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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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going south of the border for ford. thanks, obama. >> that's it for us. great ending there. we have eight seconds left. >> let's talk about stuff. >> we will see you here tomorrow night. this is a fox news alert. washington, both hillary clinton and donald trump releasing their versions of medical statements. just as new polls emerge showing the race tightening in key battleground states and nationally. in ohio, trump now has a 5 point lead over clinton with likely voters. in florida, trump is now sitting on a three-point lead over clinton, with likely voters in both polls including the libertarian and green party ticket. on the ticket, nationally, wee seeing a trend now with a bump for trump who cut clinton's lead in half in recent polling head to head. now just a five-point spread as you see here. other tracking polls have trump
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ahead nationally. fox is out with new national polls as of tomorrow. we are getting answers, new answers tonight. it could be part of the reason the clinton campaign just released new medical information. three days after the nominee's public stumble caught on camera blamed on a diagnosis of pneumonia. jennifer griffin is outside the clinton home in chappaqua, new york, to tell us what's in the new documents. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. the letter released by the campaign from hillary clinton's doctor states, quote, that her mental condition is good and that her pneumonia is mild. she was prescribed an antibiotic for ten days which she's taking along with coumadin, a blood thinner she was on. her doctor evaluated her as recently as today. the new medical details released by the campaign state that
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hillary clinton received a non-contract chest ct scan before being diagnosed with pneumonia. quote, the results of the ct scan reveal a small right middle lobe pneumonia. the release of medical information came as new e ma-ma were released. it targeted e-mails of colin powell. he calls trump a quote, national disgrace and an international pariah who led a racist birther movement against president obama. it's what powell wrote about hillary clinton who many expected him to endorse this fall that is getting attention, accusing her and her aides of dragging him into her e-mail scandal. quote, everything hrc touches she kind of screws up. adding, i have told hillary's
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minions repeatedly they are making a mistake trying to drag me in. yet they still try. the media isn't fooled and she's getting crucified, powell wrote in may. the one that raised the most eyebrows was when powell wrote, i would rather not have to vote for her, although she's a friend, i respect, a 70-year-old person with a long track record unbridled, ambition, greedy, not transformational with a husband still blanking bimbos at home. the clinton campaign declined to comment. her running mate tim kaine would not weigh in either. >> just because some anonymous hacker who has committed espionage releases e-mails, i don't know they are true. i'm not going to comment on them. i don't know anything about the e-mails. >> reporter: in a statement to fox news, powell's office confirmed the e ma-mails were h adding they did not plan to comment further. bill clinton mentioned his wife's e-mail practices comparing them to secretary
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rice. >> secretary rice didn't do e-mails. >> reporter: in an e-mail about what he told hillary about his own e-mail use, powell wrote, quote, i told her how i used my personal computer for e-mails. i said nothing about servers, basements, domains. clinton foundation, government employees, the clintons have been trying to connect our usage. powell even commented on the state of clinton's health more than a year ago. quote, on hdtv she doesn't look good. she's working herself to death. he also seemed aggrieved about her speaking fees. i told you about the gig i lost at a university because she so overcharged them and couldn't 2350i7 find fees for a while. i should send her a bill. one of the e-mails from powell was quoting a new york post article about bill clinton. we also know that donna brazil, the dnc chair, has blamed another hack on the dnc with
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russian affiliated hackers which she says is benefitting one person, donald trump. back to you. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. trump is putting out some of his own medical history. the day that he is most interested in is that new polling. we told you it has the republican gaining support in several states and nationally. carl cameron reports from a rally site in canton, ohio. >> reporter: donald trump released some of his medical records while taping an appearance on the dr. oz show that will air tomorrow. >> have i i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. [ applause ] it's two letters. one is the report and the other is from lenox hill hospital. >> may i see them? >> sure. >> these are the reports from -- >> those were all the tests that were just done last week. >> reporter: the examination was conducted last week by his physician who previously provided a short note saying trump would be the healthiest president in history. which he later admitted was
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written in five minutes as a limousine waited to bring it to trump. trump aides said he would not release his records with oz. afterwards, audience members rekoubr recounted the results. >> he said he would like to lose 15 or 20 minutes. >> he said he is on a cholesterol lowering drug. >> reporter: with hillary recuperating for one more day, her allies are trying to keep trump on defense. democrats asked the justice department to investigate the trump foundation's $25,000 donation to florida attorney general pam bondi days before she decided not to join a multi-state lawsuit against the now de-funk trump university. in new york, the state's democratic attorney general, a clinton backer, suggested that his office has begun its own investigation of trump's foundation and whether it violated state laws. trump aides called it a left wing election year hit job. in ohio, where trump campaigned today, the latest poll has him
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ahead. in nevada, a new poll shows trump up two points within the margin of error. he was four points behind clinton in july. a new poll nationally showed clinton at 48% and trump at 43%. trump trailed by ten in august. trump made his second visit in ten days to michigan where polls show a tight race. trump toured a flint water treatment plant that's removing contaminating lead from the water supply. the mayor, a democrat supporting clinton, discouraged the tour saying flint is focused on fixing the problems, not photo ops. trump ignored her and later making remarks at a local church was interrupted by the pastor who said he wasn't invited to make a political speech. >> mr. trump, i invited you here to thank you, not give a political speech. >> okay. flint's pain is a result of so many different failures.
