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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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eastern, donald trump will be here. we'll ask him about the, well, group of deplorables of which i'm part of, and about hillary's health, and the issue of the day. thanks for being here, we'll see you tomorrow night. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> hillary clinton spoke with hatred and derision for the people who make this country run. >> donald trump responding strongly today to this. >> you can put half of trump support ires into the basket of deplorables. >> tonight we will deal with this major controversy and also hillary clinton's health problems. >> i think that her main mistake is she said half of his supporters were deplorable. >> the far left standing by their woman actually saying that all trump supporters are bigots. we will take a hard look at that. >> collin kaepernick sitting out the national anthem. how does that make you feel. >> i don't think he should
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be in the nfl. >> he is not hurting anybody. >> also ahead, jesse watters going to an nfl game ♪ sample opinion on disrespecting the national anthem. >> wake up, bro. wake up. send your message some other way, bro. that ain't the way to do it. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a basket of problems for hillary clinton, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. not since president william henry harrison died of reported pneumonia in 1841, just 3 days into his term has a lung infection captured the attention of the american voters. as you most likely know by now, hillary clinton faltered at a 9/11 memorial on sunday here in new york
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city. the campaign announcing afterwards she has pneumonia, something they knew last friday. now, the stamina of both mrs. clinton and donald trump is amazing. these people are under constant pressure all the time. the fact that they can pull that off is astounding. going forward both candidates should be candid about their health because it is a major factor in leadership. but that situation is far overshadowed by the basket of deplorables comment. >> you know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [ laughter ] right? [cheers and applause] the racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic. you name it. and, unfortunately, there are people like that. >> a few people.
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but not 50% of trump supporters. that's lunancy. that smears millions and millions of americans. didn't take long for mr. trump to strike back. hillary clinton spoke with hatred and derision for the people who make this country run. she spoke with contempt for the people who thanklessly follow the rules, pay their taxes, and scratch out a living for their family. our support comes from every part of america and every walk of life. we have the support of cops and soldiers, carpenters and welders, the young and the old, and millions of working class families who just want a better future. >> talking points believes that secretary clinton made a big mistake here. reminiscent of mitt romney saying that americans
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would not vote for him because they want stuff. every fair-minded person knows you cannot generalize about what is in people's hearts. and i do not include the far left under the banner of fair-minded. >> he is attracting a certain type of voter, she gave a whole speech on describing them. they are called the alt-right. what she said was not wrong. her only mistake was that she described half of the supporters that way. >> that woman apparently believing that all who support donald trump are racist and inferior human beings. that opinion echoed on the op-ed page of the "new york times" today by another far left loon. what mrs. clinton's comments real delay is mobilize those thinking about voting for donald trump. not his hard core supporters. those who are not quite sure. i mean, come on, branding people racist is despicable. everybody knows that unless
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there is undeniable proof of that charge. again, fair-minded people understand. i heard hillary clinton say the "basket of deplorables" line i was surprised. she is usually a measured speaker. that line was written for her. it was on a prompter. somebody should have known it would give donald trump a major advantage. but, again, campaigns are very strange things. and that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction, joining us from washington katie pavlich and from boston mary anne marsh. this is a big mistake mary anne, you would never advise anyone running for higher office to say that correct? >> i think hillary clinton was actually smart in saying it and let me tell you why. 60% of voters think that donald trump is biased against women and minorities. 61% of white, college educated women think the very same thing about donald trump. that statement reminded those voters not only her supporters, but those
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undecided voters, white, college educated women which are probably going to determine this race that donald trump has said a litany of deplorable things about women, minorities, pow's, gold star mothers, disabled people and can i go down the list. >> here is where you are wrong so you know and write this down in case you have to consult with anybody. what mrs. clinton said overrides all the other trump stuff now that becomes the headline, that becomes what people remember. because the phrase basket of despicables. i wish i had written it it's a great line. but, by saying that by branding everyone and she said 50%, you are talking down to the folks, you are talking down to them. i'm a more superior human being than you. and, number two, people are going to hold it against her. what say you, katie? >> well, hook, her basket of deplorables line isn't going to convince people to vote for her. that's her problem right now. hillary clinton has a 19% enthusiasm gap when it comes
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to people wanting to get out and vote for her. as you mentioned, bill, people are excited to vote for donald trump. and if she hasn't studied the g.o.p. primary which is clear she has not tit at this point, she will find that every time people attack donald trump supporters, or him as a candidate, it only got people excited to vote for him more. and so that's only going to be the case going into november. and she walked it back for a reason because it sounds like she doesn't have any interest in representing all americans rather than just representing democrats who want to vote for her, which is not as many as she needs at this point to have an excitement out on november 8th. >> we will see. it's all speculation. you remember mary anne mitt romney and the problem he got into when he said in a private setting that, look, 47% of americans aren't going to vote for me because they want entitlements and i'm not the entitlement guy. if you look at the remark, he didn't deliver it with any venom. he delivered it mask. that hurt him.
