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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> that will do it for us this hour. >> this hour. next hour we have representatives from both campaigns joining us. we'll look forward to that. meantime "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: we begin a with a fox news alert. he says he did not start this. donald trump in latest war of words with hillary clinton over the issue of president obama's birthplace. he says it was clinton who started the so-called "birther" issue back in 2008. that is the one who finally got the president to release his birth certificate. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here is sandra smith. co-host of "after the bell," melissa francis, democratic strategist, julie roginsky and #oneluckyguy, alex ferrer, up from florida. >> thank you for the invitation.
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harris: a bit of breaking news from both sides ever the political aisle. we'll start. begin with fierce war of words between candidates on "birther" issue. continuing dueling events a short time ago in our nation's capital. a day after trump's campaign said mr. trump now believes the president was born on american soil. the candidate himself says it was clinton during her first run of the white house who started all of it. but that he was the one who brought the issue to an end. >> hillary clinton. and her campaign of 2008 started the "birther" controversy. i finished. i finished, you know what i mean. the president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. [applause] thank you.
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thank you very much. thank you everyone. thank you. [applause] harris: earlier in d.c., hillary clinton laid into donald trump saying he owes president obama an apology, and the american people as well, for his embrace of the "birther" movement in the first place. >> we know who donald is. for five years he has led the "birther" movement to delegitimatize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. he is feed in to the worst impulses, the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country. [applause] harris: you know you might say those are akin to closing statements. you are expert on the couch. you have seen some of that sort of things. does this put it to bed?
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>> i think it definitely puts it to bed. when i first heard he would give the speech about the whole "birther" issue, i thought what are you doing? you got momentum going. why do you want to pull out the rug from under -- sandra: got your attention, didn't he? >> totally did. when i finished watching it was smart move. he kept everybody waiting. he had basically infomercial about donald trump with all speakers, just to come out say she started, which "politico" wrote an article about the birth of "birther" movement, it did start with:tore supporters. he basically, turned it into something everybody would watch about him. harris: just didn't start in that way. it actually was all about those generals, i mean, look at the power of the people on that stage, sandra, and then he got into it. it was like a minute. sandra: i have to seize this moment, julie has been shaking her head. you might be the first person. julie: i might have an aneurysm on air right now.
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first of all, this is akin to my suddenly saying to everybody right now, everything that i have said on last several years of this couch i take back. think donald trump is great. let me take off my mic would walk out of here. you all would have questions suddenly completely change my tune, right. harris: well, we would follow you. what was going on. julie: you would do a walkout. i have some answers. why is president obama suddenly now who is somebody a natural born citizens. secondly, excuse me, there is no evidence whatsoever, i would love somebody to provide it that hillary clinton or anybody affiliated with her campaign including mark penn, this is what he said. sandra: was this effective on part of donald trump? julie: let me finish my point. then we'll talk about donald trump there. is no evidence that anybody on the clinton campaign said. third of all it was effective everybody should have questions. this will not put to bed five years of completely horrific statements on his part. harris: let me jump in here.
