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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 13, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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next. he will be all over these welcome to "red eye." let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show, hillary clinton and many on her staff have pneumonia. whether the democratic nominee is being used as a biological weapon, next. and how many people make up a basket of deplorables? we will talk with some deplorables to find out. and finally a new love bot sends your significant other thoughtful messages so you don't have to. the perfect gift for the person who has nothing. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests. she is our resident con terror yen, libertarian 1k3 vulgar
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eight -- vulgarian, host of kt kennedy", kennedy. former aide to senator chuck schumer, christopher han. and his former trainer mr. miagi couldn't make it today, but we are lucky to have him. republican strategist and political analyst, leg sweeper and fox news contributor tony saig. and he rescued leonardo dicaprio from a life on the streets. next to me is the star of the reality show "unusually thick" actor allen thicke. p let's start the show. is hillary's health now a real issue? cough once for no and twice for yes. >> she said yes.
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clinton's campaign will release more medical information about her this week. she was videotaped wobbling after departing early from a 9/11 ceremony in new york city. she told the press she was feeling great later and even hugged a little girl. her campaign waited hours to explain that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. the disease that i believe took lou gave rick's life. lieu -- lou gehrig's life. trump released his schedule. crunches, px90, a rally, a 10k run, rally and a sensible dinner. >> it is p90x. >> trump does px-90. >> you're right.
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! >> what do you theng? >> there was shirtless bear hunting with vladimir putin. >> her first answer was she over heated. a car over heats. i don't think a person over heats or that is not the medical diagnosis. >> and then a video emerged of her looking wobbly and shaky. and then they have to tell the truth. but this is the problem all along. it is a lack of transparency. it is what we all know as reality. and until they are forced by the media and others to be out there and trans parynt they don't do -- trans parent they don't do it. obama's campaign called her out on this. this is not just republican. this is hem saying her lack of transparency is a bigger problem. >> i agree that health records need to come out and i agree they need to be more transparent and i agree donald
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trump need to release tax returns and we need to see something other than a note from dr. nick from the simpsons that he is healthy. i have never seen anyone that orange to be healthy. unless he eats only carrots i don't know why he looks like that. >> i saw his medical recordses were from hair club for men. >> hold on, allen. can i get a hair shot from allen thicke? >> here is what i want to talk about. i don't want to get into tau beats about the health. >> it is a partisan distrack. what about the tax record? why don't we pause and discuss whether or not something is wrong with the woman. i thought you were a democrat. why not have respect for the situation at hand. she could seriously have something catastrophically wong wong -- wrong with her.
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donald trump has said he just had a complete physical and he is going to release his records on thursday. what happens if he has a far more comprehensive evaluation, a current one than she has had including a neurological exam. what if he passes with a clean bill of health?t become a problr hillary clinton? >> no. she needs to present a clean bill of health as well. come up with an examination. they are saying she is -- >> how about this. how about she gets an examination other than dr. dre or dr. pepper. >> you can solve everything by two debates and one cage
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fight. 4. >> and they can do px-90. >> it is a difficult routine. we have doctors of spin on this panel. i don't want to talk about hillary's -- i don't want to be a doctor here and talk about it here, but that seems to be the suspect ter suspector. >> they tried to communicate that, but they e-mailed it. >> it got lost. >> it wasn't marked classified so they cooperate broadcast it to the world. >> it is hard to believe that anybody now in the world of social media and especially under the scrutiny of the election campaign can get away with hiding anything about anything. it seemed like a dropped ball and not necessarily.
