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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: so much more to do we can't fit it in one hour. we'll be back in one hour with more. >> sounds good. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, co-host of after the bell on fox business, melissa francis. raid show talk show host,. meghan. today's #oneluckyguy, the -- sandra: you love doing that. harris: political editor of, guy benson is his name. you're outnumbered. purple in my heart and you got them on your socks. >> a little flair. i love being here. really do. i'm so ready. let's do it. harris: stunning new emails hacked from former secretary of state colin powell's gmail account. they're shedding new light from hillary clinton's email scandal to the her alleged true feelings about president obama. messages obtained by the
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intercept, powell complained to a confidante that hillary's mafia was trying to suck him into the her email scandal. sad thing, hrc could have killed this two years ago telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie into it. i told her staff three times to not try that bam bit. i had to throw a minutepy tantrum at a hamptons party to get her attention. ed henry, not throwing tantrums, but live in d.c. >> i'm sure you have not thrown a tantrum. a top donor tells powell, that clinton hate as obama. a top aide cast hacked and powell will no have. one email rails against
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clinton's campaign that. powell insists he only told her used aol account for unclassified notes and used secure state department computer from classified email. far different from clinton having lastfied email on personal server. i told hillary's minions repeatedly making a mistake trying to drag me in and yet they still try. the media isn't fooled and she is getting crucified. powell raises questions about her health. she appeared to be struggling to get upstairs on a plane. someone respected as retired general raising these questions, obviously pours more water on the idea that these health questions are just conspiracy theories. meanwhile powell just as tough or tougher on donald trump, calling him, quote national disgrace, taking aim at trump declaring there is no need for democrats to attract trump because he is in the process of destroying himself in this campaign. look at this one email. powell writing,up, the birther movement was racist. that is what 99% believe when
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trump couldn't keep that up. he wanted to see if the certificate noted he, meaning president obama was a muslim. by the way powell adds in another email he was frustrated with clinton over something else. allegedly gouge ad university so much for a paid speech that the school got into hot water and pulled back on paying powell big money for a lecture of his own. some of this might be a little bit personal, harris. harris: sound like it. buzzfeed was reporting too about the emails he said about donald trump. he said, well i'm not denying it when they asked him about those. ed henry. thanks. good to see you. we'll bring it out for everybody to react. guy, your opinion first of all this idea how much information is coming out. >> those are brutal emails from both the major party nominees. before we delve into the teeth of it, i feel a little weird and gossippy and exploitive talking about this stuff because this is hacked personal emails. similar to the dnc hack. there was lots of newsworthy, juicy tidbits irresistible for
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people like us to break down. i get why we're doing it. it is news worth think. melissa: can i take issue with that? >> please do. melissa: this is new world we live in. you don't have to bother lie in public. colin powell and so many other politicians, no i really like her. you say one thing in public and then they obviously feel completely different. maybe that is, maybe it is everybody. maybe we don't have to lie. >> do you want your emails coming public? melissa: of course i don't, but i think now in this day and age, one of those things that is just going to happen, you have to watch what you say in email or don't say one thing in public and another thing in private. i, it is just maybe there is something liberating about this. playing devil's advocate for the other side. i don't think it will go away. that is my point. >> i agree with that. >> in wartime every good soldiers know you don't write stuff down. email is leaving a big ol' board on your desk that says what you
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think. keep it in your head. meghan: colin powell, secretaries of state, they gossip is in emails. i was surprised someone of his statue and pedigree put this in writing. everything hrc touches she kind of screws up with hubris. major smack tack from colin powell on hillary clinton. sandra: what about the smack tack. megadonor, corporate financeer, jeffrey leads set her up to be sore loser in revenge emails, saying she hates that the president kicked her you know what in 2008. she can't believe it or accept it. man is out on the campaign trail saying you should vote for her. melissa: hillary can't believe she might not want make it. this is one prize she wants. has everything else. that is emails she is talking about. meghan says, just like us. harris: reportedly former
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secretary powell sent nbc news reporter andrea mitchell email last month. i told her i was using my personal computer for unclassified emails. i never said anything about servers, basements domain or foundations. clinton east at thats have been trying for months to connect our usage, wow. >> that is important point. that is what a lot of clinton defenders and surrogates have been saying all over the media for a span of months. condoleeza rice and colin powell sort of did the same thing that is never true. here is powell publicly griping very bitterly about the fact i used email for private unsecured stuff but i never told her to set up a private unsecured server in her basement which is what she did. false equivalency really got under his skin. the fact he had to throw a mini tantrum against the clintons. >> in the hams ton. >> that is not the the worse thing to do i guess. harris: meghan, trending, i was
