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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 16, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the final bell is just dinging. there it is. we're off about 90. it could be worse. it's not cool. but alas it's over. >> all right. it's official, the big debate will be two people because gary johnson and jill stein are out of it. they did not make the cut. they did not reach 15% in polls to make the cuts so it's donald trump and hillary clinton, game on. welcome everybody, this is "your world" and i'm neil cavuto. i don't know what that it means for the race because have two different numbers for the candidates when they're up there together. these are the latest polls. stale very, very tight with hillary clinton ought front. thank you. trump one person potential behind. it's two person race, it'seest the opposite with donald trump
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out front ahead by one percentage point. does that make a difference when you have two people on the stage versus three or four on a stage? anyone's guess but let good to pollster kristin anderson on that. what do you think? >> i think they're going to be a lot of younger voters in particular who are disappointed the other candidates north part of the mix. if you look at the cross tabs in these polls it's younger voters breaking really heavily for the third-party candidates because they're not thrilled with the two major party options. so if jill stein and gary johnson and evan mcmullen, part of the mexico, if that it not on the stage there's chance of younger voters stay home which is potentially fatal to democrats' chances to take the white house. >> it does sort of defy the push on the part of a lot of hillary clinton folks to really pile on gary johnson when he had the flub over on msnbc when in fact,
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if he is out, and people are disenchanted, they're not necessarily going to be inclined to jump to hillary. they might opt out. >> right now if you look at polls who supporters more enthusiastic about voting, right now republicans have slight advantage. now, an enthusiastic vote and an up enthusiastic vet still count the same on election day but someone who turns tout vote versus one who doesn't, one counsels and the other one cut. people turn out versus the people just not liking their choices butting drag themselves to the polls and cast a vote. >> i've always had that for donald trump decimated the run r republican field because in debates there were a lot of people. fewer as thyme went on but that did help million because not as much pressure on you as a single debater. now this will be just he and
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hillary. so, how does that enter the dynamic and affect just him? >> it will depend on how aggressively the moderators push him to sort of go more than an inch deep on his policy ideas. >> like today's birther thing. that will no doubt come up. but then he's got to deal with that because hillary clinton and her surrogates were. >> certainly. these are the sorts of things, the controversies, things that are part of his business record that have come under scrutiny. has not released his tax returns so a lot of incoming fire from the moderators or for hillary clinton herself. these are going to be condition ten shoes -- cop -- contentious must watch debates but there won't be other people on the stage with him where he can deflect. it will be tougher for him. on the other hand he is excellent at the medium of television and i'm suppliesed
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the clinton campaign has not tried to do more to level expectations so that it's harder for trump to come out with a win because -- >> what about the moderator's role. i'm wonder no -- matt lauer got a lot of heat for asking and interrupting hillary clinton questions on e-mails. i thought that was fair. thought he was fair with beth of them. but nevertheless a lot of pressure, and it made me think the mainstream media will be making her life hell if in that the kind of response you get if you put heat on the first lady. i guess many loyalists will read it through through the prism of their bias. but i'm wondering are what kind of pressure is on the moderate moderateors going forward if it's a two person stage. >> one hand you can have a moderator that takes a very light touch and throws a question out there and then hopes the two candidates will hold one another accountable. on the other hand, back four years ago you had candy crowley, moderating a debate and fact
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checked in real-time. and took in heat for it. the role that chris wallace played in the primary debates where he would pose a question, a candidate would respond and he would say put up chart number 4. i that was effective. that wasn't just editorialize only the part of the moderator but holding candidates responsible for responding to actual verifiable facts and keep them from just resorting back to talking points. i'd love to see more of that. >> it's a pressure cooker if you're correcting candidates on the fly as candy found out, especially if it's deem not fair our right. whatever. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a lot of questions back and forth whether donald trump neutralized the birther issue or made it worse. take a look. >> for five years he has led the birther movement to delegitimatize our first black president. there is no erasing it in
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history. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. >> we cannot become insensitive to what he says and what he stirs up. we can't just accept this. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. >> all right. so, now, will this become an issue, the fact he acknowledged that president obama, after much soul searching here, was in fact born in the united states? or is this going to fest center obviously a lot of clinton surrogates, and hillary clinton herself said that he has deliberately pushed a racist
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theme -- that's what they say -- and he should not get off lightly here and just acknowledging that after the fact is way after the fact. getting racist since 2011. grant is the author of "be on seed or be averag." i guess each camp will be obsessed with this story, with democrats saying he brought this up, kept pounding and it now he is trying to correct it and hope everyone moves on. republicans say much ado about nothing. what do you think? >> i think that donald trump -- by the way good, to have you back, neil. >> thank you. >> i think donald trump used the birther issue to insert himself in politics in 2011 when the media wasn't following him and he knows that attention is senior to the information. the media will not cover a good idea. they have to have something that's got some chaos. they're like piranhas and he inserted himself into the political campaign in 2011 with this, and the democrats are still chasing this today.
