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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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let us know what you thought about the show tonight. go to let me know what you think. >> i think i lost my ring. >> everyone needs one of these. >> there you go. tonight -- >> the polls are coming out and we're leading in so many polls, i can't tell you. i don't know where to begin. >> donald trump has momentum with a major rise in the polls. laura ingraham has reaction. >> i don't know, folks. >> donald trump calls hillary clinton's stamina into question. >> i don't think so. >> as he releases details about his health. >> the record that i got is enough to be president. >> and mike pence joins us to weigh in. >> i will fight for every last american job and every american company. >> also, donald trump lays out
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his economic agenda. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight, the 2016 race continues to turn in favor of donald trump with a candidate now making huge gains in the poll. national poll shows trump has closed the gap with hillary and clinton's one-point lead falling now within the margin of error. also, a brand-new cbs/new york times poll has trump and clinton in a dead heat. and a nine-point swing for donald trump in the 2016 voter preference among independents. we have polling out of iowa, monmouth university poll. he has an eight-point advantage over hillary. and in the all-important swing state, ohio, suffolk university
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has trump up there as well beating clinton 42-39, amid the very positive poll numbers, trump has been campaigning nonstop. he was in new hampshire earlier tonight. here are some of the highlights. >> new polls have just come out. and we're leading in many of the battleground states. and we're leading all over the country, "the l.a. times" says we're six points up nationwide. on november 8th, new hampshire can be the state that pushes us over the top. we're going to win new hampshire and we're going to win back the white house and we're going to make america great again. remember that. remember that. it's going to be a victory for the people and especially those
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people who haven't had a hope in a long time. what we're doing is a movement. you're going to be so proud of your country very, very soon. so just remember that. so it is a movement and it's a movement that everybody is talking about. our support comes from all regions and backgrounds and all walks of life. you are the cops and soldiers, accountants and welders, rich and pour, black, white, latino but, above all, we're all. >> and joining us is editor-in-chief, a huge syndicated radio show host, laura ingraham. >> great to see you. >> great to see you in new york every once in a while. >> i know.
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>> the polls are amazing. anybody who says they can predict with certainty how this ends in 54 days doesn't know what they are talking about but there are real, significant reasons trump is up. i think he's taken risks and gone all around the country and has a really busy schedule. that's stayed on message. >> i think we're seeing some of donald trump's heart, which is something that people needed to see. he's showing his heart and a little bit of hume milt is a good thing, too. over the next 56 days, 57 days, he has to keep reassuring the country, doing exactly what he is doing. the speech tonight, today, the
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economic speech, any conservative who watched that and the never trumpers who are now just talking to themselves to watch that speech and say trump is not a real conservative, i don't know how you look yourself in the mirror. i really don't. >> larry kudlow will check in with steve moore. this is kennedy and maybe with the exception of trade, right? >> i think with trade, remember, ronald reagan put those temporary tariffs on harley davidson, george bush put tariffs on the steel imports coming in from china. we have put tariffs on countries you've got the supreme court, need i say more, health care, energy independence, education for the state. >> obamacare, gone. >> right. have to do it.
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>> i think people sometimes -- and we fall into this, have a hard time -- >> losing? >> lost or wrong or feel wounded and he has 88% of republicans supporting him now. and a state that romney lost handedly and born in ohio, we haven't seen a republican lose florida in ohio within the trend is up. nate silver's poll has him at 48 chance winning. >> it was at 31. >> it changes every day.
