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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 15, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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talks about candidate' health. don'tly factor" coming up next. from here though, good night. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" disease deck. >> on the big show, amid hillary clinton's ad, can't a girl have a sick place in -- sick day? and protesting ryan lochte being on "dancing with the star." lochte said it felt like he was being robbed at gunpoint all over again. and burger king announces chicken fries covered in cheetoes dust. the perfect snack when kror lungs are cover -- your lupgs are covered in angel dust. >> thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guest. she is so beautiful i almost forgot she is supporting a corrupt heart less politician hell went on -- hell bent on controlling the world. and his comments cut deeper than a boui knife. he took the train here, the one on the nine and three quarters platform. national review staff writer charles cook. and in his honor, number nine sitting next to me, comedian and author of "bad dad" tom kader. >> as hillary clinton gets some much needed rest, the media is doing their best to bury the issue of her health problems by powering through her recent health crisis. that's a good theme for hillary's campaign. i wonder if they are repeating the phrase over and over to make it seem that her weakness is a strength.
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>> yes she tried to power through it. she decided to power through it. >> she just wanted to power through. >> she just wanted to power through her schedule. >> power through and get things done. >> it was hillary clinton's decision to essentially power through. she is a candidate who wants to power through these things. >> she will try to power through. >> powered through. >> powering through illness is what women do every day. >> she continued powering through. >> i think about mothers powering through. >> she powered through that week. >> that was a third of the video. i had to cut it down. thanks, guys, that was from our friends at the washington free beacon. and christian was in full i'm with her campaign mode. she said it is all about sexism. >> can't a girl have a sick day or two? don't get me started. when it comes to overcall fight women having to try a hundred times harder than under qualified men to get a
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break or be on a level playing field, we know that story. >> we do. to prove her point she listed sick and insaw lid commanders in chief in the past like fainting franklin pierce, fdr and jfk, all guys by the way who were all allowed to lie to the american people to conceal their ailments. she then concluded -- >> leading the world in sickness and in health. if the boys can do it, why not the women? >> you go, girl. what do you think, charles? i don't know, something tells me she is a little biased. >> i think she should never be allowed on television or in public ever again. we have a democratic strategist and i am genuinely impressed. they pick a talking point and spread it around. the power through is great. they get it into the consciousness. republicans can learn from that. there are so many excuses though that are so hilarious. it is sexist.
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can't women be sick? it is not being sick. it is about lying about it and misleading the press. one guy said to me, a democratic operative said, welshing you know fdr was in a wheelchair. greg abbott is in a wheel cheer, the governor of texas. yes. when i met him though he didn't say i am not in a wheelchair. he said i am in a wheelchair and i said oh, okay. that's why you are not walking then. hillary clinton is allowed to be ill. she is just not allowed to lie about it and pretend that things happen to everyone don't happen to her. >> that's good. i half agree with charles. i don't think she is allowed to be ill. tom, i do think it is about the the -- obviously about the messaging. why do they have to lie about everything, tom? >> it harkins back 20 robert downey, junior and lyndsay lohan going to rehab. they had pneumonia. that's the first thing in my mind. dedehydration. >> they never have those things.
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i felt bad. my wife and i immediately sent her a gift bag of deplorables. >> you did? >> yes. >> is that expensive? >> it is very expensive. >> like charles i am impressed. the democrats can stay on message. it is amazing they all said it at the same time yesterday. >> i know, covering all of the channels. powering through i didn't say it. she isen -- she is entitled to a sek day and that's saturday. you are diagnose owed friday. if you want to keep your events to do deplorable messaging, she should have stayed home saturday to make sure she was at the 9/11 memorial. he hydrate. apparently she can in an hour and a half snap back to normal which we saw from chelsea's apartment. that should have been the sick day. the sexist arangement, there are interesting components to it -- >> what are the interesting components about that. >> well, you are married and
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you obviously have a super wife. >> super duper. >> i'm sure when you get sick you act a little sicker than she does when she gets sick. man flu is a thing. the feaux disease you get all the time. >> i hear about that and i don't agree about that. i am the one who pretends krm not sick. every woman i have known get in a blanket. >> for how long? until a kid starts crying. she has kids and she has grandkids. she is a mama. >> you're right. >> she wants to be the mama for the whole country so she has to be there. >> it is a horrible thing to say. >> that's a horrible thought. >> just as an idea that a free country full of free people needs a mother or father. >> i was just trying to be funny. >> i think -- >> i am obviously failing. >> the messaging for the democrats it was more tight than in many communist countries, was it not? >> she is getting an unfair wrap because mommies are never known for their walking abilities.