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>> reporter: trump in ohio where he is wrapping up a tour of the nfl hall of fame. he has a big rally here tonight. in new york city tomorrow, he will deliver the second big policy speech this week. this time outlining how he will balance the federal budget. >> carl cameron with the trump campaign. thanks. let's dig deeper into the clinton and trump medical information. fox news medical analyst dr. mark segel joins us from new york. good evening. what jumps out as you here on these -- i should say not complete, but releases on both sides. >> first, with donald trump, we won't hear a full amount until tomorrow. but he did say he has a strong review of systems. he mentioned the nervous system, head and neck, hormone level, heart, gung, gi traffic, bladder, prostate, skin. no history of cancer. basic systems look very much intact with donald trump. he is a little overweight. we know he has a low blood pressure. he doesn't sleep well. he eats a lot of fast food.
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we will get more on that tomorrow. >> what about hillary clinton? >> with hillary clinton, i think we got a lot more facts about what's going on with the pneumonia. we found out she had an upper respiratory infection a week before on september 2. she was started on an antibiotic for a fever. she wasn't feeling right. she develop aed a cough. she was given a c.a.t. scan on friday the 9th which showed a pneumonia. by then, she was feeling better. the follow-up examinations have shown normal white blood count, no fever, normal respiratory rate. when the doctor says she's recovering, the numbers show it. this is a substantial letter. what's being left out here is any mention of that near faint or faint that we saw as she got into the car and that still brings up the unanswered question, does she have a tendency to faint? she's on a blood thinner. does that put her at risk given the risk of falls? that's the information that's still outstanding. >> the blood thinner comes after
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the blood clot that she had and the deep vein thrombosis. we remember that. you are saying that that potentially is a concern down the road. this doctor says she's cleared for the present. >> and she had a ct scan of the head done in march 2016 which was normal. that's not an mri. but that's a good sign that she doesn't have an ongoing neurological issue other than the tendency to faint. usa menti as you mentioned, the blood thinners because of the blood clot. the antibiotic is standard treatment. i've used it on many patients. it's the proper treatment. >> we should point out quickly, both candidates are falling short of the john mccain threshold, which was roughly 1200 pages with independent doctors who came in to review a lot of medical records for then candidate john mccain. >> i coined that the mccoin protocol because this concern
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was then about the recurrent l melano melanoma. i felt it was because he was over 70 and he had a significant medical history. both of the candidates now are either over the age of 70, which is donald trump, or have a significant medical history, hillary clinton. i believe we should see more substantial release of records, at least on a limited basis. >> we will follow t. thank you very much. now to international news. reviews are mixed so far for syria's cease-fire. some activists say it continues to hold. the russian military insists rebels have violated the truce 60 times since monday. pentagon offic russian warplanes are still bombing opposition groups some of which are supported by the u.s. there are growing concerns tonight about a possible partnership between the u.s. and russia, how that would work and whether it's even legal. kevin court take a looks from the white house. >> the united states and russia have agreed on steps which we
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will take providing there's a sustained period of reduced violence. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. russian agreement to abide by a s seven-day period of reduced violence in syria is the surest way to get aide to those fighting. he said the u.s. and russia would coordinate air strikes. sources tell fox news that senior u.s. mill teaitary offic saying russia can't be trusted. the white house acknowledged that competing voices are common. but rejected the notion it was somehow counterproductive. >> the president welcomes a vigorous discussion with his national security team. the president also expects that once he made a decision his team will move out on that decision and execute the strategy that he has late out. >> reporter: the rift between state and defense has widened a
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public divide between kerry and ash carter. >> it will mean that russia gets on the right side of things in syria and not on the wrong side. that's good. so we in the defense department will play whatever role we have with our customed excellence. >> reporter: it may be routed in russian interference in syria, including a russian aircraft carrier will launch air strikes on behalf of assad, part of a continuation of bombing opposition groups in that war torn country. experts believe russia's real plan is to conduct military operations with the united states to effectively size up the competition under the guise of cooperation. >> in the long run, russia wants a noalizatio normalization in t states. they want to keep assad in power. they think that this joint
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military operation will get them closer to that -- those objectives. >> reporter: imagine a joint military operation with the russians. the same russians that invaded ukraine and crimea in violation of international law. the same russians that this administration said would find themselves in a quagmire in syria. ash carter will have to wave a 2014 provision that prohibits a joint u.s.-russian operation. the folks here in the white house say it's legal but up for debate on capitol hill. >> kevin, thank you. a senior u.s. official tells fox news iraqi forces have retaken half the territory lost to isis terrorists. isis has suffered a string of defeats in recent months. it still controls mosul. he says officials fear another million people could be displaced by the expected operation to retake motional.