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>> he does not have a strong debate performance and starts being distracted by side issues and it's a nice trajectory but has to build on it. don't get overconfident or cocky and continue to listen to the people. >> i go out and what is the one thing you want them to hear, tell them we love him but be quiet. he's not focused on hillary and obama and he's given pretty deep policy speeches. >> oh, my goodness. in the last few elections, who has been more substantive on
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specific policy issues that the nation cares about economy, immigration, trade, even foreign policy. go out the window. >> i actually"ed you on my radio show yesterday about an admonition to the never trumper people if she gets elected president, she will be unchecked. >> the imperial executive. >> explain that. >> well, hillary will point at all of the prosecutors, agency heads, the judges, appellate court, district court and supreme court justices, two or three. >> at least. >> after that, who is going to stop hillary. when hillary clinton decides that the equal protection clause requires a minimum standard of living and education and a minimum standard of name your pick, what does that mean? >> same thing with immigration, same thing with taxation. >> all of it. >> executive orders. >> she will weapon uponize the government against the ordinary --
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>> that is really a profound reason right there. >> trump will be checked by paul ryan. paul ryan is going to check trump. eye roll. by mitch mcconnell and a court that will be divided. trump is going to have a lot to deal with in congress. a lot of doubters. >> checks and balances. >> how many people -- raise your hand if you think the government is going to refuse to fund a hillary clinton budget and then shut the government down? they probably had a heart attack when paul ryan read "green eggs and ham" that night. >> my admonition to trump on the debates is this. i don't really think they need to fill his head with facts and figures because i think he understands these issues. one of the benefits of giving these policy speeches is, hey, that's prep, if you will, for debate. >> yeah.
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>> the thing that i'm worried about, i don't think hillary can run on obama's economic record or on her foreign policy record. but i think she wants to prove to the country he doesn't have the temperament to be president. so i suspect she's going to jab and poke and prod and upset his feelings and make him bubble and fiz. >> sean, let's say he starts to interrupt her. donald, i know you're used to interrupting and cutting come women off. that's not going to happen here. applaud in the audience. so he's got to be careful. he can't be timid. remember, reagan -- when he delivered a punch, he always gave a hug at the same time. a punch and a hug. so a little -- reagan said, there you go again, so it was that smile and knowing glance and sometimes saying nothing is really powerful and just looking at the person. sometimes that's powerful. >> do you think he will have the shield where she can't get to him?
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>> i don't know. >> he seems to be very relaxed on the campaign trail, very at ease and in his zone. >> i think he's getting used to not having to respond to every criticism and that's hard. he's not a politician. he's a straight fighter. he's used to punching back. sometimes holding back is the stronger position to take and i think he's learning that. sometimes it's better to hold back a bit and let her talk. she has no record. just attacking him on personal grounds, which she'll do, that proves our point, doesn't it? >> great point, laura, thank you. on this busy news night on "hannity" -- >> not one single idea she's got will create one net american job. >> donald trump slamming hillary clinton while laying out his economic agenda.
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trump's running make mike pence is in the studio. i don't know, folks, do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't think so. i don't think so. >> donald trump questions hillary clinton's stamina releases new information about his health. we'll check in with our medical lay team. they have reaction. all of that and more as we continue on "hannity." john deere gator xuv590i, a vehicle so versatile it owns anything outdoors. thirty-two horsepower, a twelve hundred-pound payload and over a thousand different ways to configure yours. go gator.
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a congressional report slamming national security agency liker edward snowden reports that contrary to his portrayal as a whistle blower, he was a disgruntled employee. police say a man with a meat cleaver was shot after attacking a cop in new york city. another officer tried to subdue the suspect with a taser. the officer is in critical condition and being treated for a six-inch slash to the face. for all of your headlines, logon to not one single idea she's
7:16 pm
got will create one net american job or create one new dollar of american wealth for our workers. the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. that's about it. our plan will produce paychecks and they are going to be great paychecks for millions of people now unemployed or under employed. >> that was donald trump earlier today taking a few little swipes at his democratic rival. joining us with reaction, governor mike pence. governor, how are you? 53 days to go and you may be the vice president of the united states. got to love these polls. >> very encouraged. tremendous momentum. beyond the numbers, i just see it everywhere i go. >> what changed? what do you think is different?