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they have to put the nuclear codes on the stairs. >> in all seriousness this shows that she will not be a problem because we already had a stroke-ridden fasish and -- fashist in woodrow wilson. she will be just fine. if tim kaine becomes president worse things have happened. >> are you one of the ones who said if she drops out it should be tim kaine? it is tim kaine or biden some. >> or bernie sanders who is just hanging out. he has a weekend pad. he is tired. >> he is a 74-year-old for months. >> why is it that they keep saying that tim kaine is ready to step in. >> that's how it goes. it just happens after she is elected and it goes to tim kaine. it is interesting that the only other person that was on the ballot isn't being considered as the sub. >> tell that to the dnc.
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>> i did. i call them all time. >> he is not even a democrat and she was getting beaten by somebody who is not a member of her own party. >> i know you like the narrative. >> the narrative that she is a walking calamity is not a narrative. >> the old person that couldn't make it through, so let's have the 74-year-old. >> she can ride her broom to the white house and it will be fine. >> i would never say that. from carrying water to drinking it. on monday, politico report -- reported, gnaw mown you aside, her condition is chronic dehydration due to reluctance to drink water. one person said she won't drink water and you tell hillary clinton to drink the water. she never drinks the water. as hillary herself once confirmed. >> i drink tons of water, just as much water as i can possibly drink. >> that was from a 2008 "60 minutes" interview. hillary claims she drinks tons
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of water. her campaign says she drinks none. who is lying? >> that's all the evidence i need. you two down there while the video was going on, you and jessica -- you said that's horrendous. what is, hillary clinton? >> no, not hillary clinton that you have a video of her taking various sips of water and then claiming that's a high dated woman. we discussed importance and as people get older men and women
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they have to go to the bathroom more. and if -- i know. it is shocking. in a few years it will be you too. as a debate if you recall, she went to the bathroom for, quote, too long. donald trump even humiliated her talking talking about how long he spent in the bathroom. >> i think it was disgusting. >> i wonder and i did not get any dnc talking points about the bathroom issue, but if she does avoid drinking a lot of water because at rally's or wherever else on the plane she doesn't want to go to the bathroom all the time. we talk about everything and scrutinize every decision she makes. she doesn't want to say pee-pee break all the time. that's okay with me. >> the only thing with that theory is that what is gin. >> we know mommies have a dubious relationship with mommies from a desert culture. >> will this be the current of the whole show? >> for the next 2,000 years.
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until we can find a scab and release her to the mether -- netherworld. >> she doesn't want to go on pee-pee breaks. >> she has to be careful with water and if we have seen "the wizard of oz" we know why. 70% of the human body is water. and my remaining 30% is vinegar and that's another story. donald trump gets lots of water because the ice cruise cubes melt. >> he doesn't drink. >> you didn't know that? he never, ever, ever drinks. he said he would never fall in the same trap. the point is once again they are lying. the campaign says she never drinks water. i have video proof the woman all she does is chug water in her spare time. >> if she teams up with marco rubio they would be quite the couple. >> i don't know why they lie. she came out and said i'm fine
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and feel great. she basically licked a child's face and then an hour later oh it is pneumonia. that child is watching on tv. the whole campaign got sick. >> and did you see chuck schumer? he says he has pneumonia and they went to the hospital. >> it was chelsea clinton's apartment. >> to be fair she thought that little girl was a lollipop. with hillary sidelined president obama has stepped up to the plate and stepped up the snark. here he is in philly laying into donald trump. >> i keep on reading this analysis that, well, you know, trump has support from like working folks. really? this is the guy? i mean he spent most of his life trying to stay as far away from working people as he could. he wasn't going to let you on his golf course.
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he wasn't going to let you buy his condo and now you will let him be your champion? >> i like how he goes up at the end. what does he think about world leaders ? >> i just came from overseas. talk to the other leaders around the world. they don't even understand how this is close. >> i'll tell you why this race is so close. donald trump is a superhero. a new animated ad depicts the gop nominee as super trump, prutector of the constitution. the ad says it is down the street. i took a trip down there to see how people feel. i think he can be whatever he wants to be. >> no. >> yes, i do.
