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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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recentship with michigan, but it was announced ford is moving all small car production, 100%, to mexico over the next two to three years. it just happened a. we shouldn't allow it to happen. they'll make their cars, thousands and thousands of people from not this country and sell them through a very weak border, no tax, no nothing, and we'll have nothing bun more unemployment in flint and in michigan. it's horrible. when we send our jobs to other nations, we are also sending our tax base that supports our infrastructure including, by the way, our pipes on that we get our water from, and i just met the most beautiful family. they are devastated by what's happened with the water, and it's had a huge impact on them mentally and physically.
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incredible to see what's going on. but the infrastructure and all of this is going to other naz, our jobs are going to other nations, our money is going to other nations. we get nothing. we get no tax, we get unemployment. that's about it. closed factories, i see them all over. hillary clinton supported nafta, supported china's entry into the world trade center, and nafta is probably the worst trade deal ever made in our country, probably in the history of the world. signed by bill clinton. allowed china to run up a $1 trillion in cumulative deficits china with a trade definite sis of $500 billion. hillary failed on the economy. just like she's failed on foreign policy.
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everything she touched didn't work out, nothing. now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i invited you here to thank us for -- to not give a political speech. >> that's good, and i'm going to go back on that. >> okay. flint's pain is a result of so many different failures, and i must say that -- no, i never would -- never would. -- never who. frankly "time" padding sine, as you know, they reported this year that the federal government have got a long way to go to bring flint back. i look at the damage done and the damage and the damage taking care of -- >> you will respect him, that's right. >> thank you, thank you, pastor. >> and the damage can be corrected, and it can be corrected by people who know what they're doing. unfortunately the people that
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caused this tremendous problem had no clue is a. they said absolutely no clue, so it's an honor to be with you, pastor, i appreciate it, armstrong, i can only say in the strongest of terms that we can fix this problem. it's going to take time. it's amazing the damage that's been done, but we'll get it fixed and it will be fixed quickly if i'm elected, but it will be fixed convictly, effectively and flint will come back. most importantly we'll bring jobs back to flint. so without the job and -- so important. thank you very much. >> that was a little surreal, donald trump bess at the united methodist church and interrupted by one of the sponsors, could be a pastor at this event saying
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this was not to be political. i'm paraphrasing ere. this is what candidates do, though, on the left or the right. they make an appearance. they get into a political discussion and to the discussion du jour, so many people will say was that a fair or proper thing to do on the part of this woman who came up and interrupted donald trump? or donald trump to go into a political broadside at the opening of those remarks in a city, of course, that's had to deal with all that contaminated water, something that mr. trump was clearly blaming on those who let the situation get out of the control. he might have been referring to the white house or federal government authorities. the state is run by a republican governor, so we go back and forth, back and forth, but it does occur on the day the polls are narrows certainly in michigan. they have reversed in -- and right now they are improving in nevada. this is donald trump now leaving flint, michigan.
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i reply my colleague karl rove was witnessing all of this. what did you think of it? >> you know, you go into some environments in which you're not expected to be political, and there's somebody wee acting to that. they would are re -- if they hadn't interrupted then, they would have said something about it later, but i give trump credit for going to places. he went to louisiana for -- in the meet aftermath of the flood, went to detroit and gave a spectacular presentation in a church a saturday a couple weeks ago. i think this is important for him to go. he gets point to show up and consider the problems for people who are not run of the mill republicans. >> you know, it may be just me, carl, but trump's reaction to getting interrupted, and whether it was a religious venue, again a methodist church, to get -- people can debate that, but he handled it in a way that we think is a little different from the early donald trump, where
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they might have lambasted her here, he was very professional about it, and went back to a discussionfuls what is at stake and glossed over it. what did you think of that? >> look, the guy's got a lot of charm. when he wants to turn it on, he can. i think there's a difference between the donald trump we see reading off a teleprompter -- and he's getting very good at teleprompter speeches, and the donald trump we see in places like this where it's not a huge rally. we get to see a guy who is more low key, more even-toned, can handle something like that with a great of aplomb, and create a good impression. you saw it in mexico city in the aftermath of the meeting with president nieto. that was a very different donald trump in a high-stakes moment like that. what do you make of the