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>> the most fascinating part of this -- >> it will get worse by the way. i don't think the diagnosis will end it. donald trump for weeks has talked about hillary clinton ease -- hillary clinton's stamina. he is a bully and he is talking about all of these things that are not necessary. and yet we now see that it is important -- >> she has pneumonia. people get pneumonia. she is a human being who is shaking a lot of hands. she went out and was talking to people and raising money at their houses. >> you shake a lot of hands and you will get sick. >> how about when you know you are sick and you continue to shake hands? if you have pneumonia and you hug a little girl if i was that little girl's mom when
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she emerged after lord knows what medical procedure i would be suing the campaign right now. >> she better put her on antibiotics. >> if you saw where they were helping her and she slid under the suv it could have been restless leg syndrome. we don't know what she has. >> well well you are right. >> they will release additional health information this week. but what about bill clinton's health? trump performed his own physical examination. you can see he is asking bill to turn his head and cough. this is one of a group of photos from 2000 showing clinton and trump hanging out at the u.s. open. that is malania on clinton's arm and kylely -- kylie back
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on trump's. it cuts into friendships, doesn't it? >> i thought you were talking about bill's cardiovascular medication. i don't know. i don't know what i'm speculating about there. >> there is no discussion. wea just really wanted to show that photograph. >> it is tough when your spouse runs to be the leader of the free world against donald trump. it is almost an impose -- an impossible task. >> oh my gosh that picture. it is just a couple friends. >> i wanted to split screen. >> i think they are going to do that. >> they weren't arguing. the next story -- hillary's health has taken some attention away from her gaffs. >> to be general lis stick you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplore believe
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as. >> the racist, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic, you name it. >> he released a nonapology saying i was grossly generalistic. i regret saying half and that's wrong. that was good enough for trump who addressed the issue on monday. >> i was deeply shocked and alarmed to hear my opponent attacked and slandered and smeared and demeaned. these wonderful, amazing people who are supporting our campaign. >> maybe i was wrong. >> if hillary clinton will not retract her comments in full i don't see how she can campaign any further. >> what do you think?
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she really walked into that one, didn't she? >> she did, but for anyone to say we lowered the bar after what's been going, where is the bar anymore? >> yes it was a deplorable remark and he seized on that immediately and that's how it will be for the weeks to come. >> they were comparing this with mitt romney. people are insulting each other, but when you unresult people, the voters, that's what she did. right or wrong? >> she meant to say this. mitt romney gave an off the cuff remark that people are dependent on the government and it is hard to not vote democrat and want to expand government. this was prepared text she read from.. she snickered and laughed and her millionaire friends
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thought it was hilarious. they were laughing and cheering her on. she thought it was perfectly fine. but then when peoplewreact to the fact that you are offending huge portions of the american people who live outside the palace gates and live outside the belt way and live outside beverly hills and the other fancy places she is raising money from and she is insulting them for agreeing. >> and many are independents. >> they are independents. >> that is the massive swath of people they are both going after. she is insulting a lot of people. this is not a partisan race. this is not a typical race in any sense. if the trump campaign does not have deplorable t-shirts by noon tomorrow and selling them. >> oh they do. there is somebody on twitter who was tweeting to me and they have deplorable in their screen name. >> it is an unforced error. you gave the moral high ground to a guy who hasn't had the moral high ground at all. he never had the moral high
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ground. they just gave it back to them. it was an unforced error and they need to come out strong against that statement and they need to pull it back completely. you never go after the supporter of your opponent. those people have their reason for supporting the opponent. >> do you know why they are frustrated? trump was committing so many unforced errors that he was sitting himself up to quit the race. he was saying so many things that now it seems like that team has taken hold. they kept him on message and the fact she can't force the errors from him is frustrating. >> and what just happened? he was given a perfect opportunity to go off script with what happened to her health. he could have said nasty things and he didn't. >> that is smart strategy.