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it's not a crisis to him. this is business as usual to donald. >> bus it an issue that all the poll wes have that show him surge doing not include this latest development, and maybe it doesn't register, maybe it does. but i think the hope was here he could make some encroachments to the african-american community. don't know if it will move the needle about he has to hope to move it enough you can pick off some votes. what do you think of that? >> i think -- i don't think he is concern about that. think he is concern -- >> why do it? why do it, grant? >> you mean why come clean it up? just to put it so rest so he can say -- i don't think ebelieves that, okay? nye more than anybody beliefs that miss clinton had pneumonia. i don't think he believes or cares whether he was born in hawai'i or kenya. i think he wants to control the media, which is the number one thing he must do right now. notice, attention wins because bush spent 100 plus million and
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nobody would listen to his good ideas. so, here he is going to be in debate. we're not listening to jill stein or the other guy, and we got -- we're down to two people that can control the media and he is doing a -- >> he does a better job of that. i think hillary clinton herself has said he is an entertainer, i'm not. she is embracing her inner wonk, talking about policy positions but it's his policy statements, whether you accept them or not, that get press, whether he is talking before the economic club in new york and tax plan as childcare plan the woke before. so he has a strategy there. but debates and -- you can -- i think come down to more eq than iq. more how you connect emotionally than intellectually. but it's how people at home look at that and say, yeah, could see him or her being president. how does he play that there? >> i think he is going to play
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about nine inches taller, more confident, and he is definitely going to be looser. she is tight. she is playing defense and he is playing offense. and you can't win this game, a we do bait game, playing just defense. and that is what she is on. she hey has been on that for the last three weeks. he doesn't have a crisis. it's business as usual. get attention, win people over, and keep that tv camera in my face. >> all right. but he is also this idea comfortable in your skin, whether you like that person or not they both have high negatives and both can get angry. they have to keep that in check, right? >> i think he is going to crush her in the debates, biffle the way. >> really. >> i think he's going to shot everybody. i'm going to see him tonight in miami and have dinner with him on monday. the guy is cool as a cucumber and people don't understand it rolls off his back -- >> he is not going to try to outwonk her and she is not going to try to outstyle him.
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it comes across history more comfortable in their own shoes. >> no matter what he does he will not shock america, anything she does, anything she does. she is a politician will shock mrs.. >> do you think she sets the stage for this by vilifying him to such a great, such a hateful human being, that's if he comes across as presentable and is breathing, and he doesn't get upset, he wins. >> i think you're right. and i don't know why she is talking about the birther thing, or any of the democrats are because he is like, i'm done with it. why are we still talking about it? who cares -- >> galvanized her base. >> but they're already galvan nied. the problem is will they go vote and i doubt they will because nobody likes her. the gave that sleeps her -- used to sleep with her doesn't like -- >> don't go there. >> if had to. be on sedessed with your health enough. it's time.