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telegraph article in april of 2008, it was hillary clinton supporter who passed around and email that questioned where barack obama then candidate was born. that is, then the question becomes, does it even matter all of that brian fallon with her campaign weighed in on this in a tweet, saying this. trum doubled down on lie-filled statement from his campaign last night and took no responsibility for his bigoted attacks on our president. we've got that on the screen right now, judge. your reaction. >> okay. this is why i disagree with you, julie. yes, there is no evidence and there never will be evidence that it was campaign generated but the american public knows how politicians play these games. they start a rumor. they get it going. then politician says, i don't know if that is true. you but if people are saying -- julie: woe, woe. >> they take the high road. melissa: nobody cares about any of these issues. they don't care about who started it and who finished it. all it is there is headline. we were forced to watch for like
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an hour 1/2 people stand out there and endorse trump. then he walked up, of course the president was born here and dropped the mic and walked off the stage. it was political -- harris: hillary clinton's campaign do now. i read statement from brian fallon. i want to get your reaction to it, judge. read it a moment ago. get your reaction, brian fallon is saying what he doubled down. melissa: no he didn't. >> he did the opposite. he specifically said. melissa: it is over. >> he is the president was born in america. that is over. let's move on. julie: what changed his mind? six years, i'm sorry, close to six years, five years of him saying the president was not born here, sending investigators to hawaii to search out the truth of implying president is foreign citizen sent here -- harris: what is next from hillary clinton? julie: i would like answers. >> candidates change the mind all the time. president obama and hillary
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clinton changed their mind on gay marriage. julie: stop, no, in 2011 he produced birth certificate as recently 2014 and 15 pushing discredited theory. harris: i don't think i'm getting answer what hillary will do. in 2011 trump said i am really honored, frankly to have played such a big role hopefully getting rid of this issue. he said, today i'm very proud of myself because i have accomplished nobody else has been able to do, and that was get the president to release his -- julie: do you want me to read you quote after quote and tweet after tweet of his well after 2011, 2012. harris: you brought up 12 ven and issue of birth certificate. donald trump takes responsibility or credit. julie: in 2011 he got barack obama to release. 2013, 2014. melissa: talk about now what is important for the american voter. should hillary clinton to harris's question moving forward
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should she stay on this? voters don't see this as important issue for them. julie: not an important issue. sandra: i'm not saying it is not important issue at this moment. hillary clinton should stay on it. julie: i disayee with this premise. >> african-american, which is why he said she started it. harris: wait, wait i have to get here in this question. the "birther" issue was brought up about ted cruz. he is canadian. let me finish. why is it racist with barack obama and not with ted cruz? why does it get to that point when you brought up the same, not you personally, but i mean when the same issue was brought up in the primaries about ted cruz being canadian? >> that is what i was saying. when they keep saying bigoted, when he says in that statement, doubling down on his bigoted statement, why is it bigoted? he challenging whether he was born in the u.s. he challenged ted cruz could run for president. that is not bigoted. harris: julie, take it away.
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julie: ted cruz is born in the united states, he was born in canada. whether eligible to run in united states is an shirk. first african-american president is challenged, because it was barack hussein obama obama. why dud choose barack obama. why did he choose -- harris: according to the supporter, puma movement. one. words, people upset how it had gone between hillary clinton and barack obama and ends in a bad word, acronym from puma. that movement and those supporters, they were pushing this issue and some of her supporters were asking based on the birth of his father, based on. it wasn't just his name. go bass back to why does it apply here and not somebody like ted cruz? julie: random supporter puma, whoever these random people, are not running to become the president of the united states. he has become a national, political figure on the back of this issue. donald trump was a reality show star. melissa: the wall.
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julie: how did he first get into the political consciousness well before the wall. because of this issue back in 2011 and 1010. sandra: i'm not hearing whether or not if you were advising hillary clinton today, advise her after donald trump came out and drop the mic on this issue. julie: he did not drop the mic. sandra: on both sides of the aisle. harris: let's move forward. julie: we should all ask questions, journalists. i think you should ask questions. what made you change your mind today? melissa: i would love it if she did that because that is not a good strategy, she is responding to him again, yip, yip. responding to him, responding to him. shy is losing that game. she is not talking about anything going forward. you always say this when you're responding to the other candidate you're losing. julie: he is responding. melissa: when you go forward ideas you're winning. >> i agree with julie on this i think if hillary focuss on
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this, she tries, media will go right along with her, she will try to take focus off her recent problems. she has been the brunt of all the negative talk lately. this is -- julie: guys, sorry,. >> this is really nonissue for voters. julie: take off none partisan hats. take to partisan. if i said everything i said previously about donald trump i take back. i would think he would make america great again, vote for donald trump. melissa: that is not what he is saying about obama. julie: everybody on the couch, 180-degree tern r turn from what i said earlier. harris: that is not what he saying. julie: previously said obama was not born her. he is saying obama was born here. tell you why you believe that. harris: he previously took credit that the president put out birth certificate. took credit for that, said he now believed he was born in the united states and said it again. julie: not until today. harris: why is that not okay? honored to play such a big role hopefully getting rid of this
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issue that was 2011. julie: 2012, 2014, 2013. harris: 2013 as well. donald j. trump, i'm putting it out there, in 2013 march, 22nd honestly who gives a blank, more ad bang landing sorry, where obama was born. where he lives now is the problem. pair then the call, interesting, several exclamation points. julie: you're cherry-picking tweets and will retweet. harris: showing you some facts out there. julie: five or six or seven tweets subject to 2011 where he questioned president's place of birth. harris: to move forward, judge, what should hillary clinton do now? julie: hillary clinton and rest of us how deman answers. what made you change your mind where president obama was born. why say today -- harris: what is that important. what is the goal? julie: goal have something answer legitimately.
