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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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bill o'reilly next. we leave with you a political quote today democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least. good night. ♪ >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what about donald trump tax returns? where are they? can't a girl have a sick day or two? >> a cnn hard news reporter openly rooting for hillary clinton. even as a new poll shows americans do not trust the media. bernie goldberg and i will analyze. >> it's time to start thinking big once again. that's why i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. donald trump lays out economic plan. anything new? our fox business networks will weigh? >> when trump sticks his foot in his mouth sometimes, does that ever concern you? >> i do that myself a lot. i know a lot of people that do.
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>> you are looking at one of those people. >> also ahead, why do folks go to trump rallies? jesse watters will answer that question tonight. >> hillary called half of trump supporters deplorable. which half are you in? >> deplorable. and love it. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the press and the presidential election. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it is no secret that most in the media despise donald trump and coverage of the candidate reflects that. talking points is sure supporters of hillary clinton would acknowledge that even if she herself gets pounded on occasion. that clear bias and hard news reporting is now reflected in a new gallup poll. before i give you the shocking numbers, listen to
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this sound bite from one of cnn's best hard news reporters. >> but surely this can't be a case of a human being having an off day. no, like so many things hillary, the media are having a field day. off to the races with another debilitating case of indignant outrage. this must be another typical clinton conspiracy to fool them with a total transparency breakdown. talk about transparency breakdown, what about donald trump's tax returns? where are they? can't a girl have a sick day or two? >> sure. now, ms. amanpour has had a distinguished career as a fact finding journalist. why, why is she giving her pro-hillary clinton opinion? she is not an analyst. how can viewers now accept her information, especially about the campaign without being skeptical? how? americans know what's really going on here. according to a new gallup
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poll just 32% of us now trust the news to be reported fairly and accurately. that is the lowest media trust number in gallup's history on the subject. the question then becomes why is it so difficult to simply report in a straight way without a tilt? the answer? emotion. editors of many press operations believe they are on a mission to save the u.s.a. from a guy like trump. and the deplorables who support him. same thing on the clinton side. a few and i mean a few news concerns believes she is not honest and are out to get her. that kind of advocacy hurts the folks. let me give you a vivid example. the "the washington post" is about as anti-trump as a news operation can get. their top editorial guy fred hyatt, bashes trump almost every day and allows his uber left-wing columnists to run wild. so this week the post's hard
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news division has raised some valid questions about how mr. trump runs his charitable foundation. our truth serum reporter will deal with that in a moment. but the post's story is getting far less traction than it might because the paper is so committed to hurting trump. therefore, some folks just ignore what the "washington post" reports. some of you will ask what about fox news? from my vantage point in commentary, there are just as many fnc analysts who disparage trump as support him. that's fair and balanced. we play it fair and balanced at least from what i have seen and i have seen a lot. coming up, this upcoming presidential vote sex extremely important for the country. we all know that americans deserve honest reportage about it. sadly, we're not getting it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from north carolina bernie goldberg. and you say? >> well, this doesn't happen
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often, but you actually made a lot of sense, you know. in your talking points. let me comment -- are you smiling by the way? i don't have return video. >> no. i never even listen. what did you say? i wasn't listening to you. >> too many people on the left think that donald trump is getting away with murder. that the media is not tough enough on donald trump. and too many people on the right think just the opposite that the media is unfair to donald trump and probably goes too easy on hillary clinton. that explains a whole bunch as to why only 32% of the american people and only 14% of republicans have confidence and trust in the media. >> okay. but, i have stopped even reading most newspapers now because i know from an insider point of view they are not telling the truth. the headlines are misleading. the hard news reportage is tilted. i didn't want to pick on
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christian amanpour who i respect. some people thinks she tilts a certain way in the middle east, but i don't think that's fair. but here's this woman openly, i mean openly. and this is a hard news reporter on cnn, you know, come on, why don't you just wear a hillary clinton t-shirt? what does that tell you, bernie? >> well, you made the point that people won't pay attention if they think a legitimate news operation has already stacked the deck. i think that was the implication of what you said. i don't buy that. i think america in general is so polarized and the landscape is so polarized that people want -- people say they are against bias, they are not. they are against the kind of bias that hurts their candidate. there are people watching us right now passionate trump supporters. if i had 10 solid as a rock
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negative things to say about trump they don't want to hear it and send me hate mail if i say it on the other side the same thing. hillary supporters want more con deniamore -- condemnation of donald trump. >> this poll goes further than that. it basically asks about accuracy. it asks about information flow. and just the facts that are being reported now are being rejected by 75% of the american people. they thinks the facts are fabricated, made up, because they can't get a feeling of confidence. and that's what it's all about. of confidence from the vehicle from the news vehicle. >> they don't have confidence. >> right. >> i'm curious as to what you think of what i just said. they don't have confidence. >> i got the zealots. >> but they don't have a problem. >> that's not the folks. i don't think the zealots are the folks. i put it 20-20. 40% zealots and 60% just want the truth. that's why i included fnc in this.
