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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 12, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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carol. they are part of the tennis club. they helped me to the point that in four months i was able to play doubles and i won. only because i chose a good partner. thanks. >> that's it for for us. happy birthday. hillary clinton takes a sick day and donald trump responds to clinton's basket of deplorables comment. this is "special rot." good evening. i will go one on one with republican vice-president nominee mike pence. first, the muonday after what many have called the worst weekend for the campaign of hillary clinton. the nominee is resting at home we're told. noling h i following her departure from a 9/11 event. they are slamming the campaign for how it handled the situation.
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good evening, jennifer. >> reporter: good evening. we have learned that six top clinton aides have suffered from a bug in recent weeks. some of them ended up in the hospital. a campaign spokesman says it is not the reason for clinton's pneumonia. good give us a statement. >> it's a beautiful day in new york. >> reporter: today after keeping the press in the dark for 90 minutes about hillary clinton's whereabouts and candidate, an apology from clinton's press team. >> i think in retrospect, we could have handled it better in terms of providing more information more quickly. >> reporter: the campaign promised to release more of her medical records this week and push back on suggestions that she has another undisclosed underlying condition. adding she never lost consciousness yesterday. >> how are you feeling? are you feeling better? >> yes. thank you very much. >> reporter: president obama's top adviser treated anti buy oit
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bei antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. campaign senior aide general palmeri responded, we could have done better yesterday. it's a fact the public knows more about hhrc than any nomine. she was diagnosed with knpneum a pneumonia. her running made defended her stam ma while campaigning in ohio. >> hillary clinton has been on the campaign trail for 18 months. her energy staggers me. i have a hard time keeping up with her. we know she's going to be fantastic. >> reporter: new york senator chuck schumer says he had knew are knew moenl pneumonia. donald trump wished her well. >> i hope she gets well soon. i don't know what's going on. i see what i see.
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something is going on. i just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and we will see her at the debate. >> reporter: he plans to release medical records this week to dr. oz. >> this last week i took a physical. i will be releasing when the numbers come in hopefully they will be good. i think they're going to be good. i feel great. >> reporter: about an hour ago, hillary clinton tweeted for the first time in which she said, quote, like anyone who has been home sick from work, i'm just anxious to get back out there. see you on trail soon. in the meantime, bill clinton will stand in for hillary clinton out in los angeles as well as in las vegas. back to you. >> jennifer griffin with the clinton campaign. we heard donald trump's reactions to the issues has been low key. his campaign's reaction to clinton's basket of deplorables comment has been anything but low key. carl cameron is with the trump
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team in north carolina where the nominee is speaking. good evening. >> reporter: with secretary hillary clinton off of the trail, trump is not making any real serious mention of her health. instead, he is attacking her rhetoric as a campaign of hate that's devoid of ideas and policies. in democratic maryland, trump addressed the national guard association. >> she called these patriotic men and women every vile name in the book. she called them racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamaphobic. >> reporter: it's not the first time she attacked supporters. >> you could put half of trump
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supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable. the racists, sexist, home phobic xenophobic, you name it. >> people like you, you, and you, deplorable. >> reporter: with the next election two months from tomorrow, trump's new ad blasting clinton will air in trump's top four swing states. north carolina, florida, ohio and pennsylvania. while house press secretary josh earnest applied clinton's phrasing to a larger point. >> we have seen a disturbing tendency on the part of republicans in washington, d.c. to try to appeal to extreme i haves for political support. >> reporter: to some, it was reminiscent of mitt romney's criticism of the 47% of americans which don't pay taxes which dogged him through his campaign. trump's targeting her as ill tempered and out of touch. >> hillary clinton spoke with hate and derision for the people
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who make this country run. the disdain she expressed toward millionle millions of decent americans disqualifies her from public service. if hillary clinton will not retract her commends in full, i don't see how she can credibly campaign any further. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: in asheville, north carolina, trump stopped by a phone bank of volunteers drumming up support. tonight he has a rally in asheville. it is ruckus. the first debate is two weeks from tonight. trump again today said the debate system is rigged and said there should be no moderators. he argues he and hillary clinton should be allowed to sit down and talk. with a moderator he says, it would be very unfair. >> carl cameron with the trump campaign. thanks. let's talk more about the
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campaign with indiana governor mike pence. thanks for being here. >> you bet. >> does hillary clinton have the stamina to be president of the united states? >> i think that's a question the american people should answer. i know donald trump had a physical friday. in the day ahead, he will release all that information about his health and physical condition. i think it's very appropriate that our candidates make that information available. they are making a decision about who will be the leader of the free world. >> you know mr. trump has previously questioned that physic physical stamina. it seems like you are not today. >> look, today we're talking about someone who is home sick. we wish her well. we're praying for her swift recovery. want to see her on the campaign trail. i think that when donald trump has made reference in the past is to the overall energy that he brings to this campaign.