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you delegitimatized this president. julie: said consistently you're not eligible to be president of the united states because you're not national born citizen failed a constitutional test. you have believed that for years. today i think that not the case any longer. every time he said he wasn't born. >> now my opinion evolved like hillary clinton and barack obama on earth issues. julie: saying the president of the united states -- harris: let me find it. julie: saying president of the united states not born in this country, you're a lawyer, you're inherently saying he is -- >> unqualified. julie: and ineligible to the be president the united states. isn't that what he was saying? harris: donald trump retweeted this november 2014 on 23rd obama fabricated his own birth certificate after being pressured to produce one. julie: two years later. harris: judge where do we go with in. >> i don't really think the public cares. i agree with julie african-american community does care about this issue.
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he threw it back on to hillary's lap it was started by hillary supporters but public doesn't care about this issue anymore. melissa: we're 53 days out from the election you think that hillary clinton focused on this after donald trump just -- julie: tell you why. >> focus off her. julie: if you're african-american, not speaking for african-americans. harris: i'm one, i'm here. julie: i'm not speaking for you, you can speak for herself. people truly believe he was legitimizing this man because he was in fact african-american. melissa: would never vote for him or never will vote for him. harris: you got me to dig through my notes here, he has gone back and forth. is that part of the previous discipline that people were calling. sandra: should we start laundry listing how many times candidate evolved in this election season? julie: this is fundamental, this is not evolution where i had one view on policy, now i have a different one. melissa: where should we begin with hillary clinton. i'm for the keystone pipeline.
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now i'm not. julie: that is policy evolution. this is fundamental test, you donald trump said for many years that this man is unqualified, constitutionally to be president of the united states. what made you change your mind? she has explained why she is no longer. harris: you want to ask that. here is question out of the recent news flow i would ask. jennifer griffin asked hillary clinton in that meeting last friday how are your allergies? the response was, better, good, not, i have pneumonia. we didn't find out that a night. was that a shift or change. julie: that was huge mistake. i said from day one she mishandled it entirely. should have been more forthcoming. harris: is that issue in the campaign? julie: her health. melissa: what about the fact she lies. >> not just that she lies about it. she lied to hurt daughter about it. she didn't her daughter she had pneumonia. he didn't tell the vice president. harris: she was on record. >> she told her daughter and her daughter light bit.
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or she didn't tell her own daughter she had pneumonia. secrecy abounds. julie: i'm not defending her on health episode. going back to the "birther" issue that is very different. harris: here is the point i was trying to get at, both these candidates obviously gone back and forth on different issues, everybody seems to agree this most recent one hillary clinton voters pay attention. sandra: go back to just what happened, donald trump stepped up to the podium after hearing from militarily leaders, war veterans, unbelievable, held the press captive, steaded up up toe podium, said couple sentences cleared the air period, walked off the stage. all i'm asking is that effective politically. i still -- julie: not effective politically. melissa: yes it was. julie: guaranty you tomorrow will be talking about it. melissa: no they won't. harris: because we know people, donald trump will say it is genius. people who support hillary
9:17 am
clinton say it is not effective. what about that chunk of independents out there, real quickly move on. >> i'm independent myself. i frankly kiss like both parties quite a bit. i don't care about "birther" issue. i thought it was huge mistake i heard he was doing it. this is he self-destructing. when i watched it turn into a donald trump info mesh al and everybody was watching because everybody was waiting to see what actually going to announce. everybody got to hear the generals. everybody hear talking him up. he walked out and said, of course he was born in the u.s. that's it. hillary started it and i ended it. harris: okay. hold on last word with the judge, was it effective as independent? >> yes i think it was independent. sandra: you need a glass of water, julie. julie: no. i don't need a glass of water. need iv get me out of the situation where somebody not telling the truth consistently. melissa: hillary. julie: donald trump. give me a break. tell me why donald trump, why you now changed your mind. harris: more potentially bad
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news for hillary clinton. new fox poll shows that she is now trailing donald trump nationally. what is to blame for her big drop? remember we looked at some of the battleground states yesterday. is it a trend and can she turn things around. stay close. we're so quiet and shy. melissa: demure. they feel good? no... you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined.
