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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 15, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> good morning. as we take a life look outside of our headquarters in downtown manhattan you are watching "fox & friends first." i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. good to have you with us. >> hillary clinton heading back to the campaign trail for the first time since her collapse. she is hitting north carolina and not a moment too soon. >> brand new polls showing rival donald trump gaining ground in key battle ground states. >> ed henry is live in washington, d.c. with more. >> donald trump is really surging right now in some key battle ground states. we will get to the numbers in a
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moment. important for hillary clinton to get back out there. she has been off the trail for three full days after the spill on sunday morning in new york city. her doctor release add new letter inserting she had a mild form of bacterial pneumonia is on the mend and is now in words of her doctor fit to be president of the united states. donald trump begs to differ. he released his medical records on the doctor oz show. the republican nominee needs to lose 15-20 pounds and is taking a cholesterol lowering drug. he went on offense declaring his campaign schedule has been more vigorous and clinton does not have the stamina to be president as former president bill clinton slipped up yet again with comments about his wife's health. >> i don't know, folks. do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so.
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>> she is feeling great. i think she will be back out there tomorrow. it is crazy time. last time i checked millions of people were getting the flu ever are i year. >> the clinton camp clarified he meant the candidate has member pneumonia, not the flu. days after he told cbs news his wife frequently fainted correcting himself only occasionally. it was edited out of cbs's first airing of that clip. hillary clinton is falling behind. in the key state of ohio trump has now opened a 5 point lead 46 percent to 41 percent. gary johnson getting 8 percent still stein getting 2 percent. the same poll in florida has trump also in the lead 47 percent to 44 percent. johnson and the stein from the green party getting smaller share there is. clinton had the upper hand in a lot of the key battle grounds.
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this is as we reach the critical tablings. >> i remember the moment he came down the escalator and announced. who knew we would be where we are now. >> meantime donald trump's doctor is touting him as the of health while healthcare's doctor down-plays her diagnosis. herman cane says it is more than a doctor's note. >> this is a typical democrat distraction. when hillary has a health problem they start asking questions about donald trump's health. when hillary clinton has a lying problem then they try to find a lie donald trump told. they try to tie donald trump this is a typical democrat
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distraction. nothing is wrong is donald trump's health. >> the polls sliding 80 percent of voters think a candidate's health is important to their vote. >> brand new fallout. hillary clint colin powell's personal e-mails. this morning donald trump firing back. jackie ibanez is here with the latest. what's trump saying? oo as the e-mail scandals to the list of problems plaguing the clinton campaign. it shows hillary clinton's true feelings about president obama writing this. all clinton wants is to win the up coming election and she hates the president. that m. his feelings about michael flynn. flynn got fired as head of dia abusive with staff. didn't listen.
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bad management. he has been and was right wing nutty since then. flynn says he's not bothered. >> i have been called worse things than my little sister. this is another secretary of state and another individual who has had their e-mail hacked. when are people going to learn there are threats out there that are going to continue to hack their e-mail? >> flynn on the kelly files. he served as top military advisor. powell taking on trump personally calling him a national disgrace. he responded in true trump fashion. i was never a fan of colin powell. we have learned national intelligence officials are deeming it unnecessary to look at the damage done by hillary clinton setting up the e-mail server.