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as the u.s. tries to takous isis, there's new attention tonight on efforts to keep is m islamic extremists from executing terror attacks here at home. that increased focus is really zeroing in on the obama administration's refugee policy. >> we don't have a national strategy to combat terrorist travel. our refugee program is not as secure as it needs to be. >> reporter: as the homeland security committee investigate the refugee stream, secretary kerry briefed lawmakers on the plan to expand the number of refugees allowed next year to 110,000, including an unknown increase from syria. republicans said the nearly 30% rise over this yearplot s, including three arrested at a german shelter. >> it would appear that despite warning and then independent events like germany, that the
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administration is doubling down on this syrian refugee program. >> reporter: military pressures squeezes isis and iraq, national security experts expect foreign fighters to fan out as they flow back to their native country. one security official acknowledged the challenge. >> it's not that we don't have information on the individuals. some of that information is destroyed. it does not mean we can't check out data sets. >> reporter: homeland security upgraded its labs in virginia to expand its library of counterfeit identification documents. as well as its latent fingerprint section which pulls evidence from weapons, combputes and currencurrency. the vetting process has denied several hundred applicants. a larger group is on hold. >> those officers who conduct the interviews are intensely trained, including importantly, in truth detection. >> reporter: the threat is not a hypothetical. as the isis terrorist behind
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november's paris massacre traveled with his team posing as refugees. >> we know the jihadists are looking at every route into america from sneaking across the southwest border to flying in as tourists and refugees. >> reporter: law enforcement data suggests the majority of domestic terrorism cases are tied to u.s. citizens and legal residents. it's very hard to predict the current and future impact of syrian refugees on the home grown threat. renewed effort under way tonight to get a pardon for edward snowden. the former u.s. intelligence employee who released classified documents about government surveillance. today snowden laid out his case via video link from moscow. >> this receally isn't about me. it's about us. it's about our right to dissent. it's about the kind of country we want to have, the kind of
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world that we want to build. >> the white house so far denies a presidential pardon is in the works. senior aides have said snowden should come home to face espionage faces. his residency permit is said to expire next year. russian hackers are blamed for the leaking of medical information about female u.s. athletes. a group called fancy bears has posted dad eed data about simo and the williams sisters. they obtained the from the world anti-doping database. it includes records about therapeutic use exemptions which allows them to use banned substances because of of a medical need. the u.s. and israel have finalized a new military aid pact that will give israel $38 billion over the next ten years. the single largest pledge of military assistance in u.s. history. israel will phase out the
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practice of spending some of that money on israeli products instead of american ones. president beoboe obama continue to press for a two-state solution. doctors treating shimon peres say he is recovering. he had three terms as prime minister. i interviewed him several times in recent years. including a 2009 trip to the israeli border with gaza to talk about rocket launches there. in 2012, i tried to president him about the obama administration's israeli policy that was becoming a hot issue with election day approaching then. >> fascinating by your elections.