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it wasn't so much the message of people wanting entitlements, it was the condescension. that's what i'm trying to get across here is americans don't want to be talked down to. they don't want people to say oh, we're more noble than you are, don't you get that point? >> i get that point, but i don't think that's the point. i think the point -- no one thinks hillary clinton is prejudiced or biased. no one thinks she is biased against women and minorities. that's the point she is making here. and the proof is donald trump is out there trying to turn this around. >> hillary clinton feels she is more noble than her opponent. >> i did not hear her say that. >> if you're going to categorize as the far left does and what about the basket of despicables on the left? i mean, my god. david brock? the head of media matters? do you get more despicable than him. i don't know that hillary clinton has a license to throw the word despicable
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around when she has plenty of those around her. >> here is the point, bill, that i think you are missing here. donald trump is defining her argument, which was the second part of her comment. where she talked about people who have worked hard all their life. >> but it doesn't matter the headline is the headline. nobody is going to remember what she said before that. this is what i'm trying to get across. >> hillary clinton is saying. >> better than you think. >> all right. go ahead. last word, katie. >> i doubt it hillary clinton has a serious problem when it comes to getting people to like her. and for theory talk down to 50% or whatever number of trump supporters she wants to talk down to isn't going to get anyone to vote for her. not going to get independents to vote for her either who by the way are breaking for trump at this point in swing states and national polling. if she wants to gain more voters to like her, to win the election, she's going to have to work harder at not demonizing regular, every day americans, just because they v. >> exactly what she said.
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>> ladies, i have to go because we have to sell advertising so that i can fill my wallet with despicables. >> basket. >> thanks very much. next on the rundown, we ask to you -- you answered the questions. later, disrespecting the national anthem on 9/11. what does charles krauthammer think about that? those reports after these messages. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. in the impact segment tonight, your questions about donald trump. if you saw the factor on friday, we do the same thing regarding hillary clinton. we posted that q and a on bill o' and tonight we begin with paul goldstein, georgia, will trump place his financial interest in trust if he is elected? june trump said he will put
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his financial assets in a blind trust. last january he told maria bartiromo that his children will run the trump empire. the business is run by his kids. jim goldberg, if elected president, will trump order the criminal investigation into hillary's emails be reopen? last month trump told kimberly guilfoyle he would think about doing that quote: it's a possibility. david harding, appalachian, virginia. will trump enforce federal laws marijuana and override what some states are doing with legalization. on the factor last february trump addressed that question. >> in colorado, you know, the book isn't written on it yet, but there is a lot of difficulty brain and the mind and what it's doing. probably over the next year or so. what would you do as
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president? >> i would really want to think about that one, bill. in some ways i think it's good and in other ways it's bad. >> when he said and in some ways i think it's good. macy medical marijuana he was referring to there. that wasn't the topic. so bottom line, donald trump would most likely leave the pot situation to the states. and ed simon, las vegas. how does trump justify having some of the clothing he sells made overseas. in june trump addressed that very question. >> my ties, many times are made in china. not all of them by the way, but a lot of them are made in china because they have manipulated their currency to such a point that it's impossible for our companies to compete. >> and that means the cost is lower for chinese made goods so american retailers can charge less, move more product. standard business decision which is why china gets away
