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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 13, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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she stuck her thumb out, a good samaritan stopped, dropped her off at her big day along the bridesmaids. >> that's not fair to do to a bride on her wedding day. >> yeah. but she made it. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday. it's september 3rd. i'm ainsley earhardt. >> why she tried to hide it from the american people. >> i didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> the only problem, she can't remember how many times she's collapsed. >> well. then, after hillary clinton calls half of trump's supporters deplorable, trump introduces the deplorables to the world. here they are, folks. >> my wife and i represent
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non-deplorable people. >> i'm a wife, a mother. i work full-time. i am voting for donald trump. >> after all the horrible scandals that hillary clinton has been involved in and that she has the gall to call us deplorable. >> dance floor drama. i'm not kidding. ryan lochte, protesters storm the stage on live television during a "dancing with the stars" debut. security was able to tackle these idiots and took them down. we got more angles from this dramatic video coming your way. even "dancing with the stars" is not safe anymore. no wonder i didn't do it. mornings are better with friends. that name looks familiar. that face looks familiar. >> what's his name? >> that's newt gingrich. he's going to be on our show. >> the bill o'reilly has a new book out today and laura ingram
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joins us with long with sandra. >> christian singer, natalie grant. >> by the way, that's larry gatlin. that's a -- >> it's one of his songs. he doesn't have a microphone on. it's killing him. he's tapping out. >> oh, my goodness. we love larry gatlin. we're going to have him twice on the show today. >> he might have pneumonia. >> i was going to say something like that. >> down on the sofa. he just needs water. >> get some water. >> let's clear his schedule. >> in the meantime, we'll talk to you about the race to the white house. >> that's right. but she says her pneumonia diagnosis is no big deal. >> live in chappaqua new york. mike? >> brian, steve, ainsley, good morning to you. even democratic allies say it is not the cough, it is the cover-up that has made this a
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major issue for hillary clinton and her campaign. her campaign team only came clean that she's suffering from pneumonia after this released of her stumbling, struggling leaving the 9/11 memorial in new york on sunday. clinton insisted in a phone interview last night that she did not faint. >> no, i didn't. i felt dizzy and i did lose my balance for a minute. but once i got in, once i could sit down, once i could cool off, once i had some water, i immediately started feeling better. and mine daughter lives nearby. so i went over to her apartment and spent time with her and my grandchildren. >> hillary clinton is off the campaign trail again today and the rest of this week is really up in the air. she's being replaced out on the campaign trail by her husband, former president bill clinton, who will appear at several finance events in california and
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do a speaking engagement in las vegas. clinton and her key aides acknowledge they could have handled this pneumonia issue better. >> if we weren't fast enough, you know, i've talked to my staff, we take responsibility for that. but the information is out there. you can't say the same thing about donald trump. >> clinton now says she will release more medical information. fellow democrats saying this is a rough patch for the clinton campaign just eight weeks from the election. we heard hillary clinton talk about how she got in the scooby van. they took her to chelsea's apartment. on the cover of the -- that's the video that's caused all of this. on the cover of the new york post today where they've got kind of a modified version of the operation game, look right there. according to the post, she skipped the e.r. to dodge the
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media. that's according to the new york post. apparently what happens is protocol for see kret service is to -- if this happens, take the person to a level 1 trauma unit. they were going to take her to the hospital but a campaign aide instead said, you know whark let's not do that. instead, they took her to chelsea's apartment even though they broke protocol. >> seems like a risk to take. >> they didn't want to do a lot of explaining. >> what are they, doctors? how do they know, the woman just passed out. she basically got tossed into a car and then some aide decides we'll go to chelsea's. >> she probably said i don't want to be seen at the hospital. that would not look good. let's get the doctors to chelsea's apartment to look at me there. she's been running for this position for her entire adult
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career. she's not going to let one thing ruin it for her. >> we're not talking about a bad party. if i'm surviving there without medical training and incompetent see a friend of mine or a a co-worker or my boss passed out, i would say, it's not up to me to bring it to her daughter's apartment. i got to make sure you're okay. >> brian, maybe this has happened a lot before. yesterday they were trying to put out the fire. the campaign admits we blew this whole thing. andrea mitchell asked her spokesperson, did she lose consciousness. he said i don't think so. don't think so? >> hillary clinton called in to anderson cooper and said this about what she recalled from the incident. >> how often has this happened? >> oh, i think really only twice that i can recall. you know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life.
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and i'm aware of it and usually can avoid it. >> bill clinton interviewed with charlie rose and charlie rose was indicating that does this indicate your wife has serious issues? he said it's a mystery to me and to her doctors. then he walked it back. not frequently. rarely but on more than one occasion. the same thing has happened to her when she was severely dehydrated. >> the big picture, they say pneumonia is got a big deal. >> her type of new moan yachlt walking pneumonia. >> seeing somebody pass out in weather that's not considered suffocating summer weather and nobody is having problems. >> we all wish her the best. but we want transparency. when you're going to the polls to vote for the next president of the united states and someone who will lead our troops into wars possibly and have at that capability, then you want to make sure they're healthy and
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you want to make sure we have transparency and that things are not brushed under the rug. >> it's like the e-mail server. she has a penchant for privacy. she wants to keep things private. she tried to keep this private and it looks like she's hiding something. donald trump was on our show yesterday. he said nothing except nice things, get better, hope to see you at the debate. he does have a problem about what she said, calling 50% of his voting base as he labeled -- she labeled them, deplorable. >> a basket of deplorables. well, he was on stage down in asheville, north carolina, yesterday. you know what he did, he asked his supporters, the so-called deplorables as hillary clinton has labeled half of them, to come on up stage so folks could meet them. here they are. >> my wife and i represent
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non-deplorable people. >> do i look deplorable? >> no. >> what? >> no. >> i'm a wife, a mother, i work full-time and i am voting for donald trump. >> after all the horrible scandals that hillary clinton has been involved in and she has the gall to call us deplorable, unbelievable. >> as a black female american, i say let's get out and support donald trump. >> are they really running with -- it's been pretty funny, people in social media have been -- that site where you can buy merchandise, they're selling t-shirts that say -- >> coffee mugs. >> like fraternity of the basket of deplorables. these are bracelets.
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>> love deplorables. >> i'm a trump deplorable. >> unexpendables. on the movie, the expendables, the deplorables. donald trump, jr., tweeted that out. go to his twirt. and see that. >> proud to be a deplorable. proud member of the basket of deplorables. >> she's going to be off for a few days and bill clinton will go in her spot. he's going to go out to los angeles to some celebrities, i think mcfarlane's house. >> family guy. >> they're going to go to his mansion and gets tens of thousands of dollars. he's out of money. i'm being sarcastic. how much money does one woman need? >> bill clinton is stepping in for her until gets better. >> there's lots of other news and for that we turn to heather nauert. >> good morning to all of you. this is a tragic story. there is an intense manhunt under way at this hour for the man who shot and killed a
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shelby, north carolina, police officer. officer tim brachen was shot in the stomach while searching for a wanted man over the weekend. his accused killer, irving fenner, jr., seen right there is the man that the officer was looking for. there's now a $25,000 reward leading to his arrest. please call police if you have information. overseas, iran is threatening to shoot down american spy planes over international waters. the iranian military warning two navy planes to change course or risk being shot down. the pilots ignoring the warning and continuing on with their mission. this is the latest in a series of confrontation between the u.s. and iran. plus boats harassed navy warships at least five times. >> a plane full of fuel skips on a runway when the landing gear comes off. the sort of crash landing caught
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on camera. take a look. wow. that was an indonesian cargo plane. it scraped and smoked for nearly a mile before it finally stopped. that plane was carrying 14 tons of fuel to that airport. wow. thank goodness that didn't explode. the landing gear, look at that there, left sitting on the tarmac. not clear why it snapped off. no one was hurt. ryan lochte, upstaged by protesters at his "dancing with the stars" debut. security tackling two suspects as they rushed the stage shouting "liar." watch this. >> ryan, you're right. this is the place for second chances. swimming is -- excuse me. excuse me. hey, back off. >> lochte was a little shaken. he responded after the show, was forced to make a commercial break. >> here's what he said. >> so many feelings are going through my head right now. a little hurt. but you know, i came out here, i
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wanted to do something that i'm completely not comfortable with. i did. >> the two men were wearing no lochte shirts. they were arrested and charged with trespassing. he's faced harsh criticism since he talked about being robbed at the olympics. those are your headlines. unbelievable. >> from dancing to the bars to "dancing with the stars." >> he was hurt in the heart -- >> i think his feelings. his big debut. still ahead on this tuesday, more on the fallout from hillary clinton's health scare. our next guest wonders if her campaign was hiding this. what else aren't they telling us? >> one child gets brutally honest about his first school assignment of the yeefrmt writing this. my first day was bad. i did not like it. at least it was a half a day. it was still a bad day. >> more coming up next. i have asthma...