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very dear to our heart. we consider ourselves very lucky. >> he is regaining consciousness from time to time but remains in serious condition. up next, leave the driving to us. has a new meaning tonight. fox 10 in phoenix with shocking surveillance video showing a motorist ramming three police officers. two of the officers ended up in the hospital. the third ended up arresting the suspect. he is facing three counts of attempted murder. fox 61 in connecticut as yale university challenges a bid by some of the graduate students to unionize. the school maintains the graduate assistants are students, not employees. this is a live look at denver from fox 31. one of the big stories there tonight, movie theater chain cinemark drops its request that victims pay nearly $700,000 in legal costs after an
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unsuccessful lawsuit. dozens of victims sued them claiming there was not enough security the night of the massacre that left 12 dead and 70 injured. the victims lost in court. now they have reached an agreement with several victims over cost claims that would end all civil lawsuits regarding the shootings. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. we'll be right back. bp drilling teams train in virtual reality simulators in here, so we're better prepared for any situation out there. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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exactly what would you do for a free ride? in pittsburgh, brave souls are allowing themselves to be guinea pigs in a testing of driverless vehicles by uber. rob schmidt takes us along for
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the ride. >> reporter: uber rolls out self-driving cars for its customers. the company isn't ready to take its hands off the wheel. a backup driver, an engineer will be in there for the foreseeable future in case something goes wrong. the ntsb has its concerns. >> there are certain concerns. the theory if you remove the driver, you remove driver error, there are several defects to that theory. the automation has to work. if it doesn't work, then what? if it fails, will it fail safe? >> reporter: uber the first to roll out the technology. many others, including google, tesla and ford are working on it. the technology isn't ready for the road say critics. in may, a reminder it's a work in progress when a man was killed in a self-driving tesla that barrelled into a tractor-trailer. we went for a spin. coming off a bridge. the car knows the light turned green. as you can see, it's turning itself. turn signal and everything. i had nothing to do with that.
3:26 pm
obviously, there's a lot of skepticism about the safety of these cars. you can't deny that the technology is amazing. a spinning radar on the road that uses light from a radar provides a 360 scan of everything around the car. there are 20 cameras that not only see everything but predict where it would go. would you be gutsy enough to be one of the first people to jump in a car with nobody driving? >> not a chance. i have no interest. it's bad enough with a driver let alone not having one. >> i believe in moving forward. maybe if this is one thing that we have to do to move forward, then i would be willing to give it a try. >> reporter: car accidents mostly from human error kill more than 30,000 americans. why pittsburgh? pennsylvania has some very business friendly laws in the realm that are allowing uber to do the testing. here in pittsburgh, carnegie-mellon university has some of the best minds for this type of work. uber has been tapping that
3:27 pm
talent. >> rob, thank you. what do you think? would you take a ride in a driverless car? let me know on twitter. there are intense efforts under way tonight here in washington to stop what some fear is the beginning of the end are a free and open internet. are those worries legitimate or overreaction? here is james rosen on the president's plan to what some are describing relinquish american control of something you probably use every day. >> america built the internet. we shouldn't be giving it away to our enemies. >> reporter: in a new web video, a senate floor speech and legislation and now a judiciary subcommittee hearing. texas senator ted cruz is taking on as his first public policy issue since losing the gop nomination, a looming transfer of authority involving the worldwide web. on october 1, under a plan in place for two decades, the commerce department will cease to exercise control over a los
3:28 pm
angeles-based non-profit called the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers, that approves internet domain names. it will be governed by global stake holders. republicans claim authoritarian regimes will sensor the internet. >> this transition goes forward, would the united states government have any greater ability to defend its position than would russia and china or iran? >> the important thing to take away is that for it to rennder advice, it has to be advice to which no government objects. the united states does not wish to creed any sovereignty. >> reporter: from the president and ceo, an impassive swedish telecom official new to the job, one gop official sought
3:29 pm
assurances. >> are they opposed to definitively ensure that the place of incorporation never changes from california? >> i think we say that the protection is stronger than the bylaws. >> reporter: chris coons listed support. >> google, dell, facebook, in l intel, hp, the internet association, internet inf infrastructure coalition, u.s. chamber of xha chamber of commerce, ambassad ambassadors. >> reporter: asked about legislation aimed at blocking the transition with withholding funds or a statutory override, josh earnest said it's too earl draw a presidential veto. we looked up cockamamie. it means ridiculous.
