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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 14, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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driving you? martha: i like to driver. some people hate driving. i love driving. i drive to cape cod. so, no, i don't want anybody else driving my car. >> we will steer this car until another day tomorrow. martha: have a good day, everybody. john: we will handle the driving from here less than eight weeks now until election day. new developments on the health front for both candidates. what the trump campaign is saying about medical records as hillary clinton says she will be back on the trail thursday after staying home for three days to recover from pneumonia. good morning, to you, i'm john scott. jenna: trying to keep it on the road, john. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. hope you're keeping it on the road as well. donald trump heading off to michigan as campaign says they don't expect him to release
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medical records today but they will come out, quote, sometime soon this comes amid polling in battleground states. john roberts is live on trump tower with more on what's happening today, john. john, jenna, good morning to you. this is what we know about the timing of the release of the records of donald trump, this is as a result of physical that he underwent last week. he will be speaking to dr. oz when the program is released afternoon. taping it right now at the abc studios in the west side of manhattan. at the same time the program program comes out the campaign will release details of the physical. she's back in the campaign trail tomorrow. listen to what he told our sean hannity last night. >> i have no view.
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i just don't want to get involved with it. i hope she's going to be fine and she will continue on. john, now good news for donald trump in form of bloomberg poll, he is up in the poll 5 points over hillary clinton, 48-45. the clinton campaign crying foul saying the modeling was based on the 2004 election where more republicans came out rather than the 2012 election where barack obama took ohio. meanwhile there was still a gender gap. donald trump trying to close that by unveiling policy surrounding child care. his daughter ivanka was the driving force behind this. this is what ivanka told us this morning on fox and friends. >> as an employer, he sees the challenge for -- for his female employees and close to it and he
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understands and he now is in a position to provide solutions on a much broader scale than just within the context of her own businesses. john: so what donald trump unveiled last night was a new break that would offer tax breaks to people and savings account which people can tax on a tax-free basis. they could use it for child care, tuition and taking care of parent. six weeks of paid of maternity of women that are not covered by employer. this afternoon after finishing taping he will be going to michigan. getting a lot of pushback. now several weeks until election day, he suddenly does. jenna: j. john: a newsweek investigation
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is sparking business. the article reads in part, quote, a close examination by newsweek of the trump organization including confidential interviews, reveal deep ties to global financeer or criminal evidence. it also reveals the web of contractual entanglements that cannot be just canceled if the family continues to receive any benefit from the company during or even after his presidency. almost every foreign policy decision he makes will raise serious conflicts of interest and ethical, he has already said that if he should win the white house, his children will simply
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take over his company, does that -- is that enough in your view? >> it may be a little more complicated than that. if trump is elected, we never had a president with such complex business to enter the white house and one of the things the newsweek points out it would be difficult for trump to use the traditional vehicle of a blind trust, putting his investments and wealth in a blind trust because trump knows he owns lots of stuff around the world and even if his children take over the business, there will still be complexities involved. for example, the newsweek talks about a business deal, proposed deal in india, it was troubled donald trump, jr. goes there and tries to fix things. it doesn't work and they say, i think, reasonably that the dynamic would have been different if donald trump, jr. were going there as the son of the united states president. so it would be very difficult to completely separate donald trump
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and the trump company if he's president. john: but the article makes the point that not everything he has said or done as a candidate has benefited his business, for instance, he has deep ties in the united arab emirates and concerned that muslim immigration to america must be banned. it must have hurt him in terms of future prospects there and his sales. >> you raise an excellent point. i think it would be hard to argue that trump is in it to make more money. we have a number of reports throughout the campaign that perhaps the brand has suffered by this controversial position or that controversial position. in business, one of the ways to reduce your business is to take controversial political stands which is, of course, what trump is doing every day as a candidate. so no, i don't think that the issue is will trump do everything to try to make a buck in the white house, it's just