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looking backwoods mafia thing. how they destroyed phones and gone on. meghan: feels like something happens in the backwoods. destroy this out here.get polly. -- paulie. i still stand by the statement. harris: not a lot of emails is a surprise? meghan: only thing i'm surprised colin powell is defensive with the communication with condoleeza rice. for something like him i wouldn't put things like this in email if i were like him. can i say one more thing? he is covering himself, other he doesn't want to be associated with this email leak. he for a long time, he is persona non grata with me endorsed obama in '08. >> and 12. meghan: don't consider him is kin sieve tiff or republican. harris: you don't change your opinion? he took down everybody. meghan: is he is tied to the hillary clinton emails and maybe trying to cover his tracks. i don't consider him
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conservative and part of the tribe. harris: let me tell you about something representative elijah cummings released, 2009 email from colin powell, be very careful, powell warned clinton. i got around it by not saying much and not using systems that captured data. there are things that went back and forth between you two, that you go, what is that? melissa: a lot of things went back and forth. to me these emails while being somewhat catty, feel very honest. it is natural reaction to all the things we've had out there and that's what i mean sort of maybe we can all stop lying in public. there is nothing he says here that is slander russ or incorrect. i told you about my gig i lost from a university. she overcharged them. they couldn't pay any fees for a while. i should send her a bill now. funny to hear about them, these paid speeches where they make hundreds of thousands of dollars per stop, really meaningful to each of them. really raking in the money.
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he is mad that she gouged this university which is her track record. i think this is valuable for people to know. i don't like the way they came about it but this is the new reality. sandra: paints a picture of a really, nervous, jittery democratic party. i go back to the democratic megadonor in the emails saying no one likes her. the criminal thing ain't over. i don't think the president would weep if she found herself in real legal trouble. she will pummel his legacy if she get as chance and he knows it. harris: wow. usage of colin powell dates back to september of 2015 and beyond what we're learning right now. she has been as you described jittery about this issue for a long time. meghan: i feel so bad for condoleeza rice because her name comes up with the email. harris: she emails back with colin powell on the subject. we'll move on. donald trump's campaign will soon release the results of his physical but they will not be
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focusing or make the focus of his highly-anticipated sit-down with dr. oz on his health. what to make of it all and is it a good idea to skip that? the health scare jolting hillary clinton's campaign, promising to release more of her medical records as members. mainstream media come to her defense. the charges of sexism, that the media are making a big to-do about nothing. we'll talk about it. after the tv version of us goes away for a minute, we pop up online, top of the hour to chat. you can join us on our fox news page. click on the "overtime" tab. we're on facebook live at same time. slash outnumbered fnc on facebook. tweet us anytime. >> be nice. harris: be nice. >> good luck.
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♪ sandra: well the health of the candidates in the spotlight following hillary clinton's pneumonia scare. donald trump arriving for a taped appearance on "dr. oz" which will air tomorrow. this as his campaign saying the candidate will not be releasing the results of a physical on the show but will do so soon. instead will focus on general health issues on the tv show. dr. oz had billed trump's appearance as an opportunity to talk about his health and clear up questions about his doctor's letter. the famed tv doctor telling fox's brian kilmeade he did not expect anything i am bear asking. >> it is his decision. it is his personal records. i wanted to ask him pointed questions about his health? what if there are embarrassing things in there? i bet he won't release them. >> this is his decision. >> the metaphor, this is the doctor's office, the studio. he won't ask questions he
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doesn't want to have anticipated. we'll not talk about anybody else. we'll not talk about secretary clinton for sure. and i don't want to talk about things outside of the health purview. sandra: trump campaign manager kellyanne conway telling "america's newsroom" the release of trump's physical on the tv show was never the plan. mr. trump will gladly answer any question that dr. oz or the audience may have about his health. >> he was going to talk about the fact that he had a physical and that, what the results are or what the doctor may have told him to date. i wasn't present at his physical. on dr. oz he will talk about other concerns for america, taking questions from the audience i understand. i would imagine that dr. oz will talk about what he talks about on the show every day. he is asked a question about his health or stamina i'm sure he will be happy to answer. he is always happy to answer. sandra: i'm not going to ask him any questions he doesn't want to have answered you said, what? melissa: like a doctor's room. that is the analogy. wait, in the doctor's office they are supposed to ask you everything.