3:30 pm
the uinternet didn't block me. >> smepell it. kidding. ford is moving small car production to mexico. ford is building a $1.6 billion assembly plant in that company. the michigan assembly facility which makes small cars will make larger, more profitable vehicles they say such as the ford ranger pickups. stocks were mixed today. residents are deciding whether to vote this fall for the legalization of recreational marijuana. some of them are seeking guidance from people in states that have already taken the plunge. we report tonight from denver. >> reporter: since legalization of marijuana, retailers in colorado and washington state have sold more than $3 billion worth of pot. attractive numbers for tax collectors but some warn it comes at a cost.
3:31 pm
>> counselors are talking about the devastation it is causing in the schools. kids coming back from lunch loaded. >> reporter: this man, director of a law enforcement task force, says voters debating legalization should consider security and reputation. denver police tripled the number of police officers downtown, a direct response to pot-related crimes. >> marijuana that is available, in the two states that have decriminalized, is not -- >> reporter: this doctor says he is seeing more users who have chronic bronchitis and more research is needed at the federal level. >> i'm worried about the impact on our youth. i have teenage kids. i worry about this. >> reporter: since the beginning of the year, colorado state regulators have issued more than a dozen recalls on marijuana plants for unapproved pesticides. at the world congress and business expo in los angeles, where the industry recently showed off new technology, speakers say the speed at which they are expanding is proof the product is going mainstream.
3:32 pm
>> right now, the industry is too big to contain. the caliber of investors and operators involved in the industry, not that it forced them, but at some point they do have to respond to it. >> reporter: colorado and washington state were the first with recreational marijuana in 2012. since then, alaska, oregon and the district of columbia have also legalized. voters in five more states will consider it in november. add states that allow it for medical purposes, the map is more colored in. a majority of the polling in the five states show voters are for it. >> thank you. scientists working on the biggest and most precise three dimensional map of our galaxy say they are on track to complete the project by the end of next year. a spacecraft is charlottie i ch than a billion cars in the milky way. they released data from the mission. officials say it has collected 500 billion measurements.
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hillary clinton's campaign releases some of her medical information. donald trump talks about some of his. the panel will discuss it when we come back. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing.
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if your health is as strong as it seems from your review of systems, why not share your medical records? >> i have no problem in doing it. i have it right here. should i do it? i don't care. [ applause ]
3:37 pm
it's two letters. one is the report. the other is from lenox hill hospital. >> may i see them? >> sure. >> these are the reports from -- >> those were all the tests that were just done last week. >> i talked to her. she's feeling great. i think she will be back out there tomorrow. it's crazy time we live in when people there's something unusual about get the flu. last time i checked, millions of people were getting it every year. >> former president clinton out at an event. his people said, no, no, he didn't mean the flu, he meant pneumonia. this h this as hillary clinton and tim kaine release medical records. part of the medical statements, it ends with something from her doctor. my overall impression is that mrs. clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia. she's recovering well with antibiotics and rest.
3:38 pm
she continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. however, this does come as we hear about this colin powell e-mail hack. in the e-mails, as jennifer griffin reported, was this one. an exchange colin powell says on hgtv she doesn't look good. she's working herself to death. she will turn 70 her first year in office. reply, a huge clinton supporter said she could barely climb the podium steps. gives you some perspective. let's bring in our panel. steve haze, charles hurt, a.b. stoddard and charles craft. these are not complete medical records. we have to wait until dr. oz's show. it's not going to be john mccain
3:39 pm
release. >> look, i don't think thus far there's anything here on either side. we would know about it. you get a review of systems and a physical done last week. a few blood tests. that's okay. you get on hillary's side a statement from her own doctor she's had nothing except what is a sinus infection, ear infection over the last year. we see these people every day. if there was something chronic and debilitating, we would see it. we saw her collapse. we know there was an episode. we have a good cause. she has pneumonia in the right middle lobe. started a week before with bronchi sis. this is the normal course for that. if you drive yourself with walking knew mean pneumonia, yo sick. >> when you hear them say she couldn't make it up the steps of the podium in 2015. >> it's third hand. if we had other reports of that, i would take it seriously. if you have a physician who
3:40 pm
follows her and there was an underlying condition that would explain that, i think we would have heard about it. a physician has their license and reputation on the lienne. they are not going to lie for a client. perhaps, they will. the consequences are going to be very high. i don't think most doctors are going to do that. >> they may not lie for a compliant. it has been clear that the clinton administration -- the clinton campaign has been misleading. i had to write down the number of different stories we have gotten from them in order to keep track. at first it was nothing wrong. then it was a cough. then it was allergies. then she was dehydrated, then overheated. then it was pneumonia diagnosed two days earlier. now bill clinton suggests it might have been the flu. maybe bill clinton just misspoke. he did it in an interview. the clinton administration were not only transparent -- listening to another network,