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the wrap on us we are republican or we are conservative. >> and i think you made a very good point about that. >> yeah. it's split right down the middle on trump. our analysts are like one here, one here, one here, one here. and on hillary she gets a fair cut on this network. we're not, you know, bringing n our hard news operation. >> no. not in the hard news, that's right. that's right. >> that's the difference. that's what i'm trying to say that hard news is falling apart in america now. last word. >> can i give -- yeah, let me just give you a personal story, very quick. in 2009, the new republic, a very old washington magazine that's basically for political insiders, wrote a piece about the erosion of trust in the mainstream media. are you ready for this, bill? they named me personally by name as one of the reasons that the people have -- that one of the reasons that there is a poisonous atmosphere that has eroded
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trust. they also mentioned fox news. so this is the thinking of people on the left if you honestly point out liberal bias in the news, and you have documents -- >> -- yeah. they don't care about that. they are going to hammer you. >> they think you are the one who is responsible, not the journalists who are, in fact, biased. >> well, that's the desks definition of a zealot. we have far too many of them in the media bernie, thank you. next on the rundown, big trump speech today on the economy. we will take a look at it watters going to a trump rally to find out what's motivating behind it. up ahead. live whole. not part. aleve.
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♪ now when you're ready, you can sell your old car and find your new one all on you know us for shopping, and now we're there for every turn. impact segment tonight. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail, speaking in north carolina today. and donald trump delivered a big economic talk here in new york city. >> it's time to start thinking big once again.
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that's why i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. over the next 10 years our economic team estimates that under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> wow. with us now to discuss specifics, fox business anchor trish regan and maria bartiromo. you were down there, right? >> yes. >> economics is boring. you ladies are exciting. [ laughter ] >> we don't think so. we don't think it's boring. 75 million jobs is pretty optimistic, right? >> i think the headline here is that he is looking for economic growth and he has got four parts to this plan he thinks together all of those things will create economic growth. >> it's a supply side plan like reagan, right? >> well, it's tax cuts. >> cut corporate taxes, individual taxes and then
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threaten ford and others moving the jobs out. >> it's tax reform. scaling back regulation. tapping into the energy resources in this country and redoing trade deals that aren't positive. >> this isn't new though, right, trish? >> reagan did it and had quite a bit of success with it. >> i mean, with trump, this is what he said from the very beginning. >> what he said from the very beginning. >> no new information today. >> lower texass and less regulation. >> it was important for him to get out there and especially in a venue like that one. >> he is looking very presidential and he is surging in the polls. i don't know if surge is fair. but he is certainly has momentum, donald trump. >> i think one thing that is giving him the momentum is this regulatory speak. a lot of people feel like they will take a cut back in regulation each more so than they will take lower taxes. >> you speak to wall street and the business people, but main street, i'm talking about. >> yeah. >> the reason that he is coming up in my opinion, is that people aren't happy with their economic circumstance. the folks. the folks. all right. they are not happy. >> that's right.
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>> they don't have any money in the bank and they are getting squeezed. all right? but now they see that hillary clinton has fallen down. she has a basket of deplorables and so this all comes in. it's a confluence of social with economic, am i wrong? >> no. you are absolutely right. think about every election i think comes down to how people feel about themselves and the future. like likability of the candidate matters. >> trump won because people liked him. >> sure. he is talking about these issues that are so important to people. they are looking at their family incomes and saying wait a second, i actually have less money now than when i did when president obama took office. >> 1999. >> i looked at that report yesterday and yet it's not true. >> 1999 was the high point of workers earnings. 1999. >> my future. what are my kids' future. >> connect the dots for regulation. scaling back regulation. 3,000 rules put in place last year alone by president
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obama. new rules. more new rules this year. if you are scaling back regulation and lowering taxes for corporations, what do you think they are going to do? they are going to use that money to invest in their businesses and create jobs. >> hopefully they will. is he a supply side guy. he is running on that kind of thing. now, john kasich did a very good economic job in ohio. would you both agree there? >> absolutely. >> i mean, he really did. he tried to explain it in the debates. and he got wiped off the face of the earth because he was boring. and i love john. all right? but you can't discuss this without being boring. so, i'm wondering, you know, how trump is going to handle it in the debates. >> it's emotional, too. right? because it's not just boring. you are talking about people's livelihoods. you are talking about families and their future. >> trump is going to say, look, hillary clinton is on the obama economy. then hillary clinton is going to go back and say we have the fastest job growth and wages are up. >> jobs have been disseminated you travel through parts of upstate, new york, for example.