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to me this is like a tv stunt gone awry. they kind of agreed to do this. kellyanne conway is like, whoa, whoa, what is going on here? we are not doing that so they will sit down and talk about whatever and ask questions. i think whole thing is very funny. i don't think the american public is paying attention. dr. oz is reality buff as donald trump. it is kind of like two forces coming together. harris: when he said that, i thought to myself what kind of a doctor is he? my doctor asks me all sorts of probing questions. i have to tell him to back off! i love him but whatever. melissa: kellyanne conway's team, doctor oz says the campaign is profession and encouraged him to ask whatever questions he would like of the candidate. oz invited both trump and clinton to come on. it will be interesting if she takes him up on his offer. melissa: right. sandra: the problem, guy, the more behind we get medical records and we don't, it leaves room for speculation.
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are they not releasing something because there is something in there? >> right. i don't care when they release or where they release this physical and the results of that as long as they do it soon. they said it would be this week. now sort of a more vague timeline. it ought to be soon. he should release all his medical records. he is 70-year-old man running for president and his tax returns and hillary should do the same on her health records. this is what journalists should demanding, transparency from both people. one thing i will say in trump's support or defense the fact dr. oz said they would not talk about hillary, last night on "hannity," sean asked trump about hillary health stuff, in remarkable show of discipline and restraint, donald trump is not going there, which is the smartest thing he could possibly do. let video speak for itself. let people like us and surrogates do all the talking an speculating. he is staying out of that fray and above it. probably hard for him but it is the right thing to do. sandra: meghan, you said both
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should release their medical records. we should know fitness of somebody who will be elected to the highest office in the land. meghan: this is such a missed opportunity on his part. i was looking forward to dr. oz. i have never watched "dr. oz" before and i would have watched trump out there. given video i've been speculating about since it happened on 9/11. it would be opportunity to show i'm healthy and strong, not passing out or falling over, doing whatever she was doing at 9/11 memorial. i think this teasing for me, makes me get a little anxious. is there something in your health records i need to know about? is there something? it just, the problem with hillary clinton right now there have been so many conspiracy theories. when the video comes out makes everyone go into overdrive. if it is as simple you have nothing to hide, then -- sandra: there is press release from "dr. oz" show. trump releases medical records for first time on "dr. oz" show. detailing results of most recent physical examination.
9:20 am
>> so he did do it. sandra: dr. oz conducted complete review of physical symptoms with the candidate. trump one-on-one with "dr. oz" will air tomorrow. harris: this jives with oz was saying earlier. exactly how far he would go with the subject and what he expected to have happen. it sounds like, melissa, you look stumped. melissa: this was early press release. it sounded like, oh, no, another tease for something that doesn't really pay off and doesn't come true which is classic television. all of sudden the campaign comes out saying they will not do it. >> this morning. melissa: i guess i will believe it when i see it. i wonder if that is from the show. i will believe it when i see it. i'm such a cynic, i don't believe anything of these things. when somebody says here is all my medical records, i doesn't believe this is all their medical records. it's a presidential campaign. i don't believe any of it. meghan: when my father released medical records journalists were sent over to mayo clinic to review medical records at
9:21 am
hospital. why can't we do that? send everyone over. it is creepy but if you want to be the most powerful person in the free world i should be able to see your medical records from a doctor's office. harris: question i immediately saw on social media in my twitter. "dr. oz" is not a journalist. he is a doctor but not donald trump's doctor. if he is releasing they may get into deep questions but as deep as someone who does it for a living. sandra: donald trump's doctor for many years, dr. harold bornstein did the physician ral examination. they are announcing will release results of that. then there are a bunch much other doctors on hand see him for the first time. check his nervous system, head, neck, hormone levels, cardiovascular health. >> on television? sandra: on the press release just released from the "dr. oz" show. melissa: okay. sandra: dr. oz took mr. trump full review of systems including everything i detailed.
