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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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what a friday. hairstylist is forgiving me from messes up -- sandra: i'm being so kind to you right now. you have no idea when i get you back. harris: more shade than a forest! good to have you. >> great to be here. harris: have a great weekend everybody. here's "happening now." %
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ramsey are they closer to finding out what happened. >> [inaudible] i just don't know what to do. >> chaos for travellers. major flooding pushes travellers off of the tracks, it is all on "happening now". >> but we begin with with politics and donald trump who is attempting to put the birther controversy behind him. he admits that he believes that president obama was indeed born in the united states. where do we go from here? i am jenna lee. >> and am greg jarret in for jon sot. the comments came at his new hotel in washington d.c. he tried to pin the conspiracy theory on hillary clinton. >> he said that directly. we'll go to carl cameron who is live in washington with more.
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>> reporter: it turned out not to be a new's conference even though reporters were told that is what it would be. instead mr. trump brought medal of honor recipient and admiral and generals and then at the end he laid to rest that of questioning the president's citizenship and birth certificate. this is what he said. >> not to mention her in the same breadth, u hillary clinton and her campaign 2008, started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barak obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to
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making america strong and great again. thank you. >> reporter: with his reference to i finished it. his beating the drum of where's your birth certificate and takes credit for are the president releasing it after he was elected to president. hillary clinton heard it was a new's siingical and donald trump said he was likely to say something about it today. hillary clinton rejected his attempts even before he spoke. >> he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president p. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. he's feeding in to the worst impulses and bigotry and bias
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that lurks in our country. >> reporter: president obama said he always knew where he was born. mr. trump said the issue is now closed and clearly hillary clinton will keep it open, jenna. >> it was billed this event by a new's conference and he might and will take reporter questions. have you any indications when he will field the questions from the journalist? >> reporter: no, the traveling press is getting increasingly frustrated and pressure on the trump campaign to allow the protective pool to be with him much more than he is currently allowing. and as for are answering questions, he hasn't had a new's conference. but he calls in the morning
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shows. but not the collective press. he's focused on the debate and keep momentum going. the trump campaign feels that you have real energy right now. hillary clinton, because she had pneumonia is short on energy and it is showing up on the polls. >> thank you, carl. we'll talk about that with carl. the president weighed in on the news of the day. and this is what he said. >> i, johnathon, have no resx z resxakz -- reaction. and i am shocked that it comes up when we have so much to do. we have other business to it attend to. i was pretty confident about where i was born and most people were as well. and my hope would be that the
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presidential election reflects more are serious issues than that. >> and the president making the remarks with the lead wellers on the trans-pacific partnership. and the race for the white house can't get much tighter than this. the fox news polls among the likely voters. this is the four- way look. including the libertarian and green party candidate. hillary clinton leads donald trump 41 to 40. and head-to-head trump wipes out clinton's 10-point lead in august. and in the state of ohio, donald trump lets clinton 42 to 39. and virginia, hillary clinton's lead shrinking to 40 percent to
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trump's 37 percent. >> new reaction coming up this hour. and what they think about the latest poll and whether donald trump put his long- time birther theory to bed. and we want to hear from you on this, do you think the birther issue is important enough to warrant the attention in the campaign? our live chat is up and running and all you have to do is go to to join the conversation. py. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. the can-am defender?h effort into engineering because a job worth doing is worth doing right.
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>> new details in a police shooting that killed a 13-year-old boy in columbus, ohio. the friend said the boy, had had a bb gun that looked like the real thing. they were told by polices officers on to get on the ground. and they did but king got up and ran away.