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>> i don't think anything's really changed. i just think donald trump's message to make america great again, have america standing tall on the world stage and revive this economy through all of the principles he described today at the economic club in new york, through less taxes, less regulation. >> that's a reagan economic policy, taking aside the trade issue alone, everything else is reagan. >> well, i couldn't agree more. i mean, it's not only reagan, it's kennedy. i mean, these were two different presidents who understood that you lower marginal tax rates, you roll back regulation, get big government out of the way of job creators in america and this economy will come roaring back. it did with john f. kennedy and did after ronald reagan. >> he has resources available to him that neither kenny nor reagan had. >> it's incredible.
7:18 pm
>> coupled with new technology, horizontal drilling and fracking. you're talking about millions of high-paying jobs and careers. >> that's exactly right. he talked about that today in that speech and in what really -- ending the war and unleashing the boundless potential -- >> he doesn't want to fire every coal worker and get rid of every coal company? that was hillary. sorry. wrong campaign. >> it's amazing to think that a major party candidate actual itly campaigned on promising to have fewer coal mine businesses and fewer coal miners. that's exactly what hillary clinton said. >> see, i would argue i do see a little change in mr. trump in this sense. i think he's more on message, very deep, substantive speeches he's given on policy, he's gotten away from distractions fighting with a judge that could take his attention away and i also think he's taken a lot of risks that have taken off. baton rouge, i thought he did a great job with the matt lauer
7:19 pm
forum. he's going in to black churches, which i love because as a conservative i've never liked this phony label that conservatives don't care about all americans. i find that offensive to me. and i think that, coupled with a more presidential feel to him. >> we'll take the compliment. >> no, i a agree that in a very real sense i think america is seeing this man for who he is and the kind of president he will be. more clearly -- >> i've known him for years. he's more natural now, more the guy i've known. is that fair? >> that's him. >> so you're saying it hasn't changed. it's just him. that's my point. >> he's a little combative but he's adjusted to the political arena but it's still him. >> make no mistake about it, this man is a fighter and he's a winner and everywhere i go, people appreciate that he can fight but i think to your point, what people are saying when he
7:20 pm
went and met with president nieto, when we went down to baton rouge and i just saw him order the motorcade, unscheduled stop, put his arms around these families -- >> it was shocking. >> it was shocking. >> it was -- and the media ignored that story. >> 40,000 families or homes and there he was, he was in mexico city, sitting with a leader in a cordial discussion, there he was on the streets of baton rouge, louisiana. there he is in african-american churches, showing his heart and commitment to make america great again for everyone regardless of race or creed or color or gender. what people are seeing is the kind of president that donald trump will be and i think that's why you're seeing all the momentum, the turnout at the rallies and all of the momentum and all of these key states around the country. >> what do you say -- he laid
7:21 pm
out an extremely conservative agenda on the economy today. he has an extremely conservative plan. he likes originalists like scalia to the core, knowledge independence, replace it with free market solutions. his tax plan is conservative. what part of this alienates any conservative, because you're as strong of a conservative as i am and people like the term nationalists and populists but the agenda itself is applying principles to today's problems. >> i think conservatism is, in a sense, populist. i was at the reagan library last week and reflected on the similarities between these two men. we remember the policies that are advanced and i'm old enough to know that ronald reagan spoke
7:22 pm
straight into the heart. >> reagan lived with conservatives for decades. trump kind of always knew it but ea he's evolved politically. he's now seen the answers based on life experiences. >> i don't want to overstate it. two different men, two different styles. i think at their core is the same understanding of what has made this country great. it's our freedom, our free market economics, it's our commitment to the constitution. it's the arsenal of democracy. standing with our allies, standing up to our enemies. donald trump at his core, just cherishes those name certain ideals you and i cherish, ronald reagan cherishes. >> building up the military, building the walls and our borders. how important are these debates and are you ready? >> i'm getting ready. and i know my running mate is ready. >> chomping at the bit.
