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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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so today marks 50 years since the premier of the show "the monkeys." yes, used to love those reruns. tune tomorrow night as ivanka trump joins me here on "the kelly file". tonight, new questions surface about hillary clinton's health after she collapsed yesterday. former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here with reaction. >> i think as she was getting into the vehicle she got a bit dizzy. >> clinton's campaign reveals the details about her medical incident. how concerned show you the voters be. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> hillary clinton trashes donald trump's supporters. >> i was deeply shocked and alarmed this friday to hear my ooh poe innocent attack, slander, smear, demean these
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wonderful amazing people. >> all of that plus laura ingraham plus much more. "hannity" starts right here and right now. >> tonight, growing concerns over hillary clinton's health. now video from yesterday after the 9/11 memorial shows the candidate collapsing and having to be helped into a van after leaving the event abruptly. several hours later clinton's doctor released a statement saying she was quote overheated and dehydrated after being diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. clin as for donald trump, he says he hopes hillary clinton gets well soon and announced has he will be also releasing results from a recent physical this year. former speaker of the house,
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newt going ruch. nobody wishes anybody ill will here but there are real questions that have emerged. the fbi releasing notes as it relates to their investigation into the e-mail server. she cited a concussion for not being able to remember what she was briefed on in terms of security as secretary of state. and security briefings tell her what to do. he u she used that as an excuse. i'm going to run the video, her falling, her twitching, her coughing. it all comes together. they waited hours to tell tus pneumonia excuse. what do you think is going on here? >> well, it's a little hard to know. i thought it was a great irony this morning that the "washington post" which of course has been ridiculing concerns by a number of people about her health suddenly said this morning, okay, now the concerns are real and she's going to have to deal with them. the great concern from her perspective is that this is not
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like running for the u.s. senate or even runs for governor. the president of the united states is commander in chief in a very very dangerous world. and she of course knew that which is why she ran the famous 3:00 in the morning phone call when she was campaigning against barack obama back in 2008. i think that the effect of yesterday is going to raise a lot of questions, democrats, republicans, independents saying, wait a second, if you want us to think you can be commander in chief but you can't remember your security briefing, and you can't go to the 9/11 event without collapsing, what is it you have to do to convince us that you are capable of being commander in chief? i think she now has to think deeply about that. i don't think us getting a doctor's report is going to count because the doctors have not been forthcoming and haven't
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been open to the press asking questions. >> but this is her whole thing. the whole idea that they didn't take her to the hospital. the whole idea that she's being propped up. the whole idea that she fully collapsed. if you had pneumonia, then it raises questions, when did you begin your iv -- yourant biotic treatment. she's seen in pictures with children. tom brokaw is suggesting she see a neurologist. coki roberts saying some democrats are nervously whispering about a replacement for her. in light of her lying about everything, i just don't know if we can trust her. >> no, you know. you know you can't trust her, which is part of what makes this unusually difficult. i remember way back in 1976 when gerald ford was president having succeeded nixon. ford has been a national class athlete when he was younger. but he stumbled a couple of
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times and chevy chase made his career on saturday night live predending to be gerald ford falling all over the place. part of the problem is when the comedians start going after her on the grounds that she can't remember this, she can't show up for this or that. all of the sudden that begins the definition -- remember, she ran originally as the very experienced, very knowledgeable insider against this amateur donald trump. now she's lost the national security debate, decisively on the opinion of most people to donald trump. and that should have been her strength. and now we have of course this vivid exam. that for any normal reasonable person, at least raises legitimate concerns. >> let's go to her other comment of the weekend. apparently we're a member of a club, we didn't know that until this weekend. but her comments about the basket of deplorables of which we belong to, at least i do.
