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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> oh my god. >> i love those. i can see them all the time. thanks for being here, fair, balanced and unafraid. here is brit hume on deck. hello and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." on a day when hillary clinton returned to the campaign trail, and we learned more about donald trump's health, the polling news continued to improve for him. the real clear politics average of polls has hillary clinton's lead down now tonight to 1.5 points in a two-way race. that number just shifting because of a brand new fox poll. more about that in a second. and in a four way race in that average clinton's lead remains at 1.1 points. now that new fox news poll out tonight finds mr. trump with a 1 point lead in a two-way race and mrs. clinton a point ahead in a four-way race. in the last fox poll just over two weeks ago, mrs. clinton was 6 points ahead in a two-way race and up to in a four-way.
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in addition, there is an interesting new poll out of iowa tonight from monmouth university which shows donald trump leading there by 8 points. that's his best showing yet in any iowa poll. joining me now to discuss these numbers is my old friend and fellow university of virginia alumnus larry sabato, head of the university center for politics. hello, larry. nice to see you. >> good evening, brit. good evening. >> what are we looking at here in all of this? obviously signs of momentum for donald trump? is that real or just sort of kind of up and down blip in the polls that we see from time to time in presidential races? >> well, there are two things happening. one is hillary clinton did this to herself in a very tough week for her campaign. that was self-generated between the basket of deplorables gaffe and then the pneumonia matter. and that was a lie of omission. no question about it the combination of those two things, i think, pushed her
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down. but the other point that needs to be made, brit, is what's happened here is the polls, all all of them have switched from registered voters where clinton still remains ahead to likely voters. and when you go to likely voters, you flush a lot of people out. this early in the contest, what that does is to help ththe can in the poll showings with the most dedicated followers. does anybody doubt which of these two candidates has the most enthusiastic followers? we all know the answer. it's donald trump. so, part of this is a warning to hillary clinton and the democrats that they're going to have to do a heck of a lot more to stir their base and get them out to vote. >> now, tell me, larry, just so the voters -- viewers will understand. when we talk about likely voters, we're talking about voters who have answered questions posed by pollsters as to their previous voting
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record habits, not record of attendance at the polls and other questions designed to flesh out really who is more likely to vote, correct? >> that's absolutely true because we know that among the universe of registered voters, millions and millions will not turn up. i don't know what it takes to get people to turn up, but they're just not going to be there. so you have to find a way to figure out who is going to show up at the polls and who isn't. it's a guessing game. you can never be completely sure, and that's one reason why polls differ so much in the same state or even nationally. >> all right. it struck me in 2012 that barack obama did a better job in his organization than had ever been done in turning register the voters into likely voters and indeed into actual voters. what about the -- and it is widely believed this cycle, that the better ground game belongs to the clinton campaign. what are your thoughts on
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that? >> well, i think that's absolutely true. and, you know, the trump campaign is trying to say that they put together quickly a great organization and that the republican national committee has been working on this for years, but neutral observers are unanimous on this point. the democrats have done a much better job over a much longer period of time. that adds a point or two in the critical swing states. that's where it's going to make a difference if these states are really, really close. if they're not really close, adding a point or two won't make any difference. >> yeah. what do you make of iowa? >> well, that was the -- of all the swing states, brit, that was the one over the past month or so that had been leaning the most in trump's direction. because first of all, the minority population there is only 7%. it's 93% white. second, almost half of the electorate in iowa is noncollege educated. and we've seen a tremendous
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split between those who are college-educated. they're pretty heavily for clinton and those without a college education. they're pretty heavily for trump. >> larry sabato, always good to have you. thanks, larry. >> thank you, brit. let's go out to iowa now and get an upclose sense of the race there from the des moines register's political columnist cathy. you heard this last segment. >> the poll is quite remarkable. what are your thoughts about it? >> yeah, brit. it is remarkable. because the race in iowa has been really, really close. the last -- over the summer it really since the -- both candidates have locked down the nomination, it has been neck in neck in iowa. and an 8 point lead as you said largest lead that donald trump has had iowa to date. so, you know, i think the question is why is it suddenly, you know, is he opening up a big lead in