7:23 pm
>> yeah. yeah. >> and i honestly think he's going to bring a lifetime of experience to that stage. i think you saw that on another network last week. >> he knew he won because every liberal was bashing poor matt lauer. >> the overwhelming majority of americans thought he did very well but what you saw there was someone who is confident, who is ready to lead. and i just think, you know, this election really does come down to just a few core issues. it's about national security. it's about prosperity. it's about upholding the constitution and the supreme court of the united states. and it's about upholding the highest standards. on all of those things, donald trump is head and shoulders over hillary clinton and i think that explains where you're seeing such tremendous momentum in this campaign. >> governor, good to see you. thanks for stopping by. up next right here on "hannity" --
7:24 pm
>> i don't know, folks, do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't know. i don't think so. i don't think so. donald trump casting doubt about hillary clinton's stamina as he now releases details about his own health. we'll check in with our medical a-team. and also coming up later tonight -- >> over the next ten years, our economic team estimates that under our plan, the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. donald trump unveiling his full economic agenda promising historic job creation to put you, the american people, some 95 million of you, out of the labor force back to work. anthony, steve moore, they are here with reaction. that and more tonight on "hannity."
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i koent know, folks, do you think hillary would be able to stand up here and do this for an hour? i don't think so. i don't think so. >> donald trump last night calling out hillary clinton. mr. trump also shared his medical history on the "dr. oz" show yesterday. >> if a patient of mine had these records, i'd be really happy and i'd send them on their way. i must say, i would have shared this earlier. why didn't you lash blast this out? >> i didn't think it was necessary. you know, the public's known me for a long time. they've never seen me in the hospital. >> when you're running for president, i think you have an
7:28 pm
obligation to be healthy i just don't think you can do the work if you're not healthy. i don't think you can represent the country properly if you're not a healthy person. >> joining us now, dr. kelly powers is with us, and from the fox news medical a-team, dr. siegel, good to see you both. he's on a statin. he had an appendectomy at 11. does that matter? >> that certainly doesn't matter. >> i had my tonsils out when i was in third grade. >> he has no family history of heart disease or of cancer. >> parents lived long. >> he had a calcium score of very low in 2013, an echo cardio grah
7:29 pm
cardiogram. >> the amount of calcium in your coronary arteries, if you have a lot, it's predicted that you have heart disease. it's very unlikely he has heart disease. ekg was normal. echo was normal. blood pressure was low. his cholesterol is under control. his heart, lungs, look good. liver tests come back good. testosterone is a little elevated which we're not surprised to find out with all of his energy and prostate looks very, very good. >> his tsa was really low. >> really low. >> 236 pounds. >> 17 pounds overweight. >> yes. and i'd like to add, bottom line, sean, there's a few things he needs to work on. bmi, it's a little elevated which indicates a body mass index. >> which indicates that he's an
7:30 pm
average american. but go ahead. >> he's classified under the nih calculations as being overweight. and, you know, this does put him at risk for diabetes and heart disease. but overall his health concerns are nowhere near anything serious. >> i think dr. powers would agree, there's something called a young 70. we don't just go by chronological age anymore. this is a young 70. it's not only what age you are but -- >> i'm a young 54. >> very. you exercise a lot. >> everyone knows i do martial arts and boxing and hitting and punching. you do three rounds on the bag and i'm like -- does that mean anything drrks powers? >> you know, i would like to point out one thing, too.
7:31 pm
hillary released her medical records yesterday, trump today, as we saw. but i have a question. where's the beef? where is what we all want to see, which is her neuroevaluation. one, has it been done? i would think that most medical professionals would have performed a neuro evaluation and repeat mris to be included. but where is it and who is saying that it's not perth tent and why hasn't it been released? >> i agree with that totally, dr. powers. to your point, she's recovering from pneumonia. we didn't see anything about that faint or near faint and the history of faints or head trauma. we saw a ct scan that was negative but we haven't seen a lot of those records and she just had a faint. >> i've got to let you both go. >> go ahead. >> i think pneumonia, although serious, is becoming this red herring. we want to eval.
