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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it's got to be done. thapgs for watching us tonight. please always remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, with 56 day to go until the election, democrats are reportedly getting nervous as hillary clinton watches her polling slip again while facing new questions about her health and an embarrassing hearing over her e-mail. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. tonight less than three points separate hillary clinton and donald trump in the average of all polls, a sharp change from last month's eight. point spread. when you look at the drop over the last few weeks, it is clear that questions about mrs. clinton's credibility are having an impact. adding to that head ache, a hearing in washington today where two men who helped mrs. clinton set up her private
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e-mail server refused to testify before congress and where a third key player refused to show up. on top of that, questions about mrs. clinton's long term health continue to dog the campaign following this incident from sunday where she appeared to be collapse at a 9/11 event. an episode her campaign put off on overheating and then blamed on pneumonia. we have a couple of special guest to night about the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail. and for the first time ever, ivanka trump joins us for an exclusive interview. first to karl cameron who is in philadelphia where donald trump is wrapping up an avent. karl? >> reporter: ivanka trump started the speech tonight because tonight trump offered up his childcare and elder care proposals to help american families deal with their budgets more effectively. and trump illustrated in this
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week while hillary clinton has been off the campaign trail recovering from her pneumonia, he has been very aggressive at getting ahead of her on a number of things. and hillary clinton prides herself on childcare and other such social issues. and trump tonight has gotten it before she did. these are the types of things that general election candidates often do to court to moderate vote to the independents that ultimately decide the election. 88% of republicans in polls now say that they support donald trump. that puts trump about where mitt romney was four years ago and proved not quite enough for myth romney. now trump is going after moderates and independents a little more aggressively. >> turning now to donald trump's daughter, ivanka trump, the executive vice president of development and acquisitions of the trump organization and founder of ivan can thanks for being here. great to see you. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. >> let's talk about this policy which is very unusual for a
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republican to unveil on childcare. i know you said you helped conceptualize the idea. the big pushback from the conserve stifs is who is going to pay for it. what's the answer for that in. >> we've had a tremendous amount of support actually sitting in the audience today, five congress women, and the feedback has been amazing. this is an enormous problem, the cost of childcare and caring for the elderly is a massive issue. and in this country. and it keeps on being exasperated and in fact it's one of the main reasons for the income disparity between men and woman as it disproportionately affects women. now the cost of childcare is a single largest expense affecting american families in much of this country, even exceeding housing. something has to be done. people recognize this is a massive issue. that the tax codes were written in a time when women weren't apart of the workforce. now women represent 47% of the
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u.s. labor force. so there has to be reforms. and in terms of paying for it, obviously my father is always fiscally responsible. he's going to be laying out his plan on thursday and this will be baked into that for comprehensive tack reform. so it was definitely accounted for, it will be paid for. and it's budget neutral. >> now maybe we're going to get more details. but what they're saying so far is he's going to pay for the it based on the unemployment nrchs that all employers have to pay. >> that's only one component. >> raise the taxes that employers have to pay on employees. so conservatives are saying there will be -- they won't hire as many people if they have to pay more per employee. >> it won't raise the taxes. that's one component of it which is six weeks paid leave. and the united states is the only developed country in the world that doesn't offer paid maternity leave. we have to catch up with the
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times. but we're going to cover it through existing unemployment insurance. and there's tremendous amounts of fraud, waste and abuse as part of that program, billions of dollars. so it will be totally paid for in and of itself. that's the only component -- sorry go ahead. >> do you think that, you know, your dad caught hillary clinton by surprise with this? this has normally been an issue the only the democrats own, like taking care of the women on the paid maternity leave and now suddenly here's this unorthodox republican candidate saying, you know what part of that makes sense to me too, i'm doing it. >> well, it's an issue that the democrats talk about but they don't own. there's no policy on hillary clinton website pertaining to any of these issues of childcare, elder care or maternity leave or paternity leave for that matter. it's an issue that's talked about on the stump because we recognize that it is affecting so many american families.
