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tv   Bob Massi Is the Property Man  FOX News  September 17, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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book, or even commented on social media. thank you very much. and thanks to our very small yet talented group of producers who made this special so special. tony, amanda, kyle, great job, crew. have a great weekend, everybody. i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. yeah. take their guns away. >> controversial comments from donald trump last night has hillary clinton's campaign saying, quote, this kind of talk should not be for a presidential candidate. after a slew of cyber hacks, democrats and colin powell's e-mails, we'll break down who in the russian government may be behind the attack and what may be coming. perhaps even a hack of election voting systems in the coming
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days. toxic chemicals leak into a massive sinkhole right into a major water supply. thousands of americans. we'll tell you where coming up. and thank you for spending your saturday with us. i'm elizabeth prann. >> nice to be with you. and nice to be with you at home. welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. donald trump takes the stage in houston, texas, about an hour from now. joining him, members of the remembrance project, a group advocating for families with a loved one killed by illegal aliens. trump, of course, certainly wants people talking about his border wall and plans to combat illegal immigration. but his comments last night calling for hillary clinton's secret service detail to disarm and, quote, see what happens, are dominating much of the political conversation this
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morning. peter deucy, live in houston, texas, with the very latest. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, leland. the point of the trip to texas is to introduce voters outside of the lone star state to the families of innocent people killed by illegal immigrants. now that he has put all the talk of where the president was born behind him, i think he believes it was light and he believes hillary clinton started rumors to the contrary, trump is revis tinge his signature issue, which is immigration. he'll head from a fund-raiser here in houston where we're standing to a luncheon to honor the murdered victims. we spoke to the lieutenant governor, dan patrick, who yesterday became a texas chairman for donald trump. and is talking about why today is so big for the nominee. >> when he talks about the border issue, he is right on point. it's not about good people coming here to america who want
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to come here for the american dream, they need a legal way to come here. >> reporter: texas is obviously safe for trump. but last night he was in a critical swing state, florida, where he tried to illustrate why what he sees as hillary clinton's hostility toward the second amendment could be counterintuitive. >> i think that her body guards should drop all weapons. they should disarm, all right? right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. yeah. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to her. take their guns away. okay? it would be very dangerous. >> reporter: so he followed that up with this on twitter. quote, crooked hillary wants to take your second amendment rights away. will guns be taken from her heavily armed secret service detail. maybe not.
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trump, of course, has spoken a lot recently about how he thinks he has the best stamina. today he certainly has the busiest schedule. texas, then on to oklahoma and another battleground state colorado. leland? >> more on what the democrats are doing up next. in the meantime, peter, thanks. liz has more. >> yes. as donald trump continues to court voters, new york's attorney general weighs whether or not to take trump to court over suspected improprieties in donald trump's foundation. trump said the accusations are baseless. joining us now, david has been extensively reporting into the trump foundation. so our viewers know, we do have a trump surrogate joining us after to respond to some of the reporting that we've seen. but i want to dive into the news of the day which we saw in peter's reporting. what was your reaction when you heard the comment that donald trump made last night in regards to the secret service detail covering hillary clinton, and the removal of their guns, if you will? is this a story that you think is going to stick? is this something that's sort of
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a oneoff? what's your reaction to the comments? >> it's similar to what he said before. it's -- guns have been part of the american discourse for a long time. it's rare to find, i can't think of another example where a candidate sort of goes that far, imagines the other candidate being disarmed and left unprotected. it's strange for a man who say he himself is surrounded by bodyguards all the time. usually the comments are made by somebody who has to defend themselves. >> this is a story, that like you said, may have been a joking comment. hillary clinton just released a brand-new ad. i want to play a bit for you and then get your reaction. >> you don't still question he was born in the united states, do you? >> i have no idea. >> dowledge president obama was born in the united states. >> if you believe that, that's fine.
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>> he tried to put it to bed this week. >> he came out on stage and in 37 seconds said only the sentence, i believe barack obama was born in the united states. and literally fled, moved off from the podium. and then left the room. he was saying, until the day before, he told our robert costa he still was unwilling to say president obama had been born in the united states. something convinced him thursday night. we have to hear from donald trump what that was. what convinced him all these years, what did he see that changed his mind. >> do you think the story stays alive? >> i think it stays alive. trump has been talking about it for five years. he made it the bedrock of his dissent into politics. >> okay. sort of a segway to my next topic. you've done extensive reporting. you sent out a tweet this week, and i want to put it up for our viewers. you said for your viewers that you sent this to a donald trump person to ask how he will fulfill a promise to get 5
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million assured president obama was born in the u.s. this promise is because you were reporting on it was made in 2012. there was a deadline on it, am i right? can you expand on that? >> right. in 2012, trump said he would give $5 million to a charity -- he was saying, i want passport records, college documentations, in the service of proving president obama was really born in the united states. then later on, two years later he actually said that he had offered him a $50 million to a charity for obama to release those documents. what i wanted to know from trump's people, was it a one-time offer only, or intend it as a broader reward for proof? now he believes president obama was born in the united states. is he going to follow through on the $5 million or a one-time offer that expired in 2012.