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>> he was sympathetic. >> he was right on the money. >> and this is what i said. >> that's something you do if somebody is diagnosed with a terminal illness or if somebody's family member was injured. you pause in the campaign and say now is not the time. i will rise above it and offer condolences. he did, but in doing that he made the illness seem more serious. he made everyone pause because they were expecting the typical reaction and they didn't get that. >> but on the deplorable comment you said it right on before. trump has made the campaign us versus them. the elites in the establishment versus the population that feels under served by them. she walked right into that exact argument by making the comment. she actually gave them a huge assist. >> she said and i apologize
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for half. what percentage is it? >> 2, 3%? >> any percentage of any group is deplorable. everybody knows somebody he don't want to be around. >> doesn't matter, 2, 3, they are all watching this show. donald trump does not want a third wheel on the debate. trump suggested nixing the moderator. matt lauer was criticized foregoing soft on trump. let's hear his bold idea. >> i think we should have no moderator and let hillary and i sit there and debate. because i think the system is being rigged so it is going to be a very unfair debate and i can see it happening right now. everyone said he was soft on trump. now they will be really hard on trump to show the
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establishment what he can do. >> they suggested another possible change the two candidates on stage at the treadmill podium. if trump gets his way our own chris wallace would miss out on moderating the last presidential debate. i think i know how americans would react to that news. >> where is wallace? where is wallace, trey? >> from the hit show and i think you remember that. >> do you think this is a good idea? chris wallace may be watching right now. >> i think it is a horrible idea. we meed moderation and even if it is bear bones and calvin coolege moderation. who will do that? when you set up the story and
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said he didn't want a third party he didn't want a threesome on stage. the last debate takes place in vegas and chris wallace has to go. >> i don't think anyone will take it. there was no moderator there. >> i think chris rock should moderate. have a little fun. lighten the load a little bit. >> do you like the fact that moderators get in there? candy crowellly moved the polls after the debate because she was in there correcting mitt romney and they felt she was unfair to him. >> you have to know he was looking at the clock the whole time. they spent a lot of time with hillary on e-mails and there is some pressure either way. do you force a point as he did
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with the e-mails. do you let trump off with some of his follow-ups. it is a thankless job much like the president of the united states. i think all of this outrage over matt lauer, i thought it was all gined up because they would go tougher on trump. >> i think you are right. matt lauer hired a food tester after his last performance because the liberal media were all ought to kill him. were all out to kill him. it is true. it was funny. after obama blew the first presidential debate in denver and everyone went after mcneil who was the moderator they go after the moderator. in the case of wallace, he was the only moderator to my knowledge he said i am not going to be the fact checker. >> they were attacking him for
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that. very quickly, chris hahning we have to go. -- chris hahn, we have to go. >> he is a morning show guy. what do you want from him? >> do you know why he had to overcome pen say the? his cooing woulders threw -- his co-workers threw so many softballs at clinton. >> he is one of howard stern's best friends and you would think he would know about that. >> is it time to abolish owner ship of pets? in a word, no.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. stayed media is reporting the
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syrian military has shutdown an israeli warplane and a drone. we are waiting to confirm that. according to the local reportses it happened at a syrian army position. they have not confirmed these reports and we will bring you that report and an update as soon as possible. and iran is provoking the u.s. military again. defense officialses say iran threatened to shutdown two surveillance aircraft over the weekend. they were told to changing course or risk getting shot down. they ignored the warning and stayed on course. hillary clinton is speaking out about falling ill during the 9/11 memorial in new york city. she said she felt dizzy, but didn't pass out. when asked about it before this is what she had to say. >> i know you passed out and hit your head in 2012 that lead to the concussion. how often has this happened? >> oh i think really only twice that i can recall.