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i won't put you in the club unless you want to be in. this is what she said. >> you know, to just be groezly generalistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. you name it. >> the basket of deplorables. you know, is this the same woman that took money she's going to talk about misogyny and racist and sexist and she takes money from saudi arabia where they kill gays and lesbians. she takes money from these sharia countries which treat women horribly and she's going to say that? >> look. to be academic for half a second, i was struck with the
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audience's reaction. >> laughing. >> it was a perfect kpnl. of what charles murray wrote about in a book called "coming apart" where he describe as liberal elite so out of touch with normal life that they have absolute contempt for 90% of the american people. that's what you were seeing that night. they love the idea of their moral superiority to these normal people. and in a very real since sense were archie bunker went from being a figure in a situation comedy to now being somebody these people can mold in contempt and despise. that's what she was playing against. she was creating a new class warfare of the elite intel leg churls against the rest of us and they were playing into it because they love thinking they're morally superior and certainly economically superior. so who are the rest of us to think that we have a right to think we have a right to govern
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america. >> go ahead and finish. >> that's what make this a stunningly powerful moment in american history. you have the combination of this whole litany of hostility with the propensity to lie. and it's the two together that i think begin to teach us as sick modern liberalism is and how out of touch with reality is. >> she can't run on libya, she can't run on north africa, she can't run on supports muhammad morsi or iraq or the russian reset. every election -- i've proven this many times on this program -- this is the old play book. republicans are racists, homophob homophobic, xenophobic if you believe in the rule of law or
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islamophobic now is -- she can't say rale radical islam. anyone that can is suffering from islamophobia of some kind. this is their old play book. will it work this time? it's worked in the past. obama said bitter people clinging with their gunnance bibles with an an tip think that are not like us, or like them. it's the same comment to me. basket of deplobls isnrables. >> if trump sticks to guz gun, continues to criss cross the country telling the american people the truth and offering solutions, i think he has a chance to break through. in georgia i had a surprising number of african-americans there who were asking serious questions about what did the
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detroit speech mean, how would he change things. a level of interest in african-americans that i have not seen in a republican presidential candidate. it h -- >> i keep sighing the biggest campaign contributor for hillary this campaign season is the media. it was 77 degrees, cool and breezy, a nice day yesterday morning by any definition. it was not hot, it was not the type of heat that athletes play in. and this is how the media defends her collapse. listen to this. >> secretary clinton left rather unceremoniously having become overheated. the weather has been horrific, extremely humid temperatures. she was adorned in a long sleeved coat, a pants suit. >> let's put into context as well the weather today which,
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speaking from my experience walking into work today and not even wearing as much attire as i am now, shorts and a t-shirt, it w was pretty miserable. >> mr. speaker, 77, a cool breeze. it was not sweltering by any definition. it was a cool day. this is how they spin for her. >> no. see now you're starting to sound like matt lauer. you're another of those guys who is prejudice against hillary. and you know, it had to have been sweltering. if it wasn't sweltering her collapse would look worse. and i bet it was about 120 and about 98% humidity. it had to be that bad otherwise a heroic figure like secretary clinton would never have collapsed. if you're a left wing reporter you have to invent a scenario. this is how we get to the dishonesty.
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remember benghazi? well there had to have been an american made movie or it would have been terrorists. so again and again every time you turn around there's some other explanation. >> let me ask you this, because i want to go back to -- i'm bouncing back and forth. follow the bouncing host ball here if you can for a moment. >> i know. i'm afraid you're going to start singing next. >> what's that? no. >> i'm afraid you're going to start singing. >> last week chelsea clinton suggested that donald trump is misogynist and bill clinton said making america great is -- we know what that means in the south. we know when he's saying make america great again and then we got a tape of bill clinton saying this. watch. >> i believe that together we can make america great again. i want to attack these problems and make america great again and now you're being called upon every one of you to secure a better future for your children
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and your grandchildren and make america great again. it's time for another comeback, time to make america great again. i know hillary is the one who can do it. >> i'm hillary clinton candidate for president and i approve this message. >> she says make america great again. you're a white southerner, you know what that means, we'll give you an economy that you had 50 years ago. do you see timing relative to these attacks? >> look, first of all, let me make two points. one, they're desperate. the whole thing is falling apart. they spent over $100 million in ads. they can't make a dent. they're discovering what the other 16 republicans discovered running against trump. the country is tuned into bigger issues and teams and truths. they're here beginning to fall aart. i thoughts hillary clinton was on the edge of flipping out.