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there are all the complex relationships that are affected by the fact that he's president of the united states. john: is there a way that you see that he could avoid any of the conflicts of interest should he win? >> this is mostly a matter of public perception. if an incoming president trump said, look, i am completely separated from any decision-making role in the trump organization, i brought my children to take this job some day and they're going to take it right now and i am president of the united states 100% of my time. i think that would probably fly with the public. john: let's turn our attention to another issue boiling on the campaign trail right now, deplorables remark from hillary clinton. first we want to listen to the comment that started the uproar. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call a basket of deplorables, racists, xenophobic, islamophobic, you
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name it and unfortunately there are people like that, and he has lifted them up. john: well the trump campaign seems to think the remarks were a gift. he has been spending the last few days slamming clinton over what she said. >> when she said basket of deplorables i couldn't -- you couldn't even believe it. i tell you what, i heard the whole thing and i said, i don't believe it. i said run it back and let me hear it. i thought it was so terrible a statement to make and i called up some people and i said, did she really say that and is it as bad as i think and they say, no, mr. trump, it's worse. they really all of a sudden the twitter went crazy and you went crazy and everybody on television went wild. john: that's donald trump talking to hannity last night. the question is could her comment help democrats. here is how our guest sees it
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riding a few days lair the brilliance of clinton's remark is becoming clear, she got liberal commentators defend but the bigger benefit that in the wake of her comments some media figures decided to deplorables quiz. trump supporters not only to agree with clinton's larger point with her precise terminology. so you think it's a net benefit to her campaign? >> well, it certainly could be, the conventional wisdom had been that it was certainly a big problem for hillary clinton because, you know, you can attack your opponent but not a good idea to attack the voters. we have seen a way in which it does benefit hillary clinton and that is, i think, we saw it on cnn a few -- a couple of days ago. got a lot of reporting, mike pence's appearance and asked about statement and deplorables
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and the anchor said well, look, a lot of the supporters are deplorables. mike pence made a definitive statement about david duke, we do not want his support and we don't want the support of people who think like him. but didn't question -- what about david duke, is he deplorable and mike pence refuse today use, to adopt hillary clinton's word and if you looked the next day there was headline after headline, pence refuses to call duke deplorable. so in that way, i think this is working out kind of what the clinton wanted it to. john: as you know, this is an election with two candidates who are not very well liked and a lot of the thinking is that, you know, the one who can generate the most excitement among their core supporters is the one who is going to win. so if hillary clinton has just said, you know, half of -- half of donald trump's supporters are deplorable, doesn't that motivate them to go out to the
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polls and vote for the guy in. >> i think it does. there's no doubt about it. trump had an event a couple of days later in which he brought a lot of people up state, a very diverse group of trump supporters who basically said i'm not deplorable and i'm not deplorable and it was a pretty effective presentation, so, yes, it does help unit his base. there's a question about whether it helps him expand the base which is what he wants to do by election day but no question that it helps solidify support of republican that is were leaning toward trump. john: interesting new numbers out of ohio, we will get into that a bit later on. byron york, thank you. >> thank you, john. jenna: former israel president remains in the hospital after suffering a stroke, doctors say the 93-year-old statesman and nobel peace prize winner is in serious but stable condition. john. >> yeah, well, jenna, doctors had some good news, they say
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that his condition has improved, though as you mentioned remains in serious condition. the former israeli president is conscious and awake according to personal physician and son-in-law professor who added that peres, quote, understands what is being said to him is responsive and warmly squeezed my hand. now former president peres was put into a medically induced coma last night.say they reducef the sedation, remains on res respirator. as i said, showing signs of improvement. the 93-year-old is really one of the founding fathers of israel serving in just about every major political office here in his seven-decade career including two terms as prime minister. he won the nobel peace prize for
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his work as co-architect and despite his age, he's been very active with his organization, the peres center for peace, jenna, you can imagine people have been sending their prayers and love to shimon peres and family, we are expecting another update on his condition a little bit later this evening. still serious but good news. jenna, back to you. jenna: john, thank you very much. john: ivanka trump has been working with her father on child care plan. will it help? we will talk with the top trump adviser. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now.