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so many millions of american families across the country yet there's no policy that's been articulated on how to solve the problem. we think we've proposed something that's comprehensive, very innovative, a bold and fresh solution and i think this is what the trump presidency promises. new solutions, fresh solutions to existing problems. and you can see the full plan on my father's website donald j. it's very well thought out. it of course will be paid for and it will be baked into the comprehensive tax policy reform that will be presented on thursday. >> do you -- i know you're an executive vice president of the trump organization. does that organization offer paid maternity leave to its employees? >> it does. >> okay. >> as does my own business. >> so this is something that people don't really know. i don't know if they know this about you. but you have three young children. you were raised by a successful father. he had millions of dollars. and yet, you know, you could
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have taken it easy. you also married a very successful man. and people are saying you have three kids. you're killing yourself. you already have millions of dollars. explain your mind-set. what drives ivanka trump? >> well i'm deeply passionate about the work that i do and i'm incredibly grateful to be a mother and a wife open have such an unbelievable and supporting husband and have three incredible kids. i have a 5-month-old as well. and be work in a professional capacity that's very fulfilling to me. this is why this issue rings so true to me. i know that i need the support that i have in order to be able to live my dream, which is to both be a mother and to be a professional woman. and so many parents across this country can't make that choice. >> not everybody knows this about you, i can't reveal what it is but i know for a fact that ivanka has been offered many vanity projects, things that
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would allow her to sort of become more famous, more well-known and she says no, no, no because she likes the job she's doing. she's a businesswoman at heart. and you've been well educated for it and do it well. i want to ask you about women. your dad has had some trouble with them. he's 15% behind hillary clinton in the polls. he's made comments about women that have led to that and some of the rough and tumble campaign tactics led to that. i've always wondered how you reacted to that, the retweet of heidi cruz. give us a flavor of how those events affected you and your reaction. >> my father can be an equal opportunity offender. he will speak his mind and he treats women equal to how he treats men. he's said plenty of rough things
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about men in the years. and i discourage him from doing that as i discourage him from doing it with women. but the fact that he doesn't treat us differently or with kit gloves shows the fact that he recognizes we're equipped to handle it and are able to do so. so, you know, in a certain way it's -- there's no bias. in his viewpoint. he views all people equally, men or women, it doesn't matter and he treats them accordingly and i thif we've seen that. he's authentic and he'll tell anyone, man or woman what he's thinking and how he feels. >> by all accounts you're his top adviser and he has nothing but love and respect for you. >> he's been an amazing father and an amazing boz. i've had the privilege of working with him in our very large family business alongside of my two -- >> i don't know how you do it. i have three kids and just this one jock and you have three kids and a bunch of jobs. i'm exactly.
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you're making me feel bad. i got to go. it's over between us. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much, megyn. take care. breaking tonight, dramatic video coming to us out of phoenix where a driver crashed into three police officers standing outside of a patrol vehicle and now we're being told this was an intentional attack. we'll have the breaking news in moments. plus, four years ago today hillary clinton was blaming an anti-muslim video for the benghazi terror attacks. and now for the first time the number two man in libya at that time is speaking out as a private citizen with a story he says you need to know about her. and then we'll show you what happened when congress today asked clinton staffers exactly who gave the order to delete her e-mails. we'll have professor alan durs wish joins us. >> why did you take the fifth
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why did you take the fifty today during the hearing? when you take the fifty ten times before a congressional
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hearing, excuse me, when you take the fifty ten times before a congressional hearing, you leave the impression that you fear criminal prosecution. >> woman has got a point. brand-new video f 0 our fox news chief intelligence correspondent today attempting to get answers from some folks who handled hillary clinton's e-mail server. and it was similar to the scene we saw play out on capitol hill moments earlier when those folks were asked to answer questions on the records. watch this. >> do you intend to make an opening statement? >> on advice of counsel i respectfully decline to answer and assert my fifty amendment privilege. >> mr. thornton do you intend to make an opening statement? >> on the advice of counsel i respectfully decline to answer and assert my fifty amendment privilege. >> who told you to delete the e-mail. >> i assert my fifty amendment privilege.