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really a short period of time. and when you look at when the poll is taken, monday through wednesday, just like larry just said, you know, the optics for the clinton campaign were terrible. she was having one of the worst weeks of her campaign. where all anybody was seeing on tv was hillary clinton fainting. meanwhile donald trump is out on the campaign trail alone, hammering that basket of deplorables remark, which can i tell you does not play well in iowa. people here in iowa, you know, it is a purple state. people know people on the other side of the aisle. you know, it just does not ring true here in iowa. >> you mean because people think -- people think it's too strong a thing to say and intolerant? is that what you are telling me? >> yeah. i mean, people here, you know, democrats know and work with republicans who are supporting donald trump. and they know that they're not, you know, racist,
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bigoted homophobes. you know, so there is a lot of people, i think, who look at that statement and say wow, that was really over the top negative. >> now, what about trump himself? i mean, does any of this owe to the fact that he is campaigning in a different way than we saw in previous weeks and months? >> well, donald trump is practically living in iowa. i mean, he is here practically every other week. mike pence is filling in the gap. so he has actually been here quite a bit more than hillary clinton. hillary clinton has done some campaign events on the borders. not quite getting into iowa. tim kaine will be here early next week. but, donald trump himself has been doing a lot more on the ground campaigning in iowa. interestingly, reading from a teleprompter the last two times he was in this state which he has not done before. >> yeah, what do you think about that? in your judgment, does campaigning in that style more formal teleprompter and the rest of it, does that seem to be helping him there? >> i think it might help him
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with independent voters who hadn't decided. right now this latest monmouth poll shows independents going pretty strongly for donald trump. but his core, his base really loves him freewheeling and off the cuff. so, you know, i think he may have to mix it up a little to keep his base excited while trying to work with attracting female voters and more of those independents. >> all right, cathy. thank you very much. after several days of resting, hillary clinton is back out on the campaign trail. earlier today, she spoke in greensboro, north carolina. >> as you may know, i recently had a cough that turned out to be pneumonia. [ laughter ] i tried to power through it, but even i had to admit that maybe a few days of rest would do me good. >> you're looking good. [cheers and applause] >> i'm not great at taking it easy even under ordinary circumstances.
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but with just two months to go until election day? sitting at home was pretty much the last place i wanted to be. >> after she spoke there, she took a few questions from reporters about her health. >> my campaign has said that they could have been faster. and i agree with that. i certainly expect them to be as focused and quick as possible. but, i have to say from my perspective, i thought i was going to be fine, and i thought that there wasn't really any reason to make a big fuss about it. >> north carolina is, of course, another key battleground state in the 2016 race. the real clear politics average there has her with a very slight margin over donald trump. she leads by just, as you can see, six tenths of a point. fox greensboro political
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reporter bob buckley joins us now. tell us about that event today. what you observed there and what you think about the race overall in north carolina. >> it was an enthusiastic crowd. more so than we have seen at some other hillary events. it was a fairly big crowd. what i have noticed is the clinton campaign both smaller venues and puts them off. we were in a basketball gym there and they only used a first third of the gym. that first third was filled. they are standing out like they are right now pretty angry to get. in the campaign is weary not having anything big crowd. every time trump comes here overflow crowd. as for the election here in the state from everything i have reported on and heard and seen, if the election were to be today, i suspect trump would eke out a very close victory but still wouldn't get the 50%. we're such a microcosm, brit, of the country in that we have a world renown university system both public and private. those areas are going to go very heavily for hillary hillary clinton. those areas are all surrounded with the kind of people trump supporters are
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described as. some of them have college education. many of them do not. many of them worked in industries that have been disseminated by global trade. look at the area we are right now. world head quarterbacks of furniture, textiles and tobacco, all through thee of those i haves dollars are done. >> do people believe donald trump will be able to bring back manufacturing jobs of that kind? >> i don't know that they do. i think some of them certainly do. some of them are ready for the protectionism. some of then are ready for the overturning of nafta. what they're latching on to with donald trump here as in a lot of places is he is going to stop those other guys. i think they are as much part of what richard burr, our senior senator running for re-election is he is part of the never hillary crowd that's enough for a lot of them to back trump. >> what about the burr race? that's been considered a vulnerable seat. how is he doing? >> i suspect he is doing pretty well. richard burr, you know, what's surprising about him though, brit, is for someone who has been around washington, d.c. since 1994,
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10 years in the u.s. house and now running for his third term in the u.s. senate. it's amazing how many north carolinaens don't know him and have an opinion of him. he works very quietly. he is one of those guys who truly went to washington to do some work rather than be in front of tv cameras it may hurt him when it comes to race time. i suspect he might have an easier time getting reelected than the republican governor pat mccrory who is in a very rough race with a very popular attorney general roy cooper. >> that has to do with that state initiative that had to do with the bathroom, right? which seems to have caused all kinds of havoc. >> right. here is what is going on. shear why north carolina has not engaged in presidential race like so many other states have. we have been mired in a cultural civil war for at least the last year. started with charlotte passing ordinances to give legal protections to by sexual, lesbian and gay. they came back and added to this provision you can go use whatever bathroom you