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>> you've been putting in quite a few media requests to donald trump's folks. what have you learned in your investigation, and have you heard from him especially in the last 24 hours? >> not in the last 24 hours. in general, my questions are about trump's donations to charity, trump's foundation and asking them to provide details of that. i haven't gotten very many. one time i did get a response was a couple of weeks ago when they said trump paid a penalty tax to pay a political donation. >> you've been reaching out to the recipients of the donations. have they been receiving this money from the trump foundation? >> i've been trying to -- there's a donald j. trump foundation. people believe that because it has his name on it, it's his money. if your name is on it, it must be your money he's giving away. he hasn't put any money into his foundation. it's other people's money exclusively since 2008. his people say, this other way,
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he gives other money out of his own pocket personally. not anonymously, but personally. i've been looking for evidence that that exists. tens of millions that they say he's given out of his own pocket, but i haven't seen that. >> i wish we had more time. we obviously have to give equal time to the other side. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> for the other side, in defense of donald trump, boris epstein, senior adviser to the trump campaign joins us from new york. boris, nice to see you. appreciate you being back on the program. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. >> what does david have wrong factually? >> he doesn't have anything right factually, so it's a long list. david has -- >> hold on. boris, i'm -- >> let me -- leland -- >> if you answer the question for us, if you answer the question i'll give you as much time as you want. tell me what facts david has wrong. he said millions of dollars of
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his own money, according to donald trump, and he hasn't found any evidence. do you have any evidence of that? >> there's evidence in his own article. david has to update his piece in the "washington post." he said there were five phantom charities that didn't receive this money. three were on the record saying they did receive the money. so david has been out there lying about donald trump. he's been proven to be lying about donald trump. see it in the "washington post," just over the last week, cnn debunked this whole story. he's also out pushing the story of the pay-to-play. that the check from donald trump that went out, and it did go to a group, went out before the story of doing any diligence on trump university even hit the presses. there's nothing out there at all. and the key here is this, leland. this is a total false equivalency between the clinton foundation, which was a slush
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fund and a way for the clintons to use their position of power, and to have access while hillary clinton was secretary of state, for a private foundation for a private individual. >> let me ask you this. >> hold on. >> boris, i know you have talking points, but -- >> they're facts. >> all right. and i appreciate the facts. and like to deal with them. donald trump said as has many others he's given millions of his own money to charities. why not put that information out there? why not share with the public the charities. wouldn't he want to know the charities and good work he supports? >> because he's a private individual -- >> he's a private individual running for president. >> leland -- >> he's running for president. >> you ask me a question and then you interrupt me in ten seconds. he's a private individual, a private foundation, it's up to him, through his foundation and
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through his own money. the clintons just had a birthday bash for bill clinton last night. they said they would release who the donors were and then changed their minds within about ten hours. they shouldn't be talking about david's pursuit of trump -- >> i know you've watched a lot of our program. we've covered the clinton foundation and their exploits a lot. donald trump's a private citizen, therefore he shouldn't have to release any of this information. in that sense, up until right now, essentially, secretary clinton and president clinton for that matter are private citizens. they haven't been in government in about four years. >> leland? secretary clinton was secretary of state for four years. >> as of the past four years they've been private citizens. as of the past -- >> while she was secretary of state, the clinton foundation continued to take foreign money, even though she signed a pledge that they wouldn't. while she was secretary of state
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she set up the private server -- >> boris, i -- >> all of that was while she was secretary of state. >> boris, absolutely that's her record. but my question is, you want to call the clinton foundation on the carpet for this. i completely understand that. we've done that a lot on this program. the question is, why shouldn't donald trump be held to the same disclosure standards? they're both running for the same office. >> because the clinton foundation was guilty of pay-to-play and guilty of completely getting rid of any lines between the clinton foundation and the state department. cheryl mills worked for both. we now know -- aberdeen worked for both. blumenthal -- >> you won't tell us about it. >> sid bloomenthal -- >> boris, boris, you won't tell us -- boris, you won't tell us anything about the trump foundation. we don't know what it does. you won't release donors, you won't release -- >> the foundation has been giving to charities -- >> where does it get its money, boris? how much has trump given to his own foundation in the last five years? >> that's out there. >> it's not out there.
