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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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watters isn't alive anymore we'll bring someone else in to sub for him. i don't want to miss it. thanks for watching. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, one of the most dramatic media moments in donald trump's run for the white house and that's saying something. this morning ended with a 40-second sound bite and touched off a day of political fallout that has not stopped yet. welcome to the kelly file everyone, i'm megyn kelly. after five years of raising questions about exactly where president barack obama may have been born donald trump yesterday declared he would finally put the issue to rest. first he announced a news conference then his campaign followed up with a written statement, trump hit the early news shows promising a major announcement. and by 10:00 a.m. this morning,
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all of the nation's major media outlets were breathlessly gathered awaiting the candidate's comments. at 11:03 a.m. an hour after the event was supposed to begin, out walked trump, surrounded by a group of veterans who proveeded to take the microphone in terms praising mr. trump's commitment to the military. some 90 minutes after the start of nonstop live coverage by all of the cable nets we finally got to hear more about what is known now as the birther issue. watch. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states period.
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now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> as short as this was, there's a lot to unpack from it. including reactions from republicans, democrats and the white house, along with trump's history on this issue and that of mrs. clinton. and we have a powerful lineup for you this evening, including governor mike huckabee bill bennett, mark mckinnon and mark halprin. but first we go to trace gallagher in the west coast newsroom to walk us through how we got to this moment. trace? >> from our research it appears that donald trump first dipped his toe in the birther issue in 2011 when he was considering running for president in 2012. he told cpac quote our current president came out of nowhere.
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the people who went to school with him, they never saw him. they don't know who he is. it's crazy. a month later he told bill o'reilly that president obama doesn't have a birth certificate and later told nbc news that he was sending a team of investigators to hawaii to investigate. in april of 2011 president obama who had already released a short form birth certificate in 2008 decided to release the long form saying it was time to put the issue to rest. and even though the trump campaign is now taking credit for president obama releasing his long form in 2011 donald trump continued for years to claim that obama was not a u.s. citizen. as late as the summer of 2015 trump said he didn't know if obama was born in the u.s. the trump campaign also blames hillary clinton for raising the birther issue in the first place during her 2008 campaign, referring to this interview on "60 minutes" when asked if she
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thought barack obama was muslim. watch. >> you said you take senator obama at his word that he's a muslim. >> no. >> you don't believe he's a muslim? >> no. there is nothing to base that on as far as i know. >> even though fact check organizations say clinton didn't start the birther issue, they acknowledge that her "60 minutes" interview fanned the flames. and her sunters in 2008 did propagate it. today hillary clinton said this. >> for five years he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. >> and some political analysts believe it's too late for trump to talk his way out of birtherism a washington postop ed reads in part quote, while avoiding accountability for the act of feeding the conspiracy in the first place and while continuing to wink at the
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deplorables in his base by signaling that their birtherism is not just perfectly acceptable but admirable. so despite saying president obama was born in the u.s. period the story continues. megyn. >> trace, thank you. in the meantime mrs. clinton today says there is no erasing the birther issue for donald trump even if he says it's behind him. within a couple of hours of her remarks, the congressional black caucus came out to sunt her argument. watch this. >> this is a disgusting day. donald trump is a disgusting fraud. >> we've had enough and we're not going to take it anymore. we will not elect a cheep bigot. >> one of the things that we all are used to in this business is dog whistles. but the thing that we're not used to and i'm finding it very difficult to get used to are
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the howls of wolves. >> joining me now to respond, donald trump supporter and fox news contributor governor mike huckabee. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> it's fascinating to watch this unfold today because our folks, our friends on the the other networks said no way did he put this to bed today and said every statement he said today was a lie. your thoughts. >> well first of all, i think the media got just totally bamboozled and they hate it. >> they got punked. >> they totally got punked and they can't stand it. they're going to use all of the resources they have to do what they were going to do anyway. if dump said i love the media, they're great and i'm going to apologize to everyone starting with the new york phone book do you think they're going to treat him differently? >> they're irritated because he played it unsaying he's going to be a presser, it doesn't presser it was three minutes and he left and didn't take the media with
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him. but they were irritated with him. but then they also were questioning the accuracy of what he said. >> but they're always irritated at him. let's keep in mind it was this week that the media had the lowest approval numbers in the history of polling. >> but what about the claims that he made that she started it but he finished it. we happen to have some information about hillary clinton that you're not going to hear on some of the other networks and we're going to get to that in a moment. it's not necessarily clear that she has nothing to do with it as her defenders are claiming but he didn't quote start it. and donald trump was very much the person hold the flag on this one, was he not? >> i don't know that he started it. there were a lot of things out there. i remember bill clinton saying -- >> i'm not saying trump started it but he held the flag on it. and she accused him of founding his campaign on it. he did make a huge issue out of this in 201 and 2012. >> at that time donald trump was not a politician not a
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political candidate. hillary clinton and bill clinton, they both were. >> i have you here as a trump surrogate. i'm going to get to richard fowler next after you. trump made a huge issue after this. and even after he claims he put it to bed hen he got barack obama to release the long form birth certificate proving he was born in hawaii he kept it up. we have all of the tweets in 2012 where he keeps going on and on. september 2012 obama birth certificate is a fake. august 2012 sources call called my office telling me barack obama's birth certificate is a fraud. all the way to january of this year. >> i'm not going to deny that donald trump made a lot of questions about his birth certificate. but, you know, hearre's a question. maybe you can raise it to richard because richard is going to be foaming at the mouth. i like richard. he's a friend. but let me ask you something.