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i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city. as soon as i got into the air-conditioned van, i pulled off, got some water and very quickly i felt better. so i felt fine, but i'm now
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taking my doctor's advice, which was given to me on friday that i ignored, to just take some time to get over pneumonia completely. >> hillary clinton says she just -- it's just pneumonia and she did not think her diagnosis was a big deal. but with the way the campaign has handled the situation so far, should we look for closely at her past medical records? let's talk to dr. -- a clinical associate professor at the nyu school of medicine. good morning to you, doctor. >> good to see. >> this is all anybody is talking about. she says she has pneumonia. she knew it on friday, didn't tell anybody. what do you think? >> i think she probably has new moan yachi can't. the doctor said explain the symptoms. you can get dehydrated. your blood pressure could drop, even lose consciousness. if you're not taking in at many
3:19 am
fluids. if you're burning up more fluids because you're fighting an infection. with antibiotics, if you're nauseated and vomiting, all of those things can cause your blood pressure to drop. >> sure. i think a lot of people feel the same way, she probably does have pneumonia, but they wonder whether or not it's something else, there's an underlying condition or something else we don't know about. she's not going to tell us. >> sure. i'm not treating her. normally in a doctor/patient relationship, the patient tells you the different symptoms. they're trying to get diagnosed and treated. it's a little difficult because we don't necessarily know all the symptoms. first they said overheating. >> it turned out that wasn't true. >> dr. oz is going to be reviewing donald trump's, some of his records on his thursday telecast. hillary clinton announces she's going to be releasing more medical records. what do we need to see from the candidates, both of them? >> i think, with any job, right, we have to see if they can perform the job function.
3:20 am
normally if i was a worker, somebody with disability, we figure out the job functions and test them for that. disability versus death, in that age group, you look at cardiovascular fitness. >> she's had a concussion with a blood clot in her head. maybe a neurologist should weigh in. >> i think it's reasonable for a neurologist, neurosurgeon, somebody with expertise in that area could take a look. i think she has had that in the past. but the issue is sometimes -- personally, i think an independent medical evaluation might be helpful for both candidates. >> like what happened with john mccain. he had a thousand pages of that. >> exactly. nice to see you. >> good to see you. first they covered up wait times now a new bombshell for the v.a. until until you hear what's going on there. colin kaepernick kneeling for another national anthem during monday night football. larry gatlin has plenty to say about that. he's doing something about it,
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quick headlines this morning, the v.a. is under fire once again. the department of veterans affairs no longer sharing data on the quality of care at its medical center on national health care website. it was required do so after the wait time scandal. the v.a. says the health and human services department told them to stop until they could find a new way to share all the data. president obama set to veto a bill allowing 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia for their possible involvement in the attack. the white house confirming he
3:25 am
will strike down the bill that congress passed days ago. colin kaepernick who started the national anthem protest a couple of weeks ago once again kneeling in protest. he's turned it into a trend. broncos brandon marshall doing the same thing on thursday. >> several dolphins on their knees on sunday, 9/11. and peters holding up a fist. our next guest says this is dividing our country. country music legend and grammy award winner larry gatlin joins us now. >> hi kids. how are you y'all? >> you're outraged by this. >> my 89-year-old daddy wouldn't go for this if we tried to do that. he's 89 but big enough to kick us in the rear end. >> land of free, home of the brave. if they want to do it, obviously it's their right to do it.
3:26 am
i think it's my right to never watch him play a down of football again. that's not going to hurt his feelings at 20 million a year. i have a great friend, political cartoonist, did you see that, he was -- he had an interviewer on the sidelines and said, well mr. kaepernick, since there's so much income inequality, would you consider sharing some of that with your lessers to kind of bridge that gap? so i'm sure the young man meant well. my grandma said the road to hell is paved with good intentions. you meant to do something well. here's my question. by what metric will he judge the political and economic and racial situation -- >> you mean progress? >> progress, how is he going to judge that in order to stand back up for the national anthem? will it be -- should be if there were too fewer killings in chicago black on black killings
3:27 am
next week or in san francisco or people not killing people of color or anything else with all the other things going on. i would say being dead is something to stand up. if that's what it's going to be, you go to that community, go to some of those black americans, white americans, whoever, who are killing each other in the state where you can't own a gun to protect yourself. that would be a nice metric. too fewer deaths. >> if you see what happened to colin kaepernick after he sat during the national anthem, the only players who high fived him and fist pumped him are black players. the locker room, ultimate coming together place where everyone became a team, to me in the long run this is going to divide a team. it seems to be on the outside on racial lines. here's what arian foster said two days ago now. i make one thing clear, it's not
3:28 am
about the symbology that people are mad about. it's about the message and it's about who is saying it. if it's about a knee people are upset about, people of faith take a knee to give thanks to the lord. what you're doing is sitting out the national anthem which salutes our country. >> larry, what does the national anthem mean to you? >> i tell you this, if i ever had a political office, the one i want is this. i want to be the one for whom you have to sing the national anthem before you get to sing it on the national tv. we're going to have you stand out there. if you make it a career move or an audition and if you make it about yourself, there will be a trap door nobody will ever see you again. it is not a career move. it is not an audition. the very one most important thing it is not, it is not about the singer. so as a musician, francis scott
3:29 am
key wrote it when all hell was breaking loose and saw that we were winning. it needs to paint that picture respectfully. it doesn't need to be four minutes long with trails and flourishes. o say can you see ♪ >> i got a little too high for 6:00 in the morning. it's our national anthem. it's not your career. that's the way i feel about it. paying respect to the song, what it meant, how it was written. plato and socrates said we might want to kill the musicians. yes, it should stir us for the right reason. >> i'm sorry? >> socrates ultimately kill himself. >> thanks for bringing it down, brian. >> because he's killing the truth of the young people. >> will you stick around and sing for us?
3:30 am
>> you're going to sing later on. >> the brothers will be here, we'll do it. meanwhile, coming up on this tuesday, it doesn't get any closer than this. >> [ bleep ]. >> that's what i say. what was that guy doing on the track while the race was still happening? you'll find out coming up next. that guy is lucky. >> it's being called one of the craziest elections of all-time. she's been covering it from the very beginning. maureen dowd is here with why november 8th decision is unlike any other. the year of voting dangerously. >> happy birthday first to tyler perry. 47 today. hold onto your forks. endless shrimp is back at red lobster. that means you get to try as much as you want...
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donald trump is battleground bound. the gop nominee wishing hillary clinton well after storming key states amid her health crisis. fox news senior national crescent john roberts is live on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump will be appearing at noon today. folks beginning to line up joking about them being part of the basket of deplorables. donald trump got another day on the campaign trail to himself with hillary clinton still off recuperating, blasting her at two events yesterday for her comments that half of his supporters belong in a basket of deplorabl deplorables. as you pointed out, bringing a bunch of people on stage in asheville to denounce what hillary clinton said. while clinton caulked back her comments to say she regrets lumping millions of trump supporters, half of them into a basket of deplorables, donald trump pressing it last night for
3:35 am
full effect. >> my opponent slanders you as deplorable and ir redeemable. i call you hard-working american patriots who love your country and want a better future for all our people. you're mothers and fathers, soldiers and sailors, carpenters and welders. you're democrats, you're independents, you're republicans. >> donald trump will continue to go after hillary clinton at the rally today in des moines. but tonight in pennsylvania, real change of pace. a big policy address on child care. i've read through it. can't bring you the details until 8:15 this morning. this is unlike anything, ainsley and steve i've seen from a republican candidate. this is his daughter ivanka trump's signature issue. she'll be joining him. this comes from the trump policy shop. this is not the broad republican strategy. it's trump alone. we'll be watching for that tonight. again, details on that in a
3:36 am
couple of hours for you. >> thank you. >> she'll be with us tomorrow morning to detail that plan as well. >> john, thank you very much. brian, over to you. >> john roberts. thank you. hillary clinton speaking out about her dramatic health scare on sunday trying to explain why she kept it a secret. >> well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. i know chuck said today, he didn't tell anybody. it's a kind of thing that if it happens to you and you're a busy, active person, you keep moving forward. >> chuck being chuck schumer who said he also has pneumonia. new york times columnist maureen dowd is the author of a brand new book, comes out today. the year of voting dangerously. she's here to weigh in. >> welcome and congratulations. >> thank you, brian. >> why are people having trouble believing, even anderson cooper last night, having trouble believing her status on her
3:37 am
health care. >> because david axelrod put it best, it's not about health, it's about stealth. this is a problem hillary clinton has had. she had it in arkansas but it intensified when she got to washington. i started covering her as first lady in '92 or even running with bill in '92. it's a microcosm of her problem, which is when a relatively mundane problems comes up, she stone walls and is defensive. trump has a wall but she has a wall around her that gets higher and higher. and then her press and her foes go into a frenzy because they can't get the truth and there are appearing and disappearing records and then it snowballs into something it never needed to be. >> travelgate on down from whitewater through. it gets longer and longer. people say, well, why are you picking on her? then we move on. she wins or loses. >> it's an unhealthy sim biosis. >> you look at both candidates
3:38 am
in this book. let's look at donald trump for a second. who is the donald you know in '930 and compare and contrast that to the one running. >> i started covering his would-be presidential bids in 1999. he went down to cuba and approached a presidential rope line. he was shy about t he sort of jumped back. i don't know. he wanted to do it. but i think he thought he could never do t i think no one is more surprised to find himself where he is than donald trump. he was stunned that he was able to stand on the debate stage and somehow come out the winner. >> and he did. he gets the nomination. he's going to against hillary clinton, someone went to his wedding and saw before. >> nethey were friendly. >> is had hard to be critical in this book? you've cited positive and negative things and you've got to be critical but knowing that you know them both. >> i think even hillary said this as a fundraiser recently, that she's the only thing standing between us and the
3:39 am
abyss, meaning donald trump. a lot of people think that trump deserves more reproach for his bigoted comments than hillary. just because you can approach donald when he does something wrong doesn't mean that ilori is above reproach. they both have to be examined. >> the clear average in terms of who the candidates are and unfavorabilities is extraordinarily high. how much are they -- how much is that they're responsible for? is it their behavior or perceived behavior? >> well, i think in trump's case, because he went from this new york happy huckster on the apprentice to people comparing him to hitler. that was not a good progression. in hillary's case, she has these patterns which are very
3:40 am
self-destructive and the clintons get you in this situation. even democrats, even their most loyal fans in hollywood say they get you in the middle of a campaign and all of this stuff starts blowing up that no one knew anything about. what fresh hell is this? >> democrats get mad. really quick, what was the thought behind getting your brother and sister involved? >> my family are conservatives and my brother always writes a column around the holidays to get the view from inside the belly of the red state. i think they are writing essays about voting for trump and my sister jumps off the train sometimes at trump, retweets stuff about heidi cruz. i think it gives you a feeling for how paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are thinking, which they can't say now but will say after the election. >> the book is as creative and interesting as the title. the year of voting dangerously. maureen dowd. congratulations. >> thank you. heather nauert, you have more breaking news.