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>> there i'll agree with. i'm having oatmeal. be obsessed or be average is the book. we'll have to say in these debates. let's look at what is going on, wall and broad. a wide, whacky week but we really didn't move much. in fact the week ended also it began so if donald trump or hillary clinton in their little soap opera back and forth was scaring these guys they have a very, very funny way of showing it. jack welch, we just talk to him for also while here and he has been out of ge for a long time. a couple of decades. do you know he still moves the needle and john kashich, one of those who was not really following -- jack's advice to just grin and bear it and deal with donald trump, kashich wouldn't. and for a while today kashich was an imagine mary president -- imaginary president of the united states.
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almost this survey presidential election. if we hat draft of drafted a movie script.everything that would be happening on both side's their who process they would have thrown us out of their offices, out in hollywooding because they would have said this is a fiction that goes well beyond any fiction that would be acceptable. >> i saw that briefly today. very tired. a tiresome week. it's the way i roll. but i watched and said, my god, kashich became president of the united states. he was visiting the white house today, to push for that tpp trade deal that the traps pacific partner -- transpacific partnership deed, it ain't going to happen, and a lot of them were of the opinion donald trump is why. hillary clinton is why. they deposit like the deal so
1:17 pm
going nowhere fast. but remember, kashich is in the group of republicans, the no-trumpers who are not backing trump. have no intention to. and ted cruz would be among them, obviously. i spoke to jack welch about that just yesterday. and he kept pounding the theme, guys, get over it. take a look. >> what do you think first about how ted cruz handled the conviction didn't get a chance to talk with you. was home. what do you make of that. >> i didn't like it. didn't like him taking the pledge and then walking away. now, he was obviously piqued by the comments trump made about his wife so i can understand some reaction to that, put he made a pledge, as did -- >> to support the nominee. >> support the nominee and then disappointed and they back away from it. >> would you think twice about ever supporting cruz again? >> i'd think twice about it. >> all right. da anyone says get onboard, ashley says -- the last standing
1:18 pm
no-trumper on this planet. ashley, what do you human being of what jack welch is saying. got move on. >> i understand that argument. i have friends who were in that never-trump and did not like him category during the primary and still even into his nomination but then they jumped onboard there are some that still haven't and there are thankfully a lot of republicans throughout who can't get a feel for what a donald trump presidency would look like. based upon comments he said, based upon people he has brought in, and, look, there is a noticeable shift in his cam pin right -- campaign right now but the problem is can he deliver on the things he has said? some things he said are very concerning and i think some for 0 of these republicans, that remain never trump, they've don't know what -- >> fair enough, fair enough. you're saying they have to get over it, janine. >> there's a lot of sour grapes between kashich and cruz, and i
1:19 pm
think they're alves being a bit selfish because they're not think about their own con city tunes in texas and ohio. texas you have to think about the energy grid. can you mam what hillary clinton's continued war on fossil fuels will do to our energy and our country. and also look at with ohio -- >> your argument -- i just want to be clear you. don't necessarily flip donald trump but certainly a better alternative that hillary clinton >> ashley you have serious reservations about donald trump and about hillary clinton, but could you actually see yourself pulling the lever for her or is your view, i think -- i'm not going to vote, on to the top of the ticket. >> at this point i'm not voting top to the ticket and i know people take issue with that but i think there are good conservative races to vote for downticket that make me more comfortable with voting, voting
1:20 pm
on principle and con she is chills what ted cruz talked about, for him that outweighs any political gain. feel like it pays off to know you're voting for something that you believe in. and, yes, there are principle conservative thoughts who feel as though a vote for donald trump is sim la to voting for hillary clinton because of the same alert of ins. >> even with the economic plan he announced this week, with tax cuts. did that close the deal for the doubters or no? >> listen, lower taxes, getting away with -- doingway the death tax, moratorium on the regulations and the fossil fuel industry, also have to consider the supreme court. that would be years and years down the road. if hillary clinton gets an office and is able to pick who the next supreme court justice could be. so, there are a lot of things that will not be able to be turned around in our country. looking at years and years town the road with hillary clinton. we know what we're getting. with donald trump at least he is
1:21 pm
someone we can work with and move him in the right direction -- >> ashley, -- fir enough, aley, final word. >> i want to say one thing when it comes to the economics piece. a great let put out this blueprint when when he talks be this childcare policy, if a democrat said they would well woo all pooh-pooh that as republicans. so that's a real concern here. will he move -- >> just like my husband, i don't agree with everything he says, e. >> don't get into marital politics. by the way -- >> good to see you. >> hillary clinton just arrived for a jimmy fallon taping which will air on monday. very important venue, fallon messing up trump's hair last night proved it can help. and can you explain to me why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing?