6:16 pm
>> did you send or receive this e-mail? >> on advice of counsel i respectfully decline to answer and assert my fifty amendment privilege. >> were you interviewed by the fbi? >> on the advice of counsel i respectfully decline to answer and assert my fifth amendment constitutional privilege. >> you can't answer whether or not you were interviewed by the fbi? >> on the advice of counsel i respectfully decline. >> you get the picture. joining me now were alan dershowitz is here. but first we go to chief intelligence correspondent katherine heritage who is live in d.c. with more. >> reporter: megyn, the two witnesses who took the fifty work for a colorado based company that manage the server and destroyed the clinton e-mail archive despite the order from congress to preserve the records. the committee released this e-mail sent five months later
6:17 pm
suggesting that plat river was having major heart burn after using a technology to bleach the e-mail. starting to think this thing is covering up some shade ya stuff. one republican calling up the witnesses for cooperating with the fbi but blocking congress. >> they won't talk to us. we can't put them in jail. we just want to get answers for the american people. and they won't talk to us. i've never seen anything like this, mr. chairman. >> the panel did hear from justin cooper, a long-time bill clinton aid who was questioned about using a hammer to smash two of hillary clinton's blackberries. >> was your purpose in destroying the old blackberry device ever to hide secretary clinton's e-mails from being saved or disclosed from med federal records laws? >> congresswoman, no, it was not in any way to destroy or hide any information at all. i was going out of my way to preserve all of the information
6:18 pm
that was on those devices. >> cooper also had unlimited access to the clinton's server containing 2200 classified e-mails. >> did you have a security clearance at that time? >> no, i did not have a security clearance. >> democrats said the republican investigation today is a charade and designed to simply atalk clinton and humiliate the witnesses, megyn. >> katherine, great to see you. rast night we brought you the video of the dramatic scene that unfolded yesterday when jason chaffetz handed the fbi a subpoena on capitol hill right in the middle f a hearing. watch. >> will the fbi provide congress the full file with no redactions of personal identifiable information? >> i can't answer that. >> then i'm going to issue a subpoena and i'm going to do it right now. i've signed this subpoena. we want all of to 302s and we would like the full file.
6:19 pm
you can accept service on behalf of the fbi? >> certainly. >> you are here by served. >> joining us now, harvard law professor alan dershowitz who is out with a new book "electile dysfunction." lots to unpack. let's start with -- there's the one guy, pagliano who refused to testify today. he's refused to testify before based on his fifty amendment rights then there's two guys who work for plat river network, the firm that managed the server that destroyed e-mails even after congress had issued an order that they preserve the e-mails. what does it tell us that they asserted their fifth amendment rights? >> there's a possibility that their answers might result in giving incriminating
6:20 pm
information. once you know they're going to assert thaeir fifth, you can ply theater. do you know where elvis presley is, i assert the fifth amendment. if you start answering questions, you can't turn it on and off. >> why is somebody facing criminal liability in their own minds for helping hillary destroy e-mails? >> any lawyer would tell them if they in fact did something after a subpoena was issued that there is the possibility that they may have engaged in criminal activity. and remember too it would be a crime for hillary clinton or anybody on her behalf to tell these witnesses to take the fifth amendment. they can only get that advice from their lawyers. if somebody else tells them to take the fifth, that's obstruction of justice. >> she says, you know you can take the fifth amendment. there's in proof she did that. >> no. she never would have done that.