3:41 am
>> i do. good morning. a school bus packed with children explodes into flames. this incredible video coming out of maryland. it shows that bus. how terrifying. completely engulfed with thick black smoke pouring into the sky. two dozen elementary school kids were on board. thankfully, they got off safely. that's thanks to the hero bus driver who did that. a witness says she helped get one of the students out. one by one and then went back inside to make sure no one was left behind. that happening in maryland. thank goodness they're okay. a man narrowly escapes death on a slippery racetrack. there was a coolant spill and caused the cars to swerve out of control in germany. one driver gets out the of car to warn others about the danger when a bmw heads straight toward him. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> wow. that race car barely missing the guy as he leaps over the guardrail in the nick of time. he is okay.
3:42 am
>> school officially back in session. sometimes that means homework for kids and big laughs for parents. take a look at what 7-year-old jack wrote about his first day of second grade. he wrote my first day was bad. i did not like it. at least it was a half day. >> this is a first grader's response. a develop as owe raptor. >> my son will be disappointed. send us pictures of your kids. e-mail us at friends@fox those are your headlines. my son peter wrote math bad on the top of the assignment. >> i write that across my checkbook. >> thank you, heather. straight ahead. >> thousands of american flags taken off a college campus and thrown in the trash. displaying them could trigger micro aggressions. the outrageous story coming up next. the latest addition to the
3:43 am
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it's a disgrace to disgrace the honor of a 9/11 -- flags of nearly 3,000 victims tossed in the trash can. some of them broken. this all happened at occidental college outside of los angeles in california. the reason for this? some say displaying them could trigger micro aggressions. here now the president of the occidental college republican club and one of the organizers of the 9/11 memorial is mr. allen bliss. thanks for being with us, allen. >> thank you for having me, today, ainsley. >> i want to get your reaction. just so the viewers know, on
3:47 am
saturday night you put out nearly 3,000 flags around the campus. by sunday morning they were all gone. you found them in the trash can. what was your reaction? >> just complete heartbreak. i had friends putting up flags for family and other friends lost in the event. i had a friend put up a flag for her mom on the 103rd floor. think about how she saw that flag representing her mom in the trash bin. >> good point. i want to read to the viewers at home what the signs that were posted next to the trash can said. rest in peace the 2,996 americans who died in 9/11. rest in peace, the 1,455,590 innocent iraqis who died during the u.s. invasion for something they didn't do. clearly, this is someone who was not for the war and the reaction that the u.s. had. >> absolutely. completely insensitive to politicize this event. this was meant to memorialize those americans. other citizens working in the united states on september 11th
3:48 am
who were victims of this terrorist attack. they're detracting from what 9/11 really means and trying to advance their political agenda. >> allen, how did we get to this point. speaking from a millenial, someone in college, what do we need to improve this feeling about the american flag that some people unfortunately, do have? >> well, it all goes back to big government and education allowing for safe spaces and trigger -- and micro aggressions to -- we can remain hostage to that or truly embrace holistic educational experience by opening up to intellectual conversation and debates and open ideas. i mean, people coddled nowadays and their ideas aren't refuted because it triggers them. they get emotional. i mean, the only ones that fall are the schools. not just occidental. but schools across the nation. something has to change about that. this is just completely disrespectful. it's heinous what happened.
3:49 am
>> allen, we applaud you. our country needs more millenials like you. thank you so much for what you're doing. we wish you all the best and hope you'll continue this next year. >> thank you so much, ainsley. thanks for having me on the show. world war ii vet who earned three purple hearts is now fighting a new battle. >> they're asking for money all the time. it struck me on the side of my shoulder and head. >> and he's not the only one. leah gabriel is here with a shocking trend that's hurting our heroes. come on in, leah. your car got rear-ended and you needed a tow. did your 22-page insurance policy say, "great news. you're covered?" no. it said, "blah blah blah blah..."
3:50 am
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3:52 am
♪ the numbers are staggering. more than 8% of adults 65 and older experience some sort of consumer fraud and sadly older
3:53 am
vets seem to be some of the biggest targets. >> fox news correspondent lea gabe bree he will -- sat down with one. >> it's a sad statistic. aging veterans tend to be a larger proportion of those victims. i met one. here's the story. >> these are six months of service for each part. >> dennis is a war hero and not just any war hero. he fought off the japanese as an army infantryman in world war ii. >> purple heart wounds. the worst on this is on my left eye. i had built us a deep trench about four feet deep and as i jumped in, i saw the bomb explode and fell the -- felt the concussion. i would never regain central vision in that eye. >> he receives money for his
3:54 am
service and his disability. he's fighting a whole new value. the people he hired to take care of him and his daughter were robbing him. they were actually stealing some of your va money. >> they were asking for money all the time and, of course, that's where it's coming from. >> it wasn't just money that was being stolen. it was dennis's dignity as well. >> he struck me on the side of my shoulder and head, and i got away from him as quick as i could and every time i went back i always made sure that i was clear of him. >> it wasn't until late 2015 that dennis finally asked for help. he approached fellow church member gil march continuous who was the -- martinez for help. >> he said will you protect me? he needed protection and there's only one answer i could give him. that was yes. >> i don't know where i would be
3:55 am
if i hadn't found gil. >> he began going through dennis's finances and found something was amiss. >> three months when after his wife passed away, i noticed the increase going out to their benefit. when that ran out, the monthly income, they went after the life insurance policies. when they ran out, they went after 16 credit cards in his name. when that rant out, they went out for a loan against his house, and one day i asked him, sergeant, can you open your wallet and show me how much you have. >> and nothing. >> i said sarge i'm going to take you home. i call the santa fe police department. >> after seeing $69,000 was taken from his savings and $42,000 was charged to credit cards under his name, the police issued arrest warrants on the two on charges of fraud and they
3:56 am
are on the run. >> they abused him in more ways than one, financially, verbally, morally. a total breakdown on a man and his daughter. >> are you afraid they might come back? >> i'm afraid of them and i'm trying to be very careful to make sure that i'm clear of them and if i ever see them, i drive away, i get away as quickly as possible. >> it was such an honor to meet him. i asked both gil and dennis if the va advisers or doctors noticed anything was amiss, both of them said no. that's why it's important for us to watch out for our veterans. >> unfortunately that people would be that awful and go avid's money -- after individuals money. >> it makes them targets for that type of abuse.
3:57 am
>> lea, thank you very much. still ahead on this tuesday, we've got, as you can see, from screen left, judge napolitano, bill o'reilly, and newt gingrich. you are watching "fox & friends." but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power,
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4:00 am
♪ good morning, it is tuesday september 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. overnight, hillary clinton breaks her silence on her sickness and why she hid it from you, all the american people. >> well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> it turns out this has happened before but she can't remember how many times. >> details. meanwhile, president obama loves to remind us he gave the go sign to kill osama bin laden but one presidential candidate says that was a bad idea. instead of three shots to the
4:01 am
head, he deserved a day in court. we'll tell you about that. dance floor drama, ryan lochte, protesters stormed the stage during his "dancing with the stars" debut. >> this is a place for second chances. hey, back off! >> and that is not the judge laughing in the background. he knows that would be inappropriate. this morning, brand-new reaction from the swimmer and those two guys are anti-swimming, it looks like. they don't like to swim. mornings are better out of the water unless you are aquaman with friends. ♪ ♪ guess who is going to be on our show today. >> she is an awesome christian singer. her name is natalie immigrant --
4:02 am
grant. >> bill o'reilly has got a brand-new book today out about the japanese. and saddie robertson has a brand-new show. >> smile and wave if you think brian is a nut, is crazy. what goes on in your mind. >> we were told to get through those pictures as quickly as possible. even though it makes no sense. >> it's a busy day. the judge will be with us in a minute. we're talking about all sort of stuff, including the fact there could be a contingency plan if the democrats have to pick a new candidate for president of the united states. >> the democrats are talking about that. >> they came up with a plan by 6:00 last night. first, we hand it over to heather with developing news. an intense manhunt is under way this hour for the man shot and killed a shelby, nok, police officer. he was shot in the stomach while
4:03 am
searching for a wanted man over the weekend. his accused killer, irving fender, jr, was the man the officer was looking for at the time. there's a $25,000 reward for his arrest. please call police if you have information. a power outage at one of the nation's busiest airports causing delays over night. united airlines losing power, one passenger showing a picture. she waited for hours and hours on the runway. flights are back to normal. olympic gold medalist upstaged by protesters at his "dancing with the stars" debut. security tackling two suspects as they rushed the speed shouting "liar." >> ryan, this is a place for second chances. excuse me. back off. >> he responded after the show
4:04 am
that he was forced to take a commercial break and here's what he said. >> so many feelings are going through my head right now. a little hurt, but you know i came out here. i wanted to do something that i'm completely not comfortable with, and i did. >> the two men were wearing no lochte t-shirts and they were arrested and charged with trespassing. >> no lochte shirts. >> i guess they made them up. more than 1,000 new words making their way into the oxford dictionary, including these, gender fluid, yolo, and forgetaboutit. >> hey, forgetaboutit. >> no rs.