5:17 pm
>> that's not boring. people say i'm more optimistic about my family's job they are going to feel much more optimistic if he can, in fact, deliver. >> i don't think that the economic play is going to be what tilts the debate. i think it's just going to be the demeanor of the two candidates. >> i agree with that. >> all right, ladies. >> fear, too. economics and it's also national security. i mean, it's all about security at the end of the day and that's an emotional thing. >> thank you very much, ladies. we appreciate it directly ahead, how clinton and trump are being accused of not running their charitable foundations well. both of them. truth serum on the case. later, watters at a trump rally and those reports after these messages.
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then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. just one of the many features that comes standard with our base policy. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. truth serum segment tonight. college professors donating
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big to hillary clinton, no surprise there. donald trump's charitable foundation under scrutiny for funneling money to non-charitable situations. >> we have been concerned that the trump foundation may have engaged in some impropriety from that point of view. and we have inquired into it and we have had correspondence with them. didn't make a big deal or hold a press conference. we have been looking into the trump foundation to make sure it's complying with the laws of government charities in new york. >> one footnote mr. schiederman and donald trump have been enemies for years. joining us is shannon bream and eric shawn here in new york city. what's the primary beef about the trump foundation. >> basically that the foundation has been using other charities' money giving it out as their own, that they have not given money to charities that they claim they did and that trump spent $20,000 on that big 6-foot tall portrait of himself using charity money to do that. >> tell me something about this because i have the wynford o'reilly foundation. we do not accept money from anybody else.
5:22 pm
money generated from bill o' and my personal funds. that's it. trump, he did accept money from other people who donated to him and he put it in his foundation. they knew it was going in his foundation. same thing with hillary and bill clinton. same thing. you donated to the clinton foundation and the clinton foundation dolled the money out. what's the difference here? >> there was a case in florida where a group didn't know or didn't -- that it was from this other new jersey charity. trump was honored for that. that's where the controversy is. >> i don't understand the controversy. because if the clinton foundation gets money from a guy in kazakhstan and then gives it to somebody in haiti, the haitian people don't know who the guy is in kazakhstan is. isn't it the same thing? >> yeah, i guess it is, right. >> okay. all right? >> yeah. >> so i don't get the big scandal. it's not a partisan deal. the other thing is that $25,000 donation from the trump foundation to pam bondi, the attorney general of florida, campaign or something? >> that was to a pac. that's the controversy that
5:23 pm
she allegedly her office considering an investigation of trump university at the time. they didn't do much. everyone says he paid $25,000 to pay her off to do that. they obviously deny. this the "new york times" says the time line is wrong. they say that this all stems from the orlando sentinel newspaper came out four days later sent the check. that's not true. they say it was signed and dated four days before the article comes out. >> the "new york times" is exonerating him. >> some could say that because the check was written before that article came out. >> i have to tell you i have looked at this case and nothing is going to come of this, this florida case. the other one, you know, i think it's to be fair, should be very upfront about your foundations. all right? if you are given other people's money, you should tell people this isn't my personal money coming to you. this is a guy in kazakhstan named rudy, okay, who wants t --once knew marco polo.