3:41 pm
they were concerned that the clinton campaign hadn't been transparent. they have misled the american people and voters. they sent hillary clinton out to wave to the crowd in an effort to make her look like she was fine. maybe she's just fine long-term. i defer to the good doctor about that. what's very clear is, they are not fine in terms of misleading the american people about what's going on. >> i hope that charles is right, the good doctor. i hope when one of these two people become president they are healthy the i believe that when we see them day in, day out, this appear to be very strong. they keep punishing schedules. it looks completely brutal. she was able to power through this weekend. i do think -- >> that's the word they use. the campaign has used power through. >> i'm quoting it. i think that still from my understanding -- i'm not a physician. i don't read these forms regularly. trump's numbers were a snapshot in time. when you have the physical, if
3:42 pm
you were doing well, it wouldn't reflect a bad ekg from years past. perhaps a heart event in your past. a kind of high-risk for this or that. hillary clinton, we notice except for a sinus and ear infection this year, she seems to have just had the pneumonia. we know she had a concussion and followed by a blood clot. she probably is at higher risk for blood clots. >> she's on blood thinners. >> it's a serious brain event. at some point full medical history i believe at the age of 68 and 70 should be required. >> you know, unfortunately for hillary clinton, it almost doesn't matter at this point if she does get a clean bill of health as it appears she's getting. people tend to -- charles is right. people tend to believe their own eyes. when they see somebody looking healthy and active on the campaign trail, they go with that. the real problem is, none of this is going to erase the image that people have of that video
3:43 pm
that's being -- going to be played maybe a billion times between now and the election of her being carted into the van. i think that that speaks volumes more than any records could. the good thing for her right now is that she has far more popular democrats right now campaigning for her in michelle obama and president obama and vice-president biden and others. >> i don't see what the argument is about. medically speaking, there's no evidence of anything serious. in terms of how they handle this stuff, i have been -- they never gave us the complete information about the concussion, the fall, the blood clot. i thought that raised suspicions. however, after six months, she appeared to have no disabilities as a result of that. she's been on a grueling campaign trail for a year and a half. i would prefer if we had the full medical records of the two of them. i don't think we're going to get
3:44 pm
it. that would be the only way to definitively know whether there's any evidence of anything underlying. as of now, there's none. >> there is evidence of this race changing. especially in the swing states. start in florida. the cnn poll out tonight, the four-way race, trump up three. that's went margin of error. look at cnn's ohio poll, trump up five. that is interesting in ohio. it would be a big shift. it matches bloomberg ohio's poll, also trump up five in ohio. look at the monmouth poll in nevada, trump up two. a.b., look at national polls. it's moving as well. this race has changed. >> i think it has. i think that trump has the best path he has had. it's not an easy path. but he has a path now. mrs. clinton is losing votes, i believe, of bernie sanders supporters.
3:45 pm
that say result of the foundation stories, the define answer from the clinton family about trying to -- being told by democrats like ed rendell, on the record saying, shutter the foundation or neutralize it today. the fbi report and then the deplorables comment and now this event with her being sick and keeping it a secret. this is the thing that turns people off and turns them away from hillary clinton. as i said so many times in a race, he can win it. >> what's not in the polls is the enthusiasm gap. we saw in the washington post poll, it's about 46% to 30% of democrats who are fired up to vote for hillary clinton? >> i think that's right. the key point with both the point you made and a. bshb. sai this affirms views about who she
3:46 pm
is and what she does, with respect to trustworthiness. the flip side of the horrible three weeks is that donald trump has had a better three weeks. he had the event with the mexican press. the event itself was good. people saw pictures of the event. if you looked in swing state newspapers, they had the photograph of trump standing next to the mexican president. after having heard -- weeks from team clinton he couldn't pull off any international diplomacy, he was a threat. i think he had a good event there. he has made fewer outrageous comments. it must be said. he made them on a weekly basis until the last couple weeks. he has been in better control. >> that last point, quickly, charlie is that this debate, september 26, really sets the stage. it's going to be super bowl of politics. if trump can get over the bar of commander in chief, does it further change this race? >> i think absolutely. i think it could -- if things continue to go in this direction, it could seal it away
3:47 pm
for him. the big thing i think we have seen over the past couple of weeks is that coming out of the democratic convention, the question was, is donald trump fit to be president? they have flipped that around. people are asking, is hillary clinton fit to be president? that's to donald trump's advantage. >> next up, what else was in the colin powell e-mails? we will take a look.
