaron is in new york with that story. >> election fraud is an issue in this campaign on both sides of the aisle. tonight we look at something you would not even think could happen anymore. >> once was not in you have for pasco parker. the tennessee man voted in the 2012 presidential election, not once, not twice, but three times in three different states. first by voting in person in springhill, tennessee. then mailing in absentee ballots
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in florida and north carolina. >> have to start to look at the pattern based on zip codes. >> that's when he was uncovered by a volunteer watch dog group. >> it is too easy to vote twice. it comes down to your honor. >> the group's director says election officials should have caught parker. >> when you register in north carolina, with one social security number and in tennessee with another, that tells me that he really thought about this or perhaps was trained. >> reporter: a 2012 pugh study found a staggering number of people registered in more than one state. 2.75 million and 68,000 registered in three states. others say voter fraud is rare and the names of double voters are really just clerical errors or coincidences, the cases are shocking. in wisconsin, robert monroe was charged with 13 counts of election fraud. prosecutors say he voted twice in the 2012 presidential race. first by absentee ballot in wisconsin and then on election day he drove four hours south to lebanon, indiana, where using an indiana driver's license he
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voted in person. in maryland, a democratic candidate for congress wendy rosen was caught. party officials say she illegal he voted twice in two states. in california, people voted twice in the presidential primary this past june said the east bay times. in three counties, 193 people voted twice. suggesting abuse statewide may run in to the thousands. >> election fraud is a crime against the entire american public. a crime against our constitution and a crime against the foundations of our nation. in new york, the center for justice called most allegations unfounded and election officials say safeguards in place but perhaps the best way to stop it is to remember when you go to the polls vote only once. >> good idea. we will see you next week. thank you. congress is trying to beat back the clock. actually beat the clock in
1:41 am
between summer and fall breaks. it has a couple of major goals. senior capitol hill producer tells us what they are. >> reporter: there are two issues money to combat zika and another to impeach irs commissioner. when boehner served as house speaker he employed a two step when trying to adopt must pass bills like zika funding. first, there would be a republican fake bill that they didn't like and then a second one that think didn't like, but they would appeal to president obama. the house approved a zika bill in june. senate democrats blocked the package due to planned parenthood provisions so congress is working on it again. at the same time house conservatives want to impeach house conservative. they plan to launch an effort tuesday against the wishes of the republican leaders and the
1:42 am
gop brass is worried about the precedent. william bell knapp is the last house oofficial who was impeached in 1876. house leaders could refer the resolution to the judiciary committee for debate or kill it outright and that would infuriate conservatives. >> thank you. >> millennials are surpassed baby boomers as america's largest generation of voters. a pugh research analysis of u.s. census bureau statistics released this year indicates that there are now 75.4 million millennials defined as people 18 through 34 years of age which surpasses the baby boomers ages 51 through 69. many of those millennials were barely in first grade when 9/11 happened. their feelings about that day are shaped by the events that followed. we talked to some who will be voting for the first time in this year's presidential election.
1:43 am
>> right now nor president, i'm very much undecided. this is my first time to vote for president. >> i remember very little. >> i was in preschool and teachers started crying. >> the shock and fear that came from living in conservative military town with my father work ing fing for the departmen defense, 9/11 really seared into my soul. >> a lot of people today don't remember what that was like to have been attacked on american soil. >> i didn't know what it was like before 9/11. >> for me national security, homeland security are the most important issues to me. >> we had a lot of acts of terror instilled in the understanding of the importance of national security at a very early age. >> it is at every issue i look at, whether that is immigration, whether we accept syrian refugees, how we deal with threats abroad. >> i think it is a tough
1:44 am
question to assess who i trust the most with national security. >> i believe in hillary a little bit more than trump. it's hard to say. i think right now we are picking the lesser of two evils. >> hillary wants to continue obama's policies of just doing drone strikes which isn't going to defeat terrorism. >> i would say hillary because trump has no idea what he is doing. >> even gary johnson, who a lot of people have been looking to as an alternative just recently asked what is aleppo. >> i think the nation is more safe. i think president bush did an excellent job the day following, the years following. >> we have a bigger target on our backs because we have have been doing so many things with the middle east. >> the focus of both parties on the anniversary of 9/11 should be commemorating and educating. there are heros who survived the attacks and heros who died during the attacks that people
1:45 am
should learn about. it could solely be remembering those who died. >> in a recent fox poll, voters trust hillary clinton over donald trump to do a better job on terrorism by margin of 49 to 46 percent. as you see there within the margin of error. next up the other 9/11 anniversary. the benghazi attack. we will talk one on one with congress trey gowdy.
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test test. >> test test. >> test test
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>> after two years and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had to today report it had found nothing. >> well, she is just demonstrably wrong. us and never bothered to look at why not a wheel was the notion the arb somehow unlocked all of the mystery of benghazi is bluster, which she picked the members of. i get that's their talking point. i would have rather gone first than sixth in terms of investigating it, but it's without contradiction that our committee learned new information that the family members are grateful for.