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i mean, i have my trump hedge on. the in the event donald wins hey know doubt in any mind the market tanks. >> i know mark and the problem with mark he is not smart enough to understand what he is doing. not smart enough to understand what is going on. >> all right. billionaires going at each other because of stuff that kind of starts here on fox business. gary, good brian, and capri, the ohio state senator. senator, this battle back and forth between these guys, what too you think? >> i think, frankly, this is pretty ridiculous. this is an election for president of the united states of america. the most -- >> wait a minute. the white house. >> last time i checked i'm pretty sure this is actually for the white house, and the fact that we're having a conversation --
1:26 pm
>> you alerted me. >> i'm shocked as well. but the fact that we're actually having a serious conversation here at 4:25 in the afternoon, only six or eight weeks before the election about two guys that are going back and forth like robbing insults is ridiculous. heard that apparently cuban said he wants trump to come on shark tank and basically be grilled by the shark tank folks. really -- theirs is the president of the united states. >> he loves your candidate, loves hillary clinton. but i understand where you're coming from. seems a little childish. gary, the one thing i do notice here is that this back and forth between those who are clinton enthuse justs so it's about who has the most in this case street cred, whose numbers matter the most, donald trump says his economic plan proves his do, hillary clinton says she hey this cred because she found a
1:27 pm
way identify are foe programs. >> first off, neil, we're 20 trillion in debt already. 9 trillion over eight years, more. her and 0 derivatives in the system than ole and bubbles all over the place. if the market is going head down is a because of what already happen, not because of donald trump or hillary clinton. where i stand is lower taxes, less regulations and get the heck out of the way of business and the consumer. that always works for the economy longer term and that where i go. >> how do you explain, mark, lock agent this from your professorial smarts to see what effect the markets are telling us either candidate might have. very volatile this week. the one thing i have noticed it the more the poll numbers improve for donald trump, the more sanguine they seem to be. in other words, not to that cuban their riff the markets would sell off on the prospect of winning. >> i think market actors are
1:28 pm
paying attention to so much more than the presidential race. so say the markets are going to traffic because trump or clinton is elected is shorting are sighted. mark has had time to adjust to this. whatever policies are proposed, will have to go through congress and it's very up like live you'll see everything they're talking about here. so there's really to way cuban can talk about a sustainable, long-term decline in the market just because trump is elected. >> do you get a sense -- maybe we assign too much importance to the actor kneeholes but they do move on whether that potential occupant is going to be more revolutionary than evolutionary. ronald reagan evolutionary. presidents since more evolution area. i don't know -- old enough to remember to that were skittishes over reagan over his big tax cut plans which were okay. >> i think as my colleague just indicate thread are so many other factors involved.
1:29 pm
do not purr poet to be an economist, certainly nor. a i an expert on market fluctuation, but certainly markets do react to certainty and uncertainty, and so when there is a hesitation and a lack of understanding whether it is the complexities of one's policy proposals, whether it is really knowing, for example, what donald trump may do in regards to appointments to the federal reserve, there are a number of different factors in play, and they -- some of them have to go through congress. like any tax plan, for example, big conversations from donald trump regarding regulatory reform? can they'llly happen? which we have a clearer pick tier on the reality -- >> they have to take everybody with the -- such an overwhelming victory to have an overwhelming difference. it just depends. >> sometimes thetively you know is better than the devil you don't. >> thank you very much.