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with all the currency fixing paul beaumont co connary islands. what does trump think about the debate moderators. not much apparently here is what he said this morning. >> the fact is they are gaming the system. and i think maybe we should have no moderator. let hillary and i just sit there and just debate because i think the system is being rigged so it's a very -- it's going to be a very unfair debate. >> now, that is a change from what trump said last week when he was okay with the chosen moderators. by the way, lester holt from nbc set to moderate the first debate. two weeks from tonight september 26th. i have known holt for years. worked with him at channel 2 here in new york city. is he a fair guy. no question about that. david harsh, conner'sville, indiana, what is trump's position on social security? on a number of occasion trump has said he will not, will not reform social security. won't even touch it, except
8:17 pm
to root out fraud. fred pierre, north chesterfield, virginia that is trump's position for term limits on congress? vague. he says he will take a look at it, but he is not taking any firm position. i don't think he cares about it just my opinion. craig humphrey, dallas, texas, what is the truth about trump and the iraq war? the iraq war began in 2003, before the shooting started, trump told neil cavuto that iraq was not the main threat to the u.s.a., north korea was. in march of 2003, he told cavuto the conflict looked like a military success. he did not openly begin criticizing the war until september 2003. from then on, he wasn't supportive of the effort at all. so looking at all the data, all the data, trump was never a big fan of the iraq war. even before it started he
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talked to howard stern on the radio about a potential attack and well that kind of thing. never a big fan of it tom hairington, michigan is, trump using money from the rnc? how much of his own money has he spent on the campaign? >> trump campaign says the candidate has spent about $60 million of his own money running for president so far. republican national committee makes no direct contributions but private donors are sending in cash. by the end of july, the trump campaign had raised $128 million. good questions, you guys, thank you. directly ahead, trump's running mate, governor mike pence paid a very low federal income tax rate last year. stuart varney will tell us why. later, krauthammer on disrespecting the national anthem. the factor is coming right back.
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, releasing the candidates' tax rushes on august 12th. hillary clinton released her federal filing. clintons made 10.6 million in 2000 15. paid about 31% in federal income tax. trump has not released his returns citing irs audit as you know. on friday pence's running mate released his returns. he and his wife made 113,000 bucks. made 9,000 in federal income tax. paid a rate of 8%. how did that happen? 8% seems kind of low. >> remember the mind set. you are used to thinking of republicans as rich so they are going to be paying a whole bunch of money in tax. it's the other way around these days. the democrats are rich. they are the ones that should be paying. >> hillary paid 30. >> now, this 8% does sound
8:23 pm
low. he made $113,000. but that doesn't -- that's not enough money to put you into the upper tax bracket. >> what's his bracket, 25%? >> most of his taxation is at 15% and/or 25%. you have got to get to 190,000 before you pay 33%. and have you got to get to 450,000 to pay 389.6%. his income, although substantial and strong. >> wasn't in the top bracket. >> not that big. >> so he took some deductions, about 9% in charitable deductions, right? >> the most important deal is that he got $5,000 educational tax credit. that's not a deduction. that's a $5,000 taken off the amount of money you have got to pay in tax. if you add that on. >> one of his kids is in college? is that why he got that. >> i believe so. educational tax credit. >> he didn't do anything illegal. he got his tax bill down. listen, i got swiftie, my accountant. but you guys don't even want to know. >> it's boring. his return is boring.
8:24 pm
nothing illegal. nothing unusual whatever. >> he is not exactly elvis himself, governor pence. >> i have no comment on that whatsoever, bill. >> i like him but i'm not going to go to caesar's palace to see him. word around the building. i love the building thing is that varney was really offended by the hillary clinton basket of deplorable line. is that true? >> why? >> i don't think she should be calling tens of millions of americans just dismissing them as racist, bigots, islamophobes, there is a whole list of these. really ugly. that's a very ugly thing to say. maybe i'm wrong. but i took it personally. in my family there are three races. okay? caucasians, african-americans, and asians, we have two religions, judaism and christianity. we have five nationalities in my family. we are a very american family and i'm very proud of that family. and i don't like being called a racist, a sexist.