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polls of reversal from where we were a few weeks ago, in nevada where he's got a slight lead, this is a team reversal of positions. but there's something more going on. even we he is eithernarios or reversing early clinton leads. is she stumbling, or is he surging? >> the answer to that is yes to both. look, her on peak in the real clear politics average was about the 7th of august when she had a 7.9 lead in the national average of polls. as of today it's about 3%, and as it is narrowed nationally, it has narrowed in some, not all states. ohio you are just pointed to, five-point margin in a bloomberg poll 'em. i understand it's just been joined this afternoon by another poll run by cnn that shows a five-point margin for trump in
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this critical battleground state. similarly he's shown improved in florida. he was ahead in nevada under the end of july. there haven't been a lot of polls there, but he let under the end of july. the race is essentially dead even there, and that shows the monmouth -- looking at monmouth in july and monmouth in september. as you can see he's risen three, she's dropped three. that's just one poll, but it's nice to look at the changes in one poll over time. they'll have the same methodology aintact. he takes florida, keeps the romney states, takes florida, that gets him to 235, he takes ohio, that gets him to 253. he takes nevada, that gets him to 259. he's still 11 short. even if he gets iowa, which is a state he's also leading in, that gets hiv to 265, but he's got to get something else big to get
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there, maybe something small. a new poll out of maine shows him leading in the second direct of maine. that's a state that splits its votes, so it's going to be interesting to watch. he's got a few paths to victory. he's got more, but he's making good progress >> more paths than he had a couple weeks ago. karl rove, thank you very much sfwlooismt in the meantime people focusing on donald trump on the appearance on "the dr. oz show" but it did come up today at a white house briefing. >> do you ever watch "the dr. oz show"? >> i can tell you i've never seen it. >> watch it at all? >> not today. >> no, tomorrow. >> not tomorrow, either. okay. so josh earnest a bit dismissive of the dr. oz thing. isn't this the same administration that's gone on a
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number of entertainment show you, which was all fine, but it was okay and not laughable then, maybe laughable now that donald trump goes on, well, dr. oz. the media research center's brent bo zell maybe noticed a bit of strangeness. what do you think? >> you see the way this all has been covered this year. you just don't know what is up and what is down? the media -- i'm seeing something, neil, i don't think i've ever seen before, where the media has -- i'm going to a tangent here, the attitude about global warming, the attitude about gay rights, which is to say you can only have one position and taking it to the presidential campaign. look how they beat up matt lauer for having the audacity simply to ask a tough question of donald trump, and now look at the reports that are saying -- where they're saying donald trump, and even the
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president is saying donald trump is skirting away with easy pr s press. >> you mentioned the difference here in the coverage of one or the other and when they appear on a given show, but for the president to tilt it in another way, to say it's a very different kind of media reaction to him. listen to this. >> look, i'm not running this time, but i sure do get frustrated with the way this campaign is covered. you don't grade the presidency on a curve. >> this is serious business. we can't afford to suddenly treat this like a reality show. >> the president has appeared on reality shows, and that's fine, but aside from what you're position is and i feel a lot of critical dismissive articles of
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donald trump, so i think he's getting closely scrutinized and ripped apartment in the press session just now. >> neil, just think about this. donald trump is the most covered republican in modern history. fact -- donald trump has gotten overwhelmingly negative coverage. fact -- that means he's the most negatively covered republican candidate in history. fact -- and that's not good enough for barack obamaobama. what they're saying is we want complete negativity towards him and how dare you criticize me. it's a stunning attitude that they would take. cri katheriniane amanpo-- christia amanpour took that position.
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>> i see him dismissed chuckling, the asides, the top economists who like to rip apart the budget plans. the oxford study that the media pounces on that says it he doesn't know anything about trade. >> neil, it's making him stronger. i'm telling you, it's making him stronger. the public can't stand this haughty press attitude, washington, d.c. attitude. every time they seen one of these elitists ohe gets stronger. be fair and balded, rip them both apart if that's what you want to do. >> there are a number that are not keen on the deal. they're worried this will lead to a surge in frankenstein food.