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half of all americans are concerned about clinton's e-mails calling her judgment into yquestion. >> airlines had a suspicious package. the plane was diverted to denver. the item and passenger involved were not a threat. >> a man suspected of shooting and killing a police officer is behind bars this morning. ez brought down by a swat team after four-days on the run. police found him at an apartment complex in rhode island. he is accused of opening fire on an officer and killing him. he is being held without bail. they are seeking the death penalty. new details about a man who police say plowed a car into a
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group of police officers. mark pain attacked police officers years ago. they warned them he could strike again. he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he mowed down the officers. he faces attempted murder charges. all of the officers have been released from the hospital. >> the man accused of intentionally torch ago florida mosque is facing life in prison. the mosque once attended by orlando shooter omar mateen. joseph shriber there you see him runningway from the mosque. he is facing arson and hate crime charges. >> oo they are waking up on cots because of a power outage. rikers university in new brunswick new jersey are in the
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dark. student was transported to a nearby school gymnasium until they could get the power back on. no order on what caused the outage or when it is expected to be fixed. >> they are slamming china after bringing winds of more than 190 miles per hour. more than 200,000 homes are now without power. massive waves slamming sea walls and tossing shipping containers around. look at that right there. here a man on a moped was hit by flying debris forced to run for his life. moranti is skred the stronger storm anywhere in the world so far. hard to image 120 miles per hour. >> can't imagine trying to run a moped in that. >> flash flood watches in place all along the carolina coast where they are bracing for more than a half of a foot of rain. gusting winds torrential rain
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pounding the sea board even a tornado with winds up to 75 miles per hour there. as a storm marching north through the night in georgia. this is the scene toppled trees. the storm expected to linger through tomorrow. >> your garage could be a problem with your health. >> right in time for fall when you have to blow all of the leaves off the driveway. tough news for black & decker owners. 560,000 of the leaf blowers are being recalled because of a potential hazard to the user's fingers. finger lacerations have been reported four different times with this particular item. this is the black & decker electric blower vacuum mull
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cher. >> this is great news. >> good news. >> companies are beginning to hire taking applications rate now for the black friday through new year's eve shopping season. let's go to ups. they will be hiring 90,000 seats in the workers. some are part-time jobs some are full-time jobs. chipotle is going to be having national career day. they did this last year. it is one huge day where they are looking to hire as many people as possible. their goal is to hire 5,000 people. restaurants across the country and chipotle will have interviews taken in that restaurant. september 28th is the day. they are hoping to get 100 applicants haired peres straunt. they are going to be expanding in 2017. >> they need drone operators. they are delivering by drone. >> burritos by air. >> let's switch from burritos to
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hot dogs and things like that when you watch a football game. the cowboys something to be proud of again. >> cowboys. number one. >> for the tenth year in a row they are the most valuable team out there. it is 4.2 billion. they do this annual list. next up the new england patriots tom brady 3.4 billion. giants the new yorkers 3.1 billion. san francisco 49ers 3 billion and red skins 2.9 billion. i don't want to leave out any football fan. the rams gained a lot in value. they are worth 2.9 billion. the raiders wiare getting a new stadium. >> once you get the new stadium you bring in new residents. >> you said you don't want to leave any one else.
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how long do the panthers work? >> 5:45 i will be coming back. something trump talked about ford moving jobs to mexico. we will have the story come win up. >> the answer to the panthers. >> 12 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up a fox news alert for you. samsu samsung's exploding phone problem. it just got worse where another car did this, went up in flames. >> we will build a great paul along the southern border. >> all right. so mexico finally agrees it is time to put up a border wall but you will never guess where. we will tell but that one. >> time to take a selfie. you should, too. why taking pictures of yourself should make you happy. >> you look so happy in that picture.
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>> returning to terror. president obama says former gitmo prisoners some who have killed americans by the way are free because they are not considered to be dangerous. two more detainees are back on the battlefield. two rejoined the groups when clint obama started releasing prisoners. he is making good on closing it before his presidency is over. there are only 61 left down from
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250. telling congress agents are hammered by a surge of immigrants crossing through the rio grande. they are wasting resources by guarding families and kids traveling alone rather than stopping possible threats. mexico finally agreeing with donald trump. , that it is time for a wall. >> we will build a great wall and mexico will pay for the wall. >> probably not what you are thinking. mexico begging their president to build a bigger wall to keep people from guatemala el salvador and others out. groups are getting caught in mexico on their way to the u.s. and the illegals end up staying rather than being deported back
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home. >> donald trump sabotage. a first in flint, michigan for bringing up politics. the republican nominee is talking the led water crisis there when he brought up hillary clinton and that's when the pastor steps up and shut him down. oh oo everything she touched didn't work. nothing. >> that pastor had deleted this post before she made before trump's visit. it read what he will sees how we are braving a man-made catastrophe. he will not use us. we will educate him. shae defended herself saying it wouldn't have happened had the republican nominee stayed on
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topic. >> you might want to think twice before posting pictures like this one of your kids online. it could get you sued. >> a teenager in austria suing her parents claiming her life has simply been awful ever since they started posting embarrassing pictures of her on facebook. it violates her rights to a personal life. >> her parents are refusing to remove them of her napping and potty training. >> the dad says since he took the pictures he has a right to post them. they may end up paying compensation to their daughter as well as legal fees. >> now beyond their 700 friends everybody knows about it. what do you think? does she have a case? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or fox &
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friends >> as parents we are proud of those firs time botpotties. a fiery rescue. a frantic scene at the car furs from flames. how good samaritans and officers who saved a man. >> drinking one glass of wine a day can be bad for you.