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when you watch the black caucus as i did they repeatedly said donald trump is a bill government he's a racist he's been a racist all of his life. what evidence is that? there's none. >> they believe the attempted delegitimize the first black president is in itself bigoted and racist. >> if they can prove what he was saying is because he was black then they've goat an point. >> the suggestion is that he was born in kenya, not born in america. that's where they bring the race? >> to say that he's a racist and a bigot, that's nonsense. there's an old rule all is fair in love and war and politics. this is not all that unusual. when i hear the people who are against donald trump, whether it's hillary or the caucus or whoever it is, or the media, but then again i repeat myself it sounds like they're sucking from the same helium balloon because they all have the same shrill
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voice and say the exact same words, as if they're reading a script. >> got to go. great to see you. while the clinton camp has spent 24 hours attacking trump on this issue, that strategy does have some risk. you would not know it to watch some of the other channels today but we're going to get to this in a minute. this morning mrs. clinton treated out president obama's successor cannot be the one who led the birther movement. and that got the response from the former washington bureau chief who wrote, so why did your man sid blumenthal spread the obama birther movement to me in 2008 asking us to investigate. remember? joining me now, sean yr fellow at the new leaders council, richard fowler. how about that richard. the former head of the news service saying her top guy, sid blumenthal came to him and said he wasn't born here.
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go investigate it. >> to use your words breaking tonight. we've learned something new that we've known for seven years. president barack obama is an american. it's astonishing. it's eye popping. it's shocking. >> we know that. donald trump has come to terms with that which we'll talk about in a second. but i'm starting with you as to whether hillary is as squeaky clean on this as she would have us believe. >> politico released a -- >> they didn't cover sid blumenthal. >> what we found in the report was that there was some folks -- the name of the group is called pew puma. they were democrats. they were not going to get in line and they posted a picture of the president in muslim gashrb. >> sid blumenthal is connected to hillary clinton. that's her top aid.
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her guy. her right-hand man. >> but this former reporter who i don't know this has not been fact checked. nobody knows who this guy is. clearly they're former that says something about it him, right? >> no it doesn't. >> i take this with a grain of salt. at the end of the day we know the president is born in america. we've known for the past seven years that donald trump has pushed this crazy conspiracy theory to benefit himself and his gold plated new hotel down the street from the studio. >> you heard mike huckabee say you cannot come out and denounce the man as a bigot based on the birtherism we've seen. >> well here's the thing. if donald trump is trying to get the african-american vote which right now he habz 5%, he's going -- >> he's at 25% in south carolina for the record. >> democrats are not going to win south carolina regardless. he can have that.
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right? the truth of the matter ild trump to get the african-american vote what he should have done is go out and apologize to the american people for perpetuating this fraud and he did not. he pimped the media beyond belief right? and he's not going to get black voters. he's saying to black people i really don't care about you even though i want you to quote unquote give me a chance. i'm going to push the rhetoric not talking about solutions for your community. african-americans need to go out and not necessarily vote for hillary clinton but you should at least vote against donald trump. and hillary clinton's campaign has got to be focused on turning out black voters. >> they're paying attention. >> got to be. >> richard, great to see you. donald trump cuts into clinton's lead in another key state and chris is next on what we're see in the numbers before bill bennett joins us on what to expect next 37 but the media circuit that broke out when word
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well just 53 days to go until the 2016 election and new polls out this week suggest the race is growing tighter by the day. tonight another state to add to the list of key territories where donald trump is gaining ground. in michigan trump trails clinton by just three points. 35% to clinton's 38%. that is quite a shift from just last month when trump faced an 11-point deficit. this poll out of ohio has trump up by 3. the third ohio poll in two days with trump in the lead. joining me now were chris stier walt. here goes michigan a state that is expected to vote democratic that typically votes democrat and it's down to three now.