9:22 am
harris: there are nine other items that they're looking at here. melissa: okay. should we get popcorn and watch? want to stop by? my office. sandra: crucial question asked politically does this increase pressure on hillary clinton to release more? >> especially if he goes through the regimen happening with dr. oz. harris: funny that you used that word because when they started for the season dr. oz this week on monday, rolled out, this new thing the regimen. he wanted in early press release about donald trump we'll talk about his regimen. yeah, i think that is absolutely accurate. >> interest factor piqued. melissa: i hope trump keeps his clothes on. no butter on popcorn. doctor's room is scary place. keep all that behind screen. a little salt, a little butter. maybe air popped, no butter, no salt.
9:23 am
meghan: show man part of himself he wants to do this with tv's doctor? harris: does it put it to bed is the question for him and open up a pandora's box for her? i don't know. we'll have to see. melissa: meantime hillary clinton is expected to release more information about her health this week as she recovers from pneumonia but many in the mainstream media are dismissing her episode. nothing to see her. that was last week. a non-issue. some calling the coverage of it sexist. this is cnn's christiane amanpour. >> surely this can't be a case of human being having off day, nope. like some things hillary the media are having a field day, off to the races with another debilitating case of indignant outrage. can't a girl have a sick day or two? [laughter]. melissa: all right. msnbc host lawrence o'donnell is spending ten minutes on it. >> the news media lost its mind. health might have nothing to do
9:24 am
with how long a presidency lasts. news media struggled to identify the voting issue in hillary clinton's health and finally it landed on transparency. health is not a voting issue in this campaign because the candidates are way, way, too far apart on policy, on vanity, on intelligence, on basic human decency. [laughter] melissa: meantime cbs news is under fire for editing bill clinton's full response to a question about his wife's health. watch both verse versions. >> it if is a mystery to my and all her doctors. rarely but on one than one occasion over the last many, many years, same sort of things happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. if it is a mystery to me and all of her doctors because frequently, not frequently, that is not, rarely, but on more than
9:25 am
one occasion, over the last many, many years, same sort of things happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. melissa: what watts change there? did you notice it? cbs responding saying it was edited for time, darn it. phrase about three seconds long. let you go first, guy benson. so much to chew on >> i go-go with christiane am man pour, that was hack tastic. she scolded journalists for asking questions and seeking transparency. in her little lecture and soliloquy she gave, she went on to go back to the good old days where media covered up illnesses for presidents like fdr and jfk back in the day. she attempt ad spin on hillary behalf her own campaign didn't even have the balls to try because it was so ludicrous.
9:26 am
they admitted they should have been more transparent. this is journalist making excuses they shouldn't have been that transparency isn't issue. apparently lawrence o'donnell agrees with on msnbc. melissa: anytime you tell journalists to stop inquiring you're not a journalist anymore, you're an advocate, right? harris: interesting her argument was to say for all the men who got covered up this is equality now. she should also have the right to have her health covered up. >> except bill clinton in 1992 caved to pressure and put out all of his medical pressure as candidate. in 19896, did a long interview about his health. he said the american people have a right to know. if we want equality, let's hold hillary to bill's standard. harris: a man who had heart health problems in his history as well. go ahead. meghan: can i tell you something? i tweeted a few days ago, how would media reacted if my father's lifeless body fell into a van and a shoe was found on ground. it was retweeted a thousand times.