1:30 pm
donald trump is landing in miami, florida, right now. he -- that's a state where he has broken out into a lead when he was down to double digits. how this birther stuff will affect those poll numbers is anyone's guess. he has been able to survive controversies in the past right now the clinton folks are trying to make the whole medical thing with her a memory and now hoping they can make donald trump's overall numbers look sake. we shall sigh because this occurs on the same day harry reid is entering the race in a not so friendly way. stick around.
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. charlie daniels is here. when i chatted women him eight years ago and had really hideous hair he was telling me he was jazzed. he is not jazzed now. well, jazzed to be here. i'll explain.
1:34 pm
i'm telling you, mia bias is alive and well. the story of two different sound bites that got very different media reaction. this one you might recall from a 2009 president obama speech before congress. a certain congressman, joe wilson, yelling. listen. >> the reforms, at the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are hear illegally. >> you lie! >> boo!
1:35 pm
>> not true. >> all right. "you lie" everyone ripped him a new one. now listen to something from harry reid just yesterday. >> trump is a human leech who will bleed the country and sit it's his golf resort and laughing at the money he has made even though working people have been -- many have been hurt in real life. >> fortunately i have that media reaction. not saying anything. where is the media outcry? if you're going criticize one, you got to criticize nip anyone who says that kind of stuff or does that kind of stuff, or do you. brent bowsell, it ain't right, brent. >> the preceding sentence to the quote you ran had harry reid calling him a swindler, a
1:36 pm
spoiled brat who is swindling people. >> if someone called -- in the well of the senate or the house, a swindler, a liar, a president obama -- my gosh, but i digress. go ahead. >> and by the way, this is the same harry reid in 2012 accused mitt romney of not paying taxes for ten years, and here's another funny. i didn't know this but you know that there's a law that says that you can't be sued for defamation if you're speaking inside the well of the senate? if you're going across the street and given that speech might have gotten sued for defamation. interesting tidbit. the joe wilson comment, there were gazillion stores about how improper it was to use one word, in the congress so we looked to see -- we spent all night covering this one to see -- to try toy add up the total amount
1:37 pm
of time given to the harry reid flap in the face. ten second. >> incredible. and i would have -- >> the left of the right -- look, itself you're going to make a big deal of joe wilson, got joe wilson to apologize and this guy is saying something far, far worse about a presidential candidate, wow. >> not one second of it was critical. and this morning he was asked about it on cnn, and he didn't walk it bat back at all. this is the arrogance of the left. they do this because the know they can because if it isn't fox calling that, who is going to call them out? they know that nbc, cbs, abc, have got a dual set of standards here. >> if you criticize or interrupt hillary clinton there's hell to pay, matt lauer knows best.
1:38 pm
>> neil, just imagine, just imagine for one minute, mitchell mcconnell calling hillary clinton a human leech? >> oh, man. i want to prove another point to you here. even with all the controversy going on with the pneumonia and everything else, and how deplorables comment, this was the line of questioning, hillary clinton was getting, yesterday. i want you to just see a smattering of this. >> what are you doing? how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. thank you so much. >> how about -- what have you been doing? >> i'ing talk about that later. >> that's tonight after the newscast. >> i really am. madam secretary, however, is coming back. so that something to look forward to. >> i actually get a big kick out of it. >> all right. i guess the viewing habits are important comments, donald trump
1:39 pm
wouldn't get those kind of questions. >> then people's right to know. it's pathetic. it's gotten to the point where it's just pathetic. they're not going to ask her anything serious, although there are all manner, all manner of controversies swirling all around her, and you just showed the questions she is being asked. >> you know, there are lot of people are going to say the media is going to go off overall donald trump for the birker thing, and go ahead, have a field day, but i just say, again and again, just when you think the media is going to do that. it's constant proof there's more hell to pay whenoes that and gets aggressive with a democratic one than with a republican one. >> and, neil, when matt lauer asks one tough question of hillary clinton, it's like -- they come out of the woodwork. >> there is that. wild stuff, brent, thank you very much.
