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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 14, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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jazzed for donald trump or against hillary clinton. what is the balance and the mix there? we will have a special waters world on thursday. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember that spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, new fall out from one of the ugliest political bomb shells in the 2016 race as computer hackers break into the files of america's most respected statesman and publish his brutal take. welcome to the megawati sukarnoputri welcome to the megan file, i'm megyn kelly.
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that's why it wasn't a huge surprise when the leak started with a powell e-mail calling trump a quote national disgrace and international pariah. and it wasn't just trump taking fire. powell also hammered general michael flynn. he is one of mr. trump's leading foreign policy advisors and he is here live tonight to respond. but then we saw some reporting on a scathing e-mail from 2014 about the clintons. general powell writing quote, i would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend i respect. a 70 dwrooe-year-old person wit track record, greedy, not transformational with a husband still blanking bimbos at home, according to the new york post. i love how he sources, even in
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the private e-mails, he sources on the blanking of the bimbos. in moments we will be joined by chris direwalt along with dana perino and former friend of powell's, awkward. trace? >> megan, two years of e-mailers with stolen from colin powell's e-mail and given to d.c. league's which has published hacked e-mail and reportedly ties to russian services. colin powell poush pushes back to what he calls her attempt to blame him for her e-mail scandal. i told her staff three times not to try that gambit. i today throw a mini pan trum at the hampton's party to get their attention. she keeps tripping into these mine fields. he said he made it clear to mrs. clinton he never set up a private server and always used a
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government computer for classified documents. they are going to blank up the legitimate and necessary use of e-mails with friggin record rules. everything hrc touches she kind of screws up with hubris. in an e-mail conversation with mega donor jeffrey leeds, powell rights on hdtv she doesn't look good. she is working herself to death. mr. leeds responds by saying that rhode island democratic senator sheldon white house told him that and clinton gave quote speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps. jeffrey leeds also sent a number of e-mails to colin powell detailing hillary and bill clinton's dislike of president obama. powell also goes after donald trump telling a journalist earlier this summer that trump quote is in the process of destroying himself. in need for demes to eye tack
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him. later, powell complains to another reporter about giving trump free media. quote, you kbie guys are playing his game. you are his oxygen and saying quote to go on and call him an idiot just emboldens him. powell also called trum app racist for his berther comments against president obama. the clinton campaign has chosen not to comment. all these e-mails are clearly more critical of the clintons that than of donald trump but as cnbc point out, the primary headline of the day was colin powell calls donald trump a national disgrace. megan? >> trace, thank you. joining us now, chris direwalt and dana perino. wow. a lot to unpack there. half of the electorate said, i'm voting for colin powell. what is your biggest take away? tz it's not surprising that
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colin powell would feel the way he does about donald trump. but it is surprising that the amount of venom, amount of resentment he has for the clintons. frankly, colin powell is speaking for a big swath of the electorate. he we see this in pole after pole. 35%, 40% say, i don't like this election. can i have a do-over please. and people say on the one side i have a person with a track record i find aporant and on the other side i find a person aporant personally. powell speaks to that frustration. >> is that why this became so big? pollen powell has a long history of serving our country. the man is 79 years old. but brutal honesty in the e-mails and the fact he taps into the narrative you hear so often perhaps in less colorful terms about these two candidates from people who are dissatisfied with the choices this election.