6:19 pm
something huge happened in the past seven days nap's the bottom line. just one week ago she was in a great position seven days later she's got to be crying in her soup. >> well we have not an unprecedented -- i would say it would be an unprecedented collapse for hillary clinton east poll numbers except for the fact she's done it before. if you look at her trajectory line over the arc of the this election he goes along and then boom and she hits these speed bumps and falls apart. >> what did she do? was it basket of deplorables, was it the collapse at the ceremony. >> we see a slight strengthening in trump's numbers, he's up in michigan and ohio. a couple fou points here and there. but what you see that makes the race closer is she's falling apart. and i would say this has to do with the health problems and the lying about the health problems and then before that you had
6:20 pm
this nation of news about e-mails but also about funny business with the clinton foundation. so she's had a drum beat of negative stories and things that really reinforce the things that people like least about her and her husband and their family. >> trump has rebounded in ohio and how. he's right there in florida as well. north carolina has tightened significantly. if he gets those three, does he need pennsylvania? does he need virginia? colorado is tightening too. >> if he can't have virginia and colorado he will need pennsylvania or something else big. we'd like at nevada iowa and minnesota. >> he's winning in iowa by a lot right now. >> iowa looks good for him. massive white population and a lot of older white voters without college degrees. this is the trump demographic that works well for him. there are a lot of those voters in michigan. that's why the map could look different. but i would point you to this.
6:21 pm
when we look at these numbers, probably the most striking thing is how few people, relatively speaking are expressing a preference for these candidates. four years ago at this point when our fox news poll was in the field we found 10% of people either had no opinion or were voting for a minor party candidate. it's doubled that this time around. one in five voters does not express support for either of the two major party candidates. that means there's still a lot of snap left in the line here and it's going to be exciting. >> what makes you think before i let you go that they're going to vote at all? >> this is -- you asked the perfect question. we have no idea whether people who say they can't be bothered to choose between the chicken entree or the fish entree whether they're going to order at all or leave the banquet hall hungry. >> they're going to hit the martinis. bill bennett, former secretary
6:22 pm
of education. great to see you. >> martinis my lead-in. >> you don't like the chicken or the fish. was it bath basket full of deplorables, was it the collapse at 9/11. in seven days we've had a complete reversal in the race. >> i think the onion skin started to come off, the peeling started to come off, we started to see the real hillary. and yeah it was the deplorables. by the way, i am ph.d. plorable leading a group of ph.d.s for trump. any way, that didn't help. and then of course the e-mail stuff. everything chris mentioned. but another factor, colin powell a long time friend of the clintons ripped into her, talking about her unbridled ambition her greed, i won't
6:23 pm
mention the bimbos running around the house, but the fact the she is not a transformational figure. she sounded very shrill and very angry talking about trump and zen phobic homophobic racist and so on. this is the angry mrs. clinton that people find so unattractive. so that -- then the collapse. then the collapse. >> angry but also she was accused of sounding quite elitist in those comments. >> yes, no question. >> i realize she tried to quantify it saying not all trump supporters but at least half of them. if you're a trump supporter you assume she's putting you in that half and it's aoffense i. >> that's right. he was making mention of her wellesley degree and yale law school not a good idea particularly when you're putting down other people. >> trump is constantly mentioning his wharton degree. he can get away with certain things and has been from the beginning. let me ask you this. so if you're advising trump
6:24 pm
right now, you got 53 days left just do what do you say? >> just do what you have been doing, hitting the themes going to the communities, talk about education. i think you'll hear more about that. talk about the economy, talk about wh her plan is what is her plan why do we want eight more years of obama. here's the irony. i wonder if she will get to him and he will come apart. she seemts to be the one coming apart. >> you don't think trump needs to go big, just slow and steady at this point. if you're advising her, what do you tell her to do? >> become another person. it's not -- >> that's not helpful. >> -- easy. but sooner or later that tv camera those interviews are x-rays and they see into the soul and american people are seeing something they don't like very much megyn. >> you are officially not going to get hired by the clinton camp. >> let's have a martini.