8:25 pm
>> that's because you are a trump supporter, right? >> i'm a trump supporter. i'm a regular conservative kind of guy. >> she was quite, quite specific boy saying 50% of trump supporters are the deplorables, maybe you wouldn't be in that. >> wait a minute, she tried to walk that back. >> i don't care what she tried. >> she tried to walk it back. >> anybody can try to walk. that doesn't cut it on the factor. somebody wrote it for her. she saw it. she read it she owns it. >> how do you think your viewers are feeling now? >> they don't like being talked down to as i get across to mary anne marsh. it's not the deplorable line it's the way it was delivered. like we are so much better than these people. >> yes. that's really feel about it. they know so much better. also said they are irredeemable. oh, really? there is no hope for us, right? we are just sunk in this horace of sexism and racism, get out of here. >> all right. so you are angry you are mad as hell and rain a rain coat
8:26 pm
and not take it anymore like peter finch. >> what's that all about. >> you have to watch the network. >> how old do you think i am? >> 86? >> thank you. last question. do you really believe in your heart that donald trump is going to win the election? >> oh. >> thank you. >> >> i think he has a very substantial shot especially after what hillary did this weekend. >> do you think the health thing has anything to do with it or deplorable stuff. >> i think the health thing has a lot to do with it. i wish her well. i hope she recovers. don't lie with it, please. they have a reaction. when they are challenged, it's their reaction to stonewall and lie about it, basically. why didn't -- why weren't we told that she had a diagnosis of pneumonia on friday? after collapsing, you watch that video. she collapsed. this is a woman who may well be the next president of the united states of america. we have a right to know
8:27 pm
what's going on here. and they didn't tell us. >> all right. stuart varney, everyone. there he is plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. what does charles krauthammer think about disrespecting the national anthem on the anniversary of 9/11? charles will be here. and watters going to an nfl game. >> collin copper nic standing down for the anthem. how do you feel about that? >> kaepernick, wake up, brother. it's a bigger picture, bro. bigger picture. send a message somewhere else. >> we hope you stay tuned to those repor what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor.
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fact factor follow-up segment tonight, tomorrow another congressional hearing looking at the hillary clinton email situation. the issue now is that mrs. clinton's staff deleted a bunch of emails and congressional investigators want to know what they were and who did it. joining us now from washington tom fitton. let me ask you a question, mr. fitton. it doesn't seem like the email thing is going anywhere. stunt seem like the folks are engaged. the people who really pay attention to politics are. but the regular folks, you go hillary clinton email roll their eyes. tomorrow we understand that most of these people, perhaps all are going to take the fifth amendment. they are going to be there. they are not going to get anything. do you think that anything is going to come of all of this? >> oh, yeah. i think something already has. we don't put the emails out there to effect the election. but the consequences have been severe. cnn poll, bill, 62% of the
8:32 pm
people, think her server is an important issue about the presidency. whether she is fit for the presidency or not. on the problem for mrs. clinton, people may have already basically drawn a conclusion about her honesty with respect to the server and whatever else may come out, it probably won't help her one way or another but could significantly hurt her as people see more information, for instance, about the pay-to-play with the clinton foundation, the material. there are at least going to be to be two more releases on those topics the next six weeks. >> your organization has gotten a lot of paperwork out of the state department and all of this. what you have learned about hillary clinton, you, yourself, tom fitton? what you have learned from looking at all of this stuff that you have a unique vantage point. it all comes through you. what you have learned. >> i learned mrs. clinton didn't want anyone to see her emails. she did her darnedest to prevent that from happening. if it happened she wanted you to go through her lawyer
8:33 pm
and only get a little bit of what she h and all that has been upended. and in many ways i have learned that mrs. clinton is the same as she ever was in terms of being a legally secretive in her approach to government service. >> okay. so it was all about she didn't want people knowing what she was doing did you learn of anything that would bring charges against her? i mean, you know, there is a big controversy with the fbi and all of that you are a lawyer, right? >> i'm not a lawyer. but i i have enough experience to know there is evidence of a crime when you start taking thousands of records and deleting them. when you take government records away from the state department and then delete them. you're not honest with the american people and then you're arguably not honest with the fbi when you keep on saying i don't remember. what you should remember. >> despite comey's
8:34 pm
theatrical performance, he put those emails out last time, that friday before labor day. when you saw that what went through your mind? >> you know, i just saw that our criticisms of the fbi for looking the other way were well-justified. that the details of the investigation made the fbi seem even more political than people thought when they gave her a pass initially. >> do you think is he a political guy and not aggressively searching for the truth? >> yeah, i do think he is political. bill, the fbi is like every other government agency here in washington. subject to the political whims, the way the commerce department is, the department of homeland security or the treasury. and to think that the fbi is above reproach just ignores history fbi of the decades. >> of course, they would absolutely deny that and say that we are clean, we do our jobs. wherever the investigation leads us, we'll go. but you are saying flat out you don't believe that? >> no, i don't. you mine, you saw mr. comey