7:32 pm
>> i'd like to see an mri of the brain. >> i agree. >> i think that would tell us a lot. >> i wouldn't hold your breath. if you do, it could be a damaging medical condition. anyway, up next on "hannity accounts. >> over the next ten years, our economic team estimates under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> donald trump laying out his economic agenda promising to create 25 million new jobs. we'll check in with anthony and steven. they are here with more. and then, later tonight, i'm not saying hannity said this but some of these figures want her to be sick. they want her to be dying. they want her to be on her death bed. it's wishful thinking. clinton news network, brian stelter, smearing, slandering me and rush limbaugh with that ridiculous lie. we'll have reaction, next.
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welcome back to "hannity." donald trump unveiled his economic policy in new york city. here are some of the highlights. >> a national goal of reaching 4% of economic growth. >> over the next ten years, our economic team estimates that under our plan the economy will
7:39 pm
average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. our tax plan will greatly simplify the code and reduce the number of brackets from 7 to 3. one of our greatest job creation measures is going to be a business tax rate and a reduction of more than 40%. >> we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. and we will make america great again. >> all right. here with reaction, trump campaign national finance member and host of fox business network, also, economist at the heritage foundation and a trump economic adviser, steve moore. let's go over this. half of america doesn't pay
7:40 pm
income taxes. he will drop the rate and we're nearly at ireland at that point, right? >> that's right. we have the highest corporate tax in the world. our businesses are leaving. you've seen that with burger king and -- they are leaving and we don't have to say why are they leaving, we go from the highest to the lowest and it's going to be like a magnet. those companies are going to come back and invest in the united states. >> and on the issue of corporations, multinational corporations, not millions, billions, but literally as high as $5 trillion overseas because the taxation rate is too high in this country. incentivize them, they build manufacturing centers. that means people in flint, michigan, detroit, wisconsin, ohio, pennsylvania, do they get back to work? >> they not only go back to
7:41 pm
work, sean, the big unemployment number that people don't focus on is the u-6 unemployment number. steve can tell you that number is still 9.5, 10%. if you brought half of that money back, you would get that number down into the 5, 6% zone and then you really are at full employment in the country and you'll see an explosion in wage growth for the middle class and for working class families. and that's really been the principle focus of today's speech. let's work at the american government level for the middle class and working class families to help them create an aspirational society. >> i'm a broken record, the lowest labor participation rate since the '70s. worst recovery since the '40s. >> the census bureau came out with their report. here's an interesting thing about that. >> i have it right here. >> the average income for the middle class family, working
7:42 pm
class family in america today is lower today than it was in 2000. this has been no recovery at all. hillary is running around the country saying everything is wonderful. >> still, 42.5 million people in poverty. >> where are the conservatives on this? where are the people who say they are conservative? this is reagan to me. >> yeah, it is. we're going to cut taxes. reagan did that. we're going to get rid of regulations. reagan did that. trump is even to the right of reagan on school choice. he's saying, let's take the department of education and give it to the parents and kids in the inner city so they can go to good schools. this is one of the most conservative -- i worked for ronald reagan. i would say this is the candidate right now who is the most reaganesque that we've had. >> energy is the lifeblood of our economy. let's just be blunt. we need energy to keep everything going. now, we're dependent on a lot of
7:43 pm
our energy resources but we have more resources, especially with natural gas, new technologies, horizontal drilling where we could be energy independent and put millions of americans back to work at high-paying jobs. >> that's a big part of our potential success, isn't it? >> it's not only that, sean. i mean, it turns out that we are actually saudi arabia. imagine that when we were talking about peak oil. what mr. trump is saying we can convert that in to revenues, not only grow gdp but help us pay down the deficit. >> you're dependent on ukraine and vladimir putin if he turns off the spigot, they are in dire straits and we can help export to them and create more jobs. >> i just wrote a book on this.