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wanted to, based on how you felt your gender was. so you could be biologically male and use the female shower and use their locker room. they also then put that ordinance on to private businesses as well as public. that's when the state legislature came in and started negotiating with charlotte. can't we do something else to not go this far? charlotte said no, we ran on this for the election. this is what we are going to do. you are going to have to live with it the state legislature responded with what's called hb 2 which got rid of a lot of those protections for the lbgt group. they are now being called bigoted and that's where it stands, this cultural standoff with a lo a lot of thee people are they talking about me? i'm not bigoted. they see this as common sense stuff. but there are people who push the bill in charlotte feel very strongly this is their natural right. >> it's causing more -- making more of a difference in the gubernatorial race and state races than it is for the senate and the white house, right? >> right.
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because the governor, he can't change the law. the legislature has to. he did sign it he could have vetoed it and said let's go figure this out in the legislature, he chose not to. they are making him the face of it, even though it's really the legislature that has to make an action on it. >> got it bob, thanks very much. donald trump is about to take the stage in new hampshire which is the scene of his very first primary, you may recall. right now the real clear politics average in the granite state shows hillary clinton with a five point lead in a four-way race. earlier today, trump's much anticipated appearance on the dr. oz show aired. here is a clip. >> can i read it to you real quickly and i will try quickly interpret it. >> sure. >> cholesterols, 6'3", 236 pounds. cholesterol 169, hdl healthy cholesterol 63. lousy hdl good numbers. amount of fat in your blood. psa like the other letter that was published earlier
4:15 pm
1.5 very low. bad pressure 116 over 70. >> that's good 116 over 70. >> yeah, i mean. >> i have always been lucky with blood pressure. >> a patient of mine had these records, i would be really happy. and i would send them on their way. >> that's great. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is at that trump rally in new hampshire. john it, sounds -- it looks as if donald trump has done about as much as hillary clinton has done in terms of releasing records. are we going to hear anything more? will there be a doctor produced to discuss it? what? >> no. i don't think that there is going to be anything else. the difference between the first medical report that we got from donald trump's doctor, brit, and this one is that this one actually had numbers. the first one was just an opinion that if he is elected he will be the healthest president in the history of the universe. this one has the cholesterol numbers. we heard about echo cardio gram, a colonoscopy, a chest x-ray. i think for the time being and probably before the
4:16 pm
election this is the last we will hear of that something new happening tonight though that's very interesting. donald trump tried to show a range here. doing economy speech earlier. he has got the rally tonight. appearing on the jimmy fallon show. and spoiler alert here, jimmy fallon actually taught donald trump. i have seen the crip of this. we hoped to have had it for you, bret. it's delayed in coming. jimmy fallon talked donald trump in to allowing him to mess up his hair. and the results of that are quite extraordinary. so that's something to look forward to tonight. what donald trump is doing by putting out medical records and keeping up rigorous campaign schedule this week, brit. he is trying to draw a subtle contrast between him portraying himself of the eye rob man who literally is -- getting four hours of sleep a night sometimes getting up at 1:00. hillary clinton sidelined because of her bout with pneumonia. he has the stamina to be
4:17 pm
president. he is the guy you can't knock down and fit into this narrative carrying him forward into the election. when you look at the polls, particularly in iowa and now two polls in ohio showing him up between 3 points and 5 points. the turn is happening and the donald trump campaign very happy with where they are right now they feel they finally got him under control, if you will, he hasn't stepped on his message, at least the last three, maybe even four weeks. we got him in a good position, they think, to head into the november election. it will be interesting to watch him tomorrow because he is going to have a press conference at the old post office tomorrow throwing it open to questions from the traveling press. you know, brit, how we like to knock the candidate off message. we will see where that goes tomorrow morning 10:00 in washington, d.c. >> i can't wait to see the hair clip. everybody i guess will know. >> it's hilarious. >> that thing is no wig. >> it's not. it's definitely not. >> thanks very much. and chelsea clinton was also out on the campaign trail but did she say something
4:18 pm
she, perhaps, shouldn't have? you'll hear from her next. also, donald trump says he can created 25 million jobs. how realistic is that? charles payne is standing by to break down donald trump's economic plan. stay tuned. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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before hillary clinton got back on the trail in north carolina, her daughter chelsea was there campaigning and people on the clinton campaign probably weren't necessarily too happy about how she elaborated on her mother's health. take a listen. >> i just was so grateful that i got a chance to take care of her for a little while.