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she's so rattled. you told me earlier today you've been radio for 30 years. you've been at this a long time. if donald trump says make america great again, you know it's a racist term. and if bill clinton says make america great again, you know it's an idealistic term. i don't understand why you're contused. >> i'm about the start my 21est year here at fox you any i would have learned something. i'm dumb. >> i am just shocked because i believe it's very obvious. when a liberal says something, because they're pure of heart, it must be true. when a conservative says something, it must be false. now surely you could get this pattern down. and you don't have to read the "the new york times" to learn this. it will be obvious to you every morning. >> thank you for being with us. up next tonight here on "hannity".
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>> i think as he was getting to the vehicle she got a bit dizzy and help into the vehicle. but immediately upon being seated there she was talking to staff and making calls. >> making calls? she didn't even need to go to a hospital. she didn't want to wait 16 hours lake the rest of us do because of obamacare. her press secretary revealing some defails about her health scare but i don't think he's telling the truth. how concerned should you the voters be. we'll check in with our medical team and later laura ingraham is here to tell us how clinton's health could affect the race. that and more on this busy news night on "hannity." most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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life from america's news haud headquarters. good evening.
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hillary clinton speaking out tonight about falling ill during yesterday's 9/11 memorial ceremony in new york city. she said she felt dizzy but didn't pass out. when asked about it happening before, this is what she had to say. >> i know you passed out, hit your head in 2012 which led to the concussion. how often has this happened? >> oh, i think really only twice that i can recall. you know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life. and you know, i'm aware of it and usually can avoid it. >> clinton confirmed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday but didn't disclose it earlier because she quote didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. back to "hannity." welcome back. the hillary clinton spin machine is running full speed after the democratic presidential
7:19 pm
candidate suffered a quote medical episode yesterday. now clinton's press secretary tried to downplay the insent earlier today. take a look. >> from those that were there, i believe what it was was she was feeling hot which a lot of the other attendees described also feeling. she left on her own accord. i think as he was getting into the vehicle she got a bit dizzy and help into the vehicle. but immediately after being seated she was talking to staff and making calls. she was up running around in her daughter's apartment chasing her grandkids around. >> i don't believe a thing these people say. joining us now, reaction from the fox medical news team. anita, good to see you. let me roll this video in slow motion here. because this is a collapse. all right. you can see she's walking -- she's being held up right here. look. she's being held up. she buckles, now the guy comes
7:20 pm
in, helps, now two people holding her up, one step, two steps, boom. >> she obviously was very weak -- >> if nobody is there, she's on her face. >> they diagnosed her with pneumonia on friday. how many days before that -- >> i don't know if i believe that. why did they wait for hours saying she had a spell with. why didn't they say it right away? >> that's something we have to ask the campaign and the doctors. the bottom line is over the weekend if she had the pneumonia, dehydration, may have had fever, losing a lot of fluid. >> is it contagious? a little girl, you know. >> depends on the pneumonia. if it was bacterial -- >> my wife had bacterial
7:21 pm
pneumonia probably died. was within 24 hours of death. >> sean, it is a serious medical issue and it has to be dealt -- and i'm sure her team are taking good care of her. she needs to have iv fluid. >> when did you go to an apartment after you collapse. don't you go to a doctor, don't you go to a hospital? if i collapse what would you tell me? >> i would absolutely take you to the hospital. >> i have to wait 16 hours because of obamacare. >> well, i don't know. >> maybe i wouldn't go. i would be as stubborn. if i can talk to gup that. we know she had a concussion and couldn't remember ever being briefed on security issues related to and protocol related to her e-mail server. she said that. we know she had a fall, coughing fit after coughing fit, we know she's on coumadin. then she has a collapse and oh,
7:22 pm
she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. what are your thoughts? >> i can't agree with you. there was a spectrum of symptoms. there's a coughing spells and a diagnosis of pneumonia. if i were her doctor or on our team of doctors, u would want to do routine tests. >> she collapsed -- anybody you knew and loved collapsed like that, would you let them go to their daughter's house or would you send them to the hospital. >> it has so lit toll do with who it is, family member, mother, friend, anyone who has a near collapse like she did yesterday, you wauld want to take them to the hospital. >> immediately. >> i think we know that she was taking on ant histamine that can sedate her, her blood pressure has been low, traveling all of the time, on multiple
7:23 pm