9:27 am
i don't like the hip pock chris at this, if this was ann romney, donald trump, mitt romney, in the video on sunday the media would be going crazy. i don't like the hypocrisy in this. i brought up many articles, "washington post" said september 6th, hillary's health is off limits. i'm conspiracy theorist with tinfoil hat. after video i only saw because of citizen journalists not because r because any journalists doing their jobs, now it is not okay to point out hypocrisy to happen in the election. this is most riled up i ever been other than comments about my father. >> whoa, whoa. melissa: going back to leaked emails from colin powell on hdtv she doesn't look good. she did that crummy press conference and flew to san francisco for a paid gig. she flew back the next day. she will turn 70 first year in office. conspiracy theorists out there, everybody behind the scenes, this is year ago, is talking about her health. sandra: i wonder if
9:28 am
donald trump, if he was coughing as much, not saying that, could still be allergy, or if he was coughing to that extent every time he stepped up to microphone what the coverage would be like on the other side? melissa: there you go. president obama going on the attack against donald trump while campaigning for hillary clinton. will he help or hurt his former secretary of state? it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark.
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9:33 am
succeeded without hiding their tax returns. i keep on reading this analysis that, well you know, if trump has got support from like working folks. really? like, this is the guy you want? this guy who spent 70 years on this earth showing no concern for working people. this guy suddenly going to be your champion? harris: why is he out there? look at the screen. a new poll shows president obama's getting his highest approval ratings since 2009, 58%. juan williams here at the big fnc, called barack obama the october surprise for hillary clinton's campaign because he he is popular than she. >> doesn't take a lot to be more popular than she is, i would say with president obamas the reason his approval rating has improved he is mostly out of the public eye and all attention is on hillary clinton and donald trump who are deeply loathed people. by comparison, like
9:34 am
george w. bush numbers going up, the miss me yet, effect in advance for president obama. the, look the clinton campaign, they're not dumb. they have a lot of smart strategists there. they will use president obama strategically. i think north carolina is place he can help. virginia, certain areas of virginia he can help. probably end up deploying joe biden to shore up pennsylvania, ohio, certain blue-collar areas. harris: here is a question that we absolutely can not answer but maybe should, kind of ponder. two public events in just two weeks leading up to labor day. hillary clinton took a lot of time out of the public purview in the month much august when she was having her coughing fits. she held fund-raisers. they're building the cache of cash if you will but protecting her from the public. we can't speculate whether that was health or whatever it was. it coincides with dip of the numbers for her. that is a fact. melissa: that's true. i'm surprised by this.
9:35 am
all along i says this starts out, starts out ahead with insurmountable lead and as we get closer, it reminds people they don't like her. holding her back is a good strategy. the problem holding her back, people think because she is incapacitated. that kind of backfires. in the past i would have thought it was good. president obama on the stump. he wouldn't let you move into one of his buildings. really? i wouldn't lit donald trump turn away money. you didn't think he would let people buy their way into the building. stretching it far trying to trash donald trump. that part i think could work with her. i don't know how much it is going to help though. harris: this might have had a little more oomph behind it if we hadn't sign the darn emails that they don't really like each other. sandra: going back to ohio, i wonder how much president obama could help there? polls show five point lead over hillary clinton in that key battleground state. word coming that the hillary clinton campaign is opening 50
9:36 am
new offices in that state, just really going to show you how worried they are. >> very good poll for him because the number we put up on the screen was two-way poll. a lot of people look at that four-way poll gary johnson, jill stein. in that version of the same poll he is up on hillary. she is in the 30s. harris: new hampshire and nevada, same sort of thing. make it outside of two-way into four-way. chunk of votes go away from hillary clinton and donald trump gains lead. meghan: when i see president obama stump fog hillary clinton great reminder what an incredible politician and orator he is and how horrible she is. i'm no fan of president obama obviously, he makes a great speech. you know, he has a gorgeous, interesting wife that america also really likes, and i think of him juxtapose with hillary clinton screaming into her microphone even though she has a microphone. that is the point of having a microphone, coughing, lying, email scandals.