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i think the reason why you see that enormous throng in north carolina tonight and the crowds that are coming out, you american people are responding to broad shouldered, energetic leadership that they know will make america great again. >> will he put his doctor out to answer questions? will it be a detailed medical release? >> ask the campaign that. those decisions are being made as we speak. >> you are in favor of detailed medical records for both? >> i think the american people have a right to know. we're making a choice here about who is going it lead this country during an enormously challenging time. let me say again that on the specific issue of her illness today, we wuish her well. we're praying for her swift recovery. we want to see her on the x campaign trail. >> you said the american people have a right to know. do they have the right to know about what's in donald trump's tax returns? sg >> he will provide those after
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an audit is conducted. donald trump has already, as i have and the other candidates have, fully complied with federal law about financial disclosure. >> you put out your tax returns last week. >> i did. it was a short read. what the law requires is the filling out of these federal financial disclosure forms more than 100 pages on donald trump's financial information is vab available today. when the audit is done, he will bring forward the tax returns. >> here is what he said about the tax returns. >> she has 33,000 e-mails that she deleted. when is she going to release her e-mails. let her release her e-mails and i will release my tax returns immediately. >> there you go. it's not the audit. he said he will put it out immediately. >> it's the audit. he going through a routine audit right now. against the possibility that
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there would be changes. he doesn't want to produce tax returns that aren't completed or need to be amended. i think what you see is the art of the deal. i don't hear anybody -- with all due respect outside the media -- talking about donald trump's tax returns. i hear people ask about 33,000 e-mails. every day of the week all across this country. >> let me put up polls. this will be the last thing on this. there are people concerned about it. the poll should, donald trump release tax returns? 74%, yes. the fax news poll is donald trump hydie i hiding something? yes. should presidential candidates release their tax returns? 79% in the poll. those are kind of big numbers. >> those are very big numbers. that's why donald trump is going to release his tax returns. >> before the election? >> it's yet to be seen when the irs finishes their work. you see my tax returns. they didn't take long to complete. this is a man who has built an
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extraordinary business of enormous complexity. i'm confident that information will be available to the american people sgli wa. >> i want to ask you policy entitlement reform. donald trump opposes major entitlement reform. three questions. can the united states reduce our national debt without reforming entitlement. >> we know for sure is we're -- whether we are talking about reducing the national debt -- i have spent my career working on fiscal responsibility or reforming it. none of that is going to happen unless we get this economy growing again. you are never going to meet the obligations we made in social security and medicare unless you get this economy firing on all cylinders again. when you look at a 1% economy that we live in today -- that's 1% rate of growth in the last quarter. i think 1.8% frankly over the
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last 16 years. there's a lot of people out there who literally have not seen a real increase in their own income, net of inflation, for almost two decades. donald trump and i know that by reducing marginal income tax rates, lowering business tax rates, repealing obamacare, rolling back regulations, ending the war on coal, you will get this economy moving again. you well you get more money in the hard working americans. more resources out here in washington, d.c. we will meet the needs and we will have the room and ability to deal with those issues in long-term. >> you know that sounds different than where you were. here is where you were september 26, 2010, on "meet the press." >> for americans under the age of 40, we absolutely have to begin to reform medicare and social security in ways that will ensure its long-term fiscal solvency. >> sounds different now. are you saying that's not the way to do it now?
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>> well, no, i'm not saying that in the least. i think before we get to any of that, we have to have a growing economy again. so that we can meet the needs in social security and medicare today. what donald trump -- i think what you see him doing on a lot of issues is putting first things first. let's put growth first on the immigration plan, let's put border security and internal enforcement first. i think that's the kind of ceo, the kind of president he is going to be. let's tackle the real challenges up front and we will deal with and resolve these issues in the longer testimony. >> i guess if you listen to the paul ryan republicans and you were in that kind of group for a long time, they say we're always one election away from solving the big issues. is it possible to be a limb ied government conservative if you don't believe now in reforming entitleme entitlements, the drivers of u.s. national debt? >> who said i didn't believe that now? >> you are not pushing it. the nominee is not pushing it.