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>> he is going to put his foot down. he will decimate poverty. >> we don't need that kind of superhero. i am not a trump supporter. >> i think he can do better than what we have had in the last eight years. anybody can do better than that. >> no, not at all. >> how will you beat trump 1234 what do you think his kryptonite is? >> being broke. >> what about hillary? is she a possible super he row? >> she is not. this is not batman versus superman? this is the joker ver sis -- versus lex luther? >> it is foolery for me anyway. >> he is aggressive and he doesn't balance his ideas. >> the hulk is balanced? >> wolverine balanced or unbalanced? >> well it depends.
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i think they have different personalities. >> storm, balanced or unbalanced. >> pretty pup all of of them are unbalanced. you heard that trump is a superhero. >> there it is, jessica, what do you think of the billboard? could hillary get away with an ad like this? >> absolutely. we ridiculed it. >> i didn't ridicule it. >> the guy has no ground game across the country and in a place he is sure to lose. >> it gets national news. you know whopdid this ad. >> everything he does is outrageous. >> roger stone. the most reputable man in the world. >> he thengs outside the
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box -- he thinks outside the box. i will say that. >> his fashion list is hysterical. the rest of it is crap. >> i think they were asking for an uber marriage. it is not surprised that they have superman translated there. jay i don't know -- >> charles, i don't know where he is going, but it gets people talking. >> can i ignore your question and talk about the obama clips we saw at the beginning? >> that's a real superhero. >> obama made a golf joke. that was the first thing i noticed. and obama whose party has lost most of the white working class support didn't know what to say about that except it happened and this is bad. and in the end he gave away the world leaders don't like trump. that's not really okay. they stay out of politics. he is not supposed to relay his conversations about domestic issues.
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>> and this speech, it seems like a speech someone gives when they are out of office. >> this is what he likes doing. obama likes campaigning. he is good at campaigning. he was so happy doing that. he is much happier campaigning. he always has been. >> he is better running than he is as a president. >> and to your point about the golf thing he was on martha's ven yerd 10 days of his vacation he golfed. hedge fund guys can't get on that course and the other is mink meadows. the average working joe -- he has a [bleep] saying donald trump -- >> i mean you can't get on trump's courses. he has a course in the bronx. >> you can get on that. >> we are not actually arguing that donald trump is the man of the people in this scenario, right? >> so sorry we have to go. >> it is equal time without the uh -- announcement. >> you were going to say hillary is great and trump
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm jack we ibanez. after spending three days out of the public eye, hillary clinton is ready to hit the campaign trail again today. in a letter released by her campaign, her doctor says the democratic presidential nominee is recovering well from a bout of pneumonia and, quote, fit to serve as president. she nearly fainted at a 9/11 ceremony last sunday. donald trump hopes to put questions about his own health to rest during a taped appearance on on the "dr. oz" show. the presidential candidate
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visited flint, michigan, the scene of a major water plant crisis. trump promised residents he will fix the problem iffy elected. johnson will be on every ballot in the country this november. the reform party's ross per row and libertarian harry brown were the last third party candidates to accomplish that feet in 1996. the wall street journal reports they are investigating wells fargo for aggressive sales tactics. this is after they fired 5,000 employees for allegedly opening as many as two million fake accounts. the bank's ceo says he holds himself accountable, but will not resign. an explosion on a sea boat off an indonesian tourist island of bali left one woman dead and 20 others injured. it happened near the port of departure and no word on a cause. jimmy carter weighing in on the current presidential race saying american politics is, quote, at an all time low, but he thengs -- thinks it
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will get better. he fielded questions from students. asked what advice he would give the first time voters, carter jokingly said he considered telling them to abstain. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to "red eye" your headlines. ls a little hurt after two protesters rushed the stage following his performance on "dancing with the stars." here is the video. >> you're a liar! >> the two men were arrested on suspicion of criminal trespassing. they were upset over the rio robbery continue -- controversy. i never heard of that one. several others joined the protest from their seats until
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eric hough stepped in. >> you have to get out of here. get out. this is a good show. it is a positive show. get out of here. get out of here. >> always respect the authority of somebody in a sparkly shirt. that's what my mother said. it overshadowed the dancing performance. >> what do you think? why are they still going after lochte? >> i am shocked anyone in that audience can walk without a walker and can actually tackle. it is for elderly people on their last leg. you would expect to see hillary and sanders in that audience. >> that show gets huge ratings. >> it is a family show. >> they love it. >> the median age for that show -- the median age of the