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>> chris christie adds post
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traumatic stress disorder to the list of conditions that quall fay people for medical marijuana use. he has been reluctant to broaden the program. but he claims the move can benefit our nation's veterans suffering from ptsd. pledging $1 million for better helmet technology. backlash after several hits to the head of panthers quarterback cam newton. he says quote when it comes to addressing head injuries in the game i am not satisfied and neither are the owners to the nfl's 32 clubs. we can and will do better. there's a study that minds every day dust has lows of dangerous chemicals that may be linked to
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cancer. it is found in 90 percent of the country. they say vacuum off mop your floors and stay special attention to areas where your kids play. good information to know. do you love a glass of wine for dinner or in the afternoon like us? we have bad news for you. >> one of the finest wines of idaho. >> oh, may i? >> turns out one glass of wine may be bad for your health. researches find out how they increase the risk of developing an irregular heartbeat. the risk gets higher with a second glass of wine. it becomes more common as you get older. >> i like one.
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>> you have to ground that. >> attack that. >> okay, later i will. >> new research out from the university of california shows taking selfies makes you happier. >> look what happened here. they suggest taking one snapshot per day of yourself sharing it with your friends can boost your mood and help yourself confidence. >> we take selfies here. >> usually kim kardashian has tips. >> she says take 300 of them and pick the best. >> can you imagine? >> i am embarrassed when i am taking a selfie. i figure people are saying what are you doing? >> we will take one and post it later in the show. >> 26 minutes after the hour. new poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton are neck in neck in key battle ground states.
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>> good morning. it is thursday september 15th. hillary clinton not calling in sick today. she is back on the campaign trail for the first time since her collapse. is she ready? >> i don't know, folks. you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> polls show who is pulling ahead in crucial battle ground states. this fox news alert for you. samsung's exploding phone problem, it just got worse. another car up in flames. a brand new recall you need to
2:31 am
know about. saluting a sonogram. how this baby showing support for his retired marine father in the room. >> fox & friends starts right now. >> wake up. move your feet to the beat. thank you so much for joining "fox & friends o "fox & friends first." >> i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. thank you for sticking around with us. hillary clinton is moving back
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on the campaign trail for the first time since her collapse. she's hitting north carolina and not a moment too soon. >> we have brand new polls that show donald trump gaining ground in battle ground states. we have our chief correspondent with the latest on these numbers. >> what is interesting is this is a whole new race with donald trump surging to the lead over hillary clinton as questions lamb over her physical health which may be part of the raen why she is racing back out on the campaign trail today after taking three full days off. clinton has ground to make up. a cnn orc poll shows trump has opened a five point lead 46 percent to 41 peshs you can see with libertarian gary johnson getting 8 percent jill stein 2 percent. the same poll in florida another key state has trump also in the lead. 47 percent to 44 percent. obviously within the margin of error. he had been behind johnson and
2:33 am
stein getting smaller shares. the point is clinton had the upper hand. all of a sudden that is changing. they are swinging the gat battl ground in trump's medical records. bill clinton slipped up again with comments on his wife's health. >> if elected at edge 70 you will be the oldest person to ever enter the oval office. why do you think you have the stamina for the job? >> just about the same abling--s ronald reagan. hillary is a year behind me. i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> i did talk to her. she is feeling great. she will be back out there tomorrow. people think there's something unusual will getting the flu. last time i checked millions of people are getting it ever are i year. >> the clinton camp quickly clarified.