8:35 pm
release a memo to his staff last week defending himself. it seems to me wouldn't have done that even those in the fbi were happy with the way he performed. >> no, there is a lot of dissent within the fbi. and that dump on friday that turned me. that was a political move didn't have to do it, he did it mr. fitton, appreciate it tom is the author of a big best seller that you might want to check out called "clean out, exposing our government's secrets and lies." when we come right back, disrespecting the national anthem on the anniversary of 9/11. charles krauthammer with some thoughts next. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot? we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, disrespecting the national anthem on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. four miami dolphins' players mimicking collin kaepernick knelt during the national anthem yesterday. also kansas city chief marcus peters gave the black power absolute during the anthem. both actions disrespectful especially yesterday. in addition, kids are seeing the display and some are starting to -- some football
8:40 pm
players camden, new jersey did not rise for the national anthem. same thing happened in nebraska, kentucky, virginia, and illinois. the tragedy of this is that it is based upon a false premise. the black lives matter assertion that young black american males are actively being hunted by police. right now i'm reading a book called blue on blue by the former head of the new york city police division who puts forth a stunning statistic, quote. in a city of 8.4 million people. nypd officers shot and killed 8 people in 2013. all males, all of whom were carrying guns or knives. 7 of whom had criminal histories and one who had a history of violent psychiatric problems. yes, that's 8 dead people, short of perfect. unquote. it's amazing. to be fair, there is another exon component to the protest profit. social justice. some believe the u.s.a. not a fair society. joining us from washington, charles krauthammer.
8:41 pm
let's take the disrespect first. you see a problem on 9/11 with the black power thing and the kneeling? >> i see a problem with it whether it's 9/11 or not. it is an active form of disrespect. and that's the reason they do it as a way to get attention. and as a way, they think, to express their protest. you know, and there is a reason i think that you get some imitation from kids in high school is because the current educational system, the current history textbooks are basically catalogs of the pathologies of american history. they are all about racism, sexism, xenophobia, all of the sins of the fathers cataloged and that's what a younger generation is being taught. i'm amazed that there isn't more of this. i do think, however, that it is relatively benign in the sense that if this is the worst of the dissent, if this is the worst of the
8:42 pm
expressions of anti-americanism, then i think the country is doing rather well. >> but it's growing. it's growing though. >> well, i don't know what's the evidence? >> stars with one guy and then it goes to other people. now it goes to the kids. and, you know, it will circle back. let me ask you a question. in san francisco now, one of the school board guys is thinking about taking george washington's name off a high school in the city because washington was a slave owner, okay? so, those of us who understand george washington was and how heroic he was in forming this nation, we have to defend washington. how do you do it? >> i would just ignore anyone that stupid. i mean, the idea that we're going to apply the historical norms of 250 years later to every person in history and find them wanting as we always will, it is kind of a presentism
8:43 pm
where the present is far better than the past and everybody in it is condemned is simply appalling. then you have got nothing left. >> slave owning is big you know, that's a stigma attached to washington. you can't justify the owning of slavery, even though as you said it was the norm back then. you can? >> we're not justifying it what you are saying is everybody historically has to be judged by their historical context. by the world they are living. in and the way we see the world clearly. i mean, there are all kinds of things beyond slavery. i think in 100 years people are going to judge us as a civilization that killed, wantonly and ate animals. there is going to be a time where we are not going to need to do that, and we're going to end up judging them. they are going to end up judging their ancestors, meaning us, harshly, for
8:44 pm
having, you know, been that wanton and that cruel. there are all kinds of things, slavery is, yes. that's at the sort of the edge of the scale of the most cruel and impossible to justify. but the point is that if you apply that, then there is nothing in history. >> no, there isn't anything in history. that's a tough one. >> nobody can be respected. >> that's a tough one. you know on espn yesterday, before the football game started, one of the commentators justifying kaepernick says well, why are we respecting the national anthem anyway because francis scott key is a slave holder, the man who wrote it this is creeping in, charles. everybody is afraid to actually defend the founding fathers who did own slaves and people like key. they are afraid because then they are branded a racist or a pro-slavery person. that's what's happening. >> look, you go back to woodrow wilson, who was a liberal progressive hero. he was a racist who reinstituted a lot of the
8:45 pm
discrimination in washington, d.c. people simply have to disassociate the elements and to judge people in their time. otherwise, there is no judgment. anybody who preceded us and i'm sure when you are judging our generation they're going to be things found about us that are going to be utterly insupportable. >> how about abortion? >> >> you pick your crime and you will be able to find the criminals anywhere you want depending what you do. i predict that this is very unserious. you get a guy making $10 million a year, second string, i would add, quarterback who is protesting social justice. this is going to be a lot like the occupy wall street. with the left just loved it they saw this as the answer to the tea party, the growth of a movement, it blew away with the first winter storm and this also is not going to grow. yes, it will grow a little bit and then it will also blow away.