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you've eheard the argument. that's something they don't like. that's could be the dealing's undoing. charlie gas pri how bad is this going to get? >> i think it's going to get pretty bad. all towed do is look at the run-up to the deal announcement which we broke last night on fox business. over the past couple weeks, you can see publications like "mother jones" other leftist publications come out and start attacking this company -- attacking this deal, in particular the notioning this goods to create this powerhouse that will many specialize in genetically modified food. on the left this is a big issue. i never thought it was a big issue, but it's kind of like in the realm of global warming, who believe this genetically modified foods, whether it's a
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watermelon that looks like the one we generally eat, as opposed to what it is not modified. >> what would they rather have in no food at all? starve ace, hunger worldwide is the problem. >> listen, i had this argument on twitter with deidra armis, and i want point-blank poor people cannot afford to shop at whole food. i get it, but how will we feed the world without gmos. >> do you think it goes through? the european and european left is crazier there than here. >> here's what i would say. if the eu, the european commission, the regulators have to make a pure sort of decision on antitrust, i think it probably goes through, because bayer will get rid of stuff and -- they're not going to screw their competitors as much is the best way to put it, and i
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think the u.s. -- will fall through. if there are any regulators are politicized enough on this gmo issue, it would not go through. i will say the market is saying it will not go through. >> charlie, thank you, he had it first, and i mean a country mile ahead of anyone else. >> thank you, my friend. in the meantime, trying to make donald trump's weight an issue? he's too fat? like taft? really, does anyone ever see those pictures? >> he complains about her health? what does he do? he '70 years old. he's not slim and trim, brags about eating fast food every day. >> here's trump, dr. feelgod put out a one-page letter, 70, the heaviest president since william taft. >> taft was a big guy, republican, maybe that's what they were trying to say, but i mean, he was a big guy.
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i'm thinking to myself, you know, lyndon johnson was a big president, certainly not taftian, but i was saying, what? anyway, but then i'm in a glass house, why should i be throwing stones? jessica, this just seems nutty. it is a little nutty. i'm not in the business of fat shaming anyone. apparently he is a little overweight according to dr. oz. i wouldn't engage in it myself, though he's made everything about hillary about fair game, talks about how tired she is, where is sleepy hillary? reporters certainly go after her -- i didn't even know she had big ankles or cankles is what they're supposed to be called? obviously there are things out there incredibly unkind, but health is a serious issue in this campaign. we saw a physical summary, not his medical reports come out in
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this conversation with dr. oz. we know hillary clinton and tim contain will be releasing their records i heard within the hour. we'll have a much more detailed report. >> we do have a bit on this oz thing here, including those who saw the -- >> yeah. >> i want you to react to this. >> from your review of systems, why not share your medical records? >> i have really no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. should i do it? [ applause ] >> it's two letters. one is the report and the other is from lennox hills hospital. >> may i see them? these are the reports -- >> from all the tests that were just done. >> kennedy, what did you make of that? >> i want to see more. i'm hanging on their every word. it's insane they're making donald trump's health an issue right now. he's not the one who massed out and had to have his limp body shoved into a van.
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it's like anyone who is 70 is probably a little bit overweight. i agree with jessica. i don't want you need to fat shame people in order to make them healthier. if you want a positive discussion about how great fitness in, that's fantastic, not only for these candidates, about you for 54% of americans who are already obese. it's interesting, this is a deliberate shift in narrative that doesn't get us anywhere closer to having a healthy commander in chief, and it's absolutely bananas that the whole thing has been tossed on its head. i think 24th both should have an independent evaluations from doctors they don't know. both of them go to the same people and we the american people can judge based on that nonbidesed criteria -- >> i don't know if we'll see that right away, but this stuff is shown out there. >> you know, it reminded me, in
1:20 pm
which was going after clearly creche chrissie, look at this. >> crihristie would. one set of rules for himself. >> he won in a walk that time. >> that didn't really work, did it? here's the mistake. millions of working-class americans relate to donald trump, because he loves fast food, okay? i've got one for the crew. you let them know, okay? >> you're showing my food pyramid. that got me in a lot of trouble a couple months ago. >> the folks at the counter say they miss you. >> he loves fast food. millions relate to that. working-class americans. what happened to the bubba votes back in 1992? it's the southern whites who are not college educated that bill
1:21 pm
clinton was able to win over in huge numbers. they are no longer a part of the clinton strategy. the democrats are making a mistake. who can relate to harry reid? i was glad to see him. i didn't even know he was still love. >> oh, now you're tipping the scales. jess a ka, what i'm wondering about, and you as a democrat would have to worry, does it -- does it sound elitist? >> i think now that everyone, no matter what you are eating, i love fast food and i'm an elite is. everyone nose fast food is unhealthy. >> really? >> it's advertised all the time. the calorie count -- >> that's what that heart operation was all about. >> all mark points on you organic food costs more, but
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health is an issue. it could be for both candidates. >> for both candidates, and without the names or the insults. do you think this suit makes me look fath? >> stop! >> it looks very slimming. ♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash.