12:25 am
viewer is deceased. >> look, everyone loves it. it is a popular show. that's why ryan lochte, one of america's great swimmers, is doing it. right? >> absolutely and rex harry and all of these other high caliber folk. >> you are a left wing complainer, so why are -- >> it is kind you do this every time and yet i continue to come back. i could just let my friends insult me or ex-boyfriends or whatever, but i come for you to do it. >> it is better when it comes from me. >> the best i ever had. >> why are we not giving up on this lochte thing. >> i actually feel bad for him at this point. he has always had a history of acting out and he had the weird i want a trademark jaw. and he spent his whole life being michael phelps' whatever. >> he was in the shadows. >> yes. it was a big mistake and he
12:26 am
never should have lied and they ever tell your mom what happened because that will get you in trouble obviously. i do feel bad for him. this will dog him forever. it is a family show and protesting a family show like that is not good. it is scary for the little ones. >> someone help me with the motivations. why do people go in the anti-lochte t-shirts? it is political and it has to do with people who won't shut up about white privilege or whatever. i don't know what is going on. >> it is weird. i don't know why they are so upset. if you said ryan lochte and rick perry were on the same show and the protestors were after lochte, i would have been -- no. i really think this is proof that we are all far too comfort a believe and rich -- comfortable and rich and happy. they don't have toilet paper in venezuela. >> i think that is the crux of the problem. >> i am suggesting that. but then in america people cap spend their evenings
12:27 am
protesting the behavior of an olympic swimmer. well done. we have solved all of the problems. >> i have to go again. when the protesters stormed the stage the host abruptly broke to a commercial. >> we'll take a break and get the rest of the judges' comments and take a deep breath. we'll be right back. >> i think he hit the escape button far too soon. here is how you handle an anteloper during a broadcast. >> third and four and looks into the nickel of san francisco in the secondary. somebody has run out on the field. some goof ball in a hat and a red shirt. now he takes off the shirt. he is running down the middle by the 50. he is at the 30. he is bare chested and banging his chest. the guy runs the opposite way. he runs to the 50 and runs to the 40. the guy is drunk, but there he goes. the 20, they are chasing him and they are not gonna get him. he is waiving his arms, bare chested. somebody stop that man. >> here comes the blue coats. >> they are coming. oh they tackle him at the 40
12:28 am
yard line. >> that was the most exciting thing to happen tonight. i hope it was worth it, my friend because you have a night in the clink coming up. >> that was broadcaster kevin harlon calling the play by play on radio for westwood one. that was the most exciting part. it is only going to encourage more people to run on the field. >> who would have thought "dancing with the stars" would have better tackle -- tackles than monday night football. that game was so bad the ref gave that guy three first downs for that run. >> this guy said he did it and wanted the attention and he got it. he wasn't in trouble for it because he is underage. they just sent him off with his dad. >> really? >> yes. >> you can just rerun my previous answer about ryan lochte. this is an example of people being too happy and rich. he wasn't even -- this one was
12:29 am
not even protesting anything at all. he went through all of that trouble to run on the field. >> we have to stop this. there are security concerns. we can't have people running on the field. he didn't go in the clipg, but he -- clink, but he should have, right? >> if we will have police, we will have police brutality so they should beat people who need beatings other than children and old ladies. let's beat him up and teach the masses. >> like a black lives matter guy. >> you always have to go there. >> it is just me. >> coming up, half time with
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welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. >> hi, tom, how are you? >> good. should we talk about hillary powering first? >> big time. you said you are completely impressed -- or genuinely impressed how they get them into the public consciousness. why do you think they are able to do that given the completely neutral media? >> that's exactly right. they are up against a real challenge here. somehow -- maybe they have one or two people in every muse room and they work all day and night to get to the talking points. >> that sounds reasonable. jessica, you said there are interesting components to the sexism argument. i agree except that they don't holdup here because of what happened on sunday. for me this is easy. if the president had to be
12:34 am
carried into a vehicle and rushed out of an event because he was near collapse that would be news. that means when it happens to one of the people who has a chance to be the president it is huge news. >> i totally agree with that. i just meant if we want a more expensive discussion -- >> we don't. we don't. >> then i'm done. >> you referred to woodrow wilson as a facist dictator and then you said he was not a terrible president. >> worst president in american history. >> correct. >> hillary gets dehydrated because she won't dreng water. jessica, you don't think it is a big deal that hillary said she drank a ton of water, but now staffers say they can't get her to drink water. >> times change. she has evolved into a non-water drinker. >> i believe her staffers. have you ever seen a comme dreng a glass of water? >> that's a trick question.