6:21 pm
>> chaffetz served the fbi with a subpoena because the fbi had given a bunch of documents of their interviews with hillary and they were heavily redacted. congress gets to see that. you don't get to redact everything from us. do you agree with chaffetz or the fbi? >> believe it or not, i'm on chaffetz's side. the fbi redacts far too many documents. invest if n the pen company that blacks out things on the fbi files. that's all they do. and the fbi has no right to make that determination unilaterally. we have a system of checks and balances and congress has a right to see anything that can't be either kept from them on good grounds. but there should be a presumption that congress gets it and that presumption should be overcome only by a strong showing. >> the viewers should know you've defended director comey and his decision not to indict hillary clinton, but not the redaction of the information. however, you're not defending hillary clinton and you are not
6:22 pm
defending donald trump in electile dysfunction. how did you come up with that name? >> when you get to be my age it's hard to get aroused by candidates. we expect more from our candidates. i remember reagan and kennedy and think a lot of americans are saying this is not a choice we're happy with. i'm a support are of hillary clinton, i'm going to vote for her with enthusiasm. i'm aroused by her candidacy but i understand why so many americans are not. and americans in this election for the first time in history are going to cast more negative than affirm ty votes. the vast majority of people voting for clinton are voting against trump. >> what did you think of the pneumonia collapse overheating thing on sunday? >> i wish she had disclosed on friday that she had pneumonia. it plays into a narrative which is unfortunate. >> do you think she's a liar? >> no, i don't. i know her personally. she's always been truthful and
6:23 pm
very candid. but if americans have a high level of distrust, then you don't want to feed into a narrative that encourages that feeling among many people. and it's because of that that many americans feel that we have an electoral dysfunction going on in america today and we need to do better in how we nominate our candidates. >> we need a little blue pill for 2016. >> and we need to make sure that populism doesn't get out of hand. all through eastern europe we're seeing the extreme rising with the right, the left. we're a centerist country and we have to continue cob a center irs country. >> if you want to check out electil dysfunction. go to it's an e book, 11 pag 110 page. i don't know if it will keep you up at night. i had to. it's after 9:00. four years ago hillary clinton was waving a video.
6:24 pm
tonight the second ranking highest official in libya at that time joins us for the first time now as a private citizen with a story he says you must know about mrs. clinton. plus we just got this dramatic video from arizona where police are telling us that the driver was intentionally trying to run down these police officers. trace gallagher is a at the breaking news desk with the story moments away. right after this break. >> they had no prior contact with this man? >> literally out of nowhere this guy comes in and apparently intentionally runs them down.
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on september 13th, 2012 exactly four years ago tonight then secretary of state hillary clinton was blaming a quote disgusting and reprehensible anti-muslim video for the benghazi terror attacks that killed four americans including chris stephens. and explanation that still sparks debate today. tonight for the first time as a private citizen, the last person to speak to ambassador stephens is speaking out. gregory hicks was ambassador stephens's number two guy. he first went public in 2013 in testimony claiming desperate
6:29 pm
pleas for security in benghazi fell on deaf ears in police clinton's state department. he joins us tonight. he just retired after a distinguished 25-year career. greg, thanks you for being here. what you have come out to say is that mrs. clinton cannot be trusted, in your words, with the security of the nation. why? >> well, it's important that we look at the benghazi experience in that exact context. mrs. clinton delegated her legal security obligation to others. those obligations to protect official americans overseas and especially in benghazi. the law says that responsibility rests with the secretary of state. and what happened is that our security compliment in prip live from 22 to 6. so when chris stephens went to
6:30 pm
benghazi we could only let him take two security officers with him instead of the dozen or more he should have had. >> mrs. clinton claims she had instruction to people with expertise and security to make sure that everything was secure. >> well, that's right. and you're making the point that i made, that she delegated those responsibilities and that she didn't pay attention afterwards. and consequently she must bear the responsibility for those outcomes. in addition she delegated the decision to divide our personnel in benghazi between two facilities. and that decision cannot be delegated, according to the law. >> and but i think one of the things that gets lost is that this was a time when the facility that you were at in benghazi, libya, there had been two bomb attacks on the consulate in the prior six months. the red cross had pulled out of
6:31 pm
benghazi over security korns. ambassador chris stephens had been beg for additional security which she did not provide. >> right. >> and somehow the clinton supporters have managed to turn this into if you're a conspirator l hater if you want to talk about benghazi. >> the truth is that she and her delegated authorities took our security away and as the report by the majority of the benghazi committee indicated, there were no military forces standing by to come and rescue us if something happened. >> so you're not going to vote for mrs. clinton. are you a republican? i mean, are you a partisan guy? >> i have been a professional diplomat for many years. vi voted for the person that i think is the best candidate and i will note vote for mrs. clinton because i don't think she's the best candidate. >> so are you endorsing donald
6:32 pm
trump? >> i have not decided who i intend to vote for yet. >> greg hicks, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> joining us, mark thiessen and richard fowler. great to see you both. richard, just focus on that, the absence of security despite the begging for it by ambassador stephens and the growingthere t appears to have downplayed and the narrative is because they didn't want to make it look bad in libya on the anniversary of 9/11. >> here's what i can say. so in 2010 congress, the budget committee and both the house and the senate chose to cut $296 million from the state department budget that went to security for our embassies. right? >> she was the secretary of state and he was an ambassador begging for more security.