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>> there's a private foundation, he's a private individual. he's given hundreds of millions of dollars to charities -- >> hundreds of millions of dollars, is that documented anywhere? >> as to what david said about foundations not taking other people's money, that is incorrect. the gates foundation and other major foundations, take outside money. and then give that money out to charity. that is absolutely standard practice. david is trying to make himself a career out of this. >> hundreds of millions of dollars, correct? >> mr. trump has given over $100 million to charities throughout his career. >> come back with some documents on that. we'd love to see them. thanks, boris. >> actually, leland, had eis a private individual. he doesn't owe you any documents. >> we with joust like any proof. any documents would be great. >> he's a private individual running for president, he would be the best president yet. >> we'll leave it there.
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last word. thanks, boris. trump's three-state tour starts in houston, texas, where he's expected to speak at the top of next hour. we'll take you there live for that. tomorrow on "mediabuzz," we go one-on-one with trump. you don't want to miss that. on fox news sunday with chris wallace, new jersey governor and trump adviser chris christie will weigh in on the latest of the birther remarks made by donald trump. check your local listings for air time. fox news alert as we get more information on the breaking story. authorities in seaside park, new jersey, are evacuating 30 homes near a site of what they call a pipe bomb explosion along a charity running race route. the fbi and department of homeland security are also investigating a suspicious package along the semper fi 5k race route. the first explosion occurred at the start of a kids first run.
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you can see the picture there coming in to us. the picture is of a trash can where the pipe bomb was inside. you can see the pipe bomb decimated the trash can there. there are no reports of any injuries from the explosion. as you might understand, the race has been canceled. obviously there's a lot of investigation to be done on this pipe bomb, who put it there, how was it built, are there any more pipe bombs out there. working this story from all angles, both down there in new jersey and here in washington, as the fbi continues their investigation, developments as they happen. international news, for the first time u.s. special forces will fight side by side with turkish troops against isis inside of syria. this is a separate but closely related to the fragile ceasefire agreement on the verge of possible collapse in that country. russia said the rebels violated the agreement, meaning food and other humanitarian aid still waits at the border rather than
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in the stomachs of starving women and children. john is in our bureau with the latest. hi, john. >> reporter: yeah, well, elizabeth, it's now the fifth full day of the ceasefire, and a lot of problems have already arisen. in particular, two. one, the delay in humanitarian aid getting to aleppo as you just mentioned, and then two, the back-and-forth tension between the united states and russia. so let's start there. russian president vladimir putin was encouraging a stance, gave a press conference there on national television saying rebel groups in syria are taking advantage of the ceasefire to regroup, and possibly launch some kind of offensive. and that the u.s. isn't doing enough to ensure that those u.s.-backed opposition fighters are adhering to the ceasefire. u.s. officials, on the other hand, have raised concerns about the humanitarian aid not getting to aleppo. basically saying that russia isn't doing enough to get syria's government to ensure
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safe passage for a convoy of u.n. humanitarian aid trucks stuck on the syrian border for five days. russia's also criticized the u.s. for not releasing details of the ceasefire to the public. still, the u.s. and russia are willing to extend the ceasefire past monday, the seven-day mark when the u.s. and russia would start coordinating and launching joint attacks on isis, and al qaeda militants and affiliates in syria. speaking of the u.s., fighting isis in syria, u.s. special forces, we're getting reports, are now working with turkey's military, fighting isis in the northern part of syria. we know that turkey's been involved in the overall u.s.-led coalition fight. now a contingent of u.s. special forces have been on the ground fighting alongside, or working with turkey's military.
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but there have also been reports today of a small contingent of u.s. troops being kicked out of one northern syria town by rebel forces, by opposition forces, that may even be backed by the united states. we're waiting for a little more clarity on that. but apparently these rebel factions protested the u.s.'s presence in this town. quickly as i wrap up, the ids, really the defense forces, said that two of the iron dome missile systems that are posted up along the -- in the galan heights along the syrian border shot down projectiles, quote unquote, we're not sure if they were rockets, or what exactly that were fired out of syria. this is important, because it's the first time that the iron dome system, we saw that work in gaza, has been used on the syrian border up north in the galan heights. there's been an escalation of cross-border fire over the past week. we'll see what happens there.