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>> i think what you are in the nominee, in a man who is literally drawn the support of tens of millions of americans, is someone who knows that what the meamerican people want to s is a stronger america at home and abroad first. once we have a growing economy, once we have rebuilt our military and we're standing tall, once we have ensured we have a supreme court that respects our con sti stustituti liberties, then we can turn the marriage a page. >> theceiling coming up in march. you were here during the 2011 fight. can a president trump go along with hiking the debt limit? >> i think working closely with renews republican majorities in the house and senate, we're going to be able to govern with fiscal responsibility. back in 20 is he, 11, we worked through that that ensured and guaranteed budget cuts.
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widonald trump and i are committed to rebuilding our mill tear are you and ending those automatic cuts in the department of defense that are in place. >> see kwquestrationsequestrati. >> no doubt we will be able with renewed republican majority in the house and senate, we will meet those obligations. a growing economy solves a lot of problems. we can meet these obligations, we can avoid going further into red ink that we have seen almost -- the national debt is almost doubled in the last 7 1/2 years with the growing economy. >> we hear on the hill that you are going to meet with senator ted cruz. >> i'm going to meet with all the members of the house republican conference, members of the senate. i will meet with ted and mike lee, with dan coats and others. >> convention was a little rocky.
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didn't end too well didn't seem between the nominee and senator cruz and there's a lot of back story there from the primaries. is this an olive branch? i think the convention ended well sgl well. >> the relationship between trump and cruz. >> the competitive primary is a rough and tumble business. i respect all the men and women who went through that process. but i think what you see around the country and what we're seeing on capitol hill is tremendously growing enthusiasm among republican leaders across the nation for donald trump's vision to make america great again. >> hillary clinton said that she regretted saying that half -- half of trump supporters are in this basket of deplorables. not good enough for you? >> not even close. it's extraordinary.
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for her to stand in front of a group of wealthy contributors in new york city at a barbara streisand event and to say that millions of americans were in a basket of deplorables was just shocking. i think it shocked the conscience of people across the country. i have been campaigning with donald trump and for donald trump. i meet trump supporters every single day of the week. these are hard working americans. these are factory workers and coal miners, these are business owners and seniors and students and veterans, members of our armed forces. for her to stand in front of that group and say, half of his supporters are deplorable, are irredeemable, are not american, is deeply offensive. her so-called apology was simply a reference to the fact that she supposedly got the math wrong.
3:18 pm
the simple fact is, she didn't apologize for this. she is still making a broad and sweeping generalization about people across this country. millions of americans who are drawn to the optimistic and broad shoulders leadership that donald trump is articulating. >> i heard you in an interview, you the trump campaign from david duke and white nationalist groups. 'left leaning group is out now with an e-mail saying you didn't call david duke deplorable. >> donald trump and i have repeatedly denounced david duke. we have said that we don't want his support. we don't want the support of people who think like david duke. the media continues to scamper after this. the question that i got on another network was, do you call him deplorable? i get it. they wanted me to start using terms that hillary uses. you have known me a long time. i don't play that game. but we have denounced david duke repeatedly.
3:19 pm
we will continue to do that again. for hillary clinton to literally -- it wasn't just basket of deplorables, but to say that millions of americans were irredeemable, were not american and then to call them racists, sexists, home phobic, islamaphobic, what you saw there in a prepared -- it's important your viewers understand that. this wasn't an off the cuff remark. this was a statement as part of a prepared speech. this basket of deplorables is a line she used one other time before. >> was it worse than the mitt romney 47% comment? >> i think her decision to smear monica lewins millions of americans whose only hope and desire is to make america great again is the worst statement i have heard by a candidate for national office in my lifetime. >> a couple things from twitter. nick writes in, if you were
3:20 pm
elected, what specific roles do you see yourself playing in the first 100 days? >> well, that will be defined by the new president of the united states. we will serve at his direction. >> were you told specifically at the beginning when you signed on what your role was going to be? >> we talked about the role. i think i'm going to -- i'm going to say i think my experience on capitol hill, 12 years, where i built strong relationships with men and women in the house and in the senate, i think my four years as governor of indiana, i think that's played a role. i think my sense is that our new president will be looking to me to help take his vision to make america great again and take those policies to confront radical islamic terrorism, get had econo this economy moving, end illegal immigration, do the things he laid out and translate those to
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policies on capitol hill. i look forward to being a part of it. >> do you have more minutes? can i hold you over? >> you bet. >> stay tuned. we will finish up the interview with governor mike pence. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru.