6:33 pm
>> but the resources weren't there because republicans and the congress cut it. >> what does a leader do in those circumstances? >> you go back to congress and ask for more money. i guarantee you -- >> did she do that? did she do that? >> they were turned out -- >> any record whatsoever of her going to congress? >> when a department, whether it be state, commerce, education, when they put in a budget request and it goes to the congress, they go down to congress and they testify about their budget request and when congress choose to cut that request, multiple times, how can you then there blame the secretary for not having the resources that she needed to make shower those individuals are safe in benghazi. >> did she ever say i need more resources, my ambassador is begging in security in a very unsafe area as we come up to the 9/11? >> no. she isn't say that shp she with reprogram money from one embassy
6:34 pm
to the other or one program to the other. >> let him finish. >> richard, stop talking. the reality is if the ambassador is calling saying we need security, then she has the money that she can do it. it's absolutely not true that she didn't have the money and it was the republican congress's fault. and second of all they had the money to overthrow the libya regime for not having a plan that happened yards. they had the money to send all of those people into a situation of chaos but they didn't have the money to provide them with the security they needed and they didn't by the way have any trumps anywhere nearby to rescue them. this is part of the clinton doctrine. we have a larger problem here. the clinton doctrine is to overthrow regimes and attack terrorists from the air without putting boots on the ground. we saw this during bill clinton's presidency when we were attacked other and over again, world trade center, uss cole, we throw a couple of missiles at them, and do nothing about taking away their
6:35 pm
sanctuaries. they followed the same dock rin in libya. they had no plan for what to do yampds -- >> what about it, richard? >> that is unfair. >> let me ask you. so libya seems -- she wants to gloss over it because this is what she was basically saying. we didn't lose anybody in libya. do we have the sound bite? here's what she said to nbc news just a couple of days ago. watch. >> with respect to libya we did not lose a single american in that action. >> okay. except for ambassador stevens and the three other -- >> wait a minute, megyn. in this quote she said during the action which is a time in which they overthrew gaddafi. that's when the action began and ended. yes we lost four individuals there. >> my point is she went into the action without providinged a kwalt ground troops to maintain the stability and then thing spun out of control and four americans died. four americans are dead.
6:36 pm
>> she's a member of the national security council. >> she controlled security at the consulate. >> she does not control the marines that are stationed at the consulate. those are controlled by the marines. >> she controlled the security situation at the consulate, richard, she did. it was one of the things that made the people inside unsar. >> this goes back to narrative. marc and others want to do everything in their pow tore take down hillary clinton, to compare her to her husband. but what we can say, the bush doctrine killed 5,000 troops and donald trump is more of the same. those are the facts. >> you want to dismiss -- >> no, i won't dismiss it. breaking tonight, trace gallagher just updated us with new details about this video, a driver smashing into three police officers with his car in what's being called an intentional attack. forgive us. this is disturbing video. trace is up next with what we're now learning about the driver.