6:25 pm
>> great to see you. >> not their next secretary of education. >> no no definitely not. well after weeks of uncomfortable questions about the clinton foundation former president bill clinton has tonight chosen to lead a big dollar bash collecting up to $250,000 a head in what we're told is a big fundraiser for the clinton foundation. the last one, though they say, the last one before the election. i'm sure it will have no effect on the clintons. howie kurtz and rich lowrie are here on how mrs. clinton might handle the first big debate now that she's used up some of her best attacks already. they're next. >> a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. people say let's just get a sandwich or something.
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now get 20 percent off msrp cash allowance for an average of $6,400 in savings on select 2016 journey crossroad models in dealer stock. . live from america's news head yaurters the fbi and u.s. capitol police charging a man from tennessee for threatening to kill u.s. lawmakers. the man sent e-mails and videos threatening to open up fire on a federal building in honolulu. and a florida man who
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finally got in george zimmerman's truck has been convicted of second degree murder. he argued he fired his gun in self-defense but prosecutors claimed zimmerman's truck had tinted windows which were rolled up during the understand accident. zimmerman was acquitted three years ago in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin, an unarmed black man. now back to "the kelly file." we are ten days out now from the very first presidential debate. it's exciting. and with trump closing the gap in the polls, some political writers are starting to ask whether mrs. clinton has used up her best attacks when it comes to donald trump. take a look. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. he wants to divide us from the rest of the world and each other. trump is reinforcing harmful
6:31 pm
stereotypes and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with s. a man with a long history of racial discrimination who traffics in dark conspiracy theories -- >> he is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander in chief. >> turning now, two of the folks asking this question howie kurtz and rich lowrie editor of the national review and a fox news contributor. good to see you both. >> hi megyn. >> so that is a question. i mean it's a question going after trump in general. there's so much, you know he just constantly is doing something controversial. but is there anything left for her to say? >> she's fired all of her nuclear war heads, called him a
6:32 pm
bigot, a shady businessman, a fear monger, a conspiracy theorist. all she's got left is pop guns and sling shots. this was the danger of hillary clinton, a rick of building so much of her campaign around demonizing donald trump, he's done the same thing against crooked hillary. >> and yet those audiences get -- that's going to get record numbers, rich. i mean the presidential debate is going to have an audience that hasn't heard all of these attacks attacks. people live their lives. they don't pay as close attention as we might think. >> the audience is going to be enormous and arguably is going to be the most momentous debate. i'm with howie. there's sense to what hillary has tried to do in the campaign which is disqualify donald trump as this dangerous madman. the problem is that creates a
6:33 pm
really low bar for donald trump to get over. one of the reason that the polls have closed the last month is when donald trump shows up uses a reasonable tone of voice, gives a serious speech goes to a venue that's new and interesting, not a rally, it shows he's not a dangerous madman and it falsifies the entire line of attack. if he can carry that off in the debate there's some chance that the race flips and the advantage goes to donald trump. >> there was an article out today in politico talking about these are five factors that could lead to trump's downfall saying look everything has gone his way recently. he's still not ahead, saying the cable and the tv networks are going to come off him like nobody's business. >> well this race isn't over in trump's favor any more than it was over in hillary's favor a month ago and a lot of people were speculating who she would have in her cabinet. she still has the built-in electoral college advantage.
6:34 pm
that will help. rich makes a good point which is now donald trump has a lower bar to clear in terms of debates. a lot of people who might be expecting him to be attacking crooked hillary might see a more sober figure if she chooses to go that way. i hi hillary clinton has to fashion an appeal to the white working clas voters who are tempted by the trump brand. she has to offer them something about improving their lives. but when she talks about policy he's kind of boring. she doesn't have the showmanship. >> for months and months we've heard about how trump needs to pivot, can he pivot. he's pivoted. now hillary clinton needs to pivot. she needs to do things that are original interesting and unexpected. i think it would have been great for her when she was feeling better to stand up in front of the press, do an hour and a half press conference on my health. that's all i want. i'm going to answer every single question. i'm going to release every record.