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from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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jenna: donald trump making a big pitch to working women and family and unveiling a new child
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care plan. >> my opponent has no child care plan. she never will and if it ever evolves into a plan, it will never get done anyway. all talk, no action. [applause] >> it's profamily, it's prochild, it's proworker. these are the people we have to take care of and this is what i'm going to be outlining tonight. jenna: hillary clinton responding posting a one-sentence response, quote, it's literally right here with online link to child care that she launched a few months ago. great to have you in studio. we are usually talking in arkansas so nice to see you, sarah. what's up with this? donald trump says hillary clinton doesn't have a plan. she clearly does. >> i think the big point is hillary clinton has been in government for 30 years and has nothing to show for it particularly in terms helping
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the child care expense problem that has continued to grow while she's been part of the problem. jenna: donald trump has been running for president for more than a year for now and first time we hear the child care, seems like an attempt to appeal to women, what about that? >> i think it's pretty ridiculous f he didn't do it right on day one of getting under being president all of a sudden it's a bad idea. i think the important thing here is that he is focused on a very big problem in this country. i'm a mom, i have three kids and i currently pay double in child care expenses over my mortgage and so this is a really problem and donald trump has spent a lifetime working with women empowering women and he's going to take what he has done in business and apply. jenna: expand on that a little bit for undecided voters, throughout donald trump's camp he has made abuse of women very
8:19 am
clear. that's her opinion. for undecided voters that heard critics that donald trump is not a friend to women and the campaign running against him is saying that, why should undecided voters believe him and that he's here to helping women? >> he has a track record of doing it. i think his number one adviser in top surrogate is his daughter ivanka who he has put up in a very huge role in his company. he's shown time and time again in his business practice that he has empowered women to take on roles that traditionally women haven't had an opportunity to do. he not only done that but the most my level in his country. jenna: critics say may say what the washington post is writing about today that republicans historically haven't gone to the sort of plans because they don't want government in that role. what about critics in conservative circles saying it's
8:20 am
not really republican platform? >> i think they are wrong. the most conservative principle in the country the idea of empowering american families and that's exactly what it does, it helps american families at the lower and middle class more than any other economic level and there's nothing that's not conservative about that. jenna: critics say it helps the wealthy more. if you're a single parent making 250,000 or a couple making more than 500,000 you don't qualify. it benefits the wealthy. >> i'm not sure where they're coming up with that. jenna: you have to pay up front when you itemize and for some families that's going to be a hardship. >> i think the big part that is important here is that not only is it for child care you also have the elderly care and there are savings accounts, there are tax deductions, it's more than just that one piece and so the overall tax reform package helps
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lower and middle-income people. jenna: i was looking through some of the quotes, sarah, great to have you on the program. look toward having you back. john. john: olympic athletes targeted by russian hackers, what the cyber criminals are going after, more on that just ahead.
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john: right now it appears russian hackers have stole tennessee medical records of
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olympic athletes including medalist simone biles and serena williams, tennis star releasing results of drug test. group calls itself sar team. it is promise to go release more of them soon. let's talk about the implications here with sports caster and fox news contributor. a little bit of background, first of all, people might remember that the world antidoping agency had suggested the entire russian team be ban from olympics because of doping concern. most of the membership of the track team was ban but this looks like a little payback from the russians. >> well, it is retaliation for the systematic state sponsor doping of russian athlete that is was proven and has come out since the olympics. the russians do like to retaliate.
8:26 am
you can go back to 1980 when president carter, what was probably the worst decision made by american president decided not to send our olimpians to moscow to participate in the games because of invasion of afghanistan and four years later the entire eastern block including soviet athletes did not come to los angeles. this is real yaig, look, there are other who is are using drugs as well. it's not just the russians, however, the drugs these people are using are for therapeutic and the medicines are used because they have been accused and probably for own audience but it's not going to work because athletes have been cleared. it's really -- it's despicable. john: yeah, i have attention deficit disorder and i have taken drugs for it and the drugs have been approved by the antidoping agency and thanks for letting me clear the air here.