3:48 pm
3:49 pm
3:50 pm
i should say this, just because some anonymous hacker, who has committed espionage releases emails, i don't even know if they are true. i'm not going to comment on them. i don't know anything about the emails. somebody who would hack and
3:51 pm
committees mean nawj to come up with this stuff they could make up documents. i don't know if they're true. >> they are true. collin powell said those were his emails and he said that his office said that they were the emails. in there, there are a number of interesting things. talking about hillary clinton and the campaign. they're going to blank up the necessary and legitimate use of emails with freakin' emails. i saw email more than telephone than a cable machine. as long as they were classified i had a machine. everything she touches she uberous. this is hillary clinton in detroit at our town hall. >> collin powell's emails were retroactively classified for more than 10 years ago. >> right. >> as he said, that was an absurdity. i could not agree more. i echo collin powell in this. release it and once the american people see it. they will know how absurd
3:52 pm
this is collin powell and i are exactly on the same page. >> not exactly. there is another email here that says i have told hillary's minions repeatedly that they are making a mistake trying to drag me in. yet, they still try. the media isn't fooled and she is getting crucified. fair and balanced. he also said trump was a national disaster. and called the birther movement, yep, the whole birther movement was racist. that's what the 99% believe when trump couldn't keep that up, he said he also wanted to see if the certificate noted that he was a muslim. we're back with the panel. charles, what do you make of all of this? >> well, he is an equal opportunity skeptic. he has been near particularly to the clintons. so he has seen them in action. i can understand why he would be particularly upset that is he dragged into this
3:53 pm
saga of email and coverups and documents and associated with it in a very tenuous way by clinton and can i understand his resentment. it makes total sense. i also understand as a former secretary of state and defense, having been abroad, and discussed. >> chairman of the joint chiefs. >> a guy who has been around, who knows everybody who is anybody around the world, knows about the world reaction to the possibility a trump presidency and i think he reflects that in his rather scathing remarks. >> yeah. about bill clinton, who obviously was campaigning today, there is an email that says i would rather not have to vote for her, of hillary clinton, although she is a friend i respect. a 70-year-old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational with a husband still blanking bimbos at home according to the "new york post." [ laughter ]
3:54 pm
>> my kids would say colin powell speaks in a very updated sort of way. he i think that it's interesting to hear senator cain's emails it's interesting all of these things are being hacked and released and lord only knows what's coming. powell said they have a lot more. so, there is even more interesting stuff to come. but, you know, it's really amazing that this came out before the election because she so hung colin powell out to dry. hillary clinton did. he didn't have to say anything in public emails months ago and last year surfaced, expressing his horror is kind of ironic. it is frightening, i think tim kaine is thinking that that's the line you use because if something comes out about the foundation on october 20th, they're going to say it might be a made up document. >> charlie? >> talk about the enthusiasm gap. i think that colin powell
3:55 pm
perfectly inca incap do you lates incan'incap do you lates. he knows her so much better than voters do. but it's -- you know, his view, i think, probably probably mirrors, from a distance the view of a lot of regular democratic voters. >> you voted for president obama, obviously and then senator obama. quickly, steve also the fact that hacked emails have. >> tim anne suspects -- cain'sr is a good answer. i thought it was responsible answer. charles is right. colin powell is speaking for many americans. 44% of americans in our poll last week said the choices, two candidates are terrible. sounds that's pretty much where colin powell is. >> all right. we'll continue this
3:56 pm
discussion in the online show. if you haven't been there. log on. we'll see you there. stay tuned for one of the oldest living world war ii veterans celebrating his birthday. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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mr. brooks. thank you for your service to our country. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with my friend brit hume starts right now. and "special report" online begins in three seconds. hello and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." both donald trump and hillary clinton releasing medical records today. the real clear average of national polls tonight shows hillary clinton with a 2.3 point lead. her average is helped by a new quinnipiac poll showing a 5 point lead in a two-way race 4 point lead in four way race. that explains why her lead has slipped. there is good news for donald trump in couple of key states. bloomberg politics poll of likely voters in ohio gives him a 5 point lead, 48 to 43%. and a monmouth poll out in nevada 2 point lead not a


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