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sandra: this is a fox news alert for you, with less than two months until election day donald trump is now leading hillary clinton nationally. a new "fox news poll" find gop nominee topping his rival 46-45% within the margin of error among likely voters in a two-way race. hillary is already down playing recent slide saying she always knew it was going to be a tight race. watch. >> i have always said this was going to be a tight race. i have said it from the very
9:23 am
beginning, whether i was up, down, didn't matter. i think those are the kinds of presidential elections that we have in america at this point in our history. my campaign is going to continue to work hard every day to turn out every voter we possibly can and that's, that's our goal and our strategy. sandra: according to larry sabato that better be her strategy, that the latest polls are warning shot for democrats. >> this early in the con stress what that does, it helps the candidate in the poll shows, with the most dedicated followers. does anybody doubt which of these two candidates has the most enthusiastic followers? we all know the answer. it's donald trump. so part of this is a warning to hillary clinton and the democrats that they're going to have to do a heck of a lot more to stir their base, and get them out to vote. sandra: they are doing a lot. i'm going to give julie a rest for a second. judge, let me get to you on this.
9:24 am
>> she's okay. i took her pulse. sandra: they have a lot of work cut out for them, in hillary clinton's case, key battleground states, hillary clinton campaign opened 50 new offices. this is clearly new sign that they should be worried but they are. >> they definitely should be worried, let's put it in perspective. she was up 10 points last month. she is down one, two, five in some states. she was sure she was making grounds in. we haven't gotten to the first debate. to me i think as a viewer, the first debate is what is going to start galvanizing things for me. everything that happens before then is entertainment. once i see them dealing with the issues if they end up doing in the first debate, talking about what they bring to the table and how they will make it happen, that is when voters i think start picking sides for real. melissa: at this point you can't deny the momentum, the trend is in favor of donald trump. julie: look, larry sabato said a lot of very smart things if i could break down what he was
9:25 am
talking about in more detail without putting words in his mouth, there are a couple things in campaigns tactically you have to do. one is messaging both of them equally right now with respect to messaging within a one point race are doing equally well but the other is gotv, get-out-the-vote. that includes modeling voters. we talked about that on the couch before. getting your voters to the polls. it includes such really very boring tactical things insuring that the little old lady who can't drive herself to the polls, somebody in your field office does in cuyahoga county, ohio, that is where infrastructure comes in. infrastructure is so key. that i think is where the clinton campaign has an advantage. the reason she is spending so much time with fund-raisers everybody wonders why, those things cost money. field campaigns in ohio and florida, everywhere else cost money. other thing i want to caution, north carolina already started early voting. people are already voting in some of these places. the campaign with the infrastructure to do the absent tee balloting which is difficult i know.