4:22 pm
she has taken care of me my whole life. she is infatiguable. i don't think i have ever seen her so tired. she was tired because she had pneumonia and that's miserable. >> never have seen her so tired. to discuss clinton in north carolina. donald trump on dr. oz, let's bring in our nightly political panel, "the weekly standard's" fred barnes and "the washington examiner" susan ferrechio. well, first of all, what about after, you know, hillary wants us all to believe shoe that she fully recovered and got the pneumonia under control backs out on the campaign trail we find her daughter has never seen her so fired. does that help? >> she sounded better today. she still sounded sick to me. >> yeah, me too. >> i think it matters just depending on what happens next. if she stays healthy and she starts to sound a little more robust and we don't have more incidents like what happened on sunday, maybe knob of this will matter much in the end. other than contributing to the whole theme of duplicity
4:23 pm
where you have the server, the emails, no big deal here. nothing to look at. i wasn't really sick. i had the flu. oh, it was newspaper i can't. you know, it just adds to the whole issue of, you know, can voters really feel sure she is healthy. if they're not entirely certain they're getting a full picture. >> voters think she is sick. is that enough reason to vote for donald trump or is that an issue that would cause to you go to trump? >> that's a good question. i can't imagine somebody deciding it on the basis of that we have such a polarized country now. democrats going to say, gee, she doesn't look very good. i think i will vote for trump. hard to imagine that but it's not inconceivable. you know, i thought chelsea was pretty much on message. she did describe her mother as super woman after all in that interview truth is
4:24 pm
hillary clinton will be back campaigning. she wasn't that hard of a campaigner in the first place, brit. she would go to these fundraising dinners, well, actually small fundraising dinners where people pay huge amounts those aren't that hard. she didn't campaign at the furious level of donald trump and i'm sure won't now. >> where it can really matter i think though is if trump is getting out and having these big rallies where he is getting up on the stage and really, riling up the crowds and being enthusiastic and drawing big crowds. you have clinton maybe doing these more low key things. if she starts to sort of back away a little bit from trying to do big campaign rallies. if you see her schedule lighten up, i think it could matter because she has got an enthusiasm problem already at this point. whereas trump does not. trump has a lot of enthusiasm aren't him. >> turning quickly to candidate trump, what about his release.
4:25 pm
seems equal. is it enough? >> you know, i think he is going to have to do more. we know he is overweight. >> he says he weighs 236. 6'3". >> i'm 6'3", i'm 190 and i'm a little overweight. i think is he a bigger guy overall than what i am. i think he has a great tailor. >> yes. i never guessed that he weighed that much. that's for sure. look, i don't trust any campaign says president health of the candidate. always trying to hide anything that they don't want me and you to know. >> in her case is it more of a problem because of the trust issue? >> yeah, it's more of a problem the trust issue. besides, she has one picture. you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. the picture of her collapsing is worth about 10,000 words. >> fred and susan don't go away. donald trump says he can boost our economy. how will it help or hurt your wallet.