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i hold here in my hand something you can't hear about for 20 more minutes. lots of stuff going on. polls today that are reversing this race as we speak. we told you about donald trump reversing earlier problems he was having -- minor problems in nevada, certainly in ohio, where he leads in both these battleground states. add florida that. cnn out with a poll thousand
1:26 pm
donald trump leading in the state of florida now. it continues a trend from last week when he reversed to a two-point lead in north carolina. the trend seems hick friend and a lot could be explaining hillary clinton doing a lot of tweeting today. as she's resting in chappaqua to try to get better to be back on the stump tomorrow, but right now a lot of democrats concerned about a gimme they thought she had going for her. in the meantime president obama wants to increase the number of refugees we admit in this country to about 110,000, a lot of them come from syria, as you know. a lot of them are concerned about the vetting we do.
1:27 pm
retired landlord kennel sha. >> neil, no one amongst us, i think in the united states wands to be seen as not being humanitarian in nature, but there's two fundamental problems. first, we have seen nations in europe suffer from an unregulated mess regarding the impossible of certain individuals, certainly groups. radical islam is embedded in a lot of the groups we're talking about, even in a small, 15% minority group, that 15% becomes very vocal. they become the root of radicalization for others lever in the country as with hisally the potential for sleeper agents. president obama said it, we have allies in the middle east who are not doing their full share of work. i cite for the the saudi arabians. they have very similar religious
1:28 pm
views on a lot of issues, they have a lot of money. i don't understand why they can't be more humanitarian and take these folks in. >> the argument is we certainly take our time, they're not rushed, that's the administration's argument, and we're making sure that nothing happens. they say -- the group that's already gotten in here, nothing has happened. you say what? >> we have not had a large group yet. we're talking about thousands. what ha also when we go to tens of thousands to a million like germany did firms we have seen some radicalization happen within these communities like orlando. we have seen groups show up, and second-generation groups, are taught a religion of hate. secondly i will say that even though you may not have isis operatives within the stream coming in, you do have those who will not assimilate. those who do not will create the problems, the format -- the foundation for acts of violence
1:29 pm
down the road. simply say it's not happened yet does not mean it's not going to happen. the second thing i would sigh to answer the critics, we have even more folks coming in who we don't -- let me make this very clear. we don't have a baseline to vet these folks. some of this i believe is just blind luck. if you're starting with zero, neil. say, for example, you were a refugee, there's no record of your existence, no electronic record, no physical record, so we have to figure out if you're good or bad, if a primary source is saying i'm a good buy, trust me, okay, that's a lot of the vetting we do. putting them in a facility that gives some level of time for people to be observed. with that said there's no guarantee that they're going to maintain that peacefulness. >> it is weird. i don't know what we're doing, but we'll be doing a lot more of it. >> we told you a little while ago that we are expecting a
1:30 pm
statement -- a printed out statement from the hillary clinton folks in about 15 minutes. in fact, i have a statement here, america. i know what you're thinking, you can't do or saying anything, but then i'm back from three months out, a lot of medication, and anything could happen. i'm just saying. about 15 minutes away from pretty big news. stick around.