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police claimed that he ran away from them and pulled out a gun out of his waist land and shooting. the shooting is under investigation. a number of decorated veterans endorsing donald trump staying at the mogul has what they are looking for in a commander in chief. >> we do not need bureaucratic leadership from washington d.c. [applause] we need true leadership from the top. mr. trump has never failed at anything because he listens to the advisor and his people. >> what we need is fresh thinking innovative approaches and strong leadership. >> and joining me now is our guest. that is the theme that the donald trump campaign wanted to
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put forward today. it is an interesting question for hillary clinton and her supporters why do you think that she presents new thinking and lead areship when she's been part of the establishment so long. >> when you fight for 40 years as she has for women and children, that fight is a virtious fight and those issues are issues we must solve today. and what is going on donald trump has never been involved in any positive way in the politics of our country. look at what happened in the birtherisms. seven years of fuelling the controversy and he said he will not fuel it anymore and blames hillary clinton and it is that kind of way. he would have gotten a gold medal for it. >> if you look at hillary clinton's record she has not
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produceded results for the american people and the real change and in a variety of different ways. regardless of 40 years, what does she bring in new leadership. >> a real understanding of what people need and in the roles she's had in terms of creating health care for children after nuchl nuchl, making sure the people on the pile had health care. she's never been president of the united states. but she has an understanding and a passion of how you connect policy to making it real for real people. i have watched with donald trump and i saw the vets, when he was in new york, what he did to vets on fifth avenue. he told them to go away. >> if you are true, why are the polls close? >> i always thought it would be close. it is a transformational
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election. here you have a female running for president of the united states. i assume from the get go the polls would be close. >> because she is a woman? >> absolutely. she never talks about that. it is when you are breaking barriers, there is a lot of issues about that. but the second issue is this, people want change. they want to make sure we have good job. for everyone. and let's just look and this is the difference between trump and somebody hillary. take what moody's said about the two plans. >> you are are talking about the job plan. >> her plan would create 10 million and his plan put psinous a recession. who said it. someone who was mccain advisor. >> today she talked about the birther issue in her own speech.
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one of the things that she had had mentioned in the last week or so. and this is in the context of the campaign. calling trump and his supporters racist and sexist and islama phobic and now calling them birthers. those haven't stuck. why do you believe the birther are issue will be detrimental to him? >> someone is not fit to run for the >> that arguing is not deterring the voters. >> when they are fuelling crisis through conspiracies. if donald trump wants to show the american people who he has been as a business person then release your taxes. >> we'll talk to the trump supporters. >> but hillary and her plan. yesterday, she talked about
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economics and how the connection between economics and education. i think part of this is, when you saw the democratic and the republican convention, when they were out there for an hour or so, talking about the plans. >> the reality now, the race is tightening and i want to talk to you about the key issues. you do point out some of the things with the campaign. >> her plan that she's talked about, they don't actually break through. >> it doesn't break through when you call your opponent racist homophobic and that is the sound bite. >> you are rumored to be be secretary of education. and we'll hold you to that if we see the announcement.
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hillary clinton could pivot from obama in the education policies. what would a pivot from obama be be and an improvement be? >> what hillary clinton has talked about and seen her do as senator from new york and first lady of the united states of america is that she understands education. from prek to higher ed. >> what would change? >> the change would be be that you have to make sure the teacher ares have tool and conditions they have to do their job. 90 percent of the kids in america go to public school. y we have to make sure smart investmentes are there. for example, what hillary clinton talked about forever and america is doing it but not as the other. early childhood education. >> if obama was not able to establish the policies in the way you would like to see would hillary clinton do it?
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>> obama has worked on early childhood education. we for the worst recession since the great depression and it was caused by the trickle down economics that donald trump is -- >> you want to build off the foundation of obama. is she bringing new ideas in? >> there are search things that build on the foundation and others that are evidence based and where she differs from barak obama on education, she leads in to what work and to help the kids succeed. what that does in terms of k- 12, take a school i was in this week, a career tech edschool that has a new pathway worry for public safety. and so kids in 9th grade are
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learning how to be be police and firefighters and emt's. this is new. for years people said, oh, no, we want all kids to go to college. hillary said we need to have many choices for kids. >> and so first thing we heard are about that. >> she talked about cteh's and fwld building an infrastructure. >> i would like to have you back on the program to talk about education and we would like to hillary clinton about it as well. gregg. >> coming up a response from the trump team on the birther controversy. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one.
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>> one of the big news items of the day. donald trump backing away from the birther issue saying he believes that president obama is an american. can he back and escape it. and one other trump appears to be getting a little cocky. we know that hillary clinton is a terrible front runner. >> and what do you think about that? >> i think he is wrong as they often are. donald trump is doing a great job in his campaign. looking at north carolina and virginia and nevada and pennsylvania ohio and florida.