9:37 am
it is just, i don't know how much of that people -- harris: i wonder how much a surrogate can help you they feel like they need to say the words, no, i really mean it. i'm not here just saying good things about the candidate. i swear. meghan: i'm not lying. harris: donald trump unveiling his child care plan, guarantying six weeks of paid maternitity leave. will it help him win over female voters? did he co-op one of hillary clinton's big issues? for lower back pain sufferers,
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♪ sandra: donald trump working to win over women voters unveiling a new proposal to change our child care system and make it more affordable. the republican nominee laying out his plan yesterday in the battleground state of pennsylvania. it includes six weeks of i paid maternitity leave for mothers who do not already get leave from their employers. listen. >> that means we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work, and have access to affordable, quality, child care for their kids. these solutions must update laws passed more than half a century ago when most women were still not in the labor force. and my pope opponent has no child care plan. she never will and if it ever evolves into a plan, it will never get done anyway. all talk, no action. [applause] sandra: the plan was crafted in
9:43 am
part by his daughter, ivanka. you saw in the background. there she is on "fox & friends." >> it is an american plan, family plan and one long overdue. these are enormous programs. we need to create optionality and robust marketplace for child care solutions. one size fits all institutional model of child care doesn't work for everyone. sandra: donald trump tweeting out that clinton has no plan. hillary hitting back it is literally right here with a link to her plan, which she announced before her can today sy. guaranties 12 weeks of paid family leave for mothers, and, fathers. wait, so guy make sense of this. he goes out, he and his team must have done research. ivanka even referenced it obviously. how many they are saying she has no plan and here it is, been there for a long time? >> i can't explain why donald trump says there is no
9:44 am
plan. maybe he didn't know it was mystery to me. this is a rorschach test for if you're center right. this is brilliant move, he is trying to kate tour women and improving gender gap. basically put out i care about you type plan. if you're a small government conservative who is more suspicious of donald trump like myself, i view this as a new federal entitlement and a new government mandate that is paid for by waste, fraud, and abuse being reduced like the oldest kinard in the statist book, that conservatives ridicule liberals for trotting out every year. like the idea, oh, there is so much waste, fraud and abuse in this other stuff which is true, we'll cut some of it magically and use that money to pay for a brand new thing the government is going to do. that is not a small government proposal even if the goal behind it or politics behind might be seen as savvy.
9:45 am
harris: that is some of the backlash that has come forth today. some of the staunch conservatives who are so anti-big government saying this doesn't look like that to us. i wonder if in part it could have played a role, you know what? we go back to the original plan for dr. oz. we mix that in, but quiet the masses if there any outside of a few people in the media as they see us who would be asking to see those medical records? maybe we mix it back in. i don't know, just observation based on what you just said and what i'm reading -- sandra: talk about that the money behind this and numbers behind this, melissa. i know you have. the deduction here, would be capped at average cost of care in the state of residence. it would not be available to individuals inning more than $250,000. couples over $500,000. does this work? is it effective? will women go for it? melissa: you can't call deduction saying the government is paying for that, where is the money. that allows people keeping more money they make themselves. that always drives me a little
9:46 am
bit crazy. this thing we do, we punish women for going back to work. you pay taxes on earnings. you have to pay a caregivier. doing it on the books you're also paying that person's taxes. it is like, no matter what you do you have to earn so much money to clear the hurdle of making money to go back to work it is really tough on people. so i like the idea of trying to right that through the tax system. i don't like creating new programs but you stole the rorschach thing from me. i said that about the immigration plan. i think a lot of his stuff is dot painting or rorschach painting people see when they want to when they put out there. that is the plan, that is old trick. yes, didn't you read my website? how many times do we see that in the campaign. that is nonsense. sandra: what did you make, meghan the politics having his daughter there and being a big part of construction of this plan? meghan: she is his biggest asset. she is universally liked by democrats and republicans.