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it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life and i'm aware of it and usually can avoid it. >> clinton confirmed she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday and kept quiet because, quote, she didn't think it would be that big a deal of things got heated at a donald trump rally in north carolina as protesters were being escorted out by security a man in the crowd grabbed one of them around the neck before punching him and then slapped another. the trump supporter was not ejected by security. that's a look at news. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." anna and carl ton are against animal rights. in an essay the professors
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argued against the idea that, quote, we should give a small increase and space before they are killed. they oppose the measures because they focus on reducing suffering. instead they call for complete animal liberation. no zoosing no -- no zoos and no pets and no animal farming. they both exploit animals for human pleasure. and they keep a pet calling it enslaving. they say they love them and so much in fact they wish they never existed at all. that's an actual quote from two actual humans. obviously we shouldn't take these two seriously, but the
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problem is many do and they will. this is what we have to look forward to. strange people with multiple graduate degrees will make us feel dumb the rest of our lives. you know what my pet beaver has to say about this? >> i said beaver because i didn't think -- >> you are a a filthy, bearded pervert. >> you have seen a lot of beavers in your life. >> would you say that is a beaver or a marmouth. i said you have seen a lot of beaver. >> i have no opinion about beavers other than we are proud to have them as our national symbol.
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you have the eagle and the beaver. who picks passer? who picks first? the whole pet issue is silly. i have rescue pets and i don't know where they are going with that. >> i guess the idea is if you logically follow the hard line animal rights, you would have to go this way eventually, don't you? >> you can make an argument about zoos and you can make an argument about animal testing and you could make an argument about eating meat even. i have a dog who looks at me with love and affection and to say nothing of my squadron of beavers in the back. >> we are all coming over. >> field trip.
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>> kennedy, no meat? you have to have hamburger. >> the only thing i compare the urge to have meat is the urge to have a baby. as a woman when you decide it is that time, it is on and there is nothing that will stop you from your pursuit of getting some seeds in your lady garden. >> we are taking your word for it. >> the thing that comes closest to that is seeing a juicey bone in rib-eye hot off the grill and wanting to sink your sharp teeth moo it. we do not have flat teeth like horses. the reason we have tearing canines is to rip into the flesh. >> the only thing better than the rib eye is if there is a slab of bacon on top of it. >> peta does not like you. >> i don't care. i like my steak and i like it when i have a dog and a cat. >> you put plenty of seed in the lady garden a longtime
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ago. >> i love peta. they do have a point. i want the study that shows highway they spend obscene amounts of money spoiling the domestic pets. people treat their pets like true family members. >> enough. keep your pets, everybody. coming up, he gives better feedback than crow tau. than crow tau. it is tv's andy levey next.
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> this is a weird shot. >> somehow the city looks smaller. >> i am further away from the window. there is a bit of a leak so we moved the table away from the window over looking time square. >> i get it. >> you said the first answer they gave was they over heated and you said you think a car over heats, but a person doesn't. a person can over heat. you can get heatstroke and heat exhaustion when your body temperature is too high. >> i didn't know that was a smell explanation.
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chris you agree that the clinton campaign should have been more transparent. why do you think they weren't? >> they were concerned about the conspiracies about her health will the worst thing is to play into a narrative so you try to avoid it. >> they were concerned about conspiracy theories and so they lied about her health. >> they took a chance, right? >> yeah. >> i mean, look. instead of her just looking like she was sick they were less than transparent and that's not good. >> it was a bad weekend for them. horrible. >> kennedy i thought it was cute when you were worried there was something wrong. >> i was worried, andy. i don't want anything to be wrong. i am a passionate career. when you go for job interviews and people say what is your biggest weakness?
12:35 am
i care too much. >> and you didn't like she hugged the girl in the not at all staged event. >> we have seen enough of these happen across the world. did you really think the secret service would allow a rogue actor to leap out of a crowd? >> her campaign has said and her doctor said she is not contagious. >> they don't know if it is viral or bacterial. she had pneumonia for 16 years now. and by the way, several staff members are incapacitated with a sickness right now and they can't say hillary didn't get it to them. they don't know. who are these doctors? >> i just hope to god there is nothing wrong with that girl now. politico say sources close to hillary say the real problem is she is getting dehydrated.