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elizabeth? >> all right. john huddy reporting live, thanks, john. we'll dig deeper into the special ops forces when we speak with ben collins later this hour. you don't want to miss that. still ahead, is russia behind a wave of high-profile cyber attacks. we'll tell you why cybersecurity could mean more to the presidential election than just a talking point. plus, the drug company ceo who defended raising epi pen prices, now they're headed to congress. what lawmakers expect to hear in this testimony. and check out this sinkhole. it led to radioactive waste in one community's water supply. we'll tell you how long it took to find out that the drinking water there in florida is in danger. >> if there is any contamination, the neighbors should have been notified. >> these things pollute our drinking water. how can i not be concerned. (vo) stank face.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] fox news alert. angry residents in central florida are demanding to know why it took three weeks to learn about pollution risks to their
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drinking water. a sinkhole drained a storage pond at a fertilizer plant, sending radioactive waste to a major underground aquifer. >> we know the contamination has not migrated beyond the immediate area of the water loss incident. there's not an urgency. >> why wasn't anybody transparent enough to say sinkholes, happen, we're working, so they can show an active effort instead of a massive cover-up. that's what this looks like. >> officials are monitoring the con tam i nat efforts. new revelations coming from the hack of former secretary of state colin powell's private e-mail. raising particular questions are musings about israel's nuclear
9:26 am
weapons program. it's unclear the exact relationship between the powell hacks and those into the dnc e-mail server, but they say most links trace back to the russians and possibly the russian intelligence services themselves. and what appears to be a brazen attempt to influence the u.s. presidential election. adam levin joins us now. adam, nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. thanks for inviting me. >> you think about this, and we hear about a hack of colin powell's e-mail, which was a gmail account, a hack of the dnc server. how difficult is this? is this possible that it's some lonely kid in his mom's basement or does this take real infrastructure? >> the truth is, in the world we live in, there are four kinds of hackers. state sponsored, for profit, cause, and because i can hackers. but a lot of the signatures that they see on the mal wear they found in the systems trace back to russian intelligence
9:27 am
organizations, or certainly groups of hackers that were for the russian government. therefore, the implication really is it's russia and not a kid in the basement. >> you said something interesting, the signature on the malwares. experts across the world are saying this looks like the russians, certainly the leaks out of the fbi said it looks like the russians. but listen what happened when our white house correspondent pressed josh earnest on that exact issue. >> it looks like an open secret in washington. not like they're going to blame it on canada. why do they feel like it's russia? i know they're studying it. i'm sure they have enough evidence at this stage to have a direction in which they're going. would you agree with that? >> well, again, i'll let the fbi speak to what evidence they've been able to unmask. it does raise broader policy questions with regard to our response. that would be the other understandable question that people would ask. >> one nfc source telling me, quote, this is not an issue of whether we know who did this, this is whether we have the
9:28 am
political will to respond. to that end, sir, tell me, what responses are possible? does the u.s. have as much cyber capability? >> i think the difference between the u.s. and russia, for instance, is that we issue press releases when it happens to us. we are a very open society. we have notification laws. we talk about things. i have no doubt we're doing to russia, china, syria, iran and many other countries what they're doing to us. the only difference is, they don't issue press releases. >> also, a big issue is we're not leaking it out into the press to try to use it to influence an election, if you want to call it that, or the internal politics of russia, of china, some of these other countries. >> no, there's no question about that. we're living in a world now where the cyber war has replaced the cold war. that breaches have become an almost everyday fact of life. the issue isn't so much as
9:29 am
somebody trying to influence something with us. the issue is, why can't we get our cyber house in order. why up until recently has cybersecurity been a back burner issue in this election. and why aren't we focusing more on this issue. just recently, the department of homeland security finally said, and i think the hint is, they've added it to critical infrastructure which they hadn't before, voting in this country. >> that's where i wanted to go with this. it's one thing to try to influence a u.s. election by hacking in and leaking the information, look what's happening behind the curtain here, so you should vote one way or another, as the kremlin may figure out to do. the other issue is, the country was on pins and needles for 50 days, because a couple of people down in south florida couldn't figure out whether a chad was hanging or not, and we had magnifying glasses out until 3:00 in the morning to figure out the presidency. it doesn't seem that hard if you
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can hack into the dnc or gmails, or into the county clerk in ohio, and change a few votes here and there. >> no, it's very possible. you know, a lot of people say it's pretty difficult because a lot of voting machines are still paper. it has to do with electronic votes -- or electronic counting. but you can still back that counting up with paper ballots. but you have a number of states that permit internet voting for a select category of people. all you need to do is shift a few votes in one area or another. but the issue, are they trying to influence the election, or are they trying to influence world opinion about the fact that the greatest democracy in the world is having issues as to the accuracy of the results in an election. that's a pretty scary thing, too. >> the headline in the "washington post," russian hacking, an issue of revenge and respect. to


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