2:34 am
he meant the candidate has member men yaw not the flew. he told cbs news his wife frequently fated correcting himself only occasionally she faints. hillary clinton has been off of the trail. her doctor released a new statement she has a mild form of memb pneumonia is on the mend and trump will be in new york delivering a speech on the economy and balancing the federal budget. why that is important is as he gains ground in the polls it's coincided with him going off message stick to go the teleprompter and delivering the policy speeches that have helped turn around his campaign. >> ed henry in washington. thanks. great to see you. >> as the gap narrows between the two presidential candidates
2:35 am
associate editor saying after hillary clinton's terrible week this is now donald trump's opening. >> it is not an easy pass. hillary clinton is losing votes of bernie sanders supporters and republicans who will never vote for trump. that is a result of the foundation stories and defiance from the clinton family who have been told by democrats neutralize it today. the f bishg report and the deplorables comment and now this event with her being sick and trying to keep it a secret for two-days. this is the kind of thing that turns people off and turns them away from hillary clinton. as i have said many times in a five way four-way race he can win it. >> take a look at this general election poll from quinnipiac
2:36 am
university. in two weeks he cut her lead in half. >> brand new fallout from the hacking and release of former secretary of state colin powell's personal e-mails and his brutal take on both presidential candidates. we have the latest on that story. >> we are talking e-mails again. this one courtesy of former secretary of state colon powell. powell calling her health into question one year ago writing this. on hgtv she doesn't lo-- on hdt she doesn't look good. hillary clinton is the gift that keeps on taking. powell attacking army general michael flen and donald trump. responding to the e-mails tweeting i was never a fan of
2:37 am
colon powell after his weak stance on iraq. powell confirmed the e-mails are real. he claims they are based on how much resentment he harbors for the clintons. >> it is surprising the amount of phenomenon, the amount of resentment he has for the clintons. frankly colin powell is speaking for the big swath of the electorate. 35, 40 percent of americans go, i don't like this election. can i have a do over on this, please. people i say i have a track record i find abhorrent and i have another i personally find abhorrent. they are deeming it unnecessary to assess damage done from national security from clinton's private e-mail server. half of americans are concerned about clinton's e-mails calling her judgments into question.
2:38 am
jackie ibanez. >> there are much worse e-mails than that from colin powell. >> billions wof your hard earne taxpayers lying in the pocket of corrupt war lords. there's a scathing report from the inspector general that blasts the u.s. government for not overseeing projects in afghanistan. it turns a blind eye on the under developed country contributing to the growth of the corruption there. the government, our government has yet to respond to that report. >> this is really scary. terrorists could use flights from cuba to carry out a 9-11 style terror attack. that is a grave new warning from marco rubio. he's calling for the suspension of commercial flights to the communist country since there are no air marshals on board to protect passengers from possible hijacking. this revelation coming two weeks after commercial flights from the u.s. to cuba resumed for the
2:39 am
first time in 50 years. >> talk about showing respect at an early age. a baby in the womb saluting his marine father in this picture is going viral. take a close look at this, heather. >> the parents say their doctor was trying to wake up their 12 week old unborn baby when he or she suddenly raised his tiny hand to his eye brow. can you see that like a miniature soldier. >> both the baby's dad and grandfather served in the army. arm me and -- army and marine as well. >> the baby will grow up to stand up during the national anthem. >> a fiery rescue to tell you about. a plane bursts into flames and crashes into a bus. how good samaritans and officers
2:40 am
jumped in to save the man's life. >> ford making a big change. >> it used to be cars were made in flint and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now the cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. >> what is the long-term impact for the u.s.? we are breaking it down for you. >> how one student says she was punished for not standing for the pledge of allegiance. we will tell you about that. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps
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2:44 am
how this will impact the united states. >> good morning. ford it is moving small car production to mexico over the next two or three years. making an announcement during an investor conference. they have 1.6 billion. republican presidential candidate donald trump has been critical of u.s. companies that move jobs to mexico and other countries. >> it was just announced. ford is moving all of the small vehicle production to mexico. i have been talking about this, folks, for five years long before i said let's run for president. something i didn't particularly want to do but we are doing a good jock. >> jobs will not be lost because workers will focus on making suv's and pickup trucks at u.s. plants that are remaining. that's not a guarantee.