8:27 am
she did a good job in handling what was intended to be an international embarrassment. >> well, yes, it's also a personal, you know, the fact that she handles it well, these are privacy issues, this should have never been exposed. a personal medical issue that has ability to compete and very clean and what the russians are doing with the hacking group is doing is really beyond the pail once again. they want be welcomed back, it's not a good step, it's a step even further backwards. john: the head of the antidoping agency issued a statement, it's unthinkable that in the olympic movement hackers would obtain confidential information to make it look as if they have done something wrong. the cyber bullying of innocent athletes being engaged to hackers is cowardly and it's
8:28 am
time for the international community to step up and condemn the cyber-attack on clean sports and athletes' rights. what if anything is likely to come from this, jim, any predictions? >> well, there should be further sanctions and there should be further disregard for what the russians are doing and it should put them further away from being welcomed back into the community of nations. it shouldn't be acceptable to do this. and by the way, when are some of these folks are going to stop putting this information online when they know how easy to be hacked. if you know that this is going to come out and you know that you are susceptible of being hacked, perhaps we should stop putting this stuff online particularly when there's no damaging evidence, when there's nothing that should be being spread amongst everybody else who has to have this information of anything that's gone wrong because when nothing has gone wrong, why put it out there and leave it so somebody else can get into it.
8:29 am
john: let's see what other shoes drop in this hacking event. jim, fox news, commentator and sports caster. thank you. >> thank you. jenna: hillary clinton criticized by another former secretary of state. colin powell is not too happy clinton linking him to e-mail mess. powell slamming donald trump, how this would affect the political race? what are we in for for the next couple of weeks? here is a look on the big board, more on what's driving the markets as we get big news from ford today. we will have that next
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jenna: fox news business alert, back in the green after steep selloff yesterday. you can see them trending higher slightly. fox lauren simonetti live from the news room with more. lauren: good morning, the market is regaining composure after three volatile days. right now it's actually making big waving and markets have been shaken amid questions of upcoming policy decision from banks around the world. we have bank of japan and federal reserve one week from now, sentiments on wall street
8:34 am
today, however, has been positive for three reasons, first of all, we have a deal, 66 billion-dollar cash takeover of monsanto by germany bayer. the companies are coming together to slash costs as cropped prices go down but a warning might get stuck getting paid for seeds, food, pesticide and the like and bayer will have to deal with monsanto on reputation of genetically products. much bigger than expected increase in gas supply, thirdly here, apple shares heavily weighted stock, nice pop once again. and problems with rival samsung and the batteries exploding on the new galaxy note 7, jenna, moving to the downside 4 shares,
8:35 am
the company wants to move small car production to méxico. cheaper prices over the next two to three years. jenna: that's a story we are going to take a close look at next hour. lauren, thank you very much. john: newly leaked communications from former secretary of state colin powell. one e-mail shows he resented hillary clinton's campaign trying to tie him to her e-mail controversy. powell writes, quote, hrc and her mishandling of this has really given her a major problem. i do not wish to get involved in despite the best of her team to drag me in. in two other emails he bashed donald trump saying, quote, trump is a national disgrace and a appeals to the worst angels of the gop nature and poor white folks. the e-mails were released by dc
8:36 am, that's a website with ties reportedly with russian intelligent services. so let's bring in our political panel, evan and author of gogps. emily a political editor for bussel. colin powell is an equal-important detractor of both campaigns, does this information that apparently, well, he has admitted came from his e-mail server, does it affect the race? >> i don't know if it affects the race. i think if anything, it actually may help hillary clinton because a big part of the emails in there is he talks about benghazi. that's part of the leads. i completely agree. two republican secretary of states agree in correspondence that this is a witch hunt.