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wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. they have this full-page ad to make their case they should be on the debate stage when they begin in a couple weeks, that they have a right to be there. jason russell is a "washington examiner" analyst extraordinaire, following it closely, and obviously in the case of the governor, he's seeing no immediate impact on the polls on his aleppo spacing-out thing, and maybe that's a reason why they did this, that it isn't hurting them. what do you think of it? >> well, actually i did see a new quinnipiac poll that showed a poll taking after the gaff. it does show that johnson has
1:35 pm
13% in the polls, very close to the 15% threshold that he needs. >> it didn't hurt him? >> apparently not. i think that most americans thought he was in the news, and they probably said, well, what is aleppo? i don't know, either, and they got to researching gary johnen and they liked what they say. that could be the reason for the bounce. >> they're making the case to get on the debate stage. i admarch the full-page ad, but a lot of words. is there a simpler, clearer wailing to make their point than take on the a full-page ad? >> i think what they should focus on is the fact that the american people want them to be in these debates, a "usa today" poll recently said that 75% of americans want to see third-party candidates if they get on the ballot in enough states. johnson and weld are on the ballot in all 50 states and
1:36 pm
washington, d.c., so it's pretty loud and clear that america wants tole them in these debates. >> that would include governor weld, the former governor of massachusetts they're both very articulate gentlemen it's good for the person lower in the polls what do you think the impact would be? >> it would definitely make the debates more interesting. they will already by to go up against hillary clinton on her own, but to see johnson and his perspective. probably most americans don't know what a libertarian is. i don't think they have prepared responses for that. >> who would be hurt more? i would think it could potential
1:37 pm
hurt hillary clinton more, though i do know a lot of clinton-its made a big deal of the flub, so why were they so obsessed about it? >> that's a great question. i think polls have shown so far when you look at a four-way race instead of two, clinton's lead does shrink a lot. i don't know why that is, but apparently the libertarians are drawing more from hillary clinton. i'm not sure why. >> what do you make of these polls that show things reversing, not only narrowing, but reversing completely? in key states like ohio and florida, down to single digits in pennsylvania. way too early, and smart folks like you remind me that things change a lot, but that wasn't supposed to be the case. suddenly it is. >> yeah, i think a lot of it was this gradual end of her convention bounce, but still
1:38 pm
that should have been done going away about two or three week ago. there has been more question being her health, of course, i don't know how big of an impact that is having, but we'll continue to see transparency questions about hillary clinton, and it comes back to that very clear honest and trust worthy question with her. americans have a tough time defending her on the issue. she has a tough time explaining it. >> this health issue, do you think it becomes a big issue? a the lo lot of the trump folks were relieved we were looking at this, and no one is talking about tax returns. and then he goes on dr. oz, says he's looking good. people who watch the show are saying that he was saying, yeah, i could afford to lose some weight, but i'm in great shape. dr. oz seemed to be agreeing with that sentiment. how much can you learn appearing on a show like that? or does that matter this it reaches a key audience. >> it doesn't seem to at least
1:39 pm
show more transparency that hillary clinton has on this issue. she hasn't gone on tv and discussed in a wide-open interview her health records like donald trump is going to do when the tape comes out tomorrow. at the same time i wonder how big an effect it would have on the election. i think bark to 2008 with jack mccain he lost in the end, but i don't think it was because of his health, but at the same time his health problems weren't as clear as hillary clinton's are in this election with the video of her fainting or falling down, this pneumonia, you know, we'll see if it's still an issue in the next month or so, but as of right now it's having an effect. >> some of you saying if you do the media's bidding, whether it's on tax returns as mitt romney found out, or medical records, it doesn't really move the needle form. >> yeah, i mean americans are generally -- when you ask what their biggest problem in the country is, it's not the health of our candidates, what are their tax returns saying? they're worried about jobs, about the economy.