1:40 pm
but i mean, i don't know, guy itch don't know. do know this. when charlie daniels comes here a lot of people pay attention. and when i-i had the pleasure of being with him eight years ago at a convention. i didn't cover the convention and charlie didn't go. which could explain why this man is about to be induct bed the country musician hall of fame so chagrined about the state of, well, the convenings. and politics. he is next. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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energy lives here. siriusxm's free listening event that's might be over,ckin'. but now you can turn us back on with packages starting at $5.99 a month, plus fees. just call 855-874-7743 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪ so call 855-874-7743 or visit to turn us back on. and up. welcome back. you know there was a time when charlie daniels was keen on the entire republican field, a very late convert to donald trump but a grudging one. i'm not saying a never trumper but the country music legend is about to by inducted into to
1:44 pm
country music hall of fame had his doubts. he wries on this stuff. he wrote that not too long ago, regardless of your impression of trump you cannot ignore hill him, which is more than i sack aof both candidates. try to remember how many things you can remember that have been said by the other republican candidates. now see how many you can remember what trump said you may or may mott -- not like the guy but other candidates can learn a thing or two from him. charlie academies with us -- charlie daniels with us now. you still soon describing to that, say what you will, the guy moves the needle? >> well, yaw, i'm a showman. i pay tension to that guy's stuff. >> why does that matter? hillary clinton was saying i'm not an entertainer, embracing her inner wonk. barack obama hail that quality about her and saying america will because we adopt want a
1:45 pm
showman. >> i think anybody that stands out, ifover -- if you're different, certainly in my business, that's a good thing. if you tenant -- want to attract difference, just be different and this guy is different. >> democrats now are seize opening the birther reversal of his, he can't be trusted. even conservatives were talking i up his economic plan and he u you cust truck him and meg whit union saying i'm a hillary person. >> i think that the birther thing is a tempest in a tea pot, nothing new. don't think the election is going to go one way or the other
1:46 pm
bailed on that. >> why do you think he even raised it, then, if it was done and people are cynical and saying you never really believed this in the first place, and now you're taking it back. should he just have left it alone? >> i don't know. i think each side is kind of 0 -- i have seen each side do crazy things that i didn't figure were very significant put that politics. but to me, this is -- when they bring this up to me, it seems like old news, like yesterday's news. don't pay any attention to it. wonder how many people actually do. i don't think it's going to change any died in the wool voters' maintain on either side. it's a waste of time and makes me wonder if that's the biggest issue, wife would they send so much time on this issue?
1:47 pm
>> it's a fair point. we'll see if it resonates. charlie, we chatted about this before at the convention in 2008, i think it was. we both looked identical, the same, pretty much. you had the hat. and at the time we were looking to see if there was one my size and you found one. so few slay to you. >> yes, we did. >> but my head being bigger than yours. we chat then about hollywood or stars, big stars, maybe it's different in the country music arena -- all gravitate to democratic candidates. you've did not and do not. i wonder why that is. >> well, a lot of things the democratic party stands for i am not for. i am -- i'm antiabortion. i'm a christian and feel like
1:48 pm
the parts of not all the democratic part but part of the party just kind of let down the christian faith. i don't feel it's very well held. a lot of thing they'd stand for i used to identify myself as a democratic but the party just walked away from me and there's stuff the republican party does i don't like, either, for that matter. but it seems i find more stuff on the democratic side are things i don't like. but in this state election, i vote a split ticket. if a person is democrat, i'll vote for them, yeah. >> we last talked -- >> i don't care about party. >> you said there's a lot of like about democrats and a lot of i like about republican. i'm wondering if donald trump were to be elected president of the united states, would you be singing or at any one of the inaugural balls? do you do that sort of thing or what? >> no. probably not. haven't done that in a long time. i did -- we played jimmy
1:49 pm
carter's inaugural balls. you were just a baby at that time. >> i wasn't even born. >> but i haven't done that in a long time. probably not. but i don't publicly endorse political candidates per se. have my own opinions and write about them but don't tell somebody to vote for somebody. would love to see the major party electorate turn out in this election and hope itself will because it's a very important one. whoever they vote for. wish everybody would get out and vote. >> ray agree with you. >> if you don't vote, don't bitch. >> you're going to be 80 next month and -- >> i will be 80 the 20th of october. >> could i ask you what took you so long to ghetto toe the country music hall of fame? >> i don't really know. that's one you don't dream about. that happens after you're dead
1:50 pm
and gone. i i'm just glad it helped when i'm alive and still extreme honored by this thing. have not learned -- >> you should be. >> thank you very much. >> you should be. >> i'm deeply honored. thank you very much. >> you're the original article. and democrats or republicans, love your remusic. you transcend all of that. >> thank you. all right. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right.