5:24 pm
>> you wouldn't take money from anybody. >> i wouldn't take money from anybody. shannon bream has awakened in washington and we asked her to take a look at the ivy league schools. harvard, dartmouth, princeton and how they are supporting democrats and hillary clinton. what did you find out, shannon? >> you won't be surprised by this, bill. we looked and over the last election cycles 90% of the donations made by faculty and staff ivy league schools have gone to 10 democrats 10% to republicans or others. gotten progressively worse. this presidential election year the average is now 94% of donations that go out are to democrats. worst on the list if you are looking at how unweighted they are, brown university, yale, and penn, all there 97% of staff and faculty to democrats. your alma mater harvard university 94% there. >> shocking. >> the least unweighted was dartmouth college where just 87% of the donations went to
5:25 pm
democrats. >> a few conservatives up there. but i heard that brown in rhode island is 100 percent now. that the two people that did give the republicans were thrown in to the bay and they are gone. >> they might be gone. anyway, it could be. because it was 97%. when these numbers were collected. bill's folks are gone 100 percent now. campus group they track bias on campus where you are told like you can't use pronouns he or she anymore. they thought let's dig into the donations and that's what they found. >> shannon and eric, thank you. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. is the nasa leaker guy edward snowden a hero orrville alan? a new movie by oliver stone praises him. mr. stone will be here. also, watters at a trump rally. >> everything that i'm wearing right down to the allen edmund shoes and union made underwear i will show you if you want is union
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campaign, 2016 segment tonight, new polling. cbs now has a tie 42% for clinton and trump and two other candidates at 12%. mrs. clinton is up by 2%. likely voters is the most important. just released fox news poll puts forth that clinton is beating trump by one.
5:30 pm
41% to 40% with a four-way race with likely voters. here is something interesting, fox asked about certainty of vote. 90% of trump supporters are now certain they will vote for him. 87% of clinton supporters are. finally on the national scene, how are things going in the world today? to hell in a hand basket of deplorables, 57%. 38% say things will turn out okay. also, new polling in ohio and florida by cnn. trump up by 3% in the sunshine state, by 5% in the buckeye state. two states he has to win. in addition to monmouth poll has trump gaining big in iowa where he is now up 8 points out there. so what is going on? well, the one-two punch of deplorables and i will health have set hillary clinton back no question. her support was thin to begin with. anything bad rocks it. meantime donald trump is now spending most of his time on
5:31 pm
policy, not mocking people. and so he is looking less like a loose cannon. his new team much more disciplined than the old team. and the candidate seems to be raining i reigning in don ri. how fast things can change. the importance of today's polling is the designation of momentum. trump now has that. if hillary clinton has another health problem, just one more, things could get very dicey for her. polling after the first debate on monday, september 26th, that's the most important week in the campaign. that will be right after monday's debate. that's going to be fascinating. record numbers of americans are expected to watch the debate because the division in this country is so intense. poet candidates are going to be under enormous pressure. at hofstra university in long island if one of them
5:32 pm
cracks on that stage, that could be it. now, we expect hillary clinton to come out on the charge, demonstrating her knowledge of policy and baiting trump. trying to get him to say something mean-spirited. next would he be on the factor we have a number of segments on the upcoming debate with lots of inside information. we're gathering that right now. finally, many savvy democrats are stunned the race is so close in mid september. trump has no political experience. he is a bomb-thrower. and the press, as we reported earlier, actively loathes him. but he is hanging tough. has an enormous amount of energy and recognizes the things in america today are not great for working people. they're not. hillary clinton still has a powerful political machine behind her. while trump doing it largely on his own. he does not have that machine. but on that debate stage, there will just be two of
5:33 pm
them. and, by the way, this caught our eye as well from the fnc poll. it asked americans whether or not they support collin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem. 32% support him. 61%, almost a double, do not. when we come right back, oliver stone on snowden. then watters at a trump rally. moments away. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me... with once-weekly trulicity.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight, edward snowden hero orrville alan? as you may know the former national security agency employee is living in russia on the run from the u.s. authorities. he is charged here with theft of government property and violations of the espionage act for telling a newspaper how the u.s.a. was gathering information about isis and other terrorist organizations. nasa director mike rogers says the classified information snowden made public, quote, has had a material impact on the agency's ability to generate insights as to what terrorist groups are doing around the world. tomorrow a movie about snowden comes out. here's the scene. >> how is this all possible?
5:38 pm
>> attack, takeout, bush. so think of it as a google search except of searching what people made public we are also looking at everything they don't. emails, chats. >> which people? >> the whole kingdom, snow white. >> with us now the director of the film the legendary oliver stone. i didn't get to get my movie i sent my producers out. before we get into it, i want to know about you. do you see the u.s.a. as a noble country? >> yes, in its intentions, yes. i admire its history, much of it. i grew up here. i was a new york boy. my father was a strong republican. he voted -- eisenhower was his man. and he wasn't so happy when i went to vietnam as an infantry man. he didn't see the need for me to go. >> um-huh. >> my father was -- i admired him very much. >> so basically you were
5:39 pm
brought up in a traditional home and you say now that you admire your country. politically you would say you are left. sympathy to the castro brothers. you would be in the left wing category? >> you could say that. >> when you produce a movie like the snowden film, you know that there is a lot of politics just in the film itself. >> yeah. >> so what did you want to get across in the movie? >> i stay away from the politics. i really tried to stick to my role as a dramaist. i did a movie about nixon and bush. in both cases -- less so because it was about the assassination and investigation. but nixon, they thought i was too empathetic to him. as with bush, i felt strongly that i was criticized by the left for not making him more item monic. two roles as a citizen talking speaking out to you and music dramatist telling a story.