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we are back with the republican vice-president nominee, governor mike pence. hillary clinton has been attacking donald trump and you open the issue of russia and putin. take a listen. >> i think his ignorance russia and putin are dangerous. it stands against aggressive behaviors. >> how do you respond to that?
3:25 pm
>> look, when donald trump and i said that the small and bullying president of russia was a stronger leader on the world stage than this president and secretary clinton, that was not an endorsement of putin. that was an indictment of the weak and feckless leadership that they have practiced. >> you know donald trump says he is a strong leader. he says nice things about me. i will say nice things about him. you have spoken out about russia in your past. >> and will continue to. we know -- donald trump and i know what we're dealing with in putin. former kgb agent. he has repressed the media and been associated with violence in his country. the invasion of ukraine and specifically crimea. we know what we're dealing with.
3:26 pm
what you hear in donald trump is a man who is prepared to step on the world stage as leader of the free world and engage in diplomacy. what he showed in mexico city is the ability with the president with someone he disagreed on key issues and they had strong words, the ability to have a gr gracious conversation. the cease-fire that's taking place right now and we hope and pray it holds in syria today is the result of the fact that despite our differences and different interests in the region, the united states and russia can work together. we hope for the good, for the flowing of humanitarian air. donald trump will bet kind the president who will speak boldly on the world stage. what you hear is laying a foundation for the kind of relationship where we can look for the things that we can work on together with russia like coming together to hunt down and destroy isis.
3:27 pm
>> you are speak to donald trump every day? >> sometimes twice a day. campaign with him at least once a week. we have developed a very warm personal relationship. he is a good man and he will be a great president of the united states. >> have you seen any change in trump's thinking on any issue? >> i wouldn't say i have seen change in his positions on issues. i think one of the things that appeals to people about donald trump is he knows his mind. he has a clear vision for this country. he is articulated under the heading of making america great again. i think what you have seen literally since the speech on radical islamic terrorist in ohio, the speech on getting the economy growing again in detroit, major speeches giving across the country is he has been laying out in the last six weeks from that convention forward the details of what will be involved in making that happen. i just couldn't be more honored and more proud to be standing
3:28 pm
shoulder to shoulder we are him. >> there's a lot of -- there are a lot of stories about -- questioning the infrastructure of the campaign, the ability to work with the rnc, to have people on the ground knocking on doors. are you concerned about it as you look at the key battleground states where you are fighting an organized democratic machine? >> i think what you got is two things. we're working very closely with republican national committee and confident about our grass-roots game. i will -- any of your viewers should contact their local gop and spend time on the phones and knocking on doors. we would be grateful. the contract is dramatic. in hillary clinton, you have a campaign, hundreds of millions of dollars, 1,000 employees and vast so-called ground game. in donald trump's campaign, you have a movement of americans. like you see in beinorth caroli tonight, thousands upon thousands of people who will come out on a few days notice.