12:35 am
i'm sure communists drink water. i think my theory is sound about not wanting to pee all the time. >> i think my dr. strange love refers went over her head. >> oh may god, you're right. i feel ashamed now. don't you agree there is one way to frame this and that is hillary clinton has a drinking problem? whether are -- >> yes. it had to be four or five times. completely convinced me. >> it was minimum -- i mean i lost count. >> there was more to choose from. >> there were two or three more. by the way, you brought up that chuck schumer said he has pneumonia too? >> yeah. >> this is typical chuck schumer. schumer always needs to be in
12:36 am
the spotlight. guys i have pneumonia, talk to me. >> that's not funny. >> why am i laughing? >> obama snar kz at trump and the billboard. i agree with the guy who said this is all a bunch of befubbary he is dead honest. jessica, you said what a waste of money in a place going to lose. he puts a giant billboard. time square is not filled with new york residents. it is filled with tourists from all across the great land of ours. just because they are not from new york city they are foreigners to you? >> yes. >> typical liberal elite. >> charles, you brought up obama saying other world leaders don't understand how
12:37 am
the race is close. you said that's not something a president is supposed to do. i agree, but aren't we so far beyond people acting the way they are supposed to at this pointn -- at this point? >> i agree. why do i care what the ruler of a two-bit election thinks. >> just say it. >> iment -- iment france. >> i was just waiting for the insult. >> tom, i believe you referred to derrick hough as eric hough. >> and you showed us video of what you said was lochte's performance with the guy jumping around. >> i thought that was lochte.
12:38 am
>> that was the famous street dance from the 1953 movie "small town girl." i do believe i know why you picked the clip. earlier when you were in time square talk together people i shot my own video. i was keeping an eye on you. can we roll the clip i shot? >> how do you get these shots 1234. >> i was in disguise. >> by the way, thank you for the $2 in change you gave me. >> describes kaw, you -- jessica you feel bad for lochte for being in michael phelps' shadow. i don't know. he brought this on himself.
12:39 am
i feel bad for his dance partner. >> you can feel bad for both of them. >> i can't do that. i only have so much feeling bad inside me. >> it is evidence of how you treat me in the half time report. >> idiot runs on to the field during the rams-49ers game. you you can tad about how bad the game was. >> horrible. >> i didn't see the guy run on to the field because i turned it off at half time. do you know how bad a football game has to be for me to turn it off and especially in week one? >> it was a train wreck. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> i think people turn this show off at half time. >> i have heard that. >> unless i'm on. >> hey, i just heard. i just heard it. >> some people say. >> did i mention england earlier? lastly, don't call a football field a pitch. >> it is not really a real
12:40 am
sport. >> i am done, tom. we have to go. >> thank you, andy. coming up, are college girls not wearing enough clothing at football games? the first part of a 12-part "red eye" investigation next. first, kennedy. >> hello, "red eye" wastrils. on the next "kennedy" it is my swing battleground states. and i will talk to the performer, maybe you heard of him, meat loaf -- meet loaf. it is about a industry game changer. take a slice of the loaf on kennedy.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. tropical storm julia is slowly moving up the southeast coast. forecasters predict it will drop six incheses of rain through tonight. two to four inches of rain are in the forecast for parts of georgia and north carolina. julia is 50 miles southeast of charleston with maximum sustained wind of 40 miles an hour. north dakota officials say more than 30 protesters have been arrested over the past two days at an oil pipeline construction site. the standing rock sue tribe says it will desecrate sacred land. police in florida make an arrest in connection with is up day's fire at the islamic fire of fort pierce. it is florida's hate crime
12:45 am
enhancement added to the crime. the orlando nightclub gunman occasionally attended the mosque. there is a two-day old cease-fire holding. the u.s. and russia are extending it for another 48 hours. there were violations by both sides, but no deaths reported. the u.n and the arab league estimate 40,000 people were killed in the five-year long civil war. more than one and a half million muslimss are making a pilgrimage to saudi arabia. all able-bodied muslims are required to do the ritual once in their lives. >> and perez is showing some improvement at a tell uh veer -- tel aviv area hospital. doctors say he has regained his consciousness saying that the signs are better and the nobel prize is still listed in
12:46 am
serious condition. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye" for your headlines. log on to have a great night. they deleted a blog post scolding a woman for not dressing appropriately on game day. it was written by rebecca waldon after she attended the alabama-usc game. she said she was an alabama student 20 years ago wrote i wish i could have wrapped my elephant scarf around one of you teetering around on stilettos and under the notion you look irresistible. i wonder if your mother knew what you were wearing. families attend these games. little eyes are watching you. on behalf of them and the rest of us who feel embarrassed when you walk by stop bearing
12:47 am
all in the name of game day fashion. when it started getting traction on sorell media huff post took it down. too much traffic i guess. they don't like that. >> super scary. why would they take this down except for the social justice reasons. >> is there any other reason the huffington post makes a decision? >> what is so upsetting. >> i think if you are 20 you are never going to look that good again and wear minimal clothing. that just makes sense. >> what about her argument about the kids? >> i presume they are not naked and they are not sitting around a topless. you shouldn't wear too short of a skirt so your but is on the seat because you will get rashy, but besides that, you know. >> anything goes? michael, what do you think? >> the younger the child the better chance they will see breasts on a regular basis.