4:26 pm
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and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here. when you have $7.95 online u.s. equity trades lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. even before this presidential campaign donald trump's hair was an object of endearing fascination for television voters and now many potential voters. he was on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon and it got a real test. let's watch. >> can i mess your hair up?
4:30 pm
[cheers and applause] i will be gentle. i will be gentle. >> as long -- the answer is yes. but the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be in an hour from now, i hope they're going to understand. okay? >> you say yes? >> go ahead. [drum roll] >> yes! donald trump, everybody. >> donald trump, everybody. >> well, now at least we know for sure that his hair is absolutely real. the panel will be back in a few minutes to talk about that tonight show appearance and other things. right now the economy as it always does, tops the list of voter concerns this year. today at the economic club of new york, donald trump laid out a detailed blueprint promising a level
4:31 pm
of economic growth not seen in years. >> right now 92 million americans are on the sideline outside of the workforce. they are not a part of our economy. it's a silent nation of jobless americans. i'm not running to be the president of the world. i'm running to be the president of the united states of america. as your president, i will fight for every last american job and every american company. one of the keys to unlocking growth is scaling back years of disastrous regulations, unilaterally imposed by out-of-control bureaucrats. think of it. we have a trade deficit of almost $800 billion a year. that's going to change so fast. >> trump said that he hoped that he could reach as much as 4% annual growth. we haven't seen that in forever.
4:32 pm
and possibly more like 3.5%. that's a pretty tall order as well compared to what we have seen. here to discuss this is charles payne, the host of making money. payne on our sister network the fox business network. charles, you've had a chance to examine the plan. you heard the speech today. your thoughts? >> brit, i'm a supply sider anyway. i believe what ronald reagan did was absolutely imagine magnificent. donald trump trying to replicate that the more we keep the more we will spend. the more we will circulate that in the economy. that's 101. that's a no-brainer right there. you begin with that. and then you begin with the regulations. i don't think enough has been talked about. not only onerous but stopped economic engine small business brunership dropped to all-time low a couple years ago hovering down at that low area. don't want to start businesses. hard an onerous.
4:33 pm
right now what we have an economy where they are trying to spark in other words, make us feel richer. that doesn't work. what does work is sparking that old american d.n.a. that we can go out there and pull ourselves up why the bootstrap. this is a great economic plan that does that. >> we talked about the impact of the speech of 4% growth which would be quite dramatic, not only in terms of jobs but also in revenues to offset the spending that goes on here in washington. 4% is quite ambitious. is it your sense that this is -- that this program would get us there? >> i'm not sure about 4% right out the gate. i will say there are others issues that people are concerned about rightfully concerned about. we are going to have a recession knock math out of whack. listen to this speech in front of wall streeters. didn't get applause. they are concerned about that. look where we're. last quarter 1.1% growth. we haven't had 3% growth in
4:34 pm
any given year under president obama. even 2% growth would be an improvement. 4% you are shooting high but the goal is to shoot eye. i will say we do have to shoot high because we double the size of the military. don't do anything different with social security, medicaid. will mean we could pile on more debt. wondrous area we are talking about here. no major reforms. i would love to see those kind of reforms. not going to happen under either candidate. get the top side of our economy growing. >> what you seem to be telling me, charles, is that because trump doesn't seem too worried about reducing the size of government if you expand the military and don't do anything about entitlement spending you are going to need very robust economic growth to pay the bills, correct? >> absolutely. but, listen, we know supply side economics work. the question is how well can they work with the kind of a massive amount of entitlements we have right
4:35 pm
now and layering even more programs on top of it. it will be a challenge but ultimately for the folks at home. keeping more of the hard earned money they make is a great first step. >> charles, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> ohio has traditionally been a key to the republican white house. no republican has actually won the presidency without winning in the buckeye state. new polls show trump in the lead there. a suffolk university poll of likely voters puts trump ahead 42% to 39% in a four-way race and bloomberg poll also of likely voters has trump with a likely edge 44% to 39%. chrisy thompson is here. chrisy, this has obviously been good news in recent days for donald trump. what do you sees a the cause of it? bloomberg poll had a lot of data focusing and looking at unemployment and jobs as number one motivator who they might vote for in the election. ohio's unemployment rate is nearly identical to the national unemployment rate. things have gotten better
4:36 pm
here. folks are really remembering back when we had a lot more manufacturing in ohio. still heavy manufacturing state. many job losses for the last several decades. that's what folks tell me when i go out on the street talking with them. something that's going to motivate the way they vote donald trump and john kasich don't see eye to eye. kasich is very popular, the republican governor. he didn't even attend the republican convention. one presumes that his political organization will not be placed at trump's disposal what about the kasich factor out there. >> yeah. folks have said that some people don't say it doesn't make much of a difference. kasich's lack of support for trump. they are on his side for. this some want john kasich to get on board like he said he would with the nominee. his political organization has generally not backed up -- lined up behind donald trump and this has been a problem for trump trying to find staff in the state.