9:26 am
it is onerous and takes an awful lot of grind to insure that your voters get those, get those ballots into the clerk, that's the kind of stuff that any good campaign does. that is what the trump campaign is lacking. i think that infrastructure that his campaign -- harris: to your point, hillary clinton in the last two weeks of august chose to do just two public events but she did 20 private fund-raisers. >> that's why. harris: interesting. the other thing that i i would say in terms of the two speeches today, earlier hillary clinton was segmenting the audience. she spoke specifically about who had gotten her through the primary. she said black women. she compartmentalized that part of the audience. she went through the audience and broke them down. her last words were, it doesn't really matter what you're doing right now, if you vote for me at this podium, only matters what you do on election day, get out to vote. identified people in the audience she expected to do for her on november 8th, what they did for her in the primaries. melissa: no, it is absolutely
9:27 am
true. you see her doing that wherever she goes. i just wonder, we've seen such an improvement in the trump campaign in terms of being on message, the way they're doing things. making him stay on prompter. not allowing him, he has become so disciplined. everything they do is so smart. the thing today was so strategic, such genius, why are we still believing he doesn't have any infrastructure behind him at all. all that is a mess? i understand he doesn't have enough money to go with her. julie: not even money. harris: clintons are a money machine you have got to believe he is getting organization together the same way the rest of the campaign. sandra: go ahead, judge. >> they also do one other thing to get-out-the-vote. they get their voters angry. sandra: fair enough. >> whether they're playing race card getting them motivated to get angry to go out and vote or saying -- melissa: i want to point out in the "fox news" polling, does reveal general interest lies with gop, fewer democrats, 77% of the democrats extremely very
9:28 am
interested in this election. versus 86% of registered republicans. julie: no question. that is onus of clinton campaign. at that is what larry sabato referring to. party out of power two terms, see it consistently instead of reagan-bush '88. harris: bernie sanders. she cut that off at the niece. hillary clinton. julie: what about her? harris: democratic party had the intensity with bernie sanders. where are those people? julie: bernie sanders, if i were hillary clinton i would get bernie sanders on road with me to talk specifically to millenials she needs to insure they don't go vote for third party candidate. she needs bernie to talk to people around age of 25 to 30 five and tell them if they don't vote for her donald trump will be president. sandra: hillary clinton back on the trail and selling her sick days as a campaign reset. but is it too late at this point? is this a good way to frame her
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♪ sandra: hillary clinton back on the trail for two days after taking some time off to recover from pneumonia. she made an appearance at a rally in north carolina where she characterized her sick days as something of a campaign reset. >> turns out having a few days to myself was actually a exist. i talked with some old friends. i spent time with our very sweet dogs. i did some thinking. you know the campaign trail doesn't really encourage reflection and it's important to sit with your thoughts every now and then, and that did help me reconnect with what this whole campaign is about. [laughter]
9:34 am
melissa: we're all talking. sandra, let me start with you. i think it is very smart for her to go kind of the sympathy, the softer, i was sick, now i'm back. before they might have urged her to go forward on grandma and be more sympathetic. that would come across maybe weak. now she is portrayed as weak make most of it. gosh, i was sick. sandra: that moment we were all watching yesterday seemed somewhat effective. she came out, looked refreshed. i don't know, she didn't look sickly or anything like that but, not a bad way to spin it because it did make you think. all right she is reflecting on her campaign. she took some time off. however that time she was off, how much time did donald trump have to run with the deplorables comment. this happened to be a very bad time for her take a few sick days. >> i don't like the choice of reset. remember the last reset she did was whole button with russia. look how well that worked out. julie: want to start debating
9:35 am
russia policy and hillary clinton. you want to go there? melissa: would think this is good idea, idea she is going, this is the tone. had a chance, i reflected. i think there is also the opportunity, we hate it when she plays the victim. there is opportunity though for her, garner some sympathy, that she is not feeling well, no? julie: i don't actually. she seemed a little inauthentic to me there. melissa: my gosh, julie. julie: let me tell you something. i will also say, this issue i think will or will not be put to rest ensuing days. if she goes out there especially on 26th and first debate comes across as healthy, vibrant and strong and commander-in-chief leader what people think about a healthy president. >> right. julie: or she doesn't. she comes across as sickly. if she comes across as sickly the issue will continue. if she comes across vibrant and strong.
9:36 am
people say, okay, let's move on. >> strongest benefit we got people seeing her and seeing her look okay. after the whole dehydrate -- pneumonia, flu, people were looking at real estate values in canada. harris: that is not official medical term but i like that. melissa, i see where you're going with that. i will say this, in good media public relations lower the expectations and wow and surprise them and you steal the show. would it not have been smart to come back on the trail, say something like, i'm still mending, i really appreciate your concern and your inquisitiveness how you're doing. sandra: maybe she is not. harris: we haven't seen her say that. but what i'm saying to the public, i'm still kind of coming back, and then on the 26th at that first debate come out trying to drop the mic. julie: i don't think she can afford to lose a week in the mending category. harris: do you lose a week, saying i'm human. i'm just like you?