4:05 am
>> the dictionary is updated every new month with those new phrases. >> the judge is from new york. he can do about it. >> forgetaboutit. >> there you go. >> let's go out not from hillary clinton's house in chappaqua in new york. is mike emanuel. she didn't think it was a big deal. that's why she kept pneumonia a secret. >> eight weeks from election day and hillary clinton is off the campaign trail again today recuperating from pneumonia, they only revealed she had pneumonia after video showing her stumbling into the van after the 9/11 memorial. clinton insists she didn't faint. >> no, i didn't.
4:06 am
i felt dizzy, and i did lose my balance for a minute, but once i got in, once i could sit down, once i could cool off, once i had some water, i immediately started feeling better. and my daughter lives nearby, so i went over to her armt, and, you know, spent time with her and my grandchildren. >> before that interview, clinton tweeted late yesterday afternoon like anyone who has ever been home sick from work, i'm just anxious to get back out there. see you on the trail soon and signed it h. the first indication we had of a health issue came in cleveland on labor day. [ coughing ] >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> clinton says she didn't think her health issue was that big of a deal. she's had some of these dizzy dehee dratd issues over the
4:07 am
years but did not give a precise number. okay. that's troubling. >> it's good when you have a husband that's former president that can fill in for you. that would certainly keep the money come in. >> some people would rather see him than her at some of these events. >> no doubt about it. >> look who is here. judge napolitano. we started this chatter yesterday, some democrats are worried about hillary, whether or not she's up to snuff when comes to healthwise. now apparently a former dnc chair by the name of don fowler said i think there should be a contingency plan developed by 6:00 this afternoon. >> the person who said that was appointed to the dncb by her husband. the dnc has all the authority of the democratic national convention when the convention is not in session.
4:08 am
they could this afternoon if they wanted to by a simple majority vote replace her as they did with senator tom eagleton in 1972 for medical reasons. there might be a political uproar. there would be a battle between the bernie sanders and joe biden people. >> what about tim kaine? it would not automatically be tim kaine. >> no, it would not automatically be tim kaine. if it's joe biden or bernie sanders, they might want to choose their own vp candidate. >> it's never going to happen. >> i can't say it's never going to happen. it depends how sick she is and how much time she's off the campaign trail. donald trump will make hay, and rightfully so, while she's at home in chappaqua. as they see the poll numbers change, they have to do something. >> we'll see if she's able to get out there. if there's more than just
4:09 am
pneumonia. she is right, it's minor and she's being treated, unless there's something else going on, because of her credibility gap, we don't know what to believe. >> that's the point our colleague charles krauthammer made last night. the credibility gap is getting worse. another example of the cover up, the refusal to tell us and the press the truth is far worse than a simple case of pneumonia. >> she spoke to her staff. >> they are dropping like flies. >> she has enough time to recovery before the debate. >> if she lays low between now and the debate, they can't do nothing. trump would take off. >> if she would faint again. >> senator eagleton agreed to leave. if a simple majority says you
4:10 am
are out, she would be out. >> there was some drama yesterday. something you've been studying as well. jason chafs called in fbi agents and said you got to give us this material and i want it unredacted. let's listen. >> the fbi provided congress the full file with no redactions of personal identifiable information. >> i cannot do that today. >> i'm going to issue a subpoena and i'm going to do it right now. i signed this subpoena. we want all the 302s and we would like the full file. you can accept service on behalf of the fbi? >> certainly. >> you are hereby served. >> wow, he was planning for that. >> 302s is the federal government terminology for the individual reports made by fbi agents as they interviewed each witnesses. we saw some of those 302s when they released them -- the friday before labor day, but they were heavily, heavily redacted.
4:11 am
while that was going on, what you just showed in the house, senator chuck grassley in the senate was blasting the fbi for doing the following. the fbi sent classified and nonclassified material to the senate secure room. the people running the senate secure room are told to treat everything in there as if it's classified, including the nonclassified. senator grassley goes in. reads the classified, reads the nonclassified. wants to discuss the nonclassified in public -- >> they won't let him. >> they won't let him. he says if i could reveal what i saw, it's earth shattering, but they won't let me reveal it. how can the fbi commingle classified and nonclassified. >> was it by mistake? >> i don't know if it was by mistake. senator grassley said it was not by mistake, and they violated the law. you have the fbi preventing the
4:12 am
legislative branch from doing its job. >> will the fbi be obligated to cough up the unredacted stuff? >> unless a judge interviews. then you have the fbi giving grassley and chafs everything or going to a federal judge. >> that means it's not going to happen until after the election. it's going to take a long time. >> there are judges sitting in an emergent capacity for applications like this. i wouldn't be surprised if it's resolved by the end of this week. >> cha ves said the same thing. there were two copies of the document. he had to go reread them all because the fbi gave him two different versions of the same thing. >> here's what we have heard from people who have seen this stuff. that the fbi is attempting to create a false impression of what they want us to think they found by selectively releasing
4:13 am
all information. if all of it had been released people could form their own opinions about the wisdom and lawfulness not to prosecute mrs. clinton. >> i hope you are wrong about that because the fbi would look very terrible. >> this is starting to look like a blackeye for them. >> moving on, on this tuesday. first they put our sailors on their knees, then they taunted our ships, now iran says they will shoot our planes right out of the sky. the latest from washington next. and you have to see this. ♪ ♪ no landing gear on that plane because it fell off. the insane video and then what happened next. >> is sully flying that plane? ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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do you want to answer that? nah, i'd never with a kid in the car. it's ok. i'm not here. [phone vibrating multiple times] i'm there. a bold threat in the middle east. iran now threatening to shoot down american spy planes over international waters. >> great. this is just the latest in a series of confrontations between the united states and the country of iran. >> how much more are we going to
4:18 am
take? kristin fisher joins us live with the latest. they keep calling us out and we keep looking the other way. >> brian, tensions between iran and the u.s. navy has really been scplating for some time. so much so that the number of dangerous interactions at sea have doubled over the last year. this latest happened on saturday. two navy surveillance aircraft were flying on a recon mission over the persian gulf. 13 miles outside of iran. asked why they were flying so close to iran, u.s. official says we wanted to test the iranian reaction. the reaction was to threaten to shoot down those two u.s. jets. the pilots ignored the warning and continued to fly. when you add it up, you can see a dangerous pattern here. in august, iranian posts harassed navy warships in the
4:19 am
persian gulf on five occasions. one time they got so close that the navy fired three warning shots. defense officials are worried it would take only one misstep, one human error for these warnings and provocations to turn into the real deal. >> thank you very much. totally disrespected. >> no kidding. straight ahead, he like his candidate so much he voted for him not once, not twice, but three times. no such thing as voter fraud you wonder? we got proof coming up next. you see her around the robinson dinner table when you watch "duck dynasty" now she's coming to your town. sadie robertson is coming up. ♪ i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. by the time i was 30, i said "that's it, i'm a smoker for life." i wanted to be a non-smoker and i did it
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4:23 am
time now for news from the numbers, a shamed wells fargo executive is walking away with $125,000,000. next, he liked his candidate so much he voted for him three times. the tennessee man busted for voting in three separate states in tennessee, north carolina, and florida. he's been charged with voter fraud. you think so? >>. $190,000 is how much alec baldwin for a fake painting. he didn't realize it was a copy of the original painting until recently. he's now suing. >> i bet he got mad. >> if he called you and said i
4:24 am
got a fake, bring it back. i'll give you back all your money. don't hurt me. as you can see right there, dinnertime, robertson family, "duck dynasty" fame, they make no secret about their faith. >> we saw that firsthand when we went to visit them in louisiana. they have never been the same. now, willie and corey's daughter is taking the stage and she's touring the country to inspire all of us. >> spending an evening with us, we're going to share our stories and there's going to be videos that tie in the show, spoken word. >> so cute. here now to tell us about her live original 2016 tour is sadie robertson. congratulations. >> so excited to be here. >> how did you get this idea? >> well, actually, i know i talk about my faith a lot but it was literally from god. it's a different thing, new
4:25 am
thing. i don't know how i would have came up with this without him. a lot of the older generation is speaking to a younger generation and is awesome and we need that wisdom. it's another thing to hear it from somebody your age and going through it with you. that was the idea behind you. >> you put together a show, a variety of show? >> it is. we're going to have live music and speaking and doing spoken word. >> it's going to be traveling across the country. >> yes, it is. >> kicking off september 17th. >> september 22nd. >> who is involved in. >> myself, my brother, two guy cousins, missy and jase's son. >> where do you get the knowledge that you want to portray? a lot of people say you are 17, 18, what do you know about the world. you traveled with the world and
4:26 am
you've also done "dancing with the stars." >> my dad used to call me the original. that was my nickname. you need to confident and express that. i wanted to share that message with other people that didn't hear that. >> young people need that message because they don't all have dads at -- like your dad telling you to be original. >> brian a moment ago mentioned you were on "dancing with the stars." the big headline out of hollywood this morning is that ryan lochte who was on the premier of "dancing with the stars" last night at the conclusion of his number, apparently a couple of guys in anti ryan lochte tee shirts stormed the stage. they had to be wrestled down. this is what the folks at home actually saw on the east coast feed but we also have some other video that shows somebody phone. what are your impressions? >> i can't imagine. it literally broke my heart when i saw that. i know a lot of people have not
4:27 am
the nicest things to say about him. at the end of day, we're all human. it would be so hard to pressure and stress and have that on top of it. this makes me so sad to think about. >> everybody who sat on the coach said the same thing. it's the hard of the show to do. this is his first night and he is jumped on stage. i'm sure that wasn't fun for him. >> for two week he's been practicing and preparing and he's been nervous about the dance and that was the last thing he had to worry about last night. >> now you got to bolster up security even on "dancing with the stars.". >> folks would like to know more about your tour. >> >> tell your family we said hi. we know they are watching. >> thank you for being an inspiration and role model to
4:28 am
young kids. >> yep, what she said. coming up on tuesday, president obama loves to remind us he gave the go ahead, kill bin laden order, but one presidential candidate say that's a bad idea. instead of three shots to the body, he deserved a day in court. and pumpkin spice season is upon us. you don't need to go to starbucks. sandra lee is cooking with friends making a pumpkin spice dessert you can even have for breakfast. she's really good at cooking. ♪ ♪ ♪ approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures.