6:35 pm
that would have been completely unexpected. it would have created a sense of openness we have never seen from her. or instead of having the clinton foundation bash for bill's birthday come out and say i get the doubts of the foundation no one with the name of clinton is going to have anything to do with this foundation beginning right now. >> why would you fuel any of the fires. it's almost like she's walking around with two iphones again. >> right. >> don't you understand? >> she's banking on she can continue to grind this out in a conventional way. and maybe she can. but it's a big risk now. and we don't know if she's hit bottom yet. >> she's such a cautious candidate it's hard for her to be herself because she feels lake she will be hammered. >> this is one of the things they worried about in team clinton, going up against donald trump. good to see you both. up next as rich just mentioned, after weeks of questions about quote pay for
6:36 pm
play involving the clinton foundation and hillary, that foundation is holding what it says will be its very last big bash before the election. is this a good idea? we'll take a look at the possible fallout. plus the circuit producers with mark mckinnon and mark halprin are here and next about what the cameras found at chap kwau this week. >> just one week ago hillary clinton was getting points for letting the press in getting closer and now we're going back in the other direction again. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. remember here at ally, nothing stops
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in the wek since a cell phone camera caught hillary clinton collapsing her campaign has taken hits over how it try to manage the media. cameras from the show time sere ruse "the circus" travelled to the clinton compound in
6:41 pm
chappaqua new york. what they found gist you behind the scenes insights on the media and the clintons. watch this. >> this is the press pool. we're responsible for reporting any news that occurs here. this is what they have to do. they got to sit here all day just in case, you know a doctor comes out with some news. the press used to be able to get up close to the house. now they have barricades up so that traffic can't even drive up the street. >> we're on the street. not on her property. >> i don't want to go into semantics with you folks. i'm trying to be civil about it. >> can you talk to your bosses? we got to do our job too. >> i understand. >> you want to send on the black top there in the ditch next to the trees. >> i'm fine with that. >> if we have to. >> i'm fine with that. >> that's what you got to do to keep your boss happy. >> that's america here. it's not right.
6:42 pm
it's america. >> watch yourself. >> just one week ago hillary clinton was getting points for letting the press in get closer. and now we're going back the other direction again. >> look at us we're putting ourselves in danger just for freedom of speech. >> the press united will never be defeated. the press united we'll never be defeated. >> joining me now are "circus" cocreators mark mckinnon and mark halprin. she's basically arm's length from the media. she took a couple of questions yesterday. but she didn't love to talk. >> it hads been a year before two weeks ago on the plane. it had been 270 days. when she did do it she was fine. she got a lot of questions. she was a pro.
6:43 pm
makes you wonder why she waited. she was getting credit. but this week -- >> terrible week. you thoughts on what happened to her. looks like she suffered a campaigncam campaign catastrophe. >> two, three weeks ago the whole story was is the republican party going to abandon trump open want to run with imhim. now he's tied or ahead. in some states like colorado and virginia that people are basically saying give those to clinton, they're competitive again. what we look at sunday night on the circus is the flow of the week clinton under pressure because of what happened to wer health but also because of basket of deplorables but trump under pressure too. >> what is happening inside the clinton camp.
6:44 pm
>> there's a lot of bed wetting going on. >> there has to be. >> they've clawed their way to the bottom. >> you take the candidate off for three days. but you saw president obama step in. >> michelle obama. >> there are other people. but the reality we learned is she's got to win this for herself. she's not going to coast to a win. she's got to fight for it and she's never fought successfully and won. >> in every presidential campaign where the candidate has to fight to win it. it's a critical moment she's got to show she's got the determination, fight to win. >> she did fight to win bernie sanders. >> what did you make of what me saw from trump today? >> i was astonished by the whole birther thing. just when i thought it had things figured out, i'm like -- >> why would they be doing this? >> yes. we saw a kinder gentler version,
6:45 pm
the polls are tightening and then birther. >> call attention to one of the least favorite aspects. >> if he hadn't changed his position people were going to continue to ask him. his aides put out that he had changed it. >> why the drama? >> because he wanted to control the way it happened. >> do you think this puts appear idea at the end of the birther thing or no? >> i think it does for some people and for the media. think about the beginning of if weak. i thought we were going to be covering baskets of deplorables and hillary clinton's health. those things have been washed away by medical records and what's happened with donald trump and the birther thing. by monday we're not talking about it. >> that's one thing that's been amazing about this campaign. we have epic sort of news events happen and two days later, something completely different. >> we talk about in many instances what donald trump wants us to talk about.
6:46 pm
he drives the news cycle and the media runs along like lemons. >> the clintons have been worried about this for the entire time they realized they were going to face donald trump. he can control the news better than a fompler first lady of the united states can. if trump is controlling what gets talked about, more days than not it's what trump wants to talk about. >> we'll be talking about the circus and watching the circus. the clinton foup dags is tonight having its last big bash before the election with donors paying up to a quarter of a million bucks a head. david ball is here next with whether or not this party could lead to new problems for the clintons. >> i spent half my lifetime doing this work. i got tickled the other day when mr. trump called my foundation a criminal enterprise.