10:24 am
we are leading and in the margin of area and new hampshire we are doing so well and initially up 6 and 7 points in the polls. >> but some political pundits said the reason he is better hillary clinton had a rough few day and when she is back on the campaign trail. >> she's not the kind of candidate to regain momentum. she's not offering anything new. and her policies are are from the '90s and two thousanded. >> others say that about donald trump. he's the same person we have seen all of the time. and meaning that he is always going to believe in the birther movement and he's not qualified to be president. that is the argument from her. >> let's be realistic. >> it was born out of hillary clinton campaign. >> it wasn't. >> they wrote a memo. and it is not true.
10:25 am
>> they wrote a memo and she questioned the american roots of barak obama. >> a variety of different fact- checking website that is in the true. >> you don't know about the memo. >> i don't know about the memo. >> let me tell you about it. >> it is true. >> it is not true. >> mark pen, the chief strategist. >> then it continues to be an issue. >> you asked me a question. >> why is it successful for donald trump to speak about the >> hold on, take a step back. the media somehow got in a issue. he put it behind him and the country and wants to concentrate. >> he blamed >> you want to talk about p the issue. donald trump finished it. he got an answer for the american clearly and barak obama
10:26 am
was born in the united states. we can keep talking about it. >> we believe be that. >> and now talk about the issues that matter. >> larry sabnow said this. >> here's the key to the new polls not just fox but a spate of polls showing that trump does better in the swing states. it is not that he surged but she dropped. the polls have switched from the big body of registered voters to the likely voters. who are the most excited voters in america right now? they are donald trump voters. hillary clinton's number one challenge and problem is getting the democratic activist base enthussed about her. she's had problems lately.
10:27 am
and as you said with chris wallace, the birther is a gift to the democrats. >> how rude are you about it? >> i don't agree. hillary clinton is a boring candidate and doesn't excite the base and if they were more excited about bernie sanders? her husband didn't excite the base. and obama is not translating. she's fallen like a rock. and larry is wrong. donald trump is 47 percent in the latest l.a. thymes polls. >> so one of the things that hillary clinton talked about today. and i am paraphase the quote. that people show you who they are. >> you can't believe the new donald trump on the campaign trial. you have to look at his past and
10:28 am
that's why they are bringing up all that he said over the last several years. why should voters in the campaign. why should they believe donald trump now when they heard all sorts. >> hillary clinton is a lifelong liar and lied about the e-mail and her past and congress and the fbi. >> but here's the interesting thing. you are not answering my question. she remains competitive in the polls. neither candidate is falling off. and let me get you to answer the question. why should voters believe in him now and what they are hearing from him now versus the past. >> i don't know what you are referring to. on this he was consistent and said i am moving on and talk about jobs and economy and national security. and 26 percent poverty with the
10:29 am
african-american and double unemployment with the african-americans. and this is what he will fix. and hillary clinton faileded to do anything about in over 30 years in public office and life. >> one issue it came up is bill o'riel o'rielly. here is bill o'rielly? >> do you think that your birther position has had hurt you among the african-american? >> i don't know. i don't talk about it anymore. >> it is there on the record. >> i don't know. i guess, with maybe some. i don't know why? i don't think, you are the first one that brought it up in a while. i don't think so. i went to detroit, we had, it wassa like a love fest and we had a great, great time. >> to your point. he doesn't want to talk about it. but the reason the clintons
10:30 am
are coming up it is because it hurt him. >> with the latest l.a. times poll. he's above what mitt romney ended up getting in the election. and the reason that clintons are bring tupping. they are desperate. her campaign is spiralling out of control. and no talking points left to go after donald trump. why did hillary clinton blaech her e-mail and why was the clinton foundation a slush fund to get rich off of it? >> it will be interesting. hopefully we'll have more. thank you very much. >> two pundits who gave donald trump no chance of winning now
10:31 am
changing their tunes. why a path to victory. >> and a time of press conference drags on. howard kurtz is addressing how donald trump isun aring circles around the media. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'. siriusxm's free listening event might be over, but now you can turn us back on with packages starting at $5.99 a month, plus fees. just call 855-874-7743 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪
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so call 855-874-7743 or visit to turn us back on. and up.