12:36 am
she won't drink water. you try telling hillary clinton to drink water. >> you only ever see her drinking water and it is the weirdest thing. seriously. i thought she replaced jennifer aniston as a spokesperson for vitamin water or smart water or whatever, dumb water. >> basket of deplorables. you talked about when we lowered the bar and where the bar is. it is across the street on 47th street. >> where everything looks like water. >> you know it was prepared text and her awd yen was laughing -- audience was laughing along. >> he talked about her being at a fund -- fundraising event. >> especially when you are putting it in the same context that mitt romney made a similar mistake for his 47% and barack obama called middle
12:37 am
americans clingers. those were things they said off the cuff while it was offensive it was not part of his prepared remarks to the crowd. i think because she is so willing to broadcast it shows you how low the bar is. >> and she refeeted that -- she repeated the exact same line to the news outlet. >> she actually said isis was praying to ala for trump to win. >> you said this gave trump the moral high ground. do you think she shouldn't have said it? >> i disagree. look, i know a lot of people who are with trump. i don't think they are deplorable and i hahn pestly don't think -- honestly don't think candidates should talk about their opponent supporters unless there is something a person says or
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does. you cannot pin that on the candidates themselves. the candidate has their message. >> and olive garden is offering never ending deplorable bowls. >> it is only half a bowl. >> how would you compare being on "red eye" to working on the sandcastle in the sand video? >> it can't beat robin sparkles. what a treat to go back and play myself. >> trump wants it to be moderator free. by suggesting the moderators may go after him he is thinking it may mean they won't go after him . he know howz to put it into the vortex. i think there should be one unmoderated debate that only
12:39 am
has someone who keeps perhaps time and has the format. this is the most unconventional political cycle in my lifetime. i'm sure something happened in the 1800's that is like this too. this would be a great way to put a cap on truly one of the most exciting and dynamic. let them go at it. >> let it be four hours long. we'll see how healthy they are. >> moderated by steve harvey and we'll see what the survey says. >> it bill -- it will have to come out. >> self-contained results. >> tom, you mentioned battery ends. i just want to point out they are egg laying hens. not hens used as batteries. i just want to make sure there are no hand matrix. >> isn't that issue about cruelty to the animals we end up eating. it is understandable when you
12:40 am
will choke a goose, but -- >> is that a euphemism of your project of beavers? >> as a famous canadian pastime. >> andy -- >> i never thought i would hear that from allen thicke. >> thank you, andy. >> how should brndz handle the anniversary of 9/11? first, "kennedy." >> hello, "red eye." you are watching me right now. we will tell you the new issue that may define the 2016 election. brace yourself.
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live from america's news headquarters and here is what is going on. hillary clinton said she is on the road to recovery and hopes to be back on the campaign trail in a couple days. she said she didn't disclose she was battling pneumonia because she, quote, didn't think it would be that big a deal. she uh propertily -- she abruptly left the 9/11 memorial. she said she got dizzy and lost herbal, but denies she lost consciousness. clinton is recovering at her home in suburban, new york. violence broke out in north carolina and it happened as several protesters were being escorted out by security
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guards. a man in the crowd suddenly grabbed a male protestor by the neck and then punched him. he also reportedly slapped a woman who was being lead out. the accused attacker was not ejected from the rally. the israeli army claimed a warplane was shot down. according to the military all of the planes were accounted for. they struck the syrian targets tuesday's incident was the fifth since last week since fighting in syria has spilled over to israel and the first since a u.s.-russia brokered truce went into effect. supersonic bombers streaked over south korea near the northern border. it is meant to rattle leaders
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in pyongyang after they conducted a nuclear test. south korea does not have nuclear weapons and they rely on their alliance with the u.s. to deter action from the north. now back to "red eye." >> every year it seems they are misguided on 9 will/11. first there was this display on a wal-mart in panama city beach in florida. boxes of coke zero were stacked up to look like the twin towers under a sign we will never forget. a wal-mart spokesman said it was pitched to wal-mart by coke and the store approved it. what wal-mart and coke did was nothing compared to an ad from miracle mattress. it featured employees knocking