4:29 am
i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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it's everything you need it to be...and more. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. you told me i had pneumonia and i told you i'm going to california, it's 3,000 miles, i got three appearances on friday a what would have told me as my
4:32 am
doctor. >> if i were asked, i would warn you the pneumonia was to rest to recover. >> i invited mrs. clinton and mr. trump. >> his last doctor who told him the healthiest man to run for president should he win. >> dr. oz is nervous. he's like in the middle of the presidential campaign. >> on thursday, donald trump's physical specimen will be revealed on the dr. oz show. >> they tape it wednesday. he does not know what the doctor -- he's not doing the exam. he's going to analyze what the doctor did. >> then interview donald trump about that. >> wednesday to air on his show thursday. he will be with us on thursday.
4:33 am
yesterday, he talked about that and we talked to donald trump, he says we're going to do it and he hopes to get hillary clinton to do the exact same thing. >> is donald trump's doctor that's examining him now, is that the same doctor that said he was totally fit, the most healthiest to run for president? >> that is a great question. i do not think -- it's a different doctor, but i know this that donald trump will turn over those records right to dr. oz who will analyze it and to many it will be a surprise to donald trump what dr. oz is going to say. >> you mean, donald trump is not going to eyeball it. oh, my goodness, look at my cholesterol. >> he does take lipitor, we know that and he has low blood pressure, not high blood pressure. >> what is lipitor? >> high cholesterol. >> here's heather nauert. >> good morning.
4:34 am
>> if she had her way, the terrorist behind the deadliest terror attack would still be alive. the green party presidential candidate jill stein says it wa laden. the man who pulled the trigger, rob o'neill says broken families find closure knowing he's dead but not just captured. >> i admitted that i saw him and i shot and killed him. >> the o'neill killed pin laden during a great in pakistan in 2011. a plane fueled with fuel skids down a runway when its landing gear snapped off.
4:35 am
this unbelievable landing caught on camera. watch this. it happened in indonesian. that was a cargo plane. it scraped and smoked for a mile before it stopped. it was carrying 14 tons of fuel to the airport. the landing gear sitting on the tarmac. no one was hurt. how lucky. it has happened again. another samsung phone explosion and this time it happened in the hands of a six-year-old boy. >> it caught on fire, then the battery exploded so he threw it on the floor and it was just like fireworks in the house. >> folks, if that's not a reason to ditch that phone, i don't know what is. this happened in new york city with wurns on his hands and body. he was watching a video on the
4:36 am
galaxy note 7. this is the latest report of exploding samsung phone. please be careful. those are your headlines. let's head outside to you right now, steve and ainsley. >> the things that go on behind the scenes. she's fixing my dress. >> the summer is coming to an end, which is not a bad thing, but it's time to get cozy. we're going to change our wardrobes. the food gets warm and hardy. >> sandra lee is here with her favorite recipes. what is priceless city and what it means? >> master card comes out with this list of cities. i've done a couple of series i've curated. i'm on tour with sur le table.
4:37 am
it's my first tour in seven years, i'm announcing it here right now and i leave tomorrow. >> where are you going? >> i'm going to l.a., miami -- all the priceless cities. >> we're glad you are good and healthy so we're pulling for you. >> i am. >> there's two priceless things you have to go and get. >> two of them, harry's cafe, food and wine experience. private reserve wine from harry's cafe and bar. fabulous. in the private grotto. we're going to be the rainbow room and have champagne. your anniversary, i'm going to remake the top of your wedding case. give you moet. >> where do we find it? >> >> this is from sur la table?
4:38 am
>> you are terrible. yes. this is going to be our pumpkin spice bundt cake. here's the mix. this is by the way the mini standmixer that is the gift on the tour. >> this is great. it doesn't take up as much room on the counter. >> you are doing scoens, baby. this is going to be cold, cold butter. you are going to be cutting it into this. here, you come on over here. you are cutting the cold butter in. scones are easy. don't cut yourself. this is going to be cut into tiny, teeny weanie balls. >> this is how steve does not bake. >> my wife does all the baking.
4:39 am
>> that's the finished product, steve. you are doing a great job. >> keep going. >> put some muscle into it. >> this is delicious. >> the recipes are on our website, guys. if you want to learn what steve is making, go to our website. >> these are delicious. one for ted the cameraman. ted. >> you want one? >> here's lori gatlin. >> we just need to save one more. >> no, no, no, come with me. we need to save two more. we need one for bill o'reilly, sandra, one for newt gingrich. >> here's lauren. she's responsible for the entire show. she's the vice president of mornings here at fox. >> thank you very much. delicious. >> i love you. >> check out her website and get the recipes.
4:40 am
bill o'reilly coming up straight ahead. >> newt gingrich and donald trump intertroe deuces -- introduces to the global -- deplorables. >> she rose to fame with her strong faith and beautiful voice but now she's helping others find their voice too. singer natalie grant joins us live. she's getting ready for us. ♪ ♪ what muscle pain? what headache? what arthritis pain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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4:43 am
don't just eat. ♪ mangia! bertolli. to be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables.
4:44 am
right? they are racist, sexist, homophobic, islamphobic, you name it. >> my wife and i represent nondeplorable people. >> i'm a wife, a mother, i work full-time, and i am voting for donald trump. >> after all the horrible scandals that's hishling has been -- hillary clinton has been involved in and she has the gall to call us deplorable. >> that went on and on and on. steve hilton is the ceo of a company and steve is in america. congratulations for launching your business. this is exactly what you were talking to us on the couch last week, trying to label people who around in the elite deplorable. >> yeah.
4:45 am
it's just unbelievable, brian. they just keep doing this stuff. when i saw this, i can't believe the hypocrisy of it. she's standing in front of a sign, saying stronger together. her whole campaign is kbas based on the idea that donald trump is hateful and divisive. all these people she's insulting, they are the victims of the policies that she and the rest of the establishment have been pushing for decades, that have put them out of work and cut their incomes and destabilized their communities. they should be apologizing for these people. >> look where she did, in an elite restaurant the average american will not get into. and then she was in the hamptons, she was with paul
4:46 am
mccartney. what does the average person think about this? >> they know this is what they think of them and she's done us all a favor by being clear about it and exposing the slogans and i'm going to bring the country together and all of that is just pure spin. they don't mean it. they really look down their snooty noses at regular americans who are wanting simple things like a better life for their families and a job that pays well. that's not good enough. they look down their noses at them. that has been exposed and people can feel that all along and they feel it. you've got this incredible support for donald trump and bernie sanders on the left and people are challenging the ruling elite that have been in power in decades, actually, ir respective of who has been in charge. >> one of the things that you think is very similar to the
4:47 am
brexit feeling inside england, we wouldn't know being that we're here is that they were no longer embarrassed to say we're britain first. where donald trump says we're america first and we're not embarrassed to say that. we have to look out for our own interests and we're not -- that's something the american people have been waiting to hear. >> i love the reaction from the kind of inat the at the -- inat the electric tule -- inetellectual elites, and the reaction was oh, my gosh, and regular people were yes, we should put our country first. that's out of touch these elites have become. i was there. working down the street with the prime minister david cameron. i saw myself how people got out of touch. >> he's a conservative, correct?