1:40 pm
they want to make sure their wages are rising and lives are improving. i can see an argument that americans don't care too much about the health of these candidates. >> and they should be careful in the clinton camp, right? making fun of donald trump. i always feel that comes back to bite you. because a lot of americans like fast food. >> you don't want to look elitist. fast food is fast food and it's a huge industry for a reason. even hillary clinton stopped a chipotle when she was campaigning a year and a half ago or whenever it was. it's clear that americans love fast food. >> yeah, jason, i don't know about this obsession with fast food. jason russell, i promised you we are going to be getting news out of the clinton campaign in about five minutes or so. in fact, i have the news here, and you do not want to leave. i mean, if you leave, you're going to miss some very, very
1:41 pm
big news, which is embargoed right now. i have it here. you do not want to leave for. if you do, that's your call. i'm just saying, i mean, i would put off maybe a fast food run just for a second. after this. test. test. test. test. testament
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all right. a lot of folks are saying what i'm about to tell you in the next minute or so all goes back to this. these key polls, details of which were released shod it not only tightening up, but in battleground states, rear reversing itself. in ohio donald trump has a five-point lead. take a look at what is going on now in the state of, and that's open up slightly for donald trump, six electric and that is a state where you want
1:45 pm
until down, and many in florida. he ade been trailing in the, and now i'm giving you -- that's about 70 or so electoral votes that were in the hillary clinton column now in donald trump's which might explain this statement updating hillary clinton's status. it will provide a comprehensive update to supplement the last sdlur that she made on her health -- provided in the form of a xre hissive letter from secretary clinton 'president from chair of internal medicine. clearly this is in response to the developmentses over the weekend that a lot of folks saying the clinton folks are not being honest about her health or her health past other her
1:46 pm
various conditions. to add to this, senator tim kaine is similarly going to be releasing comprehensive health information. all of this at a time donald trump just appeared on "the dr. oz show" today which will air tomorrow. the clinton camp is clearly trying to one-up the camp, saying we have real doctors, talking about -- trump and his doctor have come out with statements on hit condition, but they're saying this is more substantive, all of this on the heels of those poll numbers that have reversed, whether the two ares connected. jennifer griffin on this that chose this race is changing.
1:47 pm
i'll read in the letter from dr. lisa, the results of the ct scan, she received a ct scans to check for her pneumonia. a smile right middle lobe pneumonia. a mild noncontagious bacterial pneumonia. she was then treated with an antibiotic called leviquin. we're told she's on that for ten days. they also released other medication, coumadin, on a thyroid medication, clarinek for her allergies, b-12. her cholesterol is normal, and this is interesting from dr. lisa bardok at the end of this letter, it says, quote -- the
1:48 pm
remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she's in excellent mental condition, quote, she tends to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. it is a short, brief summary of her medical records from the last few meets. we expert her to return to the campaign trail -- as well as to washington d.c., where she will talk to that congressional, do you know the chain of events that -- was it the dr. oz thing, the poll thing, , we're going to one-up him? .
1:49 pm
there's certainly been a number of stories that have not been favorable to hillary clinton, including the hacked release of colin powell's e-mails which were very critical of her and her campaign certainly cutting into the lead she had a month ago, an there's the issues of her health herself. she's under incredible pressure to get out on the campaign trail. initially we were told her doctor said five days of rest. she's been resting for three days. we learned yesterday they planned to release the records. there are no records that have been released from 2012 when she had a fault that led to a concussion. that is something we've been asking about. that was not in the release today.
1:50 pm
sudden heard as well as i did that she plans to resume her campaign going around the country after two days of rest. tomorrow -- on the phone with us, doctor of internal medicine, dr. rajh. i know there's little you know. you might have heard a smattering of that. i think what the clinton campaign is trying to do is say this pneumonia is the worst of it, there's nothing else here, there's nothing sordid or secretive going on here. what do you make of what you heard? >> caller: i think they're trying to give us an update about what's going on right now. this information doesn't really refer to any of her past medical history. it's not a comprehensive medical record by any means. it's an update on the recent situation and the fact that she was examined as recently as today and is in good health in terms of her blood pressure and her other numbers.