medications. >> she had deep vein thrombosis, coumadin, coughing, the fall, the concussion. now the collapse. sf you're looking from the outside with all of this together, is there a problem in. >> the question is if she had some sort of bronchitis that caused the pneumonia or if pneumonia caused the coughing spells. either way her team need to get a good pulmonary consult. look, as a doctor i can only go with what the facts are. >> she should have been in the hospital yesterday. >> u yes, i think it would be safer for someone who has pneumonia to have an iv. >> she collapsed. >> we have to look at her records. >> if you collapsed, i would take you to the hospital. >> you're very kind. >> i would use your name to get in the door quicker. laura ingraham here to react to hillary's health and all of the other controversy that week. and later on too night --
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>> these were among the countless americans that hillary clinton called deplorable, irredeemable and un-american. >> i guess that's me. trump hitting back after clinton called his supporters a basket of deplorables. that and more as we continue straight ahead. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline)
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and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be...and more. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. welcome back to "hannity." joining us now with reaction to hillary clinton's health scare haen her basket of deplorables,
7:27 pm
fax news contributor, laura ingraham. how are you in. >> sean was at wicker basket we were in? >> by the way, it's not just that. we're irredeemable, racist, homophob homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. >> i can be agore phobic and claus phoner. she needs to throw in a few more phobics and we're set. >> this is their standard play book. meanwhile bill clinton said make america great. chelsea clinton is saying donald trump is a sexist misogynist. she's taken money from sharia and others guilty of all of
7:28 pm
these things and she criticizes us of that. >> we have to have a blanket and complete protection. it's like the mob gives you protection. you have to pay off, you know, the mob and then they won't smash your windows and rob your stores. you have to pay them off and then you don't get maligns by the clintons. the big question is how are the press so uncurious about all of this? i mean this has been a story that they've wanted to either cover up or they've wanted to malign those who raise the issue of her health now for, i mean, more than a few weeks. this has been going on an on. >> conspiracy therrist more time on cnn. >> they love that. you're going to get your apology. >> i want my apology. where that's pip squeak. >> also sean blaming massaisogy for her health problems.
7:29 pm
it's the damsel in distress. we're all supposed to feel sympathy for hillary. we can't be mean to her. >> i played a montage of media saying wit us a so miserably hot. it was 77 degrees and a slight breeze. >> it was in manhattan yesterday. it was beautiful. the weather broke yesterday. >> it was great. >> it was great. maybe it was 74 degrees downtown. i was there, sweltering hot. wait a second, it wasn't sweltering hot at all. what's he talking about. >> where is this all going to go. i don't trust her. she's a pathological liar. i think people get that. i think she's dishands and corrupt, can't run on a foreign policy or economic policy. this is where they stand. they continue to lie about other issues as well. where does this end up in 57 days laura ingraham? >> well i think right now you looked at a couple of the major
7:30 pm
betting houses in london and they're moving money over to trump's side, which is interesting. it's about a five to four odds right now in the major betting houses which is not insignificant. that's where people are putting their money who could lose money if hillary wins or trump wins. that's significant. going to the issue of credibility, sean. she has an allergy to transparen transparency. as you've pointed out -- you've done such a great job about that, whether it's benghazi, whether it's the rose law firm billing records, whether it's the health issue, the first reaction is to deny, then it's to demonize the questioner and then to deflect. that's what she's done and that's what she will always do. i don't care how many health reports she puts out. on the major issues of controversy or inconvenient facts, she will deny until there's physical evidence to the contrary. >> if anybody collapsed in front of me, including hillary, i
7:31 pm
would take her to the hospital. >> yeah. >> and i think the fact that they waited, oh, she's fine, then they hit back that she had pneumonia. i don't know if i can believe that she has pneumonia at this point np no details about her health. >> that little girl, have you tracked down that little girl and checked her for pneumonia. all of people she came in contact with at the 9/11 ceremony. she was in close proximity to a lot of people. how many people has she infected. >> i think they avoided the er to avoid disclosure of her real medical condition. >> scrutiny. >> i have talked to a lot of doctors and a lot of them are saying they know what this is and it's not what she's saying. >> i have heard a lot from friends here at gw and other hospitals. i've heard the word seizure. i'm not a medical doctor and have no idea. people who do know think the
7:32 pm
pattern -- >> at least her staff was looking up parkinson's medicines. >> i hope she doesn't have that. >> thank you. coming up next tonight on "hannity". >> hillary clinton spoke with hatred and derision for the people who make this country run. >> donald trump going after hillary clinton for her calling his supporters a basket of deplorables. brand-new poll numbers show a very close race in four swing states. we have reaction and more tonight on "hannity." what powers the digital world? communication.