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cha cure cancer million? far off. liver disease treatment. that by voting yes on prop 61 - costs. dollars pass. don't let that happen. it - because one day it might.
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all right. this from a while ago. hillary clinton is doing a retape as they call. -- pretape as they call it, airing with jimmy fallon monday. this after donald trump was on last night, and jimmy fallon was tugging on his hair. these are the venues, my friends. whether it's dr. oz or what have you. frank luntz says they do have
1:54 pm
their value. frank follows this closely, knows the power of connecting in ways that are not traditional for candidates. how does this help either candidate, frank? >> it humanizes them. go back to when bill clinton played the saxophone on the "arsenio hall show." that boosted him significantly among 18 to 2-year-old. it's not traditional. people over age 60 don't like it. this the end, the undecided and the swing voter, they're 18 to 34, and they love to their candidates let their hair down. >> and we tend to when we look at debates, for example, we tend to judge them differently. i'm not saying quite like this, but -- how they connect with us on an emotional not just intellectual level, right? >> i've stopped asking the question who won the debate because that's not what really matters. the question is who moved you, who connected with you? who -- who -- >> how did jfk out kind of e.q.
1:55 pm
richard nixon? >> that was easy -- >> people listening thought nixon won. people who saw it thought kennedy won. >> just look at the two of them. who would you rather have a meal with? who would you rather hang out with? kennedy was not only attractive but came across as presidential. nixon was sweating through the entire things. and voters looked at the two and decided this is the person that i wanted in my living room for the next four years. >> it is a tryout for the my guy, in kennedy's case that was definitely in 1960. i want to fast forward to carter-reagan. that was one and done, right? all reagan had to prove was that she could share the stage with the guy. did it work? >> it worked. let me give you the statistics. on the night of that debate, jimmy carter had pulled ahead by one point in the gallup polls. the debate was thursday night. the election was the following tuesday. ronald reagan won by nine points. it was actually the single-most impactful debate of our lives.
1:56 pm
this one that's going to happen on september 26th, mark my words, 75 million people are going to watch. this thing is going to be a barn-buster. >> let's go forward to george bush and al gore. and a lot of people felt on substance gore was winning. but on style, bush was. what does that mean? >> it means that we don't necessarily vote on who's got the most facts, who knows the statistics. even details are less important than the person that we agree with. the other things that if you remember in the first debate, gore was sighing. he was -- ha, he was complaining the whole time. bush looked presidential. he carried himself in a strong, commanding demeanor. and the public just didn't want a whiner in chief. they wanted somebody who was tough. >> all right. it helps to have low expectations going in if you can. >> and i don't think anyone will have low expectations than donald trump. this -- i think this debate will be closest to what happened in 2000 with bush and gore. >> fascinating.
1:57 pm
as you always are, frank, thank you very much. frank luntz. >> a pleasure. chbls we told you at the beginning of the show that gary johnson won't get a first chance at a debate on the stage. he will be with us on monday to talk about maybe the second debate. we'll see you then. but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacr their son in war. how would you answer that father?
1:58 pm
what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, but i can't imagine doing anything else. now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hopping on the train, running all over portland. i have to go wherever the work is. trains with innovative siemens technology help keep cities moving,
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hello, everyone. i'm with ebony williams, eric bolling, megan mccain, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "9 fi the five." >> the obama birther controversy was reborn yesterday. it was buried for good today? this morning, hillary clinton pounced on the opportunity to tear into donald trump for declining to tell the "washington post" where he stands on the president's citizenship now. >> for five years he has led the birther movement to


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