12:47 am
over two stacks of mattresses as the store owner's daughter says we'll never forget. the ad is so bad that we don't even want to show it. it is so bad that the store has since shutdown indefinitely. here is what the owner's daughter had to say. >> with this commercial we neverment to hurt anybody or do any wrong. we are very sorry and we wish we never did it. people are looking at it as something of hate rather than a sale or something like that. we don't want to be known as hate. we want to be known as love and caring and giving. that's who we are. we're miracle mattress. >> so to rephrase that's the word sorry surrounded by nonsense words. >> why are people stupid? >> for some it is genetic. as a bit of an outsider
12:48 am
meaning a canadian citizen who can only vote for "dancing with the stars" and" america's got talent" i love being in this company. so bright and so articulate. >> that is great. >> i asked them about -- i asked him about stupid people and he went to the panel. >> i under the mattress thing. >> it is amazing how basic the idea should be that you don't plan your marketing around 9/11 will it is not labor day and it is not memorial day and it is not christmas. this is a solemn occasion that the nation taies to unite around. it is not an opportunity to sell your products. let's take that off the
12:49 am
table. >> i do corporate gigs and they are afraid of anything. how does anything get okayed at a wal-mart? >> these are two major corporations with teams of marketers and branding experts. i am not as offended at the coat thing as i am at the mattress thing. it was stupid and crass. i know the store has been closed . everyone knows about this place and they obviously had no budget. it was different with the wal-mart and coke thing. you shouldn't say i want a coke zero right now. they are two things that really don't need -- >> the football league has been en gaminged in everything that went on with the tributes and nontributes.
12:50 am
that's as big a corporation as public corporation. >> we worked in the u.s. senate on 9/11 and it is a day that brings chills to me. i have a hard time getting out of bed and it gets under my skin. hopefully people will learn. >> just don't do it at all. >> what is a love bot? fyi, that was my nickname in high school.
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technology has the power to change lives for the better. this is not one of those cases. engineers have developed a chat bot that sends love messages automatically. the inventor explained love bot is a bot that chats on behalf of you. it looks 100% like it is coming from your account. he invented the bot because his wife was upset that he didn't say i love you enough. look at a sample message. to my husband this is in no way a computer generated message. it is coming from the heart. the heart being in the chest. that sounds like a woman, doesn't it? if you are a man here is an exchange you can have with your wife.
12:55 am
hello, huynh knee, how was your day? you must feel terrible. you have my love and support. your husband we have to listen. is it a good idea? >> no. if you are so bad at saying i love you say remind my wife i love her. >> good idea. >> thank you. >> maybe -- i don't know. >> a little real love? >> drop a note in the in box.. >> you are from canada too. >> just say i love you as often as you can all the time. >> love you allen thicke.
12:56 am
>> if there was a guy only black market and we knew about this robot and women did not it would have a fighting chance to work. especially if it was love notes and remembering anniversaries. but now that it is in the public eye we can't deny it is a good idea gyro boughts boughts are nothing brand new. they used to just fit in the purse. >> i thought that was a massager. >> of those messages you get message back, let's chat next week. your wife wife's lawyer. >> then it is you and the goose. >> he has a squadron. >> what network is the show on? >> pop network. third season, unusually thicke starting the 21st. >> fantastic and thank you for coming. >> pleasure. >> kennedy, chris hahn and
12:57 am
tony thicke, and that's it for me, the lovely tom shillue and we'll see you next time. or for .
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happy birthday. hillary clinton takes a sick day and donald trump responds to clinton's basket of deplorables comment. this is "special rot." good evening. i will go one on one with republican vice-president nominee mike pence. first, the muonday after what many have called the worst weekend for the campaign of hillary clinton. the nominee is resting at home we're told. noling h i following her departure from a 9/11 event. they are slamming the campaign for how it


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