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nature's bounty [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. i was just deeply shocked and alarmed this friday to hear my opponent attack, slander, smear, demean these wonderful amazing people who are supporting our campaign. we have the support of cops and soldiers, carpenters, welders,
7:38 pm
the young and the old, and millions of working class families who just want a better future. >> donald trump earlier today responding to hillary clinton calling half of his supporters the basket of deplorables and that's not all. in response to clinton's comment, the trump campaign released this brand-new political ad. >> speaking to wealthy donors, hillary clinton calls tens of millions of americans deplorable. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call a basket of deplorables, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, you name it. >> people like you and you deplorable. you know what's deplorable? hillary clinton viciously demonizing hardworking people like you. >> here with reaction, nationally syndicated radio host, larry elder, charlie hurt and prime minister david cameron and ceo of crowd pack, a
7:39 pm
political crowd funding data site steve hilton is with us. larry, welcome to the club. i guess i'm part of the deplorable club. we have to accept people for who they are. let's not be so judgmental. sounds judgmental, pretty har, even saying irredeemable and un-american. >> remember when clair mccaskill ran in missouri, she said that george w. bush let people die on roof tops in new orleans because they were poor and black. well before donald trump came on the scene, debbie wasser man schultz said they want to drag us back to crowe. charlie used to say they don't say n word or f word anymore, they just say let's cut taxes all this well before donald trump came on the scene.
7:40 pm
water is wet, sky is blue. that's what they do. they can't run on the record or oba obama's economy. they have to attack, attack and call the opponent racist. that's what democrats do. >> you know what, charlie, i can't argue with a thing they do. it often works. will it work here? >> i'm afraid that it will certainly work within the confines of her base. in terms of getting them out. i don't think it works. i think it hurts her in the broader scope, you know, in terms of independence. >> obama got awe the bitter clingers of bibles, guns and religious, an tip think tornadoes those not like him. >> but it did hurt him. >> not enough. >> exactly. here's the thing that's interesting. people say that gas in washington is when a politician accidentally tells the truth
7:41 pm
about what they think about s something. this is not a gaffe. i think she wanted this to be recorded. she wanted to be on the record saying this because it's a dog whistle signal to her base that yes, either you are supporting me or you're supporting a racist. >> i agree with you. let me go back to larry and then david and steve in a minute. i think charlie is on to something here. it is a dog whistle and this goes to the republicans are racist, sexist, xenophobic, i can't remember all of the phobics we're suffering from. >> she ran out of gos going through the phobics. >> apparently i'm a normal american and by her definition she wants to slander, smear, besmirch but in the meantime she's taking money from the saudis, who abuse women, christians and jews. >> let's remember what they did
7:42 pm
to myth romney in 2012. joe biden gives a speech to a black audience. they want to unchain wall street. they want to put y'all back in chains. really? hillary goes to a black church saying the house had been run like a plantation and you know what i'm talking about. talk about condescending, offensive and playing the race card. but they do it because they believe it. they believe in you have a different view about abortion, gun control and religious freedom within you're not just wrong, something is fundamentally wrong with you. >> steve. >> good to be with you. >> when i see this, you're right, charlie. the really disgusting thing for me is for years it's been their ideas and their policies that have under mind the economic
7:43 pm
security and the social stability of working people. but instead of apologizinapology go around insulting the victims of their failures. it remained me of what we saw a few months ago in the brexit vote, the same arrogance of the ruling establishment toward people who have suffered as a result of their policies. >> you see the similarities here. in other words would you expect the same outcome in the end? >> i think that one thing that's really similar is the way that the elite feels completely unthreatened. they're so complacent. they can't believe that people would really support something like brexit. in the same way i think you see them saying, how could they possibly vote for someone like donald trump. and i think they'll get the same kind of shock. it's much too early to predict the exact outcome but i think that complacency on the aleet is exactly the same. >> good to see you. i wish we had more time. highlights of donald trump's rally from earlier tonight.