7:44 pm
not only -- you're right, we can be energy dependent but we can be the energy dominant country in the world. >> we could be loaded, rich like the saudis. >> and we're talking about economics. think about the national security. if we don't have to import the oil -- >> huge. >> hillary, by the way, her agenda is keep it in the ground. that makes no sense. >> and coal miners out of work. up next tonight, on this busy news night on "hannity". >> i'm not saying "hannity" necessarily but some of these figures want her to be sick, want her to be dying, want her to be on her death bed. it's wishful thinking. >> that's called slander. brian stelter, the little pip squeak who relies on media matters for all of the talking points, he's kind of the stenographer. we'll get reaction from stephanie, mercedes and eboni straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." last night the cnn host, i call him the pip squeak, he's kind of
7:50 pm
jeb zucker. attacked me and rush limbaugh. >> there's legitimate questioning about hillary clinton's health. some media commentators fit into that basket. they're right to wonder about her health in some cases. then there's this other basket, the purely deplorable basket, hannity fits into it and others. they've been doing it for years. i'm not saying hannity or limbaugh necessarily but some of these figures want her to be sick, they want her to be dying and want her to be on her death bed. it's wishful thinking. >> want her sick, want her dying? want her on her death bed? brian, if you'd actually do some research, i know you work for the clinton network, if you'd actually do some research, you might discover that numerous times on my radio show yesterday, i said i wish her all the best, we only wish the best, even though we have political differences.
7:51 pm
so what you did is a lie, a smear, a slander. basically a typical cnn day. joining us now, washington examiner, contributor lisa booth, and fox news contributors. i should sue for slander. >> let's go to court with them. >> i have better things to do. it is a slander. >> you have well documented. i would challenge you to name one thing you agree with hillary clinton on. you and i have political differences. >> not you. you're coming over. i'm winning you over. >> i know you to be a good man. i've never known you to wish someone dead. it a very nasty, undermined ploy. i'm disappointed and kind of disgusted. >> when you really dig deep here, it's the playbook, the liberal democrats. even hillary's comments about deplorables, which he's one-upping, he couldn't think of
7:52 pm
his own line so he's using hers. it's followed by these are people that will never change, irredeemable, racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic. that is a slander. >> they live in a bubble. they're the ultimate washington insiders, elitist, think don't know how to connect with every day americans. they criticize reporters time and time again and individual who are just asking very simple questions on hillary clinton's health. rush limbaugh came out and said i'm simply reporting what i'm seeing. what are we seeing? cough fits, seizure-like behaviors, questions that reporters should be asking and yet they're defending her. >> we see the coughing fits.
7:53 pm
she said she couldn't remember ever being briefed by the fbi. we know she has deep vein thrombocyst, we know she had some type of cerebral venal thrombocyst as well. she has a real condition here, real concussion. is it so unfair to ask doctor what is they think is on the record because that's all diai and he called that a conspiracy theory. >> no, it's not. because we saw her falling and having difficulty getting up the stairs. she was the one in the notes of the fbi seemingly telling them that she couldn't remember things after her concussion. these individuals, these reporters had no problem questioning john mccain's health in 2008 but somehow hillary clinton's health -- america's
7:54 pm
trust in the news media is at an all-time low. hillary clinton has done herself no favors by being an individual has concealed so much information. >> exit question for all of you. simple question. do you think we're being told the entire truth about hillary's health? e ebony? >> no, she has a consistent transparency problem. >> i agree with ebony. >> lisa? >> i don't think hillary clinton is capable of the truth. >> lisa, get an opinion. >> i think it's in her dna. >> lisa gets the gold star for that one. >> thank you all. coming up, we have a very important question of the day. we need your help. that's next. ♪ it's peyton.
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8:00 pm
donald trump's chances come november 8th? let us know what you think. that's all the time we have for this evening. we will be back tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what about donald trump tax returns? where are they? can't a girl have a sick day or two? >> a cnn hard news reporter openly rooting for hillary clinton. even as a new poll shows americans do not trust the media. bernie goldberg and i will analyze. >> it's time to start thinking big once again. that's why i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth. donald trump lays out economic plan. anything new? our fox business networks will weigh? >> when trump sticks his foot in his mouth sometimes, does that ever concern you? >> i do that myself a lot. i know a lot of people that


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