1:51 pm
cholesterol, things of that nature, explaining about how they came to the diagnosis of pneumon pneumonia, they did get a c.a.t. scan that did show that's what was going on and nothing else. and talking about her medications which are fairly typical for someone her age, a thyroid medication, a blood thinner which does reference the prior episode of blood clots in the past and the antibiotic she's on. it's a little more of an explanation of the recent history. it doesn't really get into what's been going on in terms of her prior medical issues. >> let's talk about the pneumonia thing if we can, doctor. she was diagnosed, i think, last friday, with this pneumonia. and she still went to the 9/11 event which she fainted. she's been resting now and will resume her campaigning tomorrow we're told. as someone who knows something, obviously, about pneumonia, is that okay to do? >> caller: pneumonia can be
1:52 pm
different in different people. it can be very severe. it can be mind. i think in an ideal world, would she stay hope and rest longer? absolutely. obviously, this is a crucial time for her. she's probably getting out as quickly as she possibly can. the longer she rests, the better for her. i think if she is feeling more energized and fit, it's not necessarily a bad thing. when someone -- when a doctor recommends five days of rest, that's not some magic number that's definitive. you may feel better earlier in which case you could potentially go back to work. >> what do you look for? if you are -- when you see patients or in this case you are watching one on tv as she goes around the country, what do you scrutinize? what do you see that she's okay? >> caller: yeah, i mean, just visually when you look at someone, you look at things as simple as their skin color. are they pale? is there anything to suggest dehydration, very dry skin? are they unsteady? do they feel, of course, faint
1:53 pm
or disszzy? it looks like her blood pressure and her temperature were normal as of today as well as her respiratory rate, which is her breathing rate, or oxygenation status. overall, you have to ask the patient, how are you feeling in terms of your energy level? more fatigue than usual, weaker? >> you think about it, doctor, for anyone of any age, running for president is a grueling undertaking. >> caller: absolutely. >> on the flip side, you might have heard donald trump was on the dr. oz show. he did provide what looks like some sheets of paper to dr. oz, presumably from his own doctors, medical team, outlining how he is doing. we are told very well. those who were in the audience apparently said that trump acknowledged that he had some weight to lose. but that's about the extent of
1:54 pm
it. what do you look for in him? what do you think of using that venue to let people know you are okay? >> caller: yeah, i think both candidates are trying to release some information to reassure the public they're both fit and healthy. i honestly think watching both of they, given their age and the grueling schedule they undergoing, to me they look like they have a lot of stamina and energy, more than most people regardless of their age. i think they both look like they're in good shape. of course, we will want to see more details about past medical issues. to me looking at both of them, i think they're both fit. >> by the way, people hate the fact that donald trump admits he likes fast food. as a doctor, tell me you are not one of those doctors who said, don't try fast food. >> caller: everything in moderation is okay. >> brilliant answer, doctor. that was a brilliant answer. thank you very much for taking the time. i very much appreciate it.
1:55 pm
what's that feeling when you are in a glass house? don't throw stones. that's me. on the phone with me caitlyn burns. this medical issue is front and center. >> caller: absolutely. why it's important this cycle is because both hillary clinton and donald trump, if either were elected, would be the oldest president at their inauguration. ronald reagan was 69 when he took office. donald trump is 70. and as we know, hillary clinton is 69. the issue of health is really important. of course, it has been highlighted most recently by the controversy surrounding clinton and the pneumonia diagnosis and time she disclosed it. that's what put it front and center this week. as we know, candidates traditionally have been slightly more forthcoming in terms of their medical history. clinton has been more forth coming than donald trump has. we know very little about donald
1:56 pm
trump's medical history. remember in 2008, john mccain kind of set that standard of releasing 1200 pages of documents that reporters -- >> a lot of good that did john mccain. right? he had doctors pouring over the information. they couldn't leave a room. they conveyed that to journalists covering the campaign. it didn't do squat for him. >> caller: it was important because he had the history with melanoma. that is important to consider. kerry, of course, hadded me c m issues as well. right now, the question this week -- the political question is really around transparency. and this idea that these candidates should be disclosing more about themselves than they currently are. >> well put. thank you very much. for a lot of you tuning in, a day the presidential race changed a little bit in states that looked impossible for donald trump, more possible.
1:57 pm
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this is a fox news alert. hello, everyone. big breaking news. hillary clinton has finally released her medical records while home recovering from pneumonia. it comes hours after trump revealed his results of his latest physical. let's go live to jennifer griffin. this is a bit of a surprise. i'm sure you have the latest for us. >> reporter: well, we have received several letters, including medical information not just about hillary clinton and her recent pneumonia diagnosis but also of her running mate tim kaine, a letter from his doctor. here is what we know about her pneumonia. it's described by her doctor


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