4:48 am
>> that's right. exactly. i decided the time of the brexit vote that it was such an important issue, i came out for brexit against my friend and former boss, david cameron, because i felt it's time that somebody stood up to this ruling elite that's been in charge and have made so many mistakes and messed things up for so many people here in america and the uk and around the world. >> i can sure you can appreciate trump did not comment on the shiny object which was health, he commented on policy. it's going to be an amazing 50 days. >> i think so and what's really clear, it was even before these remarks from clinton, this race is very close, and people who have been assuming, again, the people in new york and d.c. and over here in california been assuming there's no way trump can win. people aren't going to vote for him. they are dead wrong. people really want a big change and he's the candidate that stands for that kind of change. >> right.
4:49 am
steve hilton, giving us the analysis 3,000 miles away and he was of course across the pond for quite some time and refuses to wear a collar in our country and for that i really respect you. >> thanks for making me get up early. >> you love it. you are going to be so productive today and not off in your soup at 6:00 p.m. still ahead, laura ingram, bill o'reilly, newt gingrich. they are all live unless you know something different. plus, she rose to fame with her beautiful voice. natalie grant is here. ainsley is talking so loud i have to scream through the prompter.
4:50 am
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♪ ♪ >> christian singer natalie grant has inspired millions of people with that beautiful voice. >> now in our brand-new book, "finding your voice" she's teaching others how to identify and follow their calling. >> she joins us live and we should point out earlier when we walked in the studio we were laughing at ainsley because you were looking at an image of your daughter. why is her hair like this? >> my husband is panicking because it's school picture day and for all the daddy's out there, help, i don't know how to do their hair. i washed their hair last night, brushed it. all he was going to have to do
4:54 am
is run a brush through it. sent this to me. help. >> i didn't know school pictures were today. we're going to be doing a retake. >> this is one of those years where you don't keep those pictures. >> we were on vacation. >> if we can't sing, how do we find our voice? >> you know what? all of us have a voice. that doesn't mean you are supposed to be a singer. we all have something that we were zin and design to be. i think so often we listen to so many other voices that keep us from being our full potential. >> who are those voices from? >> well, i've got 14 voices right now going in my head. it is our inner voice that's telling us we're not enough, we're not living up to what we need to do. >> the doubts. >> it might have started from a school teacher, a parent, some negative voice that implants from us in a young age and keeps it -- i call it the voice of lies, constantly telling you that you are not enough. >> your music is awesome. i've been listening to you for
4:55 am
so long. love your music. how did you go from there to writing a book? >> when you just introduced me as an author, a sat up a little taller. >> on social media and interacting with so many people who like my music, especially women, i hear from so many how do i, you know, i feel less than, i feel like i'm disqualified, i'm on the sidelines, i'm being a voice for so many others that i've actually lost who i actually am and being the glue for everybody else. >> so many people think that resolves fame. but that's not the case. >> it revolves around purpose. i'm talking about finding your strive zone. >> what about the voice of god? >> in any life, i found my voice when i heard his voice.
4:56 am
i never heard some big booming voice. you recognize that gut instinct. you understand who he says you are, enough, qualified, cherished, valued, created in his image. i am more than who i think i am. >> how old are you when you had a relationship with god? >> oh, six. thanks, mom and dad. >> thank so much for blessing all of our lives. >> thanks for having me. >> the first time i saw god, george burns. that was a fantastic movie. >> you are right. he was genius. >> heather is over there shaking her head. >> he made a lot of sense. the movie version. >> the book once again, "finding your voice." still ahead on this program, laura ingram joins us live. newt gingrich. there's newt. bill o'reilly is going to be
4:57 am
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introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at good morning to you and your family. it's tuesday, september 13th. i'm ainsley earhardt. new overnight, hillary clinton comes clean about her illness and why she tried to cover it up. >> well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> was the cover up worse than the crime? newt gingrich and bill o'reilly both here live this hour. plus, meet the deplorables. >> i am probably a lot of things. deplorable is not one of them, i sure you. >> on donald trump's response to hillary clinton's insults. as you can see right there, a lot of people are cashing in
5:01 am
figuratively and literally on the deplorables comment. laura ingram joins us in 30 seconds. >> reality shows becomes way too real. storming the dance floor because ryan locht es was dancing. watch this. he is upstaged during his "dancing with the stars" debut. the takedown, the bizarre charge, the t-shirts and the arrests. those stories and more. mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ >> i'm going to stand up and say so. >> that's a great shot of laura ingram. >> it is. she's going to be with us really fast. >> we also have newt gingrich live this hour, and -- >> bill o'reilly. i'm reading his book and i'm just about done. it is probably his best book. >> oh, you think so? we're going to talk to him about it. >> meanwhile, larry gatlin is
5:02 am
with us this morning. he will be with us singing the song at the conclusion of this here hour. >> yesterday, laura ingram joins us. yesterday, hillary clinton was on with anderson cooper and this is what she said. >> no, i didn't. i felt dizzy and i did lose my balance for a minute, but once i got in, once i could sit down, once i could cool off, once i had some water, i immediately started feeling better, and my daughter lives nearby, so i went over to her apartment and, you no he, spent time with her and my grandchildren. >> how often has this happened?
5:03 am
>> oh, i think really only twice that i can recall. you know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life, and i'm aware of it and usually can avoid it. >> so measured terms. what is going on? >> what does that mean? i found the ending of that especially to be just wild. first of all, bill clinton said earlier in the night in an interview with charlie rose, i guess he taped earlier, that rarely on more than one occasion hillary has had this problem before over the course of i guess several years. >> and doctors have to figure it out. >> and anderson cooper asks her, well, your husband said this on charlie rose and she says well, not that i can recall more than two times, and we usually can, i
5:04 am
guess, get it under control. what is this condition? the follow-up question that he did not ask is what is this diagnosis and is it just -- you have perpetual dehydration. hillary clinton is a smart person. she would drink more water i guess, but what is this underlying condition? why wasn't protocol followed for a presidential candidate to virtually collapse. she said she didn't lose consciousness but to virtually collapse. why wasn't she brought to the nearest hospital? why wasn't that done? >> to your question, "new york post" has a an inclusive, she skipped the er to dodge the media. the protocol is to take them to
5:05 am
a level i trauma unit. someone said let's go to chelsea's apartment which is not that far away. they didn't want the doctors and nurses figuring outlet what was the matter with her. >> which is the question that's been dogging hillary for all this time since the initial concussion in 2012. what is the underlying condition? why don't we know what the current state -- and why don't we have a media that have been curious to the point of really investigating this and demanding answers? anderson cooper did not demand an answer to the question of why did you keep this from the media for 90 minutes after you collapsed? why was everybody kept in the dark? he did ask the question you were diagnosed supposedly on friday? i didn't think it was a big deal. how is it not a big deal. has anyone checked on that little girl who just popped out of the sidewalk and, you know, talked to hillary.
5:06 am
>> the spin is laughable. they say we all have pneumonia. >> oh, really? >> she quickly pivoted to why won't donald trump release his taxes as if she can get her balance back if donald trump releases his taxes. >> that was laughable. >> dr. david shiner who was barack obama's former physician said this. i think she thuf a neurological examination. she should have it in 2016. we know what happens when people players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability. i think both of them should have their records revealed. so this is barack obama's doctor saying that. >> there is something going on. i mean, we're not doctors, but we've heard from enough physicians who are not political people to say there is something going on and they compounds -- she spounds the public's distrust of what she's already
5:07 am
released by doing that weird scoot out of the event, and thrown into the van. they disappear. they come back for the shoe. cinderella gets her shoe back and goes over to chelsea and emerges for this phony looking deal with the girl -- it always look -- it looks all phony. i mean, her comments last night seemed phony. she's obviously reading something, trying to get back to trump and trump's problems. this has been going back to the arkansas days of the clintons. i said this in a piece i wrote yesterday, she has an allergy to transparency, they both do and it's like they have add-d. it's attack, denial, and deflection disorder. every time they are asked a question that's inconvenient, it's attack the questioner, deny, deny, deny, and deflect to something else, you saw her do that last night during the anderson cooper interview if that's what you can call her.
5:08 am
>> everyone wishes her the best and we want to believe it's pneumonia, but with everything that's happened, it's hard to trust what's actually happening and what the truth is. let's move on. a former dnc chair who was chair of the dnc firefighter 1995 to '97, he's friends with bill clinton. he said by yesterday 6:00 yesterday afternoon, we need as a democratic party come up with a potential successor just in case hillary is not healthy. the question is would it be tim kaine? he says this about her stamina. >> i've just been on the campaign since july 22. hillary clinton has been on the campaign trail for 18 months. her energy staggers me. i have a hard time keeping up with her. and we know she's going to be fantastic. >> he's elephant his balance -- he's lost his balance too.