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>> i am amazed. colin powell, a great statesman pb dragged into this and when his private e-mails were hacked and leading "the kelly file," that's a big deal. and i think that both the trump campaign and clinton campaign are very smart, i wouldn't comment either. i would absolutely try to let it go. i might even send him a note saying, we're sorry that that happened to you. and leave it at that. >> it helps powell though. >> how does it help powell? >> powell doesn't need help. >> it helps powell in this way. hillary clinton did him dirty. she said, he did it and told when to. this is calling her on it and flip the coffee table over in her lap and wine goes on the -- oh i was standing up and i knocked it over and sorry. >> it is obviously bad for hillary. because you can see that even though he may be prepared to vote for her, he doesn't think much of her. how she could barely climb the
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podium steps. that's not his words, incoming to him. character mine field. >> hubris. >> on trump, his berther movement was racist. national disgrace. international pariah. colin powell is a republican. he says the republican party left him a long time ago. but he is more republican than democrat. why is that not harmful to trump? >> it is. the birther thing continues to be harmful for trump. never forget that trump's position as republican nominee is owed in part and probably some large part, to the notoriety he gained by claiming that the president or saying he believed that the president probably was not born in the united states. that is something that helped donald trump get on the front page and stay there and it will continue to hurt him with a considerable portion. >> i know you feel a little uncomfortable about discussing the content of these e-mails. it is like dining on the carcass of the man's dead privacy rights. >> oooh -- >> thank you. >> do you remember party lines? >> yes.
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>> we didn't have them. >> in wyoming where i was growing up, there were party line phones. >> is that how you two met? >> my grandmother, the phone would ring once for her, twice for my aunt, three times for my other aunt. and if you picked up to listen, that's the worst thing to do but you still wanted to do it. that's how i feel in talking about these e-mails. you don't pick up the party line phone. >> we will get burned one day when they put out fake e-mails. when a group puts out fake e-mails and gets out there and -- >> we were very hesitant to do the story until we saw him con frirm. and say okay -- >> i guess he has to own it. >> and boy does he have a way with words. >> he goes on and on. he should just pick up the phone every once in a while. >> expletive. >> so as we reported moments ago, general powell did not just
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reserve criticism for donald trump and hillary clinton. he also went after a frequent guest here on the kelly file and donald trump adviser, lieutenant general michael flynn. powell writing quote, flynn got fired as head of dia. i asked why. abusive with staff. didn't listen. against policy wp bad management, et cetera. he has been and was right wing nutty ever since. joining us now to respond lieutenant general michael flynn. former director of the intelligence agency, intelligence arm of the u.s. military and author "the field of fight how we can win the war against radical islam and its allies." >> hi. >> your thoughts? >> ring wing nutty and i think he called me a jerk. i've been called worse by my little sister. this is another secretary of state and another individual who had their e-mail hacked. what are we learning from this megan?
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and more to come. and the fact that the business with not knowing whether or not nation states have the 33,000 or what colin powell has said, i mean, when are people going to learn that there are threats out there that are going to continue to hack their e-mail. you know, i've said i would love to have my e-mails hacked and i know they've tried it. because i'm not saying, i'm not disparaging people in my e-mails. very honest, very blunt about what i say publicly is what i say in my private e-mail communications. i don't screw around like that because i was taught as a young kid by my father to treat others like you like to be treated. that's the golden rule. colin powell, amazing guy, amazing service. but as a footnote in history he will struggle for credibility because of the statement he made to the united nations that brought us into the war in iraq. i tell what you, when i think about some of the dumb decision made over the years by people
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who have lived in the bubble of washington, d.c., we just can't have that any more. and frankly, i -- what he said about hillary clinton, what he said about trump, whatever. at this stage, we have such bigger issues to deal with in this country going forward. >> absolutely. it is extraordinary to here. frank discussion. do you think this is russia? do you think russia is behind the dnc hack and this hack? and if so, why? >> who would know? the white house would know if that's the case. and those in the intelligence community would know if that's the case. i really don't know. >> why go after colin powell? >> you know, hey, everybody that's a highly visible person, when somebody finds that kind of, you know, sort of titillating, whatever you want to call it, information, it is -- they are going to make it publicly available. people have got to come to grips with their e-mail answers those
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that are high visibility people. he is a high visibility person. he obviously said some really mean things. enof the day he said some mean things. he thought they were private. megan, nothing is private when you are a target of app anonymous group or nation state. it could be a bunch of countries. >> i said many times in 2016 america, no longer enough to pretend. you actually have to be a good person. they will find out if you're not. foefr. forget it. >> i feel sorry for them. i don't agree with what dana and chris said. i feel sorry. >> dana fields bad for him. >> fidly dee. >> okay. got to go, general. by the way, chris and dana will be together again this sunday. look at that. aren't they adorabldorable? yes, that's nice.