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>> donald trump was supposed to have a new's conference but we saw a long string of endorsements for the nom no and
10:35 am
all of it going on in the new luxury hotel in dc. he made remark and refused for are a pool producer to go along. howard, our fox news analyst joins us now. numbers for you. both candidates spoke and fair and balanced and we show them both. hillary clinton starts on time and speaks 20 minute and we take it live. and donald trump last 30 minute and we watched that event for 90 minutes because we were waiting for him and he didn't know he was going to -- that's trump he was able to get that much more time. >> exactly how he does it. i was in the hotel on pennsylvania avenue. and the press pack is feeling used by this. and you get the cable coverage and run up as you say and the
10:36 am
infommercial and military people praising trump and when had he talks about birtherism. he was signaling to do. his campaign manager no longer believes that he wasn't. he walks off and trump's point mission accomplished and he put to rest. >> hillary clinton is back talking about what he's done is a disgrace. and we'll read a few more of these. from a journalist perspective and viewers of whether or not the topic deserves the oxygen we are giving. it >> well, it started five years ago and faded in the campaign and he was asked about it and refused to talk about it. he decided to put the issue to rest and he tried to do it through
10:37 am
surrogates and the washington post asked him about it and he said he would discuss it in the appropriate time. it is the fact that trump was trying to defuse the issue. on the question of trump manipulating the press. not only is he taking partial credit for the low ratings that the media are enduring right now. but working the debate advance and thinks that all of them will be unfair because of the criticism that matt lauer got when he hosted the forum. i don't believe the moderators are unfair and it is. >> setting the stage. >> and i am curious what you see is next. some pundits are anti- trump and looks like he might be able to win which is a turn around for
10:38 am
those strongly against him. where does the hillary clinton campaign go from him. i asked a campaigner surrogate talking about racism and bigotry and islam phobia and now the birther movement. where does the clinton go from here? >> this is a dilemma for hillary clinton. i always thought it would tighten. she's used her nuclear weapons. she's called him bigot and thrown all of those rocks at him. and there's not much more she can say and ratchet up and break through and get people's attention and it was a risky gamble to make her campaign about demonizing donald trump.
10:39 am
she's less successful in selling herself as being identified with signature issue. and she would appeal to white working class voters. and i think that at this point, she can hammer trump but hillary clinton needs to find short hand rationale for her own candidacy. >> interesting making america great. and donald trump continues to go on. and there is a bigger question of stronger together. we'll have to leave it there, thank you so much. >> donald trump has a growing path to the white house. recent polls suggest it is anybody's race. hillary clinton's lead 45.7 percent to donald trump 42.2. and fox news national poll shows trump with a one point lead.
10:40 am
and krauthammer hillary clinton shartens and trump soften and he's rising and she's falling. time to face it. trump could really win this. democrats are starting to panic. what else do they have to throw at him? and our former republican congressional candidate. and executive director of the democratic party. and former senior aid to hillary clinton. >> i have to get your reaction to both of you to today's events. hillary clinton's typing out a tweet storm. not only demanding that donald trump apologize to the president of the united states. but she is saying this is further evident of bigotry and donald trump perpetiated racist conspiracy. that is one of them on the
10:41 am
screen there. is this the kind of issue that can gain traction or is it gone. >> i think it gains traction. but it is stifles what ever support he gets from the african-american. he's trying to do the outreach. you can't trust anything. and no matter what he wants to do. >> you can trust hillary clinton? >> i can. >> and i encourage others to do it. >> she sayses it. >> but the fact of the matter what donald trump did in terms of saying that the president was not born here is sunk in. most of his supporters believe that the president is not from here and a significant 99 of republicans believe that the president is not from here. >> not only did donald trump claim hillary clinton started the birther controversy, but he
10:42 am
spent four years insisting that the president was not born and in one sentence he was here. doesn't explain why. and he had had the microphones pulled and no one asked questions. that seems -- >> yes, it does. look at this. look at the fact, if he won the primary, he was going to promise the american people he would be more presidential and he's already fulfilling the promise. look what he's doing now. going to mexico meeting with leaders. and he. >> he blamed it on hillary clinton. no, but both of them have been proven that they have a problem with facts. but here's the thing. if you look at what donald trump
10:43 am
is doing. and saying he's softening and he's shut down the birther issue. it is a moot point. i am running for president and i will not. >> he called a african-american pastor a nervous mess. >> what about hillary clinton talking about everybody who supports donald trump deplorable? >> trump's new team to brazenly rebrand him as disciplined. >> fudon't think kelly conway has something to do about this? >> he's been through staffer and senior staffer and everybody speaking on his behalf. and he has a great mixture of a great staff that work withes. now the next thing will know money to to follow. if he has a path to victory he
10:44 am
will have the next step cash. >> i think the polls will always be tight. i think she has the infrastructure to pull it out. >> thank you. we'll be right back. don't go away. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. what comes to mind when you think about healthcare? we are all in for our customers.