4:37 pm
however, the ohio republican party is led by a kasich ally and matt is assisting with this. >> that's the question we are going to be asking a lot over the next few weeks as we get closer to the election is the party organization, the national party organization is certainly behind trump. you suggest to me that the state party organization will do what it can. from what you see on the ground out there, how does that stack up against what is generally considered to be kind of a juggernaut turnout operation on the part of the democrats in most states. >> hillary clinton does have an advantage if you line up her staff versus donald trump's staff. it's quite impressive the advantage that she has in that measure. however, the rnc has had staff here in ohio for several years. they have pretty impressive operation. and those folks are working on behalf of donald trump. they are also helping rob portman, the senator who has a very large lead. he has a very, large lead
4:38 pm
over former governor ted strickland. so they feel like if they put all of their resources together they can contend with this clinton operation hillary clinton has a lot more money and been on the airwaves for months here in ohio and donald trump has hardly run any ads in this state at all there have been a couple times that he has. similar what you are seeing in other states. actually pretty impressive that they are pretty close. >> tough leading without spending any money on the airwaves. that could be one of the stories that the tv advertising doesn't matter that much. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> fears continue to grow that russians are meddling in our election. catherine herridge breaks down the story ahead.
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(climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones) members of congress are worried about the possibility that russia is trying to hack or interfere with the 2016 elections. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine
4:43 pm
herridge with what the new evidence shows, catherine? >> thank you, brit. we were able to confirm today through a law enforcement source that there is evidence that has been reviewed by the fbi that the hacking, if you will, is bipartisan. not just the dnc and the dccc but there is evidence that they are going after what i would describe as senior republicans within the organization but not the rnc. >> trying to hack their. >> personal accounts and political accounts. >> their congressional accounts have they been hacked. >> not that i'm aware of the perm accounts for the most part. they are trying to release the information publicly. put it as a way to offer proof that they have been effective. second, undermine confidence and faith in the electoral process. >> they don't believe that they can hack our voting system in such a way to throw the election one way or the other or that they can change the course of the intended course of the election. but that they can diminish people's belief in the fairness of it and make people suspicious? >> yes. and if it's a very close
4:44 pm
race and have a major cyber incident beforehand, it will make people anxious and cause them to question the results of the process. you make a very good point. because each state has its own independent system and many of these systems are not connected to the internet. not physically possible to hack them. you is to have like a insider in every state. >> have like a 50 state operation, basically. >> correct. >> with the ability to somehow get into many systems many of them are not electronic, correct? >> that's correct. the funny thing in the reporting today was how some members on the hill were talking about the virtues of the paper ballot after there was such a push after 2000. >> to get rid of them. >> that's right. but, of course, they had that advantage of being unhackable, if that's a term. >> yeah. that is a term. >> you're welcome. >> thanks, catherine very much. irs commissioner john koskinen will not be long in his job as he will be gotten in the new administration. his time in office may have gotten a little longer. we will explain that wither our panel next.
4:45 pm
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back before he was running for president donald trump once let megyn kelly on his show pull his hair to test if it was real. it came up positive. that's been taken a step further with jimmy fallon earlier we showed it to you before. it's too good not to show it again. here it is. >> can i mess your hair up? [cheers and applause] >> as long -- the answer is yes, but the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be in an hour from now, i hope they're going to understand. okay? >> you say yes?