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5:00 p.m. on their new show, it's called -- >> i'll tell you what. >> that's not how you say it. >> how do you say it? >> you say it. >> i'll tell what you. >> i'll watch it. sunday night at 5:00. set your dvr. dana only goes on tv at 5:00. >> you made this possible. >> i am. little ♪ matchmaker matchmaker . >> this is big what happened today in the polling. next we will explain what we're seeing and why. then breaking news tonight on hillary clinton's health and donald trump's medical exam. we've got details along with rolland martin and herman cain to see how this could play with the voters. don'
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55 days they say folks. a dramatic series of new polls out today show donald trump surging in front of hillary clinton in several key battle ground states. a bloomberg poll put the republican candidate ahead by five points in ohio. with a lead of 48% to 43%.
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then monmouth university released new numbers showing trump overtaking clinton in nevada with a lead of 44 to 42%. then late today we got new numberis from orc polling, also showing trump ahead by 5 in ohio. ahead by 3 in florida. two must-win states for the republican candidate. joining me now to break down numbers is todd bevin. publisher of so what does it tell you? >> the race is tightening. it is usually an indicator of what is going on in the battle ground states. and it is confirmed this race tightened and in some states trump move aid head. albeit by small margins. but clearly in the sort of post labor day period, trump's been surging ahead. >> why? >> well, in part because he is
9:19 pm
son k consolidated his base. in part because he is establishing, expanding his lead among independents in those states. stu look at data, he recovered some ground along the college educated white vote in some states. you combine all three factors and that's why his numbers are up. >> to what did we attribute that in rebounding with white college-educated voters? >> you know what, megyn, this is one of the things about this election. it is not so much what trump has done, it is what hillary clinton has done. bad four or five days in particular. i think although these polls take that into effect, stuff that happened on friday and again sunday with the health thing, it is not fully integrated into the numbers yet. i think it's been a bad stretch for hillary clinton. i think that has ended up benefiting donald trump. >> you know that conventional wisdom is, it's hers to lose because the electoral map favors any democrat and her ground game is more established than his and
9:20 pm
she has been ahead by considerable margins, in key states especially key states like north carolina and she is keeping it tight. is what we have seen the past week or is a game-changer here? >> look, i wouldn't necessarily call it game-changer but i think trump recovered ground and expanded the map and now i think you know, has more of a chance than people would have speculated that he had a couple weeks ago. >> last time i made you say a number. i made you. and under duress you said 25% chance trump has of winning. now what number? i will make you again. what number would you give me? >> you will force me, fine. i'm ready this time, megyn. upwards of 35 or even 40%. look we have five states now that are within a single point. trump leads by less than a point in florida, ohio and iowa. trailing by less than a point in north carolina and nevada. if he wins all of this states,
9:21 pm
and wins new hampshire for example, within four electoral college votes of having 269, 269 tie. he is definitely in the ball game here. to the extent we continue to see the numbers in other states, look, there is race, definitely. >> mm-hm. houston. >> joining me now with more, tucker carlson, editor and chief of the daily caller and cohost of fox and friends weekend. that's what her campaign saying, tucker, houston, we've got a problem. she was way ahead, double digits ahead nationally and several states. it is gone. latest quinnipiac poll today out shows he has cut her lead in half. she still leads him 48-43%. but it was 10% before and it is not going in the right direction for her. >> this is news to her campaign. they are genuinely shocked. 65% of americans thinks they are
9:22 pm
on the right track. >> how can he have a 58 will% approval rating? >> that is what people think about obama the man. his policy, obama care, immigration policy, is not popular. trump is running on those things. running a campaign about something. you may disagree with it. he is inexperienced. a flawed guy. but he has a theme. she is not. she is run is based on the idea she is not trump. that's not enough. >> how much is it to get trump back on the straight and narrow. hasn't insulted anybody lately. hasn't gone too far off script? >> he is clearing that low bar, basically. i do think that mat teters to a certain extent. i think one of the thing you see as you dig into the number says that hillary clinton is doing very poorly among younger voters, a key aspect of barack obama's coalition. they were the same voters that were excited to vote for bernie
9:23 pm