5:40 pm
>> you can as a director and you have a script to work with. obviously you approved the script. you like the script. in this case my producer reports this film is sympathetic to snowden. >> empathetic. >> empathetic. you know me, i'm not they'd indicated on the words. but it makes him look good, right? in totality? >> it's for you to judge. when you see the movie you come out not trying to lead you. i'm trying to lay out a story that happened between 2004 and 2013. and the story is exciting. it's thrilling. it takes you to a place that you have probably never been because we don't know a lot about the nsa or cia. >> that's true. certainly you know there is emotion attached to snowden and how is he portrayed by you, the director. >> >> yeah. >> is going to influence how people like or don't like the movie. i want to run a clip, and i want to get your reaction from this clip, by the president about snowden. go. >> the way in which this
5:41 pm
disclosure happened have been -- have been damaging to the united states. and damaging to our intelligence capabilities. and i think that there was a way for us to have this conversation without that damage. i think that as important and as necessary as this debate has been, it is also important to keep in mind that this has done unnecessary damage. >> okay. so, not a conservative man. liberal man, barack obama. how do you react to what he said. >> he has also said the opposite. he said it's brought up the conversation and the need for reform has to be discussed. and he, in fact, endorsed the freedom act, which was passed in 2015. which although, you know, some people criticize as being too moderate but was voted on by 200 republicans, more or less, in the house and 35 republicans in the senate. >> i think most americans want more security. we dealt with this yesterday with the hacking and the
5:42 pm
leaks and colin powell. they do. at the same time, they don't want individuals like snowden to go out with national security that could cost people's lives. and we have seen this on a number of levels. but i want you to react to president obama. you have to take him at his word that he didn't think that snowden's actions were good for the country. how do you react to that? >> well, i mean, she show in the movie his 2008 election and the promises he made for reform and transparency. and part of the problem for snowden was that he didn't keep to those words. >> so you say obama -- >> -- he doubled down on the bush administration's administrations of surveillance and other forms of warfare that they created. >> isn't it possible that president obama and president bush know more about protecting americans than edward snowden does? >> i have heard that ever since i was a young boy in america. there is also a national security. >> do you believe that. >> no. i believe governments lie. i think they protect their own interests to get reelected? >> what's the interests?
5:43 pm
it seems that me interests of electronics that you dealt with and snowden dealt with is to protect isis. >> that's what they tell us. >> you don't believe that. >> no. no. cyber warfare we initiated. we took a global initiative in 2007 and used it against iran secretly. and even -- it's still classified and we haven't admitted to it, but that virus got out and went to iran and went to other countries like jordan and went on and on. i went to this guy he said it took seven or 80's months to find out what it was. >> i can't speak to that. >> we started a form of warfare very serious because it's gone on and on and on and people are very smart. there is no secret to it. they picked up how to hack us. >> do you believe though this is being done and you had some questions about the 9/11 attack, i remember, right? >> i do. i questioned what the nsa and cia were really doing to protect us as you say. i don't think they did a very good job. >> but you don't think it's
5:44 pm
a conspiracy. >> no, i didn't say that michael hayden fumbled the ball. >> that puts you on the other side of the issue then. if you want the protection of agencies, they have to have some, you know, a blanket of ability to tap and to look. >> selective targets. >> yes. >> we have plenty of them. but why tap everybody? why waste. >> they don't tap everybody. that there are codes that they use in the nsa to when they hear to go in. but, anyway, what i'm trying to do. >> i notice you made that point but they do go back. they have a data base. they can go back on anybody and find out all they want to know. >> but you don't think that this country is actively trying to persecute its own people through these devices, do you? >> no, no, no. i don't think so. they do have invasive ability beyond all measure supported by a technological machine that is incredible now. >> we saw that with the russian hackers coming right in. >> we don't know russian hackers. >> snowden told me they were. no, no, he didn't.