6:47 pm
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dollars annually in drug costs. the big drug companies are spending over a hundred million dollars to make sure this act doesn't pass. don't let that happen. vote like your life depends on it - because one day it might. breaking tonight, new details on president clinton's 70th birthday bash a party that will double as the final clinton foundation fundraiser before the election. the event is under way right now in new york's swanky rainbow room with donors being asked to pony up $250,000 a head to be part of the fun. trace gallagher with the latest
6:51 pm
on that. >> even hillary clinton east supporters say the lavish fundraiser smacks of success and it comes at a time when her campaign is struggling with the falling poll numbers. and the event calls more attention to the clinton's relationship with foundation donors and whether donors got special access to the state department while she was secretary of state. the campaign reminds us if hillary clinton wins the white house, the clinton foundation will spin-off off into an independent organization. and we're told this fundraiser will help many different causes. to be listed as the chair of an event you had to put down $250,000 100,000 to be co-chair 50,000 to be vice chair but you get to hear jon bon jovi and barbara streisand. clinton donors will gather on monday which also ends in an
6:52 pm
extravagant dinner. the initiative does good work but the optics are not optimum. trump on the other hand is once again promising to sever all of his business ties should he win saying this on fox and friends yesterday. watch. >> well i will sever connections and i'll have my children and my executives run the company and i won't discuss it with them. it's so unimportant compared to what we're doing about making america great again. i just wouldn't care. >> the trump line of questioning comes after news week claimed that his foreign business dealings could hamper national security. >> joining me now with more david worl, dana ball is also here. good to see you beth. david, you know the campaign is going to say that the clinton foundation does good helps kids. >> right after he's exposed
6:53 pm
after a corrupt pay to by organization with direct ties to hillary clinton when was secretary of state, bill decides to throw this big birthday bash with the cover charge being $250,000 or $100,000. the money going straight to the clinton foundation. now, megyn, people already know these aren't just benevolent souls. they know if hillary clinton gets elected, they may have the red carpet roll out the front door of the white house and they may get to talk to her about whatever problems they may be having. even the democrats want it shut down. what is she doing? they're raching ingramping it up. >> let me ask you about this. conceding that the clinton foundation does a lot of good the optics of this are terrible. does she need this right now in her campaign? >> i don't understand how raising money, celebrating 70 years on this planet and raising money for an undisputable good cause. i don't see how that's a
6:54 pm
scandal. >> i'll explain that without david's somewhat partisan spin. it's that people believe that these donor to the foundation may want something more than just to do good that they may want to please the future president of the united states with a big donation that could get them access to someone who would be very very powerful. and that's why some even left leaning publications have said she needs to shut this thing down now. >> but, megyn, we've seen lots of hillary clinton's e-mails. we have not seen any evidence of any scandal other than maybe a donor getting a better seat at a dinner. meanwhile on the other side trump has a real pay to play scandal and no one is calling for him to cut off his business interest right now. it's a complete double standard. i think bill clinton wants to do some good on this planet.
6:55 pm
he's demonstrated that and i don't see me reason why he shouldn't celebrate his birthday in this fashion. >> it's actually been mostly the left leaning press organizations have said she needs to shut it down if she wins. only one or two have said right now. >> it should have been shut down when he was secretary of state. that's the whole point. the reality is they're continuing with this. they're so brash in the way they flaunt the clinton organization -- >> so david -- >> it's his birthday. don't talk over each other. >> with ubs be a partaker tonight. this is not just an imaginary scandal. it's real. and somebody to give $250,000 to go to a birthday party, they want a lot more than bill clinton's autograph. >> this is a closely vetted list of long time personal friends, already foundation donors. these are not new people. should trump also --
6:56 pm
>> great to see you both and happy birthday bill. we'll be right back. [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this fall at choice hotels, the more you go the better! now earn a f ree night when you stay with us just two times. book direct at it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power
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so what do you think. should the clintons be holding this fundraiser for the foundation right now? go to kelly file. would you pay $250,000 to see barbara streisand or bon jovi? hello, welcome to hannity. donald trump puts the birther issue to rest while hillary clinton ignores the fact that her supporters created the controversy in the first place. tonight we expose the big lie in a hannity lesson. earlier today donald trump declared this whole birther controversy is no longer a campaign issue. take a look. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008


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