sanders. they are a lot less excited to vote for hillary clinton. i think as donald trump is more acceptable and less and less like some world-ending disaster could he become president, then i think those voters have less of a raen reason to go out and force themselves about whom they've been skeptical and when they look at her, they see someone who represent the policies of the past. >> doesn't look like gary johnson's flub about aleppo didn't hurt him. what factor is he playing here? if this comes down to a tight contest in critical states like ohio, does gary johnson staying in this race help trump or help clinton? >> i don't think that it hurts him for a simple reason. if you're a libertarian candidate, the whole point is you don't care about aleppo. you're a libertarian. it seems obvious that he is drawing mostly from her voters. from disaffected bernie voters who don't want to vote for hillary clinton. i think this is all a surprise
9:24 pm
though to the left because they have too much contempt for trump. they consider trump so morally unacceptable that they never really took him seriously and they made a series of putting dumb decisions as they do when you don't take your party serious. >> didn't they know it is a mistake to underestimate him. so now he is evening things out. it was like this and now he is still behind but evening it out. and now we're on the eve of three presidential debates. and so if you're trump, at this point, do you go in there and be presidential trump or do you, you know, throw some hey makers to change things? >> i think he has to stay who he is and go in there and throw hey makers. i think we shouldn't ignore the factor that the media played. in the course of the last couple of weeks they've within hammering at trump, most members, who are water carriers of the clinton for years, have been very defensive about her and engaged in a lot of gas lighting behavior that suggested that concerns about her health.
9:25 pm
where completely con conspiracy, and i think that helps trump. they have heard this about every republican candidate going back for a decade. they are sick of it. they don't pay attention to it any more. they are dismissive of it. i think that will help him especially if he goes into the debates. >> there is a reason people have honesty questions about her and character questions about him. remember all of the months in the administration, including her state department, telling us they had nothing to do with those talking points, nothing, didn't touch those talking points that said this is about a video. then it came out that they did. they had been completely manipulating them. time and time again they have told us something different only to reverse themselves or be proven wrong. overheating, overheating, nothing is wrong with her. she has pneumonia. anyway, we will talk about health in a minute. >> great to see you, megyn.
9:26 pm
>> aren't politicians delightful. you know, donald trump says he donates a lot to charity, but does he he? for the first time, we have the chance to talk with the reporter who broke the story. both hillary clinton and donald trump are facing questions about their health and we will show what you each did late today to get past this issue. herman cain and rolland martin are next on that. >> if elected at age 70, you >> if elected at age 70, you would be the it takes a lot of work... to run this business. >> if elected at age 70, you would be the but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals,
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new developments in the battle over donald trump and hillary clinton's health. the campaign was releasing medical records for tim kaine and hillary clinton. following her collapse in new york on sunday from complications from pneumonia, according to her team. but this put more focus on the fact that donald trump had yet to release any of his own medical records beyond a weird note written by his doctor. today in a taping for "the dr. oz show," that changed. in a speech moments ago donald
9:31 pm
trump took a swipe at hillary's physical fitness. >> it is hot and it's always hot when i perform because the crowds are so big these rooms were not designed for this kind of a crowd. >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom. trace? >> the democratic presidential nominee has been evaluated several times since and continues to improve but still has a small sign of pneumonia in her right lung. the clinton campaign release wlaed it calls a comprehensive update on clinton's health which states she has no major concerns. her test results appear to show normal cholesterol, no vitamin deficiencies, normal mammogram and blood pressure of 100 over 70 which is notable. clinton is on thyroid medication and blood thinners and is also
9:32 pm
taking medication to treat pneumonia. the report notes that in recent years mrs. clinton has suffered and elbow fracture. concussion after fainting in 2012 and deep vein thrombosis. she frequently does swimming, walking and weight training. the doctor who crafted the hastily written letter who says trump could be the most healthy president ever has new information. that has been turn id over to dr. oz but we have to wait until tomorrow's dr. oz to find out. the show did release this new exchange between the two. watch. >> if elected at age 70, you would be the oldest person to ever enter the oval office. why do you think you would be able to do the job? >> just about the age of ronald reagan. and hillary clinton is a year behind me.