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constipation and vomiting. trintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your healthcare professional if trintellix could make a difference for you. >> a new documentary series is tackling the case of ramsey that has gone unsolved. the investigators reuniting where they will reexamine the evidence including the ramsome note. some investigators say it was written by a woman. >> listen carefully, when you get home and not when you get back to your house and residence. when you get home, do not particularly like you. but p would a guy like whether they like them or not.
10:48 am
in thousands of cases i worked over. when they put a statement like that it is a female. >> and we have the retired fbi agent. and forensics profile. it was part of the original jonbenet. >> we think it has been solved 25 years and now we'll go on cbs and put it out here. >> if i recall correctly. a lot of people people thought the ransom note was written by patsy ramsey. and of course, 18000 demand was the amount of her husband's bonus. you naming her? >> as a ling quist.
10:49 am
i look at content and style and spelling and word usage. >> it is a strong indication of author ship in terms of how we frame it is that more likely or not it came from within the household. >> it was a woman, only woman in the household is patsy ramsey. you are are naming patsy ramsey. >> as the author of the letter. >> then she had to be involved in writing the letter, covering up for her husband. >> we'll tell you. >> is it covering up from her son. >> and forensic investigators extracted dna that was from unknown male outside of the house. how would that fit in to patsy
10:50 am
and john ramsey? >> we discuss all of the dna indicators this sunday and monday. and dr. lee discusses that. and we break down the whole dna situation and we that. we see that the dna that has been reported since 2003 is not as relevant, at all, to this investigation. it may have come from the people who packaged the underwear. >> patsy ramsey died of cancer, jon ramsey is still around. did you talk to him? >> i think people will find out at that point when they watch the show. >> thank you for being with us. we look forward to it. >> we'll be right back, don't go away.
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hello, everyone. president barack obama was born in the united states of america. so much more to talk about there. plus, governor john kasich makes an unprecedented appearance at the white house. we have the highlights. >> and, ladies and gentlemen, we have golf carts at a retirement community in florida decked out for donald trump. this now state lawmakers and residents fear the designation of a monument will hurt efforts to rebuild the lumber economy.
10:55 am
rick? >> just north of us, the river here forms the eastern border of the newest monument. it is forrests, mountains, bonds, and streams. they didn't want the land to become federal property. senators, governors, and state legislature all approve the flan. president used his executive authority to designate a national lumt instead. >> of that working force model that allowed everyone to recreate on the land, and we hope it won't grow beyond what has been proposed. >> it is also prime logging land
10:56 am
and the private gravel roads that go through the area are still used. and it could lead to some scary moments for leaders. >> that could happen, and we warn this is a multiuse road, not a wide road. you need to stay on the road. >> the governor said he hopes to reduce the lands regulation, but that would require an act of congress, jenna. >> thank you very much, we'll be right back.
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10:59 am
lots of news on the campaign trail, but that will do it for us. >> certainly more to get to today. america's election headquarters starts right now. >> bye bye, have a great
11:00 am
weekend. >> a fox news alert declining this afternoon. the president of the united states was in fact, morning here. at the end of an event that stretched on for nearly 90 minutes, trump saying this. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. thank you. >> we have live fox team coverage on the campaign trail. first, we check in with


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