2:45 am
gas prices are at a historically low levels but this they were to jump american car buyers would have smaller>> not me. i love my gas guzzling suv. >> vowing to continue to protest the national anthem despite death threats. the players and coaches of the ful bulls in texas are taking a knee to show perceived racial injustice siting 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick has their inspiration. >> if you are unpatriotic be prepared to be punished. she is lowering her sptudents
2:46 am
grade if they refuse to stand during the pledge of allegiance in class. the school district is backing the young women. >> talking about this, proper punishment or over the line join the conversation on facebook #keep talking. right now we are going to see brian kilmeade. >> i am going to tell you what we are talking about in about 14 minutes donald trump will be here live. we have a lot to discuss with him as he continues to surge in the polls who would think i would say that aftin august. he needs a lot of secret service. reince praeibous will be here. >> what is it like working with
2:47 am
abby? >> she is lovely. we love abby. >> aaron lewis has been warming up all morning. >> he brought his whole band. >> unless you know something different. >> have fun guys. see you in a bit. >> we will be right back. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot?
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police say that we'll step into the fox light. he is an excellent chef. >> that's right.
2:52 am
the world renown chef has no mercy in the kitchen and is about to push 18 new chefs to their limit. gordon ramsey gave me the inside scoop on the new season. >> season 16, congratulations. and you were just picked up for two more seasons, gordon ramsay. you are carrying this network on your back. i hope they realize it. >> they have been great. my thing is that we run the spotlight on the show. and when that door fully opens, we did a proper restroom. this year as 2016 unveils talent unlike never before, you can't have self-pity. >> did you ever think you would be where you are before?
2:53 am
>> no. we fill the tables every night. when we open, we kickoff live for two hours. we have 150 guests cued up to get in there. i want it right. >> what's the biggest challenge in terms of keeping it fresh? >> getting creative with getting the best out of those chefs. we challenge them and we push them to the limits. there's an up side to that. they come in and they give like they felt they never had and leave a much better person. >> catch the next season of q "hell's kitchen" on fox. i was a little intimidated. >> i was going to ask. >> he couldn't have been more charming and fun to be around. season 16 of "hell's kitchen"
2:54 am
starts next week. that's a new picture. >> i was going to say. you and gordon ramsay have hair similar. you just need to grow yours taller. >> thank you so much. well, the time now is eight minutes until the top of the hour. do you post embarrassing pictures of your kids online? one teenager is suing her parents. does she have a case? your e-mails are poring in on this one. and a supermodel wipes out during new york fashion week. new clients? let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow.
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two minutes until the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what is happening today. tropical storm julia is battering parts of the east coast. flash flood watches are along the carolina coast where they are bracing for a half a foot of rain. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail for the first time since collapsing from pneumonia. she's speaking in north carolina and d.c. and it is national cheeseburger day. you can cash in at denny's, hardee's, ruby tuesday, smashburger and steak' n shake.
2:59 am
a florida lawmaker caught hitting a man after he tore down one of his campaign signs. the victim says he was trying to minimize vandalism with representative keith perry approached him and hit him on his porch. and nearly face planting at the michael kors fashion show when she trips. it happens to us all. a teenager is suing her parents for posting embarrassing pictures of her on facebook. she says these violated her rights to a personal life. >> if she wins, the parents have to win a compensation as well as legal fees. we asked you, does she have a case? susan on facebook says, no, as long as she's still underage and living at home then she doesn't make the decisions, the parents do. >> caroline says, totally should have a case if they won't agree
3:00 am
to take down those pictures. >> and brian says, no, she's ungrateful. >> all right. you let us know what you think. we hope you have a great day. >> fox & friends starts right now. good morning to you. it is september 15, 2016. brand new poll numbers released overnight show trump taking downhillry in key battleground states including florida and ohio. we'll break down those numbers. meanwhile, hillary clinton back on the campaign trail later on today. but is she okay? >> i don't know, folks, you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> okay, this is as both candidates reveal brand new details about their health. we're going to tell you about it. and a pasto


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