9:47 am
i'm with guy, when she brought this up at the convention speech, i'm like what? that is big government proposal. i thought that wasn't what we're for. brings up questions for me about her history as a democrat for a long time. she obviously has a lot of influence on him. i am, you know, i don't have any children but i'm all for having discussions women being paid when they go on maternity leave and going on maternity leave, et cetera, et cetera. blanket control of the government mandating this makes my skin crawl. that is not my kind of politics. doesn't mean i'm anti-women, anti-women having children. this is not the team that we're on. i think that is why it confuse as lot of conservatives. sandra: important to point out when ivanka was asked about this on "kelly file" last night, she pointed out not only her company offer eight weeks paid maternitity leave, but her father's company. it is part of her family and family businesses. the obama administration planning to dramatically increase the number of refugees to the u.s. by tens of thousands. it is all set to begin in just
9:48 am
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9:52 am
>> we have sizzle too, harris in our next hour. breaking news from the trump campaign. we were under impression that trump would reveal details of his health with dr. oz taped this morning. that was walked back. we learned he shared details with the tv doctor. we'll get into that. brand new polling from the battleground state from nevada. that is set 1:00 p.m. eastern time. comes after new poll from ohio shows mr. trump with a lead in that state for first time. his national polls have tightened. also telling but the 300th anniversary of america's first lighthouse. fascinating story and an interesting slice of american history and it's ahead, "happening now." harris: all about those lights. i can not wait. i love the topic. >> thanks. melissa: the white house planning to dramatically increase the number of refugees coming into the united states. secretary of state john kerry telling members of congress at least 110,000 refugees will be
9:53 am
accepted in the 2017 fiscal year. that is up 57% from 2015. the fiscal year begins october 1st, just over two weeks from now. the administration says all countries should do more to help vulnerable people but republican senator jeff sessions is slamming the increase over terror concerns calling it reckless and extreme. meghan, what do you think? >> this is such an emotional issue for some americans. melissa: it is. meghan: compassionate, humanitarian part of me wants to let as many of these people in here as possible, if you have seen the images of the little boy in aleppo, the dead baby rolling up on the beach in turkey obviously your heart goes out to them. then you see what is happening in germany. pepper spray reached all-time high, skyrocketing in sales because women can't walk down the street without being sexually assaulted. see what is happening in germany and europe. part of me wants to take a pause. there is no good answer. a lot of people will have a lot
9:54 am
of problems with that number. melissa: goes down to the extreme vetting. go on the white house website they have a picture blog that shows you how, how severely they screen these people. i don't know, do you buy it? >> the american people don't. they're making case, first of all, everything you just said is exactly how i feel. bottle that, she nailed it. meghan: thank you. >> it's a tough one. it is a balance. when you look at polling from the last time this flared up as a controversy, politically here in america, the american people want to help but are skeptical of the vetting because, remember there was statement from the fbi director saying, you know, it is difficult for us to get every single one of these people. they're coming from war-torn, basically non-country. how can you riley be sure? if the president is such a gifted orator and explainer he seems to be or billed as, he needs to do a much better job of alaying those concerns for americans. so far he is coming up short. sandra: john kerry didn't really
9:55 am
provide any detail to this. he says the president's plan will come out, you will see it there. if they could simply spell out their capability and willingness to accurately and appropriately vet these refugees, then okay, let's talk numbers but that is not happening. we don't know that he they have the ability to do this. in fact they told us they don't have the capacity to do it. harris: one thing that would help would be two things simultaneously, particularly people coming from syria. you have a cease-fire they're trying to hold right now. to talk about what our involvement looks like in that confrontation in syria and how to hold that cease-fire, get things working on the ground so that we can start to do that vetting process. then you know what sells? video. show the american people exactly how individualing works. i know they have the website with little stick figures and blah, blah. show us how it actually works with human beings but show us our role. you backed off of a red line. we're still trying to understand from one of the places where some refugees are looking for homes, not necessarily a huge
9:56 am
percentage of them will come here but a percentage will. show us what our involvement will look like to make that better. then also, how it really works with the vetting. melissa: with the vetting they show very detailed process online. with guy's point, we don't actually trust them to do what they say they are going to do because we witnessed the irs. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love.
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harris: thank you, guy benson, for being here. >> thank you for having my. this was awesome. thanks for having me.
10:00 am
harris: 54 days. are you ready for the election? >> i'm ready, please, please. harris: you're reading more of the emails that came out. meghan: can't say it on television. i will get fired. read it yourself. harris: "outnumbered overtime" on the web. click on the "overtime" tab. "happening now" now. donald trump's poll numbers are gaining gavenlt more good news for donald trump. we are cover canning all of the news "happening now". >> a new push for donald trump to appear more presidential as he closes the gap in a crucial battleground state. protest targeting a north dakota pipeline spreading across the country and native american activity get support in stopping the construction. and a rare weather event. a tropical storm


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