5:09 am
>> what do you expect tim kaine is going to say? it's only practical, pragmatic for the democratic party to plan for what if, what if, what if, we do learn something else about hillary clinton's condition? we hope she's okay and we hope trump has the right tone yesterday. we want her back on the trail and we want her back. >> the problem with the clintons, unless you have a court order, dna evidence or video from multiple angles, you literally cannot pull the truth. it's like the jaws of life going in there to pull the truth out of the clintons. that's the problem. if she didn't have all this history are benghazi and the emails and troopergate, this wouldn't be a problem with this. >> what if we didn't have the video? >> no video, hillary's people would say she was there for the whole ceremony. >> tim kaine currently is the vice-presidential candidate, but
5:10 am
god forbid she passes out again in public, there's video, and they decide to do something, bring in a replacement, it's not going to be tim kaine. it's probably going to be joe biden, right? >> yeah. again, i don't think hillary is going to drop out unless she's forced to drop out. i don't see that happening. the clintons fight to the very end. if all the early voting that's already happened, the votes that havegun to her, those are lost votes if she does drop out. those votes are gone. so the democrat party has the ability to select with a new convention of sorts a new candidate if they want, and they can write their own rules on this. it's upthem. they could decide that, whether it's ki -- tim kaine. elizabeth warren. >> sanders wouldn't roll over if there's an opportunity. he wouldn't do that again. >> and check it out, allergy to
5:11 am
transparency is the column laura wrote. lots of stuff. a lot of news stuff going on. good morning to all of you. we're starting with a fox news alert. there's a chilling tip that stopped a deadly plot link to the paris terror attack. isis sent three men disguised as syrian refugees to carry out its latest mission. they were waiting for orders from the terrorist groups about when and where to strike but these men are under arrest. the tip claimed isis is planning to pull off a major massacre in germany similar to last year's slawr -- slaughter in paris. an intense manhunt is under way this hour for the man shot and killed a shelby, north carolina, police officer.
5:12 am
he was shot in the stomach while searching for a wanted man over the weekend. his accused killer, irving fender, jr, was the man the officer was looking for at the time. there's a $25,000 reward for his arrest. did you see this one? security had to tackle two protesters as they rushed the stage and shouted "liar"? >> this is a place for second chances. hey, back off! >> lochte was a bit shaken after. the show was forced to take a commercial break once this happened. listen to this. >> so many feelings are going through my head right now. a little hurt, but you know i came out here. i wanted to do something that i'm completely not comfortable with, and i did. >> the two men were wearing no lochte t-shirts and they were arrested and charged with trespassing. ryan lachte has faced pretty harsh criticism since lying about being robbed at the
5:13 am
olympics. refusing to stand during the national anthem again. colin kaepernick taking a knee against the season opener against the los angeles rams. watch this. ♪ well the safety, eric reed joining kaepernick on his knees as teammates antoine becka and eli harold raise their fists. but it wasn't all politics on monday night football. a doubleheader, a blow-out, the 49ers crushing the rams 49-0 and -- 28-0. i think the redskins were some of the players who helped hold up the american flag. >> so there were protests and a little football was played too? >> it's unbelievable. people are talking more bsh -- monch br that than the scores. our big final hour continues
5:14 am
this morning with bill o'reilly and newt gingrich both join us live. stick around. >> it's not over!
5:15 am
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5:17 am
let's talk politics. donald trump is battleground bound. >> the gop nominee wishing hillary clinton well while
5:18 am
storming key states amid her health crisis. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live on the trail in des moines, iowa with the latest for us. >> good morning to you. it always seems like we're back in iowa again. just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in. donald trump has got a big rally at noon eastern -- noon local time, 1:00 eastern where he's expected to go hard on hillary's comment on basket of deplorables. bringing a bunch of people on stage denouncing her comments, saying she should be disqualified to describe americans in such a way. >> when my he opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable. i call you hard working american patriots who love your country
5:19 am
and want a better future for all our people. >> later on today, donald trump going to make another news on another front, a big policy event where he will unveil his plans for childcare. here's the things that donald trump is going to propose today. he will propose to deduct childcare expenses for up to 4 children for people who don't don't have earn income tax credit for $1200 per child. a deduction for stay at home parents. he would also create dependent care savings accounts that would allow tax deductible contributions, the money can be used for childcare, after school education and tuition. and lastly, and this is a big one, he would provide six weeks of maternity leaves for mothers
5:20 am
not covered by their employers plan. he would do that under the framework of the unemployment insurance program. this is something he worked on with his daughter. this is outside of philadelphia. there's going to be a lot of families with children in childcare who are going to love that. >> exactly. if you don't get time off when you have a baby, you have to have a few weeks at least, more than that, i mean, three or four months would be ideal but six weeks is better than nothing. >> so many times we see a negative thing happen for a candidate, whether it was ted cruz, in this case it was hillary clinton and donald trump would trump the news that would help his candidacy by doing something, now you've seen him talk policy for three straight days, at the same time not bringing up the health. >> maybe he's proven that he does have the temperament to be president of the united states. up next, one of donald trump's deplorables, newt
5:21 am
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5:24 am
well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal, you know, i know chuck said today he didn't tell anybody. it's just the kind of thing if it happens to you and you're a busy, active person, you keep moving forward. >> chuck, chum -- chuck shumer has pneumonia too. >> apparently after it was diagnosed on friday, hillary clinton decided to tell only
5:25 am
family and close aides that she had pneumonia, but her penchant for privacy, whether it's this or the email server, back fired. >> well, first of all, it's not a penchant for privacy. it's a penchant foresee correspondence -- for secrecy. deleting 30,000 emails is a function of secrecy. she lives in a world in which secrecy and dishonesty are the hallmarks, having her staff routinely lie about her health fits her staff lying about everything else. why would they start telling the truth now? tom brokaw offered very good advice when she won't take, she probably needs a very serious medical work-up to find out what's going on. it's not like yesterday was in isolation. or rather monday. if that had been the only thing that had happened on sunday, her collapse sunday, people wouldn't be rushing to this level of
5:26 am
concern, but it's the duality that they have been secret about everything and they have been stifg the news media so liberal reporters are even getting irritated. at the same time she's had a series of health incidents that when they accumulate, you begin to go what's going on here? >> and you contrast it the way donald trump has handled this whole situation, it might be at the ideal time where he seems very measured and direct with the attack leaving the health away, because nobody wishes for poor health for a candidate, but i want to ask you in the big picture, when people say it's like bush 41 throwing up in japan, how is this different? >> i'm not sure that that helped bush get re-elected, which he didn't. i think here's the challenge and then i've known hillary for 24 years. she's in my prayers. i hope she's fine, but anybody who wants to be commander in chief, this isn't like running for the u.s. senate or governor.
5:27 am
the commander in chief, the president of the united states, every single day for their entire presidency is at the forefront of protecting this country and you don't know in a given morning what's going to happen. she after all is the person who ran the 3:00 a.m. telephone call ad as an attack on barack obama in 2008. if to run the same radio ad, literally take her footage and run that telephone call and say, gee, we're not sure if she's going to be available either because she's busy doing something secret or because she has a health problem or she can't remember, you know, look at her fbi interview when she kept saying i couldn't remember because of the concussion. that doesn't encourage you to think that at 3:00 in the morning she's going to instantaneously know what she's doing, and i think that's the -- that's the challenge she has to meet. we don't have to meet it. she has to meet that challenge. >> maybe that wasn't a dodge. she was saying a lawyer thing, i don't remember. maybe because of the concussion she really didn't remember.
5:28 am
>> that raises its own questions. >> it does. a lot of people are saying they are happy with the way donald trump has responded to it. he's wished her well and moved on. he did talk about her deplorable comment. she called 50% of his supporters deplorable. he was speaking in north carolina yesterday. >> and unredeemable. >> and he had a bunch of supporters on stage and they were saying i guess we're those people. we're not racist. we're normal farmers and voters, doctors. we're ordinary people. >> his son, don jr actually put out an image, i think from midland, texas, on instant gram, looks like we're going to need a bigger basket. keep america great again, newt. >> i was in georgia yesterday and three women walked up wearing deplorable t-shirts which i suspect will be getting sold all over the count made the point in my whole talk yesterday which is available on facebook was about the notion if
5:29 am
you look at the list of what she describes as deplorable, it tells you the democratic party's desperation. you go to detroit and you go to milwaukee and you say -- you really want to help people, and you must be a racist. you try to protect the country from potential terrorists coming in, you know, you must be the islamphobic or xenophobic. it's an absurdity. the left cannot debate and defend the failures of their policies so all they have left is nasty words to shame people to shut up. this will turn out to be dramatically bigger than mitt romney's 47% comment because it engages people in an active fight with hillary over what she meant and whether or not you can say to a retired general or a retired marine sergeant you are deplorable because they happen to be supporting donald trump. >> it's interesting. i watch sunday shows, david brooks, a big critic of trump as
5:30 am
well as tom brokaw said the same thing in different ways about what those deplorable comments could mean. thank for joining us, newt. 30 minutes to go in our show unless you know something different. outrage under the friday night lights after these students are accused of being racist all because they brought a trump flag to the game on red, white, and blue night. bill o'reilly is back with a new book from his killing series. he's here next. live preview of killing the rising sun. on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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or visit to turn us back on. and up. you have a shared responsibility to look directly into the eye of history and ask what we must do differently to curb such suffering again.