12:48 am
2-year-olds are seeing to bees more than i did. if anything it is more appropriate and natural. >> i want to know why they were taking it down. >> they want to play to the audience. >> and women are not supposed to shame other women. it is about women having the right to say no, but never to hear it. >> i don't think that's it. >> she said you look better if you cover up and not a bunch of floosies. it is not church, it is a football game. will you put burkas on the cheerleader tooz 1234 if this woman went to see a woman's beach volleyball game and what they were clad in, she would have an aneurism. it is a football game in alabama. >> i thought that was nutty. >> that's acceptable. >> i just think -- we heard from the athletes that that's what they are comfortable in because they grew up wearing
12:49 am
that. i would not be, but have i more, you know -- >> there is a lot of eyeballs on the beach volleyball sport, right? >> unfortunately i have two to give. i love progressivism. they can play both sides of every count and then decide which is offensive. if a conservative had written this the left would have said these are shaming women who are just expressing themselves. she was in the wrong from the left, right? next week it will change again. >> they are always trying to tell people -- it used to be you conservatives are telling us how to live our lives. >> well it makes a difference. >> it is a haunting fear that someone, somewhere is having fun. >> it is not just exclusive.
12:50 am
>> they don't think they are that which is so irritating. >> if you don't remember that, they used to have albums, long playing records. >> oh my gosh. coming up, what do you get when you cross cheetoes with chicken fries? probably cheetoe chicken fries. the story next. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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is there anything cheetoes can't improve? they introduced mac and cheetoes and it sounded delicious and nutritious. was a huge success. this week bk is unveiling a new cheetoes inspired menu item. this one is for all of you health nuts. it is all white meat that includes crushed up cheetoes. eating too many can cause cheetoe fingers and of course death tom is this glut knee? >> this is why the rest of the world hates us. >> have we seen these pants, these all-american pants? i want a wide shot so we can
12:55 am
see the uncle sam that looks like you without your pants, tom. you're not american, but do you like this idea? >> i love this. i always wanted to be -- to go back in time and be in the room when they were creating teenage mutant ninja turtles. they were named after italian painters and they say kawabunga and they live in a drain. what are you smoking? and i would like to be in the meeting where they say it is chicken and it is covered in bread crumbs. and they say, no, no, no. and cheetoes. i bet it was an amazing moment that they said bingo. >> they come up with the ideas when they are a bit stoned. i don't think they are stoned at the meetings. i am not accusing them of that, but they get stoned and write it down on a notepad and bring it in. >> that's how we got the
12:56 am
dorito taco atta co bell and there are -- at taco bell and there are two types. he is obviously stealing from his subjects. >> he is like woodrow wilson. >> you can't argue with his results. you been to bk lately, jessica? >> no. not a fan favorite for me. >> don't like fast-food? >> no, i love fast-food, but i prefer mcdonalds. you know why i don't like chick-fil-a, political reasons. >> oh my gosh. everything has to be political. >> there is a chick-fil-a nearby. what i really want to try is the burger that is on crispy cream donuts? that seems more interesting to me than -- >> maybe you can join us when we do a segment. >> we can go on a road trip to find that krispy kreme burger. >> we are all going to order this and we know we will get the chicken cheetoes.
12:57 am
a special thanks to jessica and michael and charles cook and me, tom shillue. i'll see you mix time. thank you.
12:58 am
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this is a fox news alert. washington, both hillary clinton and donald trump releasing their versions of medical statements. just as new polls emerge showing the race tightening in key battleground states and nationally. in ohio, trump now has a 5 point lead over clinton with likely voters. in florida, trump is now sitting on a three-point lead over clinton, with likely voters in both polls including the libertarian and green party ticket. on the ticket, nationally, wee seeing a trend now with a bump for trump who cut clinton's lead in half in recent polling head to head. now just a five-point spread as you see here. ot


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