8:37 am
that's huge for her. john: at the same time, he does say that she's trying to blame him as she has suggested, you know, she has suggested that he told her to use a private e-mail server saying that every other secretary of state has done, he clearly battles back against that comment? >> torpedo that argument. he went after the clinton cartel as he referred to it and said that they're trying to drag him in. he's a very well respected former secretary of state, chairman of the joint chief and adviser and actually saying, i'm not going to be the one who is going the bail hillary clinton out of the problem she made for herself. john: but he has not endorsed either candidate in this race and he doesn't seem to think much about either one of them. >> i think the important thing about emails that these weren't correspondence, he could have thrown hillary clinton under the bus and yet he didn't. i think it speaks to a larger
8:38 am
problem for donald trump that these republican leaders don't want to help him win. john: but, you know, on that point, donald trump has made a campaign out of gigging the the establishment republicans and i suppose colin powell is one of those. >> we see the divide going on. the republican leaders who earned respect over decades can't back him. that is a red flag and will continue to be a red flag for many republicans and also independents in the election. john genuine -- if these were russian hacking, what does it mean about russian interest in the case? >> they view trump -- they want to see as much damage done to democrats. they've only been hacking the dnc and publishing things that
8:39 am
are damage to go clinton and democrats. if they were going after republicans or trump, they would be leaking things about them and the rnc. this should concern every american that the russian government is purportedly actually interfering and trying to influence our election and that is something that really should alarm people. john: then why release an e-mail that calls donald trump an international paraia. they released all of colin powell's emails. they can't be 100% antidemocrat but they are not releasing anything from the rnc. they are not releasing anything from the trump organization, while it did reveal that the democratic party is incompetent specially an e-mail that said, our emails have been hacked so they e-mailed new passwords to everyone and those were hacked, of course. it's ridiculous how much incompetence is exposed and we should be upset. john: it raise it is questions about what the russians or other bad actors might have gotted a
8:40 am
peek at. >> i think this ultimately hurt trump more specially because he's made such an effort to be buddy, buddy with putin and make this major outreach and now we have the leaks from group that has reported ties to russia and concerns about. this will ultimately only hurt him. >> the big concern i have is hillary clinton is still not come out and said that if she's elected president, will she do this again, how will we know her emails as president is secure. john: all right, we are going to leave it there. there could be other shoes to dropped in this story as well. thank you. >> jenna: tropical storm julia soaking georgia right now. unexpected side affect as deep (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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john: fox weather alert. tropical storm julia is bringing heavy rain to northern florida and georgia. that could cause flooding. the storm expect today dump 3 and 6-inches of rain. some places could see as much as 10-inches. right now tropical storm julia is moving over georgia, it's expected to weaken into tropical depression later today. julia is the first storm ever to form over land instead of water. jenna: new research in sleep deprivation catching our tired eyes today, the emotional price tag of lack of sleep and a piece called unexpected way sleep deprivation makes life tougher. here is a part of article. people who are sleep deprived have difficulty reading factual expressions of other people particularly when they're more
8:45 am
subtle. does that sound familiar? joining us now the article of that article andrea peterson and dr. chris lenard, the sleep solution, great to have you both. andrea, you detail it had research in article. tell our viewers a little bit about what is new and what are researchers finding out about sleep deprivation. >> we all know sleep deprivation makes us cranky but able to discern factual expression of somebody else to know whether they're happy, sad or angry. jenna: it certainly can. why does that happen? >> i think generally the brain is sort of a very complex -- sure. our ability to perceive and tie
8:46 am
today structures. [inaudible] jenna: he's on skype. he's too tire today make it to the studio. no, he wasn't. we are trying to skype with him. our connection is not going through. let me talk to you about it. >> sure. jenna: what was the reason of the why, we could all intern liez -- internalize that. but what is missing when we are sleep deprived? what is happening? >> there are certain patterns of brain activity that seem to happen when we are sleep deprived and that seems to be the cause of emotional responses. sleep deprivation causes the activity in the part of the brain that's critical for processing emotions to, you know, amps up the activity and the activity in the frontal cortex is weakened and critical
8:47 am
for emotional regulation. that seems to be fueling some of this sort of emotional volatility that happens when you go without sleep. zrren general how quickly can you solve it, extra minutes of sleep? build up your sleep? how do you fix it? >> the researchers who did imaging studies, this starts to happen at less than six and a half hours of sleep. so it's not -- we are not talk about just getting an all-nighter, three to four hours. this is pretty many, many people get that amount of sleep. the experts say that, you know, 7 to 9 hours a sleep is what a healthy adult needs and but the numbers crunch by the cdc have showed that a third of american adults get less than that and about 12% get only 5 hours of sleep or less. this is something advice that a lot of us are ignoring.