5:34 am
among those nations like my own that hold nuclear stockpiles, we must have the courage to escape the logic of fear and pursue a world without them. >> you've got the president of the united states about 100 days ago where he was essentially apologizing for dropping the bombs on japan. >> it's still apropos for bill o'reilly's book, "killing the rising sun." the debate continues and seemed to have switched. should we have dropped the bomb? >> sure. i mean, it would have killed millions of people if we hadn't, millions more would have died. you know, japan wasn't going to surrender and they were arming kids with sticks. we would have had to gun down 8, 9-year-old japanese kids in the street. the bombardment on japan would have been unbelievable and few people know this, but the conventional bombing on tokyo killed far more people than the
5:35 am
atom bomb in hiroshima and nagasaki. it was a very gut wrenching decision and very few people knew what was going on. eisenhower didn't want to drop the bomb. he was a dissenter. >> and mcarthur too. >> mcarthur wanted to invade so he would get the glory of the victory but tactically eisenhower said starve them out, blockade the place and they will starve them out. there was a lot of stuff going on but a book is a lot of new things in it and people are amazed when they read it, they should know it because it pertains to today. how does it pertain to today, i'm sending this book to kolen kaepernick. he needs to read "killing the rising sun" and wise up. the united states freed millions and millions of people all over the world at world war ii at a
5:36 am
tremendous sacrifice. don't be kneeling down in front of the flag, in the national anthem when you don't know anything kaepernick. you know nothing. i'm sending my book with a little inscription, read every single word and we'll talk. >> good for you. >> this guy is now in the limelight and he's a big hero to the people who don't know anything, the basket of uneducables. i'm so mad i didn't think of the basket of deplorables. i'm so mad i didn't think that up. people need to know what this country is really about. the reason i wrote this book is because of jeremiah wright. obama's preacher. when i heard him say. >> goddamn america. >> chickens come to roost for nagasaki and hiroshima. >> how did you choose -- this is your six in the killing series nonfiction. how did you choose to write
5:37 am
about this? >> it was so emotional for me. i wouldn't be here if the bomb wasn't dropped. when i asked three presidents, and they would have. bush and carter was in the theater. president obama wouldn't write a letter to me. wouldn't answer, and this is speculation, i don't think the man would have dropped the atom bomb. >> judging by the way he did not even mention pearl harbor. >> he doesn't have that kind of -- he doesn't have the harry truman grit. >> they wrote you back and said they would have dropped it. >> what about bill clinton? >> i think he didn't answer because of the politics of hillary running for office. that's speculation, but he wouldn't do it. >> here's what you said harry truman said that's quoted. this is after he got word that the bomb has been dropped. >> right. he says this is the greatest thing in history. he proclaims it's time for us to
5:38 am
get home. meaning the war -- the world war was over, europe, and now it's time to end this one in japan. >> and they wouldn't surrender. >> it wasn't like the germans who surrender. the japanese wouldn't. the other part of the book is very few people know what happened on iwo jima and saipan because reporters weren't allowed to be there. nobody took any prisoners and nobody -- the u.s. authorities, douglas mcarthur didn't want anybody to see it. >> we put you on the ground and we told people don't read the book if violence upsets you. do not buy this book. i'm putting you right on the ground when that bomb drops on hiroshima and you are going to experience through words what those people -- what happened to them and the same thing. i'm putting you right on those
5:39 am
islands when the marines are going hand to hand on the japanese. >> this is when you went for victory instead of fighting a war. >> then we have north korea testing their fourth time -- the fourth time they tested their missile. it could happen here. very scary. >> so is iran. so people ought to know what this danger is because these bombs that we have now are 10,000 times more powerful than the bombs that were dropped on jap. >> check it out. it premieres today. "killing the rising sun". >> it's going to be another best seller. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you oh, king of cable. larry gatlin sings straight from the heart. he has a brand-new song from "hillary's america, and we're joined by desou zua
5:40 am
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. school is officially back in session and that means homework for your kids but sometimes it also means big laughs for parents. this is from julie's son first day of kindergarten that says use the color purple to fill in the letters. the kids all started working before the teacher gave instructions. take a look at this nine-year-old's math homework. when it came to using what strategy they used to get the answer. they wrote my brain. katie sends us this hilarious picture of her son. she says his first day of school, excitement wore off by day three. we all know how that goes. stay up late and watch "house wives" and we're all exhausted next day.
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the hit documentary takes on the democrats as the party of corruption. it's about to come out so you can watch it if you haven't on dvd soon. >> the film is making an hit out of an original song by grammy winner larry gatlin. >>. ♪ i know you are lying because your lips are moving ♪ ♪ it's time you should back up and go ♪ i'm going to stand up and say so. >> here to tell us about their collaboration is larry gal -- l -- dsh gatlin and dinesh d' souza. >> i was in nashville.
5:45 am
we met and we hit it off. i told him i was from an immigrant from india and i was talking about the democrats kicking out the ladders of opportunity for ordinary americans. he said i'm behind you 100% and he said if i can help in any way, i'll be love to. the movie is a horror movie and i didn't want to leave them scared, i wanted to leave them fired up. >> larry, when you were charged with writing a song about hillary clinton, what were you thinking to yourself, what rhymes with rose law firm, things like that? >> i can rhyme claw hammer and dirt clod. you can figure out a way to do
5:46 am
it. i've learned from the greatest song writers in the world to have dinesh me to except him. i've known him about for 15, 20 years, one of my dear friends from the cable business years ago introduced me to his work. i thought he was railroaded on the deal with whatever his little kerr fufle. >> it's in the movie. >> realizing that the clintons before their first cup of coffee on monday morning they do more illegal crap pole la -- crappola. that's a technical term, steve. i believe she's a criminal. i believe that she has been one for 30 years and her whole bunch of sickco -- sycophants.
5:47 am
the man who loves a job is always on vacation, so i'm thankful to god for the job but i really can't be fired. i'm getting my social security. i a few royalty checks and a few people are still coming to hear our old songs about doggies and horsies. i don't care what they say about him. i'm going to do it. i'm not afraid of them. i'm going to do what i think is right. >> we know about the email scandal. we watch your movie and you see the scandals she's involved in there too. when she comes out and she says she's got pneumonia and she's continue to campaign and bill clinton says we don't know what's wrong with her and trying to figure it out, we're baffled by all of this. how do we trust that it really is pneumonia based on all the other scandals and lies? >> that's a good point. the clintons have been such pathological liars, lying from how they got their name and incidents you don't have to lie about, and therefore when it comes to a case where they may
5:48 am
and i i tal i size they may be telling the truth, we have a chief executive order that we can't trust. >> what is her end game? because you do discuss that in your film. >> i think the end game quite frankly is hillary wabts to be the female mob boss of america. she wants to do to america exactly what al capone wanted to do with chicago. he wanted to loot the treasury, give contracts to his buddies and cronies. he wanted to get rid of his opponents and wush them to the side. he wanted to walk in the stadium and hear the crowd chant big al, big al, big al. that's what hillary wants for america. >> joining us from san diego, thank you very much. >> bye, friend. dvd on october is he -- 11th. >> coming up next and what do we
5:49 am
have? >> we have larry gatlin and his brother. he's going to perform the song "stand up and say so." >> hi, martha. >> question is preparing -- congress is preparing to question three people connected to the destruction of hillary's burglary -- blackberries and her email. rnc chief reince priebus and kelly ann conway both on deck with their reaction to the latest hillary clinton health issues and that whole basket of deplorables when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones) therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants.
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>> if you know larry gat lynn, you know he's very direct. >> we know our parts. ♪ i've got so sick and tired of listening to what you got to say ♪ i decided i just got to stand up and say so ♪ sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and dierd of being treated this way ♪ ♪ so i made my choice, going to raise my voice and say it's time for you to pack and up go ♪, you know who you are, you're lying so and so. so i'm going to stand up and say
5:54 am
so i'm going to stand up and say so ♪ i'm going to stand up and say so ♪ we're going to stand up and say so ♪ ♪ i know you are lying because your lips are moving ♪ there's no use trying because you ain't improving my opinion of you it's time for you to back up and go. i'm going to stand up and say so i'm going to stand up and say so ♪ i'm going to stand up and say so ♪ we're going to stand up and say so ♪ i've gotten sick and tired of you stealing my money to pay for jetair planes and limousines. for crying out you think it's
5:55 am
funny you and bubba living above my means ♪ in chappaqua like kings and queens ♪ i'm so sick and tired of hearing what you got to say. i decided to stand up and say so. sik and tired of being sick and tired of being treated this way ♪ i've made my choice ♪ going to raise my voice and say it's time for you to pack up and go ♪ you know who you are you're lying so and so ♪ so i'm going to stand and up say so ♪ i'm going to stand up and say so ♪ i'm going to stand up and say so ♪ we're going to stand up and say so ♪ we're going to stand up and say so ♪ we're going to stand up and
5:56 am
say so ♪ we're going to stand up and say so ♪ we're going to stand up and say so ♪ [ applause ] houston: mission allergy escape. for those who've gone to extremes to escape their unrelenting nasal allergy symptoms... houston: news alert... new from the makers of claritin, clarispray. ♪
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how cute is this? >> oh. >> congratulations, guess what, clayton and natalie have a new daughter and she is 7 pounds, 11 ounces. do we have a name? >> her name is eve morris. they have two little girls and a boy. >> congratulations clayton and natalie. >> when you have a child, when your hold your child for the first time, there's nothing like it. >> the reason the baby is crying, dad has to work
6:00 am
weekends. >> tomorrow, ivanka trump joins us and david clarke. >> who is with us now? >> the gatlin brothers. >> if there was one more gatlin there would be no room for you. >> get bill: a hearing set to get under way in just about an hour from now where we should hear from the people accused of wiping hillary clinton's email server and destroying phones with a hammer. hillary clinton said she thought her pneumonia was no big deal and she would power through, as we see new criticism about her secrecy within her own


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