3:29 pm
when i'm out campaigning on my own, i'm a b list republican celebrity. i will get 500 or 1,000 people to come to an event that features me. it gives evidence of the fact that people that are signing on are signing on for a movement. they have seen 7 1/2 years that weakened america's place in the world. they know we can be stronger. they know we can be more prosperous. they are responding to the clear-eyed leadership donald trump is offering. i'm excited about that. most of them, we're tied or leading now. we're leading in some national polls. tremendous momentum in this campaign. we're going to continue to work out hearts out. elect this good man. we're going to make america great again. >> we breeappreciate your time. see you down the trail. president obama held a meeting with top four congressional leaders on the agenda, a temporary spending bill to keep the government open after the end of the month and
3:30 pm
funding to fight the zika virus. congress has been back for a week. members are anxious to begin their fall recess as soon as possible. the president has a dilemma on his hands. it would allow families to sue saudi arabia and other countries for damages. why the white house says the president will veto the measure. >> reporter: on a day when congressional lawmakers came to the white house to discuss a variety of issues, president obama was repairing to use the power of the pen to reject a bill that many of them support. it's the justice against sponsors of terrorism act passed by the senate in may and ooh nan no unanimously by the house. it would enable families of the victims of 9/11 to sue the saudi government for who they allege is their role in the attacks. the white house has made no secret of the fact that the president intends to veto it. despite the fact that he faces a
3:31 pm
certain veto override. that would be list first in office. >> our concern is not limited to the impact it could have on our relationship with one country but rather it could have an impact on our relationship with every country around the world, in a way that has negative consequences for the united states, for our national security. >> reporter: the white house's stance is in contrast to the emotional letter written to the president by the victims' families, publish in the new york daily news asking for justice their advocates say it could provide. >> this legislation does not allow for litigation in the context of acts of war. it only allows it in the context of acts terrorism. >> reporter: chuck schumer agreed, writing, quote, there are always diplomatic considerations that get in the way of justice. if a court proves the saudis were complicit in 9/11, they should be held aaccountable. the government says, diplomats,
3:32 pm
service person, could find themselves at risk if it becomes law. lawmakers are pushing back on that. they say a specific measure in the bill could keep that from being the case. they have the votes to push forward either way. veto threat or not. >> we will follow this one. kevin, thank you. first on fox tonight, i iran threatening to shoot down american military aircraft. over the weekend, iranian military warned two u.s. navy planes to change course or risk being shot down. the planes were flying over international waters off iran's coast. the officials say the u.s. pilots ignored the warning and continued on their mission. the cease-fire in syria negotiated by the u.s. and russia is under way. connor powell is on the board we are syria to tell us how it's going so far. >> reporter: despite reports of clashes, it does appear to be
3:33 pm
taking hold. there was tough talk today by syrian president's assad suggesting the cease-fire may not last very long. with death tolls mounting and basic supplies dwindling, the u.s. and russia are trying to implement a sear ficease-fire i. the assad regime has pushed into aleppo and consolidated territory around the damascus in recent weeks. a show of strength, syrian president assad made a public appearance today at a mosque to celebrate the muslimholidays. hours before the cease-fire was set to start, he indicated this truce may only be temporary. >> translator: determined to recover every area from terrorists. re-establishing security. >> reporter: the u.s. and russia brokered an agreement, it's latest effort to forth a cease-fire. it's different in nature than
3:34 pm
previous attempts. john kerry raised the possibility today that the u.s. and russia may jointly approve assad air strikes on isis and al qaeda affiliated fighters. a state department spokesman walked back kerry's comments. the confusion is just one of the many obstacles the u.s. phaface dealing with russia and assad in syria. >> there will be challenges in the days to come. we expect that. i expect that. everybody does. but despite that, this plan has a chance to work. >> reporter: the first real test will take place tomorrow. if humanitarian aid can get to those who need it, the cease-fire may have a chance of surviving. if not, it will suffer the fate of previous cease-fires. >> connor powell, thank you. please in orlanolice in orl are calling a fire at a mosque
3:35 pm
by the orlando shooter an arson. video shows someone approaching center moments before the fire started. omar mateen killed 49 people june 12th before being fatally shot by police. a board member of the federal reserve says she's in no hurry to raise interest rates again. she told an audience in chicago the risk that higher rates will damage a fragile economy exceeds the risk that they will ignite inflation. that played well on wall street today. the dow surged 240. the s&p 500 was up. the nasdaq climbed 86. the panel on hillary clinton's health issues and the political foulomripolitical fal. now i use depend. i can move the way i really want. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at
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truth, flubbing around as to what is going on, it's more of the same. >> they should have acknowledged that she was being treated for pneumonia. that delay was a political problem, i think, than the health issue. >> i think be could have handled it better in terms of providing more information, more quickly. it's our intention that in the next couple days we will release medical information. >> i hope she gets well soon. i don't know what's going on. the last week i took a physical. will be releasing when the numbers come in hopefully they will be good. i think they're going to be good. i feel great. when the numbers come in, he will be releasing very, very specific numbers. >> the fallout from this weekend's events of hillary clinton at that 9/11 memorial. both candidates are saying they will release specific medical records. let's bring in charles hurt, maura lies, and charles gratham.