1:50 am
i get it doesn't fit her political narrative but there's no question that there was new information, including chris p investigation happens, maybe there are new nuggets, but what is the end result here? what happens at the end? >> people don't like it when folks aren't held accountable. folks in my line of work need to know what their limits are. that is my old job. i can shine a hot white light at scrutiny and let makeup your mind at if you think whether or not this person needs a promotion or ought to be running the state department. you can minimize, they can minimize the facts we have found. i think the reality not a single asset was headed towards our
1:51 am
folks in benghazi is a really big deal for the world's most powerful military. that was new. the fact that gadaffi loyalists rescued us and not the libyans, that is a big deal. i think the heroism and folks in tripohi, this 7:30 p.m. white house meeting, nobody knew about that until we investigated benghazi. so when i hear folks talking about changing uniforms and whether or not we're going to hurt the libyans feelings, folks looking for a smoking gun, it's not a gun case, it's a fire case. >> you mentioned hillary clinton in libya. she was asked about libya. here is what she said. . >> i put together a coalition including nato, included arab league, and we were able to save
1:52 am
lives. we did not lose a single american in that action. >> that would be news to ty woods' widow who i talked to just yesterday and his mom, who i stay in contact with and his father, it would be news to chris stevens family. four americans lost their lives. if it hadn't been for the valor and the heroism of folks in tripoli, more americans would have lost their lives and if it hadn't been for gadaffi loyalists, who would have been a starter. i don't know what the hell she's talking about when she says no americans lost their lives. she is welcome to take credit for the intermission if she wants to. with that comes responsibility of what happened afterward and hi h hiba -- libya is an unmitigated
1:53 am
disaster. >> the e-mail issue came from your investigation. >> and now, the fbi, jim comey is defending the decision not to move forward with the prosecution. you talked about what is in those notes and what is not. the lack of curiosity about intent, now, we know that two black berries were destroyed, 11 others, missing. couldn't find a lap top. and there are real questions. your thoughts on where this goes. >> it's hard to prove intent. in this statute, you don't have to. you have to prove gross negligence. you know director comey said he read into that. okay. that is fine. never do defendants say on this date, i'm going to commit this offense. just want to warn everybody. just so you know. that never happens. you have to prove intent by circumstantial evidence. how do you do it? consciousness of guilt. the fact you've concealed it for however many years. all e-mails were concealed for
1:54 am
however many years, then, we asked for them back, she had her lawyers not government lawyers, not government lawyers, her lawyers went through and decided what you can see and what you can not see. and then, they missed about 15,000. at the end of all of that, they decided to apply a product called bleach bit. not the delete button, but a hammer and bleach bit to what they claim are yoga e-mails. it doesn't pass the laugh test. >> are you aaccusing the fbi of conspiracy? of collusion with the administration? of not doing their job? >> i'm a big fan of the fbi. probably biassed towards the fbi, frankly. based on my previous job. bravery and integrity do not schedule the release of documents on friday before the holiday. fidelity, bravery and integrity does not have a press conference
1:55 am
after july 4th. it releases all documents not just her 302 but all witness documents and let all of us, including you, judge the thoroughness of their investigation. i like the fbi. i'm disappointed the fbi looked at this case through a political prism. i believe it were hillary jones, there would have been a different outcome. we can survive good presidents and bad presidents. what we cannot survive is there is a two track justice system based on what your last name is. >> thank you. >> yes, sir. >> back with some final thoughts after a quick break.
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finally, tonight, 9/11 is a day about remembrance. it's about deep emotion. pain. sadness. but also, resolve. the numbers even 15 years later are still staggering. 2,753. the number of people who died at the world trade center.
1:58 am
184. those killed at the pentagon including 59 on the plane and 125 on the ground. 40, the number of people who died in pennsylvania. stopping those hijackers. the first act of counter terrorism that day. 1,609, number of people who lost a spouse or partner in the attacks. 3,051, the number of children who lost a parent. and 20%, how many americans knew someone hurt or killed on that day. 15 years ago today was also the day that i was called up from atlanta to report at the pentagon. i never left. thank you to all of those who have kept us safe ever since. thank you for inviting us >> it is monday september 12th. overnight hillary clinton
1:59 am
canceled the trip to california after collapsing at the 9-11 memorial. they are doing damage control and offering up a brand new diagnosis. >> football furry. players disrespecting the national anthem on the country's darkest day as one team stands together linking arms in unity. others take a knee and raise a fist. how the unpatriotic protests are spreading to kids. >> traveling around the world and never having jet lag. the side of the plane that can change the way we fly. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first." great to be with you. >> nice to have you starting your week and day with us. i am heather childers. we begin with the race for the white house. hillary clinton cancelling a trip to california after she was diagnosed with pneumonia days before she collapsed. >> why did her aids blame it all on the heat? ed henry is live for us in washington with how the clinton camp is attempting to do damage control today. >> breaking this morning as you say hillary clinton cancelling the two-day trip in california as donald trump heads back on the campaign trail today new questions not just about her health but transparency awe sparked by this video. she abruptly


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