6:37 pm
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breaking tonight throughout the hour we've been showing you some of this shocking video out of arizona vividly depicting the moment that three police officers are struck by a fast moving car in an incident that's being described as a violent intentional act. now there is new information about the man in the driver's seat who is facing attempted murder charges tonight. trace gallagher has the story in our west coast newsroom. trace? >> megyn, the phoenix police chief says not only was it violent or intentional, it was unprovoked and the view appears to back him up. it's after 1:00 in the morning and police say the surveillance camera on the top right hand side of the screen shows the suspect, a 44-year-old african-american male pull his
6:42 pm
nissan altima up near the gas pump of a phoenix convenience store. on the bottom right you see his head lights are shining directly on three phoenix police officers including a rookie on his first day. the officers are in uniform standing here a patrol car in a well-lit area. then you can see the man in the nissan backs his car into a parking spot and then turns off the lights. several minutes go by before the suspect pulls out of the parking spot, turns on his lights, goes around the gas pump and watch this, goes directly at the police officers. the rookie officer was thrown up into the air. you see him go into the store window. another suffered a broken leg, the third officer jumped out of the way. the suspect then tries to fight the officers but amazingly the rookie and the sergeant who jumped out of the way were able to get up, tase and sup due the man and the chief says they were clearly targeted. listen.
6:43 pm
>> it's unacceptable. i've been in law enforcement for over 30 years and i've seen a lot of things. but i have never seen so many senseless violent acts targeting law enforcement. >> and tonight the kelly file has confirmed the suspect was convicted of three counts of aggravated assault back in 1997 and is now facing three counts of attempted murder and we are investigating his connection to other groups. megyn? >> thank you. 56 day to go and developing tonight, 56 day to the election one day after the white house refused to denoungs hillary clinton for her basket of deplorables remark, president obama hits the campaign trail on her behalf. but instead of mentioning the controversial comments, the president instead opted to direct his focus elsewhere. watch. >> let's talk about mr. trump. he's not really a plans guy, a
6:44 pm
fact guy. this guy who spent 70 years on this earth showing no concern for working people. this guy is suddenly going to be your champion? he's not offering any real policies or plans, just offering division and offering fear. and he's betting that if he scares enough people he might just scare up enough votes to win this election. >> joining me now, katrina pearson trump campaign spokesman and chief economist. great to see you both. the conventional wisdom by the political know it all is that he will be very helpful to hillary because president obama now has a 58% approval rating, highest since he's had since 2009, july 2009. what say you? >> well, sure, that is the conventional wisdom. however this is not a conventional campaign cycle. obama is campaigning in pennsylvania. that should tell you everything
6:45 pm
you need to know as the polls continue to close on hillary clinton. she absolutely needs his help because she's suffering with all of his supporters. gallup even has trump with african-american support of john mccain and myth romney combined. she definitely has a problem, particularly after the cnn orc poll shows that donald trump is beating hillary clinton with married women. but unfortunately for her, barack obama's likeability is not going to transfer to hillary clinton. >> that's the question for austin. that is the question that hangs heavy in the air like aroma of a cheesecake from john's roast pork. your thoughts? >> i like the sound of that. look, i think you got economic data that came out today that shows middle class incomes rose the most ever on record and that the poverty rate fell the most in one year since 1968. that's why the president's pope
6:46 pm
lay popularity is going up. and you've seen donald trump over the past year and a half when the president's popularity wasn't as high loved to tag hillary clinton that she's part of the obama legacy. and now that the legacy is turning upward, it's going to hurt donald trump. and i'm willing to take a bet on what level of african-american support donald trump ends up with if katrina would like. >> let me ask you this. what president obama said today is now he wants to champion the working people. he wasn't going to let you on his golf course or buy in his condo and now suddenly this guy is going to be your champion. does he have a point? >> well, no. donald trump has employed tens of thousands 0 people over his lifetime and it was bill clinton that was golfing at an all white golf course. donald trump has been pushing for the working class for a long time. that's why a lot of people who work for him love him because he