9:33 pm
i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> after the show the audience said trump's medical record showed no major concerns. he was on a cholesterol lowering drug and admitted wanting to lose 15 to 20 pound. if weighing 250 pounds is accurate, a doctor said 20 pounds is a good start. and dr. oz went through a full systems check and deemed him healthy enough to be president. his exercise, in case you're wondering, is golf. megyn? >> i feel like i know too much. trace, thank you. and yet we may know more soon. joining us, herman cane and rolland martin, managing editor for news 1 now. knowing the weight? i don't know. is that a woman thing? that alone is reason not to run for president that you have to put your weight out there. herman kwcain. i guess this is another letter
9:34 pm
from his weird doctor. with all due respect the letter he initially released was weird. >> it's not about a letter. this is the typical democratic disstraks. when hillary clinton has a health problem they ask questions about donald trump's lary has a lying problem then they try to find a lie that donald trump told. whef hillary has a problem with what decision she made relative to some countries, that created chaos around the world, then they try to tie donald trump to putin. this is a typical democrat distraction. nothing is wrong with donald trump's health. >> herman -- >> i'm 70 years old. >> one minute, rolland. >> let me finish, rolland. i'm 70 years old. 10 years ago, i had cancer. and i'm still here. four years ago when i ran for president my doctor issued a statement that said i am free and clear. the democrats are trying to make
9:35 pm
an issue out of donald trump's health when there is no issue. that's what this was about. >> okay. go ahead. >> herman, this is called the american presidency and the american people whether you support democrat or republican, whether you support conservative or liberal, should have -- it is time-honored tradition of releasing medical records. here is reality. hillary clinton released records july 2015. that a fact. now releasing more information today. donald trump has been playing the media and playing around because he does not want to do this. he said i'm going to release taxes. then claims i'm getting audited no proof of that. respect the presidency. the american people have a right to make a determination about a candidate who is 70 and one who is 68. this is the oldest president we have elected since ronald reagan. this is nothing to do with partisan politics. it is about the presidency. respect that, herman.
9:36 pm
>> should we see something more than a doctor's letter on both sides? something that lets uts judge for ourselves. has there ever been an issue that could resume once in the white house? >> i do agree, megyn, and i do agree with rolland, which is unusual, that yes, the american public needs to know -- no, no, this is only the one time i agree with you. yes, the american people deserve know about the health of the candidates running. but journalists that just graduated from journalist school aren't qualified to look at detailed medical records. that's why i believe if the doctors issue a letter that is based upon that expertise and knowledge, i'm fine with that. don't drag -- >> the reason i'm harsh on trump's doctor but the reason i
9:37 pm
refer to him as weird is because the first letter talked about how trump would be the most fit healthiest president in u.s. history. it is hyperbole. meaningless. that leads subsequent statement by him to come under additional scrutiny. go ahead, rolland. >> he was a gastrointerologist and admitted that i wrote the letter in five minute as a limo was waiting. here is the deal. i remember in 2008 when i flew to arizona for a naac event and dr. sanjay gupta was there and looked at senator mccain's records. he is a doctor. medical doctors do this. this is not some journalist who don't know. coming on and saying it is all democrat. have the courage to say republicans and democrats, release your tax records and health records. >> i felt uncomfortable back then as well.