4:50 pm
>> guiltyyes?>> go ahead. >> yes. donald trump, everybody. >> that certainly falls under the heading of being a good sport. our nightly political panel is back. "the washington examiner" suture ferrechio. well, what about that? look, that video is compelling. we're going to see a lot. any political effects? >> yeah. he had a choice to make there he could have said no, no. don't touch my hair. what would that have led to? how viral would that have been? he is a good sport about it then we learned that has to be his hair after the treatment he just got. i think it was a win. >> it was a big win. look. he is in a groove. he is relaxed. he seemed to enjoy that if you saw when he gave his economic and tax speech today. the teleprompter wasn't on when he started. so he holds up his notes and waves them and laughs about it and goes on just fine and
4:51 pm
then notes when the teleprompter does come on. he is campaigning better than he ever has. >> what strikes me about it is that he didn't seem to want to campaign this way. he didn't want to be on a teleprompter. he wanted to be spontaneous. he thinks that's what quote him nominated it does not seem to have turned out the way he thought. >> he comes up with crazy ideas that turn out to be smart he was wrong about this. he was pretty good on a teleprompter. it didn't start out that way. it wasn't as easy as it looks. he handled it perfectly and helped his campaign enormously. >> if he is looking at the polls now, trump is a guy who likes to win. >> he likes the polls. >> he likes to win. he sees what is happening with the polls now. he has got this new campaign manager kellyanne conway who is having a better time communicating with him from what i can see. >> right. >> that really creates a path for him. some stability and maybe growing his base a little more. certainly positive. but, of course, we all wonder and wait is there
4:52 pm
going to be another slip up along the way? >> change the subject a little bit. the irs commissioner john koskinen's job is safe for now. house republicans have reached a deal to avoid impeachment vote at least for the time being. this all stems from accusations that koskinen lied to congress in an investigation about the irs's targeting of conservative groups. the house judiciary committee will now consider the impeachment. members of the house freedom caucus like john fleming led the impeachment charge he has never given a good explanation why -- and secondly when it did exist it all been destroyed. it took the newspaperrer general to tell us about the truth about that. >> there was never much chance that even if he were impeached in the house that koskinen could have been impeached in the senate. a lot of house republicans wanted to do it. fred, it was a good idea? what do you think. >> it was not a good idea at the current time. that's for sure.
4:53 pm
why make a big deal about some guy who nobody has ever heard of around a country on an issue you are going to lose on in the senate anyway. and it divides republicans in the house and the senate, too. you don't want a divisive issue that the press will give enormous attention to. democrats will make hay out of it wouldn't help republicans why do it. >> i disagree a little bit. i think a lot of conservatives know a lot about this issue with the irs and targeting conservative groups. >> george will thinks it ought to go forward. >> that's right. and the issue of koskinen potentially withholding from these very critical emails and not being a great stuart of the irs resonates with people. and another popular agencies. >> a lot of people wanted to see koskinen impeached and thrown out of office. >> do you think what he did unacceptable in many ways to many people, do they rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? >> well, that's the question. i think the congressman who feel that this may change
4:54 pm
the threshold and they don't want to go that far there is a big divide within the republican conference. now they are going -- they came to this agreement today where sort of like a deal with conservatives. >> what do you mean? >> instead of having the impeachment vote. >> right away. >> which would have divided republicans as you say. they are going next week bring him in under oath, john koskinen before the house judiciary committee which can hold the impeachment hearings and get the grilling they wanted to happen all along. that may be enough for them. wynn one who wants to have impeachment vote next week anyway. it could happen. >> will it happen? >> no, i doubt it look, things are going so well with republicans and now trump is tied with hillary. the senate looks like something they may be able to hold on to. >> right, the house is safe. why screw around with this. >> one wants to rearrange the letters in my name. that's next. ght-hearted i take to the open road.
4:55 pm
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bill o'reilly next. we leave with you a political quote today democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least. good night. ♪ >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what about donald trump tax returns? where are they? can't a girl have a sick day or two? >> a cnn hard news reporter openly rooting for hillary clinton. even as a new poll shows americans do not trust the media. bernie goldberg and i will analyze. >> it's time to start thinking big once again. that's why i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. donald trump lays out economic plan. anything new? our fox business networks will weigh? >> when trump sticks his foot in his mouth sometimes, does that ever concern you? >> i do that myself a lot. i know a lot of people


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