3:40 pm
>> walking pneumonia is a benign condition if you don't have any serious underlying disease. it's a close call as to whether they should have said it on friday. she appeared to be able to walk through it without any obvious side effects. she had them on sunday. i think this is another case of the coverup being worse than the crime. if it is what they say it is, this is totally benign. they should have explained it right away. this just has everybody -- it just add to the impression that these people are simply incapable of telling the truth. the simple truth. on things where they are not really culpable. they should easily be able to explain it. they just -- they find a way to make them service make her look
3:41 pm
untrust worth untrustworthy. >> david took to twitter saying antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. what's the cure for an unhealt y unhealthy p penchance pore privacy. >> there's no doubt the clinton complaint didn't appreciate what david said. however, he is right in this case. i agree with charles. i'm not a doctor. i don't play one on tv. he is. the political problem is worse than -- seems to be worse right now than medical problem as far as we know. they didn't have to do what they did. they could have just said that she had pneumonia. instead because she doesn't have a row teprotective pool, she disappeared and caused a lot of curiosity. then there was the video by passersby. that's a problem. the irony for clinton campaign is this was the month that she was going to show more of
3:42 pm
herself, be more open to voters, give an affirmative case for herself, not just an anti-trump message. this underscores her problem, hon he honesty. >> this is cokie roberts on npr. >> it's taking her off of the campaign trail. it has them very nervously beginning to whisper about trying to having her step aside and finding another candidate. >> talking about democrats. >> yeah. it's probably a little early yesterday to be talking about the idea of replacing hillary clinton on the ticket. but it does undercoscore the nervousness among democrats. this episode managed to take something that was whispered about in under currents on the internet, all over the place, about the questions about her
3:43 pm
health, coughing fits, even at times raising questions where there is just no evidence whatsoever, and i suspect they were trying to sort of avoid playing into that. they wound up playing into it completely and bringing it all into the mainstream. now even nobody cannot cover this at this point. >> without that video, do you think there would be this level of transparency? >> the video is decisive for everything. go back to ferguson. go back to the somali invasions. if you take that away, we're in a different way. seeing her slip, seeing her helpless can be devastating. that's why they should have been out there right away. the irony is, you could have if they had been honest and clever, you play this for sympathy and also to show determination. this is a woman who has been campaigning 18 months. has pneumonia, perseveres.
3:44 pm
you might have been able to turn it around like the new hampshire primary in 2008. instead, they go to cover up mode and they make it worse. she's not going to withdraw over a walking pneumonia. if that's all there is. if you have a pneumonia and you have seasonal allergies, you add it on, you can end up with a nasty cough. that's the obvious explanation unless they are hidie ining somg really bad. >> do we believe the records that are going to come out from hillary clinton and donald trump, are they going to be detailed? >> that's the big question. john mccain set a certain standard for this. >> 1200 pages. >> something like that is probably what's required many m.d.s have said when you have people who are over 65 running for president or who have had a history of illness. hillary clinton has had the
3:45 pm
concussion and the blood clots. i don't know. we know what donald trump put out first, which was something that didn't count as medical records at all written in five minutes and declared he would be most healthy president ever elected. he must have exhume ed all the bodies of the past presidents. i think onus is on hillary clinton's campaign because they made a mess of this to go the extra mile and say, we are being transparent. they will be judged by medical professionals. >> it's like the tax returns issue. you can get huge up innumbers. they want to see tax returns, medical histories. i don't know how people feel about these things. what is a problem is if people think there's something defective about a person or something -- there's somebody feeble. it gets hard for independents and people that don't have a reason to go to the polls, it's difficult to get excited. >> does that become an indelible
3:46 pm
image? >> not if she shows up at her next events wednesday looking healthy, hale and energetic. if this doesn't happen again, it fades away. >> next up, the basket of deplorables and that fallout. ♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash.