9:37 am
julie: i think saw so. the reason i thought that was inauthentic. i'm sure she wasn't playing with the sled and forming campaign strategy. melissa: her campaign went on twitter storm. julie: she wasn't playing to the sled. melissa: she doesn't have sled, we will find that out next. i'm kidding. terrible joke. popular women's magazine being accused media bias after critics say a reporter lobbed softball questions at chelsea clinton during a recent interview but went hard after ivanka trump. wait until you hear what her dad has to say about that one. ♪
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♪ harris: we're going to get to the show now, all right? melissa: you already, judge no. >> i'm all right. harris: cosmopolitan recent interview of donald trump raising new questions of about media bias. when the popular women's "interview" magazine interviewed chelsea clinton questions included, what do you think about donald trump's attacks on your parents. is there any family time or interesting, fun times you want to tell us about. when they sat down with donald trump's daughter, the gloves came off. she grilled ivanka about her involvement with the family in the op-ed you mentioned pay gap for women exacerbates when they bear children. why does this policy does not include paternity leave. hillary clinton included aspects
9:43 am
of her plan a year ago. why did the trump campaign wait so long. i have have you been can abruptly ended interview, on a remark, that her father made that pregnancy is inconvenient on business. now the reporter is praised on social media for the tough questioning on ivanka. judge. >> i said if you it before, how the things are formulated in most of the mind of media, read bernie goldberg's book, bias. follow up the insider. it started in his assessment the fact journalists tend to be liberal because they're always challenging authority. they have to challenge government. he noticed them let it creep into their reporting. now i think it is way out there. it is way beyond just accidentally letting it creep into it. you see, if you read that book, you will lies journalists watch -- will realize journalists not all, not all,
9:44 am
some journalists do that and also why they coddle chelsea clinton and rip into ivanka trump. sandra: you're paying too much respect to the person did this interview calling them journalist, first of all. it is "cosmopolitan." what did you expect from it. number one trending story on, how you can order dominoes on facebook. >> haven't seen it somewhere else. harris: younger demo in college. before you speak,. >> remember one of the only interviews that hillary clinton gave, network gave her, the questions in advance? you don't remember that? harris: we remember. we remember. so, i called them popular. sandra just pointed out what they might be popular for if you're looking for domino's, go to their website. sandra: read the latest on taylor swift. harris: i like taylor. donald trump begs to differ. he doesn't think they're popular at all. here is what he had to say. >> she did it because the person was a nice person.
9:45 am
she did him, a favor, nobody reads "cosmopolitan" magazine anymore. she did it to be nice, i heard the person, i hadn't seen it, i heard the person was really rude to ivanka. everybody loves ivanka. she did it out of her heart and so strongly about child care, she was like attacked by this you know, rather non-intelligent reporter but, really attacked viciously. i said, don't let it bother you. i said, welcome to the world of trump. harris: go, melissa. melissa: i don't think anyone over the age of 18 reads "cosmo." we took it to school. my mother didn't want to read i because there is so much did sex in the magazine. i don't think anyone of voting age is reading this. if you look at the way ivanka handled it i was taking note. didn't know my father made those comments. you're taking this in such a negative direction. you know what? i will jump off. i have to run, i apologize. she stopped the whole thing, with so much elegance and class i was like, that is interesting.
9:46 am
i'm taking notes that one. she handled it really well. people face biased reporters from both sides. get hit from reporters from the right, from the left the, you don't know what is coming your way. she handled it elegantly, that is my takeaway. harris: maybe hillary clinton will kind of go there when she is asked about her health. julie: first of all i love donald trump spent more time on "cosmo" than explaining why he changed his mind in "birther" issue. harris: julie. julie: i had to bring it right back. frankly, this will sound kind of unkind i don't have much time for presidential kids and their views on policy. harris: yeah. julie: that is not who i am electing whether chelsea or ivanka. ivanka said she is one of the people helping craft her father's views on paid family leave, i think those are fair questions to ask ivanka. if chelsea said i helped craft my mother's views. harris: that is not what we want to know from chelsea. we want her role from the clinton foundation should her mother end up in the white house. those are the types of questions. julie: agreed.