6:47 pm
cares about them. the policy that he put out today was h daughter shows how passionate he is to fix things in the country. >> the question is how they're going to pay for the maternity leave policy. ivanka was saying waste, fraud and abuse. >> correct. >> but the experts are saying you can't squeeze enough out of that to justify entitlement. >> this is a policy which if you had spent more than ten minutes working on it you would realize there were huge holes. but they apparently didn't spend that. so first, it's not a maternity leave policy that should be called paid maternity leave. it's not based on what your income was. in many states the maximum is going to be over $1,000 a month. and second who pays for it are the newly unemployed. he's taking the money out of unemployment insurance and diverting it to the maternity leave. it's absolutely makes no sense. >> i got to leave it at that. >> it's not just waste fraud and
6:48 pm
abuse and the unemployment insurance. in is an overall policy encompassing reforms with trade and immigration. you can't tell moms we can give money to iran -- >> but the conservative position is you guilty, you do the catholic way you guilty the employers into mandating the plan but you don't implement. also tonight, new controversy over bill clinton's attempt to ease americans' minds about his wife's health. >> she is doing fine. she was doing better last night. >> that's what millions of americans saw but that's not what he really said. up next we'll show you the rest of the story. don't miss this. whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya?
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the clinton campaign announced she'll be back on the campaign trail this thursday following her health scare at the 9/11 memorial. there are lingering questions about how one media outlet handled this story. her's bill clinton with charlie rose on cbs. >> it's mystery to me and all of her doctors. one occasion over the last many years the same things happened to her when she got severely
6:53 pm
dehydrated. >> today we learned that cbs eds itted out a stumble. here's the longer version that did air today. >> well if it's a mystery to me all and all of her doctors. frequently -- not frequently. rarely but on more than one occasion over the last many many years the same sort of 0 things happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. >> frequently was dehydrated out. cbs says that one clip was edited for time while on deadline for the live feed. bud jackson, a democratic strategist. good to see you. guy, do you buy that, edited out for a second and a half? >> that's suspect to me. and it could have been a slip of the tongue from the former president. but it may not have. and i feel like because we have so starved for actual information about mrs. clinton's health and this whole episode, the campaign is on what, their
6:54 pm
fifth ad ration of their story at this point. to have the president say something potentially worthwhile or insightful and to leave it on the cutting room floor i'm not sure about that editorial decision. >> what do you make of it, bud? >> i think this is a great exam. of where the media goes wrong over obsessing over something that is a mountain become made out of a mole hill. and the hypocrisy here is astounding when you've got your other guest just saying that there needs to be more disclosure but donald trump has disclosed anything but a goofy letter about his own health and he hasn't released his taxes. >> if she is quote frequently passing out -- >> he corrected that, megyn. >> he did. but the slip of the tongue is telling, bud. it is potentially telling. >> why don't we all infer what we want to and distort for our own purposes. >> we don't want to defer. we want to see the records. >> he corrected himself. ap enyou're going to see more records. but trump hasn't released anything. >> great. i want them all.
6:55 pm
i'm a journalist. i want to see everything. but the point is, guy, whether this -- this is telling and whether there is more to the illness story. >> that's what we want to know. and so the thing is with bud, i'm totally fine with the point that he made. it's not a hypocritical point on my part. i think that donald trump should release his medical records. and that ridiculous letter that his doctor put out -- >> and his tax returns too. >> absolutely his tax returns. that is a donald trump issue. this is a hillary clinton issue. and it's not okay for hillary's surrogates and supporters whenever she gets in trouble to pivot away, oh but trump. this is about mrs. clinton and what happened to her. we saw is it what happened. >> mrs. clinton released a lot of documents and she's going to be releasing more. why don't we have donald trump live up to her standard of disclosure and disclose -- go ahead. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed. 57 days to go. we'll be right back with a
6:56 pm
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