9:38 pm
dr. sea gel revealed medical records and i remember too much information about marks on the back side. we will leave it that. we are tracking a new security question about the obama administration announced plans to increase the number of syrians coming into the united states. that's just ahead. along with a reporter who broke along with a reporter who broke major♪ ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief.
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new developments tonight into donald trump's charitable giving. eric schneiderman, a democrat who endorsed hillary clinton, just announced he is going to investigate the trump foundation. trump's family chair pipt but this issue really got started with an in-depth investigation by the washington post into how, quote, donald trump retooled his charity to spend other people's money.
9:43 pm
the journalist responsible for breaking that news, david of the washington post joins me now. david, great to see you. let's just start with what you've been doing with the trump foundation. his family charity. and what was it about that charity that you found unusual? >> chats unusual is that in almost all cases, when a wealthy person creates a foundation and puts their name on it, the expectation is that money in the foundation is theirs. they are giving way their own money. in trump's case it is the opposite. since 2007 he -- in 2006 he spent down all the money he put into it and since then he rebuilt it with money from other people and hasn't given his own foundation any money since 2008. he gives away other people's money with his name attached. the impression given is he must be giving away his own money. >> he doesn't disclose to the person on the receiving end that this is a donation from one of his friends as opposed to from
9:44 pm
him. from his family foundation? >> that's right. we looked at examples for instance on celebrity apprentice. he would say to the contestants on national tv, out of my own wallet i will give you a gift. i'm firing you now and i will help your charity. money from other people that he was giving on television as his own. >> it's been eight years since he put his own money into his family foundation accord toug but what about trump's individual donations as an individual? you know, if megyn kelly wants to make a donation to a cause in my own name, as he done that? >> i've been looking for evidence. he says he gives millions of dollars and gives away proceeds of things like his most recent book or trump university. he doesn't release details so i've been try doing it for him. i've been trying to prove he is giving money to charities. i called 327 charities around him and i found one from his
9:45 pm
pocket for less than $10,000 in 2009. >> when you contact trump or organization and say, give me the name after few charities. i know you don't want to release your tax returns which would show how much you've given, what do they say? >> sort of an unusual response. their response is, donald trump gives money away privately because he doesn't want people to know they can go to him for donations. if they knew he would be hit up all the time and it would be a feeding frenzy. so it is an odd idea by not saying how much he gives away out of his own pocket they don't show he has a lot of money. >> so what about claiming he raised $6 million and it was unearthed by you that he hadn't and that veterans hadn't gotten the plan? he points to that now saying he gave $1 million of his own money to them. >> what happened there is on the, when he skipped the fox news debate in iowa in january. held a big fund raise earn said
9:46 pm
i raised $6 million of the veterans including $1 million that i've given, four months later we are trying to figure out, did he give it and corey lewandowski told me, yes he gave the money but yes privately. secretly. that turned out to be truth. trump had given nothing. it wasn't until we pressed him that he gave the donation in the middle of the night all in one fell swoop. first the trump campaign told us he had given it when he hadn't. >> so corey lewandowski misled, i want to be sure i'm following. fascinating. great to see you. >> thank for having me on. >> joining us now, attorney and trump supporter and krystal ball from the new leaders council. i'm giving corey lewandowski a hard time because he was fired by trump but i guess still advising him. >> does it matter, if trump is
9:47 pm
not charitable and you know, david's reporting doesn't suggest that he is, does it matter? >> megyn, my understanding is that in his career he has given away close to $100 million. whether he designated it as being from him -- >> nothing over the past eight years -- >> does that matter -- >> let's just not rush over that your understanding is $100 million. that guy is doing the reporting. and the facts do not suggest that. they suggest he has established this foundation, the foundation gives money but none of it comes from trump or trump family. >> well, you know, first of all this is the washington post who is rabidly looking for something to take mr. trump down. >> that doesn't mean it's not true. >> megyn, if someone donates money to the foundation with the idea that foundation is a charitable foundation and the money goes to other charities, the question then becomes, the money goes to a charity, that's the intended purpose. what is the difference? i don't know what it is, megyn. washington post, like mr.