9:47 am
harris: they're very much in play for different reasons. >> i treat it differently. i agree with you, melissa, i thought ivanka's responses were very much the high road. i thought she didn't outstanding job, better job i would say than her father would have done in that same circumstance. she did it, very professional interview and got off politely. melissa: i will jump. i apologize. i love it. harris: okay. hillary clinton's throwing a little bit of shade at donald trump for being a showman on the same day he appeared on "dr. oz" and "the tonight show" where he left jimmy fallon messing up his hair. and it is famous now, that meticulous hair all messed up. is that a good way for hillary clinton to contrast herself with her rival? do americans like a performer?
9:48 am
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♪ sandra: all back in place. melissa: perfect. sandra: hillary clinton mocking
9:52 am
donald trump's recent tv show appearances in effort to draw contrast between her and her rival. listen. >> i confess i will never be the mann my opponent is. that is okay with me. look at the show he put on with "dr. oz" today. but i am going to deliver for you and your family. sandra: well, just hours after that "dr. oz" appearance aired, trump also visited "the tonight show" where host jimmy fallon ruffled his meticulously combed hair. watch. >> can i mess your hair are up? [cheering] >> the answer is yes. the people in new hampshire where i'm going to be in an hour from now i hope they understand. >> you say yes? >> go ahead. [cheering] harris: [laughter]. sandra: that's a good sport. harris: all right.
9:53 am
asked you the same thing, moments ago. sandra: going to commercial break, harris wanted to do same thing to me. i thought we were off-camara. that being said, showman? julie? julie: too focused on that awful emerson lake and palmer song. >> you were singing along to it. julie: i was that was anafter full song. stop putting that in my head. he is a showman, reality star turned whatever he is today, presidential candidate. presidential candidate. good move for him? humanizes him. actually legitimately thought about last few days, this is so reminiscent of 2000 election people decided to vote for the guy they could have a drink with as opposed to wonky guy. the "saturday night live" skit with al gore and lockbox? melissa: can't tell him he is doing the same thing.
9:54 am
look what she did when on with jimmy fallon? >> can you open the jar of pickles? [applause] >> oh. [cheering] >> has not been touched. melissa: clearly that was jimmy kimmel. how is that any different? it is very different because she is not funny. that is the problem. they try very hard. i know it's hard. we're out here. you do things, it goes well or it flops, you never know ahead of time. so much of what she does flops because she is like stiff and uncomfortable. he is not stiff and uncomfortable. that is what makes it funny. that was a lot, sandra, we mess up your hair. you have stunning hair. donald trump less so. less some. >> nobody is able to -- harris: it can backfire, if you're not careful it can backfire for her. it causes people to go back to
9:55 am
hulu or wherever they like to watch recaptures and look at this, contrast and compare us what we did for the viewer. to make up their own mind whether somebody looks comfortable and self-efacing and is in the moment and somebody looks scripted and uncomfortable and so on. it forces them to go back and kind of compare. who wins that. usually donald trump i would say in this sense, what do you think? >> i think this was home run for donald trump. i think a lot of people saw him in a light that made him approachable. and, it didn't help hillary when she got up there to say, i'm not a showman like my opponent and did it in total monotone voice that made her even some more boring people would have accused her of being. as far as that going back to 2000, i think it goes way back before that. clinton doing the saxophone. julie: totally. arsenio, sure. let me say, i'm so satisfied, melissa, there is nothing i have said to donald trump and about him more offensive to him, he has less stunning hair. you're on his list.
9:56 am
melissa: in very big trouble. that was huge risk for him, because the hair rooked really crazy. how does she not know you have to let air into the jar to open a jar of pickles? what does that say. air into it. julie: i didn't know that? melissa: what? sandra: after 56 minutes of this show today, i it is definitely friday. ♪ from engineering and manufacturing... to stealth bombers...
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what a friday. hairstylist is forgiving me from messes up -- sandra: i'm being so kind to you right now. you have no idea when i get you back. harris: more shade than a forest! good to have you. >> great to be here. harris: have a great weekend everybody. here's "happening now."


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