7:44 pm
plus brand-new polls out of four key swing states. if race is tightening. hold onto your forks.
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welcome back to "hannity."
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earlier tonight donald trump held a rally in north carolina. let's take a look. >> wow. thank you very much, everybody. i love north carolina. we're going to have a big victory in north carolina. in 56 days we are going to win this state and we're going to win back the white house. believe me. our vision of hope stands in stark contrast to my opponent's campaign of hate. hillary clinton has been running a hate-filled and negative campaign with no policy, no solutions and no new ideas. by contrast, i've been going around the country offering very detailed plans for reform and
7:50 pm
change. all of these reform plans are available on our website. and they're extensive. but we have no choice. we have no choice. while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable, i call you hardworking american patriots who love your country and want a better future for all of our people. >> also tonight, new polls show the race is new polls show the tightening in a brand new poll that includes third-party candidates. trump is leading in arizona and in georgia, leading by two points and nevada, trump, 42%, clinton, four #%. the race, too close to call in new hampshire. clinton has a two-point lead
7:51 pm
there. seems like he's up in florida. virginia tightened quite a bit. this is as close as i've seen in a long time. >> donald trump is focused and staying on message. his tone is pitch perfect. especially when talking about mrs. clinton. >> anyone expected trump would say something and he said i wish you well. >> it was pitch perfect. the other problem is that mrs. clinton has two challenges. one, she's got a health issue which she's resisted addressing but that undermines the argument she's ready for the job so she's got to address that.
7:52 pm
>> it looks horrible when a presidential candidate collapses like that. >> but wait. one final point. the campaign lied about her condition, they didn't tell us she had pneumonia. >> we know the scandals for candidates are the ones that reinforce a negative notion that she is a liar and dishonest. >> this is your worst nightmare, donald trump didn't go there. >> the race is a dead heat. she has a slight advantage but it's within the margin of error. i would keep her off the campaign trail two weeks. get her healthy. she has a good debate. do you know what? people will forget this. monica raises questions about what happened and her under lying health.
7:53 pm
that is probably not helpful. >> i think it's deeper and i expect that based on the history of lying about everything else. >> we don't know, sean. i don't think we're going to know. what we do know is that there is a debate. >> here is the problem, speculation is running wild. people are speculating she may have parkinson's disease. >> that is because of the wikileaks discovery. >> other grave illnesses. the only way she can put this to bed is release her full medical records. >> the doctor wouldn't force her to go to the hospital. the reason, i believe, is she doesn't want the new york post learning about her conditions. >> she just collapsed, doug. >> they can say i'm not a doctor
7:54 pm
but medical protocol is going to the hospital. >> i hate to tell you. i will take you to the hospital. >> i have gone to the hospital. i have had full neurological testing in similar circumstances. similar, and i'm okay. >> you're the only halfway reasonable democrat left in the country. you die, you're extinct. >> i'm not going to do any good for the "hannity" show and any other show if i'm extinct. i want to make it through election day. ♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder.
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prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today. time for our question of the day. do you think hillary clinton is being truthful about her health? not honest about anything else. before we go, quick programming note, tomorrow night, 10:00
8:00 pm
eastern, donald trump will be here. we'll ask him about the, well, group of deplorables of which i'm part of, and about hillary's health, and the issue of the day. thanks for being here, we'll see you tomorrow night. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> hillary clinton spoke with hatred and derision for the people who make this country run. >> donald trump responding strongly today to this. >> you can put half of trump support ires into the basket of deplorables. >> tonight we will deal with this major controversy and also hillary clinton's health problems. >> i think that her main mistake is she said half of his supporters were deplorable. >> the far left standing by their woman actually saying that all trump supporters are bigots. we will take a hard look at that. >> collin kaepernick sitting out the national anthem. how does that make you feel.


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