9:48 pm
schneiderman, decidedly -- >> we will get to him in a minute. one second, i just want to stay on trump's charitable inclinationes. then to schneiderman. krystal, your thoughts? >> i think matters greatly whether mr. trump's words match his deeds and based on the reporting here they certainly don't. there is obviously an answer here if he would just release his tax returns we would know exactly how much he has given charitiably. but we know very little about mr. trump. he doesn't have a record of public service. he won't release the tax returns. we know very little about his financial dealings. all of this reporting into what is actually going on with the foundation, what kind of charitable donations has he given and to whom is incredibly important information. >> what if he hasn't given any? why should we care? >> because he said that he has. and also you would think that someone as wealthy as he is and talk about how wealthy he is and how great he has been, you would think he would have some inclination to give back to this
9:49 pm
great country and people in it that have done so much to buoy him. >> what about derek schneiderman. now looking into the charity to see if any funny business is a foot. is this a political hit job? >> schneiderman not only supports hillary clinton, he formally endorsed hillary clinton and has been name bid her to her campaign's leadership council. are you kidding me? he is a politician, an prosecutor. when she is down for an eight count he says what can i do politically to salvage campaign and he jumps in with something like this. outrageous especially when the fact that clinton foundation scandal came around with respect to issues of foreign donations, she today disclose the hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign donations. >> he wasn't as interested. i have to go. >> crickets. >> krystal, if this isn't political, couldn't he have waited and shouldn't he have
9:50 pm
waited until november 9? >> no, people need to know. if we can get more from an independent investigation from the new york attorney general, why wouldn't he want to know about that? >> i don't know if
9:51 pm
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developing tonight. new security questions following a big announcement from the obama administration. earlier today the white house announcing its plan it take in 110,000 refugees in the coming year which some republicans say puts us at greater risk for an isis style attack. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the story. catherine? >> on the hill today, republican lawmakers say expanding the refugee program next year ignores data and recent arrest like the three isis suspects picked up this week at a german refugee shelter. >> it would appear that despite warnings from our own top national security officials and then independent event like what happened in germany, that the administration is essentially doubling down on this syrian refugee program. >> we still don't have a national strategy to combat terrorist travel. our refugee program is not as secure as it needs to be. >> as military pressure squeezes isis and iraq, national security experts expect foreign fighters
9:55 pm
to fan out across europe as they fly back to their native countries. and the threat is not a hypothetical. the terrorist behind november's paris massacre posed as a refugee. one security official acknowledged the challenge. >> it is not that we don't have perfect information on the individuals. just that some of the information is destroyed. it does not mean we can't check other data sets for data that helps us better understand who we are dealing with and to validate their stories. >> administration officials insisted the vetting process has already denied several hundred applicants and much larger group is on hold pending further scrutiny. megyn? >> catherine herridge, thank you. we'll be right back. don't go away. eans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels.
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i've from nature's bounty to support my heart. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty now if you knew that to run for president you would have to disclose your weight and all your medical records, would you do it? is this another way of just eliminating all the best candidates? who in their right mind wants to release that stuff?
10:00 pm
exactly. i'm sucking it all in right now. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." >> welcome to "hannity". tonight, donald trump has been pounding the campaign trail. earlier today he was in flint michigan reaching out to african-american voters. once again. and just hours ago he add rally this time in ohio. let's take a look. >> there's a movement. states are in play that no republican has ever come close to winning. stakes are in play that republicans fly over those states. me, we're going to land there. we're going to do a little fun. but we have -- we do, we have a lot of states in play that are not usually in play. in fac


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