8:48 am
jenna: we are all exhausted by trying to keep this altogether. you're so good at this, giving us tip that is could help us improve our sleep a little bit so we are not so emotional and able to handle our stress better? >> i'm sorry, i got early to exercise. i thought you were mad at me. [laughter] >> i wasn't reading your emotions. i'm sorry, i'm back now. i was told that you weren't upset with me. the most important thing we can do is to be aware of our sleep. it's amazing how many people think they're getting six or seven hours asleep at night but falling under the 6-hour window. anything you can do to track your sleep in a realistic way can be helpful to have a very clear perception of your sleep and not make the mistake when your wife says, sure, go out with all of your friends from medical school and stay out all night and leave me with the children all weekend, you don't perceive that as actually herwau understand very clearly that
8:49 am
this is not a good idea. you do not want to do that. [laughter] jenna: save yourself the trouble. get extra sleep. this sounds all too familiar specially with two kids, two and a little bit less than that. explains a lot, doesn't it, john? john: it sure does. jenna: if everyone got more sleep, we would all be better off. john: that's the easy answer. [laughter] john: hard to put in practice but easy answer. reset button with russia famously given out by then secretary of state hillary clinton. what does the current secretary of state think of the diplomatic policy she was chomp inning? the latest on the investigation next. hey gary, what'd you got here?
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john: one gentleman is going to be outnumbered at the top of the hour. let's find what's in store for him. sandra, melissa. sandra: hello, john, leaked e-mail from colin powell account ripping into hillary clinton from her honesty to we are alleged feelings about president obama. how much will this hurt her? >> yeah, plus the donald trump campaign saying it will soon release the gop's nominees medical records but they won't be the focus of the big sit-down with dr. oz, is that a good move and how will the media react to all of it? sandra: the white house raising refugees allowed to come here. >> that's right, #one lucky guy
8:54 am
outnumbered at the top of the hour. john: all right, we will be watching, thank you. see you then. jenna: right now questions of hillary clinton so-called reset with russia as secretary john kerry offered this assessment. mrs. clinton's efforts with the kremlin with an interview this morning on national public radio essentially blaming both sides for the strain relations. >> for a while, yes, but then other things happened and i think there were perceptions russia had about our activity that is bothered russia and there were perceptions about their activities that bothered us and didn't get resolve in time to stop creating greater friction. jenna: john kerry also calling
8:55 am
hacking of dnc emails disruptive and the situation with moscow a complicated set of circumstances. john: police in phoenix say three officers were mowed down by a car, they are calling intentional act. surveillance video captured what happened. the driver accelerated as they stood in a convenience store parking lot. live from los angeles with details. >> john, thanks to security cameras we get to see the whole incident play out in full and it certainly disturbing. the suspect pulls into the parking lot about 1:41 a.m. and backs into a space and sits there for nearly three minutes. then, with no warning pulls out of the space, aims his vehicle directly at the officers sending all three flying, two of the officers, then attempt to subdue
8:56 am
but he fights, one officer pulls the, -- taser. there's no doubt in his mind that this was a deliberate attack to his officers. >> victims of unprovoked, violent, intentional act. these officers could have been intentionally killed and i thank god that we are not planning funerals right now. >> he was was on his first day on the job, he suffered a head injury, another of the officers has a broken leg and all expected to be okay. now mark who is 44 year's old was arrested at the scene, he's being held without bond, facing three charges of attempted murder. john. john: what a story, jonathan hunt. jonathan, thank you. and we are back in just a moment. if you have medicare
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jon: so much more to do we can't fit it in one hour. we'll be back in one hour with more. >> sounds good. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, co-host of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis. raid show talk show host,. meghan. today's #oneluckyguy, the -- sandra: you love doing that. harris: political editor of, guy benson is his name. you're outnumbered. purple in my heart and you got them on your socks. >> a little flair. i love being here. really do. i'm so ready. let's do it. harris: stunning new emails hacked from former secretary of state colin powell's gmail account. they're shedding new light from hillary clinton's email scandal to the her alleged true feelings about president obama. ss


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