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to be grossly generallistic, you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, islamophobic, homophobic, you name it. >> the disdain that hillary
3:50 pm
clinton expressed against millions of decent americans disqualifies her from public service. if hillary clinton will not retract her comments in full, i don't see how she can credibly campaign any further. >> well, the fall-out from those comments from friday. this is the fundraiser. here is what she said in a statement, walking it back a bit. last night i was grossly generalistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half. that is wrong it is deplorable, she continues, that trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia and given a national platform to views and voices. we have seen this turn around for a trump ad running in ohio, north carolina and other states. i heard governor pence earlier in the show. >> you know, i don't even believe her when she says she regrets saying it. i think that she purposefully said it and delighted to have it, you
3:51 pm
know, get out of that room. i think that it raises the issue of, you know, either you vote for me or you are supporting a racist. i think that it's a way of sending that message to all of her troops. and voters. and i think that among independents and people that will decide the election, i think that it really will turn them off. it will also do a great deal to energize the people that are already supporting her. it is more of the sort of racial politicking that so many people find so distasteful. >> lauren in the same span of days you had former president clinton talking about the coal people and how they don't like us anymore and saying everything the president says is wrong. that probably doesn't play well in ohio and pennsylvania and eastern kentucky. you know, it's funny. bill clinton is from arkansas. he built his career in to knowing how to talk to white working class people. i never heard him talk down. i never heard him an east
3:52 pm
coast elitist. that's what that sounded like at that fundraiser. that is the problem. hillary clinton was talking to the room. >> sip. >> at lbgt event. >> with barbra streisand. >> i think donald trump's speech today was pretty clear where he said that kind of language they look down on you. that's one of the biggest leads of his campaign saying they are racist and they look down on you. i think that was a good message for his supporters. the big get is what does it do to independents, people still not quite made up. does it make them want to stay home because this is just one more example of the deplorable election campaign we are having or does it motivate them to vote for trump? i don't know. >> does it move the needle, charles? >> i don't know that. >> i'm not sure. i think it probably hurts her with people who are truly undecided. all seven of them. but, i mean, it's more -- to me, it's less akin to the
3:53 pm
romney statement, you would expect people would expect from rich republicans. >> the 47%. >> the 47% line. it's more akin to what obama said in 2008 in a radio interview in san francisco where he spoke about middle americans who cling to god and guns and there was a phrase after that rarely quoted and who are suspicious or disliked, people who aren't like them. in other words, they are also xenophobic. so it was the usual disdain of bi coastal elites for the flyover country. the difference is obama never intended that. it kind of slipped out. it wasn't a prepared statement. it was revealing all the more so of what-what liberal elites think. the fact that she said it deliberately tells you that i think charlie is right. this is a dog whistle. in the same way that
3:54 pm
extremists on the right have a dog whistle to appeal to stuff you're not supposed to say in public. what she was saying to her people if you are really virtuous, you will disdain these other people and you won't even think about joining them. >> yeah. it's not only this speech. it's been in other speeches and in an interview with israeli tv. here is tim kaine and a spokesperson for the clinton campaign brian fallon. >> she said, okay, maybe i got the percentage wrong in terms of who is animated by these views but it is very clear to all of us that the trump campaign has given a platform. you can call them whatever you want, the all-right movement or others. >> there is no doubt about it that there is a strand of donald trump's campaign that is inclined to want to engage in this type of hate-filled rhetoric and donald trump himself promotes it. >> and when pressed, what's the percentage, he said more than zero. >> you know what's interesting about this? they were on very firm
3:55 pm
ground on this line of argument up until friday night. because hillary clinton violated the cardinal rule of campaigning. you can disdis your opponent. you can't dis your supporters. that's what got her in trouble. >> one thing in the course of two or three days, hillary clinton gave donald trump two things that he can say that he can win with. one is, you know, i don't know what's going on with her but i wish her well and hope she gets better. that's good for him and makes him look presidential. the other thing can he do is stick up for those deplorables. >> thank you, panel. up next. we thought we would take another look at my twitter feed.
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maybe they should destraight. probably from: the graphics gaa try. i don't know if it's over aggressive makeup job or a light suit. did i have a makeup tan but magic bark. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. thank you for watching last night's "special report" on sunday. you made us the most watched show on that hour. we had plenty of live reports from the campaign trail, guest interviews. expert analysis from our all-star panel. and, guess what?
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we're doing it every sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern. six nights of "special report" until election day. "on the record" with my good friend and mentor brit hume starts right now. ♪ >> hello, and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." the real clear politics polling average tonight shows some slight movement in hillary clinton's favor with a 3-point lead for her in a two-way race that shrinks to only 2.2 points in a four-way race. the polls in this average we should note were taken before were turned out to be a highly eventful political weekend. hillary clinton is sick and off the campaign trail tonight after being hurried out of a 9/11 memorial event in new york yesterday and nearly collapsing before being helped into a motorcade van. she was whisked to her daughter's manhattan apartment where she remained out of sight for 90 minutes. her campaign first said she had simply been overheated and later explained she had been


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