8:46 pm
>> all right, charles. thank you as always. watters on deck. he went out in the nfl game yesterday to sample the opinion on the controversy. watters is next. it's not a weekend hobby.ance? you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means.
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watters world, fans here in the new york city area are very vocal about everything. sports fans. what better place to send watters than a new york jets game ♪ for the ramparts we watch were so gallantly streaming ♪ >> anniversary 9/11 today and new york jets game. what's the significance to you?
8:50 pm
>> the broths that went up in those buildings, 3434 guys were lost, new york fire department. everybody was coming out. they were going up. enough said. >> colin kaepernick sitting out the national anthem, how does that make you feel? >> i don't think he should be in the nfl. >> its hurts a lot, coming from a police officer and a military veteran, i served if ten years in the army. very insulting. >> reporter: do you think kaepernick is hurting people that fought and died for the flag? sfl no. a silent protest. he's not hurting anybody. not being violent about it. it's not a big deal. >> i fought for this country. i know people that died on september 11th. god bless america. >> reporter: he says the police are biassed. >> they are not. i don't think they're all correct but they're not bias at all. >> reporter: do you think his standing down during the national anthem was disrespecting law enforcement? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: even though the law enforcement feel disrespected. >> i don't agree.
8:51 pm
>> reporter: why haven't the 49ers done anything to c kaepernick. >> they're a private company. you can fire and hire someone based on whatever you do. they're not run by the government. >> i blame the nfl. they're putting up with it. >> you're a player, you get played by the team, act like you're playing on the team. send your message some other way. that ain't the way to do it. >> reporter: what do you know about colin kaepernick. >> born in milwaukee, wisconsin. >> adopted by a white father. >> grew up in a pretty good neighborhood. >> privilege going up. >> make millions to throw a football. anywhere in the world, period. >> reporter: do you think race play as role in this country? >> he himself that's that he's sitting down for. that's uncorrect. >> it's your country. you're playing for an american football team and you live in the country.
8:52 pm
stand up for it. >> reporter: don't you think you should respect the people who serve and protect you. >> but you got to give respect. >> he has $114 million contract. >> give his money to me. >> he should be thankful for america. it's funny how he's a football player and we should be looking up to him. we should be looking up to our soldiers and all of the people fighting for our country. >> reporter: whose world is this in. >> this is my man watters world and you're in it. >> reporter: thank you very much. >> looked like it broke down along color lines. >> i didn't think it was going to be that way. tern of 049ers he can tell kaepernick to knock it off, just like if i was wearing my collar in a ridiculous way. >> i would never do that. >> you wouldn't? >> i don't care about your collar. if i were the owner of the san
8:53 pm
francisco 49ers, i might say to him, it's touchy. i might say, listen, we're going to allow you to have your separate press conference, all right, on a thursday but we don't quantity you to have any political displays once you're on the field. wouldn't that be fair in. >> that is fair. he could maybe get away with that in san francisco. but at a dallas -- >> no. no. >> but putting up with something like that, no way. >> in kansas city, the chief's player did a black power salute on 9/11. that's not a -- >> no. i know. and you know who the 9ers are playing tonight, the st. louis rams. it's like the black lives matter bowl tonight. >> adds we mentioned, the kids with getting involved in this now. it's going to have to stop, i believe and we'll see. thank you. factor tip of the day, why you should not buy my new book. the tip moments away.
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9:00 pm
tonight. please always remember that the spin starts right here. we' we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new fallout from what looks like a serious health scare for hillary clinton as both she and her husband do new interviews in an effort to convince america that she's healthy enough to serve our next president. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. at this hour hillary was supposed to be attending a fundraiser in california. instead he's at home unable to travel due to illness open having to respond in a telephone interview in the past hour. her campaign insisted for days that her series of campaign trail coughing fits were nothing more than seasonal allergies. that was with until she attended the


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