5:45 pm
that's a joke. that's a joke. >> that's the whole point about cyber warfare was started started in 2007 and it has increased its capabilities and now it's reached a point where anybody can hack practically including individuals. and surveillance, snowden called it a surveillance free for all. >> all right. the movie is snowden. and i'm sure it's going to garner a lot of discussion which you like, right? >> i think we should have a discussion. >> i do, too. that's why you are here. >> don't make up your mind in advance. a lot of values you snowden stands for you stand for, too. i saw your first clip when you supported snowden. >> i don't want rampant invasion of privacy. >> that's good. on that we agree. thank you. >> watters on deck. we sent him to a trump rally. chaos ensued. right back. g 844-844-2424.
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, why americans are voting for trump or hillary clinton. according to a quinnipiac poll most this time around will cast ballots against the presidential candidates rather than before them. meaning the motivation is keeping someone out of the oval office rather than putting them in there so we asked watters to do his own survey at trump and clinton rallies. first, the republican. ♪ ♪ >> hillary said 50% of trump supporters were a basket of deplorables. which side are you. >> i'm a deplorable because i'm for trump. >> deplorable. >> you are an adorable deplorable. >> that's right. >> i proudly am a deplorable. >> you look like it. [ laughter ]
5:50 pm
>> hillary maybe wasn't feeling well when she insulted half of america. >> i ain't buying that whole dehydration pneumonia kind of thing. >> i'm not a doctor. she don't have pneumonia. >> you may be overqualified. >> how do you feel about hillary clinton's comments about being deplorable. >> deplorable? >> i think she's very rude. i'm a veteran, a law enforcement officer. i don't know what's deplorable about myself. >> you're the only trump protester here at the rally. are you lonely? >> you know joe the plumber, i'm michelle the insurance agent. >> what are you wearing? >> khakis. >> tell me, are you more of an anti-hillary voter or a trump supporter? >> we can't have hillary clinton. >> anti-hillary? >> i'm not thrilled with either candidate this time but my wife over here convinced me to vote
5:51 pm
for trump. >> you're totally right. i'm sorry. . >> he's a businessman. he knows how to run a business. >> tell me what you dislike about hillary. >> she lies. >> when people say we're going to make america great again, how do you interpret that? >> stimulate our economy, taking care of the crime. >> bringing jobs back and fighting for health care. >> i do like the family leave act. >> immigration. lock it down. we lock our doors at home. why don't we do that with our country? >> what's wrong with that? >> you want to see melania in the white house, don't you? >> i like melania in general. >> he says what we are all thinking. >> calm down. >> do you ever have any doubts about a president trump? >> no. >> personally, no. >> no. because he's got the guts to do it. >> not really. >> you've got to move past all
5:52 pm
of the media bull. serious. >> what are you suggesting, my dear man? >> do you think trump's mouth could be a national security threat? >> no. >> what about his hair? >> love it. >> when trump says nice things about putin, does that bother you? >> putin is a very strong leader and i think they need to get along. >> would you like to see trump ride around horseback shirtless? >> no. >> come on, man. >> don't want to see him doing it either, you know? >> what about bill o'reilly. >> i love bill o'reilly. i watch him every night. >> keep up the good work, man. >> i go to bed with you every night. >> is she thinking what i'm thinking? >> you need a bigger basket in there to fit all of the deplorables in. >> can you believe she said that? >> no, i was surprised and i'm disappointed and i think it was a horrible thing to say. >> have you read bill o'reilly's new book?
5:53 pm
>> well, i will. he actually writes good books. >> what world is it? >> it's watters' world all the way. >> he said, how about those polls? >> i know. >> now, next week you're going to go to a hillary clinton rally? >> yes. >> she's in north carolina today but we'll have that for you on thursday and a special "watters' world" but if you miss this on monday, your whole life you'll regret it because it's that good. it better be. all right. a major key to your success if you want to be successful, listen to the tip. moments away. ♪ like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same.
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please always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, hillary clinton back on the campaign trail after a health scare sidelines the candidate and the political reporters are saying it could not come soon enough as a series of dramatic new polls show donald trump gaining traction across this country and in the states that matter. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. we are now just 54, 54 days away from a race that -- well, ending, that not long ago seemed to be mrs. clinton for the taking. but the last week has produced the kind of headlines that has some democrats, for lack of a better term, how you say freaking out. nbc news tonight saying clinton is back on the trail and n


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